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[F + Macro] Emma the Emerald Dragoness
« on: July 23, 2018, 01:37:13 AM »
   Well, I've been meaning to post this, but, true to form, I managed to put it off until now. Bit of a disclaimer: this is the first story I've ever posted - anywhere. Constructive criticism is certainly allowed and appreciated.  :)

   Just for a bit of context, I've always loved huge, fantastical sneezes, especially from macros. I also like dragons, but am more partial to windy instead of fiery sneezes as you will see. Also, I use the words "tiny" and "micro" in relation to the macro. Adam is a perfectly normal-sized wolf by any other definition.

   So, without further ado...


   Adam had been sitting on the hillside, looking out over the rooftops of all the houses in his hometown. It was early evening, and the sun was still bright in the sky, though starting to set. The air was calm and still. He looked at his watch for the hundredth time since he had arrived at the overlook, sighing before rubbing his grey, lupine ears.

   “Maybe I forgot something,” he reasoned. “Maybe we agreed on tomorrow afternoon.”

   Swiping his phone out of his pocket, he checked his messages again.

   “Two at the ridge?”

   “Sounds great!”

   He sighed again.

   “Nope, didn’t forget,” he said dejectedly.

   Adam stared down past his black shirt -- which bared the logo of his favorite band -- to the bouquet he had arranged just for the occasion. In his hands was a bundle of bright-red snapdragons symmetrically organized into three concentric circles -- perfect, he reckoned, for the company he was waiting for. He thought back to why he had come here. A few days ago, he was checking his profile on Macro Meets Micro, a dating site that specializes in inter-size relationships, when he discovered that he had finally been matched with another user. Her name was Emma, and Adam was smitten with her instantly. She was a beautiful, emerald-scaled dragoness, though Adam was sure she was some goddess from mythology. Her eyes shone like gemstones; her cream-colored underbelly -- at least what wasn’t covered by a snow-white toga -- glimmered in the sunlight; her figure widened, shrank, and widened again in a way he had only dreamed of; and her bosom was impossibly endowed. Adam replied almost immediately, and the two spoke for hours online, though he sensed she was a bit shy. By the end of it, they had set up their first date, and Adam was never happier.

   Now, he hung his head in his hands, feeling lost. He struggled to cope with his growing sense of disappointment. Defeated, he fell backwards to lie on the grassy slope, watching the wispy clouds high in the sky dance around each other. Closing his eyes, Adam entered into his own head, thinking of all the ways his present issue might have been his own fault. He wasn’t able to think for long.

   Suddenly, he heard a noise that shook him out of his present stupor. A rustling as though something had crashed into a bush came from behind him. Sitting back up, he pointed his ears backwards, and the sound repeated itself. It was as if several animals were taking turns shaking the brush in a regular pattern that resembled...footsteps! Adam whipped his head around just in time to notice it was not the bushes or even the animals making the sounds but rather the heavenly shape of a 50-foot dragoness finally breaking through the trees and into the clearing. Adam’s eyes were fixed as he watched her push her considerable hips sideways through the last two trees of the canopy.

   She took a moment to brush herself free of twigs and leaves before examining her new surroundings. Scenting the air, her eyes were drawn forwards, and she saw Adam sitting on the other side of the field. With a mixture of nervousness and elation, she met his gaze.

   “Um, sorry I’m late,” Emma apologized, her cheeks filling with blush visible through her scales. “The forest is pretty dense,” she pointed out as she lowered her sight to the ground.

   Adam was awestruck. She was everything he had hoped for and more! Much more, in fact. Though he had signed up on Macro Meets Micro specifically for this purpose, her size exceeded even his most generous estimates. If it wasn’t for the distance currently between them, he would have had to strain his neck just to lock eyes with her. Thankfully, his current position meant he could take her in all at once.

   “Uh, no. That was my fault. I guess I didn’t consider just how, um, someone of your...stature would struggle to get here,” he said, finding his voice again.

   Emma, still averting her eyes, replied.

   “Oh, that’s okay. I haven’t exactly been forthright about my...stature either.”

