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Hey folks!  So, I'm back with yet another story contribution.  This time featuring everyone's favorite sneezy wolfess, Maxie! The big-hearted canine with the destructive sneezes. :)

I want to thank SneezeTheWolf for allowing me to write this.  I've always been a big fan of Maxie, and have been wanting to see more of her for a while.  So, I recently came up with the idea of this story for her.  Also, special thanks to oneofthree for allowing me to reference her character Gwen, and some of the entities from her work.

This is actually a continuation of a narrative that sneezyserpent wrote a long while back called The Trouble with a Lie, which ends with Maxie getting told by her former boss Mr. Ego that he knows of a job for her to work at that would be perfect for her!  It isn't revealed what the job is, but she decides to head there right away.  So, now we get to find out what it is!  You can find sneezyserpent's story here:

My story doesn't necessarily contain any Mature content, but I'm labeling it with "suggestive dialogue," as it does have some references to adult type situations.  Just a little disclaimer.

This is Part 1 of the tale.  Part 2 is currently in the works, which I will post upon completion.  Anyway, hope you enjoy!  By the way, if you've played any of the Maxie games that STW created, you might catch some of the references. ;)

(Maxie is property of SneezeTheWolf - used with permission)
(Gwen and the Kevlar Handkerchief belong to oneofthree - used with permission)


Giant Sneezes dot-com
Part 1

Maxie found herself smiling as she drove down the highway, full of excitement as she embarked on her new endeavor.  She had hoped that whatever this potential new job was that she was on her way to might finally be a good fit for her.  The unusually tall and strong, yet kind-hearted wolfess was well suited to many different job settings.  Unfortunately, her one “talent” had always been a hindrance – her big sneezes.

Whenever Maxie sneezed, it was always abnormally powerful and destructive, which caused problems wherever she went.  No doubt, she was motivated to work for a living, but she often couldn’t hold a job very long, for obvious reasons.  But now, she aspired that things were about to change.

She had just departed from her short-lived cleaning position, working in an old building for a panda known simply as Mr. Ego.  The job was going well, until she was tasked with cleaning out an old, dust filled room, which of course led to the expected result.  She had sneezed so hard, that she blew open a hole in the wall, and sent everything flying outside.  Thankfully, the owner wasn’t mad, but he did tell her that he knew of a place that would be perfect for her to work at.  A place where she wouldn’t have to worry about sneezing at all!

When she asked what sort of job it was, he didn’t give her many details.  However, he did mention that this would be a setting where her sneezes would be useful on the job.  When she inquired what that meant, all he told her was, “You’ll see.  Trust me, it’s perfect for you.  I know the owner of the place.  He’ll hook you up with a job.”

Even though he wasn’t telling her much, she knew that she’d be happy anywhere, especially if it was somewhere that her sneezes wouldn’t get in the way, and possibly even be useful.  So, she said, “I’ll go there right away.”

And here she was, on her way to the address that Mr. Ego had given her.  As she pulled off the highway, she began to wonder what sort of work that she’d be doing at this location.  After all, what sort of job would destructive sneezes be useful for?  Maybe it was some sort of demolition work?  She laughed out loud as she pictured herself at a construction site, wearing a hard hat, being tasked as a furry wrecking ball, blowing down large structures as needed.

No, it wouldn’t be that.  Her sneezes were strong, but not that strong.  Her releases were more comparable to a hurricane than a bomb.  She could easily blow down a door, maybe rip up some drywall, but she couldn’t knock down a building (thankfully).  Oh wait!  Doors and drywall.  Maybe it was some sort of remodeling organization where she could do the demo work before renovations... no, it couldn’t be that either.  Her sneezes were too uncontrollable.  She wouldn’t be able to aim them at specific targets without doing more damage than intended.

Hmm... what else could it be?  She decided she would just wait and find out when she got there.  As she continued to drive, the GPS led her into some sort of complex with rectangular, white, warehouse-like buildings.  Before long, she found herself in a sparsely filled parking lot with a handful of cars.  “I guess this is it,” she said to herself, as she exited the car.  She noticed a sign near the parking lot entrance that had the words Reel Feel Studios painted on it.  “Are these filming studios?” she thought out loud.  “Interesting…”

She wasn’t really sure what sort of work would be suitable for her in a place like this, but there was one way to find out.  She made her way to the entrance of building 4, which she’d been instructed to do.  As she approached the tall, plain white structure, she noticed that this building was more isolated than the others.  In fact, it had what seemed to be a giant outdoor filming area in back, complete with crane mounted cameras.  She saw a handful of crew workers laboring away in the space as she came closer.  They must have been setting up for a scene of some sort.  Well, this was cool!  Although, she still had no idea what a place like this would want with someone like her.

After buzzing in on a speaker at the front door of the building, a heavy-kept bear wearing a button-down shirt and a pair of tan slacks came outside to greet her.

“You must be Maxie!” he said with a smile.

“Yep, that’s me,” the wolfess replied, swishing her tail slightly, returning his smile.

“Name’s Jack Berrington,” he said, extending a paw to shake hers.  “It’s nice to meet you, finally.  I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Have you?” Maxie replied, sounding a bit surprised.  “You mean from Mr. Ego?  That’s kind of odd.  I only worked for him for a few days or so.”

