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[F + Mature] Kimberly at the pool
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:38:39 AM »
A collaboration between myself (W) and SpinyOfDoom (S).
Kimberly the red dragon woman accidentally meets with a cloud of pepper, with disastrous results for her attire.
Very short at nine posts and three sneezes total, only two from Kimberly, but both are explosive.


W: Kimberly's got it all, like a dragon ought to have. She towers over others with an impressive stature, her body toned by physical activity, and covered in red scales that make her all but invincible. A bipedal dragon woman has little to fear from conventional sorts of harm, and has great capacity for returning the same through fang and fire. Of course, she's hardly the fighting type, but the regal presence she exudes is still helped by the promise that she could if needed.

Her usual routine for staying in shape is running, but swimming comes a close second. She exits from the changing room to the concrete walkways surrounding the swimming pool, a swimsuit adorning her body. It's a new one she finds fits her style perfectly: A torso-covering one-piece with tons of frills that emulate a larger version of her scales in a different color. The bottom is much more modest than the top, which shows plenty of her ample chest, simple straps threatening to let her spill into sight. There's no back to it at all, allowing her wings and her tail to be as free as she likes.

She saunters in with a smirk, the immense heat of the day making the perfect recipe for her. The temperature of the air is a delight, and the concrete that's hot enough to burn others feels to her like a pleasantly warm bed. The scalding day brings dozens of swimmers to the pool, meaning more eyes to take in the sight of her. In some ways she's extraordinarily modest for a dragon, but not in regards to showing off her body while she's dressed up fancy. She keeps a careful watch for turning heads and distracted gazes as she starts in a circle around the pool, doing her own sightseeing and finally passing by the concession stand and its many outdoor tables, the last stop if someone were heading back to the lockers. Fate catches up to her as she drifts through the seated patrons.

S: Countless conversations from the concession tables and beyond drift through the pool's overwarm air, intermingling like the heat shimmers rising off the pristine concrete. It's possible to catch snatches here and there—casual banter and debate, off-and-on comments about the heat, the quality of the food, of the pool, the heat... it's really too warm for anything more involved. Kim, of course, has no reason to pay them any mind, outside of the occasional furtive glance or leering eye—but the catalyst for the sudden twist in her poolside routine isn't paying attention to her at all.

A horse and a cream-colored cat, both female, seated about ten-odd feet away as she rounds the end of the loose crescent of tables. The cat, her back to Kim, is explaining something rather animatedly, though it's lost in the background noise: lots of hand gestures and sharp movements and vague variations in pitch she can almost hear. The horse girl nods along, smiling as she absently seasons her (no doubt overpriced) hayburger first with salt, then pepper...

And then, by luck or Fate or simple accident, several things happen at once: a particularly sweeping gesture from the catgirl coincides with the last, slightly more forceful shake of pepper from her friend. Paw meets glass with a sheepish 'oop!', and the horse pulls the shaker back, startled but managing to retain her grip. The top of the shaker, however, which has been subtly but steadily loosening, is not nearly so resilient. It pops off neatly with the sudden movements, and, still facing downwards, drops a considerable pile of pepper across the table, most of it concentrated on the top of the horse's food—but she has more pressing concerns than her now-inedible hay burger. With the sudden unexpected arc of spices, her wide equine nostrils begin to flare, involuntarily vacuuming in all the trace particles still floating in the air, coaxing her further and further towards the inevitable. With very little fanfare, she suddenly sniffs sharply, rears back, and sneezes a loud, boisterous "HYEEAAAAH-CHOOO!!" dead in front of her, the sneeze's sudden onset and power making stifling or redirection a distant, fruitless hope.

The mound of pepper still remaining on the horse's food is blasted forward by her powerful sneeze, a greyish cloud that looks not unlike the backblast of a cannon. The cat, directly in the line of fire, is reduced to a disgruntled coughing fit, but the majority of the pepper has been away, driven up in the air... and directly towards Kimberly.

W: The loud noise catches Kimberly's attention, and when she turns her head to face it she only makes matters worse. The cloud overtakes the upper half of the passing dragoness's body, making her instantly react by scrunching her face up and squeezing her eyes shut. It's not enough to prevent a flurry of particles from entering her snout, subtracting from the amount in the air around her head.

The effect is much different than her allergies, and unfamiliar enough that she doesn't realize it's going to be a fight she can't win. Her mouth starts to fall open as her eyelids relax, her energy put towards trying to figure out how to not sneeze. Her snout has different ideas for how to get rid of the tickle, immediately hijacking her breath. Her mouth opens.


Her breath draws the airborne pepper to her. While she reflexively starts to fight the tickling in her nostrils, it grows faster and much more wildly than she's used to, like arcs of lightning jumping up her snout. Almost as soon as she's taken her first breath, a second one comes, her mouth opening wider as her eyes fall completely shut, the sensations in her nostrils almost completely taking over.


