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[F + Pokemon + Non-Anthro] Cynthia the Latias!*
« on: August 18, 2011, 11:19:24 PM »
Cynthia the Latias

Hiya! My name is Cynthia, and I’m a latias. Pleased to meet you! I just barely came to this region, and I’m very happy here! Sorry for being so happy, but that’s just how I am. I’m 16 years old and I have an older brother who knows everything, and his name is Evan. He’s kind of stubborn and loves to brag about himself, but he is my big brother, so I can’t really complain too much. He’s been in many regions around the world, and he tells me some amazing stories about his adventures. I don’t know how many of them are true, but that’s what brothers do!

When we were young, our herd that we were in got hit by a scary human machine that tried to capture all of our herd at once. That was the scariest moment of my life, and it was my brother who saved me. He collided with me because I was too petrified to move and he nearly got caught by trying to save me. He severed his bottom left wing, but it still was able to move so he could fly, so he carried me all the way to where we use to live, the Hoenn region. We had been separated from our herd, but our parents taught us how to live by ourselves, so we were fine. I was only 4 years old when the human machine attacked us, and we were lucky not to be captured by the scary human driving it. She had a strange bracelet on and had a dark visor on her face. My brother says she calls herself J, but I think my brother is lying. Who would want a name that’s only one letter?

Anyway, my best friend besides my brother is a ralts. His name is Jeremy, and he’s…a little bit weird. He’s highly curious and has a lonely nature, but that was the only way we could ever meet. You see, we latios and latias have a great natural ability to hide ourselves. Our small feathers both feel and look like incredibly smooth fur, and they also have the gift of absorbing and contracting light. It naturally happens to us, all we have to do is think about what our feathers need to do and they do it. It’s how we move in the air without being seen…at least, if you don’t stare. We don’t turn invisible to pokemon that really stare and focus…at least that’s what my brother says. Anyway, I’m getting off topic, huh? Sorry about that.

Jeremy is a ralts that is always looking for something. He isn’t very strong, but he has an unusual teleport attack. He can use it to go anywhere! He actually teleported right in front of me while I was drinking after a really long flight. Jeremy’s around 17 years old and doesn’t know how to…act in front of new people. That first teleport when he appeared in front of me, he stuttered his words for an entire minute! I mean, who does that? I haven’t met very many other pokemon besides my own kind, and other legendary pokemon, but I’ve never met another latios or latias that stuttered that much. After that though, Jeremy was very easy to talk to and actually helped me by showing me around the nearby area. He was the one that showed me and my brother our old den that we slept in for over 10 years in the Hoenn region.

However, I mainly feel as if…I’m not enough. My brother is a shiny latios, and he has some amazing attacks. He protected me when I was young, and I never have had the chance to return the favor. The only things I’m good at…are babysitting other pokemon and flying fast, real fast. I have a timid nature, but I’m also strong willed. I learned the hard way that being sad and feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere in life. I suffered from a huge depression after my brother and I got separated from our herd, and if it wasn’t for Jeremy and Evan, I would’ve never have gotten where I am today. Sadness is a disease that can weaken your will to become who you want to become, and if Jeremy didn’t say that, I don’t know where I’d be.

I also realized that not all humans are evil, like that mean human from my past. Jeremy had led us to a spot that was near a human city. At first, I hated it. All the loud noise, the humans, and the reeking smell of pollution was too much to bear. It was then that my brother came up with a brilliant idea. Using psychic, he moved our entire den to another side of the city that wasn’t so polluted. The pollution never blew in our direction and the sounds of the noisy humans were tuned down thanks to one of our annoying neighbors, a loudred named Alvin. Alvin was a good pokemon that loved to tell jokes, but he hated humans even more than we did, and he would attack the humans that made too much noise, so the human city miraculously became much quieter.

Jeremy once led me into the city (my brother is way too overprotective, and wouldn’t allow this. It took 2 entire sleep seeds to force my brother to sleep during the day). He showed me the good things humans can do with pokemon, and my eyes were opened to the goodness that humans are capable of. My inner rage against humans disappeared and I wanted Evan to see this. Unfortunately, he didn’t like that I made him sleep and refused to come see the humans. He got revenge on me the next day, making me fall asleep for the whole day. He forgave me, maybe because I can twirl him around my wings as easily as I can fly, and I’ve been able to fly since I turned just 2 years old.

The reason why I moved from the Hoenn region to this one…is really a sad story. Nothing bad happened to anyone and no one got hurt, but it was just…really embarrassing. You see…I have allergies. On a weak pokemon, that is never a problem, and it is very common for grass pokemon to spread pollen and cause allergies that way, but for me it’s different. My brother makes fun of me all the time for it. I’m…allergic to feathers.

