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Hey everybody, I'm back with a new name
« on: November 30, 2020, 05:44:04 PM »
I ain't exactly new here, but rules are rules.  ;D

People knew me as N@ndo here, since 2009, I've been drawing sneeze fetish way before doing foot fetish content
I'm known on DA and FA as XPTZ ( ) ( )

But for a long time, I haven't taken sneeze content seriously enough to have an account JUST for that. Most of my sneeze content is here, as sketches and a few commissioned artworks (which included feet as well). Maybe I was shy, or a coward and such

Finally I'm taking courage to go full throttle to create a separated account for just sneeze fetish and other fetishes as well (anything non-feet related and accepted by TOS). And for that, I have a new name: Noastrel!

Why the name? Random name generator brought me Nostral, so with a wordplay with "nostril"... ta-daaaa!

My Furaffinity page is:
My Patreon page for this content (and others):
I'm gonna create a PSF account as well, and post all comics here too.

My goal is to bring up the most fetish types as I can, study about all of 'em, and get as many commissions as I can. I had a bit of experience with vore and crush, so those two are no-brainers. For that, I want to convert all sketches and unfinished sneeze art I've made during the years into fully, colored comics.
It includes the future return of a violent sneezing female fox...  ;)

Don't forget to follow me there:
I hope you accept me back.  ;D

I ❤ you all!
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