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[M + F + Mature + Explicit] Fire and Ice
« on: October 03, 2016, 04:57:24 AM »
Hallo all! 'Tis my first post outside of the newcomer's den (Though I've met several of you already) and BOY is it a big one. This is an older section, the end from a few weeks back, of a roleplay I'm running with PartyPony18, which has slowed down a lot since he's been caught up in school. There will be more to come, but as to when, we don't know.

"...I do prefer keeping things cleaner..." --Me, at the start of these shennanigans. Well. That certainly was thrown out the window towards the end. :P

For reference, I am playing Haylee, the paragraphs colored in blue, and PartyPony18 is playing Jason, colored red/brown.

Fire and Ice (Haylee and Jason's Weekend) -- Part One

Jason grabbed a tissue and rubbed at his scaly snout, tossing it aside onto a trashcan that was overflowing with more used tissues. The fire dragon groaned and sniffled, continuing to rub at his tortured nares, before heaving himself out of bed. Shambling over to the kitchen he poured himself a glass is water- it always helped his burning nose cool down when he had a cold- and sighed, glad that at least it was a Saturday. Walking over to his bed, Jason plopped back down with another sigh and pulled the covers up, staring at his thankfully fire-proof ceiling and walls, until another spike of the tickle that was permanently stuck in the back of snout picked up "u-uh o-o-oh.....hhhiiihhh......hhaaahh.....HHHAAAATTTRRCCCHHHOOOWW!!!" He blasted another mixture of heat and mist out of his sore, scaly nostrils, quickly followed by another groan and more tissue-nose rubbing.

Haylee paused with a claw ready to tap on the door, flinching in surprise and sympathy at the intensity of the sneeze she'd just heard Jason let out. She considered backing out; he hadn't answered the phone anyway, it wouldn't do any harm if he didn't know. No, that's not right, she thought to herself and frowned, knocking at last. I can deal with a little smoke if need be... I hope. "Uh... Hey, Jason? It's Haylee, I, uh, heard you weren't feeling that well." She suddenly felt a little nervous, fidgeting with the wrinkles in her plain green shirt.

Jason's eyes shot open wide as he heard the knock on the door, and more importantly who was doing the knocking. 'Haylee's here?!? No no no this can't be happening, she can't see me like this!!! No, I'm dreaming, I've got to be dreaming.' he thought to himself, but for some reason still stood up and walked weakly over to the door, the baggy grey sweatshirt and dark blue pajama pants over  his crimson scales creating a shamble of colors that matched the way he felt. Opening the door, with a deep breath, Jason tried to smile as normally as he could, hoping the bags under his eyes and droopy tail wouldn't be too obvious "Hey Haylee, it's nice to see you!" He said in his best not-sick-normal voice "Uh, h-how are you doing?" 'Why did she say she was here again? Can she hear my stuffed nose in my voice?'

With a warm smile back, Halyee dipped her head, swishing her tail from side to side. "I'm alright... but you look like..." A mess, she thought to herself, but didn't say it out loud. Instead, said; "You could, uh, get some sleep." Oh, drat, that sounded worse... She leaned to the side, taking in the state of the room behind Jason. "Would you mind if I were to stay here a while? I was going to see if you wanted to walk outside, or maybe fly a little, but, um... you don't look like you'd be up for it."

Jason blushed as she said what he pretty much expected her to say, looking down and shifting his weight awkwardly. But he looked up curiously as she continued, not sure why on earth she would ever want to stay at his mess of a place. Or be around him at all, for that matter, she sounded like she actually wanted to spend time with him!!! And he just HAD to be sick!! Unable to stop from letting his wings droop a little more when she mentioned flying, tail curling sadly on the floor, he sighed sadly at her  "I'm, I'm sorry Haylee, I'm not, uh, not feeling too well. I h-hope we c-can hang o-o-out some o-o-other......other time, I re-reehh.....I reeeeiiiihhh....hhhhiiiihhhh.....HHHIIITTTRRRCCCC HHIIIEEEWWW!!!!" Jason exploded again, this time luckily turning to the side and backing up before he released the massive sneeze, fingers that flew up to his quivering nostrils blocking most of the blast from the floor and just leaving a dizzy, groaning, blushing dragon standing awkwardly in the doorway.

"Oh!" Haylee reflexively leaned back, flinching again. That had almost looked painful. "Oh, Jason, you must feel miserable here by yourself." She put her left hand in the pocket of her jeans, rubbing her upper forearm with the other hand awkwardly. "I didn't have anything else planned today... so, uh, it wouldn't bother me if I stuck around for a bit." She took a tentative step towards the still open door, stopping with a foot beyond the threshold. "Besides... isn't it better to bring temperatures down if you're sick? Maybe I could..."

Jason sniffled and looked helplessly at Haylee, baffled when she half stepped in. "W-wait, r-really?" He asked, secretly dying for any company at all, let alone HER company!!! Spending a day along with was a dream come true!! Or maybe a nightmare, the way she stepped back from his horrible sneeze....would she ever want to see him again after this, would she ever forgive him if he accidentally sneezed on her? "I, I mean, uh, n-no, SNIFFLE, that's ok Haylee, I'm f-fine....I wouldn't want to get y-you sick as well, you sh-shouldn't be a-ah-around m-me...." He finished sadly, mad at himself. It was his fault he couldn't be with her.

Since Jason wasn't really stopping her from continuing to advance, she took a few more small steps forward, shaking her head. "No, really it's ok!" Oh, whoops, too enthusiastic. "I mean, I hardly ever get sick. And who ever heard of an ice dragon catching a cold, anyways?" She chuckled awkwardly at the terrible pun, suddenly wishing she had said something else. That broke the spell of confidence she'd gained, and she went back to stuttering. "I... uhm..." The thought of leaving once again crossed her mind in silence, with how awkwardly she was handling herself. God, don't make him think I'm like that all the time!

