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[F + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Hilda at work
« on: June 18, 2017, 08:08:33 AM »
(I decided since I hadn't made a real story with Hilda and Leah, who are quickly becoming favorites of mine, I decided to make something with them before getting to my other story, and another girl may get some love here too, hope you enjoy)

Hilda walked into her office as she did on any other day. She was the head of one of the world’s largest sneezing model agency, and the most popular model in said agency. Hilda was large, by all accounts. She was tall, considered herself to be ‘chubby’ as she thought it sounded cute, though, most of her size came from her thighs, ass and breasts. Though, her most famous and most pronounced feature of her, was her nose. Her nose was the largest nose in the world, (proportionally of course) having nostrils that could fit a nest of birds or a home for a rodent family. It was also incredibly soft and squishy after years of Hilda’s insane sneezy masochism and her nose being incredibly sensitive, to the point where almost anything could make her explode into a gigantic, violent release, and she loved nothing more than to have that sensitivity exploited.

The large hippo woman flared her nostrils wide as she took in a deep breath, and exhaled. “Today’s gonna be a fun one, I can just feel it” she said to herself, running a hand down her enormous snout. As she entered, she went over to the reception desk to greet the new girl. The cow looked up in surprise as her boss approached her, her breasts slightly bouncing as a result. “Oh my, good morning miss Hilda” she said, rubbing her reddened nose. Evelyn was a very modest and polite girl, or at least she tried to be. Her large breasts and bum didn't help with that modesty thing, and her newly discovered sneeze fetish that was only strengthened by the cow woman’s huge nose and multiple allergies also made her a bit more freaky than she would’ve liked.

“Good morning Evie, how's that beautiful nose of yours doing today?” Hilda responded with a smile on her face. “Well, I'm feeling pretty sneezy today, and these flowers aren't helping much” Evelyn said with a giggle and a sniffle as her nose drifted towards the case of flowers unconsciously. Hilda’s nose wriggled a bit, picking up a strange scent, she then leaned in and sniffed Evelyn, her nose twitching a bit and her nostrils flaring as she sniffed. “Oooh, you smell nice today, is that a new perfume, oh, makes my nose a bit tickly” Hilda said, a tickle surfacing in her nose as she spoke.

Her nose started to twitch and quiver, as even the slight perfume smell was enough to set her off “gheeehh...heeeeehhhh...haaaaahhhh HAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH”. As the sneeze built, Evelyn’s eyes widened, she removed her huge, twitchy nose from the flowers and jammed her hands under Hilda’s nose “please Miss Hilda, don't sneeze now. I have a date tonight and I need to stay clean” she begged. Hilda’s gargantuan nose wasn't one to be tamed, she snuffled and snorted, a quivering smile on her face. As the sneeze built, Hilda’s huge chest puffed out, putting a massive strain on her shirt, as she didn't bother wearing a bra. Evelyn squished Hilda’s nose upwards, trying desperately to turn her around. “I'm gonaaaaahhh HAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH...GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH” she was on the brink of a sneeze, but as she was about to explode, her nose caught its favorite scent. Two paws wrapped around the huge woman, one grabbing her nose and the other turning her around. “Let it out sweetie pie” a seductive voice whispered to her as a feline tail reached up and tickled and tickled around the tims of her bowl sized nostrils. Hilda’s enormous, trembling, rubbery nose squished all the way back, her nostrils flared as much as possible, and let out a mighty “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAITCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” covering the lioness in front of her in a thick layer of mucous.

“Wow sweetie, that must've been some tickle in that big ol nose of yours” the feline purred giving Hilda’s huge snout a flick. She walked over to Evelyn, “sorry for the trouble my sweet baby caused, Evie, you know how that girl gets when her nose gets tickled” She apologized.
“Oh, it's no trouble at all miss Leah, thank you” Evelyn replied. Leah was a large lioness, with the same thickness as Evelyn, though her boobs and butt were smaller than the cows. Her nose was much larger relatively speaking, as cow noses tended to be huge and Evelyn’s was just a cow nose but a tad larger, Leah’s nose was huge amongst big noses.

Leah was also a sadomasochist when it came to sneezing, she loves having her nose tortured, but the real fun came from treating other noses like a playground. The feline swiped her tail across Evelyn’s nose, causing a huge twitch from the super sensitive organ. “Ghhheeehhh haaahhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh HAAAAAAHHHHH HAAAATCHYOOOOOOIIIEEEEE” she sneezed a huge, exaggerated sneeze. “Bleehh...bless me” she excused herself, rubbing her bulbous nose. “Ooh, guess I'll have a new plaything soon then. But until then, Evie, my baby and I have some business to attend to. Caio” Leah said as she left with Hilda to her office, her hand on Hilda’s large butt the whole time.

