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Spelling Sneezing in Japanese :P
« on: November 23, 2017, 08:23:13 PM »
The attractive sneezing sound in Japanese? This is an interesting question.
I think that the way people hear the sneeze sounds differs depending on the people, but they will generally be in common.
Think a little and it will be something like this.
(Katakana, Hiragana, Alphabet.)

[Super cute sneezing]
クチュン!(くちゅん!)kucyun! <<Examining, I think that this is the most cute.>>

[Normal sneezing]
ハクション!(はくしょん!)hakusyon! <<Very common sound.>>

[Funny sneezing]
ブェ〜〜ックショ〜ン!(ぶぇ〜〜っくしょ〜ん!)bueeeeekkusyoooon! <<Dirty sounds from drunk middle-aged men.>>
アクション!(あくしょん!)akusyon! <<English "action"?>>

The part where s, t, or k overlap with the alphabet is geminate so it sounds like a hiccup.
Please let me know the English version if you have time.
It becomes a reference as onomatopoeia.

"Please let me know the English version if you have time."

Anyone want to list some similar examples with English spellings? Some of their favorites, ones that compare to the examples above, etc?
Flower, flower, feather, fox.

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