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Alright, I’m just going to test the waters with this; how you like it, how I liked writing it, all of that. I have far more adventurous ideas for this tiefling warlock, and I think I’ll explore some of them. If you’re not here for any flavour text and you want to get right to the important part, scroll until you see the line of asterisks; I appreciate some of us can’t wait.
I’d always wanted to be a warlock; I could never have guessed it would look like this.

When I just so happened to stumble across the great devil, I fooled myself I had the upper hand. He was stranded in an impenetrable circle of runes, and that I had come across him was so laughably unlikely: his enemies had wisely built his prison in a corner of town that held nothing of interest. Construction in this area ceased a century ago, when some magical contract or another bade it so; we could ask why, but there’s always some burial ground or elemental ancestral home or structures supporting the earthly binding of a prison colony of ghosts. What mattered was, I was probably going to be Gorthalax’s only option for quite some time to come: in a town like Elmville, with so many infuriating, idle, comfortable humans and uppity elves, how many people would he get to talk to who had the guts to sell their very life essences? I count five possibilities in the whole town, and of all those guys, I’m the coolest. That’s just a fact.

But The Insatiable One still managed to bend me over a barrel. All he had to do was promise me more tricks, more power, if I would abstain from certain things. I ended up with a bag of tricks big enough to do everything I wanted … except one, and a humiliatingly important one.

I was permitted one ecstasy, the pleasure of serving my patron The Insatiable. And no other. No … physical peak of pleasure that might mean more to me than my orders.

I lay on my back, waiting for the throbbing down below to die down. Last night, it had taken what felt like an hour before I could stop thinking about it, and even then, it threatened to come back every time I let the number occur to me. The number …

“Sixty,” I mumbled. Then I bit my tongue and groaned. That horrible tingling started again, and my cock started to press, in vain, against the strap. This was to be the sixtieth night I had to get to sleep without jerking off.

Was it worse to lose masturbating, or worse to lose sex? I wasn’t allowed to orgasm at all, but it wasn’t just one thing to lose. The thrill of hookups and casual favours and the relaxation of self service were all lost to me. Now, I could throw enough magic fire to scare off any competition, but in the end …

“One, two, three …” Three out of ten times, counting helped. At an optimistic guess.

Don’t think about what you can’t do. Don’t think about pretty girls, or their mouths. Just put all that out of your head and go to sleep. And dream of … hmm … remember Goliath? That big, strong werewolf in your class when you were little? Geez, I followed him around constantly. I think he was my first crush. How did it take me so long to figure out I liked guys? No, no, that’s not a good line of thinking, la la, not thinking of Goliath’s strong jaw or big, beautiful eyes. Or if he’d be my pretty boy with a soft muzzle? Let’s pretend his teeth couldn’t infect me with lycanthropy for the moment.


Heh heh, remember when everyone snuck out behind the school to smoke some, and the guard was making his rounds near us and we all had to hide? I found a spot behind the dumpster, way better than where Goliath ended up, in the dumpster. The back was so rotted with rust, I could see him sitting there holding his nose. Why was he doing that, was it just because it smelled like garbage?

No … no, he was in there with Squirrel! Our alchemist could get us high in just about any circumstances, but he always stank of so many different kinds of herb that he kept on him all the time. He had a fistful of wolfsbane flowers in his breast pocket. Poor Goliath, how could I forget? He was stuck in a little metal box with the worse pollen in the world for a werewolf’s immune system. I sat there just frozen, watching him trying not to sneeze.
Hmm? Did I just … Oh, please don’t get hard again.

I really felt for him. In fact, I kind of couldn’t stop thinking about how it would feel. Goliath’s face was always so flat, so stern, but his composure was melting before my eyes. His nose was actually twitching. He’d started biting his lips to keep his mouth closed, but I could hear his breathing shake, almost hitching. Those big, beautiful eyes sparkled with budding tears. His whole face grew weaker with every sniffle, trembling from … what sensation was he feeling? I could only imagine. That soft muzzle squirmed like something was tickling him. Was that what it was like, being … oh, wow … being tickled, but from the inside?

Ah! The goddamned (literally) strap was digging into me. I rotated my hips, trying to find a less-painful position, but it hardly helped. Oh, what was the point? I could be thinking about anything and I’d get hard for no reason.

But was that how it felt? Did Goliath’s nose tickle from the flowers? Fuck, that must’ve driven him crazy. I saw him pinching his nostrils shut, He tried not to let it happen – if he sneezed, we’d all be caught – but eventually he couldn’t … oh …

I really wanted to linger on this thought. That stoic werewolf who always bragged about his hunting skills, he couldn’t stay quiet. He knew how important it was not to sneeze, but with all that wolfsbane pollen in the dumpster, he had no choice. His mouth opened, his eyes fluttered closed … ‘Ah’ … The tiniest hitch in his breath, so nervous. So … embarrassed? He fought to reverse it, to close his mouth, but a second hitch hit him. ‘AHh!’ His big, black nose practically quivered … oh my embers, how much did his nose tickle? As if some mischievous imp had stuck a fluffy, soft feather down each sensitive nostril?

He whimpered and gasped … ‘Ahhhhh -!’

I opened my eyes, wincing from some pain down below. “Fuck, it’s hot in here. Hm – huh?”

The strap on my ‘chastity assistance’ had been pulled entirely free. My poor, neglected cock was harder than was probably medically safe. Somehow, I’d accidentally gotten so horny, I was almost dizzy. My face was already flushed, but now it felt hugely embarrassed. How weird and immature was it to get hard thinking about a guy …

My cock twitched in what remained of its bonds, I couldn’t stop it. A guy trying to stay quiet and in control, and simply unable to contain himself. When I phrased it like that, it was almost too obvious.

I sighed, too tired to muster anything more. “Gorthalax, this chastity thing is giving me new sexual obsessions,” I mumbled to myself, knowing he could hear me if he cared to. He didn’t, I was sure. “Oh, well. I’m up all night, now. Might as well enjoy it, as much as I can.

With my fingers laced behind my head as my last line of defense, I lay there, letting myself entertain this bizarre, embarrassing fantasy about Goliath’s nose. His twitching, helpless nose … oh, the smell of those flowers is tickling him, tickling deeper inside his nose than he could ever rub away …

And all night, I never lowered a hand to rub anything of mine. Likewise, my fantasy werewolf hunk never quite got to that catastrophic sneezing fit. We sat on the cusp, about to explode with conflicting desires and overwhelming physical instincts.

Tomorrow, I’d need to double up the coffee and get this bastard strap reinforced.

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wow, I really like this! I appreciate how his thought process is almost like narration for what's happening to the werewolf (and pretty similar to my own thoughts sometimes, heh).

and I'll admit, the Dimension 20 setting was a surprise but I love what you've done with it 😊

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Hey, I'm glad you liked it! I was going for a sort of 'accidental fantasy', so he's kind of relishing the thought without realizing that's what he's doing.

and I'll admit, the Dimension 20 setting was a surprise but I love what you've done with it 😊

Wow, I fully expected to be the only person here who watches the show. I mean, not that it's not popular, but this has to be a tiny overlap.