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[F + Mature] The Wolf and the Lioness
« on: December 07, 2016, 05:11:18 AM »
This is a quickie RP I did in the chat with Y31 the other day. We never actually ended up naming the characters, but I am playing an orange tigress, while Y31 is playing a white wolf. Enjoy! :)


The nude orange tigress is awakening on her bed from a deep sleep. The first thing she sees is her girlfriend, equally nude, standing over her, her breasts dangling over the tigress and... "Honey? Why do you have a feather in your hand?"

"I had a thought, dear. I'd like to try it out, if you don't mind . . ?" She smiles mischievously.

The tigress matches the wolf's smile. "And what was that thought?"

"Well, you have such a big nose, dear, bigger than mine, even, and I just wanted to know how sensitive it is to touch. You know how sensitive I am to smells, after all." She begins to slowly brush it up and down the tigress's septum.

The tigress gasps lightly as the feather brushes against her nose, her nostrils flaring slightly. "You might want to be careful then, honey," the tigress replies, grinning. "You wouldn't want me to sneeze all over you, would you?" She eyes the wolf's dangling breasts.

"It looks very sensitive for such a big, powerful girl like you," she coos. "Let's see how much you can take!" She changes to swishing the feather left and right, letting the tip dip into her victim's cavernous nostrils just a bit.

The tigress's nostrils flare massively as the feather brushes against their sensitive rims. Her eyelids droop and her eyebrows arch, her mouth falling open slightly. "Feeh--... feel a sneeze comihh-hing..." she breathes.

The wolf stops with the feather, leans down, and plants a kiss on the center of her girlfriend's twitchy nose. "How does that feel, darling?"

"Nah--... not fair..." the tigress replies, sneezy expression still on her face. "Now my nose is all tihh--... tickly, but not enough to make me sneeze."

The wolf gives her the feather. "I'm sorry, dear, would you like to get me back?" She lays down on her back next to the tigress.

"Heh... I would, but I have something else in mind..." the tigress replies, leaning over to her nightstand to find her favorite bottle of perfume, the one that irritates the wolf's big nose like no other. She sprays a tiny amount directly at the wolf's nose. "Let's see just how sensitive that nose of yours is to smells," she says with a mischievous smile, handing the feather back. "And you can keep seeing how sensitive my nose is to touch."

"Yuh . . . you still hah-have some of thaah . . . that?" The she-wolf asks, eyes widening in surprise. She remembers how the tigress got some for her birthday las year from her sister, and the chaos it had caused when she tried it on. Her black nose begins to twitch, turning purple, her nostrils flaring wide. "Ohh, it's even wuh-worse than I remeh-heh-heh . . . oh, I'm gonna sneeze . . ."

The tigress swings her legs over the wolf's stomach, sitting on top of her girlfriend. She leans over the wolf, her large, bare breasts dangling directly in front of the wolf's twitching nose. "Uh-oh, losing control of that nose of yours, are we?" she asks playfully.

The she-wolf has never been able to hold back her sneezes. She bucks forward, burying her muzzle in the tigress's ample cleavage. "WAAHH, HHAAAAHHHH, HEEAHSSHHHIIIIIEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!! AAAAAHHHH-SSSSHHHHIIIIEEEEWWWW! HAH-HAH-YAAAHHKSSHHIIIIEEEWWW!!!" Despite their massive size and power, her sneezes are very high-pitched things. The tigress's breasts are soaked with spray, dripping after the wolf finishes. She pants, groaning slightly.

"Bless you, honey," the tigress says with a grin, feeling her nipples harden slightly from the cold spray. She leans down and places a kiss on the wolf's nose, which is still twitching from the perfume in the air. "Looks like your nose is the more sensitive one."

"Not so faah-hah-hast." *The she-wolf presses a finger under her purple nose, but she looks like she's going to sneeze again soon. "You used the nuclear option on me, honey. I was juh-just getting started with you."

"Well then maybe you should have made me sneeze, instead of just leaving me with this terribly itchy nose," the tigress replies, rubbing her nose a bit. "That was an awfully mean thing to do," she adds with a grin. "I had to retaliate."

"Fine, if you want it to be that way, I'll oblige." She rolls out from under her girlfriend and walks over to the dresser. Opening the top drawer, she withdraws a well-used feather duster. "Oh, god, even holding this near my face makes me want to . . . HHEEAAAAHHSSSHHHIIIIIIEEEEEEWWWWW!!!" She sneezes powerfully again, doubling over and giving the tigress a great view of her shapely rear as her tail shoots for the sky. Sniffling, she walks back to the bed, swaying her hips a bit.

Even the sight of the feather duster is enough to make the tigress's nostrils twitch. "No, *that* is the nuclear option," she says, eyeing the duster. "I hope you know what you're getting into, honey. One good sneeze into that and there'll be so much dust in the air, we'll be sneezing for hours."

"Well, I missed, didn't I?" The she-wolf giggles, then stops with a snort. She quickly puts the duster at arm's length, cupping her nose in her other hand. "Gah, I need to stop doing that." She refocuses her attention. "Don't worry, honey, I'll be sure to take it away from your nose before you sneeze."

"Make sure I'm actually going to sneeze first, though," the tigress remarks, eyeing the duster. "If you make my sneeze go away right before it happens, I might have to, ah, 'retaliate' again."

"Shouldn't be too hard," she says with a grin. "Just a touch of this to your nose should be enough to set you off if I know you, darling."

"Well then, what are you waiting for?" the tigress replies with a mischievous smile. "Get this damn itch out of my nose already."

The she-wolf sits on top of the tigress. "My pleasure." She eyes the duster for a moment, as if considering it's potency, and then brings it down, ever so lightly touching the tigress's nose with the tips of a few dusty feathers.

