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This is an RP I did with the most excellent Raeder a little while ago.  I hope you all enjoy!  Comments are welcome, please don't be shy!

He wrote the parts of this involving Nilanth the dragoness, while I wrote the parts for Abigail the collie.

Nilanth grumbled and twisted her body, trying to curl up tighter. The howling wind outside her cave brought in a nasty chill, and though she was tucked far enough down the cave to keep the snow off of her feathers, the temperature was still well below comfortable. The brown-red dragoness shivered and cracked open an eye, looking down the cave for any potentially better spots. A ways to her right, on the other side of the expanse, there was a bit of an alcove, which might fit her if she tried hard enough. Standing up with a grunt, Nilanth padded quietly over to the hole and laid down again, shoving and straining to get a good portion of her body inside. After several minutes of this, she squeezed inside, her natural radiant heat being much more effectively trapped in the small space. Sniffling, and pawing at her itching nose, the dragoness put her head against her chest and shut her eyes, hoping to fall asleep before her cold decided to act up.

The young border collie grumbled to herself as she pressed on through the driving snow. Abigail cursed as she tried to see through the swirling white mass. The warrior was beginning to wish she'd listened to the innkeeper about the problems in crossing the mountains in winter, but the headstrong collie hadn't. Oh, what she would give for her warm bed at the inn right now! She'd be happy with shelter of any kind, really. The piercing wind seemed to cut through her heavy coat, armor, and fur, chilling her to the bone and stinging her sensitive canine nose. She felt the tickle spike as a snowflake went up her muzzle, and the busty, fit warrior sneezed, bucking forward with a loud "WAAATCHHOOOO!!”  The tickle faded, and she opened her eyes with a wet sniffle.  “Ugh . . .” she muttered, wishing the snow would stop blowing up her nose. Suddenly she caught a hint of black in her sight. Was it? She ran towards it.  As she approached, it became clear that it was indeed the cave she had been hoping for.  With a cheer, Abigail hurried inside.

With what had felt like seconds to go before she might have finally found some rest, the dragoness was yanked away from sleep by a quiet yell, echoing around her cave. She blinked tiredly, head rising up to take a look around. Nilanth snorted and twisted her snout, trying to quell her nose, but was distracted by a shadow near the entrance, what seemed to be a familiar outline against the blinding white blizzard behind. "Azva!" she swore quietly, ducking down and trying to hide in her niche. "A knight, now? You've got to be kidding me." Her breath was getting a little uneven, oval nostrils starting to tickle in earnest now that she'd woken up. She clamped a wing over her snout and hoped for the best, trying to keep from making a sound.

"Wow,” Abigail murmured to herself. "It's big in here . . . and warm . . . oh no, not again!" she suddenly groused as she felt her muzzle tickling again. Shoot, was that snowflake still in there? She pressed a finger under her soft, pink nose, feeling it beginning to run over her fingers. She wasn’t going to surrender to this sneeze.  She could do this! She was a warrior! She was strong, she was tough, she was . . . "AAHH-AAAHHTTCCHHHOOOO!!! WAAATCHHOOOO!! HHAAAHHHTTCCHHHOOOOO!!!!" The busty collie sneezed a triple, doubling over with each and spraying around her finger quite a bit.

The brown dragoness clenched her teeth as the tickle started to sink deeper into her nose, taking hold of more sensitive parts of her nares. Her breath silently fluttered, nostrils flared as she gasped. She did a good job of keeping quiet until at last she could take no more. Nilanth felt her breath hitch despite all her efforts, and she buried her nose in her wing in preparation. "Hhrrr.. Hrrruhh... Hhhhrrrruuuuhhh.. HH-HHR! HRRR'TCH-NGGMmmmp!..." The dragoness managed to muffle the sound to some degree, but it totally failed to relieve the tickle, making it worse if anything. She could feel more not far away, and no way to stop them. Through bleary eyes she tilted her head a little to take a peek at the shadow in the entrance, wondering if she was discovered.

