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[M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 3
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:33:39 AM »
The thrilling conclusion to a 3-part commissioned series.


Before anyone inside knew it, he was there.  The first indication was a window-rattling, building-shaking gust of wind that caused many folks to look outside and see a huge pair of nostrils that seemed to lead into an endlessly deep abyss, then a finger that came to rub the twitching, flaring black rims.  Rej, the giant wolf with a bone to pick, had arrived on the grounds of a factory that, in his mind, was responsible for him getting sick... pumping all that soot and who knows what else into the air, polluting the city... clearly, this place was to blame for his huge, destructive sneezes and he was going to put a stop to it!

He sat down in the parking lot, not really caring if he crushed some rather expensive looking vehicles, and stared into the windows of what he could see was a large meeting room, instantly making an assumption that these people must be the leadership of the building.  After letting loose an enormous sneeze that seemed to shake the building's foundation, he found he had their attention.

“Hey.  Can you hear me in there? I caught a stupid cold because of your dumb smokestacks belching all this filth into the air all the time.”

There was some activity inside as those within ran to get people who were actually in charge.

“H-heh... Hey... don't ruh-run.  I'm n-not gonna sne... snee... sneehh-heeze... much.” The wolf rubbed his big nose again, rims twitching and flaring as his long muzzle scrunched up, his chest heaving as he sat, wrestling with his cold.  He really needed another sneeze to clear it out... it tickled so badly, but he was trying to make a point here.  'Maybe just a little sneeze?' a part of his brain called out.  A very convincing part... after all, it really, really tickled, and he did still have a point to prove.

“Eh... Ehnnywun who... duh-duh-doesn't wah-ha-haanna be here should g-g-get goin', I'm... I'm Gonna see... ee... snee... sneeze! I c-can't... holditbah---AH...! AAAH!”

Many workers took that moment to flee, and some of the upper management... unfortunately for the leadership, they really had to address whatever problem was happening here.

“HAAAH-HAH-heh-EH-” He was trying – he really was, that was obvious.  His nostrils were flaring as he pressed against his nose, long snout twitching, the big nose capping it wriggling and scrunched.  But he couldn't hold back his huge sneeze, and the consequences were, well... they worked out for him, really.

“EH-KKKSSSCCHHHHHHHHHOOO!” The big wolf sneezed, a gust of wind and clap of sound not just rattling but rather shattering the windows this time, exposing the boardroom to the storm blowing from the sick wolf's sneezy snout. 

The folks in charge were cowering beneath a large, sturdy table, brushing bits of broken glass out of their hair and voicing some arguments, but for the most part just in a stunned silence, which was just how Rej wanted them, receptive to a good tongue-lashing.

“Geehhh... so itchy...” He rubbed his snout, audibly squishing and squelching as it hung before the shattered windows, the wolf sniffling and snorting, some papers and a chair slowly moving toward his gaping nostrils as he breathed in.  “And do you know why? Because I have a cold.  A ton of stupid little viruses are swimming around inside my bi-biih... big... sn-sneezy... Snah... AH...” He pressed his fingers against his nose, nostrils twitching violently, muzzle scrunching... but he managed to hold it.  “S-snout... whew... Almost sneezed again, there.  That might have been pretty bad for you lot.”
“Because, you know, I can't help it.  It's a totally involuntary reaction.” The giant wolf was still just being stared at by these people, utterly confused as to what he was talking about, or why he was here...

“In my case, I have a cold... chemicals released by cells in my mucus and membranes are triggering a reaction from special nerves and the lining inside my nose, causing a reflex action to expel the irritants – the viruses, in this case, although with how dirty the air is, it could honestly have just been the air pollution! And that's why I'm here.” He paused to sniffle, pinching his big nose for a bit, the distance between his nose and his eyes seeming rather extreme with how huge he was.  He could easily stick it into the room and still have the rest of his face outside.

“Beh-heecause... I only go-got sick... from all the pollution this factory is belching into the ai-air! Ahhh... it tickles... I hope I don't interrupt my lesson with a s-sneeze... agh... it would be so huge, I don't know if you'd be okay...!”

They went pale thinking about the shattered windows and what being exposed to such a blast would do to them without any protection...

Rej just rubbed his snout some more, trying to hold in his sneeze.  He wasn't ready for it yet, not until he was done!

“Where w-wh-hwhuuzzz I? Oh ri-right... agh, it's s-so... so hard to hold it... my huge sneeze...” He pinched his big nose tightly shut, a bit of wetness squeezing out.  The tickle was so deep and so persistent... he really, really had to sneeze.  So badly.  It was a terrible itch...

“Once that reflex is active, th-there's even more nerves stimulated, and it makes the itch worse.  After that I just... h-have to gasp in a big, huge, deep breath... and sneeze as hard as I can! My body do-duhh... does it on its own, and its really t-to-tough to fight it like this...  I need something to r-rub my nose with...” He reached in, plucking one of them up and smearing them against his sniffly snout, sighing as the chosen one screamed and tried to escape, begging him not to sneeze.  “Please hold it!”

Rej's response was to sniff deeply, sending them on a trip down a deep, dark chasm-like passage, the wolf's enormous nose, his muzzle so long it took quite a while for them to land with a splat against the innermost depths of Rej's nose, the heart of the infection that was making him so sneezy.