"Hehh..." The tigress's nostrils flare hugely again, opening up her sensitive nose to more dust and tickles from the feathers. She stares up at the wolf through half-lidded eyes. "Thahhh--... that's it..." she breathes. "J-just a lihh--... little more..."

The she-wolf lowers the duster further, letting the feathers begin to slip into her girlfriend's flared nostrils. "Glad to heeAAHHH!" Her breath suddenly catches as she catches a whiff of an all-to-familiar scent.

"G-gonna... gonna... HIIHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The tigress suddenly gasps hugely, her back arching as she rears back in preparation for a sneeze. With only a fraction of a second to spare, she knocks the wolf's arm aside and-- "AAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO O!!!!" She sneezes massively with a roar of sound, launching herself forward so hard that she nearly ends up sitting upright... and causing the spray to fly all over the wolf's breasts and nipples. She sniffles, rubbing at her nose, which is still tickling slightly. "Oh, I... I think I might sneeze again..."

No sooner has the tigress recovered from her sneeze does the she-wolf explode with hers. "HHEEEEAAAAAAHHHSSSSHHHHHIIIIIEEEEEWWWWW!!!" For the second time that day, the tigress's breasts get sprayed. The she-wolf brings herself back up, one hand on her thigh for balance, and she brings her other hand, the one holding the duster, closer to her face to soothe her sniffly nose . . .

"Honey, n-no... nahh..." The tigress tries to protest, but her breath catches as her girlfriend moves the duster between their two faces. "I hahh... have to... h-have tih-hihhh-HIHHHHHHHHHHHH..." The tigress rears back again with an enormous gasp, and then-- "AAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCHHHIIIIIIEEEEEEE EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" She sneezes another massive sneeze, this time aimed directly into the feather duster. Through the wind and spray, a cloud of dust billows out of the duster and flies into the air...

The she-wolf's expression of relief changes instantly. For a moment it looks like she snaps out of her haze, but quickly she's back to gasping and sneezing. "HHEEEEAAAAAAHHHSSSSHHHHHIIIIIEEEEEWWWWW!!! AAAHHSSSSCCCHHHIIIEEEEEWWWW!!! AAAAAHHHH-SSSSHHHHIIIIEEEEWWWW!!!" She moves the duster out of the way after sneezing on it a couple of times herself, but she can't do much more than that as she repeatedly sprays her girlfriend. "HHEEEAAAHHHHTTTTSSSHHHHIIIIIEEEEEWWWWWW!!!"

"I w-wuh--... warned you!" the tigress cries, though she doesn't seem too displeased. She snatches the duster out of the wolf's hand, tossing it across the room and away from them. Unfortunately, there's still plenty of dust in the air between the two girls, and it's irritating the tigress's nose like nothing else. "Oh, I... I'm gonna sneeze again..." she breathes, her eyes losing their focus.

The she-wolf cups her running nose with both hands, sniffling pitifully and making puppy-dog-eyes at the tigress. "I'm suh-sorry, honey . . . *sniff* Oh, I deh-heh-finitely am gonna need to sneh-sneeze some more, too..."

"You're nah--... hahh... AAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSCCCCHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" As the tigress explodes with another massive sneeze, she grabs her girlfriend's breasts in her hands, sneezing directly into the wolf's cleavage. She looks up at the wolf from her new position, but her eyes are already losing their focus again. "You're not sahh--... hahhhhhh... AAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO!!!!! HEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCHHHHHHHIIIIII IIIIEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" She roars out two more sneezes onto the wolf's breasts before pulling away. "You're not sorry at all, are you?" The tigress's nose is still twitching...

The she-wolf yelps in surprise as the tigress grabs her and sneezes all over her. "No," she insists, her smile betraying that she's lying, "I reah-really am so veh . . . very saahh . . ." Her eyes are half-shut and she's rubbing madly at her nose, but it looks like she might actually be having trouble sneezing for once.

"Looks like you're the one with the itchy nose now," the tigress remarks with a grin. "Do you need some more of my perfume?"

"Aahh . . . HAHH . . ." The she-wolf has traded off rubbing her nose for fanning at her face with one hand. "Oh nuh . . . no, thaah-that would be too muh . . . too much . . . something small, please, honey, I'm so cluh-close, it's right at the tih-hih-hip of my muh-muzzle . . ."

The tigress thinks for a moment, then looks down and finds the feather that the wolf discarded in favor of the duster. "Looks like it's my turn, then," she says, picking up the feather and brushing it lightly between the wolf's quivering nostrils...

"Ohhh . . . that's gonna do ih-hih-Haah . . . HEEEAAHH . . ."

The tigress then runs the feather over the edges of the wolf's nose before sliding it across the rims of her flared nostrils...

"AAHH . . . HHAAHHH . . . HEEEAAHH . . ." Even by the she-wolf's standards this one is going to be huge.

"Stubborn, are we?" the tigress asked, before sliding the feather slightly into one nostril, twirling it, then pulling it out and doing the same to the other nostril...

Despite everything, the she-wolf's eyes pop open in surprise as the tigress stick the feather into her nostril. Almost immediately they slam back shut. "THAAAH . . . HHHEEEEEEAAAAAAAAATTTSSSSSSCCCCHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIEEE EEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" A massive amount of spray launches out of her, hitting the tigress's face, thighs, and everything in between.

"Bless you!" the tigress cries, smiling as she brushes the spray off herself. "So, has your curiosity about my nose been satisfied?" She grins.

The she-wolf straightens up, blinks, sniffles, and twitches her nose one more time. She doesn't feel a tickle at all. That done, she perks up. "For now," she replies, a massive smile plastered all over her face.