Once they got up to the executive office, Leah started to play with Hilda’s nose, but the hippo stopped her. “Sweetie pie, you know I love you and how you torture my big nose, but I need to do a small shoot now, just wait here for a few minutes sugar, and I'll be back soon” She said before giving Leah a kiss on her large, wide nose.

As Hilda exited, she was met by a pig woman. “Oh, Hilda, sweetie, so happy I found you. C’mon, we have pictures to take, let's go let's go let's go” she insisted. The pig was named Juliana and was the photographer. She was a small woman, she was short, thick, her breasts weren't too big, they were just normal sized, and her butt wasn't too big either. Her snout was quite large though, and she had some huge nostrils that could always be seen inside her nostrils were her largest feature, and as such, they had the tendency to be very strong and very sensitive. As the two made it to the camera facing the white screen, Juliana began telling Hilda about the poses she'd be in.

“Alrighty, first we have flowers, imma need you to hold em riiight up to that big ol nose of yours, maybe stroke your nostrils with them, then we get to sniffing” Juliana said, handing Hilda a huge bouquet of flowers. Though, being in proximity of the flowers made her giant nostrils twitch. Juliana began to fan her snout, her huge nostrils flaring wildly as many sniffs and snorts escaped her nose. “Oh, oh my sweetie...I think…*sniiiff sniff* I think I'm gonnaaahhh haaaaahhhh HAAAAAAAAAHHHH” her nostrils flared more and more, her hands continuing to fan her nose desperately as a small trial of mucous was seen coming from her left nostril. “GAAAAAAAAATCHOOOOOOOOOOOHHH” she sneezed loudly directly into the flowers.

The pollen went everywhere, including the two noses that were near the flowers. Before the sneezing began, Juliana rushed to the camera and took the pictures with Hilda having the flowers up to her nose, the hippo’s pre sneeze face being incredible. Hilda’s eyes widened, then narrowed slightly, then watered. Her gigantic, rubbery nose fidgeted, nostrils flaring wildly. “Juuuhh...Julie, I caaahhhh...can’t hold myself baaahhhh...back much...longer” Hilda hitched, as the tickle wormed through her giant nose, her insatiable fetish began to resurface. Her hand began working it’s way around her more sensitive areas, her nipples were visible through her shirt, and her nose wasn’t the only part of her that was leaking.

“Juuuhh...just lemme get a few muuuhh more, huuuuhhh...honey” Juliana was having trouble keeping it together as well. Eventually, it became too much, and Hilda gave in, she took the deepest sniff that her nose would allow. Her nostrils grew twice their size, vacuuming in the entire bouquet. Her nose became a bright red yet again, the enormous organ shaking like it’s jello in an earthquake. “GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH” her hitching started off incredibly strong, her pre-sneeze face being as perfect as possible. After a few more photos were taken, she let out a mighty “RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH” which almost destroyed the room, though her clothes were in shambles, much to her delight.

As the hurricane subsided, Hilda had two waterfalls pouring from her nose, her shirt was torn to shreds, her pants were destroyed as well, but a lustful smile was on her face, below her ginormous, twitchy nose. Juliana got up and went over to Hilda “weeehhh...well hun, we got the pictures,, as promised, I’m yours” She said, sticking her already tickled nose at hilda. She then pulled out a feather from her pocket and handed it to Hilda who started to tickle Juliana’s snout relentlessly. “oooohhh...I’m gonnaahhh gonnaaaaahhh hiigggiiiihhh gheeehhhh…GHEEEEHHHH GGIIIIHHHH...GAAAAHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH YYAAATCHOOOOOOOOOHHH” Juliana’s nose was tortured by the feather, which teased out a huge sneeze. “My word, that one was wonderful honey. And speaking of honey, I think your’s is waiting for you” Juliana said.

“Of course, love, and bless you and that delicious nose of yours” Hilda said, giving Juliana’s snout a kiss before exiting. As she entered her office, she couldn’t see Leah, but she could definitely smell her. The hippo’s nose twitched and quivered as she searched for her lover. She stuck her nose to the floor, sniffing across the ground like a dog, her gigantic ass in the air. The carpeting on the floor as well as the weird mix of scents around the room started to tickle her hypersensitive nostrils, her sniffs became wet sniffles and snorts, her gigantic nose twitching from the tickle rather than her sniffing, though she stayed determined.

As her nose got more and more stuffed up, her sense of smell got weaker and weaker. Eventually, her wet snuffles and tickly nose only led to hitched breaths, “gheeehhh...heeeeeehhhh...haaaaaahhhhh” Hilda knew that if she sneezed now, Leah would win her game, so she jammed her arm under her nostrils, trying to prolong the sneezing as much as possible.