Luckily, I am not allergic to my own kind’s feathers because I was born with them (whew…thank goodness! That would be the ultimate embarrassment for me if I couldn’t live with any latios or latias.) I am, however, been cursed (my mom, before we were separated, always called it a blessing) with a highly sensitive nose. I could smell a pecha berry a mile away going at full speed in flight. I love going fast, and my nose can easily smell anything…however, it also can be a curse for the same reason.

During long flights, I have to be extremely careful going near any flying pokemon. Normally, that’s pelliper and wingull, here in the Hoenn region. Their feathers go everywhere during spring and early summer, because that’s the time they molt. Because they are part water type, they can still fly because not all their feathers molt at the same time. This leads me to suffer more, and be more careful when flying, for much longer periods of time during the year. If I fly anywhere near them, their feathers always tend to shake loose and go near me.

I’m always smelling while I’m flying. It’s been part of me ever sense I can remember. Not only do I smell for food while I’m flying, I have learned to smell danger too. Human flying machines, especially the dangerous one that separated me and my brother from our herd, have a unique smell that Jeremy taught me was metal. He said he’s never seen a pokemon be able to smell metal, but it actually is just earth soil that has really nasty chemicals in it.

Oh, I’m going off topic again, aren’t I? So sorry…anyway, the feathers that go near me are sniffed up by my sensitive nose. If I am on the ground, this isn’t anything to be embarrassed about, but it is if I’m flying. If even one feather gets sniffed up my nose…I sneeze. Hey, don’t giggle at me! It’s really embarrassing! Every flying pokemon knows that sneezing while flying is one of the sloppiest things you can do. It messes up where your going and if there’s anyone behind you while your flying, you will accidently spray them. However, that’s not my case. I fly really fast, and I have learned to always be invisible while I’m flying. The sad thing is, if I sneeze while flying…I have to stop. I learned out the hard way if I don’t stop, the sneeze will backfire in my face and it’s really hard to see when your face is covered in sneeze juice (my brother told me it’s called snot…but I like sneeze juice better. It sounds less icky to me. I hate icky things…especially bug pokemon. They always look at me with their multi-eyes and never blink. Plus, their type is supper effective against a psychic like me! I’d gladly sneeze on them!)

Well, this normally isn’t a very big issue. I fly around most swarms of birds and I tend to usually be around the den I live in when I’m not flying. Once, it was a big problem…or should I say, small problem. I was 10 years old at the time and I’ve gotten so used to the den I wanted to explore not the city, but the nearby forest. My brother went there all the time while Jeremy and I would secretly wander around the city, so I got brave and wondered around the forest on my own for the first time. Not knowing where you’re going and the trees blocking the way out to fly, I felt really scared. I feel a lot more comfortable flying and being able to see the sky than to walk. Our legs aren’t meant to walk very far, so this was a big challenge for me. I also was sniffing for berries, but all the berries were picked by other pokemon. I tried to find seeds, but their scent is so familiar with the trees scent that it was hard to tell the difference, so I was really hungry.

Very rarely do I eat another pokemon, but I only do this if there’s nothing else to eat. Before that day, I’d only eaten 10 pokemon, and 9 of those were already dead. I’d never eaten a bird, and I was wondering what one would taste like. My stomach growling with each step, I was getting to the point where I had to turn around, when all of a sudden I saw a swellow that was surrounded by little taillows. I came up to them and all of them flew away except for the swellow. The poor thing wasn’t even flinching, and my stomach was rumbling with a force, so I did the only thing I could think of and tried to eat it. As I did, the swellow laughed its head off and used featherdance. This attack unleashes a lot of feathers and severely lowers an opponent’s attack, but it had a much different effect on me. All of those feathers were in my mouth, and I had no choice but to open my mouth so the dumb bird could escape, but in doing so I had the edge of 4 feathers come out of my mouth and tickle my nose. I tried to spit the bird out, but the stupid thing was squirming the wrong way out…it was squirming downwards.

This just made things worse as the bird’s wings tickled my nose from the top of my mouth too, so I had no choice but to sneeze. It didn’t just stop there. I sneezed my head off, and with each sneeze, more of the feathers came out of my mouth, causing the itch to worsen and each sneeze to get more powerful. I couldn’t stifle them, I never could, so I just had to endure it. The bird’s feathers finally stopped coming from my mouth and the bird had flown out at the first sneeze, but it was a big blabbermouth and told every pokemon it saw what had happened. Of course my brother heard about it, and later in the week he stuffed a taillow under my bed so I would sneeze there too. It was, I thought, the worst thing that could ever happen to a girl like me. I may be happy, but my timid nature got a lot worse as nearly every pokemon that I saw in the forest would laugh at me. I didn’t come out of my den for 2 whole weeks after that. My brother had to bring me food. I haven’t felt so helpless in all my life…but that wasn’t enough to force me to move. The next thing was.