Jason felt the awkwardness hanging thick in the air, and after a moment gave in with a sigh "O-Ok, yeah, th-thank you Haylee, it would be a-ah-awesome to have c-company. Please, come in, y-you can make y-yourself at h-h-home." He finished, half distracted as he rubbed his scaly nostrils frantically, keeping the tickles at bay for now. Closing the door behind them, he slowly shuffled  over to the kitchen, sniffling as soft as he could "C-can....SNIFFLE.....can I g-get you a-anything, like w-water or uh.....m-maybe.....maybe....SNRRKK..... Maybe some f-food?" He finished weakly, groaning softly and still rubbing at his nose when he thought she couldn't see him.

Haylee chuckled as she walked in, trying to clear her mind a little. She shuffled her wings a little nervously when she heard him sniff in the kitchen. Ooohhh... would he still want me around if he knew how I was with smoke? Piecing together Jason's stumbling message, she called back as steadily as she could. "Oh, um, sure, maybe some water. I ate before I came over..." Haylee stood in the middle of the room, seeming fascinated by the furniture, but really sneaking sideways glances at Jason as he moved in the kitchen. She noticed him turning back a moment too late, and though she quickly averted her gaze she felt sure he saw her watching.

Jason caught the ice dragoness' eye for a split second before she turned away, and he blushed, horribly away of her watching him trying to control his nose. And failing miserably. "S-sure, w-w-water coming r-rih-right up." He sniffled, filling a glass and shuffling over to offer it to her, just as his red nostrils flared up widely "hhiihh...h-here y-yaaahhhh......o-oh n-n-no.....h-haaah-hhaaaahhh....." Eyes squinted with sneezy tears, nostrils quivering and twitching with tickles as his outstretched arm holding the glass trembled in the air, wings arching up and tail coiling as he hitched back, head rearing "HHAAHH.....HHAATTTCCCHHHIII'RRRRSSSHHHOOWW!!!" Jason blasted a massive, scorching spray of fire off to the side, dropping the thick, heavy plastic glass on the floor as his head snapped down from the force, stumbling backwards slightly as it smashed into his clawed feet, water splashing everywhere as the dragon cried out from the unexpected pain, his stumble backwards turning into a trip that sent him crashing to the ground, dizzily grabbing his foot with a pained, defeated moan. "Oowwww....!"

Haylee froze as she saw Jason hitching right in front of her, not finding herself able to move more than a slight twist away from him, and bending her arms up towards the center of her chest reflexively. Only the fire and sound of the sneeze freed her from the lock-up, and she gasped, carefully moving sideways towards Jason. "Oh geez, are you okay?" She tried to stay as far from the wisps of smoke as possible while also getting to his side as quickly as she dared. Her nose twitched slightly, and for a moment her eyes crossed. But she exhaled sharply, the tickle dying out. "Here, let me help." She brought her hands up to the front of her muzzle and let out a short blast of freezing air, chilling them almost instantly. She was quite comfortable with the temperature, hardly realizing just how cold it might have been as she placed her hands on the top and bottom of Jason's foot.

Jason winced away with a whimper and a sniffle as the ice dragoness' cold hands touched his bruised claw, blushing at his sensitivity and then re-extending his foot for her to rub, the chilled fingers feeling surprisingly soothing as he got used to it " Haylee, that f-feels really n-nice. S-sorry I'm s-suh-such a klutz...." He signed sadly and blushed again, the hot red clearly visible even on his crimson sales, turning away from her shamefully, whatever dignity he had left stripped away as she managed his foot. "I....I th-think I'm ok n-now...just g-gotta" Jason pushed himself up with a groan, on one foot as he stood, trying to take a step on the injured claw but crying out again as pain spiked through his leg, throwing him off balance with a  "Ggaaahh!!" As he stumbled forwards, right into Haylee, clinging frantically onto her as he threatened to topple them both back down.

Haylee yelped a little as she stood up and Jason fell onto her, getting thrown off-balance. Her tail swept to the side, keeping her from faceplanting with Jason, but she didn't fully recover. Rather, she was forced to hang onto Jason as well, ice-cold hands finding their hold on his wings as they both now staggered forward into the couch, Haylee catching the front of the armrest with her chest and an "Ooof!" Their momentum pushed her up onto the cushions themselves, where she still clung to Jason in a bit of a daze.

Jason blinked in confusion, looking down at Haylee as he lay on top of her, the both of them somehow on the couch, the dragoness staring back at him dizzily. "U-uh.....s-sorry about th-that....this....." Jason blushed horribly, his warm scales pressed against her chilly ones and creating the most relaxing feeling of bliss he had ever felt. Unable to look away he stared into her bright, beautiful eyes, still blushing noticeably at how close they were. Only after another drawn out, awkward moment did he manage to find his voice again "I-I should.....u-uh.....g-get"

When her head stopped spinning from the fall onto the armrest, Haylee groaned softly and blinked. It took her another few moments to put together the weight she felt on her hips and chest, and Jason staring down at her with a massive blush spread across his snout. But once she did, her own blushing put his to shame. She usually liked being cold, keeping her place at such a degree that any time she had people over they complained about the freezing temperature. But this... Jason seemed to fit with every curve she had, and the warmth was so comfortable she could have fallen asleep... had she not been so terribly embarrassed. She heard his last words, and thought to herself, No, stay, you might fall and hurt yourself agai....... With a blink, she realized she had been saying that out loud too... and somehow her blush intensified, light blue-gray scales all across the top of her muzzle and on her cheeks becoming hugely tinged in red.

