Author Topic: A Wolf's Eventful Evening- [M/F+Non Anthro+Messy+Explicit]  (Read 1997 times)

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A Wolf's Eventful Evening- [M/F+Non Anthro+Messy+Explicit]
« on: December 01, 2019, 04:39:46 PM »
Although it was Zach's 21st Birthday, he decided he wanted to keep it low key that year, and not throw a huge party or anything big. As he pondered on what he could possibly do, he finally settled on going to a special nightclub his friend had told him about: The Feather's Tickle. He texted his friend Tyler to ask him for the address. Tyler, along with the address, also sent a special instruction, which was to bring a rose. Although confused and somewhat amused, Zach did as he was told. He went outside, cut a flower from the rosebush outside and hopped into his car. When he arrived, he was immediately hit with the harsh winter winds. Only barely protected from the cold by his fur, he quickly walked over to the address Tyler had sent him, but when he looked up, all he saw was a small coffee shop with a 6 foot tall golden retriever bodygaurd standing in front. "Hm, that's odd," He thought. "what kind of coffee shop needs a body gaurd?". Zach tried to ask passerbys if they knew where The Feather's Tickle was, but none of them seemed to know what it even was. Finally, just as he was about to leave, he saw something strange. A relatively young wolf (about his own age) walked up to the bodyguard, who politely asked, "May I help you, sir?". The wolf fumbled in his coat pockets, and pulled out a crumbled rose, then proceeded to place it in the bodyguards hand.
"right this way, sir", said the bodyguard, who then led the wolf through a black door which Zach hadn't noticed before, and then quickly shut it. "This has to be it!" Zach excitedly thought. He went up to the bodyguard and did the same thing the other wolf had. When he placed the rose in the guards hand, the guard looked straight at him, as though he was examining him for a few seconds. Finally, he led Zach through the black door and said: "Keep walking straight until you reach a purple door, your destination will be behind it." the bodyguard closed the door, and Zach walked until he arrived at the purple door. Apprehensively he opened it, but to his surprise he was greeted by a normal looking strip club: dimly lit with flashing colored lights, and pop music blasting through high quality speakers, and of course, some lovely looking female wolves, dressed in nothing but black lingerie. The line was long, and as Zach waited, he noticed something strange about all the staff and dancers: Their noses were wet and had snot running down, and their stunning chests were constantly heaving with enormous sneezes! Unbeknownst to his friends and family, Zach actually got a little turned on when a cute girl sneezed. When he finally reached the front of the queue, he was greeted by a short, brunette cat, with large, ample breasts. "Hello--HASCHOOO!--my name is Tessa, and I'll be your companion for tonight", she said as she licked some snot from her snout. Zach was excited, and felt a slight tingling sensation in his crotch. Tessa led him to a private room.  She sat him down, and suddenly sat on his lap, facing him. Zach now had somewhat of a boner. Tessa started to dance on him, when suddenly she was hit by a huge sneeze. "HnnngggggGESHHUUU!". Zach was hit with a thick glob of snot, and was even more turned on. At this point he was at full mast, 9 inches. Tessa noticed. "Well, aren't you quite the eager one!" she purred. Zach slipped off her bra to reveal Tessa's magnificent breasts, and Tessa unzipped Zach's pants to reveal his enormous and erect penis. She got down on her knees and put her lips over the tip of Zach's penis, which shuddered in excitement. After a few seconds of blowing him, Tessa released a huge sneeze: HnnngggggGESHHUUUUUU!, and covered Zach's penis with mucus, which responded by releasing small drops of precum. Zach, immensely aroused, grabbed Tessa, pulled her closer, and started passionately kissing her. Although her face covered his in snot, it was well worth it. After a few minutes of this, tessa grabbed Zach's cock and placed it between her stunning tits, which she then started slide up and down. Zach moaned in delight. he took his finger, and started to tickle Tessa's nose. "Hey! What are you doing!", she complained. "Ha-Haa-HA-HAAHnnngggggGESHHUUU!" Both Tessa's tits and Zach's cock were caked in a thick layer of snot. Zach, once again, grabbed Tessa, and using his toes, slid off her panties. Tessa, who looked excited, slowly sat down on Zach's penis. They both moaned in delight as Tessa started riding Zach, who was pleased with her beautiful, tight pussy. He didn't bother to wear a condom. HnnngggggGESHHUUU!, sneezed Tessa wetly, coating both of them with a warm layer of her snot. She started riding faster and faster, only to be occasionally interrupted by the occasional sneeze, which Zach didn't mind as her pussy clenched around his cock with every sneeze. Zach squeezed her firm ass, and fondled her lovely breasts. Suddenly, it became too much for him. He started thrusting his penis with increasing speed. "oh-oooh yes, oh my god" Zach moaned, as he knew the end was near. Tessa, not recognizing this is what he meant, kept on riding him fast. Suddenly, as she let out a thick sneeze, she felt a thick liquid shooting up her pussy, and heard Zach gasp. When she looked down, she saw a thick stream of white cum pouring out of her. Both lovers were covered in a mixture of cum and snot. HnnngggggGESHHUUU! sneezed Tessa one last time. She looked at Zach, who chuckled. "This night was much more eventful than I expected," he muttered.

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Re: A Wolf's Eventful Evening- [M/F+Non Anthro+Messy+Explicit]
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2020, 10:47:54 PM »
Will you update this amazing story soon and keep up the great work