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[F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« on: December 12, 2016, 05:24:32 AM »
Here's the other Maisy/Jasmine story I wrote. This time, it's Jas who's sick. It was written during NaNo, so it got a little wordy. LOL

“Time for the thermometer?” It was a soft, hesitant question from Maisy, not a statement. Jas had been unusually sluggish and tired today, complaining that her head hurt and her throat burned. They both knew all of this meant Jasmine was coming down with something, but Jas was as far into denial as you could get. So she shook her head. She wasn't one hundred percent sure yet, so it would be easier to pretend nothing was wrong for now. “Love, if we know you're ill, we can take action. We can call the diner and get your shifts rescheduled. We can find you some good, strong medication that makes you feel better sooner. And we can get some handkerchiefs ready...” Maisy's voice trembled at that moment, which made Jasmine's chest flutter with worry.

All day it had seemed like Maisy was concerned about her sneezing. Sure, elephantine sneezes weren't cute and little the way Maisy's sneezes were, but they weren't going to level a house or blow Maisy off her feet or do any of those extreme things you saw in cartoons. But what was Jas supposed to say? 'Don't worry, I won't sneeze on you?' No, that was obvious. 'Don't worry, I'll sleep out on the couch so I won't snore and wake you up in the middle of the night?' Maybe, but having a cold and not having a girlfriend by her side would be doubly miserable. 'Don't worry, I'll try to hold the sneezes back as best I can?' Impossible, that much she knew for sure.

The only thing she could do was cling onto this denial for as long as it lasted and hope that either it wasn't actually a cold or that Maisy would be able to cope with her when sick if it came to that. “Sniff! The weather's changing. Sniff! Sniff! I probably just have a headache and a chill from that. Sniff!” It was possible, right?

“I don't know about that... Your color's off. Your trunk's runny. And your throat sounds scratchy when you talk. I really think you're under the weather. Can I at least get you a cup of tea?”

Jasmine waved her hand dismissively. “No time. Sniff! I've got to leave for the diner. Sniffff! My shift starts in fifteen.”

“Oh, love. I'm not sure preparing food when you've got the sniffles is a very good idea.”

Maisy was right, of course. But Jas had worked when she was sick before and nothing terrible had happened to anyone, so far as she knew. As long as she avoided breathing on the food or the customers, it would be fine. Besides, it was a sniffle, not the full-blown flu. She'd be able to cope. “I'll see you later,” she told Maisy. And for the first time in over a year, she didn't kiss her badger goodbye on her way out the door. She was pretty sure she wasn't coming down with something, but, just in case she was, she didn't want Maisy to catch it from her.


One hand pressed to her throbbing forehead, the other held her cell phone to her ear. One ring. Two. Pick up. Come on, Maisy. Pick up! Three.


“Hey, honey. Sniff! Sniff! It's me.” The tickle in her trunk was back. No matter how much she rubbed at it or sniffed back what was trying to escape, she still felt the need to sneeze.

“I know. I saw on the phone. Why are you calling?”

Jas wanted to tell her, but just then the urge to sneeze intensified. “I hnnng! Hehh IHHHH Hnggghh! HIHHHHHH! Hold ihhhh on a hihgihhhhh a sec!” She dropped the phone entirely. One hand cupped the end of her trunk, the other covered her mouth as best she could. Neither would contain the sneeze entirely, but it was the best she could do under these circumstances. “IHHH YIHHH KEHHHH HIGGGGH! HIHTSCHHHHHHHH!” She sprayed her hands well in the process and had to wipe them on her apron, which was rapidly growing damp, almost too damp to use already. She picked the phone back up. “Excuse me. My trunk is getting so tickly, I can barely stop sneezing for five minutes. Sniff! Have you already left sniff for work?”

There was a pause on the other end of the line, and Jasmine suddenly worried that they'd been disconnected. Or maybe Maisy was holding the phone away from her ear because she was frightened that another loud elephantine sneeze might be too loud for her.”Sniff! Maisy? Sniff sniff sniiiiffff!” Jasmine spoke, loud and clear into the phone, calling her back if Maisy he put the phone down or was holding it at arm's length.

“I'm here,” Maisy said after another considerable pause. But she sounded different... distant, perhaps? Her voice was quiet and higher in pitch. “Why?”

“I think I need to come home. And I don't think it's safe for me to drive. If you haven't left for work yet, could you come get...get me hih! Oh no sniff! HEH! Here comes ihhh! Hihhh! anoth nnggggg! hehhh ehhhh Nggggg! Geh! another!” This time, she grabbed a hand towel she'd liberated from one of the sinks earlier. It was wet from use, too, but she needed something to sneeze and blow into. She could tell these wouldn't stop until she made an effort to empty her full, runny trunk a little. So she pressed the dish towel to the end of her trunk, which was trembling with the great need to sneeze. “IHHH HEHHH HIYEHHH! EHH! EHPPTTTTCHHHXXXXX!” She followed this by a hefty blow and a few rubs at her nostrils. After a cough and sniff to clear her throat and make her voice presentable again, she picked the phone back up. “Sor sniff! Sorry. I really can't stop sneezing, honey. Sniff! Can you come pick me up? Sniff sniff! Please? Sniff!”

There was silence on the other end again, and Jasmine's hopes that she would have a princess in shining armor descend upon her and spirit her away to a palace of comfort and caring were quickly plummeting.

“Of course,” Maisy said, finally. “I'll be right there, love. Hang on.”

Well, that response at least warranted a wave of relief and gratitude. “Thanks Sniff sniiff sniff sniff...” She hung up and then blew her trunk into the cloth again.