Jason gave a very un-dragonlike whimper as Haylee told him to stay, realizing that the foot he was planning on stepping off onto was the one still sending jolts of pain up his leg. "Oh, u-uh, o-okay....I-I'll just.....mmnnfff.....u-uhh....." He didn't know what to say, didn't know what to do, just laying with his arms on top of her wonderfully chilly body, it felt so perfect, so right.....he found himself wrapping his arms gently around her body, pinned to the couch be her weight, bringing them closer, his head almost against her neck, snouts next to one another.

Haylee sniffed as he put his head against hers, wrinkling her nose for a moment at the smell of smoke that still clung to his snout. It certainly wasn't enough to set off her allergy, but it still tingled. She followed the sniff with another short groan, almost managing to pass it off as a gasp. "I-I-Uh... I didn't quite... ohhhh..." Half of her was mortified that she'd let that slip, the other was relieved with what Jason had done next. "How... uhm, long have you... how wanted like..." She couldn't keep her thoughts straight anymore, between the tingle in her nose and the warm bliss. She huffed nervously, blowing chilled air out of her mouth and nostrils.

Jason looked at the dragoness beneath him as she gasped strangely, not sure why she seemed to be sniffing so much....he didn't smell that bad, did he? But she seemed to like how he was gently pressing them closer together so he continued, hands around her perfect body and sliding over her icy scales, looking into her bright eyes....but when he heard her next question, he couldn't hide it anymore. Before he could think, his body moved for him. He kissed her. A slight movement of his head pressed his lips against hers, their snouts gently touching as he embraced her with his lips for one perfect moment, before slowly pulling away, snorting warm air in an gentle exhale.

Haylee had her eyes shut when he pulled away, the tickle shocked into submission by the sudden kiss. Even the smoke-tinged breath that washed over her nose didn't prompt a reaction. After a few seconds, she slowly opened her eyes, the blush starting to die down now. Smiling softly, she reached up and touched Jason's shoulder, running her clawed fingers towards the back of his neck and then up to the back of his head and his face, when she frowned; there was a lot more heat there. "Oh.... you're practically burning up!" Her fingers stroked the crest over his eyes before she put the hand back in front of her mouth, cooling it down as before and putting it on top of Jason's muzzle.

Jason waited the seemingly eternity it took for Haylee to open her shining eyes, waiting for a reaction, any reaction. And she smiled. She smiled!!!!! As if that wasn't good enough the dragoness reached up and felt along his shoulder, and over the back of his head; he practically purred it felt so good to be, well felt. Until she frowned, and discovered his raging fever. All Jason could do was look guilty and lean into her hand as she cooled his burning skin, unable to stop a moan of relief from slipping out of his lips at her heavenly touch "mmnnnffff......o-oohh~ th-thank you, H-Haylee.....that feels amazing..." He squeezed her gently, the gratitude painted across his face as he smiled down at her, sniffling softy as the constant tickle in the back of his snout persisted.

Keeping her hand on Jason's muzzle, she reached up with the other, stroking the side of his jaw. "I wanted to talk to you about this for a while... never got the courage to bring it up." She leaned her head back, scooting more completely onto the couch. "I was afraid of you thinking of me only as a friend, I didn't want to embarrass myself..." Her expression fell for a moment, before she looked at Jason and snorted a blast of frigid air in amusement, emotion making it tricky to keep her element under wraps. "It's not often that being sick is a good thing!"

Jason almost fainted as Haylee placed a gentle hand on his jaw, just her touch sending butterflies down his stomach. He listened speechlessly as she confessed the exact feeling he's had for months, his smile growing with every word "W-wow Haylee....I f-feel the same f-for the l-longest time, I'm s-so glad-aaahhh!!" He stuttered as the sudden blast of frigid air shot against his sensitive muzzle, nostrils twitching angrily as his entire nose quivered "hhaaahhh....u-uhh-oh....H-Hayleeeeeehhh.....hheeehhhh...I'm gonnaahh...HHAAASSHHOOW!!!" Jason blasted out a quick snort of warm air, no fire for the smaller sneeze, just a fine mist that sprayed to Haylee's side. "Ggaahh!! S-sorry I-I....hhiihh....IIEESSHHHOOOW!!! CCCHHHOOW, HHAACCHHOOW!!!! HEH-HEH-HHEETTCCHHOOW!!!! AASSHHOOWW!!!" Instantly and without warning the fire dragon erupted in a fit of quick, body-shaking sneezes that grew in heat through the fit, frantically trying to calm his tortured nostrils as the trembled and sneezed again and again, most shooting to Haylee's side but the unlucky one or two spraying her face as the out of control dragon tried helplessly to stop.

Haylee gasped and looked at Jason's sneezy expression with a bit of horror. "No, don-Eep!" She shut her eyes as the first sneeze erupted, feeling him quiver. When there wasn't any smoke, she sighed hugely in relief, before Jason hitched again. And again. And again. Each time she was dreading that one good whiff of smoke that would spell doom for her, and after every release she was relieved when it hadn't yet come. The shaking of his body, though, was giving her trouble elsewhere, as her legs twitched in their outstretched position underneath him. The spray seemed to hardly matter to Haylee at all, who knew it meant she wouldn't have to worry about that particular explosion. At the first opportunity, during a longer-than-average pause between sneezes, she reached up and put a hand under his nostrils, applying a gentle pressure to the spot between them.

Jason blinked back sneezy tears and gasped for breath, feeling Haylee's hand underneath his nostrils, her soothing touch almost instantly quelling the tickles that has raged within his muzzle, and he groaned softly, lightheaded as he caught his breath. " y-you, Haybee, SSNNRRKK, ggaahh, thaah, thad burns..." He said, words catching on his now extremely stuffed nose, making him blush as he heard how ridiculous he sounded, smiling awkwardly at his sneezy savior, her magical hand still pressed against his nostrils, his arms clutching her tighter than ever.

