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[ F+ Induced + Equine] Madame Pembroke's Charm School
« on: July 03, 2018, 05:03:26 AM »
 Madame Pembroke's Charm School was an esteemed part of Cobbleboro's history. It was the city's first and finest establishment for grooming critterfolk into polite members of animal society. Of course not everone who attends is guaranteed to pass. Manners can be a hard thing to instill in the more egoentric, spoiled bunch. ...unfortunately those believing their pedigree to be more superior than others were the most prominent sort seen in this school...

The school had been passed down for generations. Ms Unkhearte, an elephant of exquisite tastes, inherited it from her great grandmother. She felt it was her solemn duty to uphold the standard her foremothers had done so before her. After three strikes, if a student failed to do as she said, they were promptly expelled...there would be no failures in her classroom.

It was a brisk Spring morning. Adorned in a lengthy lace gown as blue as the morning sky, Ms Unkheart was ready to instruct her students. Her cerulean pumps clacked against the polished marble floor as she entered her classroom. She seated herself on a velvet lined seat and read over her notes.

One by one, various creatures made their way into her room. A shivering bat with fur like cotton, toom his seat closest to the door.
A mandrill in a pink party dress stifled a laugh as she pointed him out to her swan friend.

Ms Unkheart lowered her reading glasses with her trunk. "Lovely to see you all made it here this morning. Shall we get started?"

Some of the animals nodded while others belted out a loud, "yeah."

The elephant scoffed. "Oh my, what work we'll have to do.... Tsk, tsk tsk..." She approached a white spotted pony whose blue eyes kept wandering. "Miss? I say, miss?"

The pony cocked her head and sniffed. "Huh?"

"Just what is so important that you feel it deserves more attention than your teacher?"

The pony crossed one leg over the other and straightened her maxidress with fidgety hooves. "Ehm... I danno. Just... thinking.

The elephant tapped her pump with a quick, annoyed rythym. "Oh do enlighten us! ...What ever were you thinking?"

"About a party I'm gonna head to later tonight." The pony crinkled her nose. Her prim white fur greatly contrasting with the faint pink along her muzzle. "My -giggle- boyfriend's gonna be there!"

"Well Miss Priss, if you want to enjoy the party later, you will need to focus now!

The pony nodded with a squeak of a gulp. "...okay."

The elephant turned away from the equine and cleared her throat. "I think we should begin with balance and conduct." She returned  her gaze towards the pony. "What is your name, dear?"

"Diama, ma'am". Her large blue eyes returned a timid glance at the teacher.

"Miss Diama, you will be our volunteer for today!" She motioned the equine her way.

"Hih...." Her student quickly wiped her muzzle and stood before her.

Ms Unkheart took out a wand-like object from her purse. It was solid black and appeared to have multiple joints to allow it to extend to various sizes. On the handle was an array of raven feathers for a look of elegance.
"When greeting an elder or person of high status, you are to bow or curtsy."
She slapped the wand against the floor to create a startling noise. "Begin!"

Diane flicked her ears at the noise and did her best to curtsy. "Like this...?"

The elephant shrugged. "It will have to do for now..." She grabbed three books from her shelf and placed them on the equine's head. "I now task you with-"

"[iHiihhh...achhosh![/i]" The three books topple to the floor.

Ms Unkhearte quirks a brow at the class before picking the books off the floor.
"As I was saying, I want you to balance these pieces of literatute on your head. Good posture, good balance. Try again?"

The white pony sniffles. "Yes, ma'am."
She allows the books to be put on her noggin.

The elephant nods. "Now, walk a straight line, dear. From where you are now, to the plant by the window." She smacks her wand to the floor. "Begin!"

With a shaky few steps, Diama begins to make her way forward. She pauses every few seconds to steady herself.

"Looks like she's actually doing it," mutters a dapper squirrel.

Suddenly the wand is brought before Diama's face. "Stop!"