She was sitting in her boss' office, the only place in the diner that didn't either have patrons or food, and so the only safe place her contagious trunk was welcome at the moment, although it was highly possible she might spread this cold to him now.  She could imagine all too well the wolf sitting at his desk, pouring over papers as his nose poured out into a wad of tissues he clutched to his muzzle. Feeling guilty about what hadn't even happened yet,, she sniffed and tried her best to keep her cold to herself until she was rescued.

“Jas? Love?”

Jasmine lifted her head then raised her trunk and waved. She was sitting on the floor in the far corner of the office, tucked away as best she could be. She had sneezed into the dish towel all she could then moved on to her apron and then her sleeves. “Sniff sniff sniff sniff hey sniff sniff sniff!”

“Ohhh love.” Maisy walked around the desk and took in the sight for a whole half a minute before she sighed. She took a spot on the floor in front of Jasmine and petted Jasmine's arm. “Let's get you home and into bed right away. I've got medicine and hankies waiting for you.” She took Jasmine's hand to help her up, though they both knew she could never completely support Jasmine's weight, as she was a considerably larger animal.

Jas followed Maisy out the back door of the restaurant to the car. She would have liked to have checked on her coworkers, to make sure things were okay and to thank them for covering her work. But she knew she would sneeze, and she didn't want some patron up and calling the health inspectors over. She did send a group text to the short order cook and the two servers telling them thank you and that she was going now so they could set up a Lysol bomb in the office if they wanted.

“I'll take an Uber and come back for your car tomorrow.,” Maisy told her.

Jasmine couldn't help but smiling. “I can't sniff  help but sniff sniff sniff remember sniff that night sniff last year I sniff sniff drove you home when you had a cold sniff sniff and a sprained leg. Sniff sniff SNIFF SNIFF!” Ugh! Her trunk just wouldn't stop running!

“You all right?” Maisy asked, glancing over at Jas in the passenger seat. She sounded wary, a slight tremble in her voice.

Jas nodded, rubbing her hand under her trunk, right above her mouth. Sometimes she could keep the tickle from building if she kept that up. “Just feeling sick,” Jasmine admitted. “Sniff! You were right. I sniff sniff sniff sniff SNIFF! I should have let you take my temperature. Sniff! Sniff! I should have called in sick. Sniff! Sniff! Sniiiffff! I shouldn't have been so sniff sniff stubborn earlier. SNIFF!” God, her trunk sure was running. The cold winter temperatures were making it worse.

There was still some uncertainty in Maisy's voice. But her words tried to be reassuring. “Hey, it's no big deal. Need to blow your trunk, love?”

Maisy was probably worried that would be loud and strong as well, startling enough to run them off the road. But Jas could keep rubbing and sniffling; the drive was a pretty short one. “Yeah. Sniff! Maybe just sniff just a little. Sniff! But sniff don't worry. Sniff! I can sniff sniff wait until we get home if—”

“No need. There's a handkerchief in the back for you. You should be able to reach it. I brought some water, too, if your throat's feeling itchy and sore.”

“Oh...” Turning in place as much as her seat belt would allow, Jasmine glanced between their seats toward the backseat. There was a big bottle of water and a large, white cloth, just as Maisy had said. That was so thoughtful of her. “Sniff! Thanks. I guess... sniff if you don't mind. Sniff! SNIFF! SNIFF!”

“Go right ahead. Blow as much as you need, love.”

Wondering if her sniffles were annoying Maisy, and that why she was being so insistent about this, Jasmine nonetheless took advantage of this before her girlfriend could change her mind. She reached back for the hanky, folded it securely around the end of her trunk, took a great big breath, closed her mouth and her eyes, and blew.

It felt heavenly. Beyond heavenly, actually. Her trunk was a lot fuller than she'd thought, and she ended up blowing and blowing, refolding the handkerchief to a dry spot and blowing and blowing again. She wasn't done by the time they reached the apartment building where they lived, but Maisy kept the car on, heater running, while she kept on going.

Finally, she lowered the hanky and took a careful breath. Her trunk still felt stuffed and sniffly, but it was definitely better. Maisy led them inside, handling the door and holding it open for her. She put her hand on Jasmine's back, rubbing in a small circle. “I want you to go straight to the bedroom. Put on your nightgown and get right under the covers where it's warm. I put a hot water bottle there before I left. I'm going to make you a cup of herbal tea and grab the thermometer, and then I'll be right in. Got it?”

Jas nodded, rubbing again at her tickling trunk. “Nightgown. Sniff! Bed. Sniff! Sniff! Under the covers.” She followed Maisy's directions, dropping her clothes in the hamper and crawling into their big bed. She found a looming stack of clean, folded handkerchiefs had been placed on her nightstand. On Maisy's, as if to balance the two out, there was another bottle of water, a bag of cough drops, and a pack of cold medicine. She'd barely had time to be impressed when Maisy was back, holding a large, steaming mug of tea in her paws.

“Thermometer first,” Maisy said. “That'll give the tea time to cool enough for you to drink it.”

That made sense to her, so she took the thermometer from Maisy, putting it in her mouth, under her tongue. At once she realized it was a terrible mistake. Breathing exclusively through her sensitive nostrils tickled her trunk fiercely. The urge to sneeze flared up to an uncontrollable level immediately, with none of the warnings her sneezes typically afforded her. She sucked air in with sharp, quick, needy gasps. She grabbed her trunk with both hands, squeezing at the end. But the damage had been done. Above her hands, that portion of trunk was enlarged, ready to let the air out in the form of a sneeze. “Mmmmmph!” She tried to warn Maisy, who she guessed would be terrified by the force of the sneeze. She tried her best to hold it in as long as possible, giving the thermometer time to work. But she only lasted a few seconds more. “HEHHHKIHTCHHHHHOOOSHHHHHHHHH!” She sneezed, forcing her hands off her trunk and causing the thermometer to fly from her mouth. Tears escaped at the corners of her eyes from the great force of the sneeze. She wiped them away with the back of her hand as she sniffed. “Uhb sniff! SNIFF! Sorry.”