Sighing again, Haylee crossed her other hand over to wipe some of the spray from around her eye. "You're welcome... uh..." She blushed a little again, looking away from him. "I... uh, never told you about this... either... I thought it might... oh, I don't know." She sniffled reflexively just thinking about what she would say next. "I'm, um.... I'mallergictosmoke." She said it very quickly and quietly, still not quite wanting to tell Jason since it might distress him.

Jason looked down at her, confusion evident in his eyes, as he listened. "W-waidt....whadt?" He said, snorting in frustration as his voice continued to be altered by his clogged sinuses. "You're an Iktomoke? W-wha-what's thadt? SNIFFLE SNIFFLE" he finished, pressing his snout into the ice dragoness' caring hands, still enjoying the feeling as he nuzzled her questioningly "D-did you s-say allergigc?" He asked, frowning at how she had said it and noticing her expression "w-what's wrong Haylee?"

Haylee took in a deep breath, looking like she was wincing for a moment, before blurting it out in an exasperated voice, though more slowly, hands going out to her sides in a sort of dismissive gesture. "I'm allergic to smoke...." She looked up at him sadly, before letting out a quick "Ooop!" and rushing her hand back over Jason's nose, bonking the spot between his nostrils with some force before her hand settled back into place Her eyes wide now with the mistake she almost undoubtedly made. "Uuhhh, Jason?"

Jason heard her as if she were on a distant planet, words fading away as his entire world suddenly became tickles again, never leaving, never ceasing to make his nostrils twitch and quiver. Without Haylee's hand he couldn't stop himself from "hhaahh.....hhh-AAAAHH!!! HHAAHH..." He started slow but was suddenly pushed to the edge of the sneeze as Haylee accidentally smacked his muzzle, the sore nares and irritated nostrils flaring wide in response to the pain "HHHAAARRRTTTSSHHHIIIEEWWW!!!!!! HHAAHHCCCHHHIIIIRRRRSSHHHOOWW!!!!!! Jason exploded, real flames blasting forward in a cylinder of fire that singed Haylee's face twice in a row, burning past her hand and bursting against her thankfully cool scales, the fire dragon's body shaking violently from the power of the massive double, nostrils quivering horribly as he gasped and collapsed onto Haylee's chest with a pained "hhaaahhhh......ggguuuhhhh....." Leaving him weak and dizzy as the world spun, trails of smoke rising from his sore, burning nostrils.

Haylee's head was pushed back hard against the cushion as she had tried to no avail to miss the blast. Soot covered the front of her muzzle; her shirt hadn't been unscathed either,  scorched and held together by a few smoking threads... Her head tilted up, and she brought up a hand to her twitching nose. "Ohh nohhhhh.... hheehh... HAHHH!!" She'd gotten such an amount of smoke in her sensitive nose that she had no time to try and react, the heat spike from the fire not doing any good either. Her chest expanded a bit as she hitched, letting what clothing remained there break its last few bonds and slide off to either side. "HAAAHHH! HYYEKKSSSHHHHHOOOO!! HYEEEHKTCHUUUUUUH!!!" Both sneezes caused her whole body to jerk violently, legs bending up almost to her chest as she bucked forward, the first explosion sending an arctic gust over Jason's shoulder, making a large vapor cloud that hung in the air, while the second blasted his face with a flurry of snow and more freezing air. Haylee gasped and rolled sideways, struggling to stop the barrage of sneezes she could feel coming.

Jason lay dazed on Haylee's now-bare chest, feeling the chilly scales cool off his way-to-hot ones, wholly  unaware of the disaster growing in the ice dragoness' nostrils. That is, of course, until she sneezed. The massive blasts of freezing air first grazed Jason's shoulder, and then shooting directly into his face, blinding flurries of snow and ice and hail pelting over his muzzle and eyes and nose, unable to move or duck for cover or do anything but squeeze Haylee for dear life as she shook. But then, out of nowhere, something hard and powerful crashed into his crotch- "GGAAAHHH!!!!" He cried as it landed right underneath his tail, the incredibly sensitive area a well of sharp pain as Jason gasped a "OOOWWW!" and curled up instinctively, relinquishing is hold on Haylee to curl into a defensive fetal position, groaning painfully "hhhaaaaaaaooowowowwww" and cupping his privates as he moaned, until Haylee twisted and he was suddenly thrown from her body with an "AAAAH!!", tossed off the couch and crashing down to the floor, Jason landed on his back, lightheaded from the pain that now throbbed from five different spots along his body and groaning softly.

"Oh muhhh... huuhhhh..." Haylee had her hand clamped on her nose, trying to keep from breathing through it. The smoke itself was gone now, but her nostrils still tickled like crazy from the soot, which was hardly better for her allergy. "J-Jahhh... Jason, I'm suuhhhh... sorRRRREEEESSSSSSHHOOOOO!!!" She blasted out another blizzard and jerked again, falling off the couch. The snow burst quickly slowed and started to lazily settle around the room; frosting the windows, lining the top of the TV. She landed on her side, between the couch and Jason, gasping in surprise and pain. The fall had spooked the rest of the fit, and now it was stuck as a persistent tickle that was just barely controllable. Her face was twisted in exertion, jaw slacked open and nostrils twitching. Rubbing her nose did nothing to help, but it didn't make it worse either, so far back was the itch. Slowly, she could feel the fit winning out, inching closer to the point of no return. She shut her eyes, speech broken by her breathing and the intense tickling. "Jaso-n-n-I nee-ee-eed hel-l-l-p...."

