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[Rules] Etiquette for Forum RPs
« on: January 29, 2016, 02:19:01 AM »
In order to give some structure to the Forum RPs, here are a few rules and guidelines that I'd like to have followed.

1. Active RPs are considered invitation only. If you wish to join the Active RP, please use the OOC Thread to discuss joining.

2. Use the OOC Thread for ALL post content not a part of the Active RP.

3. Active RPs will use a turn order. This order will be discussed in the OOC Thread.

4. If someone is unable to respond to the RP for a period of two days, that person should be skipped. If someone is skipped twice without a heads up, they will be 'removed' from the Active RP. That means that they will be removed from the turn order entirely, the RP will continue without them, and they will have to re-apply through the OOC thread in order to rejoin.

5. Active RPs should last no more than three months, in order to provide variety and a fresh opportunity for others to join. If an Active RP has received zero posts for two weeks, it will be considered abandoned and a new Planning topic will be created.

6. There should be no more than two Active RPs at one time. This is a small forum, after all. If there are less than two Active RPs, then a Planning topic can be created. This planning topic should contain guidelines for character creation, and suggestions for plot/story.
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