“Ghuuh... HH-HAAAHNG ON... Its Gun... GUNNA... B-be BUMPEEHhhh... HEEEEHH...!” The added irritation of having a businessman in his sinuses was simply too much, and he was preparing for a huge sneeze – just as he said, the last step was to expel the irritants... in a huge, involuntary burst of air and irritants, trapped in glistening slime.

After this display, everyone else had fled the room – save one, who Rej had pinned beneath his palm, easily keeping their leader in place.  “HAAAAH... hhh... oooh, it tickles! But... W-why didn't I sneeze? I gotta sneeeeeze... gotta sneeze... Hhaaaahh...” After a false start, the wolf's mouth hung open, his nostrils flaring, wriggling – his muzzle scrunching desperately as he tilted his head back, giving the person within a brief view of the cloudy sky beneath the billowing smokestacks of the factory, visible through a distant circle that was steadily increasing in size – Rej's nostril.  They could feel everything around them rumbling, and suddenly were caught up in a massive windburst...

“HAAAAAAHAAAAAATTTCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYOOOOOO!” Rej wound up and sneezed for all he was worth, holding nothing back as he shot a misty plume into the sky, a small figure screeching as they zoomed out of sight, leaving a small hole in the clouds as the stacks cracked and shifted from the force of the macro's enormous sneeze, both nostrils flared wide, blowing out gale-force winds as he slowly bent over, one paw stamping the ground as the force of his sneezing shook his body, already weakened by his illness, completely taking control.

All he could feel, all he could think about, was that sneeze, that barreled up and out of him from the bottom of his bones, feeling so much better afterwards, rubbing his massive sniffer with the back of one hand.

“Haaah... feels good, too, to get that out.  I think I got one more brewing in here, though...” The wolf made a strange face, wiggling his nose around, working his jaw... definitely still had a tickle up in there.  And he had just the perfect place to let it out...  picking up the terrified factory owner, the wolf went over to the already-weakened smokestack that was closest, the structure damaged and starting to crumble a bit, tilted at a strange angle from his harsh sneezing.

“Here you go...” Unceremoniously, Rej dumped him into the top of the stack like he was loading a cannon – and in a way he was, but his sneezy nose was the fuse and the ignition.

Wedging himself into a small grate at the bottom, Rej prepared himself – the billowing smoke instantly filled him with the most horrendous itch, and he started to think this might have been a mistake... but it was far too late.  He lost total control of himself, surrendering to his need to sneeze.

“Ah-no-that's t-to-tooMUH... too mU-HUUHhch...! Agghh! AaghhAHAAA! HAAAA!” Each breath only filled his snout with smog, that plus his cold was far too great an irritation for him to resist any longer, and he fell victim, utterly, to his gigantic, super-sensitive sniffer.

For his part, all the owner could see as he choked and coughed in the smog, tumbling down the smokestack's length, was a huge black canine nose, twitching and trembling, nostrils stretching, the entire thing seeming to jump and quiver at the tip of that muzzle, his doom stretching out beneath him, twin pools of disaster that held the god of storms at bay for only a few short moments. 

And thanks to Rej's lecture, he knew exactly what was about to happen.

The wolf was going to sneeze...  he closed his eyes, whimpering, begging him not to, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.  Rej wasn't even able to hear the tiny man at this point, no matter how much he sobbed and pleaded with the wolf to reconsider.

Not that he had a choice in the matter.  To sneeze was merely a reflex... nothing anyone could help.  Certainly not in this situation.


He couldn't stop sneezing... he sneezed and sneezed, the factory owner launching even higher and further out of sight from the smokestack as the cannon exploded, both barrels firing relentlessly, devastating the surrounding area.  Rej had made a mistake... he could not stop, no matter how hard he tried.  He just had to keep sneezing, and sneezing!  His sneezes obliterated the smokestack, creating a domino effect as soon as the restraining power of the tall cylinder was gone, his nose blasting flat the factory, the lot, everything – the building was razed to its foundations, the foundations were blown away, and by the time the wolf had finally finished with what had to be the largest, most devastating macro sneezing fit in history, there was nothing left to remind people that a factory had once been here, polluting their air, except for a deep hole and a stretch of land where there was nothing but bare dirt and stone, scoured clean by the macro's mighty nostrils as they unleashed a hellish storm of sneezes upon the land.

Spent, completely exhausted, he curled up to sleep on that very spot, hoping that when he awoke the tickle in his nose would finally be gone, his cold cured.

“I hope Kev isn't mad at me... I w-won't get sick and sneeze in his apartment again.  I fixed the problem...” His last thoughts were of his friend, who would doubtless see this on the news later that day, as he sank into a deep sleep, nose giving a few last sniffles and twitches as he settled in.
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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Re: [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 3
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2020, 02:21:13 AM »
Oh my, how mischievous! I do think you did a really nice job at characterizing Rej - he seems like such a sweetie but also has a kind of a devious streak (and destructive, hah). Well, if leveling a building is just "devious" ha ha. But the way he was teasing and looming with his ticklish nose... And putting smaller folks inside his nose.... GOSH! I think I know where my recent thematic obsession may have come from ;P You do it wonderfully!!

I think it's cute that at the end he's worried about his friend being upset with him. Like, after all that, he goes to his friend's feelings. I can't explain it super well, but I like that!

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Re: [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 3
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2020, 01:00:47 AM »
Seeing this posted inspired me to go back and reread the other two parts, and I found I really loved all of them. Thank you for the amazing stories! (Even if it was a commission)

Also, I agree with Alrek, the ending is really cute as well :)