Jason jumped as Haylee exploded above him, and then toppled over to land on her side. Senses slowly returning to him, the fire dragon turned to look at the dragoness groaning beside her, her nostrils covered in grey soot- his grey soot - and quivering wildly, her frantic rubbing not seeming to do a thing "H-Haylee...ooowww....a-are you okay" he said, wincing with pain as he turned to his side to face her, watching as her eyes widened and she stammered for help. Jason's eyes widened and he instantly brought a hand up to her nostrils with a "Here I've g-got you" he said, maybe a bit too eagerly, pressing his warm scales against her colder nostrils and wrapping his other arm around her body, gently rubbing her back between her wings "y-you can h-hold it Haylee I know y-you can."

Warmth suddenly spread over Haylee's snout, both from the blush that had just appeared, and Jason's warm hand. She cracked open her crossed eyes with a surprised, hitching gasp, muzzle scrunching up. She hung there for a moment, locked on the edge of the sneeze. At long last, Haylee trembled and uncrossed her eyes, the warmth finally turning soothing, and let out a shuddering subzero sigh. Gradually her muzzle seemed to melt back into place, Jason giving her something else to concentrate on. "'Ankh... oouuh," she said, through what seemed a ton of congestion. The rubbing of her back had her moaning every now and again... and as she relaxed more, she felt something peculiar. So foreign that it took several seconds to realize what it was... She felt cold, of all things! Haylee blinked, focusing clearly on Jason now, and nuzzled into his warm paw, pulling the rest of herself with her head until she had her back shivering against his chest.

Jason pressed his warm claws against Haylee's snout, watching her crossed eyes worriedly, till she finally seemed to push away the sneeze and return to normal, giving him a super congested and utterly adorable sounding thank you, to which he replied sheepishly "a-anything for y-you, Haylee..." Blushing even more by how corny it sounded. Continuing to rub the ice dragoness' muzzle, he sniffled softly as she pressed closer to him, his protective hands holding her tightly and gently as he caressed her body happily, but noticed her shivering against him "H-Haylee, are you o-ok?" He nuzzled her gently with his snout.

"I'b... 'eaally coud..." Haylee shuddered and sniffled wetly, trying to clear her nose a little. "SSNNNRRKK!.... I'm, uh... r-really cold," she repeated awkwardly as she realized the irony, purring as he nuzzled into her, those wonderfully warm hands making her tingle all over. "I d-don't know wh-y-y, mavee the sn-s-snee'ving..." She sniffled again, still shivering.

Jason squeezed her tighter, arms around her and held against her bare chest, feeling her shudder and shiver his hands feeling her normally cool scales drop to frigid "Oh no, Haylee, you f-feel really cold, your s-scales...." He hugged her closer, wrapping his tail around hers and pressing against her back, feeling her tremble against him and nuzzling more, letting out a small tongue of flame out of his mouth gently blowing his fire on her, moving across her shoulders and around to her chest, making sure not to make it too strong to hurt her, just warming her body.

Haylee moaned as Jason wrapped around her tail, accepting the added heat with immense gratitude. She tried to wriggle into the crack between his body and the floor, where it was the warmest; it only ended up shoving him back a little. The first heat from the fire dancing across her shoulder blades made her gasp happily, not knowing what Jason what doing. When he came around to do the same across her front, she caught sight of the fire. She blinked and craned her neck away from the rippling heat. "Oooouuub, 'are'ul! SNIFFLE The smoke... Guuhhh..." She let out a congested sigh and held her breath, spreading a wing and burying her nose into it.

Jason immediately stopped as Haylee wrapped up her nose in a wing, realizing his mistake and cringing worriedly, trying to stop the smoke from getting to her "Aaaahh, Haylee~~!!! I'm so so sorry, I forgot!!!" He blushed and cursed himself for being such an idiot, his warm muzzle pressing against her neck, not trusting himself to do anything more than just lay behind her, giving her the warmth of his body "...Are....are you o-ok?" He finally managed to ask, his regret and worry evident in his voice.

"I 'ink I'b ohh.... I 'ink... Ihhh.... SNNRK! Geehhh... oh no..." She squeezed her wing around her snout tighter, desperately trying to pinch off the small wisps of smoke. With her allergies in full swing, though, that slight sniff was all it took. "GUUHhhhhh... huhhhh.... J-J-aysonnn... I can't keh... keeehhhh... I ca.... haahhh... HAHH!" She curled backwards against Jason on the floor, eyes shut and lips raised to show her sharp teeth. Her wing had retracted again, tilted out to her side. Her tail twitched as she hitched a final time, nostrils flared wide. "RRUUHH! REEEKKKKKKUUUUSSSSSSSHHHHHHOOOOUUUUUUWWW!!"
Her wing twitched and flexed, her tail jerking and curling up to her chest, pulling Jason's crotch down her back. A gout of frozen particles blasted from her nose with the wet sneeze, all the congestion being quickly expelled, another snowy eruption coming from her mouth. The glass-like shards exploded forward and pierced into the fabric of the couch, putting countless holes in the lower face, as well as shooting underneath it.
By the time the echo of the sneeze died down, and the shards had finished skittering across the floor, Haylee had bent double, a triangular streak of pure white snow as long as she was covering the floor, and ice shards all over the place. She sniffled and moaned, feeling colder yet as her element became more out of her control. "I n-n-n-eeeed... I nee-ed a b-b-blanket..."