   Adam saw his opportunity in her aversion. He quickly snatched up the bouquet from earlier, stood up, and hid it behind himself, being sure to lean backwards to block her elevated line of sight. He had no intention of spoiling his surprise before she could even see it. Mustering his courage, he began to approach his towering date.

   “Don’t get the wrong idea. You’re even more breathtaking than I dreamed,” he admired.

   Upon hearing his compliment, the heat spread from Emma’s face to her heart.

   “Oh, well, thank you!” she exclaimed, finally facing Adam again with a pleasantly surprised face.

   She hadn’t expected someone so flattering, and she watched as he strode up to meet her. She had to admit, it was a great change of pace to watch one of the tiny people advance towards her with such confidence. Emma always found the small people adorable, but this tiny was particularly cute in the way he so nonchalantly walked up to her colossal frame. By the time he stopped moving, Emma was forced to lean forwards to see him past her tremendous bust.

   “No problem; just telling it like it is,” he stated. Adam now had to look skyward to hold their conversation, and he saw the dragoness’ eyes and prodigious muzzle protruding from over her chest.

   “You’re very sweet,” Emma answered. “Well, if this is the place...”

   At that moment, Emma had decided to sit down. She always felt it was good manners to do so around smaller folk as it lessened the gap between her and them. She leaned back onto her hands before parking her sizable backside on the ground and throwing both legs over to the side. When she was done, she was sat on her right hip leaning on the same-side arm for support.

   To Adam, this simple act caused noticeable vibrations to move through the ground, and he took a step back to stabilize himself. He couldn’t resist glimpsing at her cloth-wrapped chest as it shook slightly from the impact.

   “There, that should make it easier to talk,” Emma chimed.

   “Certainly,” Adam agreed, “but could you bring me a bit closer? I brought something for you.”

   Emma had taken a liking to this wolf guy in the last couple of minutes, and the fact that he had brought her a gift on their first date only enamored her more.

   “Of course,” she said as she extended a clawed hand palm-up onto the ground.

   Adam promptly hopped aboard, and he was lifted gently to stand before her immense face.

   “I wonder what he has,” Emma thought.

   She sniffed the air lightly, trying to get a clue. Besides the smell of Adam, she detected something else, but what was it exactly? It was so familiar, but she had trouble placing it. Was it a sweet scent? Yes. Fragrant? Kind of. But what struck her the most was the new-found itch inside her snoot. Against her better judgment, Emma decided to ignore it for now. Snorting softly, she flexed her nares to relieve the tickle. She smiled slightly and looked at Adam through crossed-eyes standing at the end of her snout.

   “Emma, I hope you can appreciate my humor. I thought it would be fitting that my lovely dragoness were to have these!” he proclaimed.

   At once, he presented his bouquet of snapdragons plainly in front of her face. He beamed proudly, eyes shut and mouth grinning hugely, waiting for a gasp of excitement.

   When Emma saw the colorful flowers being held so uncomfortably close to her nose, she did indeed gasp, but not with excitement. Instead, her breath had caught somewhere between an expression of horror and the first of many hitched intakes. Unbeknownst to Adam, Emma had a very sensitive nose and a monstrous allergy to snapdragons.

   Before she could even protest, a wave of tiny, tickly pollen particles flooded both of her nostrils. She could feel the allergic tremors traveling through her nasal passages, and her nostrils gave a long, protracted flare.

   “Oh, no! Not snapdragons!” she thought.

   Emma was well acquainted with the perils of her sneezes. Unfortunately, she had gotten unlucky in the sternutation department. In addition to having an unstable nose, she had grown up to possess the most cataclysmic sneezes in recent history. Memories of forests being flattened and a small village ceasing to exist after a tragic run-in with a spice market came back to her. All of this was exacerbated by the fact that she also had a poor technique to her sneezing. Instead of letting them happen and aiming into the sky -- as most macros were wont to do -- Emma had a nasty habit of freezing up when her nose tickled, meaning anything in the blast zone when she started was certain to watch the spectacle to completion. Par for the course, she always tried holding back her sneeze, which let it build inside of her until it was inevitably released in a near-atomic burst ten times as bad as any of her kin’s. She had to tell Adam that he had made a big mistake.

