Author Topic: [F + M + Dragon + Feral + Wings of Fire] Scaly Sneezes  (Read 1020 times)

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[F + M + Dragon + Feral + Wings of Fire] Scaly Sneezes
« on: September 25, 2018, 07:08:23 AM »
This is a Wings of Fire RP I just started with Skitchyy on Discord. Skitchyy is playing as a SeaWing-RainWing hybrid named Tulip and a NightWing-RainWing hybrid named Prism. I am playing as a SeaWing named Tuskshell and a SkyWing named Redtail.

"Hh.... Hett--- Ngg'xtt'shiww!!" Rang that high-pitched, bell-like sneeze through the caverns.
There it was again... The familiar sound of sniffling that followed- Had she really gotten a cold again?
It didn't matter; She admitted to liking the sensation.
The embarrassment was a little much for Tulip's young mind, however.
Prism, somehow, was still fast asleep by her little sister's side.
An odd sight to see, really; An unusual bright pink dragon, smaller than the average, next to a semi-bulky, deep twilight black-toned dragon- with only the faintest speckles of brightly colored freckles- sleeping together, non-blood-related siblings, in a shallow, damp cavern.

Both odd variations of rainwings, it was no surprise they had nowhere to fit in, other than with eachother. So, that's exactly what they did.
Nightwings were too aggressive and untruthful for Prism's tastes, and Seawings were much too fancy and strict for Tulip to feel comfortable with. Rainwings were too lazy at the time; the dragonettes' plans hadn't progressed yet, and these little dragons hadn't heard a think about those "Dragonettes of Destiny", other than that obnoxious, yet gloriously harmonial, theme.

"Hff... C-c-come on... W-w-why can't I just sleep in peace..." Tulip whined to herself in a low tone, soft talons pressed against her snout, which was red as a rose, instead of that peachy pink she was used to.
She sat down next to her sleeping sister, wishing she could just relax like her...

Tuskshell emerged from the pool carrying a small snail. He had always had an affinity for aquatic invertebrates. "Hey Tulip. Sick again, I see?", he asked.

"Eep-!!" Tulip let out a startled yelp, seeing the bulky dragon ahead.
"O-ohh--- Y... yeah..." She sniffled, smiling ruefully.

Tuskshell climbed out of the water. He grabbed a piece of cloth from his pouch and offered it to Tulip. "Here.", he said.

"T-t-thanks---" Tulip, carefully held the cloth, rubbing her little irritated snout against it. It was obvious whenever she was sick in any way; A dragonette of such a petite size was liable to get sick easily, and be unable to hide it or get over it like most others. Clearly, she didn't care enough to try and hide it, not like it would do her any better; But she still tried to keep it simple, minescule, the best she could.

"What do you think of the snail I found?" Tuskshell asked as he held the yellow mollusk up to the RainWing.

"Oooo!  It looks cool!! And kinda c-cute!" Her childish interests rang in her high-pitched voice as she stared at the slimy little creature.

"Wanna hold it?", Tuskshell asked.

"Sure!" Tulip jumped up exitedly, her slick tail practically wagging behind her.

Tuskshell held out the snail and carefully placed it in Tulip's talons.

"Oooooo~!" Squeaking out in interest, Tulip, held the little mollusk tenderly, trying her best not to squish it in any way.

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Re: [F + M + Dragon + Feral + Wings of Fire] Scaly Sneezes
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2018, 04:13:39 AM »
Looks fun so far!  I will be interested to see where it goes.

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Re: [F + M + Dragon + Feral + Wings of Fire] Scaly Sneezes
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2018, 12:20:08 PM »
Looks like a good start. Wonder how it'll progress :3
I try to do my best, even if I'm not the best.

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Re: [F + M + Dragon + Feral + Wings of Fire] Scaly Sneezes
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2018, 11:04:14 AM »
Part Two. I am glad to see everyone enjoying this thus far.

Tuskshell felt a tickle in his snout. He turned his head away from tulip and the snail. "aeshoo!!!!", the SeaWing sneezed.

Tulip's ears perked up at the sound. She'd never heard a dragon around Tuskshell's size sneeze in such a small tone/manor; She could barely even stifle her own half the time, especially in such a way.
"B--- Bless you---"

Tuskshell sniffled. "Thanks.", he said. He quickly felt bigger one coming on "Ae'kisheeeeeeeewwww!"

"B-b-bless you again-" Tulip gave a small flustered smile, her tail shifting between her legs as she backed up lightly, still holding the little snail in her front talon.

Tuskshell grabbed the cloth and blew his snout very noisily into it. "Thanks again.", he said.

"N-no problem...!" Tulip paused, her tail wagging oncemore, small wings flittering as she looked around.
"Guess I'm not the only one dealing with a cold..."

"I'm not dealing with a... " Tuskshell began before he was interrupted. "Ae'ksheeeeeeeewwww!!  Haetcheeeeeeeewwww! Ae'eetsheeeeeeeewwww!!! Fide, I'b sick.", he admitted and blew his snout with a nasty sounding gurgle.

"W-w-we're both sick... I-it's just a part of life..." She chuckled, setting down the little snail near the side of the rocky cave.

Tuskshelll picked up the snail and sluggishly proceded to the pool where he found it. He gently put the gastropod down there.

"S-so, what's the plan for the day...? W-w-where's the others...?" Tulip shifted, moving closer to the edge of the cave.

"I don't know. Now that we're sick there's nothing much we can do.", replied Tuskshell.

"G-guess you're right..." She paused, rearing back as her face went red, eyelids sliding half-shut, jaw hanging loose momentarily. Then she snapped forward openly, unable to cover the light spray aimed at the ground.
"Heish'EWww'!! Ngxxt'Hheww'!!"

"Wow. Bless you.", Tuskshell said handing Tulip the cloth.

"Hfff--- Thags---" She sniffled, blowing her snout wetly into the cloth, streaks of embarrassed blush running down her cheeks.

"You sure had a lot in there.", Tuskshell remarked "Ah'eetsheeeeeeeewwww!!"

"W-we've both gotta figure out how t-to deal with this c-c-c--- Colhhh..." Her expression shifted again as she desperately pressed one talon underneath her twitching shout.

Tuskshell replied, "Frob what I've read, there is nothing we really cad do aside frob waitig for id to pass."

"ahh- Ahh--- AHh--- aAAHETT'nxshHHIEWw!!!" She jolted into her talons, louder than her average tiny sneezes. Her whole face was red as a rose.

Tuskshell felt a sneeze or two of his own coming. "aeraetshah!" Ae'kitshoo!!! AHKKTEEEEEEEEWWWW!!!

"Hffff... T-this sucks..." Tulip sniffled, sitting down on the hard stone floors of the cave.

Tuskshell took the cloth and blew his snout very thickly into it. "You said it.", the SeaWing said, handing back the cloth.

"Eughhh... W-w-why does it always have to come around this time of the y-year...?" She complained to herself, rubbing her snout into the cleaner side of the cloth.