Though, the previous itch was still present, and the new one was hitting her fast. Even with her hands, the sneeze was still coming full speed “GHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH” her breath hitched violently, her nostrils overtaking her hands. Though, as her sneeze rose, she felt a familiar feeling: Leah’s tail going in her nose. “I'll give you this one sweetie pie, now let's have some fun” Leah said before “GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH GYAAAAAAAAAAAAATCHEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW” The huge sneeze tore through the office, spraying Leah with a thick layer of snot.

“Come now honey, I thought you could do so much better, I thought I was your worst allergy” Leah said with a pout. Hilda was panting after a sneeze that large, two streams pouring from her twitchy nose, a nose that almost drifted towards leah on its own. “ are…*sniff* sweetie pie. My nuuuuhhh…*sniiiff* nose was juuuuhhh...huuuuuuuhhhhhh….*sniiiiiiiifff* blocked up. Buuuuuhhh…*sniiff sniiiiiiiff* oooohhh…honey, you're...too cluuuhh….close, I….ooooohhhh” Hilda hitched, her nose now firmly planted between Leah’s huge breasts, sniffing and snorting. Leah’s breasts fitting right into Hilda’s nostrils, the ginormous, twitchy organ was being caressed by Leah’s tail, as well as with her hands.

“seems like you’ve been sneezing up a storm my sexy sneezer, and it looks like your big nose likes my perfume too, this one had me at my sneeziest, I thought you’d love it” Leah teased. The lioness undid her shirt, revealing her breasts, as she did, a powerful smell of flowers exploded forth from them, flooding the room, and especially the two noses sniffing the air powerfully. Hilda’s nose was overwhelmed by the perfume incredibly potent smell, as well as her lover’s hair that she was oh so allergic to. “Gheehhh...heeeeehhh” her breath hitched, her nostrils flared wildly, demanding to be tickled again. Leah’s own monstrous nose wrinkled as well, her huge nostrils flaring, “haaaaahhh nyaaaaaaahhhhhh” her breath hitched adorably, despite her sadistic nature.

Before too long, Hilda’s masochistic side started to come out more, she rubbed her nostrils all over Leah, sniffing rapidly, all the while, Leah sprayed her perfume straight up Hilda’s nostrils. The hippo’s nose wriggled, and almost seemed like it was swelling as the tickle grew more and more. “GYEEEEHHHHHHH HEEEEEHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH GYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” the sneeze built more and more, the papers on Hilda’s desk fluttered, the cup filled with pens and pencils fidgeted, and the two large breasts in front of her heaved as Leah’s own nose began to build its own sneeze.

Hilda’s nose was about to erupt, her eyes watered, her nostrils pouting with mucous, all leading to a resounding “GYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” spraying herself, her lover, and knocking her desk over with everything on it.

As Hilda sneezed, the smell of the perfume poured into Leah’s moenter of a nose. Her nostrils quivered, she rubbed her nose intensely, “I’m gonnaahhh...haaaaahhhhh...heeeeeehhhh HAAAAAAAAHHHHH...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH NYAAAAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOIEEEEEEEE” Leah sneezed hugely as well, not as big as Hilda, but just big enough to spray Hilda.

“I'm not satisfied yet honey” Hilda cooed.
“Well, neither am I” Leah purred. As the two went in for another attack on Hilda’s nose, their hands sliding down to their nethers, they heard a knock at the door. “Umm...excuse meehhh…*sniff* me, Miss Hilda, I have some paperwork I need you to sign soon” Evelyn said nervously. “Giiihhh...gimme a little bit, sugar” Hilda called out. “Oh, okay, thank you miiihhhh hiiiihhhh HEEEHHHH HAAAAAHHHHHHH HYAAAAAAATCHYOOOOOOOOOOIIIEEE” Evelyn sneezed tremendously, rattling the door and opening it. She peered inside, rubbing her huge nose with one hand and holding the paperwork in the other. As she saw the situation, her eyes widened, “oh, I...I'll...ummm” she stammered.

“Leave it there honey, I’ll fill it out soon” Hilda said, feeling no shame whatsoever. “R...right, thank you” Evelyn said before placing down the work and leaving. “I think her sneezes are bigger than yours” Hilda said to Leah.
“Okay, just for that…” Leah said before slipping her tail into Hilda’s nostril. “I'm not gonna play nice anymore” she cooed as the hunting began again.
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Re: [F + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Hilda at work
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 12:34:50 AM »
This was insanely hot. Love all the extended, vocalized build-ups and the super strong sneezes!

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Re: [F + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Hilda at work
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2018, 02:12:19 AM »
Wow! Hilda's an impressive model! o//u//o

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Re: [F + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Hilda at work
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2018, 08:38:12 PM »
what a very sexy character X3