   “’re is very thoughtful, b-but...Heh!”

   This was a nightmare! Emma could feel the irritants deep inside her sinuses, and her trembling voice was struggling to provide any warning of the coming storm. A sneeze had never struck her this quickly before.

   “But what?” Adam asked.

   He finally opened his eyes to see Emma’s shifting face. He saw her snout move back and forth and her nostrils flare terribly. He watched as allergic tears began to form in the corners of both her incandescent green eyes.

   “Aw, it’s okay. You don’t have to cry,” he assured as he remained completely oblivious to the situation at hand.

   Emma, meanwhile, was busy being overwhelmed by the persistent tickle running through her face.

   “N-NO! Y-you don’t understaa...uhhHH!...HUUHHH!!” Emma’s eyes began to close, until she was basically squinting at Adam and his bothersome bouquet. “ I have t-to...toooo....HUUUUHHH!!...HUUUUUUUUUUUHHH!!!”

   Adam observed as Emma’s mouth began to hang open, revealing her rows of pearl-white teeth, and he felt a strong breeze coming from behind him. His stomach dropped as he began to put two and two together.

   “Have to, uh, what, Emma?” he asked, more-so out of fear than ignorance.

   Emma felt her nostrils quiver as the flowers continued to tease her sensitive nose. Jamming a finger under her huge nose, she attempted once more to alert Adam.

   “The-the flowers I...I’m a...AHHH!... AAAAAH!!...AAAHHHHhllergic to them! I...*sniff*...I’m gonna...HUH!...gonnaaaaHUUUUHHHH!!!...GONNA!!!!”

   Emma cut her sentence short as she rammed her finger hard into her snout, squishing her tingling nostrils against her knuckle. Adam’s vision was filled with the inside of her mouth as her breaths had widened it to the point where it gaped open, large enough to swallow him whole. Fortunately, Emma had denied the sneeze victory, if only for a moment.

   “Adam *sniff* my nose tickles bad. I-I’m gonna sneehee...I’m gonna SNEEEEE...gonnaSNEEEEEEEZZZZZEE!!!”

   In defiance, Emma’s sneeze came barreling back into her nose stronger than before. Her eyes slammed shut as more tears came streaming down the sides of her face. Adam, acting completely on instinct, threw the bouquet as far away as he could and leapt onto Emma’s nose-turned-timebomb. Kneeling on her finger and clutching the sides of her snout, he squeezed as hard as his limbs would allow, hoping that with his help she might keep control and fend off the approaching disaster.

   “Wait, Emma, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were allergic to snapdragons! Don’t sneeze!” he pleaded, desperately trying to help her hold back the impending nasal explosion.

   “NUUUHHHH!!!...NO, ADAM!..The-thUHHHHH!!! IS TOO BIIIIIIIG!!!” Emma begged as her already massive chest began to heave and expand with the air being sucked into her lungs.

   “Emma, please! Just hold it back!!” he cried.

   Adam could feel the air pound into him every time Emma had another hitch. He tightened his hold, now afraid of being inhaled himself.

   “HUUUUHUUUH!!...HUUUUUUUUUHH!!!...HOOOOOOOHH, Adam! I...GAHAAAAAAHHH!!!...I just gottaaaaAAAAAAHHHH...!!!” Emma yelled.

   She knew that there was only one way this was going to end, and she hoped Adam would be okay afterwards.

   Looking across at her now shut eyes and down at her puffed out chest, Adam wondered if Emma’s fantastic sneeze would be the last thing he witnessed in his life.

   “Not a bad way to go,” he thought. “Sneezed on by the hottest dragon babe on Earth.”

   He began to give in to his fate, accepting whatever happened next as he let Emma resolve the war in her snout.

   “HUUUUHHHHH!!!...HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHH!!!.....HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!” Emma, having given up on the finger under her nose and having both hands free, prayed her new boyfriend would withstand the blast.


   Adam watched starstruck as every tree and blade of grass in the vicinity was drawn in the direction of the dragoness’ powerful lungs. If Emma had been aimed at the sky, Adam was sure he would have entered orbit.


