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[F] Catherine Kitsune, 'Artistry'*
« on: August 02, 2011, 10:06:06 PM »
Another story involving Catherine the kitsune-girl.
Many differences here.  This time there's a lot of build-up, so hopefully I'll have the anticipation high by the end!  It's also a third-person perspective instead of the first time Catherine showed up, which was second-person.  Also, there's not as big of a climatic moment like most of my other stories, but I think it'll still be just as enjoyable.

If you read it, leave comments!  I like to know people are reading it, and what they think.
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Re: [F + Story] Catherine Kitsune, 'Artistry'
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2011, 10:08:03 PM »
"Have you ever been turned on by one of your models?"

That's a mean question for a girl like her to ask.  Especially given her tone of voice, which sports just enough of a seductive hint to suggest that the painter should be.  A white-bodied equine specimen, Timothy and Catherine have met before... but that's another story for another time.  "Sometimes." is thhe answer.  While mostly toneless, it briefly puts a grin on the kitsune's face all the same.

Ah, if only she was posing nude... she could make a big, elaborate display of getting her body bare.  From her toned runner's legs up to the top of her head, the kitsune-girl is covered in a pale golden fur.  The silky texture is part of what makes it so enviable.  Kicking off her shoes, the vixen takes a seat on the stool and adjusts her dress.  A green skirt that comes to just above her knees, and the same color camisole that makes a good show of her curves.  Obviously these two have been chosen to match her eyes, which are a more vibrant green.  Topping this off is a head of long, blone hair that is kept neatly behind her triangular ears.

Her tails swish, brushing the stool clean in a habitual motion before she takes a seat.  The studio is small, but enough.  "I've never seen an artist sit so close." she comments.  While it sounds like an idle comment, to her it's a bit of a concern.  "I'm rather limited on space." the painter replies with a smile.

All Catherine has to do is sit and be pretty for a while.  She's very good at the latter, and occasionally can tolerate the former.  This is definitely vanity for her...  It's not all that often an artist simply picks someone out to pose for a picture!  To that end, she's neglected ever mentioning something she likely should have, and she hopes she won't end up paying for it.  The tiny tickle in her nose suggests otherwise.

The artwork begins without much ceremony to it.  The horse was ready since before she entered.  Catherine spends the first few minutes sitting still, but the tickle keeps growing... and she wiggles her nose side to side as it begins to irritate her properly.

She can sit in place well enough, but her muzzle scrunches up as she tries to get the tickling sensation out of her snout.  She lightly snorts, which clears it away for a few moments... then it returns, forcing her to twitch her nose again.  Wiggle... Wiggle, wiggle...  The air in here is getting to her.  Her artist has noticed.  "Something wrong?"  "No, it's nothing."  "You're twitching your nose quite a bit."  "I'll be fine, I- Ah.."  Her eyes flutter, head lifting...

"Ah.. Ah.."  The florescent lights aren't doing her any favors, and she shuts her eyes as she lifts her head.  The tickle works its way back in her nostrils.  "Hh..heeeh.."  She holds it off, and is rewarded.  The building itch in her snout fades away, if slowly.  Relaxing her tense body, Catherine carefully lowers her head.  "It was just a random tickle." she claims.

The artist chuckles and returns to work.  Catherine's eyes catch sight of his flicking tail.  Her nose crinkles a bit, and she reflexively lifts her fingers to touch the end of her snout.  Timothy gives her a questioning look, which the vixen blinks at before realizing what she did.  Her hand drops away, back into the position it was in before.  She smiles apologetically... and feels the tickle return.

Her eyebrows lift as she tries to hold it back, but...  "Huh.." she breathes in..  "Huh.. huh!"  "Catherine, are you sure you're alright?"  "Hha-ah.. I'm.."  Sniffle.  She almost raises her hand again, but remembers to keep it down.  Sitting still and being pretty is being very hard right now...  "Huh!"  Her head lifts, eyes shut as her nostrils wiggle..

"Uh.. uh..!"  Her face scrunches up as she holds it back...  It fades away slightly, and the vixen gives a sniff, once again nearly raising her delicate fingers to guard her even more delicate nose.  "Do you have allergies?"  She'll never get the picture done if she admits.  But like all clever foxes, she knows a way out of the situation.  "I-"  She's cut short as her breath hitches, the tickle taking over for a moment.  "Hh..heh.. HEH!"  She winds back down..  "I'm allergic to dust.."  "Do you need me to open a window?"  "If you could.."

