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[F + Mature] Jess, Emma, and the stuck sneeze
« on: November 05, 2016, 12:35:06 AM »
In an effort to put some more content out here, I've decided to start posting some of the plotless quick RPs I've done on those days I only have an hour or so to write. Here's one now!

I am playing Jess the cat, and Spinyofdoom is playing Emma the wolf. Enjoy! :)


Emma groaned softly, stretching out on the fluffy couch. The nude, gorgeous, pure-white wolf girl rubbed underneath her large nose (well, to be frank, it was enormous for her face) for the umpteenth time that day and sighed. Using her finger to alleviate the nearly-ever-present, sneeze-inducing tickle present in her nostrils was just as effective as it always was: that is, not at all. Not even a little. Though the pressure of her fingers against her nose provided momentary relief, it was just that: momentary. As soon as she stopped rubbing, the maddening itch returned, always there, but never quite enough to allow her release in the form of a huge, gasping, screamed-out, all-powerful, unstoppable sneeze!

The wolf groaned again, rolling over to bury her face in a pillow. The tickle in her nose spiked as it encountered the minute flecks of dust and feather material, but it was nowhere near enough. No, she was doomed to endure this sneezy limbo for what seemed like forever... after all, she couldn't very well go around rubbing underneath her nose all day, could she? Well, she could, but she'd look ridiculous, and her arms would almost certainly get tired. Emma giggled a bit at that, the laugh almost immediately turning into a shuddering, breathy half-hitch, that, as ever, lead nowhere. God, she hated this.

Curled up on the cushy chair next to her, Emma's girlfriend Jess was frustrated for a different reason. The nude, cream-colored cat was frantically waving a hand in front of her nose, trying in vain to stop the rapidly-building sneeze that was causing her nostrils to flare widely and her nose to noticeably twitch. "Oh god, my allehh--... allergies are going crazy today..." she whined, cursing the high pollen count. "I gotta... gotta sneeze agaihhh--..." Her back arched, pushing out her bare breasts as she reared back as much as she could in her horizontal position. "HIHHH!!! HIHHHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKTTTTSSSSHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" The cat-girl hitched loudly before convulsing with a high-pitched, body-shaking sneeze, and barely had she opened her eyes before she was rearing back again. "Oh, I can't stop sneehh-HIHHH!!! Sneehhhh-hihhh-HIHHHHHHHH!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKTTTTTTTSSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIII IIII!!!!!" Another high-pitched sneeze sent her breasts and nipples wobbling with the force. "Oh, I can't stop sneezing..." she finished.

Her face still buried in the pillow, Emma couldn't help but roll her eyes. Though she knew she didn't do it on purpose, her girlfriend's extremely frequent allergy attacks, and complaints about said allergies, only served to highlight her own predicament even further. On numerous occasions, the wolf had thought she would have given anything to briefly trade noses with Jess, if only to experience the wonderful, newfound sensation of having to sneeze... and, a few seconds later, actually getting to. She'd managed to restrain herself from saying anything about it... but as Jess erupted with yet another loud, breathy, almost exaggerated-sounding fit of sneezes, she couldn't help herself. Why should she have to sit and suffer, while her girlfriend, as lovely as she was, taunted her with glorious, nose-clearing sneeze after sneeze?

"At leah... ahhh... hhh... a-aht least you can sneeze," she said sullenly, frowning in annoyance as her sentence was interrupted by one of her usual phantom hitches. "I've been sitting on this tihh... ihhh... ihhiihhh.. h-hhhhh... hhHHHHH... *SNIFF* hihhhh.... damnit! this tickle for what feels like weeks," she finished, rubbing underneath her flared nostrils for emphasis. "I gasp and sniff and hitch, but no matter what I do, I never sneeze."

"Well, I could try to help you with thah--hahhh... gonna sneeze..." Jess replied, standing up and immediately freezing as her nose twitched. She fanned her nose frantically again, but to no avail. "HIHHHHH!!! HIHHHHHHHHH!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKTTTTTTTTSSSSSSHHHHHIIIIIIIIII IIIII!!!!!" Her body shook even more when she sneezed while she was standing, breasts and nipples wobbling again. Before Emma could protest, the catgirl swung her leg over the wolf and sat down on her waist, straddling her. "Let me see if I can help you get some sneezes out," she said, bringing her tail around and brushing it back and forth across Emma's massive nose. But abruptly she stopped, eyelids drooping, as her nose twitched insistently once again. "Em..." she breathed, mouth hanging open slightly. "Juhh--... just help me hold my sneezes back... or I'm gonna sneeze on you..." Her head began to tilt back...