Jason could feel the sneeze coming, and knew the only thing he could to was wait, tightening his hold around her hitching body and letting her tail wrap back around his body, holding her in place, as those beautiful eyes squinted and delicate nostrils quivered, her shining teeth flashing as she reared back for the sneeze. Holding on, Jason waited helplessly for the- "EEEEEEEPP!!!!" He squealed as many things happened at once. Haylee sneezed the biggest, most powerful, loudest, and coldest sneeze Jason had ever seen. Haylee's sneeze blasted over his couch, almost sawing it in two. And Haylee's tail whipped around to her chest and almost took Jason's privates with it, causing the fire dragon to squeal in a horribly un-dragonlike way. Frantically clutching at his poor tortured crotch, Jason whimpered out an "AAAHHHhhhoooowwwoooow" as dizzying pain shot through his body, his vision going blurry. But the sound of Haylee's moans and chattering teeth brought Jason back to earth, and he pushed himself up with a groan, realizing now how terribly Haylee was shaking, as if she were plunged into ice water. In fact, Jason did feel the temperature of the room go down as he put a gentle hand on her shoulder "H-Haylee....are you ok?......oh I'm so, so sorry...." Her begging for a blanket told Jason what he had to do, and without a moment's hesitation the fire dragon stood up, careful to avoid his various injuries, and wrapped a hand around Haylee's frigid body, carefully and gently lifting the shivering dragoness up, carrying her in his arms over to his bedroom, until he placed her shaking form on his bed, on her back, as he crawled up the bed himself to wordlessly hug her as she trembled, pulling the covers up over them, trapping his natural elemental heat. "I-it's ok Haylee, you're gonna be ok" he squeezed her softly, nuzzling his warm snout against her icy cheeks.

Remotely aware of Jason's pained outcry, Haylee couldn't help but overflow with guilt. It was entirely her fault that he was in such pain, or so her practically delirious brain decided, so dizzy she was from the last explosion. She put up no resistance when he picked her up and carried her to the bed, shivering just as violently even after Jason pulled the covers over them. She could feel the trapped heat flowing around her, and Jason's oh-so-warm body pressed tightly to her chest, but her chill was internal, and intense, not letting up even after several minutes of lying under the blanket. By that time, her head had cleared a little, and shakily she turned her head to look up at Jason. "I-I-I-m-mm s-s-s-so-oh s-ss-oh-r-r-rr-r-y-y-y..." Her teeth chattered in machine-gun fashion, making it extremely hard to speak. "T-t-t-th-isss i-i-is-s-s a-a-a-l-l m-m-y-y f-f-f-f-fa-u-l-l-t-t-t..."

Jason listened to that horrible chatter guiltily, as if him feeling terrible for making Haylee like this wasn't bad enough, now she was blaming herself... He couldn't take it. Reaching an arm up, Jason cupped her trembling muzzle gently, feeling the cold radiate outward onto his scales, and rubbing its side gently, "ssshhh Haylee please, it's not y-your fault, It could never be your fault." He stroked her snout gently "I'm sorry." and with that the fire dragon leaned up to Haylee's trembling lips and kissed her, pressing his warm muzzle against her frigid one, hand still at her cheek, his other wrapped protectively around her body, as he deepened the kiss, lingering on her lips before finally pulling away with a warm smile and a blush.

Haylee was about to argue, say that if she hadn't stayed, she wouldn't have hurt him, but then Jason kissed her for the second time. She seemed startled at first, eyes wide, but as Jason kept it going, she started to relax and closed her eyes, shivering much less by the time he pulled away. Her head drifted upwards to follow his for a moment. The bone-piercing chill had subsided, though she was still cooler than normal. She opened her mouth slightly, as if she would speak, but no words came out; only a single happy, extremely un-dragon-like squeak. She stared at him, awestruck, for another moment, and then reached out with both hands and hugged Jason around the neck, bringing his head down and kissing him back.

Jason was definitely dreaming as he watched Haylee squeak and then pull him back for another kiss, his body pressing against her bare chest, their tails wrapping around one another like snakes, his lips pressing back against hers as he kissed her slowly and affectionately, moaning softly as he deepened the kiss, eyes closed as his entire world became Haylee, just him and her, for one perfect, drawn out, seemingly endless moment of joy they kissed, and kissed and kissed, feeling one another through their lips.

Haylee pulled away with a sharp gasp, out of breath. Her nethers twinged at every tiny movement from Jason above, Her clawed fingers danced down his neck, and his back, coming to rest on his hips, where she pushed in the soft fabric of his pants, feeling his warm scales underneath. Hesitantly, she snuck her thumbs into the waistband of those pajama pants, pulling them down slowly. She purred all the while, absolutely in love with how warm he was against her chest. All her doubts about them were quickly washing away as she transitioned away from the pants and hugged over him with one arm, the other hand massaging underside of the very base of Jason's tail.

Jason gasped as well as the perfect kiss ended, moaning softly as he smiled and the shivered as he felt Haylee's fingers prying at his pants, another soft moan and needy look encouraging her to continue, her fingers going farther and farther down until- "mmnnnfffffff~~" Jason practically melted against the dragoness as her fingers found his spot, right below his thick tail, sending numbing pleasure shooting through his limbs and making him suddenly weak against her "o-o-oh H-Haylee~"

The ice dragoness wrapped her wings up around Jason, hugging him tightly. She continued to trace the small scales where his tail joined his body, applying firm pressure now and again to the centerline of the appendage. Her other hand, now freed from its duty of hugging by her wings, joined the first, mirroring every touch on either side of his tail. She began to work her way up, sinking more and more between his legs, smiling at every twinge and flex of his body on hers.

