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[F + Mature + Explicit] That Escalated Quickly
« on: February 24, 2016, 04:24:24 AM »
This is an RP that Daedalus and I did a few weeks ago, and I think it's the first explicit RP that I've ever helped write. To be honest, when I started, I wasn't expecting it to become as explicit as it did, but as the title declares, things got out of hand rather fast. ;)

I am playing the red fox Kyle, and Daedalus is playing the white wolf Vanessa. The original idea for this RP was to have a girl whose nose is so sensitive that she's constantly teetering juuuuust on the edge of a sneeze, but never quite enough to go over the edge. Because of that, whenever she gets the opportunity to sneeze the tickle out, her body puts all of its effort into exploding with the most enormous sneeze it can possibly create. :) Enjoy!


Whistling to himself, Kyle strolled up the apartment complex's corridor, the key he had received from his girlfriend a few months ago in hand. The red fox, dressed in a tight orange t-shirt and jeans, had texted his girlfriend a short while ago to see if she wanted to hang out, and she had replied with a quick "sure", so here he was. Reaching her door, he fit the key into the lock, turned it, and opened the door with a call of "Hey 'Nessa, I'm here!" It was only once he had closed the door that he actually saw his girlfriend and froze. She was sitting upright on her couch, completely nude, her white fur slightly damp, and she had a strange, glazed look on her face. "U-uh..." he stammered out, trying to figure out what was going on. "Did I, uh... come over too fast? I should've given you more time to get ready, sorry..."

Vanessa looked back at Kyle and gave a weak half smile, sniffling wetly.  “Oh, h-hey.  Don’t mind me, I just t-took a sh… a   sh…  hhihhh…. HEHHH..  *sniffle*  Oh gehhh…  *sniffle*  I just took a hot shower to clear my sinuses.  *SNIFF!*  I’m just letting my fur air dry.  I uh, didn’t think you’d mind,” she added with a shy grin and a thump of her tail.  The smile on her muzzle quickly faded as her red tinged nose began to quiver slightly and wrinkle up.  “O.. oh.. hhh…  s-s-stupid allergies..  *sniff*..”  The wolfess pressed her paw under her nose as her lip began to quiver and held it there until the tingly feeling passed.  “nnngggg…  my nose is itching like crazy.  Come over here, cutie.  I need something to distract me from my muzzle *sniff*”

"Oh, um... okay," Kyle replied with a shy smile, trying to hide his glee (and growing erection) by not staring directly at the wide pink circles of her nipples. Instead he focused on his girlfriend's huge nose, made all the more prominent by how much her nostrils were flared, as he made his way over to the couch and sat down beside Vanessa. "Bad allergy day, huh?" he asked as he sat, as though this weren't an ordeal Vanessa went through every single day. "So, what can your boyfriend do to help you with that dastardly nose of yours?" he asked, giving her a playful smile.

Vanessa shot her lover a playful show of teeth and was about to answer when her chest heaved sharply and her lip curled back.  She blinked against her watery eyes and huffed, folder her ears back and bracing for the inevitable.  But after a pregnant pause, she sighed and dabbed her nose with a tissue with a mournful whimper.  “oh, this.. hhh… HHH..HEHH…  *sniff*  this is t-too much.. I…  hhhhhhIIIHHH!!..  *sniffle*..  My n-nose.. is t-tingling and I c-can f-f-feel it.. t-trying to… *SSNNNIIFFF!*  It’s r-r-right on the t-tip of my m… muuhh..  muzzle.. it.. hhh… hhhhiiGEEHH… *sniff*  it w-won’t c-c-come..  *sniffle*  Oh… I c-can’t take this!  *sniffle!*  It’s s-s-stuck and m-making my n-nose so itchy and … hih.. HEHHHHH!  EEHHH!!..   *sniff*  ..  I n-need to s-s-sneeze so b-b-b-baad.. I c-can’t m-make it c-come out!”  She gasped and panted, trying her best to either sneeze or fight it back as her muzzle and nostrils twitched and flared under the torment of all the pollen in the air.

Kyle was busy trying to pretend he hadn't just been gawking at Vanessa's bare breasts as they quivered with her shaky breaths, but she was too focused on her nose to notice. "D'you want me to help you with that? If, uh... if I can?" he asked, realizing halfway through that he had no idea how he could actually help. "I could, um..." He looked down in slight embarrassment, then back up before she could accuse him of staring at her breasts. "I-I could... try to... rub your nose, or something? Make it stop tickling?" he stammered out. Did that actually work? "Or..." he eyed her nose again, the nostrils flared so wide he could have slipped in a finger, if he really wanted to. Wait a second...