She opened her eyes to see Maisy holding up the thermometer. “Just enough time for it to work, I think. And just a wee bit of a fever. Would you like a cool compress for your forehead?”

Jasmine nodded. One sneeze and Maisy couldn't scamper out of the room fast enough, apparently. But a cool cloth for her head did sound nice. So if the badger was offering, she would accept. A dull, thumping headache had taken up residence there earlier and had gotten worse with her efforts of holding back that sneeze. There was so much pressure in her head now she wished she could blow out, but she knew that no matter how much she cleared her trunk, more stuffiness would move right in again.

“I'll be right back,” Maisy promised, an almost empty reassurance as she fled from the room, her tail standing up in the air. Not a good sign.

Leaning over, Jas helped herself to one of the handkerchiefs that were on the nightstand. She wiped gingerly at the end of her trunk, worried that too much touching her nostrils would make them tickle again. Obviously, Maisy was rattled by her sneezes. And Jas didn't want to give Maisy reason to feel unsettled around her. This was their home, their comfortable home, their comfortable home they both deserved to feel at ease in. Maybe Jas should offer to move to the couch for the duration of her head cold? Or maybe she should get a motel room somewhere and take care of herself?

Jasmine pulled her phone out from where she'd stuck it, under her pillow, and saw that there was only about half an hour before Maisy would need to leave for her job if she didn't want to be late. Jasmine rubbed at her trunk, contemplating the possibility of keeping from sneezing for another half an hour. With the way it tickled now, she wasn't sure she'd be able to make it, but she was willing to give it a try for Maisy's sake.

When Maisy returned, her tail was down again and she looked a little more composed and relaxed. Maisy climbed onto the bed and crawled over. She placed a the cool dish towel across Jasmine's forehead, and Jasmine closed her eyes, taking in the immediate relief the coolness brought with it. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes,” Jasmine answered. “It's wonderful.”

“Good. Here's your tea.” Jasmine looked up to see Maisy with the mug. Jas didn't immediately reach for it. “I know you're not too fond of tea, but I promise this doesn't taste too bad, and it will definitely help your sore throat.” Jas still didn't make a move to take it. “Will you at least try a little bit for me before you decide you don't want it?” Finally, Jasmine held out her hand and took the mug by the handle. It was warm; it had that going for it at least. She gave her trunk a few strong rubs before pulling her hand away and bringing the mug to her mouth.

She took a heolsitant sip, just getting enough to taste. It taste sweet like honey and the warm liquid went right down her throat without hurting one bit, taking her entirely by surprise. This tea was magical, apparently.

“It's good, right?”

“It is,” Jasmine agreed, meeting Maisy's eager expression. When she took another sip, Maisy beamed with pride. She readjusted the wash cloth. “Now, if you feel... um... you know... just hand me the cup so you don't spill on yourself. But if it, um, happens too quickly and you spill, it's okay. I'll just change the sheets and get you a clean nightie and make you a new cup of tea.”

Jasmine sniffed, nodding. “Don't worry. Usually my trunk gives me plenty of warning sniff sniff before I have to sneeze. Before was an exception, because I was breathing through my trunk with the thermometer in my mouth. I'll try to let you know if I feel another urge to sneeze, but I'm sure I'll be okay. There's no need to worry.” She swallowed a gulp of the warm, soothing tea, wishing she could be sure enough to promise and reassure her girlfriend, who was clearly spooked. Maisy's tail was up again already just from talking about this.

Then she realized something that might help. She gestured to the bed around her. “It looks like I'm pretty well settled here. I'll finish the tea and then see if I can fall to sleep for a little while. If you want to head to work a little early, I'd more than understand.” Maisy usually left early, because she didn't want to get stuck in bad traffic.

Maisy frowned. “Actually, I called the hospital from the car while I was driving over to the diner to pick you up. I'm using my family and personal leave tonight so I can stay home and look after you.” Jasmine's eyes widened in surprise. Well, there went her plan. She might have been able to hold in her sneezes for the next half an hour, but she'd never last until tomorrow. “I know the start of a cold can sometimes be the worst time. So I'll do whatever I can to help you feel better. I'll keep you warm or hold hankies for you or juggle. Whatever you think will help, just say the word.”

“Okay,” Maisy nodded, her expression full of resolve. “Let me go get the balls. Unless you'd prefer I use fruit?”

Jasmine laughed. “Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! No sniff no. Sniff! I was just curious. Sniff! How exactly is that supposed to sniff sniff help me?”

Maisy's smile transformed her face. And, for a moment, she didn't seem nervous or worried about Jasmine's sneezes at all. “I just thought it might make you laugh. That's supposed to be the best medicine, isn't it?”

God, she was adorable. If she thought Maisy would let her, Jas would grab her girlfriend and pull her into a hug right now. But if she did that and happened to sneeze at the same time, that would be the absolute worst. That would probably terrify Maisy to her core. Or... or maybe it would make her realize Jasmine's sneezes weren't actually so bad after all. Maybe that was the solution to everything.

“Do you want—” she began to ask.

But, at the same moment, Maisy said, “You'd better drink up. Wait... what were you going to say?”

