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( This one is a fair bit more strange and MATURE in tone than my previous fics. Just a warning for those about to read in case masturbation is an offputting topic for them. .o. ).

Harloe had spent her morning cleaning her small apartment. She had only a few rooms, so it wasn't too much of an ordeal.  The hognose skunk was a nervous girl. The company she was expecting was out of the ordinary...but she was seeking help for a very unusual problem...

The previous night's phonecall with her soon-to-arrive guest held promise. But the insistance of providing a meal as a form of payment left the skunk feeling skeptical. Surely this woman wasn't out to con her. The skunk tried to keep an open mind about this. Who else could she contact if this woman was unable to help? There weren't any other options she knew of.

The skunk put away her vaccuum and began to fix a meal. Harloe had a modest job, so she tried to save money by purchasing ingredients for simple meals. She was all out of ramen and her breadbox was bare. It was time to get creative with what she had.

Just as the skunk put the finishing touches on her "ants on a log" dish, there came a knocking  on her door. "Oh. Just a minute!" The skunk poured some sweet tea in a glass and quickly placed the offering on her coffee table.
Her fluffy tail twitched aprehensively as she hurried to the door.

In the doorway stood a purple hippo in a long dress. Her rustic gown was patchwork, appearing to be made from all sorts of faded denim. "Are you Harloe Bunting?" In her hand she held an enormous bag. It resembled more of a hefty suitcase than it did a purse.
"I'm Medium Chance?"

"Uh-huh. Come right on in," the skunk said while motioning her forward. "There's some lunch for ya by the couch."

The medium glanced about the room, her ears flicking every now and then. "So, Ms Bunting," the hippo started as she seated herself.
"While your call is still fresh in my mind, I'd like you to elaborate on some details..."
She took up a stick of celery slathered in peanut butter. "I'm really curious about what you meant when you said 'the thing tore up my bedroom'."

Harloe thought back to how hysterical her phone call had been. She was so terrified. This had been going on for a while, but it wasn't until the day before that the skunk had started to fear for her well being.
"I woke up to a weird rustling noise over my head. I looked up and my diary was floating in the air, ripping itself apart," her voice cracked.
"I've had that diary since I was a kid...
So much....!" She bit her lower lip. "So much is gone...!" The poor skunk broke down in tears.

The hippo offered her an embroidered handerkerchief. "I'm sorry."
She held the skunk's paw. "I know this must be hard, but I must ask you if the spirit did amything else."

"Hmm..." The skunk lowered her tail.
"Well, I mean, it's left my cabinets open and knocked things off my shelves, but I already told ya that last night."

Chance spoke softly. "So it's never directly interacted with you?"

Harloe lowered her gaze. "Uhm..."
Why dud she look so embarrassed?

"Has it ever pulled your tail or shown itself to you?"

"N-no..." The skunk slowly removed her trembling paw from that of her guest. "I've never seen it....
But sometimes I feel like it's watching me."

"Hm..." The medium stood from the couch.  "I need to investigate your bedroom. Lead the way."

The skunk wiped her teary eyes before leading her guest to the door at the far end of the small living room. She opened it and stepped inside.
"Aagh! What in the world?"

"What is it?!" The medium pushed her way past the skunk. Mini dragon figurines lay on the floor among a pile of wrinkled clothing and crushed soda cans. The hippo quirked an inquisitive brow. "...Why did you scream?"

"Dammit! It messed up my room, AGAIN!" shaking, Harloe gathered the discarded cola cans in her arms. "I don't even buy Grape Crush!"

"Here," Medium Chance nudged a small waste basket her way. "Quite a mischevious one we have here. Ms Bunting, before I begin, I'll need to you to rejoin me in the den."

The skunk dropped the unfamilar garbage into the basket before joining Medium Chance at the couch. The hippo snapped open her enormous bag and retrieved a clipboard.
"I'll need you you to read this waiver. If you don't agree to the terms, I may be limited in how I can help you."

Harloe took the clipboard in her paws and began to skim the paper. "In case of household damages....?" She grimaced. "What are ya plannin' on doing?"

"It's just in case the spirit gets out of hand. Some being can be more rowdy than others."
She waved a hand dismissively. "Mostly a precaution. I'll be liable if anything were to become damaged during the cleansing."

Reading over it more carefully, Harloe discovered that what Chance told her was in fact true. "Well, that's reassuring." She took the feather tipped pen attached to the clipboard and signed away."

