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[F + Macro + Mature] Hayley's Hay Fever
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:40:16 AM »
I was so inspired in the art stream that Feather was doing I threw together a vingette to go along with it.  Look at the picture here:
There's only one sneeze in both this short story and the picture, so use them wisely!  Have fun!


Hayley's name comes as a coincidence to her allergies, which are primarily based in things one might encounter on a farm.  Hay, hay pollen, hay dust, and even 'hay fever' are on her list.  She's unfortunately something of a ditz, and the entire list has skipped her mind across both the hours leading up to and the last few hours of the farm tour.

She's several stories tall and covered in both light golden and black fur, a macro German Shepherd of impressive height.  Her blonde hair is tied into a ponytail behind her, and her green eyes scan the countryside with eager abandon.  She's dressed her up in a stereotypically fake 'farm girl' outfit, complete with blue denim shorts, a cowboy hat stuck between her perked ears, and a white tie-on top that clearly displays the fact that she's chosen to go braless: her nipples hold the fabric up in two obvious bumps.

She's been here a few hours and there's been no problem so far.  The tour has proceeded on, though her questions indicate a clearly romanticized view of farm life.  She follows along with the rest, one particular tourist taking videos on his phone almost constantly as they go.  There's been an ever-present slight tickle that she barely even noticed until getting too close to a particular something, one that gains a sudden burst of strength when she takes a seat to rest.

She intentionally sits in a pose that puts both legs to one side, trying to invite the others with her to be onlookers by leaning forward slightly.  She doesn't have time to see who pays attention, as something calls her attention away immediately.  There's a barn, a silo, a tree, a fence, and a few bales of hay.  To a nose like hers, one of those things is not like the other.  It twitches once, beginning to run slightly as the tickle of particles in the wind becomes that much more.

The canine is quickly distracted from everything else by the itch.  "Uhg, my nose is..."  She twitches her snout to one side, a short breath pulled in through her mouth.  "Really ih.. itchy all of a... suh... sudden."

That's enough to put alarm into the mind of one of the other tourists, who quickly looks up to see the disaster forming.  Hayley's nose fidgets as an initial warning to those experienced in being around such creatures, but most are none the wiser to what's coming.

"It's geh... getting all ru... runny and..."  It fidgets again and she sniffs, inhaling the pollen-rich farm air.  "And..."  Her nose tickles more than a moment ago and starts running much more, and her next sniffle is harder to try to obtain relief from the effects.  It doesn't rescue her from the runny nose she's complaining about, and actually manages to make things worse.

The nearby hay bales shift from the gargantuan creature's breath, releasing straws into the breeze.  Hayley suddenly feels several somethings prod at the inside of her nostrils.  She crosses her eyes to try to look at what happened, but misses the evidence of what occurred besides the sensations building in her muzzle.  "R...really... tih... tickle..."

Someone else has gotten the idea to hold onto something nearby as tightly as possible, choosing to run to the sturdy tree and cling to it.  Hayley's head cocks back, hat starting to slide off of her head even before she inhales.  She's to busy with what's going on to stop it from sliding down.   Her previous sentence is abandoned between breaths and she starts up a new one in an attempt to get a warning to those around her: "I... I gottaAAAH..."

Her mouth stays open slightly after inhaling, and her ears pin back.  "GottAAAHHHH...!"  It's too late to be meaningful.  Her chest rises, and she briefly feels her lungs fill enough that the poorly constructed knots holding her shirt together start to slip.  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHH!!"  The hay clinging to the inside of her nostrils makes an insistent prickle, driving her all the way to the explosive end in a matter of seconds.


Hayley bucks forwards as the sneeze completely overtakes her.  The unlucky tourists in front of her are blown back, thankfully managing to cling to nearby sturdier objects.  The barn's roof isn't as lucky and neither is the silo's, both catching the updraft from the tornado-force winds she suddenly exhales.  The tree bends back, leaves torn away from both it and nearby bushes.  The knot holding her shirt closed gives out as the wind and the impact of her breasts heaving down strike it both at once, revealing her pink nipples, the color of which was previously a secret.  The entire speech, build-up, and partial nudity is happily filmed by the camera-toting tourist who was wise enough to move far to one side of the blast area.  The video of the macro is definitely going to be one of the most memorable parts of the outing, which is destined for one more five star review.
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Re: [F + Macro + Mature] Hayley's Hay Fever
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2017, 01:45:58 AM »
Pretty much exactly what we decided.  But better than I dreamed under the Wisp touch!

You spoil me, you really do.  ;)

Poor farmers.  Gesundheit, Hayley!
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Re: [F + Macro + Mature] Hayley's Hay Fever
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2017, 01:58:00 AM »
Art breathes life into prose, and prose returns the favor. A wonderful gift from you, Wisp, and I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the image enough to write its story!