A few seconds of warning with her two breaths of build-up is all the warning any onlookers get. Kimberly finds herself with her head tilted back, snout tingling with the spicy sensation of pepper. The thought of trying to look away from the table comes too late to act on. The dragoness bends at the middle, letting out a fiery and unexpectedly large sneeze.


The cloudy air ignites into a ball of flame. The food that started the problem receives the worst of it, instantly charring to a deep and smoldering black, a cloud of ash and spice flying into the air. Kimberly opens her eyes as quickly as she can to see the damage, but the seated patrons are none the worse for wear, all eyes on her instead. She rises to full height, looking down at herself, and realizes that a very large portion of the swimsuit that was previously covering the top half of her chest is no longer there.

She takes a few seconds to get her bearings, blinking repeatedly as a tickle still pricks and prods at the inside of her nostrils. The edge of her mouth twitches slightly as a few hitches in her breath suggest another mounting problem, making other patrons start to back up. When she turns her head to sniff, the end of her snout ends up in a patch of what remains of the initial cloud. It wouldn't be such a problem if she didn't follow through on sniffing. The air is suddenly cleared by the dragoness's flared nares, which immediately twitch with regret. She stares forwards, but her brows lift, her mouth opens, and there's a loud: "HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH..."

S: A few scattered gasps and murmurs spread like through the loose crowd that's formed the now half-clothed dragoness (at a safe distance, of course), propagating like the recently-released wildfire. Their eyes are fixed on Kimberly, though what part of Kimberly perhaps depends on their own level of self-preservation. There's certainly a lot to look at: burnished red scales shimmering in the sunlight, her powerful snout twitching and flaring against the pepper's teasing influence, her breasts rising slightly with each energetic hitch, her pyrotechnically-tailored swimsuit showing their generous curves along with a deep valley of cleavage.

With that second sniff and hitch, another wave of worry sweeps the crowd. "Watch out!" shouts a bikini-clad vixen, gesturing theatrically. "She's gonna sneeze again!"


"I mean, look at her!"

"Get back, get back!"

"She's gonna blow!"

All this and more echoed through the crowd as it began to loosely disperse, though not a small amount of diehard hopefuls stuck around. Even they were at the very least backing up, though, well aware of the consequences of the building sneeze.

Meanwhile, the horse sniffled softly and rubbed her muzzle, slinking off to the changing rooms and hoping dearly nobody noticed.

W: The sensationalism of it is always the worst part. Sure, she's dangerous, but it's not like she's dangerous from long-range! Though no deep thoughts about the state of the others circle in her head currently, only a mild embarrassment and a vague annoyance. The majority of the sensations she's experiencing are in her snout, which is currently trying to take control of the rest of her. Though there is the problem that her suit probably wouldn't survive another.

"I'm not... HAAAHh... going to burn ahh.. anything, I just got someHHHH... Peh.." Her shoulders sag slightly as the smell of spice washes over her. "Peeeehh... pepper in my..." She realizes too late that talking is making it worse, the vibrations making the irritant shake around inside her snout. She shuts her eyes and holds steady, letting the tickle die down again, then she takes a step towards the changing room. Water will fix this.

A few steps later, the tickle surges to life again, the wind around her snout and the motion of her body sending waves of tickling through her nostrils. Her steps become a slow stagger, and her mouth opens again. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH..." Her head tips up slightly, breasts rising as her lungs fill and making a vague threat to spill from her fire-mangled top. Those watching exceptionally closely could spot her areola slipping up above her suit. "HAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

A hand covers her snout in an unconventional move, the pressure of her fingers giving slight relief to the ache in her nose. She's not used to feeling a sensation so much like fire, and it teases her in that regard, dancing around in her snout with every miniature motion she makes. She stands in place, not daring to make another step until something inside her calms down.

S: More whispers. An unnatural hush has fallen across this side of the pool, the drama of it all (and, in all honesty, the leading actress' stunning figure) drawing quite a few curious eyes. "Pepper?" comes one murmur, followed by a giggle. "I didn't know that stuff could really make you sneeze..."

"Well, I guess if you sniff enough of it..."

"Good point. Nostrils like hers, she could probably vacuum up a whole shaker!"

"Psh, you shouldn't say things like that..."

"Why not? She's too busy with the sneeze anyway—"

"Yes, but what if hearing us talk about it makes her—"

Kimberly's second massive hitch silences the conversations, and even manages to draw a few more eyes—the gradual swell of her considerable bust against her increasingly-flimsy suit is hard to miss and even harder to ignore. The audience waits with bated breath, in just as much anticipation (though not remotely as much struggle) as Kimberly herself.

"Jeez, again?"

"Is she... done? Her snout's still twitching."

"Don't count on it..."

W: Eventually her hand stops working, and two fingers delicately rub the top of her snout instead, then slowly trace around her own nostrils, then eventually work into a position she's witnessed only in cartoons with her fingers below her nose. Eventually that stops working too, at which point she realizes...