When me and my brother were forced into the Hoenn region, I was only good with being with myself. However, after I opened up to Jeremy, I got an idea to open up with other pokemon. This led to me babysitting pokemon for mothers who had to leave suddenly for a long period of time. That is my best ability that I have…I get along well with every little pokemon! I let them play on my back, I watch them so they won’t get hurt, and if they’re good, I take them flying! However, because I spend a ton of time in the forest, the den we live in, and the human city, I didn’t know any other pokemon besides Hoenn pokemon. All this changed when I went flying on a fast trip…and meet my new client, a lugia named Sheer.

Sheer is a very powerful lugia and she doesn’t like humans…at all. She has been known to attack human ships that get too close to her underwater nest. When I first met her, I was scared stiff. I hated the feeling of being weaker than other flying pokemon, but I knew I was outmatched, outsized, and outweighed by a lot. I panicked and flew straight back to our den…luckily my brother was there and he attacked Sheer without warning. Sheer and my brother fought, but the lugia unleached a terribly strong attack called Aeroblast that knocked my brother right in his injured wing. My brother fell from the sky and was just about to hit the ground when Sheer saved him. She was only curious as to what I was, and wasn’t going to attack me. A big misunderstanding, I knew I was foolish and didn’t think things through at all. She tried to help, but her huge size made healing his little wing hard.

For the next few weeks, Sheer and I tended to my brother’s injury. I was 13 at the time, and the result of the sneezing episode had really brought my babysitting service to a screeching halt. I was completely in Sheer’s debt, so she and I talked about how I could repay her for all her help. Turned out she had a son, a 2 year old little cutie pie lugia that didn’t have a name. Lugia’s have a weird tradition that they wait until their 8th birthday in order for them to have their names…except if humans caught them. Sheer was worried for her son because he was quirky, and he had a very curious characteristic. Only Jeremy was more curious, but he was going too far away from Sheer’s underwater nest. He almost got caught by a crazy group of humans that call themselves…Team Water? Yeah, I think that’s it. Anyway, Sheer got worried sick after that, and she had kept him in the nest for the last 3 months.

Understanding how it feels to be all alone and stuck in a tight space, I felt instantly drawn to him. Wanting to help him, I offered up my babysitting services to Sheer. Sheer instantly lit up and said that she desperately was looking for someone to look after her son. She had a major problem and needed to be away for 4 days, but no water pokemon wanted to look after Sheer’s son. After all, Sheer was so intimidating it was no wonder she scared many pokemon away! She and I made a deal and I knew that my brother would be fine. (He was getting way too use to being lazy, in my opinion. He even started to boss Sheer and I around! Sheer whacked him good in the head after he tried to get her to give him some berries…only 6 feet away from him!)

Later that day, I made my use of fast flying to keep up with Sheer. We even had a race, and I won! She led me straight to her spot in the ocean. Luckily, there was a really small island that was only about the size of a small human house near Sheer’s underwater nest, so I was able to keep above the water and not be in it…I like to get wet, but swimming for more than a minute is really bad. It makes it impossible to fly, my feathers don’t make me invisible when I’m soaked, and the sky gets really limited when you can’t fly high. I’m very vulnerable to ice, so if I fly too high, my dragon type makes water turn to ice, and ice is super effective against a dragon type like me. I also get colds pretty easily too if I'm hit by ice attacks…

Anyway, that is the good part. The bad part was first meeting the little guy. Sheer left as soon as possible, and the little guy came out and went right up to me. I knew that I was in big trouble. Thanks to my sensitive nose, I knew that Sheer had recently shed her feathers and new sleek ones took their place. That meant that not one of Sheer’s wings fell off her body. I was so grateful for that! However, my nose picked up this little guy’s feathers, and boy my nose started twitching like crazy.

That twitching was a normal defensive strategy I picked up since the “accident” in the forest. If I could shake my nose enough, the irritant I sniffed up would come out…but this normally backfired if I sniffed more than once. The irritant would then go into every corner of the inside of my nose and tickle the daylights out of it.

Anyway, luckily my nose stopped twitching. His scent was so strong I could almost taste it. He…I don’t know…waddled up to me. I knew then that this little guy wasn’t suited for flying yet. Sheer explained to me along the way (during the race that I won) that young lugia weren’t suppose to fly until they were 3. Since this little guy was only 2, he probably never even touched the sky. Sheer did mention that he was very curious, but I made the big mistake of thinking that he wouldn’t be trouble because he was only going to be in the water. Boy was I wrong.