Jas shook her head. “Nothing. Sniff!” She drank up obediently. Maisy was right; her tea was already squarely on the lower end of warm, quickly on its way to cool. It still felt good against her raw, sore throat, though. She finished it off and Maisy immediately took the mug from her, clearing it off to the kitchen so that their bedroom wouldn't fill up with dirty dishes and such things.

Jas had to admit that she liked the attention. Apart from Maisy getting spooked about the big sneezes, she had an amazing, thoughtful, and sweet bedside manner. As miserable as she felt physically, she had never felt so loved and cared for before when she had a head cold. She'd never had someone skip their job to take care of her. She'd never had someone who made her special tea before. Or warmed the bed for her. Or brought a handkerchief in the car for her, knowing she'd need it.

If only she didn't have to sneeze so much. But her colds had always been the sneezy sort. And her perpetually ticklish trunk always got worse the longer she tried to hold the sneezes back. “ihhhh!” She felt another sneeze coming, and her hand tightened on a handkerchief. At least, if she sneezed right now, Maisy would be out of the room and not hear the full force of it. “hihhhhhhhhhh!” This time, Jas hoped it would come faster. “Hihhhh! Yihhhhh!” But it was building slowly, strongly. “Hihhhh!” The tickle spread from the base of her trunk, all the way to her nostrils, which flared wider with every breath. “ehhh yihhhhhhhhh....” She felt a few drops trying to escape them, but she knew that blowing her trunk or even wiping it might throw things off enough and delay her sneeze. “Ihhhh!” And she wanted it to come now. “IHHHHHH!” Okay. Here it was. “HEHHH!” Almost. “HEHHHHHHHH!” ALMOST!

“Jas? Love?”

Jasmine's eyes flew open to see Maisy climbing back on the bed.

“Are you okay?”

Jasmine nodded, waving one hand in front of her face and holding the hanky tightly over the end of her trunk now, catching the embarrassing drips before Maisy could see them. “Yeah I IHHHHH! I just gotta HAHHH NNNGHHH HEHH NGGGG EHHH GUHHH gotta snee sneh snee HEHH sneeze.” She swayed in place, not sure whether she should be coaxing the sneeze out now or trying to hold it back. The wet compress fell from her forehead as she leaned forward a little too far. Jas reached for it, blindly, her eyes tightly closed, but missed where it had fallen.

“Oh dear. Don't bother yourself. I'll get it.” Maisy snatched it up at once. She moved in close, laying the cooler side against Jasmine's warm forehead and holding it there, so it wouldn't immediately fall off again as Jas swayed with each breath in and out.

“Gehhh gehhhhhhhh EHHHH EHHHHHH!” She tried to warm Maisy to get back. She really did try. But she just couldn't get the word out. She had to sneeze so badly. She could only hope Maisy would trust her instincts and pull away in time. “EHHH HEHHHH HEHHHHHHHHH HEHHHHHHTIHHSHHOOOOOOOOOOOH!” The sneeze was powerful and strong against the hanky she held close to her trunk, wetting it considerably. But when she opened her eyes, she found that wasn't the only thing she'd sprayed. Maisy was still close, hand to Jas' forehead. The sneeze had sprayed Maisy's chest and neck, wet glistening on her black and gray fur as well as her soft yellow blouse.

“Sniff! Oh doe. Sniff!” Jas turned her head and blew just a little into the handkerchief to clear her trunk just enough to talk clearly. When she turned back, Maisy had sat back on the bed, her black eyes wide, her tail sticking up. “Oh Maisy... Maisy, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to sneeze on you. I tried to warn you.”

“It's...” Maisy swallowed hard, her voice trembling again with every word. “It's... okay... Jas...”

“Sniff! I know they're strong, but my sneezes sniff can't hurt you. I promise. Sniff sniff sniff sniff!” She refolded the hanky and tried to wipe Maisy off. “Really, there's nothing to be scared of. Sniff! I would never sniff hurt you.”

Maisy's body language changed at once. She pulled back, out of reach. Her paw trembled. Her eyes went a little wet and their gaze went directly to the blanket, not Jasmine's eyes. “I... I'm not scared,” she whispered.

Jasmine put down the handkerchief and scooted over until she could reach Maisy again. She took her girlfriend's hand. “Maisy, honey, I can tell you're terrified by my sneezes.”

“I'm not,” Maisy insisted, her words even softer than before. She both looked and sounded as though she might burst into tears at any moment.

“Sure you are. Your tail stands straight up every time I sneeze. It only does that when you're scared or when you're...” Jasmine trailed off. A funny feeling washed over her, settling with a flutter in her abdomen. She swallowed hard and finished her sentence. “Or when you're turned on.” The tail raising didn't always happen when they made love, but it usually did. It was tied to mating, Maisy had explained, just something that happened to a badger's body in the heat of the moment, uncontrollable. And though the two of them couldn't actually mate, that sexual rush of desire and hormones was still present wen they made love. “Maisy, sniff sniff! If you're not scared, are you sniff saying that you're—”

Maisy pulled her hand away and scampered out of the room, not looking back. Frozen in place with shock, Jasmine heard whimpering a few moments later. Setting the cold compress aside and throwing off the warm, heavy covers, Jasmine climbed out of bed. At the door, she put on her bathrobe and slippers, and then she followed the sound of the whimpering to the living room.

She found Maisy lying face-down on the sofa, her head buried beneath a cushion as if she were halfway into burrowing into a badger den, as if by hiding her head alone, it might make the rest of her invisible also. Jasmine sat down on the couch beside her. She placed her hand on Maisy's back and rubbed; it was her turn to be comforting, reassuring. “I think we need to talk.”

Maisy whimpered and moved in a motion that was probably a shake of the head.

