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[F + M] Hairdresser Dilema
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:04:49 PM »
Hello! This is my second story that I have written for this site. I personally think it's substantially better in the sneezing and plot development categories. Feel free to comment constructive critiques! <3


   The waiting room for the Caniche beauty parlor had flamboyant swirly pink colored murals painted along the creamy white walls, the floor a well swept birch bark that was smooth under paw. Maya, a fiery orange maned wolf with a gorgeous black muzzle that sat under her shiny gray nose, was reading a magazine while sitting on one of the pristine benches. The pink rounded cushions seated her tail, thin legs brought together as she smoothed her petite white dress with a fruity orange floral pattern. The waiting room smelled thickly of hair care supplies and lotions, though Maya didn't mind it all too much. She was focusing on a cooking magazine, head tilted at an angle as more people flooded into the waiting room where she sat peacefully. A broad shouldered malamute had caught her eye when he had sat down next to her.
   There was a lot of toying that any beauty stylist could do with his coat of glossy fur. Maya herself was looking to get her thick, shaggy fur braided down her back. It would be an awkwardly long process, but if that's what it took for beauty, Maya would do it. Her eyes drifted off the the page of her magazine once again, one of her legs bouncing rhythmically against the floor. The pages in the magazine were thinning, and she couldn't help but get bored with odd recipes in a musty old magazine that probably hadn't been picked up in forever. She set it down across her lap, the crumpled pages bending across her thick set upper legs.
   She decided to take another magazine sitting in the holder-- Women's body care. One of the books she knew the bright eyed malamute wouldn't be wanting to look at. Licking a padded thumb, the maned wolf stared at the cover for a moment. A likely photoshopped image of a bright young tiger with incredible posture, and lip gloss. Fur shadow also adorned her upper eyes, a tinted red that would surely look stunning against Maya's own eyelids. She flipped the magazine open, and ads for car insurance met her eyes.
   Revolting. After a few more turns of the ratty waxed paper, she came across a page that labeled a new scent of perfume. It sounded wonderful- Amaranth Aroma. Assuming the deep gouge marks through the paper meant it had been scratched, she brought a curiously twitching muzzle to the page and inhaled deeply. It was definitely not anything like amaranth- perhaps they used the word for the alliteration aspect. Hints of lavender and the distant scent of rose were drifting into her nose, the fumes nearly making her dizzy as she couldn't help but recoil.
   Something in her jaw twinged, a familiar itch plaguing her sinuses. They didn't say this was at all lavender based, and she couldn't help but scowl. Blinking repeatedly, her eyes were brimmed with prickly tears. "Ah.." She felt herself gasp, the dull itch building in her nostrils to something less innocent. She wasn't a light sneezer per say, but she didn't blow down buildings either; like what was consistently on some front page on the news. "Freak accident, Macro sneezes down a row of duplexes after-.." The tickle was growing worse, the rims of Maya's nostrils red and irritated.
   Wriggling and trying to fight of the impending itch, she couldn't stay still. Reaching up a furry finger to rub at her itchy nose, the result concluded absolutely nothing. She felt her snout begin to dribble, pooling around the rims of her enflared nares. "Ah.. eh.." She vaguely heard the malamute ask if she was okay. Her ears were tuned out, nearly flattened against her head as her eyes shut tighter, nostrils widened and engorged with the overwhelming urge to sneeze. "AH.. Uhh.. HUHHh.."
   There was nothing to push her over the edge, so she decided to flip open the soft covered book blindly again, eyes squinted with tears as she vaguely recognized the page. Maya thrusted it upon her face, taking a deep whiff through her mucus-logged muzzle. She felt her sinuses tingle and prick with the familiar allergen, her face contorting in pre-sneeze torture as her nostrils burned. All in an instant she pitched forwards, wet sneezes echoing across the small room. "ESSH'T! H.. AEP'SHEW! HIH'CHEW!" Her face froze for a moment, Inflamed nostrils quivering as her eyes overflowed with sneezy tears. The sneezy feeling quelled. "TSHHOOO! ACK'SHOO!"
   Her cold spray had showered the floor, muzzle formerly scrunched up beginning to relax as the tingly feeling ebbed away. "Excuse be.." Her thin arm rubbing across her now blocked nasal passages, Maya smiled sheepishly; pink tongue protruding from her mouth in lopsided grin, teeth flashing. The malamute next to her was caught staring, his blue eyes flecked with gold widening, gray fur atop his back fluffed up slightly as the surprise element drew away. "You.. uh.. bless you." His voice was young, yet low as his eyebrows knit. "You okay?" He was watching Maya with a half expectant gaze, stiff with the thought of another attack without much warning.
   The maned wolf's long ears perked as she heard her full name being called from a jet black snake at the front desk that was rocking three chokers banded around her neck and back, though there wasn't much of an indication where one ended and the other began. She stood, and flashed the canine a thumbs up before sashaying across the room to slide nimbly past the snake's coils, into the fur care room. The malamute watched her the whole way, rubbing the right side of his face as he decided to see what was up with the magazine. Skimming through and finding the page the maned wolf had been so irritated about, he brought his snout to the scented paper. Taking a delicate whiff, he set the soft covered book down, feeling his own muzzle scrunch up. It didn't take more than a few seconds for the scent to take effect, the malamute shooting forwards and exploding in a singular sneeze that would've rattled windows if it was any louder.
   "YEEEKCHOOOo!-" His face had immediately flushed with embarrassment as the snake twisted her triangular head to the side, tongue flickering venomously. "Drake Mongrel, seat seven." Her voice was dripping with arrogance. Blinking the malamute stood up, running a paw down the back of his neck. The serpentine wasn't pleased with being drowned out, or having to continue repeating herself. Drake had stumbled half dazed to a different room behind the counter, hoping the buzz cut he was getting would be as good looking as it was going to be functional.
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Re: [F + M] Hairdresser Dilema
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 12:01:06 PM »
Another wonderful story. Keep up the good work. :)
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Re: [F + M] Hairdresser Dilema
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2017, 04:30:08 AM »
Wow, I enjoyed this!  Very descriptive buildup.  Nice job! :D