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[F+induced+illness+hippo+deer] Say "ah!"
« on: December 05, 2018, 05:07:09 AM »
(UPDATE: I edited some things.

I failed to proofread this before posting.
I had quite a few embarrassing typos and errors. xnx)

It had been a particulatily brutal winter. Not only had the ice and snow been an issue, but so many critters were getting sick.
Fortunately for Kryssie, this meant she was needed...and not just wasting gas money by arriving at the  clinic early every frosty morning.

At eight a.m., she unlocked the clinic doors and awaited walk-ins.
The auburn fox filed her claws and nodded to her few coworkers.
"Could I ask one of you gals to whip me up some coffee?"

An elephant physician gave her a thumbs up. "Kryssie, ya want a mocha with two sugars and a peppermint stick?"

This had became so routine that the fox never had to correct her.
"Looks like we may have a slow morning."

Gazing out the large glass windows, the fox watched as light snow fell slowly overtop the already thick blanket by the parking lot.

Hooves clicked along the linoleum flooring. "Hey Kryssie", called a scratchy voice.

The fox cocked her head.
"Janice, are you okay?"
Her reindeer coworker was trembling a bit despite her thick fur. And a tinge of red graced her nose.

The reindeer smiked weakly.
"I'll live." She donned a face mask and sighed.
"Gotta keep at it."

Kryssie flattened her ears. "Well don't over do it."

The reindeer shook her head, her enormous antlers creaking as she did so. "I'l be fine. Don't worry ab-"
She paused briefly before her rosy muzzle overtook her: "..ahh-


The fox bristled from the sudden noise as the reindeer hurried to get to her station.

Kryssie flinched as her friend let out another sneeze in her office.
"That girl has gotta take better care of herself..."

The dingling of the bell over the clinic door took Kryssir out of her concerns.
"Good morning," she called to a hippo in a pink hoodie.
The hippo snuffled and took to a seat.
"Ma'am, you'll need to fill out some paperwork before we can get a doctor to see you." Kryssie held up a clipboard with a sign-in sheet.

The hippo snuffled again and took the clipboard. Her eyes skimmed over the paper as she sighed.
"Can't I fill this out afterward?"

Oh no, was this lady going to be like this the whole time? The fox repressed her own sigh.
"In order to help you, we'll need to know a bit about why you're here. "

The hippo jotted a few things down and promptly dropped the clioboard on the counter.
"It's done," she looked at the fox expectantly.
"Can I get a doctor now?"

Kryssie bit her lower lip. "W-well, seeing as how you're the first one in today, maybe so."
She glanced at the paperwork. "Ms Tottletail?"

"Yeah," muttered the hippo.

Kryssie continued. "You'll be seeing Dr Bootsie
 in room 13. It's right down the hallway there,"
she said while gesturing.

The hippo took no time to race into the hallway, bumping into some of the staff along the way.
Soon enough Ms Tottletail found her room and sat on the examining table.

"Knock knock," mewed a peppy voice.

The hippo frowned at the cute little cat in the doorway. "You the doctor?"

"I sure am!" The orange furred doctor closed the door behind herself. "Now, what seems to be ailing ya?"

The hippo fluttered an ear.
"...I thought you people were supposed to read the paper you make us fill out."

Her doctor could only force a grin.
"Oh we do, but I'd like to hear about your symptoms in person."
Her feline tail slowly rotated behind her as she spoke.

"Well Bootsie, my throat hurts."
The hippo crossed her arms. "I think it's because of the weather." Her nostril gave a slight wiggle as she snuffled once more.

"Hm, interesting." The feline quirked a brow.
"How does the weather make your throat hurt?"

Ms Tottletail gave her a deraogatory grimace. "You should know! Because when it's cold outside, you drink hot stuff to warm yourself."

The feline doctor nodded, and tried not to giggle.
"Okie dokie, Ms Tottletail. I'd like to take a look at that throat of yours."
She took a step to the right of the table to open a cabinet containing some tools.