Abigail cocked a folded ear, thinking for a moment she heard a noise, though it was hard to tell over the roaring of the blizzard and the echoing of her sneezes. After a second she decided that it was probably her imagination, and crept deeper into the cave, still rubbing at her pink, runny nose, which tickled fiercely despite her previous sneezes. Just in case, she called out.  "Any . . . Ehh . . . Anyone there?" *Sniff.*

It seemed the intruder didn't really know she was there yet, but without being able to quell the tickles it was only a matter of time. Nilanth growled in her head, cursing herself. She was a DRAGON; why was she sniffling like this? Her head tilted up, sliding away from her wing, eyes closing and nostrils flaring wide. A few quiet hitches were sucked through her open mouth, snout twitching left and right as the sneeze built. Meanwhile, the shadow was getting closer, and becoming less of a black sillouhette. A young canine, it seemed. The dragon relaxed a little, not seeing the air of professionalism the more experienced knights carried. Who was this girl? It was unlikely she was here to fight... but Nilanth couldn't think about it too long, because the tickle had finally become unbearable. She reared up, maw open wide in a large gasp. "HHHRRAAAHH!" All cover was blown well before she buckled forward in a much larger sneeze than before, sparks, smoke and small tongues of flame leaping from her mouth and nose. "HHRRRRAAASSSHHIIEEOOWW!!"

Abigail jumped at the surprising noise, and the shape that appeared, silhouetted by the flames and sparks. A dragon! The collie warrior let out a very unprofessional shriek of terror, and only the driving blizzard outside prevented her from turning tail and not looking back. A second later the smoke and ashes caught up to the canine's nose, and she was helpless to do anything but sneeze out the irritants as they entered her tender nasal passages. "WAAATCHHOOOO!! HAAHHTTCCHHHOOOOOO!!! HHAAAHH . . . HHAAAHHHHH . . . HHIIIIHHKK'SSSHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!" She doubled over with each powerful sneeze, tail whipping out behind her.

Nilanth lowereed her head to one paw and rubbed her nose, sniffling wetly. She felt quite dizzy, as she normally did after sneezing so hard. It seemed she had found a moment of relief in the tickles, which let the dragon turn her attention to the canine as she buckled over in a fit of her own. When the newcomer seemed to be finished, Nilanth's low, but musical voice rang out. "Who are you, and why are you here?" The question was commanding, but not agressive.

Abigail backed up against the wall after recovering from her sneezes, shivering in terror. "D-D-D-Dragon . . ." was all that escaped her lips, all of her usual arrogance gone. Her twitching nose temporarily forgotten, she stared for some seconds before her brain seemed to register the question. "Oh! M-m-m-my name is Abigail . . . but my friends call me Abby . . . and I'm here . . . I'm here because it's so cold out there. But I didn't know you lived here I'll leave right now if you want ohgodspleasedon'teatme!" Her voice became progressively faster and more frantic as she pressed harder against the wall, trying to meld into the stone of the cave.

"Abigail..." she echoed, as if testing the name. "I will not eat you. That would be awfully barbaric." Nilanth seemed to smirk in the dim light, and as she continued to speak, she started to pull herself out of the enclove, just in case. "Dragons eating people is very rare, if not a myth... A rumor spread around to keep people away." She rolled onto her belly, front paws crossed over one another, head hovering just above Abigail's height. She didn't get any closer to the cowering girl. "Under normal circumstances I would ask you to leave, but..." She turned her head to look out towards the blizzard. "I feel that today it would be rude, even for my standards."

Abigail tensed as the dragon approached, but relaxed a little when she stopped. "A-a myth?" she asked, beginning to catch her breath, and trying to stand a little taller. The dragon's proximity was warming her quite a bit now, and she winced as the snow caught in her various layers of clothing began to melt, seeping ice-cold water into the fur all over her body. Her pink canine nose twitched, and she crossed her eyes for a second, rubbing at the troublesome thing. What was its problem? Then she refocused her attention. "The villagers told me there were fierce dragons in these mountains, but . . ." She stopped herself before she said that she thought it was a myth.

Nilanth shrugged. "That is our deal with them. We leave their herds untouched and they keep travellers like you out of our scales. Or try to, as it were the case." The dragon snorted, both in amusement and in reaction to the tingle that still lurked in her nose. "We are well enough along without terrorizing them. Plenty of animals in the lower mountains, and the forests not far off." A sniffle. "Bah. This weather does not agree with anyone, it seems," the dragoness remarked, seeing how Abigail was also affected.

Abigail shivered again, this time at the cold water soaking her, not in fear. The border collie stood straighter and ran a hand through her short-cut hair, trying to regain some of the composure she'd lost from her first impression. "I guess that's why they didn't want to talk about it." Abigail sniffled again, feeling her pink nose beginning to run again. "Gah," she muttered, wiping it with her hand and then wiping the hand on her heavy fur coat. "So, *sniff*, ah, what's your nah-name?"

The dragoness tilted her head slightly as she spoke again. "Nilanth," she said simply, scrunching her nose. Some new tickle had perked up there, further back, and it didn't feel like it was her cold. To let it show, however, would hurt her pride. "I suppose you may stahh... hhhehhh.... stay until the storm passes." Her nostrils flared, snout quivering.

