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A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
« on: August 07, 2019, 07:07:56 PM »
It was a harsh, chilly day. It was officially Spring despite the frozen waters and snow-blanketed forest floor. A timid little otter had left his cozy cottage to fish. No matter the weather, he always had his pole handy.

He was bundled up in his heaviest peacoat and had prepared his tackle box for any ice picking he may need to do. The otter shuffled his way through the ankle-deep powder to his favorite fishing spot.
As he unloaded his gear, a curious sight caught his attention. Something was sticking up out of the opposite side of the frozen river. It bobbed ever slightly.

"My goodness," the otter cried out.
He scurried his way towards the unknown thing. "I hope it's just an old shoe..."
As the otter drew near, the object became more recognizable: it was a snout; green and scaly. He could feel a faint breath flowing from its nostrils.

The otter heaved a sigh of relief.
"Oh, thank the heavens!"

He took up his pick and a hammer and gently cracked the ice around the exposed bit of the helpless creature.
About a half hour into this endeavor, the ice finally parts, revealing the scaly beast below.
"You poor dear", was all the otter could say.

It was an alligator. This reptile was six or seven times his size from nose to tail, she was cold-blooded after all. She was unconscious. The otter knew she desperately needed out of the freezing waters, or else...she could catch her death.

"Let's get you someplace warm," the otter said as he readied his sled for the transport.

  - - - - - - - - - - -

Once snug and warm back home, the otter pushed the sled inside. He laid out a pallet of quilts, a few pillows and an electric blanket before his fireplace. With as much care as he could manage, he took hold of the alligator's tail and pulled her off the sled.

"There you are now, my dear."
The otter bundled his slumbering reptile guest in the toasty electric blanket.
"Goodness me, you really must be more careful," he said in a faux-scolding tone.
"Had I not been out there..." he cut himself off and smiled weakly.
"Well, it's always nice to have company no matter the occassion."

Seated in a rocking chair, the otter watched over the alligator for some time. Every so often he would rise from his seat to make sure she was still breathing. Each time she was just fine, but the otter felt he could never be too careful.

Between his tiny bookshelves nestled in the far corner of the den sat a handsome grandfather clock. A rich gonging sounded from it each hour. Before the otter knew it, the clock had sounded on four seperate occassions.

"My word, I haven't even fed myself and the day's almost done!"
He quietly headed to the kitchen to prepare himself a little something.

He returned witn a tea tray in hand and placed a cup and a sandwich on a stool by his guest's resting spot.
"I wouldn't want you to think I'm a terrible host,".
It felt comforting for him to have someone to talk to, even if she couldn't hear him.

The little otter returned to his rocking chair and nibbled a smoked salmon sandwich. "Ah, I'll just delve into a classic for now," he chuckled as he took up a copy of 'The Wind and the Willows'.

The blankets on the floor stirred.
The first sensation the alligator became aware of was a comforting warmth. Her eyes opened, bleary and unfocused. But as they grew accustomed to the candlelight, she took in the quaint atmosphere and homey decor. She sniffed...but couldn't register a scent. Her snout was quite it tickled...
"grhihhh..." Her breath begin to rise.
"graaahhh...." Her toothy jaws opened wide.
Her eyes closed as her jaws splayed farther apart.
" Graaaahhhh... hahhh...!

The gator opened her eyes to find her snout gently enveloped by a tissue.

"Bless you," the otter replied.

There was no fear in the mammal's eyes. Instead a gentle, almost fatherly kindness.
" I here?"

"Well, I was afraid you wouldn't make it out there. It's terribly cold."
He handed his guest her cup of tea.
"Oh, the name's Percy, by the way." He offered his paw expectantly.

The gator awkwardly shook his paw as she sat upright with her tea.
"Uhm, well, I'm Muddclaw."

The otter adjusted his spectacles with a slight tilt of his head. "What exotic name."

Muddclaw shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so."

Percy returned to his chair.
"If I may be so bold, why where you out there?" He paused with a slight knot in his throat.
"...Seems awfully strange for this dreadful weather."

