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[F + Starfox] Krystal*
« on: August 24, 2011, 10:12:58 PM »
(Location: The planet Sauria… Time: unknown…)

Krystal was angry. For the past few hours she was forced to stay inside the cave of a stegosaurus and wait for this storm to pass. Cold hard rain was coming down, and the dinosaurs highly warned her not to be searching for General Scales in this weather. Many dinosaurs feel ill in this rain…they called it White Water rain. The name isn’t because the water is white, but because the dinosaurs who went out in this cold rain had always gotten colds, and their normal scaly skin would turn a lighter shade of the normal color…and if they stayed out too long, they’d look as white as a ghost.

Krystal was not a fool…she knew that if she went out in this weather, she’d have a cold in less than 5 minutes. She wanted to find General Scales because, when she first arrived on this planet looking for answers to some very personal questions, General Scales seemed to be the guy that would know the answers. She wanted to know who was responsible for destroying her world…her whole planet…and General Scales told her that he knew who did it. The slippery lizard got away before she could ask him again, and ever since that day, more than 4 months ago, she had been traveling by foot to find out where on this weird planet Scales could be.

Krystal’s nose gave a satisfied twitch. She smiled when she did this, knowing that her nose was smelling the area and searching for any reptiles nearby…and that twitch told her that there was at least one lizard nearby. Stealthfully crawling towards the opening of the cave, she shivered as a light wet spray lightly covered her open legs. Her attire was her cloths from home: thin white loin cloths that were fit for a princess. Matter of fact, she was directly related to the princess of her home planet…not that it mattered. Everyone she knew was gone…destroyed…and she had to find the answers. She shook her fur and listened to the lizard-like dinosaurs speak. They may have had a tough raw accent, but they did speak the same language that Krystal was forced to learn when she arrived here…and she was an amazing learner.

“Stupid rain. Scales ordered us to get this stupid Kazoa or whatever their called. I hate this rain! At least these cloaks prevent us from getting colds…I hate colds.”

“Yeah. Hey? Hear about this girl? Some say she’s not even a reptile or a dinosaur. She’s like…I don’t know…a freak!”

Krystal’s staff reflected her anger and alerted them to her position. Using a term from her world that meant 'why me' she rushed up to the lizards and used her powerful staff and defeated both of them with surprising ease. The 2 lizards somehow disappeared, just like the ones she fought with before. During this small battle, she unknowingly stepped out into the rain, and the rain was now soaking her fur…making her feel twice as heavy. Trying to shake off the wet rain, it only made her fur stick harder to her skin, makin her feel even more cold. Luckily, her kind have a large tolerance for being cold, and as long as she stayed out of the rain, she should be fine. Suddenly, General Scale’s ship flew across the sky.

“Of course! I should’ve known that monster would fly instead of walk. The coward…but how do I reach him?” As if by a miracle, her flying friend came and asked if she wanted to ride on his back. She immediately said yes, all thoughts of getting a cold disappeared in her mind as her anger and thirst for the truth burned within her.

Getting on the wet flying dinosaur’s back, she nearly lost her balance and had to get her staff slam into the bird’s side to not completely fall inside the muddy ground beneath her. “Hey, watch it Krystal? I may have tough skin, but go easy on the wing! I bruise easily.”

Grimincing from her clumsy mistake, she quickly regained her composure and ordered the bird to fly after the large ship. General Scales didn’t see her coming with all of the rain blocking the ship’s view, but just when the bird was within landing distance, a watchman lizard fired his club right at the bird, causing him and Krystal to back off and it also alerted General Scales at the same time.

“Alert all the men! SHOOT IT DOWN!”