"Or maybe I could... tickle your nose just a bit more..." He was reaching forward before he even realized he was doing it, brushing the fur of his finger against the edge of one massively flared nostril. Vanessa reacted so quickly he could barely believe it...

“GEEEHH-HEEEEEHHHH!!”  The wolfess’ chest heaved suddenly, pressing her large round breasts right up in Kyle’s face, as her muzzle scrunched up and her nostrils pulsed open wide.  “N.. no thaaaaa..ahhhhaaaaa.. thaahaaht’s n-not wha.. what I..  m-m-mee… hihh… HEEHH.. I .. it..  g-gonna. Sneeee.. heee.. I h-have to sneeeeze!  Hiihhh-ggeh!”  Unable to maintain control over her nose, Vanessa’s breath hitched sharply as her ears folded flat and her head reared back further with each breath until..  “*G-g-g-gAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPP!!*  HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYEYEEEESSSHHHHH-TTTTCCCHHHEWWWWWWWWWW!!”  The sneeze roared out of her like an angry lion, echoing in her apartment and leaving Kyle’s ears ringing in the aftermath.

"Oh my god." Vanessa was the one who had just sneezed, but it was Kyle who felt as though all the breath had just been driven from his body. The first conscious thought he had, a few seconds later, was that he was rock-hard. Why was he so turned on? Well, she had just pressed her naked breasts into his face, true, but then he thought of big, strong Vanessa being utterly helpless against her nose, and the raw, sheer power she had unleashed with her sneeze, and suddenly he was breathless again. "Uh... um... bless you," he murmured, eyes still wide. "I-I, uh... I guess that wasn't what you wanted me to do, but uh... at least you finally got that sneeze out?" But he could see from her expression that her enormous sneeze had done nothing to abate the tickle in her nose. Could he... was he going to get to see that *again*?

Vanessa sniffled and shook the dizziness from her eyes.  “Oh, goodness.  I didn’t get you did I?”  She reached over and brushed the fur on Kyle’s cheeks and ears.  “My allergies are just terrible and my n-nose is always so tickly and sneezy all the time,” she sniffled and rubbed at her nostrils with her paw while brushing down the front of Kyle’s shirt.  She paused and quirked her eyebrow as her paw brushed across the hard lump in his jeans.  “I… oh?  Oh!  Well!  I guess someone is enj… hhh.. HEHH.. enjoy… hhihh…*sniff*  oh my god... *sniffle*  n-not  a-again.. hihh-HEEHH…” she began to pant and huff, twitching her nostrils about.  “nngg.. i.. ihihhh.. I g-gonna hav.. t-to sne..sneeze  a..ahh.. ag-gain.. *SNIFF!*” she fanned her face with one paw and tried to force the sneezy sensations back down.  Kyle couldn’t help but notice how hard her nipples were as the sneeze began to build up in her nose.

Kyle let out a tiny yelp as Vanessa brushed against the lump in his jeans, but it was quickly forgotten as he watched her fall back into that hitching, pre-sneeze trance. Suddenly breathless again, he watched as Vanessa started to build up towards a sneeze... and then tried to stop it. Barely even conscious of what he was doing and what it would mean, he suddenly grabbed her wrists, keeping her from fanning or rubbing at her nose. "No," he said, his voice strained. "Please don't try to stop it. I want to see you sneeze again." As she eyed him from behind half-closed eyes, he felt a little of his boldness fade, but it was too late to turn back. "I-I don't get it either," he continued, hands still on her wrists. "But... *god*, Vanessa, this is turning me on like you wouldn't believe. Please don't try to stop it. *Please.*"

Vanessa’s expression was slack and consumed with the tingles in the tip of her nose.  “Oh.. it t-tickles s-so b-bad.. I c-can’t t…  ta…aahhih.. HIHHEEH.. I c-can’t take it…”  She sniffled wetly and wiggled her quivering nostrils about.  “It it-t-tches s-so bad in the b-back of my nose I c-can’t m-make it sss-ssstop  fffff-GEEHH-HHHHIIIIHHHH!!..”  She gasped, swelling her chest out again.  “I n-n-need to ss-sssneeze .. hihhh. It. w-w-w-won‘t c-c-come.. i..hihhh…*SNIFFLE*”  Looking around desperately, she fixed her gaze near Kyle’s waist and sniffled some more.  “nnggh… y-your t-tail.  I th-thinkg that w-would work.. hihh… EHHH!” she gasped.