Abigail shrugged off her bulging backpack, heavy coat, and her sword belt, letting them fall to the floor with a series of thuds and clatters and revealing the suit of leather armor she was wearing underneath. "Nilanth?" Abigail tasted the word. "Interesting nahh . . . name." She pinched her nose, still shivering. "Ugh, all this snow has melted right into me . . . It's lih-like ice . . . Ahhh!" Suddenly the collie froze, eyes squeezing shut, head angling back. She massaged her soft, pink nose in her hand, and felt some mucous run over her fingers again. After a second she relaxed. "Sorry about thah-that, I thought I was going to sneeze . . ."

Nilanth shook her head and exhaled heavily. Was it something Abigail was carrying? The tickle got worse as the assortment of gear hit the ground. 'Maybe it'll be just one,' she thought to herself, deciding that the sooner she got rid of the itch, the better, while she had some inkling of control. "Hhhhrrrahh... hhrr-eeh... One mome-HEEHH!" Her scaled head tilted back, feathers waving from the quick jerk, wing unfurling as a shield between herself and the girl. "HHHRR-EEH'TCHEEH!- *GASP* RRREEEEEHHSSSSHHHOOOOOO!!!" The first sneeze, tiny by dragon standards, faintly lit the area with a burst of sparks, while the second blasted out a stream of flames that deflected off of her wing and flew harmlessly into the ground, leaving little smoke. Nilanth sniffled wetly, rubbing her nose into the elbow of her wing. "Sorry... This weather..."

"EEP!" Abigail jumped as the dragoness sneezed, then sighed in relief as the sneeze was blocked. "Suh-something wrong?" she asked, still shivering. "Damn water, still so cuh-cold . . ." She let go of her nose and began to fiddle with her armor, only to seize up, eyes squeezing shut. "AH! AAHHH! WAAATCHHOOOO!!" The collie bent forward, sneezing uncovered loudly but still much softer than Nilanth. Some thicker mucous was shot from her nostrils, splattering on the floor, but she didn't seem to notice.

Perhaps due to their common ailment, Nilanth felt unusually generous. Her talons clacked on the stone floor as she repositioned herself. "If you would like to dry off, you might use me," she proposed, referring to her body's heat. "I'll give you your privacy if you need it." She turned and tucked her head under her left wing, leaving Abigail to herself on the right. A very faint hum could be heard as she exhaled roughly, rubbing her nose.

"I don't know what's wrong with me," Abigail sniffled. Truth be told, she had a suspicion but didn't want to admit it. "I've been sneezing all up the mountain thanks to the wind blowing snowflakes up my nuh-nose, but I'm still . . . stihh . . ." A finger pressed under her nose made the sneeze recede long enough for her to finish undoing all the clasps. The collie slid out of her breastplate and stepped out of her pants, revealing her naked form, if any were able to see it. She's a black and white beauty, with toned arms and legs, a very ample chest, and generously curved hips. No sooner had the fluffy collie freed her body when she jammed a finger back under her nose. "Oh, that would be wuh-huh-wonderful," she admitted, walking over to the dragoness and leaning against her side. Oh it was warm, softer than she expected too. Quickly the collie turned, pressing her front into Nilanth. "Mmmm," Abigail let out a happy little sigh as her heavy breasts pressed in, warming her deep cleavage, where much of the melted snow had ended up.  The moment would be perfect if only her nose would stop tickling, she reflected, continuing to rub it with her finger.

Nilanth flinched ever so slightly as the collie leaned against her. She'd never let anyone who wasn't of her species get so close to her, let alone touch her. Despite what she would have assumed, she sort of liked the light pressure as Abigail pressed against her side. A slight ripple washed down her body as she shivered a little, and then sniffled again. "Better?" The dragoness licked the end of her snout and tucked her head against her body a bit more.

Abigail had to smile, pressed against the warm, softly-feathered side as she was. "Oh yes, warm and muh-mostly dry," she sighed, breath catching a bit. She stayed there a few seconds longer before reluctantly moving to retrieve her armor and supplies. The heavy coat, sword belt, and backpack were scooped up into her arms. "Should probably leh-het this dry tuh . . . AAHHH . . . HHAAAHHHTTCCHHHOOOOO!!!" Without her trusty finger to rub against her nose the nude collie sneezed, dropping her armful of supplies, splattering all over the floor, and putting on quite a jiggly show if there had been anyone watching. With a groan and a muttered curse, she crouched and began to gather it all up again, sniffling due to her now very runny nose.