“Well, actually no,” the bear said back.  “I mean, I did speak with him on the phone before you arrived.  But I was talking about something else.  I’ve been getting a number of recommendations for you from other individuals…for quite a while if you can believe that.”

“Other individuals?”  Maxie sounded confused.  “Who are you talking about?”

The bear smiled warmly and chuckled a bit as he spoke.  “We have got a lot to discuss, miss.  Let me tell you.  Why don’t you come inside?  We can talk more in my office.”

“Umm… well alright.”  Maxie really wasn’t sure what was going on here, but she was no doubt intrigued.  She followed Jack through the front door, and down a hallway, past several rooms which contained cameras, props, and other filming equipment.  As they passed one filming room, she stole a glance through the large window.  She saw that there was an elephant actress in there, dressed in somewhat revealing clothes, who was getting makeup prepped.  Oddly enough, one crew member was carrying a crate containing what appeared to be a set of jars, filled with a number of different colored, powdered substances.  Maxie shrugged, not thinking much of what she saw.

“So, you film movies here?” she asked as they continued to walk.

“You could say that,” Jack answered.  “Mainly short films.  Full disclosure, I own a subscription-based video website.  We do all the filming for our viewers on location here.”

“Oh.  What kind of videos?”  Maxie slowed her stride to keep pace with the shorter individual next to her.

“Let’s just say, consumer demand,” the bear responded.  “I’ll explain.  Here we are.”

Right next to the filming room that they just passed was the entrance to Jack’s office.  It was a fairly plain, small windowed room, that didn’t have much to it besides a desk and some cabinets.  Maxie wondered why Jack didn’t have any pictures hung or any desk decorations put out.  This room could definitely have used some sprucing up.  Jack gestured for the wolfess to sit down in the chair in front of his desk, while he took a seat behind it in his roller chair.

“This is an impressive studio you’ve got,” Maxie commented. “I’d imagine this must be a pretty popular website.”

“Oh yes,” Jack said back to her.  “We’ve got quite a lot of subscribers, and the number keeps growing all the time.  Last I checked, it was pushing a hundred thousand.  But anyway, I’m glad to have gotten the opportunity to talk to you, Miss Maxie.  Like I said, I’ve been hearing all about you from a lot of different people, and I think that we could really use someone with your talents around here.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” Maxie put in.  Though she still wasn’t sure why it was that this man seemed so interested in her.  “So, what kind of work did you have in mind for me?  Would I be helping to do cleanup work after filming?  Or acting as a stagehand or something like that?”  She didn’t know how work like that would relate to her sneezes, but she wasn’t sure what else she’d be qualified for here.

“Actually no,” Jack stated, as he folded his hands and leaned forward slightly across the desk.  “Believe it or not miss, we’d like to have you in our films.”

“In them??” Maxie quizzed, wrinkling her eyebrows and looking quite surprised.  “But why?  I… I’m really not an actress.  Did somebody tell you that I was?”

“No-no, it’s not like that at all,” Jack said to her.  “I guess I should explain.  You see, the website is a-”


He was suddenly cut off by a loud noise that was heard in the room next door.  The walls shook, startling both of them to the point where Maxie nearly shot out of her chair.  Strangely enough, she could have sworn that she heard a loud “HEEEEEEEEH-CHOOOOOO!” accompanying the noise.

“W-what was that?” She stammered, still looking a bit shaken.

“Oh, sorry,” Jack uttered, taking a deep breath himself, trying to relax a bit from the start he was given.  “We’re right next door to the filming room that we passed.  The walls are pretty thick, but a lot of times, you can still hear what’s going on over there.”

“Was that some sort of sound effect?” Maxie inquired, still looking quite perplexed.

“Well... sort of,” Jack chuckled, still smiling a bit.  “What I started to say before was that our website is intended for folks who have kind of a… ‘fascination’ of sorts... with sneezing.”

Maxie’s eyebrows raised as she tried to process what was being told to her.  “Fascination... with sneezing?”  Well, this was starting to make sense.  That would explain why her sneezes would come into play at this place.  But she still didn’t quite understand what he meant by what he said.

“That’s right,” Jack responded.  He could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t figuring out what he was getting at.  “I guess I should just come out and say it.  The website is a sneeze fetish-based site.”

Maxie blinked and her eyes went wide as she finally understood.  A fetish-based website??  Oh no, she thought.  What had she gotten herself into?  This was a filming studio for kink videos... adult type entertainment!  That wasn’t something that she wanted to be a part of at all.  Her face turned red as she felt herself silently panicking, contemplating if she should get up and run out of here as fast as she could.  Stay calm, she thought to herself.  After all, she wasn’t really in any sort of danger.  Nothing that she had seen so far looked fishy to her, and this bear that she was conversing with seemed very kind and welcoming.  Not like some sort of creep that wanted her to do lewd things.  Worst case scenario, she could just politely tell him “no”, and be on her way.

Although… she had to admit that she was intrigued to hear more about this sneeze fetish, and about what he had to say.  “Umm wow,” she spoke up, finally breaking the long silence.  “A sneezing fetish?  That’s a thing?”

“Indeed, it is!” Jack blurted out.  “It’s not an uncommon fetish, actually.  Our audiences love what we do!”

“Huh,” Maxie said, still sounding a bit uneasy. “Sooooo... like what happens in the videos?  You make your actors sneeze and record it?”