Fireballs exploded from the ship’s side cannons, and the bird skillfully dodged them all…but then the ship turned from it’s side and fired from the front, a huge fireball seemed to scream towards Krystal and the bird. The bird managed to dodge the fireball, but Krystal’s staff barely grazed the tip of the fireball, making the whole rod warm up so much Krystal had to drop it. This was the first time Krystal actually was paying attention to the wet chilling rain and was grateful that the rain was so cold as it chilled her burning hands quickly…but as soon as she got over the relief, she shivered. She’d been flying with this bird for the last 15 minutes, trying so hard to get on the ship, and the whole time the rain had poured and it didn’t die down. Sniffing, she checked to see if her nose could still clearly pick up scents, and it did. There was a huge strong scent coming from the left…and what she saw stunned her. The ship was landing on a huge floating island, high in the sky, and the island had a large ancient-looking temple.

“This…this must be the Krazoa Palace…it’s be…beau…achiew!” Letting out a delicate light sneeze, she sniffed and realized that her nose was starting to tingle.

“Not good…I just go…gotta…AchieWW!! Sniff…oh no. I haven’t…f…felt…ah…ah…Achiew! Sniff. My nose feel more ticklish in a…a long…t-t-time…aphik!” The next sneeze was more powerful than the last one and had to be covered so she could still feel in complete control of herself. Being someone so powerful (with her staff she felt invincible) she couldn’t stand showing any signs of weakness…and sneezing was one of them. When she visited the planet for the first time…she was in for quite a…sneezy experience…

After her first encounter with General Scales 4 months ago, she set out in order to find any other life-forms besides what she thought was unthinking and stupid dinosaurs that roamed the whole planet. Shaking her head because she couldn’t find out where intelligent life was, she jogged her way towards what looked like ruins of an old city. An old shopkeeper, who was obviously reptilian, walked up to her and wondered if she’d like to buy any maps. Saying she didn’t have any money, the shopkeeper looked sharply at her and then stormed off. He came back a minute later, a sly grin on his face.

“Normally, I’d say hurry and choose something or get out, but I have a special gift for such a cute and lovely newcomer like yourself. Obviously you’re not from here, so I’ll give you a piece of advice: talk to the dinosaurs. They may seem stupid, but they can talk just like you and I are talking to eachother right now. Now here’s a map with a x on it. Go to the x and look around that area. I’m certain that you’ll find yourself very…surprised.”

Krystal, not used to the ways of a dishonest salesman for lack of dishonesty on her home planet, went straight on ahead and tried to talk to the dinosaurs. Surprisingly, the biggest Triceratops knew her language and spoke with her. They understood eachother quite well, and Krystal began to see that this world did have some good in it after all. Basically skipping for joy, she walked to where the x was on her map and found some unusual looking plants. Giant red mushrooms were pulsing, and they looked dangerous, so Krystal took out her trusty staff and shot the mushrooms with a fire energy blast.

Each mushroom seemed to shrink, and Krystal took this as a good thing. She walked right in front of the mushrooms and looked around, trying to find where this X was. Looking down, she saw a huge red beetle, which had been hidden in the redness of the mushroom, and it was fast. Picking it up, Krystal jumped out of her skin when it tried to bite her hand. Dropping it with a high girlish squeal (and hating herself for showing such obvious weakness) she sighed in relief. She secretly hated bugs…she found them disgusting.

Failing to notice that the mushrooms were swelling back up, she was completely unprepared as they shook themselves and scattered highly dangerous pollen-like spores. Using her staff, she froze the pollen in midair and watched them fall harmlessly to the ground…but the mushrooms still spewed clouds of the pollen, seeming to never end…and Krystal’s magic was running low. Thinking fast, she used the last bit of magic to do something a little bit different with her magic…she tried to purify the mushrooms while at the same time protecting herself from the clouds of pollen already in the air. Her purple eyes focused with intense sharpness, she huffed and she grunted as she felt the strain of her magic having an affect on her body. Feeling herself weakening, she still bravely held on, the purifying magic was almost done…and then she got hit in the back.

Her fur absorbing most of the light hit, she turned her head to see a little boy Triceratops, playfully looking at her with a longing in his eyes. Her eyes widened as he nudged her again, knocking her out of her magical protection field her staff had provided her and sent her right under the large mushrooms. The mushrooms, mostly purified, were now spewing yellow spores instead of red, making them not burn her skin or making her loose health…but they weren’t suppose to be yellow, they were suppose to be the color of purity…white.