Kyle didn't need any further encouragement. Still holding Vanessa's wrists, he brought himself up and over Vanessa's legs, straddling the nude girl--the only way he could get close enough to tickle her nose and still be able to watch. His erection threatening to burst forth from his jeans, he brought his tail around and began to brush it against the wolf's hugely flared nostrils, just as he had done with his finger. The reaction this time was less immediate, but he could tell his brushing was quickly having an effect, as Vanessa's gasps grew noticeably larger...

Vanessa’s eyes fluttered and rolled back in her head as the fluffy tendrils of fur on the fox’s tail teased and tickled the edges of her nostrils making them flare out impossibly wide, inhaling huge gasps of breath. “HHEE… gehh..  hihhhhhhh-h-h-h-hh-..  Itt-t-tiiccklesss-ssss HHEHH.. eeyyhh… *g-gasp*”  She huffed and gasped over and over, her chest pressing up and down against Kyle, shoving her boobs up against the hot lump of flesh straining in his jeans.  His tail made one more fatal pass over her allergy-ridden nose.  “I c-c-can’t –hold it b-b-baaahhahaack it.. haveto sne.. hihhhh HEHH… EEEEH!  *GGGGAAAAASSSSSSSP!!* HHHHEEEEEEEEE-EEEETTCCCHHIEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!...  AAAAAAAHHHYIIIIIIIIISSHHHIEWWWWWWWWWWW!!”  Vanessa exploded violently, heaving her breasts up hard against his erection as her eardrum shattering sneezes reverberated against his chest.

"Oh *go-o-od*..." Kyle choked out, nearly having an orgasm right then and there. No longer thinking, he quickly got up off Vanessa, stood up, and started undoing his pants, dropping them to reveal his throbbing erection without even bothering to remove his shirt. "Help," he said simply as he stared at his girlfriend, his eyes pleading. "Please. Help. I'm so close already..."

Vanessa started to answer but got caught in another sniffling gasp as her nose continued to throb and twitch.  Still, she couldn’t keep her eyes off the long, pulsing, hardened flesh begging for attention, with a glistening droplet of pre oozing off the end.  Without thinking, she lapped at the end of Kyle’s erection and stroked down the length of his shaft with her tongue and lips.  She tried to force herself not to notice the powerful itches in the back of her nose.  “Oh.. *sniffle*  I c-can’t h-help –it.. I.. hihh.. HHEEH.. t-tickles s-ssso b-bad.. *snnniiiff!*  I…”   She stopped and stared at Kyle’s crotch for a moment as her ears twitch with an idea.  She pressed her muzzle up close to his balls and rubs back and forth, letting the soft fur of his sex tease her nostrils.  “ohhhh.. *sniff*  I’t.. it’ss-swo..working.. i.. hihh. HHEEHHHH!  Oh.. I’m g-gonna snee..ssnneeze!.. hihh… ehhh… HHEEHHH… *GGGGAAAAASSSSSSSSSSPPPP!!*  HHHHRRRREEESSSSSHHSHHHHEWWWWWWWWWW!”

"F-Fuck--" Kyle grunted, and then his orgasm was upon him. He groaned as he unloaded onto Vanessa's collarbone and chest, the white mixing with her fur to create shiny splotches on her breasts. It seemed to last forever, and Vanessa helped him along with her hands, drawing the feelings out as his eyes rolled back in his head and he thought of nothing but the pleasure between his legs. When it finally ended, he stared at Vanessa for a long moment, smiling breathlessly, before turning around and collapsing--there was no other word for it--onto the couch beside her.

It was several seconds before he was able to speak, staring up at his smiling girlfriend. "That," he said, drawing out the words, "was not what I was expecting when I came over here today."


Hope you enjoyed! :D Feel free to send me a PM if you're interested in doing an RP like this with me.

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] That Escalated Quickly
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2016, 04:56:17 AM »
*claps* excellent stuff there! :3

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] That Escalated Quickly
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2016, 01:43:44 PM »
Hehe wow...that was awesome.  ;D ;D The title says it all.  That did escalate quickly!  Loved it.

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] That Escalated Quickly
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2016, 02:30:51 PM »
That was amazing! Both of the characters were fantastic, great job to both of you! ;D
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