“Exactly,” Jack answered.  “We film our actors being made to sneeze in various situations, with different inducers, objects and allergens.  We induce the sneezes, and film it from all kinds of angles.  We do close-ups of it and everything.  There’s also dialogue, and in some cases plot points.  The viewers eat it right up!”

“Wow….” Maxie stated, “and people actually pay money to see these videos?”

“Yes, they do,” Jack said back.  “Pretty good money in fact.  It’s crazy how folks will pay to be satisfied in such a unique way.”  Maxie noticed that this bear seemed to have quite a passion for his work.  Not in an overly excited or weird sort of way, but very professionally.  “Although our website is unique.  You see, we focus on individuals who have very large and destructive sneezes, which is oddly a preference that a lot of sneeze fetishists have.”

“Ooohhh….” Maxie began as a shy smile started to stretch across her face.  “So that must be why you’re interested in me.”  She blushed hard as the words left her mouth.

“Correct,” Jack said.  “Although, most of our performers are usually species such as elephants and macros and whatnot.  Ones you might expect.”

“So, that’s what that noise was next door,” Maxie speculated, as she gestured toward the wall.

Jack just snickered as he nodded.  “That’s Jasmine, one of our elephant actresses.  She’s got quite a sneeze, as you heard, even for an elephant.  She’s definitely one of our more popular performers.”

“So, that big filming area I saw outside,” Maxie ventured.  “That must be where you film macros.”

“That’s right,” Jack confirmed.  “The crane cameras make it easier to get a close-up of the victim’s nose... and also so our crew can get close enough to tickle it,” he chortled.  “However, as you might be able to guess, we’ve never really filmed a wolf before.  Your species typically isn’t known for powerful sneezes… outside of the big bad wolf of course,” he said with a laugh.

Maxie snorted and shook her head. “Heh, yeah.  I catch jokes all the time that I must be related to him.”

“So, I’ve heard,” Jack replied, “and that makes you even more appealing.  One thing that a lot of our subscribers have said is that they have a thing for canine noses.  But we haven’t really had the opportunity to do anything for them up to this point.”

“Hehe,” Maxie giggled as she blushed a bit again, crossing her eyes slightly to look at her own snout.  “A thing for canine noses?”  She couldn’t help but paw lightly at her nose and the sides of her muzzle with both of her hands as she admired it.  She always knew that her snoot was a bit big, even for someone like her.  But she couldn’t help but feel a giddy at the thought that someone might have a thing for it.

“Yes,” Jack nodded.  “What might surprise you to hear is that for a little while now, quite a few of our customers have been asking for you specifically, Maxie.”

The wolf did a double take as she stared at the bear sitting across from her.  “They’ve been asking for me??

“Indeed, they have!  You’d be surprised how word gets around in this internet-driven day and age.  A lot of people have heard about ‘that big sneezy wolfess’ from our town and have offered input in our feedback section.  They’ve been asking if there’d be any way that we could get you on there.  Some have even mentioned you by name!”

Maxie stared at him for a second, looking a completely dumbfounded.  “You mean like... I have fans?

“I would say that’s accurate,” Jack said.

“Wow!”  Maxie’s open-hanging maw slowly stretched into a smile.  “This is so much to take in.  Most people are really scared of my sneezes, and they get mad and stuff too.  It’s refreshing to hear that there’s people out there that like them.”

“I’m sure,” Jack replied.  “In fact, are you ready for another curveball?  One of our customers, who’s been pushing for you for a while, is someone who I understand is a close friend of yours.  Someone who it sounds like you were hanging out with just last night.”

“Amber???”  Maxie’s jaw dropped again.  “Amber is one of your subscribers?”

Jack smiled lightly and slowly nodded, letting this information sink in.

“Huh....” Maxie spoke as she stared out in space while thinking.  “So, Amber has a sneezing fetish... well, that explains a lot.  They’re always wanting to touch my nose and stuff, and constantly trying to do sneaky things to make me sneeze.”

“Oh, I see.  That’s interesting.”

“Yeah.  Just last night, they dropped a decorative feather on my nose when I wasn’t paying attention... a feather that I bought for them, by the way... boy, that was quite an uncomfortable situation.  I tried so hard not to move my nose so it didn’t get to me, but I couldn’t help it.  It tickled so bad!  And well... then, ‘that thing’ happened.  That was some sneeze that I let out!”  Maxie shuddered a little at the thought of it, almost showing a bit of fear.

"So, you’ve never put two and two together and thought that there might be a reason for why they keep doing all of that to you?” Jack asked.

“No,” Maxie said back.  “Honestly, I thought that they were just trying to be funny.  Amber’s always been a jokester.  Although, I’ve told them several times that I don’t like when they do that.  One of these days I’m gonna really end up hurting them with my sneezes.”  Maxie shook her head as she thought about it some more.  Why didn’t I figure this out before?  Gosh, am I that naive?

“I see.  Well fittingly enough, we’ve been in close contact with Amber recently,” John spoke up, “and we actually were planning on reaching out to you, soon.  Although, it’s ironic that my old high school friend Bailey Ego called me today and sent you my way.”

“Heh... I think Amber and I are gonna have a little chat sometime soon.”  Maxie grinned slightly.