Realizing that she hadn’t completely purified the mushrooms, she held her breath and tried to move away from the mushrooms…but the little Triceratops was right in front of her face, his eyes seemed to be fascinated by her purple eyes and her weird fur that the little guy had never seen before. Noticing that her cheeks were all puffed up, he did the exact same thing, thinking that this was some sort of game.

Krystal’s tail swished back and forth in annoyance and desperation, but that alerted Tricky (the little guy’s name in the game) to what he thought was a play thing. Leaping at her bushy tail, Krystal gasped and grabbed her tail. Nothing was more important to her species than their tails…and then her nose sucked up part of a cloud of yellow pollen. Her tail and her fur seemed to absorb the pollen while she grew cross eyed, tiny tears began to form on her beautiful purple eyes as she tried to hold in her sneeze that was burning inside her muzzle.

Twitching her muzzle, it made it 10 times worse, the pollen that was stuck on her muzzle was now being swished around right in front of her eyes, and every tiny gasp of breath she took from her mouth caused more and more pollen to go right in front of her nostrils, and the pollen was now not only in her nose and all over her body, it was also now tickling the outside rims of her nostrils. Every slight flinch of her nostrils, every twitch, intensified the burning tickle until it completely overwhelmed her senses. Her eyes now were tearing up, making her vision blurred as she desperately tried to hold in the building sneeze.


Meanwhile, Tricky was wondering why the pretty girl’s nose was moving so much. He gently nudged her leg, he being so small compared to her, and when her head naturally moved down to see what was touching her, the pollen moved all over the place, causing her nose to wriggle and her muzzle to scrunch up. The sneeze built up, she felt it overpower her face and her lungs expanded with every AH she did. She must’ve had 20 breaths before her lungs couldn’t expand anymore and her whole body moved forward.


The last sneeze did the trick, the cloud of yellow pollen finally dislodged from both the outside part of her nostrils and the deepest tickly parts of her nasal cavity. Her eyes still in sneezy mode, she at least could now see since her tears were now gone, the overpowering sneezy feeling replaced by a now constant tickle that was slowly growing again. She looked all over herself and saw her fur coat being a mix of purple and yellow, and she also saw a nearby stream that she willingly jumped into.

She had only been on the planet for 2 days, and she couldn’t have possibly known that the water was ice-cold. That was the first time she had ever had such a bad cold in her 19-year old life. She spent the entire week with a red nose and a muzzle that wouldn’t stop twitching, even in her sleep. The dinosaurs soon became very friendly to her, but they were also very sympathetic, realizing that she was suffering from countless sneezes and no one could help her. They taught her their way of speaking and by the time she was finished with that bad 9 day cold, she had mastered over 5 different dinosaur languages and was freely speaking to every dinosaur in the ruin area. …
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Krystal Request!! Part 2 (F+Story+Anthro)
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2011, 10:15:11 PM »
Back to Krazoa palace, Krystal sneaked by the ship and told the bird to fly away. “I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. Don’t worry about me. I…I’ll…b-b-…be fine!” She scrunched up her muzzle because she felt another sneeze coming on, and not wanting to make the poor bird worried even more, she begged him to go. Obeying without another question, the massive bird flew away, hoping and praying that somehow this beautiful strange creature could find her way to safety. Krystal figured out the Reptiles were using odd explosive barrels, and the sound they made could be heard for hundreds of feet away.

Krystal smiled. She knew that if the reptiles were busy with that, she’d have no problem sneaking through the main castle passageways and going into the deeper parts of the castle. Sniffling as she ran, she made her way down into the deeper parts of the castle and saw a room that looked like hadn’t been opened in hundreds of years. Opening it, she soon discovered a room that was different from all the other rooms. She solved the puzzle that was inside this new room and a new presence came into the room.

