Author Topic: [M+Lion+Wolf+Armello] The King's Interrogation (Commission for ForTheLaughs)  (Read 791 times)

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Character Refs:
The King:
King’s Guard:

   The King’s Guards dragged Thane into the throne room by the arms. In the middle of the dark room stood a large lion with a dark brown coat and a black mane. He wore a golden breastplate in the front, and on his back was a black cape that matched his mane. The exposed areas of fur showed signs of the Rot that was consuming him. However, his corruption was most evident in his piercing lavender eyes, which greatly resembled those of a Bane.
   “Put him down.”, ordered the King. The guards did as they were ordered and dropped the wolf to the floor.
   The King let out a maniacal laugh, “Well, hero.” he said. “It seems as though my guards found you trespassing in my palace.” Thane growled before the King continued. “But before I make an example out of you, I require some information. From you. Rumour has it that you have become very friendly towards Scarlet the Bandit King lately.”
   “That isn’t true!”, Thane shouted. “It’s just a rumour.”
   “Oh, but it is true.”, the King replied as he stepped closer to Thane. “Some reliable sources have told me that you and Scarlet have been working together lately and that you plan to usurp my throne. They have not, however, been able to tell me how.
   The King gestured for one of his guards to come over to him. He then plucked a blue feather from the guard’s helm and said “Scarlet is still out there, and I know she’s up to something, and you are going to tell me exactly what she is planning, or else…” he threatened, raising the feather.
   “I won’t tell you anything.” declared Thane
   The king chuckled and said, “Very well. Have it your way.” The King rubbed the feather against thane’s nose. His nostrils began to flare. The King asked, “Give up now?”
   “Never!” Thane exclaimed. The King simply laughed as he continued tickling the wolf’s nose with the feather. Thane’s nostrils widened even more, and the tickle intensified. A sneeze felt inevitable.
   “Hehh... Ahh...” The King continued laughing maniacally as his victim was on the verge of a sneeze.
   “AH... EHH..” Thane’s nostrils had widened to their greatest extent, preparing to release the sneeze. However, at the very last second, the King decided to pull the feather away from Thane’s nose. “Are you ready to talk now, hero?” he asked.
   “Like I told you before,” the wolf replied. “I won’t tell you anything!” Thane quickly lifted his arm and snatched the feather from the King, who let out a furious roar. He charged at Thane and began wrestling him for control of the feather. During the struggle, Thane found an opening and decided to give the King a taste of his own medicine. He thrusted the feather to the King’s nose and began tickling it. The King’s nostrils flared rapidly. “Eh. hah. HRASHOO!!!!”, the lion sneezed. His guards ran over to him, but by the time they had, Thane had grabbed his sword and began running towards the exit. “After him!”, the King ordered his guards.
   As Thane ran down the hall, the guards began to catch up with him. Thane knew he could not outrun the guards, so he swung his sword at one of them. The guard parried his attack while the other swung his axe. Thane dodged it and attacked the guard, killing him. The remaining guard swung at Thane and missed. Thane swung his sword at the guard and finished him off. The wolf took the keys from the guards before exiting the palace.
   Later that night, Thane and Scarlet met in a forest. It was so quiet that only buzzing of nocturnal insects could be heard.
   “I managed to steal the guards’ keys on the way out.”, Thane told Scarlet. “I also seem have found a weakness of the King.”, he said handing Scarlet the feather.
“Perfect.”, she replied.      

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very nice, I'm interested in seeing where this goes! Also nice to see armello on this site; I don't think I've seen any other content from it and I do like the animation style and character design

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Oh gracious, interrogation via sneeze denial, that's diabolical~
This is the second sneezy interrogation story I've seen in a short span of time, and this one is SO well written in it's detail and method... what a treat~
Coochie coo, you'll sneeze soon~

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WOW! I love thissss!! Thank you so so so much, I think it's very well written and I will definitely be reading it many times ;)