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Midi the Squirrel Game Demo!
« on: December 16, 2009, 05:20:45 AM »
Sorry for the extended absence, but I`ve been hard at work on my game. In fact, I even forgot to post this on several forums! LOL

Anywho, I finally have a playable demo for everyone to see. The demo can be downloaded at It`ll be the featured submission.

About the game, it takes place 300 years in the future on planet Kyroda. Human kind has left Earth after it was invaded by mechanical beings called Zeltrons, and went to live on other worlds around the galaxy.

Now here we are, 300 years into the future, and humans have been settled and accepted by the Kyrodians. All is peaceful, until that fateful day when something happened.

On this day, a young, plucky, annoyingly cute squirrel named Midi is on holiday with his siblings Trey and Sophie, visiting the ancient flooded ruins of Starth Mountain. While here, a ship lands, and a band of penguin pirates emerges and begins robbing the place.

Midi fights them off, and finds a warp room which he uses to chase down the pirate generals at their sites around the globe.

So that`s the story behind it. Updates are posted on Twitter at and feedback/bug reports can be sent to

Hope you guys enjoy the demo!