Krystal gasped as the voice she had heard when she first entered the room spoke louder and more clearly. “You, child, have passed the test. Your reward will be me. Take me to the top of this Palace so I can be free.” The voice sounded unlike anything Krystal had ever heard. One second it was deep, and the next it was soft. It was like thousands of people were speaking to her in one voice. She saw the spirit now, a big ghostlike thing that came closer to her.

Right as she felt the spirit touch her and felt it going inside her head, she felt a sneeze that burst out without another second’s warning. The spirit was forced back, and it seemed to not like getting sneezed on. “Child…what’s wrong? Let’s try that again.”

Going faster now, the spirit charged at her head, and this time the spirit got almost all the way through before another strong tickle crept up deep in Krystal’s muzzle. This cold seemed to affect how she was absorbing the spirit, and she sneezed yet again, this time the spirit was forced back to the wall and nearly disappeared from view altogether. “Girl…you seem unwell…let’s do this right.”

The spirit’s face seemed to breath sleepy gas at her, making her drowsy and unfocused. The urge to sneeze once again happened as the spirit went and possessed her, but the tickle couldn’t get into a full sneeze because the gas made her mind too unfocused to think straight.

Krystal’s purple eyes turned into another shade of purple, an ocean could’ve been seen weaving its way through those eyes. Calmly walking, Krystal felt no fear, and no itch in her muzzle, as she walked her way towards the top of the castle. Something dark and mysterious followed her, a spirit that was so evil…a being that was once thought to be destroyed…

The spirit gently moved its way out of Krystal’s head, and the spirit’s long wavy tenticles seemed to wriggle right in front of her nostrils. Krystal took a big wet sniff, now realizing that the cold had definitely gotten into her nose all the way, and felt the wavy spirit’s tenticles tickle the now extra sensitive nose. Normally, the spirit just goes right through anything, but for those people that are chosen to be hosts of the spirit, the spirit and them were part of eachother…they could touch eachother and they could mentally link to eachother…but this also meant that now the spirit’s body acted not ghostly, but really…tickly…and Krystal fought the tickle.

The spirit didn’t even notice her gentle hitched breaths as it weaved its way through the sky and into a giant looking container. Krystal, meanwhile, was desperately trying to hold in her growing sneeze.

“Heh..ha…a…ah…ahhh…AH…huh…there we g…g-go…AHHH…AAHHH…”

Just as she was about to release the last part of her sneeze, something pushed her into the same place that the spirit was in. She was now trapped there, being frozen in a place that was only designed for spiritual beings to be in. She was trapped…with no way out…

The next thing Krystal knew, she saw a golden-brown fox holding her in his arms. Her beauty was mystifying to him, and the awe she saw in his eyes made her blush. Warmth flowed inside her cheeks as she blushed…and then she realized how her nose was still extremely ticklish. Because her sneeze had been interrupted, and she was frozen in that weird place she had been pushed into, the tickle in her nose really never truly left her.

Seeing that her nose was twitching, Fox McCloud let the beautiful purple fox girl go and saw her quickly rush about 3 feet away from her as she let out a long string of loud feminine sneezes. Each one was powerful, wet, and the way she looked when she sneezed made Fox want to hug her. She looks so helpless. I need to help her…but what can I do? I’m not a medic…she’s so beautiful…huh?

Looking at the spirits, dark energy flowed from them as his old enemy appeared in the middle of the sky. A mixture of stone and glass formed a huge face in the middle of the sky, and even Krystal, in the middle of her sneezing fit, could feel the raw power coming from this face. Krystal pinched her now extremely pink nose to make it stop sneezing and she grabbed the staff from Fox’s hands. Firing her magic fire energy at the face, it harmlessly bounced off it, and it gave a loud creepy laugh. Fox quickly took charge.

“Peppy! Can you hear me? I need you to get me an arwing and stat!”

Quick as a whistle, there appeared an arwing on the top of the castle near where Fox and Krystal were standing. Grabbing the beautiful fox, he made a leaping jump, somehow carrying her along with him, and miraculously landed perfectly in his arwing while making Krystal have the back seat. The face continued to grow and change, making more and more block like tiles covering more of the face. Fox took off, making sure that the face wasn’t following, and went straight for the Great Fox.

