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No game no life anime
« on: September 27, 2016, 04:29:03 PM »
I've had a lot of home issues the past few weeks. A thunderstorm caused flooding in the basement and wind speeds were so great tree trunks and branches split apart all over not just my hometown but neighboring towns. I haven't had much time on sneeze related websites at all or have been on DA sadly :( I've been more focused on helping to fix and also pay for damages. It's...not cheap :(

Anyway I wanted to give a shout out to an anime called No game no life.
It's a fun anime that has heartwarming moments as well as some interesting characters. It also is more pervy than I would like but the humor is actually funny to me XD

I want to give special mention to the very last episode because there are furry earred/tailed characters that some of you would be interested in. A fox lady and a little canine/blue character that I enjoy a lot. The very beginning of the episode, 9:35-9:55, are the intros of the characters but I recommend the entire episode...actually I recommend this anime in general. It's very short, just 12 episodes long. this is the first episode.
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