“I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that,” Jack said with a smirk.  “Anyhow, would you be at all interested in working as one of our performers?  I should tell you that we compensate our actors very well.”

“How well?” Maxie questioned.  The bear leaned across the table to whisper a number to Maxie.  She perked her ears forward to hear him, before recoiling a bit in her seat.  “Wow, that much?  Sheesh, that’s more than I’ve ever made at any job in my life.”

“Yep, there’s quite a bit of money to be made in our industry,” he explained.

“Umm, here’s a question,” Maxie returned.  “Not to be rude, but obviously, your films are intended to satisfy a kink, right?  Do you film any... ’adult’ type situations when you record the sneezes?  Like, with sex?”

“We do,” Jack said, matter-of-factly.  “That’s certainly not the only type of videos we make though.  A lot of our content is clean with just sneezes, and no sex.  It’s quite popular actually.  And, you wouldn’t have to partake in any of the 18+ rated stuff if you’re not comfortable with it.  Although, I should mention that there’s a bigger compensation incentive if you were to do so.”

“Not interested,” Maxie retorted.  “I would have to draw the line there.”

“I understand,” Jack said, holding up his paws.  “Anyway, before we go any further, I would like some more information on what you could do for us.  First of all, what makes you sneeze?  How easily does it happen?  Do you have any sort of allergies, or anything that you’re sensitive to?”

“Oh gosh.”  Maxie bit her lip.  “My nose is so sensitive.  Like I indicated before, things like feathers running over it can really set it off.  Even just having them brush over my muzzle can tickle it to no end!  Also, I have a few allergies to things like pollen and dust too.”  Just talking about all her inducers made Maxie feel a bit of a twitch in her snout.  She reached up a paw to give her nose a gentle rub.

While she noticed that the bear was nodding as she spoke, and seemed to be listening with great interest.  “I see.  So, how big are your sneezes exactly?”

“Well... let’s just say that they’re hard to miss.  I’ve been known to cause a mini hurricane sometimes.  It sucks too that it happens so easily, especially when I’m out in public.  I’ve had more than a few incidents.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” the bear spoke solemnly.  “Well, I hope you know that you wouldn’t have to worry about any said incidents here.  In fact, if you don’t mind,” he began as he got up, and opened a cabinet next to his desk, “I would like to see a little demonstration of your capabilities.”  From the cabinet, he pulled out what appeared to be some kind of flak vest, which he put on.  He also donned a pair of goggles and a protective helmet.

“A demonstration?” Maxie queried as she watched him.  “Y-you want me to sneeze?  Now?  Here in your office?”

“Yes, I do!” Jack replied, as he reached into his desk, pulling out a big bouquet of flowers.  “If you’re comfortable with it, that is.”

Maxie gasped in fear as she saw what he was holding.  EEEK, daffodils!  Pollen from them was one of her biggest allergies.  “Woah woah, hey!” she exclaimed in a panic, trying to look away, and holding her nose. “I-I don’t think this is a good idea.  You d-don't know what you’re dealing with here!”

“Oh-oh, I’m sorry,” Jack expressed, as he quickly stowed the flowers back in his desk.  “My apologies.  That was too forward of me.  I should have asked first.”

Maxie sighed in relief as she let go of her big, canine nose. “Oh, it’s *sniff* alr-right,” she stuttered, catching a bit of a whiff of the lingering scent of the daffodils.  She snorted hard and scrubbed the end of her nose, quickly extinguishing the tickle, which Jack took notice of.

“Wow, just doing that was enough to get to you, huh?”

“Yeah,” Maxie verbalized, still sniffling a bit.  “Like I told you, my nose is really sensitive.  I’m sorry for reacting like that, I just don’t want to hurt you, or do any damage to your office.”

Jack laughed a bit at her notion.  “I understand, miss.  However, I should tell you that I’m a trained professional when it comes to dealing with this sort of thing.  In fact, my desk and all of the furniture is bolted down, and the walls and windows are heavily reinforced.  So, you don’t have to worry about a thing.”

“R-really?” Maxie probed, pondering what she had been told.  Was it really safe to do as he had asked?  Should she agree to give him what he wanted?  “W-well... I guess it’s okay.  Just, please be careful.”

“I promise I will,” the bear replied, as he reached into his desk once again, pulling out the colorful bouquet.  He held it in his paw for a few seconds, just long enough for the strong scent of the flowers to make itself known, before putting it back in the drawer.  “There,” he said, “let’s see what kind of effect that has on you.” He stood behind his desk and watched the wolfess intently.

Before long, the smell of the daffodils made its way across the room to Maxie’s waiting nostrils, which she quickly took notice of.  She blinked a few times as her long muzzle began to involuntarily twitch, and scrunch considerably.  Her expression already started to look a bit sneezy, as her eyes drooped slightly, and the sides of her mouth creased.  Instinctively, she reached a paw up to give her snout a good rub, before Jack suddenly spoke up.

“No-no!” he burst out, recognizing what she was about to do.  “Don’t rub your nose.  It’s okay, really.  Just let it come.”

*Sniff* “R...really?”  Maxie sounded very uneasy. “Are yah…h-you sure ab-bout this?”

“Trust me, I’ll be fine,” the bear responded.  “Here, if it makes you feel better...” he ducked down behind the shield of his desk, peering over the top of it so only his eyes and the top of his covered head could be seen.  “You won’t hurt me, I promise.  Just do your thing.”

