Author Topic: [F+cold+crocodile+dino+surprise Earthbound fic!] A Wetnosaur's Sore Nose  (Read 1073 times)

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The Lost Underworld was usually a humid paradise for reptiles and dinosaurs alike. It had been quite some time since Ness and his friends had paid the place a visit. Some say that may be why this place had became so unseasonably chilly...

One Wetnosaur in particular was feeling the affects of the unpleasant weather. These creatures are similar to the tyrannosaurus in height but with a plumper frame. Her large black nose wriggled as an icy breeze blew past.
Wanting to seek somewhere warmer, the great green dinosaur took to the icy waters and swam as far as she could tolerate.

Hours past and the sky grew dark.
The Wetnosaur was unspeakably tired, but still she pressed on. She was just about to doze midstroke when she felt the tempature rise around her. The lake she was swimming into connected with a vibrant forest, brimming with sleepy crickets and eager songbirds.

Happily she splashed her way onto land. "Finally," she stretched out her chilled body with a yawn. The gentle warmth of the morning sun fell upon her weary scales. The wetnosaur soon drifted into a comfortable slumber.

A pair of crocodiles were making their way back from a hunt when they caught sight of a stranger basking in their territory.
"Whaddya make o' this," the smallest of the two asked.

The larger one encircled the sleeping dinosaur, eyeing her up and down.
"She's from some place tropical."
The crocodile cocked her head.
"She's too big to take one-on-one, but maybe we can psyche her out into leaving."


"What," the larger crocodile glanced at her small friend.

She just shrugged. "Wa'n't me."

The nose of the slumbering dino had gained a pinkish hue. Her nostrils flared and her mouth gaped, but neither croc took notice.

The greater of the two crocs stamped her foot at the other.
"Look, just because I let you in on my fear of ghosts doesn't mean you can prank me with it!"

"But I'm not, honest," cried the other croc,  nervously wringing her tail.

 It was at this point the building urge awoke the wetnosaur.
"Ahhhh.....!" Her eyes shut tight.
A ferocious blast hit the smaller crock, sending her into a small bush.

"Bri!" The larger crocodile retrieved her friend from the foilage.

"I'm good," Bri squeaked.

The wetnosaur sniffled, her now pink nose shuddered. "Oops."

"Oops?! That's all you gave to say?!"
The head crocodile bared her deadly jaws at the intrusive dinosaur.
"You could've hurt my friend!"

Wetnosaurs are a solitary type, so friendship seemed a superfluous thing to her.
"Well I didn't," she responded flatly.

Bri joined her friend. "You jerk! It's go time!" The two stood side by side, parallel to the sniffling dinosaur.

The wetnosaur rose her mighty foot in the air in preparation to stomp, but a heavy gasp threw her off.
Her bulbous nose shivered at the tickle welling inside itself.

Taking this opportunity to strike, the head crocodile took hold of her enemy's suspended leg and bit down hard.

The dinosaur's chest heaved with every inhale. "Ahhh....ahhh....haaahhh...!"
Her mouth gaped as she took aim at the croc on her ankle.

A fierce wind expelled from the dinosaur's sensitive nostrils, whipping the ankle-bound croc like a kite in the breeze. Despite this, the crocodile's grip remained ever firm.

Bri turned her backside to the dinosaur and slammed her spiky tail into its rotund stomach.

The painful blow caused the dinosaur to stagger back a few steps and hiss.
Her tall frame brushed against some flowering trees. The pollen-laced blooms rained down on her nose.
An itch caused her to sniff, but it only made it grow.
"Ahhh..."Her nostrils flared.
The inner walls of her nasal passages grew red.
Allergic inflammation toyed with an already teased nose.

Bri flashed her sharp grin at her helpless enemy.
She whipped her tail into the Wetnosaur's exposed stomach again and again.

Every sharp blow forced the dinosaur to breathe in more air, and more troublingly, more pollen. "Ahhhh.....!.....HAAAAHHH!

