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[Announcement] New new NEW!
« on: April 01, 2011, 12:47:42 PM »
Updates, folks! Oh man! :D

Okay for those who didn't notice the other topic, first off the way you view art on this site is changing. There is now a "Media" tab at the top. I will be redirecting the Art Archive link to the Media section as soon as I'm done updating all of the image information. In this "Media" tab, you can find the same content you've grown tired of (hey, maybe some people still like the old stuff, right? :P) but now with thumbnails, view counts, rating, and commenting. Also, every image has had the artist's name and website researched. Or at least, that will be the case. Why do you think this takes so long? XD Anyway, the old list view will still be accessible and updated alongside the Media gallery for those who prefer it. Also as soon as I'm done catching up in there, I'll be adding new files. I've got around 50 and with the new thumbnails and ratings setup, I can save some of the more mediocre finds from DA.

Next most of you SHOULD be noticing the Chat update. I got tired of the old, hiddenaway, useless one. It's gone! Now, we have an integrated chat system that does more than use the logins. It uses the forum itself! GASP! Some things to note: That thing called ShoutBox is NOT the chat. Yes, it's linked with the chat, but that is not THE chat program. To get to the new chat room and actually be logged in, you have to click "Chat", found along the top. Once there, you'll actually get live updates when someone posts a message. ShoutBox DOES NOT update itself except when: Your cursor is in the box next to "Shout", or when: You go to a new page on the site. So again, if you want to chat, CLICK "Chat"! I hope to see folks hanging out there. Also, the main channel broadcasts to the ShoutBox and visaversa, but there are private chatrooms available as well as other public rooms. If anyone has any chatroom name requests, let me know, and I'll add them.

FINALLY, here's the big one folks. So big that it's going to take all day to finish up! A video clip update! Okay so it's not the same quality of update that the old ones were. In fact, I lost the ability to sound balance my video files with each other. Bummer. Well, enough hoarding, time to share. A billion thanks to Chikara for all his clipping work, but if one of the files doesn't work, go blame that guy. No really dude, you're awesome, thanks again for all your hard work around here. Well, this new video index can be found if you log in and follow this link - - Once there, bask in the glory of all those video files we've been amassing via megaupload over the last 1.5 years. Woo! Now they're finally convenient!

Okay so that's the best I can do right now. I'm going to keep working on the new gallery, and I'll make another big showy post when I actually start adding new art into it. In the mean time, what I want from each and every one of you is to log in, visit the Media section, and browse around. Click the image titles and you'll be taken to an INFO page, with things like the species and cause of sneeze tagged onto the images. You can even click those items to search for all that are tagged like that (THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, KTHX<3). But mostly, I want you to rate those images you love to stare at. Rate them high! Actually, rate ALL the images. If you have an image that you aren't impressed my, rate it down. That's just how it goes. And if you really want to be awesome, leave comments on your favorite ones and tell me why you love that image over all the others, or just say "Okay, I left a comment! Stop spamming my inbox with these damn e-mails!"

That's it for now. Thanks for supporting this site, even if you're a lurker. I'm glad there's folks out here who like this weird combination fetish thing. :P Thanks for being a member and for stopping by every once in a while. ^___^
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