Jason shuddered against Haylee as she continued to caress his tail and the area below it, and he returned the embrace with his wings, hot under cold, his head on her chest and above her supple breasts, he breathed against her neck and could feel his excitement growing in his pants, starting to poke at the dragoness' thigh, and he pressed closer, the pleasure radiating from her hands on his tail soothing over his entire body. "Mmmnnnn....Haylleeee~"

Haylee purred louder, nuzzling the side of Jason's head, his neck and shoulders. She continued to tease him, months of tension starting to unwind in an extremely pleasureable manner. Her thigh twitched at the geowing pressure on it, prompting Haylee to moan loudly, and stare at Jayson with half-lidded, needy blue eyes, finding one of his hands with hers and moving it down to her waist.

Jason moaned back as he pressed himself against the ice dragoness, sniffling and shivering from how amazing her body felt against his, opposing elements becoming one. Her hand guided his down her hips, and he stared into her beautiful, needy eyes with a smile as he tugged at her pants, fingers around the rim, before he pulled it down, sliding the fabric down her legs and thighs with a soft moan, still pressing feeling his bulge press eagerly into her upper leg, begging for attention.

Haylee's hands slid upwards again after he had effectively rendered her naked,, taking Jason's shirt with them, pulling the loose piece up and over his head and pulling it free of his arms. Without the barrier, she found the warmth even more powerful, and pleasing, Those fingers slid back down his chest, over his abdomen, one finding his tail again and the other his groin. She growled playfully and kissed his neck, and then back on his lips again, feeling herself start to cool down again from the sheer pleasure.

Jason couldn't help but grin as she slid his shirt off, his fiery scales radiation heat as he pressed closer against her, letting out a sudden and surprised "mmnnnffff!!" as Haylee's searching fingers found his throbbing excitement, just as her lips pressed into his neck, the fire dragon shivering happily, before kissing her back, pressing his lips deep into hers, embracing each other with the kiss, Jason's fingers feeling gently along the top of Haylee's hips and waist.

Haylee's whole body shuddered at his touch, desperately drinking in every aspect in waves of pleasure that made her legs and tail flex slowly. Her breath became colder with each exhale as she stopped restricting her element, though she didn't begin shivering again. She twisted her head to one side to fit Jason's lips better. Her hand gently massaged Jason's twitching gender, her mind wanting so badly to feel it within her, but too enamored by the current state of things to guide it there. "Mmmnnngffff~ Jason... you're so... warm..." Haylee squirmed underneath the fire dragon, breasts pressed up against his hot scales and her wings squeezing him tightly.

Jason passionately pressed his lips into Haylee's, his arms still holding at her waist and moving down her hips as she held his sex in her hands, massaging it and enticing it so much that the fire dragon could feel globs of pre leaking down his excitement, and he moaned against the ice dragoness' lips, pressing his hips against her and moving his member between her legs, all while he could feel his body heating up as he lost control, adding onto his still-raging fever so that his scales were almost burning with heat.

The presence of Jason's stiff member on her own gender made Haylee gasp and twist her legs apart, her hands going back to working the base of his tail with renewed vigor. Even another fire dragoness might have been feeling the effects of Jason's near-overwhelming heat, but Haylee's constant chill balanced the temperature perfectly, letting her bask in the radiation without overheating. "Mmhhhnnnff~! Ohhhhh...~" She broke the kiss once more, nuzzling Jason's chin, the side of his jaw, between his eyes and down his muzzle.

Jason moaned back passionately, nuzzling Haylee as she nuzzles him, eagerly rubbing his snout with hers as his hips ground forward, his heat growing as his sex throbbed eagerly, until he wasn't able to take it any longer, needing to be inside of Haylee, needing to feel her around him, just needing, he brought his pulsing, leaking member and pressed it up between the dragoness' legs, feeling her nether lips and shuddering with pleasure, almost collapsing against her as he pressed his hips forwards, slowly sliding up into her tight gender with an unintentionally loud "HHAAA-nnnnfffff!!!!"

Haylee let out an "OOOoouuuff!" at the same moment, full-body waves of pleasure incapacitating her. The dragoness tensed up, hardly even breathing until Jason had stopped sliding forward. A shuddering sigh released a vapor cloud into the air above her snout as she laid her head way back on the pillows, and put her hands on Jason's shoulders, using her thumbs to rub his chest.

Jason gasped with pleasure, taking deep breaths as Haylee signed beneath him, the pleasure almost too much for him as well, hips thrusted forwards and beginning to pull back to press in again until Jason froze with a breath. The cloud of misty vapor that the ice dragoness had exhaled had floated up into his face, and suddenly Jason's nostrils were twitching, his nose hypersensitive from the cold, enough so that the slight water droplets sent tickles sparking down his muzzle, bringing back his congestion and firing up his sinuses again as he sat there frozen, face twisted in a half breath as his nostrils quivered, trying to warn Haylee "H-H-Haylee......hhaaahhh.....mmnnfff....hhhiihhh...." His eyes squinted and mouth opened for the hitches, his snout scrunched sideways.

Haylee blinked and groaned, letting her head fall to the side so she could look at Jason with one eye, smiling. The grin quickly faded as she noticed his expression. "Ooohhhh, nononono, you can hold it in!" She brought both hands to his nose, putting one over each nostril and rubbing them gently, purring nervously.

Jason hitched back despite Haylee's efforts, the tickles too much for his tortured nose "hhaaahh....aaaaAAAHCCCHHHOOO!!!!!" The fire dragon sneezed, his nostrils flaring and spiking with heat as his already enhanced element began to work itself up even more, Haylee's fingers suddenly touching burning scales as he blinked back tickles, but her cloud of mist was still floating around his head, and Jason didn't even have time to think before a second "HHHAAAACCCHHIIIIEEEWWW!!!!" Shot a cone of congested mist and heat out of his nose, nostrils practically flaming and beginning to drip a little as the cold inched it's way back "....hhiihh....H-Haylee.....SNIFFLE SNIFF...." He groaned dizzily.