Nilanth started at the loud sneeze and subsequent thumping of objects falling to the floor. "Everything okay back there?" She arched her back a little so that she could see between the floor and her belly, spying Abigail muttering and rearranging her belongings. She seemed very generously shaped for one of her kind, which put a faint smirk on the dragoness' lips. Lowering herself back down before she was discovered, Nilanth shut her eyes and wiggled her muzzle. "Do try not to sneeze *on* me if you can. I'll certainly try to avoid the other way around, myself."

"I understand," said Abigail, sticking out her tongue in disgust as she wiped a thick, yellow strand from each of her nostrils. "I wouldn't want this on me either . . but it beats being incinerated." No point in lying to herself any longer, she reflected. She definitely had a cold. Damn it. "You wouldn't mind if I warm my clothes on you, would you?"  The collie normally wasn't this polite, but dragons have a way of commanding respect.

"Mmmh... No, I don't think so. Go ahead." She rearranged her wings and curled her tail over her paws, making a pillow of sorts to rest her head on. She could feel her nose running slightly, and there was still that strange extra tickle from something. "Tail or hips, I suppose. I won't feel it as much there."

Abigail arranged her armor, coat, and backpack along the dragoness's tail, and then sat down, leaning back against Nilanth's large hip. It wasn't long at all before she began to sniffle again, runny, pink nostrils flaring and twitching, her breath catching and becoming shaky. "Ahhh . . . AAHHH! *Sniff.* . . . ugh. Hah-HHAAHHH! . . . Damn it!"

The dragoness listened in some amusement, and could feel her hitching against her side. "Stuck?" A chuckle rumbled out from her chest. "That is rather un... unfortunate." Nilanth's speech faltered as a quiet gasp got past her defenses. She nuzzled her arm vigorously in another futile attempt to relieve the lurking need to sneeze.

Abigail let her head fall back, hitting the dragoness with a dull thud. "Yes. *Sniff.* Gods damn it, I hate having a cold . . ."

Nilanth chuckled again. "Let me know if you need something, I suppose. I'm going to try to sleep befuhhh... HHhhrruhh... hhrruuggh-guhh. NNMmm-nmm-mnnmm-nmmm," she hummed as she rubbed her paw on her nose, still not doing anything for the tickle. "Rrrrrrr... Speaking of colds..."

"Duh . . . do you have a cold, too?" asked the collie, still sniffling and rubbing her temperamental nose. "I didn't know dragons could cah . . . catch colds . . . HAAHH!" She seized up with the beginning of another sneeze, which just as suddenly faded. "Oh, this is REALLY getting on my neh . . . nerves."

"It's not c-common. I got stuck out in thehhh~... the blizzard after hunting earlier... I, uh, got a bit lost in the white-out and... RRRREEHH!" Her chest expanded suddenly as she gasped, head leaving the ground and tilting up. There was silence for a few seconds, and then a shaky exhale. "... I spent far too long heading home. S-suh-o now I'm stuck with this." She sniffed hard, only serving to further aggravate her nose. "Hhaahh... heehhh... heeehhh..."

"Not being able to sneeze is just the wuh-worst, isn't ih-hih-hit?" asked Abigail, breath still shaky. She began to frantically fan at her face, trying to bring the tickle to a head. "Heh . . . HAAHH! . . . HHAAAHHHHH!" She hung there, muzzle pointed straight up, for a few seconds before "HHAAAHHHTTCCHHHOOOOO!!!" A messy, uncovered sneeze splattered over a large tract of cave floor. "Oh, much better!"

"Y-youhh... telling me? HHhehhh-aahhh!..." The dragoness hardly noticed Abigail's sneeze, focused on her own. 'Come out or stop, pick one!' she thought, cursing the persistent tingling. "It woohhh... won't come out... HHRRrrraaaaahhh..." She straightened out, head bent towards the floor in front of her now. One eye flicked over to Abigail for a moment, as if she was considering asking for help, but her closing eyelids quickly obscured the fact.

Abigail turned her head, seeing the dragon's peek. Belatedly she realized that Nilanth had seen her bare chest, and she found herself blushing. Noticing the dragon’s considering glance, she realized she could help "Well . . . if you want some encouragement, I, er . . . might be able to do something?" she finished lamely, realizing that she didn't have a plan at all.

Breath still stuttering, the dragoness turned her head to be closer to the collie, jaws parted slightly with how often her breathing would hitch. "B-be careful... Gguuhhh..." She clenched her paws, feeling her claws scrape silently against the stone floor.

Abigail blushed more as she approached the dragoness's head, acutely aware of her nudity. But there was nothing she could do about that now. Carefully, the collie climbed onto Nilanth's head, balanced, and began to swish her fluffy tail across the dragoness's wide, runny nostrils. "Hope this heh . . . helps . . ." she gasped. With her arms preoccupied holding her steady she couldn’t rub at her nose, and the canine felt another tickle brewing in her muzzle . . .