“Sniff! I'm not going to break up with you over this. Sniff sniff sniff! I just want to understand what this is about. Sniff! My cold isn't going away, though. I've still got a week of sneezes at least. Sniff! And you can't stay under there for a week. Let's sniff talk. Sniff!” She rubbed her trunk against her side, quashing the tickle starting to build there. She had a feeling this wouldn't be the best time to sneeze. If she did, Maisy might never come out from under the sofa cushion.

After a minute or two, Maisy wriggled backwards and raised her head. Her eyes adjusted to the change of light but she ducked her head timidly, ears folded back against her head. She moved around, sitting on the couch beside Jasmine, angled a little so the two girlfriends could partially face each other. But she didn't say anything, and it looked like she wouldn't, no matter how much time Jas gave her.

“So...” Jasmine decided it was up to her to get the ball rolling. “I guess we've established that my sneezing turns you on. Is it the sound? Or the sight? Or...” Jas reached over and touched her upper chest lightly, right where the sneeze had sprayed. “Is it the feel?”

Maisy whimpered and nodded. “All of the above. It's everything. Even when you say the word.”


She whimpered again. “I was going to tell you. But I couldn't figure out how to say it. And then you come down with a cold and I realized I'd have to try to hide my feelings because you didn't feel well, and this wasn't the time to objectify you or try to have this serious discussion about how strange I am. You're right, you know. I was scared. I was scared of how you'd react. But I love you, and I knew you needed to know. I wanted to tell you so many times. Only I didn't have the courage.”

“I sniff wish you had told me,” Jas said. And, as a gesture of intimacy, she laid her trunk on Maizy's lap. She wanted to show Maisy she understood, even though she didn't quite understand yet. She wanted to show Maisy she still trusted her to take care of her during this cold. She wanted to show Maisy she hadn't been scared away. But most of all, she wanted to see what reaction Maisy would have.

Maisy's paw immediately found Jasmine's trunk, stroking not comfortingly but lovingly. Her eyes were filled with longing and adoration.

“You were acting so funny every time I sneezed. I thought you must sniff sniff be scared of my sneezes. They're so big and powerful. Sniff! I dated a yorkie once who jumped and yelped sniff sniff startled every single time I sniff made a loud sniff noise.”

“So... so you're really... okay with this? I know it's... unconventional.”

Jas smiled. “You're Crazy Maisy, right? Sniff! I knew what I was getting sniff sniff right from the start. You're the badger I fell for. Sniff! It might be unusual, but this is part of you. And I kind of like it.”

Maisy's eyes widened again. “Really?”

“Sure,” she said. “Sniff sniff! If I'd known, I could have been having a lot of fun with that. You'd get all wet and worked up sniff sniff sniff just from sniff my saying... sniff SNIFF SNIFF! I sniff I think I'm sniff sniff gonna sneeze.”

Maisy nodded. “Yes, exactly. I would have.”

 But Jasmine shook her head and rubbed her hand under her trunk, close to her face. “No I ehhhh mean I hehhhh th-thihhh think I'm g-g-g-guhh gonna sn sn sneeee sneeeeee HEEEE... HEEE NGH HEHHHH HEHHHHHH!” She felt Maisy moving beside her, jostling her trunk a little but still rubbing it tenderly with one paw. Her eyes closed and her chest puffed up large with breath, making her breasts stand out. “HEHHHH HEHHHH! EEHHHHHH!” Jasmine made the decision to not hold back. If Maisy really was into this, she needed to know what she was truly in for. “HIIIYAHHHHTISHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!”

The second she released the sneeze, she felt something soft and warm against the tip of her trunk. She opened her eyes as soon as she could to see Maisy holding her own sweatshirt up in place of a hanky. “Are you okay, love? Need to blow?”

“No,” Jasmine lied. She sort of did need to blow her trunk, as it was feeling all clogged. But she didn't want to blow  into a piece of Maisy's clothing. Unless... God, did Maisy want her to? Was this part of her thing? Did she want to hold the sweatshirt while it happened?

“Go ahead if you need to. You let me use your sweater once, remember? This is the least I can do after making you leave the warm bed. I honestly don't mind. It's... um...”

She didn't finish, and Jasmine didn't need her to. Jas took a deep breath and blew her trunk into the sweatshirt. It wasn't as big a blow as she needed, but every little bit helped. And she noticed how Maisy's breath quickened as she did it.

“Do you sniff like that sniff sniff too?”

Maisy answered by throwing herself forward and hugging Jasmine's trunk. She covered it with soft kisses, right up the trunk. “That was so beautiful,” she whispered. “And hot,” she added, bashfully. Then she sat back up, cradling Jas' trunk. She wore a serious expression, however. “I would never take advantage, though. I can, um, deal with my feelings until you feel well enough for sex. Until then, I'm happy just being around you and taking care of my sexy girlfriend.” She brought Jas' trunk up to her face and kissed it once more.

Jasmine's face fell. “Oh... oh that ehhhh tih tih tihhhhh t-tickled. Ehhhhhhh! I huh huh huh have to... to... EHHH HEHHHH HIHHHHHH YIIIHHHHHHH HEHHHHHHHHH EHHHHHH HIHHHHH-YIHHHHHPTSHHHOOOOOO!”

The sneeze drenched the rest of the sweatshirt and part of Maisy's hand and arm as well. But Maisy beamed happily, her tail raised in excitement. Jasmine pulled her sniffly trunk back, wiping it on the side of her bathrobe. “Excuse me,” she said. “Just couldn't help it. My trunk's so sensitive from all this sneezing. Sniff! I always sneeze so much sniff sniff when I have a cold.”