His cuteness was amplified with his unique eye color. His eyes were a stunning…red. It shocked me a little at first, but those red eyes looked so big and shiny that I fell in love with them soon after. He got really close to me, and then explored the entire little island. I followed him, and I tried to talk with him. Sheer never told me what to expect…

His voice was high, squeaky, and very irritating. What made things worse is that he didn’t speak words like any pokemon I knew. What made things more worse is that he seemed to like being babied and spoiled. Sheer never once mentioned how much time she spent with her son, and now I knew that she spent way too much time with the little guy. I didn’t, and still don’t, have the heart to say that I hated him. I will say that I knew that he would be hard to deal with. I just didn’t know how hard it was going to be…or how much danger he could put himself in. I also didn’t know that my sneezes could put him and me in even more danger…

Lucky for me, I noticed (with my eyes and nose) that he was so used to the ocean that his feathers seemed to be perfectly glossy and stuck to his body. I misjudged how fast the little guy could fun with how wobbly he was. He ran right up to me and tried to squeak out words. In doing so, he got sand all over my feathers and my face. My yellow eyes stung from the sudden sand attack I wasn’t expecting, and I tried to go straight to the ocean. It was only 10 feet away from us, so I thought nothing could go wrong. Something did go wrong, horribly wrong.
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Cynthia the Latias! Part 2 (F)
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The little guy didn’t like that I was ignoring him, so he made me trip as I was floating towards the ocean. I only touch the ground if I need to, mostly for sleeping and talking to pokemon close to the ground. How he tripped me…well, I was putting it mildly when I said trip. What he really did was leap up and bite my little wing. Shocked, I fell face first into the ocean. The stinging salt water got right up my nose. My breath hitching, I tried to hold my growing sneeze back. The little guy was fascinated as my head tilted back farther and farther with each breath I took. Finally, after 10 escalating “ah’s” I finally sneezed a huge sneeze. The sneeze was one of the most powerful sneezes I’ve ever done. It knocked me over when it was finally released, and the sea water flew like a bullet seed shot from my nose back into the ocean. The little lugia had the nerve to laugh at me, a squeaky shrill of a laugh that still chills my spine today.

Blushing a shade of pink so dark that it was easily noticeable, I quietly said “ummm…escuse me!” and went along with going into the ocean to clean myself. The lugia was still shocked at how I sneezed and gave me a long-lasting stare. Finishing my quick cleanup, I shook off the salt water from my feathers and went back to the island to dry off. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize that the little lugia had dried off…and his feathers were giving off a very tickly odor. I didn’t feel the need to smell or give a sniff to breath deeply, so I was oblivious to this fact…until the little lugia tried to bite my little wing again.

I thought he was just playing. All little pokemon do this from time to time, play with their babysitters to get to know them, but this little guy had probably never met a land pokemon before (matter of fact, he hadn’t met any other pokemon period besides his mom. He would explore without his mom knowing and met other pokemon for a brief moment, but this is the longest he ever spent with a pokemon besides his mom). I wasn’t ready for a real bite attack. He may have been little, but that beak mouth is really sharp at the end of it.

I yelped and got really angry. I took a deep breath to calm myself down, but I didn’t realize I was breathing through my nose and the little boy was right in front of my nose. His feathery scent went straight through my nose and I had a major sneezing fit. I normally don’t sneeze more than 3 times in a row…ever. It’s super embarrassing, especially for a legendary pokemon like me to be so easily overpowered by a simple thing like a sneeze. I sneezed a good 7 times in order to get that feathery dust from his feathers out of my nose, and by the time I finished, I realized that I had sneezed all over the poor thing!

Luckily for him, the sneezes weren’t as powerful as the one from before, but he definitely didn’t like being sneezed on. He squawked at me for a good 2 whole minutes before being teary eyed and waddled off into the ocean. I figured that he just needed time to relax, clean himself, and calm down. I would give him 2 minutes…but that 2 minutes turned into 10. After the 15th minute, I was frantic. Sheer was counting on me to keep her kid save! I failed, and it was only an hour since she left!

My babysitting skills over the years of service I gave to over 50 pokemon gave me the necessary condition to force me not to panic. I may have been panicking on the inside, but if anyone saw me, they would notice my eyes grow sharp, my wings dented, and my body going into fly mode. I would search from the sky and see where his shadow was. If that failed, I would…

My thoughts kept me from noticing that I wasn’t lifting off the ground more than my natural levitating ability does. Startled, I tried to shift into fast fly mode that my body goes into whenever I fly fast, but I collapsed into the island. What happened to me? Why couldn’t I fly!?! I found my answer when I lifted my wings. The little lugia had bitten me twice in the same wing, and the bites he did was causing my wing to tremble. Sticking my wing in the ocean water, I waited for some serious pain. It came in a hurry as I shrieked in the pain I knew was coming. A latias’ wings are our most delicate points in our whole body. That little troublemaking lugia had bitten me right where my wing normally bends at. I knew I could no longer fly.

