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Title: NSFW - Ragnar and the Festival of Lights- Daring Date M/f Mess/Allergies MATURE
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**I hope you enjoy and please please COMMENT if you like it!! **

Some things about Rhagnar, he was a dragon, though he walked on two legs not four, and usually kept his wings wrapped around him like a cloak.  He was 6’7” tall and had golden scales and red wings,spikes and horns. He could breathe fire, but tended not to, as it made him feel set apart from those around him. Rhagnar was adopted, fitting in was hard, being the only dragon around, and he was raised  by a family of dinosaurs. They were nice and treated him well, and everything had been great. But……...Rhagnar also had….an embarrassing problem Rhagnar couldn’t climax all his life. No matter what he did, or what he looked at he just couldn't….

Until he discovered a unique flower that grows in the ravine on the far side of the forest the Fireflower, and wouldn’t you know it….he was allergic to it….and those allergy sneezes led to his first ever climax.

Ragnar was excited. This weekend was a 4 day weekend as the village celebrated the Festival of Lights. Lanterns were already hung everywhere and decorating and parties had already broken out all over the campus. But Ragnar had to hand in his final botany paper before he could have any hope of attending. But he was excited anyway, because of Cadence.

The 5’7” tall woman with long red hair and golden eyes. He sighed happily just thinking about the girl from his history class. She had slipped him a note at the end of class a few weeks ago with her discord name and her facebook name. She said she didn't have many friends and she was shy of some of the louder students. Sara had been pretty mean to her as she saw poor Cadence as a rival. The woman was stunningly beautiful,skinny with large breasts and a large feathery tail that hung down to her ankles. Sara taunted her -- calling her peacock butt. But Ragnar thought it was beautiful the way it shimmered red and gold and swayed as she walked.  She had long gold and red hair down to her waist and her facial features were birdlike with a long hooked nose with large nostrils. He sighed happily again as he thought of her. Their mutual hatred of Sara’s bullying brought them together, but once they started to talk online he learned all kinds of things.

She was a half-phoenix, raised by her full blood phoenix father, she often was down on herself for not being good enough. Being a half-breed and all. Ragnar understood how hard it was to fit in with folks who weren’t like you, having been adopted. Ragnar wished the shy lady Cadence, could see how amazing she truly was. She was kind and smart and funny and cool. They talked about all sorts of things for hours, class,video games, movies. Though he hadn’t gotten around to talking too much about his little issue or the fireflowers. No need to weird her out….

So this finally happened he got up the nerve to ask her to go to the festival with him. Both of them being visitors neither of them knew much about the lore of the festival itself just that there were pretty lights and yummy food. So they could learn about it together as they attended. He was meeting her for dinner here at the restaurant then they were heading into the village plaza of the festival grand opening.  First shower of lights. It sounded beautiful and romantic, perfect for a date. He’d even got her a big bouquet of sunflowers. The sunset flowers, the ones that were red and gold, that reminded him of her feathers. They had a nice fresh musky scent he hoped she liked. He hits send on his paper and smiles to himself as he combs his head scales that resemble hair, straightens his dress shirt and puts the belt on his nice tight pair of jeans. Grabs the flowers and heads out to meet his date.

Cadence has her hair braided hanging long down her back. She is wearing her red and gold feathered dress she said was her wings tucked around under her arms. She usually has something else on underneath but you can’t see it most of the time. She was smiling warmly at him as they met in the town square. “ --- So far I figured out that we can see the glow of the fire flower trees that line the mountains above. That’s why it's called the festival of lights cuz they light up! How cool is that!” *she says enthusiastically* “I found a good spot in the park to watch. We’ll need to climb up a sort of really rocky boulder or two but i think we are up to it. Will give us a good view.. And well…. I am not sure about the crowds… there are a LOT of people at the market. It’s pretty packed...and I….. I’d rather just bbe with you… if ummm that’s ok? I dddon’t really like crowds.” *she blushes nervously* “So i figured we walk through the market take a look and then head up to the park.”

Ragnar watches her stutter and blush. She’s so cute when she babbles. He thinks to himself.
“Here… These are for you.”