The gator opened her mouth to speak but she instead gasped.
Her nostrils scrunched with a nagging tickle.
"Grahhh... I was hih....."
Her snout wriggled in an effort to shake off the sensation.
"I was hih.....hah..."
Her eyes began to close.

Percy cocked his head. " were...?"

Muddclaw's nostrils twitched to and fro as they revved up for release.
"I wahhhh....wass...grahhh...hiiii...."

The otter put a paw to his mouth in shock.
"My word, you were high?!"

The gator waved her hands about to dismiss the idea as her mouth wasn't cooperating.
....Haaahhhh.... Grahhhh...!
Her massive jaws splayed apart before her snout erupted
A strong expulsion sent the stool before her flying into the wall.

The otter leapt from his chair and handed her a box of tissues.
"Goodness me, you're ill."

Muddclaw wiped her reddened snout and shrugged. "Guess so...but I was trying to tell ya I was hibernating."
The gator sluggishly sank into the blankets.

"I had no idea," muttered Percy as stroked his chin. "Well, you're free to rest up here until you feel well enough to venture out."

"Uh..." Muddclaw bit her lower lip.
"Since I've been woke up early, I'll hafta wait till it's warm enough outside..."

"Not to worry." The otter smiled, understanding in his voice.
"My house is home to those who need it."

(Part 2 coming up)

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Re: A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2019, 07:20:15 PM »
Prt 2

Muddclaw slept deep through the next day and a half. Her otter host did his best not to disturb her while going about his day. When she finally awoke, she headed to the kitchen for a snack.
On the fridge door was a post-it note that read: 'Gone Fishing!
I will be back before sundown. Make yourself at home,
  - Percy'.

"He is just too nice," Muddclaw grinned to herself. She took a raw fish from the fridge and chomped it down in one bite. With a yawn she looked to the wooden clock hanging on the wall.
It was three a.m.

"Wow," she blinked. "Some sleepin' beauty I turned out to be."

The gator decided to try her claw at reading one of the dozens of books in the den. She knelt down to get at level with the tiny bookshelf and plucked a brown one at random.

She plopped down on the floor and looked at the cover. The title was partially obscured by dust.
Suddenly her snout wriggled.
"Not agai- hihhh....griiighhh..."
Her irritated nostrils flared.
Her jaws opened wider and wider.
Her eyes clinched tight as her jaws helplessly widened with every inhalation.

A sharp wind shot from her mouth and across the cover of the book, revealing the name: 'Percy's Guide To Country Fishing'.

Muddclaw wiped her dripping nose and smirked. "No way. He really wrote a book."
She flipped open the book to a chapter about catfish mating habits.

She read on for a while until a noise caught her attention. At first she thought it was Percy, but why would he be on the roof? Muddclaw stood firmly with her arms folded. Whoever it was now inside the chimney.

The gator crouched in the corner by the fireplace. A rustling followed by a small cloud of soot came from the chimney. Muddclaw watched on as a squirrel scurried out of the debris.
It cleaned its whiskers as it glanced about the room. Tucked under its tiny arm was a rucksack. Its beady eyes scanned the room before darting off in the direction of Percy's room. With a gtimace, Muddclaw slowly crept after the unwelcome guest.

The squirrel hopped atop an antique looking desk in the center of the bedroom. He pushed aside stacks of paper and a tower of books until he found a shimmery round object. He rotated it, cocking his head as the arrow stayed in place no matter how he turned the object. He then stuffed it in his rucksack.

Barely making a sound the alligator snuck up behind her prey. The squirrel, distracted by a crimson pen set was none the wiser. He struggled to fit the hefty writing utensil in his bag when SNAP! He suddenly found himself in a dark, velvet-toned mouth, lined with the sharpest teeth he had ever seen.
"Eek! What happened?!"

With a throaty giggle, Muddclaw said nothing, making her way back to the kitchen. It had been some tine since she last had squirrel. Though gamey, she liked the rustic flavor.

"Please let me out!" The squirrel's short life flashed before his eyes. This couldn't be how it ended for him... It just couldn't!
He looked about his terrifying surroundings.