Emma's eyebrows raised as she heard her girlfriend's suggestion... then she gasped as she felt that fluffy, dander-laden tail brush underneath her oversized nostrils. While she wasn't allergic to Jess (at least, she didn't think so), just the texture of all that soft, downy, ticklish fur was enough to send her nose into a frenzy. But, she knew from experience that it wouldn't be nearly enough... and that her only hope of getting release would be to temporarily suppress the catgirl's own terrible allergies. As the other girl's nostrils began to flare, and her mouth opened wide, Emma immediately sat up, quickly enough to make her shapely, well-endowed bust jiggle and bounce, and pushed her finger underneath that smaller, but far more sensitive and active nose. Then, using her tried-and-true technique, she began to rub, back and forth, hoping to sooth Jess' tickle better than she usually managed to sooth her own.

"C-cmon, Jehh... Jess," she murmured, smiling a bit. "You can do it. Juhhh... h-huh! Just hold back for a bit, so I can finahh... ah! AHHH! ahhgh... sniffle finally sneeze. God, I can't wait..."

Jess remained frozen where she was, head tilted back slightly, eyes half-closed, as Emma's finger rubbed back and forth across her nose. "Oh god, Em, my nose tih--... tickles so bad..." Despite her complaints, however, she raised her tail to Emma's nose again and began to brush back and forth. "I cah-hihhh... can't hold it back much longer..." she whined, but didn't stop brushing. "I'm gonna sneeze... I can't do anythihh--... anything to stop it... I'm gonna sneeh-hee-heeeeze..." Her back arched a bit further, pushing out her breasts and nipples directly into the path of Emma's massive nose. And still she continued to brush her tail across the wolf's nostrils, desperately hoping that her girlfriend would sneeze before she did...

Emma sniffed loudly, her huge nostrils flaring once, twice... she'd been taking in as many deep, lingering breaths as she can, allowing the tickle to linger deep inside her nose and spread all across her sinuses. Even as she continued to valiantly try and prevent her girlfriend from sneezing, she could feel her breathing becoming deeper, her eyelids flutter, her nostrils flaring wide... all helped along even further by Jess' constant, hitching narrations of her own desperate need to release. "Ahh... ohgod, your tail... I can feel a sneehh... heaaaahh... a sneeze coming on... all the tihHIHHIIIHH... tickling... it's gonna make... mehhh... EHHEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" Now it was time for Emma to rear back, inadvertently presenting her own much larger breasts as her huge, tickly nose at last took complete control over her body. She took in a few final lungfuls of air, purposefully inhaling as much as possible. She wanted this sneeze to blast away every last bit of that awful tickle. Another sniff, another gasp, another jiggle of her cleavage, and then...


Emma sneezed, a massive, screamed-out eruption that sent a noticeable cloud of mist arcing out over the couch... and onto Jess' exposed bust. But the wolf wasn't particularly concerned about that at this point-- she was more focused on the heady, giddy aftermath of the sneeze, and the newfound feeling of relief coursing through her oversized black nose. Finally , the tickle was gone!


Jess distantly heard Emma's massive sneeze and felt the spray mist her exposed breasts, but her mind was elsewhere--namely, on the impending sneeze in her nose, no longer being held back by the wolf's finger. She tilted back still further as her allergies took control, pushing her chest out as she hitched loudly, nose wriggling. "HIHHH!!! HIHHHHHH!!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" She hung there for a moment, nose pointed towards the ceiling, and for a split-second it looked like she might recover... and then she let loose, snapping forward with an enormous, high-pitched "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSHHHH HHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!"

The force of the release sent her snapping forward violently, and had she not been bracing herself with her hands on the couch, she likely would have rammed her head into her girlfriend's chest. Instead, her head stopped inches above Emma's torso as she sneezed, causing the spray shooting from her nose to land directly on Emma's breasts and nipples. But Jess was barely aware of this, as her nose continued to twitch and flare. "Stihh--... still need to sneeze..." she breathed, her own now-dangling breasts quivering with every shaky inhale. "I'm gonna... HIHHHHHH!!!... I'm gonnihhh-HIHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" She raised her head, and then... "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKTTTTTTTTTTTSSSS SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" Another sneeze covered Emma's breasts in spray, and barely had Jess opened her eyes when... "HIHHHHHHH!!!! HIHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKTTTTTTTTTTSS SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!" She sneezed again on Emma's bust, before finally opening her eyes and realizing what she had done.

"Oh, god..." she said with a sigh, rolling her eyes at her own behavior. "S-sorry about that, Em... I just can't stop myself when my allergies take over like that..."


Hope you enjoyed! If you want to help me write more RPs like this, feel free to send me a PM. :)

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Re: [F + Mature] Jess, Emma, and the stuck sneeze
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2016, 02:18:39 PM »
Short and sweet.  Awesome!  Loved it. ;D

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Re: [F + Mature] Jess, Emma, and the stuck sneeze
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2016, 05:04:26 PM »
This is great. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: [F + Mature] Jess, Emma, and the stuck sneeze
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2016, 12:18:36 AM »
Nice one!  Always good to see more cats.