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Title: [F+Anthro+Fly+Elephant+Underwater] The Swimming Lesson
Post by: CC007 on August 21, 2018, 02:45:10 PM
Another quick story I wrote. I specialize in elephants, since that's kinda my zone. I'll try to do other species like dragons as well when I can. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

It was Monday in Furridelphia, the gigantic metropolis for nearly every anthro in the world. Elephants, canines, felines, horses, dragons, you name it! Tall buildings dominated the city landscape, balanced with a good amount of greenery all over town. The city is home to some of the most prestigious companies, not to mention schools!

One of the most popular schools was Traffles’ Academy. This school was built by the humble professor Jennifer Argee Traffles, who dedicates the academy in maximizing the capabilities of all anthros who join. The branch was divided into three parts: primary school, middle school, and high school. Construction of the university is underway, with the target of finishing it in two years from now. The primary school is in a separate place from the middle and high school because of the big age and behaviour difference.

Traffles’ Academy focuses on training its students to become the best at what they can do. Everyone and anyone can join. Well, if they pass selection of course - the school was extremely popular and can only hold so many. If they do pass, they will see a curriculum that is both intensive and fun. The school does more than training the students to be smart; it also helps develop their physical and biological abilities. For example, training dragons to breathe fire or whatever properly so they don’t overdo it. Or, teach the dogs to practice their sense of smell, and help the monkeys do vine aerobics.

This method of training makes Traffles’ Primary School one of the most sought out among all other schools, because people are best trained at a young age.

One of the students there is named Lisa Newmaster. She is a young elephant in fifth grade with light brown skin and a gorgeous, long trunk that she handles with a charm. Her scores are excellent in many subjects, from logic to math to memory to physical education. However, she doesn’t aim to be number one at the school because she thinks it’ll be too much, and always behaves modestly when it came to her smarts. The teachers have also said that she has mastered her trunk very well. She has good balance, good control, precision, and a sharper sense of smell than most.

However, just because she’s so good does not mean there are subjects she didn’t like. And at Monday, she faces her least favourite subject: water sports. Water sports are not for all species, and only several get these classes. Elephants are included into the subject. Water sports activities for elephants can include underwater searching, hold-your-breath exercises, spraying, and more. She doesn’t hate the lesson, but she’s just not fond of it.

The teacher told them today was an agility test, which got a few groans from the group. Lisa just shook her head, sighing. She may not like the class, but this was one test she SHOULD be able to clear.

As they made their way to edge of the 1,5 metre deep pool, the teacher gave them a brief explanation. The way this worked was that each elephant must step into the water and down the slope. Once their feet were at the bottom depth, they must walk to the other side of the 20 metre pool and back. There was only one rule: their trunks was remain above water level. If someone is seen submerging their trunk completely, they fail. It’s not really much of a rule though; who wouldn’t want to breathe?

Their teacher bellowed out a signal for them to line up at the edge of the pool. Lisa did so, her feet just touching the water. “Okay!” Their instructor’s large voice boomed. “On your marks, get set… go!”

Lisa and her classmates quickly made their way into the pool, but were cautious not to push or bump into each other. Lisa already had her trunk raised up high in advance. Everyone also had goggles on so they could see in the water. She walked down the slope, the water level slowly rising as she went deeper. From her ankles, to her knees, to her hips, her torso, before her head finally submerged completely. Soon enough, everyone was underwater, only their trunks were sticking out of the surface.

Lisa stood on her two legs, carefully walking. It was both difficult and easy to walk underwater. You become really slow and balancing yourself is a shaky process, but you get to breathe and have more time to react.

Lisa’s light-brown trunk was raised high. The end of her trunk was around ten centimetres above the water’s surface, bent at a forty-five degree angle to allow proper air flow. She kept repeating in her head to remain calm and steady, or else her breathing will get erratic. Sometimes she closed her eyes, feeling air go in and out of her trunk, her nostrils steadily expanding and shrinking as she did so. In… out… in… out…

Unfortunately for her, this will not be a smooth swim.

A fly had entered the swimming hall through one of the open windows used to ventilate the air. He looked downwards. He was rather surprised at what he was witnessing: these weird things poking out of the water and moving in a straight line, and so many of them! The fly had obviously never seen a sight like this.

