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Prototype (This game is rated M by the ESRB)
« on: October 02, 2009, 08:41:05 PM »
Just for reference, and to save my furry hide, this game is rated M by the ESRB and should  only be played by teens at the very least of 17 years of age and by adults. Teens younger than 17 and children should not attempt to buy the game, "Prototype," without the consent of a Parent or Guardian and must have their Parent or Guardian present at the time of purchase to verify they have given their consent. However, it is still not recommended that anyone under 17 play this game because of its graphic content. So, if you're not at least 17 years of age, you should not read this topic and should click the back button immediately to leave this page now. Thank you for your cooperation.


Yeah, so, I went out andbought this game the week after it came out. At first, I was so excited about finally getting my hands on this game after all the hype the stirred up over it. Heck, I even read over the pre-production review released in the Game Informer magazine a year and a half, if not two years before the game's actual release. I will admit, during the first ten or fifteen main quests, I was completely absorbed by the game play and all the things you could do. However, after I really started to level up and unlock new abilities, I felt they made the game too easy. Furthermore, the Web of Intrigue targets, which unlock your memories, all started to blend together and repeat themselves.

Eventually, after I leveled up the Hammer Fists and later, the Whip Fist, I decided to bum-rush the Hives throughout the city and just kill all the enemies around them because they Infi-Spawned as long as you kept the Hive alive, which was ridiculously easy. So, after two or three hours of non-stop enemy smashing, I'd easily have one-million or more experience points to spend. Though, I will admit, fighting Elizabeth Greene was a Long, Tiresome, and VERY Annoying event that took me the entire day, from seven that morning and continuing until two O'clock of the following morning. She just had so many cheap shots and attacks that drained my health bar to near death. After fighting and beating Elizabeth Greene, the game started to pick up my interest again because of the insanely increased difficulty and Quests which stood out from the game's monotonous first half of Quests.

Even though I do have quite a few things to pick at in Prototype's game play and storyline, I did enjoy it quite a bit because I never get tired of consuming people, shape shifting, all the blood and gore, and just tearing people apart with the various attacks/powers you can unlock. On the downside, though, the game doesn't have all that great of a replay value. After the second or third time through the game, it loses it's luster and charm very quickly. So, you may end up like me and ultimately sell it after beating it twice over. The game does have a perk for beating it and lets you keep all the powers/attacks you've unlocked in your second play through. This perk gives Prototype more of a sense of freedom and open sandbox feel when you start again, which gives you the chance to just goof around while letting you toy with everyone and everything. This would be the biggest reason why I will say to beat it once and play through it one more time. Instead of getting bogged down with Quests and leveling up, you already have everything and can just play around for the heck of it.

Well, that's my say on the game, Prototype; now, I want to hear from you guys. If you've played the game, let me know what you think of it and what your Pro's and Con's for the game are. Or, if you haven't played the game, read over what other people thought of it to help you decide if it's a game you'd consider picking up.