Maisy whimpered again. “You...” She swallowed and tried to compose herself, but her breath was racing. “You are very good at this already, my love.” She smiled, cocking her head and looking Jas over. “But I think it's time you were back in bed where it's warm, don't you?”

Jas wanted to get back, mostly because of the hankies waiting for her there. She did feel a little chilled, it was true. But another part of her was warmer than she had a right to be with a cold. She couldn't stop thinking about the fact that all of her sneezes turned Maisy on. She was making Maisy hot without even trying. And that was hot in and of itself.

“Come on. Back to bed.”

Maisy took Jas' hand and led her back to the bedroom. But Maisy frowned when she saw the bed. “It's going to be all cold now.” Jas climbed in, shivering a little as her skin met the cold sheets. “There's only one thing for it,” Maisy decided, getting in after her. Maisy snuggled close, right up to her elephant's side. She nuzzled her face against Jas' shoulder. “Just tell me when you're all warmed up, all right? Then I'll get you some cold medicine and—”

“Do I have to take some? Sniff!”


“Well, if I take some sniff medicine, I might not sneeze as much for you. Sniff!” Jas felt Maisy tremble against her.

In fact, Maisy buried her face against Jas' side for a few moments, her breath going from quick to slow.  When she was more in control of herself, she spoke, “As much as I'd love that, as much as I love every single one of your outstanding, um...”


“Yes, those. As much as I love those, what I love even more is for you to feel good and for you to get better.” Her paw rubbed back and forth across Jas' upper chest. “And one of the best ways for that to happen is for you to take some medicine. It's a decongestant, sure, but it'll also help your headache and sore throat. I don't want my Jasmine feeling miserable when there's something I can do to make her feel better. ”

Jasmine smiled and patted Maisy's hand. “You know, you're very good at this too. Sniff! You should have become a nurse instead of an X-ray tech.”

“Feeling warmer?”

Jas nodded. She was feeling toasty warm under the covers with her Maisy.

But then Maisy pulled away to get the medicine, forcing a small gust of cool air between them. Jas shivered and slid further down under the covers. Her whole trunk was covered by the blankets now, making it feel warm too. It was still all runny, but she snuck a hanky under there with her, so she felt pretty set for the rest of the evening. She had everything she could want.

“Time for medicine.” Maisy said, turning back to her again. “Lets see. It's almost eight, so you'll be good until eight tomorrow morning. You'll help me remember, right? You've got such an outstanding memory.”

Jas nodded. She remembered a lot of things. She remembered this particular brand of cold medicine actually did a pretty good job. Which would mean that, pretty soon, she might not be quite so sneezy. She remembered the look of desire in Maisy's eyes when Jas had been about to sneeze a little bit ago. Jas wanted to see that look again. And she remembered what her girlfriend had said about not having sex when she didn't feel so good. But that didn't mean they couldn't do other things together.

After swallowing the pills and chasing it down with a third of the bottle of water, Jasmine pulled Maisy close again and began petting her, for a change. She ran her hand up and down Maisy's side, each time letting her fingers travel further and further down until, finally, one came close to Maisy's sweet spot. The badger looked up at her, curious but not complaining.

“Just because I'm sick sniff and I don't feel much like having sex doesn't mean you don't have to refrain from it. Sniff! I know you're sniff looking after me because you want me to feel good. But... sniff sniff I ehhh I want you to feel good, too. I want you to touch yourself if you feel the need to. And I wuh want you to h-help.” She scrubbed two fingers back and forth across her nostrils. They were sore and sensitive, wet and tender, but at least it allowed her to hold back the sneeze until she got her point across. “hehhh Ehhhhhhh! EHHHH! May hehhhh! Maisy? H-help?”

One of Maisy's trembling hands reached out and rubbed across Jas' nostrils in the same sort of way. “Like this?”

“Mmmph hehhhh nnnghhh mmmhmmmm!” Jasmine agreed. It felt better, like she didn't have to sneeze so urgently, but the sneeze was still there, deep in her trunk, waiting to escape. She didn't want to run the risk of talking and causing it to flare up again. So she just closed her eyes and leaned her head against Maisy's to share in the affectionate moment.

She could feel Maisy's hand sliding up and down the whole of her trunk. Her furry paws controlled everything now. If they wanted her to hold back her sneeze a little longer, they could put pressure on her trunk at the base or scrub at her nostrils. Or if they wanted her to stifle a sneeze, cutting it off short, they could grip her trunk all the way around near the end, holding back most of the powerful sneeze. Or if they wanted to help coax a stubborn, building sneeze out of her, they could slide ever so lightly up and down the underside of her trunk. Or a furry finger could tease one of her sensitive nostrils, circling it and slipping inside to tickle.

Maisy's paws were busy with other things as well. They explored her own naked body. They could tease at a nipple while teasing at a nostril. They could rub her clit while rubbing tickles out of Jas' trunk. They could dive into her wetness while holding Jas' runny trunk tenderly. Lying back in bed, propped up on pillows, Maisy set the end of Jasmine's trunk on Maisy's own bare chest.

“Sniff! Sniff!” Instinct told Jasmine to sniffle, to keep the runs back. But she couldn't sniffle enough, and some escaped, running out of her nostrils onto Maisy. “Oh sniff! I'm sorry! Sniff! I'm sniff getting you all wet.”

“Mmm,” Maisy beamed, looking down at the drips and trails on her chest with an expression of bliss. “Yes, you most certainly are. And I want to be wetter. I want you to sneeze for me.” Her fingertips brushed Jas' pink nostrils ever so lightly.