   Just like the goddess Adam believed her to be, Emma sneezed with a force that could have been a named hurricane. Adam was pummeled with a furious column of air and propelled at an incredible speed off of the end of her nose. As he watched his trajectory, he noticed he was heading straight for the tree tops, which had now been stripped of their leaves. He crashed through twigs and branches, at one point being knocked completely around and getting a good view of Emma as her chest deflated like a balloon. Then, the back of his head slammed into the trunk of a tree, and he faded to black.

   When he opened his eyes again, Adam could see he was still in the trees - a pine tree it seemed - sitting with his back on a trunk and a branch between his legs. He then noticed Emma’s colossal form bent over to look at him, giving him an altogether too clear view of her generous cleavage.

   “Adam! Thank goodness, you’re okay!” she cheered.

   Emma had relished in the feeling of her release, but as soon as her lungs had emptied themselves, she was overtaken by concern for the tiny she had just sneezed on.

   “Yeah, that’s a serious sneeze you’ve got there.” Adam groaned, the pain of hurtling through a forest finally coming over him. “It was really hot though,” he added absentmindedly.

   Emma blinked in confusion.

   “W-what?” Had she heard him correctly? The tiny she nearly just sneezed into next week thought that it was...attractive?

   “Uh, no, wait! I, uh, what I...” Adam, realizing his slip up, decided to come clean. “Well, I’ve always loved big sneezes. And a bigger girl means a bigger sneeze. It’s, uh, kinda the reason I joined Macro Meets Micro in the first place,” he explained with his face getting hot.

   Emma was slowly becoming ecstatic. She knew that her sneezes were incredibly dangerous, yet she had always enjoyed them. The feeling of immense power that came with one of her releases and, to a lesser extent, how it terrified people was always exiting. Though raised as a gentle soul, Emma still retained some of her inborn draconic lust for power. This had manifested as a secret love of sneezing. Grinning, she decided to indulge him.

   “Well, I’m a...pretty sneezy girl,” she cooed, “and if it’s BIG sneezes you came for, you won’t find any better.”

   To emphasize her point, she leaned in closer, flaring and unflaring her nostrils teasingly. She had thought of her sneezes as a menace to those around her -- to hear someone consider them an asset was sort of new, and she wanted to jump on the opportunity.

   “I think *sniff* I think w-we might ha..haaAA..have a mutually beneficial *sniff* relationship,” she suggested, though her speech was marred by the sounds of sneeziness.

   Adam couldn’t believe his ears.

   “Really? That’s great, Emma! But, uh, there’s no need to tease me with roleplay now. I’ve had my fill for today,” he chuckled.

   Tears returned to Emma’s eyes. “Adam I’m...huuuUHH!!...*sniff*...actually n-not playing. I think th-the pine is making me...muh-making me....HUUUUUUHH!!”

   Adam looked up in terror as he watched the gargantuan dragoness accidentally vacuum several bundles of powerfully-scented pine needles straight into her two bulging face cannons.

   He sighed and shook his head. “Careful what you wish for Adam. Careful what you wish for.”


And there you have it.

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Re: [F + Macro] Emma the Emerald Dragoness
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2018, 05:10:33 AM »
I like the idea of a dating site that specializes in pairing macros and micros. It opens up more possibilities for characters like Adam and Emma. The two shared cute chemistry together. :)

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Re: [F + Macro] Emma the Emerald Dragoness
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2018, 03:24:09 PM »
Part 2 maybe?

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Re: [F + Macro] Emma the Emerald Dragoness
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2018, 06:43:38 AM »
This was well written I enjoyed it!

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Re: [F + Macro] Emma the Emerald Dragoness
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2018, 01:26:53 PM »
Very well written and descriptive.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story and would love to see a part 2.  Perhaps not immediately following this story's conclusion, but perhaps a few weeks/months later for them?  They go off to a remote location to indulge in Emma's enormous sneezes, perhaps?  Just an idea, but I'd really love to just see more of your writing.  :3

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Re: [F + Macro] Emma the Emerald Dragoness
« Reply #5 on: July 24, 2018, 01:40:27 PM »
Awesome! Great job. Hope you do a part 2. Lots of potential for where this could go x)