Nilanth gasped deeply, head immediately tilting back. Her eyes cracked open, pupils crossed over, giving her double vision of the naked canine straddling her muzzle. "Whuuhh... Wait ehhh mmmeeehhh..." Her eyes squeezed shut, snout wrinkling underneath Abigail. "HHRRREEEHHH!! HRRRAAAAAAHHHHHH--...?!!" The sneeze, suddenly racing to come out, had paused, but she knew it wouldn't last. Nilanth's eyes opened, though the sneezy sneer remained on her features, and she tilted her head down enough so that the girl slid off, grabbing her with one paw as her eyes pinched shut again, nostrils flaring wildly. "HHEEHH! NNMMEEHHREEEH!!" Her wing spread out over the collie just in time. "HHHHhhhhHR-RRREEEHHAAAAA'TCHHHO?OOOOOOOoooooo~!!!" A veritable pillar of fire exploded forth, yellow and white, crashing over rocks and bouncing off the walls and floor for nearly twice the length of her body. She reflexively curled up with the force of the sneeze, tail whipping around behind her head, Abigail still securely tucked away from the violent reaction. It would be several seconds until the last crackles of the fire died down, yet a dim red glow was still present in the rock closest to her snout. Wisps of smoke trailed from her nose and mouth, an expression of drunken happiness spreading to her lips and eyes as they opened again, and she sighed. Then, with a flinch, she lifted her wing enough to look underneath, peering down with genuine worry at the girl, clutched against her soft side. "Are you okay?"

Abigail yelped as she slid off of Nilanth's snout, and whimpered as she heard and felt the powerful, fiery sneeze blasting out of the dragoness. Thank goodness she'd moved her supplies, or she'd have ended up being naked for much longer! Unfortunately, her annoying cold was causing another teasing tickle in her nasal passages, and in Nilanth's haste to move her, she'd felt several of the dragoness's thin, long feathers brush against her tender, irritated nose. "Ahhh . . . AAHHH . . ." Remembering Nilanth's request to not get sneezed on, she rubbed and pinched her nose, trying her hardest to hold the sneezes in, but it was no use. She was delaying them, but they were going to come bursting out of her soon. Nilanth lifting her wing was the last straw. A wind current hit Abigail directly in the face, bringing with it smoke from the dragoness's powerful sneeze. She couldn't hold back her terrible fit any longer and threw her head back, hand falling from her nose and planting itself on the ground to steady her. Abigail sneezed wildly, her tail whipping about and her ample breasts shaking madly. "HHAAAHHHTTCCHHHOOOOO!!! WAAATCHHOOOO!! AAAHHHTTCCHHHOOOOOOO!!! HHAAAHHHTTCCHHHOOOOO!!!" and finally, with an arch of her back that forced her chest out perfectly in Nilanth's view, "AAHHH, AAAAHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHTTTTCCCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" She gasped as the fit ended, panting to catch her breath, and then flushed deep red as she realized that her sneezes had splattered yellow mucous on Nilanth's side, wing, and especially her face, which had been hit dead on by several of the blasts. "Oh gods, Nilanth, I'm so sorry, I couldn't control them!" Her eyes widened, the naked  border collie quivering with fear.

The dragoness snorted softly, a ghost of a smile appearing. "Don't bother... it comes off." There was a hint of darkness in her words, of how close of a call it had been between Abigail and flambé. She peeked over her wing to where the girl's armor lay across her tail; minus a couple ash streaks and burn marks, it looked to be intact. "You might have a story with that," she chuckled, motioning to the equipment with her snout. "Feel free to exaggerate... and perhaps leave a few parts out." Nilanth loosened her grip slightly, at least enough for the other to breathe. After a tenative sniff, which revealed no tickles (The fire having burned out whatever had been stuck), the red-brown dragon hummed and smiled. "Finally. Perhaps I can sleep." She put her head down to the ground, wing moving to close over her legs before realizing the collie was still there. "...Uhm... I suppose I wouldn't mind if you don't want to move."

Abigail relaxed noticably. "You're right, I'll tell the story about how I met a dragon, heh." She sniffed tentatively, her nose feeling as soothed and clear as it ever would with this cold. "Mmmm . . . I think I'll be able to get some sleep now, too." The collie closed her eyes, seeming to forget her nudity as she snuggled up against Nilanth's soft, warm side. Before long, sleep claimed her, bringing with it dreams of a proper feather bed and a roaring fire.