Normally Maxie would be quite uncomfortable with doing something like this.  Then again, the sincerity in the bear’s voice made it seem like he really knew what he was doing, and like this was a safe and controlled experiment, which help put her mind at ease a bit.  Not to mention, she liked the idea of being able to sneeze freely, which was a rare and welcome treat for her.  So, she decided that she would take this opportunity to do so.

“O... okay” she said, lowering her paw and sniffling lightly, looking down her snout and focusing on the teasing, tickly sensation in her large, pink nose.  It wasn’t quite enough to provoke a sneeze out of her, in fact it was one of those nagging tickles that easily could be doused with a quick exhale and some brisk rubbing, but obviously that wasn’t her goal this time.

So instead, she did something that she hadn’t done in a very long time – probably years.  She tried to egg the sneeze on!  She let her nostrils naturally flare, and she lightly drew in her breath.  Simultaneously, she worked the tiny muscles in her long nasal passages gently backwards, slowly drawing the tickle deeper and deeper into her muzzle, trying to reach that sweet spot where it would make her sneeze.

It seemed to be working, as her breath gradually came quicker and heavier, causing her chest to visibly rise and fall.  Her expression became progressively sneezier as her mouth started to hang open, exposing her sharp canid teeth.  Her muzzle scrunched and twitched, begging for release from the ever-agonizing tickle.  Normally, this would be when she would start to panic.  Although, through half closed eyes, she could still make out Jack looking over the top of the desk, watching with great attentiveness and not at all showing fear.  This helped her relax and convinced her that she could let the sneeze out, and not have to worry about holding back.

Come on! she thought to herself, as she continued to draw in slow breaths through her nose, bringing the irritation ever closer to the deep inner part of her snout.  Almost there...

Her chest kept fluctuating up and down, over and over again, until....


There it was!  The tickle had finally hit its mark, and her sensitive nose couldn’t take it anymore.  The sneeze was coming!


Maxie’s eyes began to shut, her muzzle scrunched hard, and her chest started to expand, stretching her shirt, as she drew in breath after breath.


Jack’s eyes widened at the site before him.  He had never seen this kind of a build-up from a common canine before, even an unusually tall one.  The wolfess’ nostrils had flared to almost twice their normal size.  Her lips were curled back as the irritation was really getting to her.  Her chest seemed to be inflating more and more in almost a cartoony sort of way.  It swelled and swelled with each inhale she took.  Until finally…



Maxie’s head snapped forward violently as she released a giant blast!  I great WHOOSH of air was heard as it tore through the tiny office, sending papers and office supplies flying everywhere from the top of the desk.  A loud crack could be heard in the midst of the chaos.  Several minutes seemed to pass before the breeze died down, and the office eventually fell silent.

Maxie just sat there with her eyes closed and her teeth clenched.  Oh no, she thought, realizing that maybe she shouldn’t have let the sneeze go, so unimpeded.  She was afraid to look, wondering what damage she might have caused, and what harm she might have done to her potential new employer.  To her surprise, when she opened her eyes, she saw Jack standing there behind his desk, unharmed, still wearing all of the protective gear.  Amazingly, he was smiling widely, beaming in fact!

“WOOWWW!” he burst out, lightly clapping his paws.  “Now, THAT was impressive!  That’s quite a sneeze you’ve got there, ma’am.  Folks weren’t kidding!”

“*Sniff* You.... *sniffle* you think so?” Maxie said blushing, smiling shyly, rubbing her nose, still recovering from her strong release.  “Umm... thank you!”  She wasn’t used to this.  Someone who had witnessed one of her sneezes up close, didn’t get upset, really seemed to like it, and was even impressed!  “Heh... truth be told, that wasn’t one of my big ones.”

“Is that right?” the bear responded.  “Well if that’s true, then I can’t wait to see what you can really do!  And to think, it didn’t even take much to set you off.  We could definitely use you on set.  I’m thinking of all kinds of fun things that we could do with that nose of yours.”

“If you say so,” Maxie uttered, blushing even deeper now.  “I’m sorry I blew your papers everywhere, and... oh no!”  She pointed a clawed hand behind Jack. “I broke your window!”

Jack turned around to see that a prominent crack had indeed formed right down the center of the thickly paned glass.  To Maxie’s bewilderment, he just looked at it and laughed, as he walked up to it and examined it with his paw.  “Oh, don’t worry about it, miss,” he said.  “Things like this happen around here all the time.  I’ll get it fixed.”

He turned back around to face her again.  He picked his knocked-over chair off the floor, set it upright, and sat back down to face the wolfess.  “And don’t worry about the papers and whatnot.  I intentionally left everything on my desk prior to your sneeze to see what would happen... I must say, I wasn’t expecting this!”  He observed the office supplies that were scattered around everywhere, before finally looking back up to face her.  “Well Miss Maxie, if you’re interested, the job is yours!  What do you think?  Would you like to join our team?”

Maxie folded her ears down, and kind of slouched in her chair a bit as she spoke.  “Ummm...” she mumbled lightly, “I... I don’t know.  I’m really not sure how I feel about all this... I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered… and I really appreciate the opportunity, but well... for one, I must tell you that I’m pretty shy.  I don’t know how well I would do in front of a camera.

