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Title: [Guide] Story Tagging Format (Those things in the brackets!)
Post by: Furry-Sneezes on July 05, 2014, 08:28:59 AM
You'll often find your topic edited with some things in brackets. This happens all over the forum and is my little way of adding 'tags' to the forum topics. Don't worry about getting it exactly right. When I do maintenance I'll come through and clean things up. This information is here so that you know what's going on and how to best find what you're looking for.

Story Tagging Format

[Gender] [Fandom] [Sub-Fetish Modifiers] [Mature] [Explicit] [Non-Archived]

Gender - M/F/N/H + N/F/M i/a (Dominant sneezing gender placed first)
Fandom - Disney, Sonic, Pokemon, Etc
Sub-Fetish Modifiers - Non-Anthro, Macro, Micro, Growth, Destruction, Transformation, ? ? ?, Messy*
(Order somewhat matters: Messy is always last, Non-Anthro is always first)
* "Messy" is specifically when there's a focus on mucus, or a very excessive amounts of saliva.
Mature - Contains nudity
Explicit - Contains sexual acts, listed in addition to Mature
Non-Archived - Topic was moved to the archived topics forum without the stories being added to the Media Archive.

[F + Disney + Non-Anthro + Micro]
[M + Pokemon + Growth + Destruction + Transformation]
[F + Macro + Messy + Mature + Explicit]