Now I was beginning to show the panic I felt. If only I hadn’t sneezed on the poor thing, none of this would have happened! I wanted nothing more than to sit and cry because of my stupid nose, when I got a crazy idea. If I could smell berries a mile away, how far could I smell if I was trying to find an entire lugia? He was small, yes, but he was still way bigger than any berry I’ve ever seen! Laughing with delight, I sniffed the air around me and focused. If I focus like this, I feel so calm and have a natural insight. I feel like I can do anything…including finding this young boy so he wouldn’t get into trouble.

Still sniffing, I picked up his feathery scent about 5 miles northeast from my position. He was also going deeper underwater…and then his scent stopped. It was like he just disappeared underwater! Opening my eyes wide, I tried to figure out how my nose could loose track of him. I could only think of one reason: undersea cavern. I was so focused with the discovery that I failed to notice my nose was smelling other pokemon too…

Levitating over the ocean surface, I went to the spot where I last smelled the little guy. Taking a deep breath, I dived headfirst into the ocean water. The salt still burned the bite marks on my wing, but I endured it and dived deeper. My eyes adjusted to the ocean water and I could see clearly underwater. If only could stay underwater 2 minutes before I ran out of air, and my eyes were already burning from the salt water. I knew my yellow eyes would be bloodshot when this was done, but it would be worth it. I had to calm the little guy before he got too far.

After 45 seconds, I saw the opening of the cavern. Going into the cavern was easy…but I couldn’t smell the other pokemon that were inside the cavern too…and that the little lugia was in big trouble.

Going into the cavern, I popped out and nearly crashlanded on the ceiling of the cavern. This thing was tiny! I couldn’t even stick my whole body threw the slim cracks in the rock…until I noticed that I was facing the wrong way. The ocean water was reflecting light in an odd way, so I was looking at the direction I crashed into coming in. Now knowing the direction I needed to go, I turned and gasped out loud. This place was HUGE! I’ve heard of secret dungeons before, but this was the first time I’ve ever been in one before. Gulping, I levitated and floated through the cavern’s floors.

After the 15th floor of the cavern, I finally found the little guy. He was wimpering and shaking. I didn’t know the reason, I thought he was just cold. He squawked at me and shrieked at me, but I couldn’t understand him. Little did I know he was trying to warn me of an attack.

The spike cannon hit me without warning. Slammed to the floor, I lost my levitating power and strained my long neck to see what was attacking me. Looking up, I saw who was attacking me: an ancient pokemon who only wanted to protect his home. His name…well, he didn’t say, but he looked mean. I battled him, and after a fierce match, I won in the end. Knocking him out, I limped to the baby lugia and used my most comforting voice to calm him down. He smiled at me and started to rub his head on my neck. I must say, that felt sooo good after the long battle I relaxed and fell asleep. Snuggling up to me, the little lugia curled up next to me and fell asleep right in front of my face.

The little lugia woke up before me and almost left me alone, but he licked my wounds clean and tried to nudge me awake. His little mind realized that he wasn’t big enough to awaken me from my exhaustion sleepy state, but he remembered something that could. Getting a mischievious glint in his cute red eyes, he plucked some of his driest feathers from his wings and put them right in front of my nose. I may have been heavily asleep, but I still didn’t breath too deeply. The feathers brushed my nose and they did tickle it, but I was too far gone in dreamland in order to really notice the tickly feeling.

Getting impatient, he moved closer to me and used his entire small wings and started to flap them in my face. In my dream, I dreamed I was racing against the fastest flying pokemon in the world, so the breeze the little guy caused made my dream seem all the more real. Smiling in my sleep, I turned to my side and faced the opposite way from the little lugia. Getting more frusturated, his mischievious glint turning into a glare, he hopped in front of my face again and took the feathers he had plucked earlier and didn’t just put them in front of my nose, he put them right on top of my nose. Now my gentle breaths caused the feathers to move with each breath…making my nose twitch.

Sniffing in my sleep, I tried to unconsciously get rid of the thing on my nose by moving my head against the floor. Unfortunately, the little lugia was in the way, and my head went straight for the little guy. Trying to get out of the way, the lugia stumbled and his wings fluttered. My nose went right into his moving wings…and my nose started to do a dance. Groggly waking up, I opened my eyes in order to find my eyes covered with white. “Mmmm…clouds. How soft you are. Hehe! I love the feeling of clouds” The sleepy state was slowly going away, but I wasn’t completely awake yet, so my happy thoughts from my dream I was mumbling to myself. I took a big sniff in order to smell the watery scent the clouds usually gave off…and then my nose went crazy.