Cadence blushes deeply and takes them her eyes shining with joy.”Thank you so much. What are they?” She says as she sticks her nose in the center of the unfamiliar flowers and takes a deep sniff. Her large oval nostrils quiver a little as she sucks in the pollen and new scent of the sunflowers.
“They’re called sunflowers.” Ragnar says proudly. “I thought.. I thought the color sorta looked like your feathers.” He says shyly.
“Oh! Oh your - sniffles-- right it does. The--thThey’re so beautiful!--sniff” Her nose starts to crinkle her eyes half closing. “Hehhhgg… eeh… oooh… hepptchew. Tchuu ktcccheww! Hehh ehh heeehhh chuuu!” Sniffles ``Oh excuse me.” She says blushing and biting her lip looking away. “So sorry.. Guess they tickled my nose a little.” She says blushing deeply.
Ragnar was mesmerized by the adorable sneezes the flower induced in his beautiful date. She was so beautiful, especially so when she sneezed. Her nose was captivating.  He was emboldened and leaned forward kissing the end of her nose. “Bless you. No need to be sorry. Your sneezes are cute.” He says blushing.
“Heechuu!” She sneezes on neck and chest. He can feel the light spray and he shudders a little.  She giggles and blushes shyly smiling “Thanks.”

They take each other's arms walking through the marketplace. They buy some food on a stick that sort of resembles the fire flowers in shape. It tastes amazing, and everywhere there are lights on all the buildings. They chat as they walk - about their classes about the latest video games- falling into comfortable easy conversation. A deep comfortable contentment replacing Ragnar’s initial nervousness. Cadence leans her head on his shoulder as they finish off their food, reaching the end of the street that leads out into the park.
As they get out of the bustling market he feels a tickle in his nostrils, a slight itch quivering as they walk. A spicy scent faint in his nostrils. Someone must have some fire flowers. He thinks to himself as they walk into the park and he sniffles. Feeling himself tingle a little. 
He sees the rocky steep cliff, above him and smiles. Well THEY both have wings, guaranteed to have alone time up there. He smiles at her with a nod of understanding and unfurls his red wings. Something he has never ever done in front of anyone before. She smiles at him, her eyes shining with joy and she unfurls hers as well. Revealing a lovely sundress; pale sky blue and covered in flowers showing off the curves of her slender form, and her large round breasts. Ragnar keeps his eyes locked on hers and he smiles playfully and extends his hand. “Going up, my lady?” He says with a slight bow and a jovial smile.
She giggles and takes it, he brings it to his lips and kisses the back of her hand with a grin. His muzzle crinkles as his lips press against her hand. His nostril flaring with a slight hitchy gasp against her hand, as he is a little distracted by that familiar spicy smell. It’s getting stronger as the sky starts to turn shades of orange and red above them. Ragnar and Cadence flap their wings furiously almost in sync as they fly up the 100 feet to the top of the cliff. A picnic blanket that looks to be flame retardant and another blanket that is also the same are set up. With some Wine and two glasses and a small basket of snacks.
“You set this up?” Ragnar asked gushing as they land near the picnic blanket and he sits as she does still hand in hand.
“Yup.” She nods shyly. “Is that ok? I just…. I.. am nnot good with words…..and you said this was a date… and I …. Thought this would show you…… ummmm.. I ffeel… about you.” She says, blushing shyly, her eyes down. Ragnar reaches under her chin, his hand gripping it and tilting it upwards very very gently. “No one has ever done anything like this for me Cadence. You are amazing. You’re beautiful. *sniffles a little* and cool, and I feel so … happy when I’m around you…. So… no need to be shy. I .. *sniffles a little his nostrils starting to tickle a little more as that spicy smell starts to get a little stronger.* feel the same way to.”
“Really!?!!!” She says in a high pitched soft squee of delight and she throws her arms and wings around him. “Really.” He says tenderly wrapping his arms around her leaning his head into her shoulder and just lingering in the long warm hug.

The sun is starting to, and they break off the embrace and he backs up to put his back against a tree behind them still on the blanket and pats the area in front of him opening his arms. She smiles warmly and eagerly backs into him. Her feathery wings loosely curled around in front of her just under her breasts. Giving him a nice view of her cleevage. Her back pressed against his chest, his arms around her. She pulls up the second blanket and snuggles into his embrace putting her hands over his and intertwining their fingers. They cuddle like this on the blanket leaning against the trees behind them looking at the city below and the ridge beyond the village that is glowing brightly as the sun goes down. Ragnar recognizes the fireflower ridge where he went hiking that first day here. It looks so beautiful all lit up like that.