Also, well... I’m really self-conscious about my sneezes.  I don’t like them very much, so the idea of showcasing them, especially for others to fetishize about is a bit much.  I mean, maybe I would do it for a close friend, but... doing it on the internet for the whole world to see?”

Jack nodded slowly at her response.  He empathized with the woman, as he was used to hearing these sorts of anxious thoughts from potential employees.  He considered showering her with assurances that his camera crew was very professional and understanding about the unusual situations that the actors were put in, and that Maxie would be handled with nothing but kindness and care on set.  He was sure that she would do great!  He also thought about also pitching the idea that since her sneezes were such a difficult part of normal life that caused others distress, why not share them with other individuals who would love and enjoy them, all around the world?  But he decided that he shouldn’t push too hard.  He didn’t want to pressure the poor wolf.  “I completely understand, ma’am,” he said.  “I hear worries like that all the time.  I won’t push you, as it’s completely your choice.  But one thing I would like to share with you is this.

When I started this business, I did it not only because I wanted to do what I love, but also because I wanted to help individuals like you that have such unique difficulties.  I can’t imagine how hard it must be living with the capability of a giant sneeze, which is such a common and uncontrollable reflex.  I thought it might be a good thing to offer folks like you a job where you could use your unique gift, in a way that others might enjoy.”

Maxie looked up slightly and nodded.  “That’s very noble of you,” she said.  “You know, I must admit, I’ve dealt with this problem for a better part of my life, and it hasn’t been easy... I usually haven’t been able to hold a job for very long... and well... I think it’s cool that people want to see me on your website... I would have to think about it, though.”

“I’m sorry about your troubles,” Jack acknowledged, giving her a sympathetic look.  “That’s totally fine if you need to think it through.  Before you go though, I should tell you about one other incentive that the job offers.”

“What?” Maxie asked, lifting her head.

“I have a question for you,” Jack said, as he leaned in closer to her.  “Have you ever heard of ‘Macro-Micro Relations?’”

“No, I haven’t,” Maxie responded.

“It’s a fairly new company,” Jack explained.  “It was started by a macro equine woman named Gwen.  She wanted to make it possible for macro beings to visit populated areas without fear of causing any damage, should they need to sneeze.  So, she developed a product called the Kevlar Handkerchief.”

“Oh!”  Maxie’s ears perked.  “Yeah, I did hear something about that.  It prevents damage done by macro sneezes, right?”

“That’s right,” the bear replied.  “Except one thing that’s not well known is that Gwen’s company recently created a smaller version of the handkerchief for micros to use, who also have unusually large sneezes.”  He opened another drawer of his desk as he reached into it again.  “I just so happen to have one right here.”  He pulled out a dark green, folded piece of cloth, and held it up for the wolf to see.

“Woah,” Maxie said.  “So like, that thing can absorb really powerful sneezes like mine?”

“Yes it can,” the bear answered back.

“May I see it?” Maxie asked, reaching for it.

“Of course.”  Jack handed it to her and allowed her to examine it.

Maxie twisted the handkerchief in her paws as she inspected it.  The fabric was very rough and dense, yet somehow still flexible.  “So, if I were to sneeze into this thing, it would prevent any damage that I might do?”

“Well…” Jack started to say, “unfortunately it’s not as effective as the full-size product.  See, the problem is that for a micro like you, your sneezes are much more disproportionate to your body size, and there’s good chance of there being a lot of recoil.  Also, you have to really hold it tight against your muzzle, or you could easily lose your grip on it. And there might be some side blast, but it’s still better than nothing.

Anyhow, it’s guaranteed to protect against up to around ten giant sneezes before the fabric starts to come apart.  And we offer an unlimited supply of these handkerchiefs to all of our employees.”

Maxie’s eyes widened as she looked up at him in excitement.  “Really?” she said.  “Does it actually work?”

“It sure does,” Jack said, as he opened yet another desk drawer.  He pulled out a large red, decorative feather, and held it up while grinning slightly.  “Care to give it a try?  You said that your nose is really sensitive to feathers, right?”

Maxie blinked at what he was presenting to her, before eventually smirking at him.  “How many sneeze inducing items do you have in that desk of yours?” she asked.

“You do know where you are, right?” Jack joked.  “Here,” he said as he walked around the desk and stood in front of her.  He made a gesture with the feather towards her nose.  “Allow me… if I may.”

“Ummmm….” Maxie hesitated as she stared at the plume in the bear’s paw.  Her nose twitched slightly, already feeling a bit of a tickle, just looking at the brushy feather.  “You’re sure this hankie will work?  I have to warn you, if you’re gonna use that on my nose, you’re probably going to get a much bigger sneeze than you saw before... feathers really make my nose tickle.”  She blushed deep as she looked at him bashfully.

“Yes, I’m sure,” he said convincingly.  “As long as you hold it right up to your snout, it will work.”

“Okay,” Maxie blurted out, almost without delay.  She was surprised at herself for how willing she was to sneeze for this man.  Nonetheless, he had not steered her wrong yet, and he really brought out the confidence in her.  She knew she could trust him.  “Let’s try it out.”  She leaned forward towards him and stuck out her muzzle, offering up her nose.