Haylee shut her eyes and flinched as she was sprayed, and now she was starting to find his nose much to warm for the touch. She moved one hand from his nose to clear her face. "Jason, you've goHAAAHAaaaahh... ouuhhhh~" The dragoness' lips curved into a snarl, the pleasure between her legs surging again. She fought to not let out another freezing cloud, her hand firmly squeezing Jason's nostrils shut as she tensed up again.

Jason tried his best to ignore his burning nostrils or the tickle slowly rising in the back of his snout despise Haylee's soothing fingers, trying to focus on pressing his hips forward, a long "mmmmmnnnfffff~" escaping his lips as his sex slid deeper into hers, a perfect match, thrusting once more as he throbbed inside of her, pre leaking freely out of his member as he gripped her body and gasped, feeling the climax begun to rise within him "hhhhaaaaaahhhhhh~!!!.....mmnnnffff.....H-H-Hayleeeeee.....o-oh sh-shi-iihh......I'm gonna.....nnfffff"

Back arching up, Haylee shuddered and clutched the back of Jason's neck, pulling him against her so that his head was over her shoulder. She gasped as he thrusted into her again, a slow burning sensation occurring deep within her sex, starting to intensify in an unstoppable manner. "Hooohhhhhh~..." she sighed as she felt Jason holding tightly onto her, retaliated by caressing the skin on his left wing.

Jason's back arched and he felt his control slipping as he pushed into Haylee again, head buried over her shoulder and against her neck, the fire dragon could feel his superheated snout singing the pillow cover as he thrust his hips forward one more time, moaning triumphantly as he reached his climax "HHHAAAAAHHFFFAAKKK!!!" Jason cried out uncontrollably as he felt his dragon sex erupt, firehosing out hot white seed, filling Haylee up and more as he moans and clings to her body, tail raised high as he pumps into her more and more, until finally collapsing onto her with sweet release and utter exhaustion, and a drawn out, whispered "uuuuggggghhhh......H-Haylee~"

The ice dragoness shook as Jason pushed into her a final time, surrendering to the climax that wracked her a moment after Jason's. Haylee gasped; her toes and wings splayed out widely. Her hands clutched at Jason's wing, squeezing the thickest part of the arm with all her might. A loud, purring growl escaped her as her sex and midsection began to grow numb with the tingling waves, which washed over and through her entire form.
Those eyes had been shut tightly; after a few minutes, feeling the occasional twinge from her nethers, she stirred, drew her head back and ran her hand along Jason's snout beside her. Her scales were ice-cold now, but slowly warming up as control began to leak back. Haylee's nose slid forward to press against Jason's, slowly transitioning into another kiss.

Jason pressed his burning snout against Haylee's frigid one, the temperatures evening out as the two dragons slowly began to kiss, Jason's wings falling around Haylee in a closer embrace,  a hand reaching up to cup the side of the dragoness' freezing snout, just enjoying the perfect kiss as he lay on top of her body, strength drained and limbs weak, he lingered on her lips, not wanting to break any more contact, not wanting to be any farther apart.

Haylee rolled over, letting Jason slide across her until they were both sideways chest-to-chest on the bed. Her tail stirred and wrapped itself around Jason's once more,  and she used a wing to pull the covers up to their shoulders from where they had been shoved. It had only been noon when she arrived, but now it felt like she had just pulled a few all-nighters. Her eyelids flickered shut, and she sighed tiredly, feeling herself begin to drift out of the kiss. One arm reached over Jason's shoulders as the other slid under him, crossing over behind his back as she loosely hugged him. As if it wasn't clear enough already, the ice dragoness put her head under Jason's chin, and whispered, "I love you, Jason..."

Jason blinked away exhaustion as he kissed the ice dragon in his arms, tails wrapping around one and other again, letting his wings fall around hers in a closer hug as his fiery muzzle still pressed into hers, sighing into the perfect kiss as he felt Haylee slowly sliding out of it, the sound of dragon breaths the only thing filling the air, along with the occasional sniffle. But Haylee's words made Jason's eyes open wide, the statement that had been inside of him for so long finally put into words, into sound. He heard something else "I love you too Haylee, with all my heart.", coming from his own mouth, his own soul, but it took a second for the emotion to wash over him, fingers curling and tail twining tighter around his parter's, needing his body to be as close as possible to the one he loved, eyes finally closing but body alive with emotion and passion and *feeling*.

Waves of dim cold continued to emanate from Haylee as she began to drift off, breath becoming more and more shallow and slow. As her last conscious action she moved her head to rest on Jason's neck, her cheek on the corner of his jaw. She felt nothing else but the fire dragon's amazing warmth seeping through her cool scales and wrapping around her whole body. She never wanted to pull away, she thought, as sleep finally took a hold, and Haylee relaxed completely in Jason's arms.

Jason felt the ice dragoness' head rest against his neck and he pulled her closer, eyelids fluttering as their rhythmic breathing almost matched up, feeling Haylee's chill against his scales, like cool water on a summer day, a cold towel over a hot neck, calming him and calming his body until finally the joint exhaustion of his ever present cold and the recent release, coupled with the softness and smoothness of Haylee's gentle body, won Jason over, eyelid drooping and slowly evening out his breathing. With one final action the fire dragon whispered out a tiny "I love you" before following her into the realm of sleep, closed eyes whisking him to that far away place.

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Re: [M + F Mature + Explicit] Fire and Ice
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Re: [M + F Mature + Explicit] Fire and Ice
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Hee!  That was a lot of fun to read!  I hope we see more of those two real soon =P

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Re: [M + F Mature + Explicit] Fire and Ice
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Hehe, thanks for the feedback, really glad you liked it!!!! ;D
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Re: [M + F Mature + Explicit] Fire and Ice
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