With all the damage she's inflicted upon her, Bri was sure that this dinosaur was at dwindling hp.
She was about to strike the final blow when:

The wetnosaur erupted.
Her gaping nostrils trembled with overstimulation.

The last sneeze knocked the small croc back by six yards.

Suddenly the head croc's nostrils wriggled. "Ha...."
She had no allergies. Though she was the sort to think things over until she found the cause, pondering the root of her nasal irritation only made it worse.
Despite the growing tickle, she strained herself to keep her jaws clamped tight.

The wetnosaur was too preoccupied with her own nose to notice her ankle-biter's growing issue. "Ahhhhh....ahhhh..."
Her wide pink nostrils flared.
An itchy tickle resided in her sinuses.
How she craved the comfort of release.

The large croc could barely keep her mouth shut.
Wait... had this dinosaur MADE her sick?
Her jaw unclamped as her sneeze propelled her backwards.
 Staring at the end of her snout she could see her own nostrils becoming inflamed.
"How da-ahhh dare you come here and get me sick?!" Just as she sank her teeth into the meat of the dinosaur's stomach, the wetnosaur pointed her trembling nose her way.

"Haaahhh.....!....Haa...!! HAAAAACHOO!" A spray with the force of a high power firehose blasted the large croc into the water.

The croc rose to the water's surface with her jaws opening.
Her reddening nostrils quivered.
"Gahhh....ahhhh....ahhh...ahhh.. !"

Bri watched the two curiously.
She had been sneezed on too but she wasn't sick. Glancing about for something useful, she spied an array of powdery flowers by some herbs she had for breakfast. She took up a mouthful of goldenrods and approached the wetnosaur.
"Do me a favor, wouldja?"

The dinosaur curiously knelt to the small crocodile. "Why should I?"

"...Um." Not one for clever one-liners she had no real response, but opted to jamming the golden end of the floral bundle into her enemy's running nose.

The dinosaur's nostrils were on fire. "HAAAHHHH.....AHHHHH!"
Her head tilted back with every heaving breath.

Bri hurried to her friend's side.

The larger crocodile was stuck in a presneeze daze, too distracted to move.

"C'mon, we need ta head for cover!"
She took her friend by clawed hand and swam to her den.


The wetnosaur's every hitch, like a tornado in reverse, pulled things towards herself.
The tiniest leaf landed one of her quaking nostrils.

This explosive sneeze sent her flying off into a distant land. The forceful exepulsion uprooted a milesworth of  the forest.

"Gaaahhhchooo," the head croc thrust her head as she sneezed.
Her nostrils flared at the approaching release.

"That dumb dino brought her dumb cold with her," Bri growled as she lay something by her friend.


Her tickly sinuses were crying out for relief.

"Eat these herbs," she nodded towards the colorful plant.
"They can make the sneezes knock it off."

As if the cold within the croc's nise heard this, it revved up another eruption.
Her throbbing nostrils widened.
"Gaaaahhhh.....Ahhhh... AHHH!"
Her mouth opened wider like it was competing with cavernous nostrils.
The healing herbs disappeared in the sneezy wind.

"Oh well. I'll stick with ya 'til you're feeling better," Bri said with a nuzzle.

The large croc wiped her snout. "I mean, thanks."

( I was reading about Earthbound and I learned that party members could be afflicted with a cold.
Every time the affected part member sneezes,
it saps 4 hp from their overall health.
I thought it was neat. :p

It sparked a quick fic. :B )

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Haaaah, that is cute.  Earthbound is great.
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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This is pretty darn awesome! <3

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Thanks, y'all. .u.

Though I feel this one came out a bit less polished than my other stories. 

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Oh my goodness! A sneezy dinosaur story based on one of my all time favorite games? Gaaaah you're the best!~ XP
Frankly, it's surprising there's not more like this for that big-nosed dino :p
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Coochie coo, you'll sneeze soon~