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It was a warm but overcast day. The Summer sky was thick with graying clouds and the scent of precipitation hung in the air. A lone speckled tapir was enjoying lazily basking beneath the shade of a rubber tree. It wasn't until her stomach alerted her that she decided to get up.

She sniffed the air. Her short prehensile trunk detected something sweet within the area. The tapir lowered her trunk to the dry earth and snorted about. Was that berries she smelled?
She followed the delicious aroma a few yards until the trail stopped at the entryway of a tiny rocky burrow.

This was the home of a newly matched pair of chinchillas. The tapir wasn't aware, but the female rodent was pregnant. Her mate had been busy collecting berries, nuts, roots and other goodies to have on hand for whenever her cravings called out.

The tapir sniffed and snorted, taking in the buffet that was hidden inside. Maybe the chinchillas weren't home? Surely they wouldn't mind sharing a bit of their buffet with a fellow hungry mammal, right?

The tapir lowered her body and eyed the entryway. It would be a snug fit, but she thought she should be able to squeeze through.
She wriggled her head inside. It was
dark, but her eyes were able to adjust. She could make out the nest bedding of this den. Over to the far right of this tiny room, lay an abundance of delectable treats. The tapir attempted to move further in but...her shoulderblades brushed against the opening, caving in what little space there was.

"Honey...what was that," asked a tiny voice from under the fluffy nest.

The tapir began to panic. She wasn't alone. Oh no, this was so embarrassing!

A furry little creature scurried his way out of a hidden hole in the back of the snug room. His beady eyes widened at the unexpected guest stuck in his front door. "Oh, uh, Sweetie. Seems we have an um, elephant peeking in."

"Wha?!" The female chinchila threw off her fluffy bedding. "How in the world did she get in?"

The tapir twitched an ear. "I'm not an elephant...and I'm sorry for the intrusion..."
She swallowed her guilt. "I was hungry. Something smelled good and I wanted to see what it was."

"Well you shouldn't assume you can break in and take our food!" The male puffed up angrily. "You better be glad I'm not the violent type! Or else you'd be in for the bite of a lifetime!"

The tapir whimpered. Though far larger than these critters, the chinchilla's threat hurt her feelings quite a bit. "I'm awfully sorry...
I'd take my leave, but...I'm stuck..."

"Goodness, honey." The female chinchilla looked upon the tapir with sympathy. "Can you help her? What if she's got babies waiting for her return?"

The male dusted off his paws. "Alrighty. Let's see what we can do. " He scurried to the tapir and observed her neck, the hole, and the surrounding dirt walls. "Hmmm..." He scratched his furry chin.

"What is it," asked the tapir.

"Okay, it's like this, if I tried to dig you out, our whole den might collapse." The chinchilla flattened his ears. "You're gonna have to try backing out."

"Okay." The tapir attempted to stand but the low angle of her trapped neck made this feel impossible. "Oh no..." Not wanting to give up, she tried wriggling backwards, but it did nothing but appear silly to any animals observing her back end. "I can't do it..."

"Well, nuts..." The male chinchilla turned his back to the tapir to think this over.
"Any ideas, Sweetie?" His fluffy tail weaved back and forth like a high speed meternome as he pondered.

The bristly tail fur brushed against the tapir's trunk. At first she didn't notice, until the tickle grew. "Ahh...

The female chinchilla rolled over on her side as she looked to her mate. "Maybe you could go outside and try tugging her tail?"

"Flattered you think I'm so strong...but I don't know if I could do it alone."  His tail weaved about like a snake warning a strike. Its every motion tickling the tapir's sensitive trunk.

"Aaaahhhhh.....haaaaaa.....!" The tapir's trunk curled under, trying to escape its oppressor.

"What about your guinea pig friends? They still owe you a favor from last Fall's kit rescue." The female nodded encouragingly.

"Eh, they can't grip things well. Don't know if they could-" He was interrupted by a loud:

Her trunk settled down as she gave a sniff.

The male chinchilla stared at her trunk a moment. "That's it!"

"Uh...what?" His mate cocked her head.
"The guinea pig idea?

"No, sweetie, we'll make the elephant sneeze herself free!" He rubbed his paws together feeling like the most clever chinchilla ever.

"Um...Do we have to? I..feel weird about this."
The tapir crinkled her trunk self-consciously.

"Worth a try!" The chinchilla hurried to his hoard of goodies and took an armful of various objects. "Here we are." He rejoined the tapir and took hold of her trunk.

The tapir winced at his grasp. "What are you gonna do? ...It won't hurt, will it?

"Forget what I said earlier." He nuzzled her cheek. "My mate wouldn't be with me if I was a violent critter.

"He's gentle as a butterfly, hun, believe me," the pregnant chinchilla cooed.

Relaxing, the tapir took a breath to prepare herself. "Okay, go ahead."

The chinchilla held a brightly colored feather in his paw. It dragged along the front of the tapir's short trunk, causing it to shudder. He let it calm a moment before bringing it to her nostrils.

"Ahhhh..." The tapir's eyes closed in preparation.

The male traced her nostrils with the slightest touch, building the tickle.


He brought the feather into her nostril and let it go.

"Ahhhh...ahhh..." The feather was pulled into the tapir's sinus cavity by her heaving breath.
Her trunk curled upright as her urge to expel intensified.
Her trunk wiggled in an effort to soothe itself.
"Ahhhhh...!....Haaa...! HAAAACHOOO!"
The feather shot out of her trunk and she gave a sniffle in relief.

"Hmm..." The chinchilla looked her over and tilted his head. "It wasn't strong enough. You didn't budge!"

The tapir frowned. "Ohh..."