“Hmm? The clouds smell…unusual…today…ah..ahhh…” Opening my eyes fully, I noticed this cloud was moving…and there seemed to be tiny…feathers…oh boy.

“AHH…AHHH…” Knowing I was going to release a big sneeze, I pushed away the cloud, which turned out to be the little guy. He squawked happily, knowing I was now fully awake, and made the big mistake of lunging straight for my nose and hugging it. I was just about to stifle the sneeze and hold it in…but now this kid was holding on to my head, his wings brushing the already tickily nostrils of my nose. My nose twitched faster, making it harder to resist the building sneeze. I also noticed that we were still in the cavern…and that the ceiling of this room was covered in very sharp stalagmites. These pointy rocks could easily kill the little lugia and seriously injure me, so I desperately didn’t want to even try to attempt to loosen those rocks. My uncle, before we were separated, told me that he was a couple of inches from a falling stalagmite and could’ve died if he didn’t expertly dodge it.

Repeatedly telling my nose to calm down, it was working…until the little lugia jumped off my face. Don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful, and so was my neck, but in doing so his wings brushed my nose and I didn’t notice that some feathers were shaken loose. Sniffing, I got sneezy tears in my eyes and I tried to stop the sneeze from exploding. “Ah…AHH…AHHHHH…” With each breath, my body lifted higher and higher. This wasn’t good. If I was noticing this, I would’ve seen that my body was getting closer and close to the stalagmites. The lugia was fascinated and tried to fly with me, but he stumbled and fell face first on the floor. Opening my eyes, I saw the little guy fall and started to giggle. I couldn’t help it! The shaky breath stopped me from going higher, but it also pushed some of the loose feathers closer to my nose. Sniffing to catch my breath, one of the troublesome silver feathers somehow traveled right in front of my nose and I sniffed up the feather.

I didn’t see it, but my nose definitely recognized it was there. Twitching to get the feather out, it only made things 10 times worse. The feather was moving deeper in my nose and because it moved, it tickled every part of my nose. The sneeze was now unavoidable.

“Oh…sniff…oh no…sniff. AHHHH…Ah…AHCHOOOO! Ah…achoo! AHCHIEW! Sniff sniff…more…tickles…AHCHIEWW!!” My nose finally lost the feather, but the feather left its sickening smell inside my nose, so of course I still had to sneeze. I must’ve sneezed a good 5 more times in order to relief myself of the feather allergy in my nose. Sniffing in relief, I sighed happily. “Thank goodness! It’s done, and not a single disaster. Well little guy, we should…get…going. Oh no…”
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Cynthia the Latias! Part 3 (F)
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I noticed that my loud powerful sneezes had loosened the stalagmites and they were cracking at the tops of them. In less than 10 seconds, this place would be a literal mine field of falling rocks. I had to get out, and save little lugia too! Selflessly, I frantically searched for the little guy and found him right under me, shrieking in his high squawks in order to get my attention. He looked nervous, and he seemed to know that the room was dangerous. He had tripped on his wing, so he was hurt and I realized that he was shrieking for me to save him. My young 13 years of age seemed to grow up in that instant, having the love of a parent trying to protect her young flowing throughout my body.

With that power coursing through my veins, I overpowered the pain that my wing was causing and flew straight for the little guy. I only had 3 seconds left, and boy those 3 seconds seemed to last an eternity. I swear, a celeby could’ve caused time to slow down. I will always remember it. I swooped down, grabbed the little guy with my small hands, and hoisted him up on top of my back. I’ve never shown so much strength before. The most I’ve lifted up is a small 4 foot tree branch, not a 30 pound little bird. It wasn’t that small, but compared to his parent, yes, he was little.

Anyway, I have never been so thankful to be a fast flyer. I had swooped down and grabbed the lugia in 1.5 seconds and quickly turned and sprint flied towards the exit. I had only 1 second to get a flying head start against the deadliest enemy I’ve ever faced…rocks. Those sharp rocks came down all at once, and if I hadn’t flown as low as I did (about 3 feet off the cavern’s floor) I would’ve been killed for sure. The little lugia squawked happily, enjoying his first ever feeling of flight on my back, but I sure wasn’t happy. I was silently praying to the only God I knew to help us get out of this cavern alive. (Yes, I do believe in God! Who do you think I am, a pokemon who doesn’t believe in anything?)