Great Fox had definitely seen better days. It was getting old, needed repairs, and the once state of the art equipment was now getting obsolete. Peppy, Slippy, and ROB were on the Great Fox, and when Fox arrived, he quickly explained the situation. After a quick thinking job, Fox decided that he’d need everyone’s help…everyone but Krystal. She wasn’t looking too good, her beautiful face frowning and her whole muzzle now was a stunning shade of pink. It was shocking to see that kind of pink with her purple fur around her face…and Fox knew he couldn’t leave her unattended.

“ROB! I need you to take care of this young lady…I mean girl…I…I mean uh…young woman…” ROB made a series of beebs.

“Contemplating reason for master’s confusion…analyzing…analyzing…BEEP! Found reason. Master Fox is…” Fox rushed to the robot and smacked him down before he could say anything else. Krystal had luckily been too preoccupied to notice this much, her muzzle now twitching and her eyes were once again cross-eyed as the building tickle in her nose returned deep in her nose. She desperately wanted the itching and the tickles to stop…but her nose wouldn’t allow it.

“ROB…please take care of her. This is urgent, and something is coming up into space. ROB…this is an order. Take care of her!” ROB’s mechanical body shivered as this was the first order he had specifically been given by Fox ever since the first battle with Andross.

“ROB will comply. ROB was made to please.”

With that, the rest of the gang looked onward to their arwings and were shot out into space. They flew far away from the Great Fox and headed towards the incoming floating head…

Meanwhile, Krystal’s nose had died down. The tickle surprisingly went away and she took a huge sniff to clear her nose from the cold’s effects. ROB had sprayed her with anti-bacterial medicine and it seemed to work wonders. The only problem was this was a new smell to her, something that she had never smelled before…and the new smell crept up inside her overly sensitive nostrils and tickled the smelling sense.

“Ha…ahh..AAHCHOO!” This sudden sneeze wasn’t too lady like at all, but with no one to see or hear her sneeze, she felt no need to be ashamed. She always sneezed like that when something new entered her nose…or when she desperately wanted to blow away something that was stuck in her nose. This rarely happened though, and she was grateful that this robot was taking care of her. She tried to say thank you to him, but she spoke with a dinosaur language, making it incredibly difficult for ROB to understand her.

“Beeb! Cannot comply. Error! Language use not found or downloaded into memory.” Krystal’s eyes widened as she realized that she was speaking in dinosaur, so she returned to her normal language…one that ROB knew quite well.

“Thank you kind…thing. I know not what you are, but I will forever be grateful for what you and your companions did for me today.”

ROB replied “No. You are mistaken. I am not a companion to my master. He is my master and will be superior to me. He seems to have a high reaction towards you.” Puzzled, Krystal asked what he meant. For the next 3 minutes, while ROB was busy cleaning her fur and doing diagnostic medical checks, he explained the high-rise in blood pressure and the physical reactions Fox got whenever he saw Krystal. Krystal’s eyes gleamed in delight and her tail was twitching in happiness. She thought this fox was handsome, and was happy that someone was liking her for what she was…she hadn’t felt this way in what felt like forever…

“Thank you ROB…ma…may…ah…AHCHIEW! APSHOOO! A…APSHIK!” Stifling the last sneeze, she was a little bit grossed out when she saw that her hand she had used to block that sneeze was now covered in snot…not too covered, but lightly sprayed all over. ROB quickly got the cleaner again and cleaned her hand again. Krystal giggled as she pleasing texture of the cleaning machine made her way through her fur in her hand…and then she felt another sneeze coming on.

Doing her best to hold this one in, she felt more like her own self. She could do this! She could do anything! Nothing was as strong willed as she was…nothing…”APSHOOOO! ACHIEWWW! A…AH…APSSHIEW! Sniff sniff…” Her pink color now turning brighter, ROB was fascinated as his mechanized mind processed the new info.