Curious, he flew downwards and landed on one of them, thinking they were something like driftwood. But when he landed on one of them, — Lisa’s trunk, to be exact — it twitched! The fly jumped in surprise and flew up. Looking closer, he could see a blurry shape beneath the ‘driftwood’, that seemed connected to it. He took another look around, then he realized it: these were all elephants swimming underwater with their trunks up! That made sense, they’d have to breathe somehow.

Wanting to get a closer look, he landed on Lisa’s trunk again, avoiding landing on the sensitive tip. He carefully placed his feet on the soft, pink pad of the trunk, feeling the flesh squish beneath his feet. He walked around the edges of her trunk, admiring the view of these elephants. But he didn’t realize that him walking around the rims of her nostril were causing a little tickle on the girl’s sensitive appendage.

It took him a full minute before he noticed the floor beneath him was quivering slightly. He took a look at the trunk’s tip. It was quivering a bit as well. It appears that his movements are irritating the trunk. A thought entered the fly’s mind. He grinned evilly. He felt pitiful for whoever’s trunk is this, but he just wanted some fun, and it’s not like it would harm anybody.

He walked a step into the girl’s left nostril, then stopped. He positioned himself so he would be inside and outside the nostril at the same time, which is at the rim. He carefully walked around in a circle, waiting for a reaction. A little shiver at the nostril’s edges. He smiled, doing it again several times. The shiver and quiver began to grow as the nostril moved around a bit. Quickly, he got out that nostril and went inside the right one, doing the exact same thing. After that, he rubbed his legs against the septum of the trunk, provoked the tip, went back to the left nostril and did everything all over again. He did it fast, about five rounds under a minute!

Lisa, who is underwater, could feel the end of her trunk begin to itch a bit. She twitched the tip of her trunk, agitated. It was just an itch, nothing more, but it was disturbing her. Her reaction would be to rub the the itchy spot, but she couldn’t, because that would mean submerging her trunk. She couldn’t reach it with her arms, so she just had to bear it. But the itch was growing, making her nostrils tremble and her sniffle a few times. ‘I just have to hold it…” She thought to herself, hoping the itch would go away.

Once the fly felt satisfied and thought the foundation for the attack is set, he started the next part. He walked inside the trunk’s left nostril, down the near vertical slope. Being a fly, he was used to it, plus the flesh was kinda sticky. He crawled deeper, feeling air flow in and out as she breathed. Once he was sure he was at the middle of her trunk, he stopped.

He began to tickle the trunk in several ways. He lightly jabbed the walls with his legs, making the flesh look like it’s swelling. He scratched against the thick walls, and teased the base of the nose hair. He also rubbed his body against the moist flesh, aligning with the smooth grooves and teasing the soft tissue. It was working. The cave shook a bit and the floor grew small bumps. He smiled, climbing out of the nostril.

Next he went into the right nostril, and did the exact same thing, tickling and teasing. After giving a good amount, he went back into the left one, then do everything all over again. Sometimes he would walk around the outer edges of the nostrils and poked the prehensile tip as well. Teasing a trunk requires patience and hard work, but it always pays off. Each time, the nasal passages would shake and tremble more and more, and he would feel the trunk quiver from the terrible itch he was causing. It was building, and he knew it, making each tickle itchier than the last.

Lisa was not happy with her situation. Her trunk was getting itchier by the minute. The end of her trunk started to become a pinkish-red colour, a clear sign of her irritation. She sniffled a few times, her breathing pattern disturbed by the itch. Her trunk curved just a tiny bit as the her nasal passages start to tickle again. The tip of her trunk bent as well, feeling something provoke the tender flesh. “H-hrggrwhwh…”A couple of bubbles escaped Lisa’s mouth as she opened it.

A few minutes passed by, and the tickle did not leave. In fact, it was getting worse. Her nostrils flared, her trunk trembled and quiver from the awful itchiness controlling it. Her muscles stimulated, the inner walls of her nose itched, and an itchy red colour was forming inside her trunk. The insides of her trunk was starting to become uneven. Her trunk curved a bit more, feeling the impact of the tickle. Oh God, i-it was making her wanting to s-sneeze. She can’t sneeze, not now! But the tickle, the itch was so bad!!! She just wants to scratch it, to relieve her trunk, but she just can’t! How far is she? Yes, she’s reached the end! Wait, she still has to make it back!? Oh God, she begs that her trunk can hold on just a teeny bit more…

The fly knew how much trouble he was causing to the poor trunk. The thing was quivering under his feet, begging for him to stop. He looked at it from above, her nostrils twitching from the itch he caused. A different movement caught his eye. The upper tip of her trunk, currently bending over, scrunched up a bit. He recognized that reaction. A few of his friends told him that when elephants do that, it means that they’re trying hard to resist a tickle, a sneeze. It was one of those subconscious behaviour things. That gave him an idea.