"I... AAAH... I'm... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" she stops to deeply inhale as the tingling feels like it completely fills her nose, and she takes a hurried step towards the changing room. "I'm about... HHHAAAHHHH! to sneeze...!" she announces, expecting such a warning to get people to move out of her immediate path. Sneezing again will be fine if she's alone, but the embarrassment of being a showpiece in more ways than one is something she would rather not be awarded with.

She realizes she's not going to make it. The movement of her body and the tickle of the wind rushing against her makes the sensations climb. She slows, finally stopping in front of the changing room doorway as her eyes squeeze shut. She doesn't dare take a step and sneeze on something she can't see. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Thinking quickly, she snorts air through her nostrils. The tickling sparks through her... then slowly tapers away.

She's stuck standing there, snout twitching as the sneeze dies out. She puts her hand over her nose again, and glances down at her top, which despite feeling like it was coming lose as she moved managed to stay above her nipples. She'll be buying another one of these, and fireproofing it herself somehow.

Her nostrils still tingle, but she slowly lowers her hand and looks around, briefly acknowledging her place as the center of a lot of now-undue attention.

She sniffs softly, which makes her snout tickle.

When she sniffs again, it tickles more. Her mouth opens slightly, a hitch in her breath.

The wind picks up as she sniffles again, to disastrous effect.

S: "'Scuse me, pardon me..." The attendant—a female otter with a long-suffering look on her face—carefully picks her way through the crowd, holding the dustpan and brush at an angle in front of her to ensure all of the torched food stayed within its confines. It wouldn't do to have this stuff just sitting out there on the table, waiting to be scattered across the poolside and dirty the concrete or worse. She paid no mind to the assemblage watching Kimberly, or indeed Kimberly herself—her mind was on the trash can, and, in a slightly less immediate scope, the end of her shift, which is in all but five minutes.

"I bet she's gonna..."


"Oh, no... another one??"

"She can fight it! Hold it back!"

Assorted chatter from the crowd catches the otter's ears, and she scoffs. The trash can is right there, only a couple steps away. She reaches closer, preparing to heft the dustpan up and empty the whole business inside...

And just as she does, there comes an errant gust of summer wind, tugging slightly at the pan's handle and sending a billowing plume of dust, ash, and pepper up past the attendant's face, back where she'd came...

Back towards Kimberly.

"Oh," the small otter murmurs, her eyes widening as she sees the cloud begin to settle above the dragoness, easily in range of her already-overworked snout. "Oh, dear."

W: The aforementioned sniff in the wind decorates the dragoness's snout with grey and black particles, a small amount of them whisked away to the inside of her nostrils. Reflexively there's another, fourth sniff that pulls in the trailing end of what otherwise might have harmlessly blown past. For a half second, Kimberly stares wide-eyed at the soot covering her, the smell of pepper filling her blackened snout.

"HHAAAAAAHHH..." Kimberly's mouth falls open and her eyes fall closed as tickles explode through her nostrils. She shuts it again, only for a much deeper breath to open it once more.


Her chest lifting in her busted swimsuit top, areola once again exposed to those watching her chest instead of her face. Her head is also tilted back by the motion that goes along with her inhale, and when he opens her eyes she sees her snout immersed in the cloud above her. The particles dance along her nostrils like dust in the wind, and then are pulled inside as another deep breath of warning flows into the dragoness.


The dragon arches her back as her lungs fill, standing tall above the rest. Her swimsuit top finally loses traction, her red nipples popping over the top of what remains of the fabric. The air is almost entirely clear, the irritants contained within the enormous red fire-breather's nostrils, and her nostrils wanting them to be anywhere else. If Kimberly could stop to announce she what she was about to do, she would certainly do it, but she's no longer capable. The dragoness's head snaps downward and her wings snap upward as she roars out a ferocious:


A roar of fire clears the air of all of any remaining source of Kimberly's problems even as it sends her bending forward, tail snapping up to join her wings in an attempt to keep her balance. Flames envelops her completely and spread across the ground around her, a brilliant flash of orange light made before the view is clear again. Her swimsuit is nowhere to be found after the fact, chest wobbling to a stop beneath her in the aftermath. Beneath her tail and between all her armor is an almost perfectly symmetrical sex as red as her nipples, visible only to a select few and only because of her posture.

Her senses come back to her after a few moments, echoes of tingling still in her nostrils. She rises slowly, wings folding in and tail lowering, and she puts a hand over her snout. Her nostrils twitch and flare once before she marches forward to the changing room, and she loudly sniffs on the way. She'll let them all theorize about whether or not she's about to sneeze again.

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Re: [F + Mature] Kimberly at the pool
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2018, 03:52:26 AM »
Thank you two very much for this.  This is gold.  :3

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Re: [F + Mature] Kimberly at the pool
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2019, 01:47:35 PM »
Great story. Fantastic descriptions of surroundings and the sneeze itself, and it's interesting to see how people around her react. Sneeze stories in public places don't put much description to how people around react, usually it's a close friend or something like that, so it's unique to see it here. :)
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