Author Topic: Minuette's Travels [bunny+pepper]  (Read 1702 times)

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Minuette's Travels [bunny+pepper]
« on: January 05, 2020, 01:44:15 PM »
The first sensation Minuette became aware of was a damp softness beneath herself. The bright morning sky gave her reason to shield her delicate brown eyes as they opened. The Holland Lop-ear began to sit upright and sank her paws into paws into the sand.
The rabbit tilted her head as she glanced about her surroundings. She was on a shore somewhere unfamiliar.
How had she found herself here?
The last thing she remembered was taking her wooden creations to market. Looking at her left paw, she still had the splinters to prove it.

Minuette rose to her feet, dusting the sand and broken seashells from her jumper. Smoke rose from chimneys in the distance. With her nose all a twitter, she picked up the scent of fresh baked bread, roasted vegetables, and baked fish. The wafting calling cards of a nearby town.

Wanting to seek help, the rabbit ventured into the direction of the smoke. To her surprise it was only a matter of minutes before she stepped foot into her destination.

"Welcome to Cottingville", read Minuette as she bypassed the tiniest sign she's ever seen.
An itsy bitsy pebble road lead into an equally small village. Rustic buildings, appearing like cozy wooden dollhouses, dotted the surrounding plot of land.

Minuette was puzzled. What manner of creature could dwell in such a place? She took slow, gentle steps so as to not scare any hiding villagers or inadvertantly destroy anything.

Despite her attempts to be careful, the rabbit stumbled over a cricket-drawn cart and fell with a smack.
"Oh dear!"

A very small gerbil tapped the rabbit on her ear.
"You uh, alright there, missy?"

Minutte slowly picked herself off the ground.
"Oh, I'm alright, but I do hope I haven't hurt anyone..."

As the rabbit rose, the tiny rodent's beady eyes widened.
"Say, you must be an out-of-towner?"

The bunny nodded with a slight blush, self conscious of how much she towered over him.
"Y-yes. It's rather strange. I just...woke up here. "

"Well now, we got plenty to share! Our inn might be too small fer ya, but there's a soft hill further yonder that might suit ya!"
 The rodent motioned her to follow him.
"C'mon, lemme give ya the grand tour!"

Venturing further into the teeny tiny town, a great big windmill-like contraption caught Minuette's eye.

"Goodness, this thing's almost my size!" The curious bunny knelt down to get a better look.

The gerbil thumbed his overalls with a grin. "That there's our gristmill. Pride of the town!"

The bunny detected a savory odor from the gristmill, tempting her to draw her head a little closer. "Is this where you grind wheat into bread?"

"Aw nah, it's where we grind our largest export," the little rodent's toothy grin echoing in his voice.
"Peppercorns, mmhm!"

Minuette inhaled deeply, reminded of distant memories of Gramma's homecooking. That's when her pink nose started to twitch.

"Yeah, our peppercorns are mined, collected, and put in this gristmill. Heard tell that they're the spiciest in this side o' the world!" As he continued stroking his hometown's ego, he was unaware of the calm before the storm.

At first it was just the strong aroma that tickled her ever sensitive nose.
But her soft hitching brought the powdered spice into her nasal passages.

The rodent paused and looked at his guest. "Miss....are you-?"

Minuette's soft eyes began to close.

"Eek!" Finally aware of what was to come, the rodent too cover behind the gristmill.

The bunny attempted to speak between her breathy gasps.
"I'm sorry, I....
Her nose twitched faster and faster.
...I'm afraid I'm going to....
....ihhh....going to...

The crushed peppercorns burned her sinuses. The deep-rooted tease was far greater than any she had ever felt before.

Her bust expanded with her needy inhalations.

Her ears rose as she felt herself losing the battle.

A strong wind exited the bunny and blew all the trees and weathervanes in her vicinity.

Her nose wriggled.

"Not again," the rodent cried as he fought the urge to flee.


As her trembling, wiggling nose took in air, it frighteningly brought with it more spice.

Finding his nerve, the rodent leapt to his feet. "Hey! Get away from the gristmill!"

She was too fargone to even hear his cries.
Her once pink nose teased a firetruck red.

The gerbil scurried up the hitching rabbit and tried to put a finger under her convulsing nose. No matter how hard he tried, it was too quick and far too big to tame.

Minuette's fair brow scrunched with effort as her nose powered over her.


The gerbil barely managed to sidestep onto her shoulder, watching as the big sneeze shook the beloved gristmill


Her last, burning sneeze tore the wooden frame from the town's pride and joy.

"Look wut you did!" The poor rodent threw off his hat, stomping it in utter distress.

The lop-earred rabbit sniffled and bowed her head. "I am so....very sorry."

His beady eyes reddened.
"Do you know HOW long it takes to frame these things?!"

"For me, an afternoon," she said quietly.

The gerbil blinked. "You....can fix this?"

Minuette nodded. "P-perhaps I can even add a safety keep the extra spice from bothering your larger guests?" She smiled encouragingly.

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Re: Minuette's Travels [bunny+pepper]
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2020, 02:22:52 PM »
This one's a nice, cute story with lots of great buildup, and a great scenario too, well done, really love it! :D
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Re: Minuette's Travels [bunny+pepper]
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2020, 12:52:46 PM »
Cute! Tiny town.  Gosh those peppercorns must be like cannonballs to them.
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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