He flew over there, landing behind the prehensile tip. It shivered when he made contact with it. Gently, he rubbed one of his legs against the right side of the tip, touching the sensitive pink flesh.

Instinctively, the tip twitched and flicked to the right, as the fly expected. Knowing that, he dodged to the left, avoiding being thrown off. Once the coast was clear, he rubbed the left side of the tip. Again, it twitched and flicked, this time to the left. The fly, of course, swerved his body to the right. He continued on with this little hide-and-seek game, irritating and tickling the poor piece of muscle, utterly helpless to stop him, and all it could do was suffer the teasing and itch he was causing~

Lisa’s trunk was desperately trying to bear the itch on her trunk, which was now focused at her tip. It tickled left, right, left, right, and it didn’t want to stop. The itch was so great her eyes were beginning to shut and her hands shook. However, this pattern made her realize something: it was a bug tickling her trunk. She focused, waiting for the tickle. It happened on the right side. Reflex wanted her to twitch right, but her brain was better and slapped to the left… making contact with the bug.

There. The tickle stop. Perhaps she had killed it. Her trunk still itched a bit though. That’s fine, she’ll just have to deal with it until she passes this test. Just about 15 more metres…

The fly was indeed slapped — and it hurt a lot — but he narrowly missed splashing into the water and flying up at the last second. It appears that the girl knows about his presence. Then that means he’ll have to… accelerate his plan.

Flying up, he adjusted his height and location carefully, aiming down at her trunk. Being bent an angle, he needs to get it just right. “…There!” The moment he got to the correct spot, he instantly zipped downwards at hight speed… directly into Lisa’s left nostril!

The elephant had no time to react before the tickle in her trunk became a hurricane. The fly was zig-zagging inside, bouncing of the walls of her nasal passage, causing a tremendous itch in her nose. The sudden impact of each bump plus her nose hair being plowed through made her trunk scrunch up and her nostrils flared.

The fly was doing an effective job, and he wasn’t stopping. He flew out of there and went into Lisa’s other nostril, banging into the thick, succulent walls and giving a scratch when he had the chance. He watched joyfully as the grooves start to become uneven, the normally dark pink sides turning an agitated light red. The entire trunk shook and her breathing was panicky. “Tickle tickle tickle~” The fly teased as he stopped by to tickle the rims of her nostrils, before hopping back into her left nostril.

Lisa’s trunk jerked around so much that she was losing balance. She even nearly tripped. Her trunk was becoming uncontrollable as the massive itch overpowered her trunk’s sensitive muscles. Her nerves stimulated, nostrils flaring as wide as they can be, tip trembling… She could feel the rising urge to sneeze build up in her sinuses, stretching upwards all the way to her nostrils. There was that pressure there, against the last remaining stubborn part of her trunk that refused to sneeze, wanting to push itself out of that hole as her trunk curved and curved, bending and succumbing to the terrible itch’s control…

Bubbles escaped her gasping mouth “Grghghaagh… Gwhahahawaghagh…” She had never felt a more stronger desire to sneeze in her life. She was so close to sneezing; she could literally feel some of it leaking out of her trunk, hoping to make it explode. The poor girl’s trunk rose out of the water like a snake, it’s mad shaking signalling the fly to stop its assault or end her suffering. Several of the students who already finished noticed Lisa’s predicament, but they were in no position or have now way to help.

The fly knew the sneeze was coming, very, very, very soon. He flew out of her nostril, giving one last little tease on her trunk’s tip, before zipping to the ceiling for safety. His last tickle was the final bomb for Lisa as her trunk reeled back, the tickle skyrocketing.