"Thank you." Medium Chance took back her clipboard and dug around in her purse. "Just a minute... I have something for you." She placed a necklace around Harloe.

 Along the woven string of the necklace were two pendants. The charm on the left was made of amber, baring a symbol of three swirls joined together. The other was carved from lapis lazuli, with a protective spell painted on it. Harloe recognized it as being written in Mandarin. "These sure are pretty."

"It's yours to keep," the medium smiled.
"But I have to ask you to stay in here while I deal with your troublemaker. And please don't take that off. ....It'll keep you safe."

Harloe gulped. "But...why aren't you wearing anything like it?" Her paranoid mind started turning its worried wheels.

The hippo patted the skunk on her shoulder in an effort to ease her nerves. "I can't confront the spirit if I'm covered in something that repels it." She began toward the bedroom.
"I'll let you know when it's safe."
The medium closed her magenta-painted lids and steadied her breath. Her mind calmed itself as her spiritual energy washed over. Her third eye became open and aware.

"Uh, Medium Chance...?" The skunk watched as the hippo walked into her bedroom without bumping into anything. It was like she could see without use of her eyes.
"Must be somethin' she picked up from a bat," she supposed.

The bedroom was still, but a violet hue colored the air. The clothing on the floor and the trash in the basket emanated a darker violet aura. "I know you're here. "But what I want to know, is why," she spoke calmly.

Something brushed past from behind Chance. A chill on her backside caused her to turn about. "Hello." A thin, inky tail slid under the bed. "May we talk?" She knelt down to better view the spirit. She was able to make out long, gangly arms and a pair of horns, before the creature moved through her. "Excuse me..."
She sniffled and came to a realization...
"Listen, this place isn't your true home. I can help you go back."

The inky creature took a seat on the floor, eyeing the hippo with its piercing white sockets.

"Yes, thank you for your attention,"she evoked a pleasant blue aura as she sat parallel to the creature. "My name is Chance. And you are?"

The creature squinted at the medium, wary of her intentions. As it stared back at her, the hippo's muzzle twitched. The creature took interest in this and made its way closer.

Chance was caught somewhat offguard but remained seated. "Yes, I am mortal... Is that what you are checking?" She sniffled.

The creature took to all fours and rubbed its body against her face, much like an affecionate cat.

"Wait, let's not do tha- ahhh..." It was at this point the hippo rose to her feet.

The creature's tail wagged behind itself as it too stood upright. It towered over Chance by three feet. Its cocked its head as it observed her reaction. Was it enjoying this?

The hippo inhaled through her mouth and exhaled through her snout, intending to rid herself of the impurities distracting it.
"Now, I'd like to help you. Can you tell me where you're from?"

The pitch black creature shook its head.
It wasn't particularily interested in leaving.

Chance tapped her foot. "Just because you don't have a mouth doesn't mean you can't communicahh.. communicate."

The shadowy thing's eyes lit up. It slid its whip-like tail to her snout and let the triangular tip trace back and forth.

"Stahhh...stop that," the medium sputtered as she swatted the tail ftom her face.

The creature flinched. No one ever hit it before.... It wasn't having that. It came at her face with a lightning fast hand.

The medium gasped, not from fright. But the spirit's hand had phased through her snout and into her nasal passages. "What are you doi-"

The creature transformed its hand into a feathery texture and tickled her allergic passages.

"'ve faaahhh-ahhh...found me out?"
Yes, the strange truth of the matter was that this hippo was quite allergic to demons. Though she's never faced one before who used this to their advantage.
She attempted to push the creature away, but its body merely passed through her hands.
" little....demon..."

The inky demon watched as the hippo's need to sneeze grew, her third eye began to close. It continued to work its black magic on the her stubborn nostrils. Though they twitched, they were resilient in their efforts to fight back.

"Haaah....haahhh....haahhh..." She tried to wipe the increasing itch away, but the demon's touch was far stronger. The feathery digits teased her nose beyond what she could tolerate.
"Haaahhhh...ahhhhh...ahhhh...! Haaachooo!"
The demon and the colorful hues faded from her sight.
"We'll just try this again!" The medium closed her eyes and began to steady her breath.

The demon wasn't going to have her try to spoil its fun. Before she was able to summon her astral energy, the demon reignited her nose.