"We need to up the ante,' he proposed, taking a dried red pepper from his pile. He cracked the spice and held it beneath the tapir's nose.

Though she knew what was needed of her, she held her breath. She wasn't looking forward to this spicy plant!

The chinchilla rolled his eyes." Oh, don't be that way. C'mon." He teased her trunk with the tip of his tail fluff, coaxing a reactionary sniff.

The powdered red bits were pulled into her gaping nostrils. The effect was immediate.
A ticklish itch overtook her nasal cavity.
Her eyes watered from the fierce spiciness traveling its way deep into her sensitive organ
[Ili]"Haaaahhhh... AAAHHHHaaahhhh....!"[/i]
Her nostrils exanded with every longing breath.
Her trunk was on fire!

The tapir's now reddened nostrils throbbed.

The chinchilla was impressed with his handiwork...until he took a closer look at the hole. "Still not budging. Okay, I know what needs to be done!"

The tapir's trunk shuttered, partly because the itch hadn't gone away and in part because it dreaded what was to come next.

The chinchilla held in his paws cracked red pepper, fledgling feathers, dandelion seeds, shredded tail fur, and a small flower covered in an orange powder. He placed his paws under the tapir's trunk. "Sniff this"

Reluctantly the tapir did as she was asked.
"Uhhh....huhhh...oh no...."
The pepper coated her nasal walls.
The broken up feathers lodged themselves in her sinuses.
The tiny fluff-tipped seeds tickled every inch of her inner trunk.
Worst of all the pollen rich flower wrought an allergic itch deep within her overstimulated nasal passages.
HaaaahhhAAAAHHHH....! HAAHHHH!....

Just as she was about to blow, the chinchilla stuck his paw under her quivering red nostrils.
It paused her from expelling, but the building, itching burn of the sneeze grew ever desperate.

"Please move your paw," the tapir demanded.

With a sly grin, the chinchilla shook his head.
"Not yet."

The pepper and pollen touched down to combine into the worst sort of ticklish itch the tapir had ever experienced.
"Move your paw!" Her eyes watered.
"I need to sneeze!"
Her trunk writhed with the need for fresh air.

"Not yet." The chinchilla slowly brought his tail to her trunk.

"Haaahhh....!" The tail was too much. Even the rodent's anti-sneeze paw was no match for this force to be reckoned with.
The chinchilla found his tail being sucked into the trembling nostrils of the unwanted house guest.

Her every hitch gathered air into her lungs, puffing out her chest enormously.

The chinchilla fought with the strong force pulling him into her trunk. "Hey, let go!"
He attempted to stick his paw under her trunk, but it didn't stop her breathy hitches.


She so badly wanted to sneeze, if to only end this dreadful, teasing tickle.

Knowing the only way to be free was to await her sneeze, the chinchilla wriggled his tail. The tip tickled and wiggled its way into the very back of the tapir's quaking trunk.


Her chest heaved out unable to take in any more air, when finally:

The chinchilla shot out like a rocket.
She budged an inch.

The chinchilla staggered upright.
"It's working,"he cried.

The unbearable tickle had died down, but it was still very much present.
She sniffled. She snorted. Those feathers were still lodged.
"Haaaaaaaahhhh....! .....HAAAAHHH....!
Her trunk was beet red, but still it wriggled.
The tapir budged again.

This last time she sneezed so forcefully that she flung herself out of the rodent den.

The chinchilla couple cheered! They had their den back!

The tapir, however, was still preoccupied with her itchy trunk. She took a few steps away from the rodent den and hitched.

An opportunistic snake spied the plump tapir standing out and unawares.


The snake slithered up behind her, ready to pounce.

"Haaahhh...." Instinct told the tapir to look to her left. There by her feet, lay a venomous serpent. "Aaahhhhhh..... ahhh...!"

The snake cockily perescoped up to greet her. He mistook her heavy breaths for fear. "Surprissssed to sssseee me?" His tongue tickled her burdened nostrils.

Her sneeze sent the serpent flying.
"Haaaahh...ahchooo!" The tapir snuffled.
Her nose was clear but irritated.
"Lucky me" she said to herself with congestion in her voice. "My trunk gets me into trouble sometimes, but I'm glad to have it.

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Re: [ F+induced+non anthro+tapir] The Tapir and The Chinchilla Den
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2018, 07:38:22 AM »
Wow! Another awesome story. :D Absolutely loved how descriptive the trunk torture was, and all the buildup. Nice job! Keep it up

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Re: [ F+induced+non anthro+tapir] The Tapir and The Chinchilla Den
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2018, 04:40:54 PM »
Such a wonderful story! Such detail in the ticklish sensation, all the buildup, and on top of that the scenario and setting is very light and playful and even helpful! This make take the spot of one of my favorite sneezy stories~ xP
Coochie coo, you'll sneeze soon~

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Re: [ F+induced+non anthro+tapir] The Tapir and The Chinchilla Den
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2018, 10:45:16 PM »

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Re: [ F+induced+non anthro+tapir] The Tapir and The Chinchilla Den
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2018, 08:35:49 PM »
cute! :3

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Re: [ F+induced+non anthro+tapir] The Tapir and The Chinchilla Den
« Reply #5 on: July 09, 2018, 02:52:58 AM »
Tapirs are such cute little critters. .u.

Thank you guys for the nice comments!
I was rather surprised this fic was so well recieved. ;u;

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Re: [ F+induced+non anthro+tapir] The Tapir and The Chinchilla Den
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2018, 02:33:08 PM »
I really like this one, didn't think tapirs could be written so well, and the tickling was fantastic~
I try to do my best, even if I'm not the best.