"O...kay." Her eyes widened as the cat's paw passed by some scary looking tools.
" What do I need to do?"

"Bootsie's tail danced about as she looked for her tool. "Just relax, open your mouth and say 'ah'."

The hippo snuffled again. "And you won't do anything that hurts...?"
The furry orange tail flicked against her wide muzzle. "...ahhh.."

"Nope I'll just be shining a light in so I can see inside your throat." Her fluffy paw took to a small flashlight.


The cat's tickly tail retracted as she turned away from the cabinet.
"You don't hafta open your mouth yet. I don't have the light on yet, silly!"

The hippo rubbed her itchy nostrils to calm them.
"What about now?"

The cat placed a paw on the hippo's chin. "Okay, now!"

"...ahhh...." Ms Tottletail opened her mouth wide.

The doctor shined the light inside and observed.
"Oh my..."

Meanwhile the hippo's nose was growing increasingly itchy. "...hahhh...." Her nares twitched.

"Lemme see how your nose is doing."
She placed a furry paw on her patient's nose and held the light to a nostril.

The hippo's breathing made the fur on her doctor's paw ever slightly tickle her sensitive nose. "....ahhh....haahhh....haahhh..."

"Oh my oh my," mewed Dr Bootsie as she gazed deep within the quivering, cavernous nostril.
"I'm seeing a lot of redness and irritation."
The doctor's whisker brushed against the nostril she was observing.

The hippo's mouth opened as far as it could.
Her teased nostril could only take so much more.

The doctor suddenly gloved her paw.
"Wait, don't tell me you need to sneeze!"
She stuck her covered paw beneath the trembling nares of her patient.

The hippo blinked. Her need to sneeze was suddenly subdued.
"But I needed to let it out!"
She wriggled her snout in protest.

"Oh you can in due time." A strange smile adorned Bootsie's furry little face.
"But first, let me put on some protection."
With her gloved finger still beneath her patient's nose, the cat slipped on a strange white suit with a matching helmet.
She peered through the helmet's visor at the hippo.

Ms Tottletail swallowed nervously. "Um, what is that for?"

Her doctor giggled. "This getup doubles as a haz-mat suit and a petridish!" Her furry tail poked out the back, completely uncovered.

"Uh..." Ms Tottletail's eyes darted to the door.

"Oh don't be that way," the doctor cooed.
"It won't hurt. And in the end I'll know what's making you feel icky." She freed her paw from beneath her patient's nose.
Immediately a steady itch returned.

The hippo clasped her hands over her snout.

Dr Bootsie shook a finger at her patient.
"Here, I can help."
She opened a drawer and motioned to an array of tools inside. She took a small can and held it up.
"Let's get you started." The cat unscrewed the lid and held the can over the hippo's head.

"Wha- what is it?" She timidly winced expecting the worst.

The cat shook the can, causing a pink powder to rain down on her patient's snout. "Something to help brew a sneeze!"

Ms Tottletail snuffled as the pink powder tickled her snout. As she inhaled, the tickly powder coated her sinuses. ""

"Oh yes!" The doctor giggled...a little too ethusastically.
"Breath it in!" She shook the can onto her patient until it was empty.

The hippo's mouth opened wide, competing with her gaping nostrils.
Her snout scrunched as her need to expel grew.

"Oh so close..." The feline took a feather from her tools and held it beneath a trembling nostril.


The hippo's every strong inhale made the feather tickle her deeply irritated nose.

With a grin, Dr Bootsie let go of the feather. It was swept up into her breathy patient's gaping nostril.

The feather tickled the overstimulated sinuses. This hippo's writhing nose could take no more.

A powerful gust erupted from her now very reddened snout.

Another strong wind rampaged from her nose, knocking over a chair but somehow missing the doctor.

The feline set the chair back upright.
"Oh dear. You were supposed to sneeze ON me."
She giggled. "We'll need to try again."