The equine rises from his seat, prompting the canid girl to take a moment to rub the back of her hand against her nose.  The window is near her, which means the horse boy comes even closer.  It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't flick his tail, but having those silvery strands dance in the air just makes Catherine imagine all the smaller, invisible threads that are making her nose tickle.  And those hairs are much too close to her nose...  "Ah.."  The window is shoved open, and the horse moves away.  Catherine carefully removes her fingers, and takes a breath of fresh air...

"Ah..."  The itch persists.  She sets her hand back down dutifully as Timothy takes his seat again, but her nose wiggles defiantly.  "Hh..hah..!"  "Still in there?"  "Ha-ha-ha-HAA! ..."  Her head lifts in steps, eyes closed.  With a slow, gradual exhale through her snout, Catherine clears her nose.  Carefully and lightly, she sniffs the air...

And then a confused expression comes to her face.  Something smells different than she expected.  The air is slightly sweet...  Crossing her eyes, she looks at her black nose but finds nothing.  "Could you hold still?"  The request makes her blush.  She hasn't been doing a good job of that...

Twitch...  Her nose wiggles...  She tries to hold her ears still, but they pin back for a few moments.  "Ah..  Ah..  Ahh.."  She thought she had it out...  The tickle grows, teasing her nostrils quite a way in.  Catherine's mouth hangs open.  "AAAhhh.."  "Still too dusty?"  "Ah.. I..  I smell suh..huh.."  "Hm?"  "Somethih.. something.. tha...ha.. that's tickling my nose.." Catherine desperately admits.  "Well, I do have a garden..."

The vixen breaks her unspoken agreement to sit still with a slight turn of her head, eyes opening to gaze out the window.  There aren't many blossoms in the small garden, but those that are present wave in the breeze.  Catherine's pretty teeth stay on display as the sweet smell tickles her sensitive canid nostrils.  "Hhaa.. Hhaa.."  She turns forwards, looking away from the flowers...

"Hhaa.. HHAaa.."  She can't fight it..  "HHaahhhshhk!"  She stiffles the first and the next few..  "hahhshkk!  EHshhhk!  Hheh..HHEHSHhhK!"   Then her mouth opens wide, a gasp sucked in..  The little hairs and the pollen are too much.  "HAAAH... AHSHHOOOO!"  The vixen jerks forwards, sneezing at the floor.  "HEhh.. Haa..AAHHHSHOOO!"

She's something of a sight to behold, tails fluttering and flaring behind her as she gets flustered, nostrils flaring out as the tickle continues to be unbearable.  "EHh-HIISHH!  Ehh-HIISHH!  EHh-hheeh-HHIIHHSHHH!"  Her head dips forwards and back, her ears pinned back the whole while.  Her hair falls into her face with the back and forth motions, and Catherine finally gives up on sitting still.

"HHAAH-SSHHHHH!"  Her palms catch the surface of the stool, fingers curling over the edge as she stops herself from bending over again.  The kitsune rises from her seat suddenly, and steps over shut the window.  "Ah-hha-SHOO!"  Is that it..?  There's still the air in the room itself to deal with...  Placing the back of her arm over her nose, Catherine gives a sniff and calls it quits.  "I think we need to go somewhere else for this."

The girl herself wastes no time with it, making haste towards the door.  Her nose doesn't care for what's in the room, and lets her know by making her nostrils flare.  "Ah.. AH.. AHH!"  Head up, ears back, and tails tensed, Catherine sneezes on the door.  "HaaHHCHOOO!"  Sniff... sniffle.  She rubs across her nostrils with a finger, then opens the door and steps out.

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Re: [F + Story] Catherine Kitsune, 'Artistry'
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2011, 12:41:44 AM »
Yaaaay :D
This story is pleasing to my brain
Feel free to give me a message sometime.  I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas.
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Re: [F + Story] Catherine Kitsune, 'Artistry'
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2011, 12:10:05 PM »
Wonderful story. I love your characters and the sneezing scenes are always amazing without being "too much". Always look forward to reading your work.

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Re: [F] Catherine Kitsune, 'Artistry'*
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2017, 04:30:17 PM »
I loved this story, so cute! ;D
I'll take a sneezefic, and WRITE IT!