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A Serpentine Trunk [F+elephant+anthro)
« on: September 16, 2018, 06:53:13 AM »
  It was a humid evening in the Indian jungle.
It had been over a week since the last rain.
Many animals were driven desperate by the intense heat, resorting to seek water in the bordering man village.
The smaller, non-predatory creatures could get away with this. But those with hunting teeth and claws knew doing so would mean certain death, for man is a skiddish being. When afraid, he kills what frightens him.

  A young but wary feline crept through the dense flora of the jungle. He was Arjun, an Asian Golden Cat, no larger than a jackal. 
Though this was only his second Summer, he knew what hazards to avoid. He panted from the heat and longed to find a cool tree to lay beneath.

  His paws moved silently along the forest floor as he listened for any sign of danger. Nothing but the sounds of a bustling jungle night. He purred softly at the comforting ambience and set his sights on a thick mossy banyan tree.

  The feline lazily stretched before cozying up beneath the shady tree. The cool shadow of the great tree put him at ease. The golden cat took the opportunity to bathe, starting with his left foreleg.
As he began to groom he caught sight of a slender grey thing sliding along the grass.

  Arjun kept completely still as the serpent manuvered itself closer. He had heard stories about this animal...
It was capable of devouring  even the most fearsome tiger! Trembling, the feline clenched his eyes shut.
'No matter what, don't open them. ...That's how they get you,' he thought.

  Grass rustled as the serpent moved closer. Terrified, the cat rose to his feet and blindly tried to run for it.

  "Aw, don't be that way," cooed a
soft voice as it entangled his leg.

  The golden cat sputtered and fluffed his fur.
"Let go or I'll kill you!"
He furiously slashed the air around himself, still afraid to open his eyes.

  An amused giggle prompted him to stop.
"Done making a fool of yourself?"
The serpent's length loosened only to start wrapping around Arjun's middle.

  "Let go!" Knowing his only chance of surviving this meant looking at his threat, he opened his panicked eyes.

  What he saw was perplexing...far more frightening than the python he had expected! The serpent entwining itself around him was connected to that of a man. No, not a man, but a female human.
The "snake" was in the center of her face. Large, flat grey ears sprouted from either side of her face, peering out from lengthy raven hair.
"You're smaller than I wanted, but you will have to do."

  Arjun hissed as the human-like being had him completely in her grasp. Foot after foot of "snake" wrapped round him, like that of an enormous fleshy rope. It wasn't until he saw the "serpent's" head that he realized just how helpless he was.
The fleshy pink "head" stared back at him with two...holes? Air gently pulled into the holes only to exhale it right back.
The golden cat cocked his head.
"It's a trunk...?"

  The elephant-like woman tightened her grip on her trapped prey. "It won't be much longer, little one."

  The feline coughed in pain as the constriction tightened. "HSSS!"
Trying to wiggle free, he braced himself against the entwining trunk and wriggled like mad. Strands of his fluffy summer coat shed against the rough texture of her skin.

  "Stop wiggling. You will only prolong your dea-....ahh...death." She snorted and returned to tightening her grip.

  The rise in her breath perked the cat's ears. He rubbed against the fleshy part of the trunk.

Bits of fur fluff lodged in her nostrils. "Hhhh...."

  He watched as her nose shuddered at the tickly fur being pulled in.

  "Ihhhh...." She blew a sharp puff of air to free her trunk of the irritant.

  An idea hatched. Arjun rubbed his head all over her trunk tip. Fluff immediately clung to the elephant creature's nostrils.

Her itchy nostrils twitched as her breathing only brought in more of the irritant.

  The plucky cat pressed his furry face against the now shivering organ. His bristly whiskers poked the inside of her irritated nasal walls.

Her nares gaped as she inhaled, unable to stop.

  He could feel the trunk around him writhing with the need to expel.
There's no way she could sneeze while holding him in her grasp.

The suction of her breath pulled more loose fur into her reddening trunk.

  Arjun tried to pull his face away but the power of her hitching suction was too great.

Fur strands, feline dander, and all sorts of debris littered the inside of the woman's twitchy nasal passages.
Her trunk wobbled in its struggle to maintain its hold on its prey.

  The golden cat whimpered as his head began to be sucked inside a very red nostril. All he could do was brush his ear against a puffy wall, hoping to be freed.

  The will of her trunk soon overpowered that of her stomach.

Her trunk unwound as longing, breathy hitches filled her lungs.

  The feline felt his restraint loosen about his body. If only his head had the same luxury.

Her trembling, pinkened trunk rose above the treetops.
Her bust expanded to its brim.
Her sinuses could no longer contain the brewing storm.

  A thunderous sneeze sent the golden cat soaring high into the air.

  But wait...!
"Ahhhhhhhhh.....!" Her powerful hitch caught the cat by the tail.
She crinkled her ticklish trunk as her every hitch reeled Arjun in.


  Once again a very disoriented cat found himsrlf shot high into the air.

  The elephantine woman sniffled as her eyes began to flutter.

"Oh nooo...." Arjun dreaded what was to happen next.

"Ihhhh.....ahhhh...." her trembling nostrils vaccuumed in enormous amounts of air.
Haaaa........ "

  The golden cat found himself sucked deep within the moist, dark trunk.

"Haaa.....!" This breath sucked the cat  deeper within.
"Aaaaahhh....! ...ah...."

  The woman stared at the lump at the bridge of her trunk. "Oh, geh..ah...g-get out you!"

  It was dark, wet and snug. Arjun flailed around in a panic. He was trapped and it was getting hard to breathe! His furry tail struck her sinuses in the process.

  A deep teasing tickle welled up within her lengthy appendage.
Her watery eyes closed tight as her trunk shivered, anticipating what was to happen next.

Her nostrils expanded with every breathy gasp. She held onto a tree to brace herself.
Her writhing trunk then exploded with a ticklish release.

  From her trunk a fierce wind blew.
It sent the terrified golden cat a few miles into the air. Screaming in fright, the poor thing plummeted into a cold river. Arjun hurriedly swam to shore and shook himself dry. "Well, this at least is something pleasant."
Still a bit shaken, he took to lapping up a drink.

  Meanwhile the elephant creature had finished sneezing. She wiped the end of her trunk and scowled.
"This was worse than my peafowl misshap."
Her trunk shuddered at the thought of those long tickly feathers.
Dissppointed by ber lost meal, she retreated back into the shadows of the banyan forest to await her next victim.

  ( I've seen drawings of elephants or anthro elephants using their trunks like serpent coils to ensnare others.
Some of what I've seen branches off into vore.

I'm personally not into vore, but the trunk stuff seemed like it would be fun to work with. Aaaand that's why this fic happened. :B)

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Re: A Serpentine Trunk [F+elephant+anthro)
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2018, 10:21:47 PM »
I liked this story! It was a bit strange to see the elephant almost hunting the cat, but it all worked out in the end I suppose  :D

Also, bonus points for making me look up a new species.

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Re: A Serpentine Trunk [F+elephant+anthro)
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2018, 06:36:05 AM »
Welcome back XD

I enjoyed this story. Although, the part that confused me was the cat being sucked inside. How big is the trunk and how small is that cat? ^^;

Dismissing that, I found it to be a very fun read. It's a unique idea that's never been used around here. :D
I try to do my best, even if I'm not the best.

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Re: A Serpentine Trunk [F+elephant+anthro)
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2018, 11:37:49 PM »
Absolutely wonderful elephant sneezes!

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Re: A Serpentine Trunk [F+elephant+anthro)
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2018, 05:09:09 PM »
this is so good x3