Her trunk slammed downwards and hit the water as she released the massive sneeze. The pressure her sneeze let out made a giant wave followed by a short rainfall. Lisa felt absolutely relieved Oh, that felt so good! She may not have been thinking about it at the time, but she almost failed her test, but only a part of her trunk went under. A few of the people up on the surface, including her teacher, jumped in surprise at her sneeze. Several excited and fascinated murmurs rippled across the room.

The fly enjoyed the short waterworks show. Droplets flew up and sprayed like a fountain. It was a spectacular sight. Looking at the elephant, he could see her trunk sticking out of the water, curved in an awkward shape. Even from here, he could see her nostrils flaring and twitching, bubbles of panic popping up as they rise up to the surface. The poor girl was stuck in a pre-sneeze, unable to get it out. Maybe her trunk just wasn’t itchy enough to make that sneeze burst through.

Since he had been rather mean to her, then maybe it is time for him to be a little nicer.

He flew downwards, his aim true and directly into her right nostril. He did the same tactic again, but with less  ‘oomph’. He only bounced for ten seconds, triggering the itch to build again before switching over to the left nostril. He could see the muscles inside of her trunk slowly twist in itchiness, flaring up and turning redder. As soon as he finished, he topped it off with a quick scuttle around her twitchy nostril rims and a prod at her trunk tip before jumping up and away.

Lisa, having just releasing a sneeze seconds ago, still felt her nostrils buzzing. She could feel the need to sneeze trying to crawl out of her nose, but it just wouldn’t happen. Until the fly came back to help her. Her trunk was on fire as the itch went from mild to big bang. Her entire trunk quivered as the sneeze pummelled the inner walls to drive the quaking nose into submission. “Grwhblhbhah… grwhhbhlahlblblwhh…”

Her trunk rose higher, her mouth opened wider, the itch getting stronger…

“Grhwbhlhlhwhh…! GRWATCHOOOOOWHBLHWLHEHLBLHWELWHHH!!!” Another sneeze rocketed out of her trunk, the force of the sneeze sending it slamming against the water’s surface, but still not under the water line. Again, a fountain of water rained down as she sneezed, attracting the students’ attention, making them gasp.

After the shock of the sneeze, Lisa’s trunk trembled there, the itch finally dissipating. She had never had an experience like that before. Her trunk swelled from all the itchiness and ached a bit. Getting a grip on herself, Lisa completed the test, being one of the last students to complete. All because of her and her trunk. Some of her friends felt bad for her.

The class later on dismissed, and Lisa left the swimming hall with mixed feelings in her chest. It was definitely an unenjoyable time, but she got a bit of pleasure from it as well. Although, she was slightly puzzled. She wasn’t exactly sure why she needed to sneeze so badly; the itch just sprouted on her trunk from nowhere. She shrugged it off. Not like it mattered anymore.

Meanwhile, the little meddlesome fly left the swimming hall too, feeling delighted and happy at what he accomplished. It was a fun day~
Title: Re: [F+Anthro+Fly+Elephant+Underwater] The Swimming Lesson
Post by: UltimateChimera on August 22, 2018, 03:28:11 AM
Your trunk tickling stories are always wonderful, and this scenario is very unique and interesting! Have a good reason why the trunk can't move away too much~
And the very intent tickles going back and forth between both nostrils, poking the smooth walls, teasing the nose hairs, all to get that poor elephant nose to blow is lovely~
Title: Re: [F+Anthro+Fly+Elephant+Underwater] The Swimming Lesson
Post by: CC007 on August 22, 2018, 03:39:51 AM
Your trunk tickling stories are always wonderful, and this scenario is very unique and interesting! Have a good reason why the trunk can't move away too much~
And the very intent tickles going back and forth between both nostrils, poking the smooth walls, teasing the nose hairs, all to get that poor elephant nose to blow is lovely~

I'm glad you loved it! This story was extremely fun to write and I made sure all the descriptions hit the spot XD
Title: Re: [F+Anthro+Fly+Elephant+Underwater] The Swimming Lesson
Post by: SnEeZy on August 28, 2018, 03:28:48 PM
what a really cool idea! :3
Title: Re: [F+Anthro+Fly+Elephant+Underwater] The Swimming Lesson
Post by: CC007 on August 28, 2018, 03:32:29 PM
what a really cool idea! :3

Thanks! Elephant trunks are vulnerable when they're forced to stay above water.