In those 2 seconds from the time the rocks fell off from their ceiling prisons, I could’ve sworn they were laughing as they came soaring down towards us. In those 2 seconds, I had flown over 200 feet. I only had 10 more feet to go…but the stalagmite closest to the exit must’ve feel sooner than the others. I wasn’t going to make it! Suddenly, my body got all warm and I looked behind me. The little guy was using safeguard! It was a weaker safeguard than my brothers, but he was using it to save me! (Or save himself, I still don’t know which).

The last stalagmite slammed into the safeguard attack and threatened to break through. As a matter of fact, it kinda did. The sharp point broke through and was heading straight for the lugia on my back, but I used an attack of my own. Careful not to hit lugia, I used my dragonbreath attack in order to shake the one stalagmite off the safeguard. I could’ve used dragonbreath earlier, and the hidden power I gained trying to protect lugia made the attack more powerful than I’ve ever seen before, but I was scared to use it on the ceiling. That would’ve caused a whole to fill the cavern and I would’ve drowned!

Anyway, I got the power enough so it didn’t just shake the rock off, it cut the rock up into tiny bits. The point that was so threatening just a second earlier now broke up into tiny dust-like particles. The lugia sneezed, making me giggle. “I don’t know if you can understand what I’m saying, but you kinda deserved that. It’s only fair that you get to sneeze after causing me to sneeze so much.

The lugia glared at me in defiance until he looked at my yellow eyes and saw how playful they were. He nodded to me, signaling to me that he forgave me. Smiling at him, I slowed down my flight and quietly exited the cavern dungeon. I didn’t even know at the time, but that cavern held a very special treasure…and I was only 5 more floors away…sigh. Anyway, the rest of the trip back held no hidden dangers. I also am proud to say that I didn’t sneeze for the rest of the 3 days that I was with the little guy…but somehow that boss I battled in the cavern got out and told Sheer.

When Sheer returned, the rage she unleashed was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My increase of power was nothing compared to this mom’s rage, and if it wasn’t for the little lugia, I was sure I’d be torn apart. Sheer was this close to attacking me with no mercy. I can honestly say that my life flashed before my eyes!

However, the little lugia somehow was able to communicate to his mom (how can she stand to hear that voice, let alone understand it!) that I saved him and that he had the best time of his 2 year life. Softening just a little, Sheer put her son back into her underwater nest. I’m certain she gave him one huge scolding. After she came back to the little island, I could tell she was hiding her rage. She barely could talk, but she muttered “come…with…me. NOW!!!” Flying in a big burst of air, she took off and started back to the main land of the Hoenn region.

Puzzled, I followed her, not knowing what she was going to do. As soon as we got to the island nearest to the Hoenn region, she stopped and dived. Following her, I didn’t know she was leading me straight into a trap. Not suspecting anything, I kept on flying when she stopped in midair. Still flying at a high speed to the island, I suddenly felt Sheer slam into me and I crash-landed into the small island. Luckily for both of us, it was the middle of the night, so no humans could see 2 legendary pokemon near their shore towns.

Coughing up the sand that got in my mouth, I realized I was in serious trouble. Desperately trying to levitate, I immediately felt Sheer’s huge body step on me. Boy was she mad. Her rage was leaking out of her, and I could feel her taking deep angry breaths, trying so hard to resist the urge to strangle me to death. I’ll never forget those eyes that night. Those eyes were the eyes of a hunter…and they were staring at me, the prey.

Whispering, she told me that I had 2 years to get out of the Hoenn region. I had saved her son’s life, and for the 2 years of his existence I was granted life. I have no doubt in my mind she was deadly serious. She could’ve easily killed me then and there. Stopping the big lugia would take even more than my brother and I had, so I knew we had to get out of the Hoenn region. Before she left, Sheer ordered me to tell her why her son got into this whole mess in the first place. Turning a deep shade of pink, not just my cheeks, but also my whole face blushed with the deep pink color as I explained to Sheer that I was allergic to most feathers of the pokemon world.

Sheer’s sharp gaze lost it’s sharpness as she opened her mouth like a magicarp, not believing a word I had just said. Stepping on me harder, she demanded that I stop telling lies and told her what happened. I knew I had no choice but to show her the truth instead of telling her it. Besides, her body was literally crushing my body deeper into the sand. I didn’t believe any flying pokemon could be so effective at stomping a pokemon to the ground, but it did happen.

Gasping for breath, I begged her to let me show her that I was telling the truth. Not believing it, she plucked a massive wing feather from her right wing and held it under my nose. I tried to breath deeply, but she was still stepping on me. Realizing I couldn’t breath, Sheer stepped off of me. Taking that huge breath of fresh air was revitalizing, but it also caused my nose to twitch because even though she got off of me, that feather was still right in front of my nose.