"Huh? But I didn't drop 'em!" Her ears pin back , feeling this unfair.

The elephant grins as she holds the wand tight in trunk, waving it before her student. "You must WALK with rhythm. You cannot trot through places like a wee baby!"

Diama's muzzle begin to itch. She snuffled.

"Furthermore the manner in which you hold your face AS you make your entrance is highly important!" Her trunk darted back and forth, manuevering the wand to and fro for dramatic effect.

"Hiiih....haaahhh..." The pony's eyes started to cross. "Hiiihhh.... ahhhh...."

"What? Have you something to share with the class?" The wand finally ceased its movement, but as it rested in her trunk, the feathers lay atop Diama's itchy nostrils.

"I....hih.....I....hhhihhh...." The equine's nostrils widened, allowing the feathers an easier entryway. "Hiihhh....haaaa..."

The elephant watched as her student's nose twitched beneath her wand. "Oh, is this what's bothering you?"

The pony nodded as she sniffled, sucking the feather-tipped end of the wand deeper into her nose. "Ihhh...ahhhh...yeah...ahhhh....AHCHOOSH!"

Redfaced at her impolite student, Ms Unlhearte wiped the spray from her face and brushed her wand on her dress. "If you cannot control your body spasms, you cannot behave in proper society!"

"Hiiiihhh...hiiii..." Diama's flared nostril's grew pinker with every hitch. "Hiiiihhhh...haaahhh..."
She sniffed again, wanting to dislodge anything in her tickly sinuses. "Ihhhh...can't help it, though, Ms hahhh...hahh..Unkhearte!"

"Nonsense!" The elephant retrieved the dustiest book she could find in her library and held it before the class. "This book is all about how to control all sorts of unpleasant body spasms! It was written by my Great Great !Aunt...oh" she paused for a second. "Hm... I can't make out the name. Just a moment. " Blowing from her trunk, she managed to free the book from its dusty veil. "Gertrude!"

"Haaaahhhh....ihhhhhaaahhhh..!"As the poor pony's nostrils flared out for fresh air, they pulled in a thick cloud of dust. "Ihhhhaaaahhh...haaaaaaaSHOOOOOO!
Diama threw her head back with every sneeze. "Hiihhhh...hahhh...hiiSHOOO!" She tried to wipe away the teasing itch, but her sinuses were too far gone to tame. "Hihhhh....haaahhh...haahhh...!"

"How dare you make a mockery of my class, young lady?!" The elephant pointed her trunk in the pony's face. "You are exp-"

The tickly feathers once again met  with the sensitive equine nostrils. "Hiihhh....HAAAH....!HAAAH...HAAAAASHOOOO!" A powerful blast blew the wand out of the teacher's trunk and sent the teacher flying back a few feet.

"Oh my gawd! LOOK" The mandrill cried out. "She never dropped her books!"

As Ms Unkhearte regained her footing she saw that what her student said was true. Despite all the sneezing, Diama had retained enough balance to keep the books steady.


Ms Unkhearte jammed her fingers beneathe the pony's tremoring nostrils. "Alright, young lady. Point proven! You may continue your studies here." She then handed her student a box of tissues.

"Thank you, Ms Unk uhhnk...ahhh..HAAAHHH...!

This time the pony managed to catch the sneeze in a tissue instead of her teacher's face.

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Re: [ F+ Induced + Equine] Madame Pembroke's Charm School
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2018, 12:23:35 PM »
Very entertaining story!   :D

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Re: [ F+ Induced + Equine] Madame Pembroke's Charm School
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2018, 08:36:16 PM »
this is really well put together :3 i look forward to reading more from you!

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Re: [ F+ Induced + Equine] Madame Pembroke's Charm School
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2018, 02:50:14 AM »
Thank y'all both.  :)

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Re: [ F+ Induced + Equine] Madame Pembroke's Charm School
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2018, 05:32:29 AM »
Hey that's a nice story, keep it up  :).