“New data…new data…alien girl seems to have identical reaction to…processing…processing…beep! The common cold! As my master does! I will run 2 tests to see if you and my master are the same species.

Taking a nasty looking medicine bottle, he shoved it back inside the medicine room he was in and came back with an ancient quill…with a seriously dusty old feather. His mechanical hands twisted the feather and made it small enough where it could fit inside Krystal’s nostrils, he stuck the feather in each of her nostrils, watching them quiver and wriggle.

“Subject…identical to my master’s nose. Waiting for…strong physical response…” He soon got it. About 5 loud and powerful sneezes forced their way through her now sore nose…and all she wanted to do was get some sleep. “BEEP! One final test…female animal, look at this.”

ROB showed her a picture of the most famous person ever to live on Fox’s world…his father. Krystal shook her head, her eyelids slowly drooping. “Sorry…is ROB what they called you? I…(yawn)…I have no…no idea who tha…a…ah…AHCHIEW! Sniff sniff…ugh…that guy is. May I sleep now?”

ROB did his best to sigh, at least he tried to. What it really sounded like was a mechanical wirr. “It’s ok. Master needs to know that you’re not from his world. Master thought you were someone else…maybe I thought wrong.” Seeing her eyes close all the way, ROB turned on a heater and set it to warm her fur up more. When she was starting to sweat, he toned the heater down and then moved her into a nice fluffy white bed. “Beep…I don’t understand master. He has strong emotional responces for this…female fox…but she’s not from his world…could she really be from THAT world…no. Beep! Impossible…inconceivable. No survivors were recorded on that planet. Impossible. ROB needs to refocus. Must take care of her.”

With that, ROB made a breathing tube close to her face and made her breathing much easier. As she relaxed and started to breath more easily, ROB got a needle and made some of that nasty looking medicine go inside it and quickly jabbed her right in the middle of her muzzle. This made her pink muzzle return to it’s original color and, if she were conscious, she would’ve felt her nose clear up and every trace of her sneezy feeling go away. This was seriously strong medicine…but it only lasted about 15 minutes total. This was enough time so that when Fox and the others returned, Krystal was talking to them without having her nose itch and her muzzle move around. ROB knew exactly what he was doing. The robot had taken care of the newcomer…but he didn’t completely get rid of her cold…

Just as Fox and Krystal were about to hold hands and look lovingly into each other’s eyes, the sneezy feeling returned. This time, Krystal only just barely turned away from Fox. “AHCHIEW!!! A…ACHEW! A…AHHH…AC…” Fox had lifted a finger under her quivering nose, and the sudden shock that Krystal felt stopped the sneezing fit dead in its tracks. Krystal blushed…looking at the handsome fox, and he doing the same to her, they both blushed a huge shade of red and separated from eachother…but she knew that she’d found a place where she could fit in…right here.   
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Re: Krystal Request!! Part 1 (F+Story+Anthro)
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2011, 10:16:00 PM »
hehehee :3 i can even imagine this happening too. awesome work as usual. <3

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Re: [F + Story] Krystal Parts 1-2
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2011, 01:32:13 AM »

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: [F + Story] Krystal Parts 1-2
« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2011, 06:05:14 PM »
WARNING! I do NOT own these characters…but I do own my own imagination. This is a request from MegaCycle…and honestly I’m SO glad he asked for this request…Krystal is from the Star Fox series…I’d really want to see her sneeze in a comic…I know there’s a 3-d pic of her in here, but I’d love to see her sneeze in a comic form…ONE OTHER THING! I can’t write the weird language that she or the dinosaurs first speak…so this will all be in normal English…)

Well, this is the edited version of the Krystal request. Pant...ALMOST DONE with all my edits...whew...

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Re: [F + Starfox] Krystal*
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2018, 09:15:10 PM »
Thank you for creating this! This was my first exposure to sneezefurs and I LOVE star fox and Krystal.
I'll take a sneezefic, and WRITE IT!