The hippo panted as her breath slowly returned. She didn't have the energy to complain.

Dr Bootsie took her own tail in hand and swiped it across her patient's reddened snout. "Does this tickle?"

Her teased snout scrunched in response. "...ihh....haahhhh..."
Her mouth went slack.

"You wouldn't happen to be allergic?" Her tail tip began to twirl about as it entered a shivering nostril.

The hippo's eyes began to close.
Her heavy breaths pulled the tail in further. "...haaaaaaahhhhh.....!"
Her nostrils gaped as they longed for release.

"Again, so close..."
She freed her tail from her patient's suction and put her finger under the quaking nostrils.

As the tail exited the nostril, its tickly fur teased her nose all the more. ".....HAAAH...

The hippo's nose wriggled with great need.
"....HAA...aah....! ....ah....?"
This explosive need abruptly subsided.
Ms Tottletail squinted at the doctor.
"Why'd you stop me?"

Dr Bootsie shook her head. "So many questions. Just give it time."

The hippo stared at the end of her red tinged snout. As she looked upon it, it began to wriggle.

Dr Bootsie slowly moves her paw away from the erupting snout.

As if back with a vengance the tickly itch had set the hippo's nasal passages aflame!
Her nostrils trembled with every longing inhale

The feline braced herself as she stood before her patient's great nose.

A powerful blast of air pulsed out the hippo's snout.

The doctor struggled to stand as she was hit full force.

Ms Tottletail's overstimulated snout wasn't finished!

A weak knock sounded at the door.
Dr Bootsie turned and shouted, " wait, I'm with a patient!"

But the door suddenly swung open and in peeked the fox.
"Sorry to interrupt, but Ms Tottletail didn't let me see her insurance card."


The hippo struggled to talk through her heaving breath to respond, but failed.
An explosive blast of air and mucus sent the fox back five feet.

"Gross!" Kryssie jumped to her feet.
Fuming, the fox ran to the bathroom to try and wash off the debris.

The hippo sniffled.

"Wait, here!" Her doctor quickly handed her a tissue.

The hippo inhaled the tissue by accident and instead sneezed on her doctor.

"I think I've got what I needed."
Bootsie shakily rose to her feet, dizzy from excitement and having been knocked to the ground.
"I'll go run some tests, but I'll be back shortly!"
The feline doctor removed her suit and booked it to the lab.

Fifteen minutes later, she sent the hippo off with a prescription and a work excuse. "Have a good day," Bootsie cheerfully called after her.

Kryssie could already feel her own nose itching. "So what'd she have? I know what to look foraward to," she growled.

"A severe case of the North Pole Cold and cat allergies!" Dr Bootsie clasped her paws together with a giggle.

The fox sniffled as she could hear the start of Janice's distant sneeze.
"Great, we're all gonna look like Rudolph before this month is over!"

"Don't be so mad, Kryssie!" The cat playfully teased her nose with her tail. "It only lasts about a week!"
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Re: [F+induced+illness+hippo+deer] Say "ah!"
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2018, 07:33:22 AM »
Hehe, this is a funny one. The cat doctor is hilarious and the sneeze process was kept entertaining. :D

Keep up the good work!
I try to do my best, even if I'm not the best.

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Re: [F+induced+illness+hippo+deer] Say "ah!"
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2018, 08:09:35 PM »
Thank you!  :)

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Re: [F+induced+illness+hippo+deer] Say "ah!"
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2018, 05:19:11 AM »
Thank you!  :)

No problem! You're a great writer!
I try to do my best, even if I'm not the best.

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Re: [F+induced+illness+hippo+deer] Say "ah!"
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2018, 02:07:51 AM »
I quite enjoyed that! And now I'm thinking that after a hippo it would be a shame if that elephant doctor got sick too.  Oh, such a shame... eheheheheeheeeheeehhhh...
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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