Sheer looked on in disbelief as my nose fought against itself, trying to wriggle away from the feather but my neck didn’t comply, so my nose was literally wriggling itself to sneeze.

“Sorr…sor…sorry Shee…she…ACHOO!” My large sneeze blew away the feather and I could’ve sworn my nose sighed in happiness, for once winning a battle without me resisting the urge to sneeze. Sheer fell over and got her silvery wings all sandy, laughing her head off. If my body wasn’t naturally red, I’m pretty sure I would’ve blushed all the way down to the tip of my lower wings.

Finally she stopped laughing at me. My miserable and embarrassed expression nearly set her off laughing again, but she got that mean look in her eyes again and I knew that play time was over. Not stepping on me this time, she lunged over me like an overgrown shadow and said “if I ever see your face after the 2 years are up…let’s just say you will never see my son ever again…or anyone else again. You understand me? I mean it. You should’ve warned me about…your allergy.”

 Her eyes couldn’t hold their icy glare as she mentioned my allergy. It was just so weird and unpredictable that she couldn’t help but giggle in her mind as she thought about it. Those silly thoughts were easily replaced with worry ones that were replaying over and over in her mind, her son dying because I didn’t do my job right.

I nodded a small yes, and she was about to leave when she got an eerily familiar michievious look in her eyes. I recognized that look from her son. “Uh oh..please don’t…” I couldn’t even say another word as her massive wings brushed against not just my nose but my entire body. This was a full-out feather attack, and my nose couldn’t handle being surrounded by so many feathers, and I ended up sneezing. The worst part was, I tried to move my neck away from the large tickly feathers but wherever I went there was more feathers waiting for my nose.

Still sneezing, Sheer left me on that island. I was sneezing for a good 3 whole minutes before my sensitive nose felt satisfied that no more of the feathery particles were still around me. Seeing Sheer flying away, I yelled “that was completely unnesessary…and unusual! Don’t do that again!! I’ll leave before your time limit is up!!”

And that’s my story of why I’m moving into this region. I flew around for days before I found a region as pretty as this one is! This will definitely be an adventure…but who are you? Why are you interviewing me?”

The shadowy pokemon looked up from the journal that he was using. He took very good mental notes, and knew that she was perfect for the misfit group. “Don’t worry girl. I’m…well, just call me Mr. D for now. I’m sure that I’ll meet you again. Make sure that you keep safe. This may be a pretty region, but beware of the dangerous pokemon. I’m not so dangerous, and I’d love to meet you later this week. Bye.”

This pokemon disappeared into a dark mist. Cynthia coughed and levitated to where Mr. D was. He was completely gone. “Who was that pokemon? He sure was strange…friendly and different, but strange. Yeah! I’ll have to meet him later, just to find out who he is.” Her bright yellow eyes shining with excitement, she flew off in search of a den that she could make into her new home.

Mr. D…or Don, looked on as she flew out of sight. “She’s…a little bit too happy. Still, she’s a great misfit that would be an excellent addition to the group. Nosy would love to know he’s not the only pokemon with an unusual allergy. I’ll make sure we meet again. See you around…Cynthia the Latias.”
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Re: Cynthia the Latias! Part 3 (F)
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Sorry family just warned me we're going to Dinner. You'll have to wait a few more hours...sorry for the inconvience! Don't worry, I'll still get IT done!

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Re: [F + Pokemon + Story] Cynthia the Latias! Parts 1-3
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Not too shabby. I'd love to see a /m story :3
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Re: [F + Pokemon + Story] Cynthia the Latias! Parts 1-3
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I really loved this!. also, no worries!

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Re: [F + Pokemon + Story] Cynthia the Latias! Parts 1-3
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huh, interesting xD

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Re: [F + Pokemon + Story] Cynthia the Latias! Parts 1-3
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Whoot!!! :3
<3 latias, really; this story...yeah.
We shud RP sometime :P idk
Looks like I've gotta go D:. Enjoy your perfect community~~~

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Re: [F + Pokemon + Story] Cynthia the Latias! Parts 1-3
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YES! Only 2 more stories to edit! Well, this was my second attempt at a sneeze story, and I'm incredibly glad that I did Latias. If ANYONE can do a sneeze comic of any part of this story, I'd really appreciate it...but anyway, thanks guys for all your support :)

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Re: [F + Pokemon + Non-Anthro] Cynthia the Latias!*
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I'm gonna be the one that completely ruins the moment :D
But in all serious, uhh...
Ok, so this story in particular... yes, this one... May or may not be where I discovered my fetish for sneezing...
Ok, yea it was.
But hey, it's changed my life for the more pleasurable, so why complain?
Incredible sneezes, incredible Pokemon, and incredible story!

10/10, would pepper again.
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