"Haaahhh...haaaahh..." Though she could no longer see it, she had no problem feeling the teasing demon's touch. "Hah...! Hachooo!"

This was too much fun for the shadowy being.
Its sneezy mischief continued until Chance managed to call out, "demon of shadow, power over me! Demon of shadow, will no longer be!"

With a hiss, the demon reeled backward. It was as though it had been slapped with a fiery hot hand. The pain quickly subsided. But now the demon was more determined than ever to prove itself!

"Finally," Chance took a moment to catch her breath. She thought she had finally quelled the shadowy being. But it possessed more strength than she thought... An intense itch overtook her right nostril. It wriggled as the sensation followed it inside.

An unwanted guest had shrank its form and took to playing inside Chance's muzzle. The demon rubbed itself against the shuddering wall. Its mere touch caused puffy redness.


Her hitching breath excited the demon.
It allowed itself to be pulled in deeper, tickling her reactive nasal passages along the way.

"Haahh... Demaahh...demon of shahhhdow, power over me," the medium began.

Knowing well what she was trying to do, the demon allowed its tail to lengthen. It was enjoying her company far too much for it to be interrupted. The shadowy tail dipped down out of her nostril.

The medium's nostrils flared out helplessly. Her once purplish flesh was now red along the edges.
"Ahhhh...haahhh..demon of shaaahhhdow," she gasped between powerful breaths.
The demon's tail wriggled under the skirt of her dress. Its triangular tip gingerly massaged Chance's vulva.
Her efforts to finish the spell halted as her sneezy eyes opened in surprise.
"Ohhh....haahhh...ahhhh...a different sort of distraction, hm?" She smirked at the demon's gall. "That won' on me...."

The demon was absolutely fascinated. Every other mortal it had encountered had been frightened of its presence. But it sensed nothing of the sort with this one.
The nasal walls surrounding it creaked as its overstimulating fingers tickled its host.

"Haaahhh...ahhhh....ahhhh....!" As her sneeze revved up, the demon's tail tip enticingly stroked her clit. Her breath grew heavy from the combined sensations. "Haaahhh...demon of...shaahh....ahhh!...dow, power over of....mmmmm...meee...haaahhh...ahhh..demon of shahhh...haaahhh...haahh! HAAAH! HAAACHOOO!" As the explosive sneeze left her, her clit shuddered with need.

"Ohhhhh...." Covered in an aroused blush, the medium relented to try her spell again. "Demon of....mmmmm...."  the tail tip teased circles against her throbbing clit, all the while its upper body worked on coaxing another sneeze. Chance didn't want to admit it to herself, but, this was starting to be fun. Even thrilling!

"Demon of shahhhdow," she began in a breathy gasp. "Power over me. ...ahhha...hahhh... mmmmm..."
Her quivering nostrils expanded to the point where they could fit a bowling ball into each hole. "Haaaaahhh...! Demon of shaaahhh...shadow..." It was at this point the demon slid its tail tip into the hippo's vagina and pulsed.
The sneeze erupted from her powerful snout at the very moment she climaxed, combining into the most pleasurable release she's ever felt.

The skunk heard Chance cry out. Mistaking her moaning for cries of pain, she hurried to the hippo's purse. "There's gotta be something in here to save her!"

"Demon..."she sniffled, causing the shadow being to rise to the roof of her inner nose. "What's your goal here?"
She waited a few moments before a deeprooted tickle started to build once more.
"Mmmm...ahhhh....hahhh..." Her nostrils flared as the tickly itch grew. She found it strange that she was looking forward to this sneeze. "Ahhhhaaahhhh...hahhh...

The skunk tossed out various paper charms and beads. "No... where's the good stuff? Where's the heavy duty ghost killer?"
Frantic, she dumped the purse upside down.

The hippo's mouth opened wider with every breathy hitch. "Haahhh...mmmm....ahhhh...!"
She found her own hand reaching under her dress and joining the demon's tail tip.

Harloe sifted through the pile of mystical potions, vials, and charms. When finally she spotted it. "Oh finally! Something useful!"
She took up a small tub labled "祝福你" and read the instructions on the back.

The demon slide its tail tip to back into the hippo's vagina. Upon entering it changed its form into that of a vibrator, and began a low hum.

Her snout wriggled, her hips buckled. Chance was so into the pleasure building inside her that she didn't notice the skunk.

The demon was loving this! It crawled its way into the hippo's sensitive sinuses. Merely standing by them caused Chance's entire snout to quake.