“Not ehhhhhhh not gonna heyhhh be a p-p-puh Ehhhhh a p-probleb! EHHH-IHHHH HIHHHHSHUHHHHHHH! I feel so... s-s-soooo EH HEH HEHHH HEHHHTSCHOOO! HEHHHEEHHHPTSHHHOOOOOOOO! Sniff! So sneezy. Sniff! I've sniff got so many tickles in my trunk. Sniff! I've just gotta let them out.”

Maisy whimpered, touching herself. “Poor love,” she whispered. “Trunk's so full of... ohhhh of...” She bucked against her paw, trapped firmly between her legs, momentarily lost to the pleasurable sensations.

“So full of cold,” Jas finished for her. “Yes. And so full of strong, wet sneezes. In fact.... I think... ehhh yep... hehhhhhhhhh I feel anothehhhhhh another cuh-coming n-n-nuhhhhh HEHHH nuh-now. EHHH! Tryig to EHHHH IIIHHHHHH hol hold EHHHH! Back!” Her trunk wrinkled up and then shook with the effort of holding the sneeze in.

“Let it out, love.” Maisy rubbed herself and stroked Jas' trunk, affection, gratitude, and need coming through with every touch of her paw.

Jas grabbed hold of her own trunk, squeezing tight to keep from sneezing. But it still tickled, no matter how hard she squeezed. “You EHHHwadt HEHH nngh! Wadt HEHHH me to HEHHHH EH EHH sn-snee EHHH sneeze?”

“Yes... please,” Maisy begged. “I want... oh...” She closed her eyes, her paw moving faster. with a needy desperation. 

“EH EHH EHHHH HEHHH!” She almost let it out, but she managed to hold it back. It was just too much fun to tease Maisy a little like this. Besides, she wanted to make this one good. She leaned back, aiming her trunk toward the ceiling. “HAHHHH-SHHHHOOOOOOO!” Jas felt the spray, and from Maisy's expression and whimper of pleasure, she must have as well.

The sneeze had been strong, the sense of relief to release it overwhelming. She didn't often hold her sneezes back, but doing it a few times couldn't hurt. And Maisy definitely seemed to like it. It was wonderful being able to please her like this. Though Jas wondered how far she'd be able to go with this.

Just as soon as she'd come up with this new idea, she felt another tickle in her trunk Perfect. She set her trunk down on Maisy's chest and, after teasing one of Maisy's breasts with a wet squeeze to her nipple, she slid it down. Down. Down. “Ehhh get ehhhhhhhhh ehhhh-hihh get ready HEHH Mai... Mai... HEHHH HEHHHHHHHH Maisy!” She explored with her trunk, sending light, fluttery breaths against Maisy's most sensitive parts as the sneeze built in her trunk. This one was coming faster, and she thought about trying to hold it back. But the look on Maisy's face told her she needed more and needed it now. “It... it's... EHHH EHHHH EHHHHHHHHHHH!” Just before the sneeze struck, Jas pulled her trunk back. Sneezing directly on Maisy would, without a doubt, hurt her. But if she angled it just right, she'd be able to both sneeze on Maisy and avoid hurting her. “HAHHHH IHPTSHHHHHHHHH!” The sneeze just grazed her girlfriend's crotch like a moist breeze, making her fur glisten and her body writhe in pleasure. The badger arched her back, thrusting her hips, wanting more sensation and stimulation and touch.

“Sniff! Liked sniff sniff that, did you? Sniff!”

Maisy nodded. “That was brilliant, that was.” She was breathless with excitement. “Oh, Jas. Jas, bless you so much.” 

Jas touched her again, stroking with her drippy trunk.

Maisy reached out and pet her trunk. “I can't... believe how full of cold your trunk is.”

Jas nodded. “I feel so... sniff sniff so sniffly and sneezy. You'd better sniff enjoy it before the cold sniff medicine kicks in.”

Maisy buried her head in one of the pillows, as if she couldn't cope with the reality of the situation. Was she overwhelmed? Was she regretting all of this? Has Jasmine pushed her too far this time with all this teasing and experimenting? Then Maisy pulled her head back, looking up at Jasmine with wet, black eyes that were full of both desire and timidity. “Jas... Jas, love, I want to... try something... if you'll let me.”

So she had just been working up the courage to say something then. Jas' heart filled with love for her girlfriend. At this moment, she would do anything to make Maisy feel good, to make her feel satisfied, to make her feel like the most special badger in the world. She brushed her trunk up and down Maisy's inner thighs. “Sniff! Sniff! SNIFFF! Whatever you want. Sniff!”

Maisy hesitated again. “You... promise to let me know if I'm hurting you or making you feel uncomfortable in any way. All right?”

Jas nodded, wondering what she was thinking. Given her experimenting with this, though, she was more than willing to let Maisy do the same. With a gentle, slightly trembling hand, Maisy guided Jas to lie down on her side, and Maisy did the same. They were face-to face on the bed, the need in Maisy's eyes fierce now. And that's when she moved in. She wriggled her body right up against Jasmine's trunk. Her arms caressed it, her face nuzzled into it, and her legs wrapped around it.

Knowing that Maisy wanted her to sneeze again, Jas trailed the end of her trunk against a bit of fluffy blanket, trying to tickle her nostrils just enough... and it worked like magic. “IHHH!” She inhaled sharply as the sudden urge to sneeze seized her. Maisy moaned, her body gyrating uncontrollably against Jas' trunk. “EHHHH!” Her trunk shook with each desperate breath and as Maisy ground her body into it. Maisy must be able to feel each breath. She must be able to feel Jas' trunk tensing up, getting ready. Brilliant badger indeed! This sneeze would undoubtedly feel so good that it would put her over the edge.

