Author Topic: Horace and Morris Say Cheese (which makes Dolores sneeze!) [F, Mouse, Allergy]  (Read 1426 times)

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So I found this while searching for material at the library. This is a cute little story about three mice, one of whom, the star character, discovers that she's developed a cheese allergy. It causes her to sneeze, as well as break out in awful itchy spots all over her body. She has to go to the doctor and suffer through a blood test and even a urine test. Yikes!

Now, I wish I could say that this book is some big bonanza for us, but I have to be honest, it's not. The book really plays up the spots aspect rather than the sneeze aspect. There's only one sneeze and it's not very dramatic. Still, in the interest of completeness, I'm including it. I also want to say that despite this lack, I find this to be a very well-done picture book. I'm also including links to audio clips of two audible sneezes from the book's audio edition (which is also very nicely produced) that's included with the copy of the book I checked out.

Click for larger image

Audio clip 1
Audio clip 2