"HAAAAH....!" The medium's chest expanded.

At this moment, Harloe removed the lid and dumped the powdery contents onto Chance's nose.

"AHHHHHHAAAAHHHH...!" At her powerful inhale, she unknowingly pulled the powder into her trembling, teased nostrils.

The demon felt the orange powder as it made its way to Chance's ever sensitive sinuses. It curiously observed the foreign debris.

Medium Chance's muzzle itched.
It twitched. "AHHHHH...! AHHHH....!
It burned and longed for release.
"AHHHH...! Mmmmm....yesss....! ...HAHHHH!"

The demon's tantalizing tail tip upped its speed, sending a greater pulse of pleasure through its plaything's wet vagina.

The hippo's quivering nostrils longed to flare out beyond their extent.
She moaned at the combined pleasure of both releases.

"Bless you," squeaked the skunk. This scene was getting a little too weird for her.

The medium's nostril's were overtaken by a sudden burning need to sneeze. "AHHHH....HAAAHHHH....HAAAA...!"

The demon cocked its head. This wasn't its doing.

The hippo's nostrils throbbed as much as her well stimulated clit. "AHHHHH.....mmmmm...!....HAAAHHH....! OHHHH... GOD! Any moment now....!"

The demon reeled its tail tip out of Chance's dripping vagina and clung to her nasal walls.

Her reddened nostrils trembled with every breath.

The explosive sneeze tore the shelves off the wall.

"Bless you," repeated the skunk. She pretended not to notice the puddle forming under the medium.

The hippo sniffled. "Hehhh..."

The demon looked about its surroundings. The entire inside of Chance's muzzle was now covered in the powder.

"HAAHHHH....! AHHHH....mmmmm...!"
Her mouth gaped wide as she took in her every breath.

Her chest heaved as the air filled her lungs.

Harloe hurried to her window and thrust it open. As the hippo sat there in an apparent sneezy euphoria, she tried to help her up.

The demon tried its best not to lose its grasp, but the powder had a strange numbing effect on its body. It slowly fell to the floor of the hippo's passage.


Chance's hips wiggled in anticipation for her next release.

"Oh no, not yet," shouted the skunk as she pushed the hippo's massive nose in the direction of the window.

A mighty blast exploded from the hippo, sending the unseen demon soaring into the sky."

"Bless you," Harloe repeated a third time.

Chance's last sneeze cleared the remainder of the spell-laced powder from her deeply sensitive nose. "Ohhhh..."
She shivered as her final orgasm faded.
"I've NEVER had an experience like that! Wow!..."
The hippo fanned herself as she made her way to the door.
"So you found my purification powder, eh?"

"Y-yeah," Harloe stammered. She was relieved to have her place demon -free, but was honestly flustered from what she just witnessed.

"I'll uh, send you a check for...all the mess."
She blushed as she took her leave.

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Re: [F+induced+hippo+paranormal+mature] A Cleansing Sneeze
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2018, 05:29:43 AM »
That wasn’t defiantly, something. Incredibly fun and enjoyable, with an imteresting concept. Bravo, bravo

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Re: [F+induced+hippo+paranormal+mature] A Cleansing Sneeze
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2018, 02:14:54 PM »
   Certainly a novel concept. Allergic to demons? Certain I've never seen that before, haha! A pretty innovative way to banish them as well. Also, I like that you've incorporated more obscure species into your stories; I had to look up what a hognosed skunk looked like. Finally, I loved the foreshadowing of the powder done with the protective necklace.
   Overall, a very intriguing idea made into a well-written, enjoyable read.  ;D

   (PS I plugged the characters into Google Translate, and appreciate the play on words. Very clever.)
I'm here to contribute. No, seriously! Guuuuuys, I'm serious! :P

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Re: [F+induced+hippo+paranormal+mature+explicit] A Cleansing Sneeze
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2018, 05:34:36 AM »
Wow!  I am really enjoying your stories.  You have quite a talent for describing buildups and creating anticipation.

And you've come up with some creative situations as well.  This was very different and unique.  I liked it! ^^  Keep it up.

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Re: [F+induced+hippo+paranormal+mature+explicit] A Cleansing Sneeze
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2018, 06:41:31 PM »
Thank y'all so much!

I wasn't sure how this one would be recieved, but I'm glad to see that it was quite positive. .u.