“Alright,” the bear said, as he brought the feather up to her face.  “Here we go.”  He touched the tip of the feather to the base of her snout, and very slowly dragged it along the length of her muzzle, all the way to the tip of her nose.  It seemed that he knew exactly what he was doing, like he was trained to stimulate every tickly spot in a victim’s snoot.  Maxie could feel the tiny tendrils of the plume as they dragged along her sensitive proboscis, sending an almost electric-like tingle deep into the depths of her muzzle.

Her nose reacted accordingly.  Twitch…twitch…scruuunnch…

“Hhhh...hiiiihhh...ssnrrrrrrrkk...” Maxie’s head reflexively pulled away as she panted.  She had the most tortured look ever on her face.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked, as he pulled the feather back.

“Thaahh…hahh...that really t-tickles!” Maxie managed between breaths.  “You’re gonna m... make me sn...suhh... suhhh...suhhnneeeze!”  Her nose twitched and flared like crazy, so close to the cusp of being pushed over the edge.

“Wow, already?” Jack said, sounding almost amused.  “You were right.  Feathers really do get you going.”  He reached for her muzzle yet again.  “It’s alright,” he said, not pausing at all.  “Just let it out.  Remember to cover your nose.”  Once more, he followed the same process, and dragged the feather along the length of her snout, pushing a little harder this time.

Maxie clenched her jaw and narrowed her eyes in horror, as she felt this second wave of torture engulf her muzzle.  It was far too much to bear.

“Hehhhhh... I'm gonna sn... snehhhh... aaaahhhh... aaaahhhhhhh…."

As her breath hitched and she started to build up again, she became alarmed as she realized that Jack wasn’t ducking back behind his desk this time.  He was boldly standing right in the line of fire.

To make matters worse, the bear decided to provoke her nose some more.  He moved the feather down and started brushing it back and forth briskly across her twitching, flaring nostrils.

Maxie jumped when she felt her already irritated nose get bombarded by the feather some more.  What was this bear thinking?  Was he crazy??  The feather was just torturing her now, and she impulsively started inhaling more and more, her body trying like crazy to rid her nose of this ever-growing persistent tickle!

“Laaaahhhhhh…heeeeahhhhh….LOOK OOUAAAAAAAHH….HHAAAAAAHHHHHHH…”  Maxie tried to warn him to get out of the way, but she could no longer talk, as the sneeze was taking full control.


Her chest swelled bigger and bigger.  Her nostrils were quivering now, protesting against the quick strokes of the feather which just wouldn’t stop tormenting her!  They stretched so wide that the pink of her nose was starting to show.  For whatever reason, Jack decided to take it even further.  He pushed the feather into one of those gaping nostrils and began to tickle the pink directly.

“HIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH!!”  Maxie gasped audibly as she felt the feather reach the most sensitive spot in her nose.  He had really done it now!  Her nose was on fire, and was angrily scrunching, flaring and trembling like crazy.  She knew that this was going to be one of her biggest sneezes ever!


Jack finally decided that he had done enough, as the wolf’s chest was starting to inflate like a giant balloon right in front of him.  He withdrew the feather, but still stood his ground.  “COVER YOUR NOSE!” he yelled as a reminder.

Maxie barely heard him, as she fumbled around with the hankie in her paws.  With some effort, she managed to get it up to her tortured snout.  Following his instructions from before, she held it to her muzzle as tightly as she could, just as…



The next thing Maxie comprehended was an almost deafening blast of air from her own sneeze that hit her right in the face!  It was followed by the sensation of flying backwards for a split second, before SMACKING hard into the wall behind her, and tumbling down and landing awkwardly next to her chair.  She let out a groan and squinted her eyes for a few seconds, and she struggled to get up onto her hands and knees, panting heavily from the head rush she was experiencing.

She felt Jack’s paw on her shoulder.  “Oh my gosh!” she managed to make out, over the slight ringing in her ears, “Are you okay??”

Maxie sniffed hard and scrubbed her nose in the crook of her elbow before blinking her vision back into focus and looking up to see the bear standing over her with a concerned look.  Her eyes went wide as she rolled to a sitting position.  “I’m fine, I’m fine!” she yelled back, even though she still was pretty dazed from the G-force, and from releasing such an enormous sneeze.  There was a much more important question on her mind.  “Are you okay??” she asked, rubbing her nose, still sniffling a bit.  “I… *sniiiiiffff*… I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Oh no, not at all,” Jack assured her.  “I only felt a breeze.  I wish I could say the same for you, though.  I’m so sorry.  I probably should have emphasized the potential for recoil when using the handkerchief.  Are you sure you’re alright?” he asked.  “Here, I’ll help you up.”  He held out a paw for her to take.

Maxie panted deep a couple more times, still recuperating, but she nodded at the bear, feeling that her sense of balance was coming back.  She took his paw and pulled herself back up to her feet, dusting herself off a bit as she looked at him.  “Thank you.  I’m glad you’re alright,” she said to him.  *Sniff* “Whew!  That was big…”

Jack looked at her with a sheepish smile.  “Yeah…. sorry about that.  I may have gotten a little carried away with the feather.  I was just really intrigued to see how big of a sneeze I could get out of you… I guess now I know!”