There was only one way out... But would it work? The squirrel punched  at the tongue flooring. "Maybe she'll spit me out," he squeaked pitifully to himself.

The tongue remained unphased.
"C'mon, think of something...."
As he wracked his small brain for an idea, his tail waggled furiously. It's bristly fur grazing the roof of the mouth. ...Suddenly, he felt a rumble.
The squirrel curiously rubbed his tail along the roof once more.

"...Ihhh....." Muddclaw clenched her jaw tight. A tickle was once again brewing in her nose.

Knowing he was on to something, the squirrel guided his furry tail along the roof of his captor's mouth.

The alligator's gasping breaths grew desperate as she struggled to keep her mouth shut.

The squirrel noticed the very back of the throat was reddened, possibly from irritation. His fuzzy tail lightly traced its way across the roof of the mouth, to the very back were the throat meets the nasal cavity.

" Her snout wrinkled and quaked, attempting in vain to keep her lips from parting.
Every tickly strand of fur teased her cold-laden sinuses. She could barely contain herself.
Her toothy jaws were bending to the will of a building sneeze.

Seeing how effective this was, the squirrel mercilessly tickled Muddclaw's oversensitive nasopharynx, sending the reptile over the edge!

Her jaws parted.
Her every might inhalation sucked the squirrel towards the back of her throat.
Her flaring nostrils expanded with each gasping breath.

The great sneeze shot the squirrel from the gator's mouth into the open fridge. But she wasn't done...
The alligator tore the rucksack from the theiving squirrel's paw. She grabbed him by the tail and stared daggers his way.
"I don't wanna see you a- ahhh......haaahhh..."

The squirrel timidly placed his paw beneath her dripping nostrils, stopping the sneeze.
"Y-you won't see me again..."

Suddenly she placed the squirrel back in her mouth. "You're right about that, theif!"
She quickly opened the kitchen window, grabbed a shaker of pepper and let it rain over her now trembling snout.
Her teary eyes closed, preparing for the coming storm.
Her scaly chesy puffed out with every heaving breath.

Her red nostrils expanded to their brim.

The squirrel shot like a rocket from
the gator's mouth into the chilly winter sky.

But it seems she overdid the spicy seasoning...
Her shivering jaws widened.
Her throbbing nostrils gaped in preparation.

Her intense gaspy breaths drowned out the sound of front door opening.
She braced herself.

Mudclaw opened her sneeze-teary eyes to find her snout gently cushioned with tissue.

Percy tossed the tissue in the trash.
"Bless you."

In between the occasional sneeze, Mudclaw told her his about the thieving squirrel and how she thwarted his efforts.

A few days later as the gentle otter retrieved his paper from his doorstep, he could swear he heard the squeakiest sneezes sounding from a nearby tree.
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Re: A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2019, 10:32:24 PM »
Hehe, oops, accidentally woke up a hibernating alligator...

At least he made good on it! Fish and a place to stay.
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Re: A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2019, 11:24:25 AM »
Love all the different causes of a sneeze! Nice verbal buildup too. I like how the squirrel also utilised the area that connects the throat and the nasal cavity, it's a pretty creative idea that's not really used. :)
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Re: A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2019, 06:34:52 PM »
   This was really awesome! Of course, I'm always a fan of a big lady with a big sneeze  ;) But, there are a few finer points that I think make this story stand out. First, species selection; we don't get to see many otters and alligators, and they make for a very interesting and effective combination. Second, the attention to species' habits was great and means a lot to someone like me who is interested in animals and their ecology. I especially liked the alligator hibernation - it taught me something new! Finally, the quality of the writing was excellent. I'd have to go back and look, but I think you get better with each story, and that's from an already good starting point. In short, this was a great read, and I hope we get to see more from you in the future ;D
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Re: A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2019, 05:05:45 PM »
Thanl you all so much! ;u;

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Re: A Cabin in the Country (F+cold+alligator+induced)
« Reply #6 on: August 15, 2019, 02:27:54 AM »
Thanl you all so much! ;u;

   Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful work  :D
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