“HEHHHHHHH! It's HEH-EHHHHHHH! Coming!” She rocked a little, the powerful sneeze building in her trunk. And Maisy rode it out, holding on tighter. “HEHHHH! EEHHHHHHH! HEH IHHH HIHH HEHHHHHHH! HEHEHHPTSHHOOOOOOOOOO!”

Maisy squealed as she came, squeezing Jas' trunk between her legs so tightly it almost hurt. Jas' instinct was to pull back, but she let Maisy ride it out, waiting until the badger was done shaking before pulling her trunk free. She rubbed at her trunk, which felt tired now. Tired and in need of a good, long blow or two. Or ten.

She reached for a hanky to do just that, but Maisy beat her to it, scrambling over to one and holding it at the ready. “Right... here... love.” She was still breathless, her voice soft and weak. But her kindness shone through. “Gimmie all you've got until your head doesn't feel so stuffed.”

Jas blew and blew and blew some more. Some of the blows were so strong, they moved Maisy backward, but she inched closer every time for the next blow. Maisy folded and refolded the handkerchief, and at some point she switched it out with a fresh handkerchief. Jas blew until she was exhausted, her eyelids drooping. She was mildly aware of Maisy wiping her trunk sweetly, gently, of Maisy pulling up the covers. And of Maisy burrowing underneath.

They snuggled close, face-to-face, with Maisy nestled up against Jasmine's chest. Her paw rubbed up and down Jas' arm. “Try to get some rest, love. I'll watch over you.” If this had been any other night, she'd be wide awake during her shift at the hospital at this time. Jas was happy to put herself in her girlfriend's more than capable paws right now, trusting that hankies and water and whatever else she might need would be provided when needed.

“I take it back,” Jasmine murmured, halfway to sleep already. She was floating in comfort just a little ways above it, ready to fall at any moment, knowing Maisy would be there to catch her.... and to catch any sneezes that might stand in the way as well.


“That thing I said earlier about how you'd make such a great nurse. I take it back.”

Maisy tensed a little, her paw stopping its rubbing. “Oh...”

“You're so good at this. I want this part of you all to myself. Sniff sniff! I don't ever want to share it with anybody.”

Maisy kissed her trunk softly, not wanting to tickle it just now, letting Jasmine drift off at last.

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2016, 07:19:28 AM »
Thumbs up on the tags, it's refreshing to see someone 'new' to the site using them mostly-correctly (or at all, haha). You can probably leave off Elephant and leave that as part of the internal description. See the story archive in the media section for an idea of what sorts of things that it's nice to see as a topic header. :) I hope to, at some point in the future, actually get stuff sent into the archives, but it's such a daunting task.

Ahem, in any case, good to see a long story with lots of description and stuff. Stories like this tend to be a huge go-to for most folks here. Once in a while it'd be nice to have an adventure or fantasy story, but they're much harder to write for fear of losing people's interests without enough sneezing.

Overall, don't worry about not getting too many comments. It's much harder to comment on writing than it is to comment on stuff like art. And for me, even doing that much can be difficult. :P So stay inspired, and remember that we're a pretty small and quiet site. :)
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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2016, 01:00:45 PM »
Thumbs up on the tags, it's refreshing to see someone 'new' to the site using them mostly-correctly (or at all, haha). You can probably leave off Elephant and leave that as part of the internal description. See the story archive in the media section for an idea of what sorts of things that it's nice to see as a topic header. :) I hope to, at some point in the future, actually get stuff sent into the archives, but it's such a daunting task.

Ahem, in any case, good to see a long story with lots of description and stuff. Stories like this tend to be a huge go-to for most folks here. Once in a while it'd be nice to have an adventure or fantasy story, but they're much harder to write for fear of losing people's interests without enough sneezing.

Overall, don't worry about not getting too many comments. It's much harder to comment on writing than it is to comment on stuff like art. And for me, even doing that much can be difficult. :P So stay inspired, and remember that we're a pretty small and quiet site. :)

I'm a rule-follower, so of course I read the sticky post about the tags. I suspect I got them a bit out of order (descriptor was supposed to come before mature & explicit, wasn't it?) :-)  I like putting Elephant right there in the subject line, that way if people are into it, they know up front and if not, they can skip the story.

Unless I'm writing a commission or a giftfic, I write for myself, not for anyone else and certainly not for feedback/comments. I don't need those, though they are always lovely to get (especially as I'm new around here and  new to writing this sort of story, so it's good to know if I'm doing something wrong). I've got two in progress stories right now with SO MUCH story before the sneeze start. I was a little worried about how that would read to people, but I'm writing the stories the way I want to and if people want to skip ahead to the sneezes, that's fine by me. LOL

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2016, 06:40:34 AM »
Dreams do come true.

Story in stories is great.  Love the characters.  :)
(9 thumbs up)
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« Reply #4 on: December 16, 2016, 01:50:47 AM »
Dreams do come true.

Story in stories is great.  Love the characters.  :)
(9 thumbs up)

Oh yay! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and the characters! Thanks for reading :-)

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« Reply #5 on: December 16, 2016, 02:58:04 PM »
Took me a couple sittings to get through, but well worth it.  Very, very good!! :D  Well written, great characters, and nice premise.  It seems to me that this is exactly how it would go if someone revealed their fetish to a partner/lover.  Realistic and believable.  I like how the sneezes were big without being overly exaggerated too.  Awesome job! :D  Hope to see more from you.

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« Reply #6 on: December 19, 2016, 05:26:59 PM »
Gah, this was amazing!! Great work~!  I thoroughly enjoyed it ;D

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Re: [F + Mature + Explicit] Understanding (2)
« Reply #7 on: February 07, 2017, 08:12:44 AM »
Really like this. Good work!