“Ugh, yeah,” Maxie said, as she reluctantly went to take a look around the room, half expecting to have blown open a gaping hole in the wall, and sending the contents of the office flying outside, similar to her incident at Mr. Ego’s building.  Stunningly enough, there was no destruction at all! The papers had been blown around again, and the objects that were strewn had moved a little with what air had gotten past the handkerchief, but not much more than that.

“Oh my gosh!” Maxie said, still surveying the room.  “I didn’t do any damage?  Sheesh, I was half expecting to have leveled your office with that one.”

Jack smiled and nodded as he spoke.  “Isn’t it incredible?  Gwen’s company has made quite a product there.”

“It’s amazing!” Maxie said, staring in awe at the hankie still in her paw.  “You said your employees get an unlimited supply of these?”

“Yes, as many as you may need,” Jack responded with a smile.

“Wow,” Maxie said as she started to think of the possibilities.  “If I had one of these with me… maybe I could actually go out in public again, without having to worry about damaging anything!  Maybe other folks wouldn’t be as afraid of me any more… gosh, I could even go back to school!”

“I’m sure you could,” Jack replied encouraging her.  “Like I said, we want to help people like you in your situation.  This is a big example of that.”

“I see,” Maxie looked back down at the hankie.  She kind of cringed realizing that she had sneezed into it, unsure if she was supposed to return it or not. She looked at the bear uneasily as she held it out to him.  “Umm… I’m not sure if you want this back…”

“Keep it!” Jack replied enthusiastically.  “Consider it a gift.  Maybe it might help you with your decision on whether or not you want to come work for us.”

“Really?” Maxie piped up, “Well thank you!  And thank you again for the job offer.  I certainly have a lot to think about.”

“You’re very welcome,” Jack stated as he reached into his pocket.  “Thank you again for meeting with me.  I’m happy to have been able to meet you.  Here’s my card,” he said, handing it to her.  “You take all the time in the world you need to think about this, ma’am.  No rush at all.  Just remember, the offer’s always on the table.”

Maxie took the card and held it up to read it.

Jack Berrington
555-417-1173 - work
555-417-0827 - cell

As she made her way back to the parking lot, Maxie found herself deep in thought with everything that she had just learned.  Boy, did she have a lot to contemplate.  For the first time in her life, she had been praised for the power of her sneezes.  She even had fans who wanted to see them in full display!  She still wasn’t sure how she felt about all of this, but regardless, it made her feel a lot better about herself than she had in a very long time.

As she come closer to her car, she pulled out the Kevlar Handkerchief once again, and gaped at it as she held it in her paw.  This thing really was remarkable.  Nothing had ever been able to hold up to her sneezes like that before.  Obviously, she had to be mindful about the blow back from holding it up to her nose.  But she came to think about how if she used it the right way, there could be some favorable results.  She might have a chance at a more normal life.

The question was though, could she really trust this thing to save her out in public, when property damage and potential injuries were a very real factor?  Maybe she needed to try it out some more first before she came to any real conclusions.  Except, how could she do so without there being a risk?  Then, as she entered her car, she got an idea.  “I think I know just the place I could put this hankie to the test!” she said out loud.  Without delay, she started to car, and headed to the locality that she had in mind….

To be continued.
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Oooh, quite the long one. I'll add it to my list. :) Ought to re-read the serpent story. I miss that guy, heh.
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Oooh, quite the long one. I'll add it to my list. :) Ought to re-read the serpent story. I miss that guy, heh.

Hehe yeah, sorry about how long it is. I got a little carried away. :P  But anyway, whenever you do read it, hope you enjoy!

Oh yeah, you should give serpent's story another read.  It's a good one. ^^  Didn't know he's been absent.  That's a shame.

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Fun, silly. Definitely worth a part 2, though I had predicted the wrong type of part 2, apparently. :P
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Nicely done.  Happy to see these characters and ideas being used together!

Also: Super interested in that elephant side character, lol.  I wonder if she has a story too? Casual explosion sound from the studio.  X3
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Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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I love this!
Maxie's new place of work opens up lots of scenario possibilities!

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Fun, silly. Definitely worth a part 2, though I had predicted the wrong type of part 2, apparently. :P

Haha, thank you so much! Glad you think so. And glad you think it's worth a Part 2 also. ^^ I'll definitely do a sequel.

Sounds like you pictured the story going a different direction from what's implied at the end? :P What did you have in mind, just out of curiosity? I always welcome input. Maybe it's an idea I can use. ^^

Nicely done.  Happy to see these characters and ideas being used together!

Also: Super interested in that elephant side character, lol.  I wonder if she has a story too? Casual explosion sound from the studio.  X3

Thank you! ^^ And thanks again for allowing your ideas to be used in the story. I thought they would fit perfectly with these characters and this scenario.

Oh yeah? Hehe, I mainly just used the elephant to demonstrate what all goes on in the studio....buuuuuut I could include her more in a sequel, and maybe explore her story some. ;)

I love this!
Maxie's new place of work opens up lots of scenario possibilities!

Thank you! And thanks so much for reading. :)

Yes it does! I've got quite a few ideas for where to go from here ^^

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Nothing specifically, but I thought that it would be a sequel with her first day of work rather than her going off to experiment with the hankerchief. :P
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Nothing specifically, but I thought that it would be a sequel with her first day of work rather than her going off to experiment with the hankerchief. :P

Ah ok. I had a feeling that's what you thought, lol. We'll get there. ;)

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Love this! brillaint!