Author Topic: Atlas childhood story age 12 [M + not much spelled out sneezing + cold]  (Read 442 times)

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Atlas was at the movies with his sisters and his babysitter, he felt really stuffy,he had a bad cough, he was sneezing, and his throat hurt slightly, he didn't feel his best, didn't really occur to him that he was sick. The 12 year-old malamute stood in line with his sisters and his babysitter waiting for their tickets to be checked so they could head into the movie theater. They all sat down after they got their tickets checked, Atlas felt a tickle in his nose causing him to sneeze "hshoo hshoo hshoo!" he blew his nose on one of the tissues he had with him, he had a quiet coughing fit from the force blowing his nose caused, he just then noticed how seemingly cold in the theater it was, he felt cold, despite the fact that he was wearing a sweatshirt, and had long pants on, he couldn't stay warm, he was coughing almost constantly, he needed to blow his nose at a minimum of every 4 minutes, he was starting to get tired, he laid down across another seat that was next to him, he shut his eyes trying to relax and fall asleep, but he felt too cold, too stuffed up and was coughing too much to get any sleep, he laid there for about 20 minutes, he felt miserable, he couldn't really follow the movie plot, as he was too preoccupied dealing with his symptoms and he couldn't fall asleep, he sat back up for a little while trying to wake up, he sneezed again "hshoo hshoo hshoo hshoo!" he blew his nose for what felt like the millionth time, not even wanting to think about how this looked to other people, he couldn't help it, he couldn't wait to get home