“Wow…” He whispers into her ear kissing her cheek. “They look amazing.” He says the chilled early spring breeze starts blowing towards the village down off the ridge.
“Right.” She whispers happily in a content sigh.
As they watch, the flowers glow brighter and brighter and as the sun sets completely, they start suddenly going dim one at a time. Not all at once but slowly in waves. He then notices as the flowers dim; a CLOUD of sparkling tiny lights forms over the forest of flowers on ridge. 

Like billions upon billions of fireflies hovering over the glowing bright flowers.”Wow.” Cadence exclaims in a soft breathy whisper. The wind blows the cloud of lights  straight towards the village and the ridge where they sit.

Both of them are in awe of the beauty before them, as the wind picks up, the lights begin to spread out over the whole area in front of them. Covering everything they can see in sparkling lights. That spicy cumin smell is getting stronger and stronger as Ragnar sits against Cadence. And the first of the lights start heading their way.

His nostrils start twitching and flaring, and he tries to breath through his mouth. Up this high… they must be getting some of the scent from the flowers. He’d never really tested if the scent alone was enough. But as more and more of the lights started to linger all around them. The fire flower smell became more and more overwhelming. And his nostrils started to itch inside and he could feel moisture starting to build up in them. He kept sniffling. His eyes were starting to water. He felt his cock getting harder and harder and his nose began to run and itch. It pressed painfully into the front of his tight jeans. He silently panicked a little wondering what he should do. Maybe if he moved his hips a little she wouldn't feel it poking in her back. Gods it hurt. His cock pressed against his jeans.
As those beautiful lights surrounded them. He realized too late what they were. POLLEN. Luminescent -- fire flower -- pollen. And it was EVERYWHERE. He started to inhale more and more of the tickly pollen. His nostrils started to flare and he was taking shaky breaths against Cadence’s back. His warm hitchy breaths flutter across her neck and she shivers a little with pleasure and gasps softly. *SNIFF Sniff SNiff* He tries not to do it in her ear but he can’t help it. The tickles are building and his hands are in Cadences, in her lap. He can’t touch his nose to try to make the tickle go away. Though who was he kidding with THIS much pollen he was so screwed..
Each breath he sucks in more and more of the beautiful sparkly pollen. His cock getting harder and harder in his pants straining against the zipper.
“SNIFF- CCadddee-e-nce. It’s beautiful issn’t i--it. SNIFF SNIFF--RRAAAAH HAAAh AHHHH HAHHH gasp gasp ahhh.”
“It is…. Are you ok?” she asks her breath low and husky and she bites her lip as she feels his breath on her neck.His cock straining against his pants poking into her back.
“FFI---FFFi--FFFiine” Ragnar replies his eyes closing his head tilting back muzzle scrunched and bulging. He tries to hold back tries to move tires anything but there is just TO MUCH pollen all around him in his nose the scent in every breath. It overtakes him. “RAAH AHH --- gasp gasp gasp-RRAAAAASSSCHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! RAASSSSHOOOO RRAAASCHOOO RRAAAPPTTTTTSSSSSHUUUUUU RRAH RAA AAAAAHHHHH RRRAPSSSCHOOOOOO!!AAAHH AHHHAAAAAACCCHOOOOOOOO!!!” Flames shoot out of his muzzle along with spray from each powerful sneeze soaking Cadence’ shirt and cleavage. Burning away the dress so he can see her bare skin. Which glows slightly as it absorbs the fire. His cock gets harder and harder pulsing with each powerful sneeze and he hears a RIIIIIP as the zipper breaks the button of his jeans snapping. His cock free from its cloth cage is pressed against Cadence’s back. Precumm sliding down his cock with each sneeze. Soaking into Cadene’s dress against her back. Ragnar starts to panic expecting Cadence to run to be horrified to back away. But no……. She grips his hands tighter.  She gasps softly and shudders with pleasure as he sneezes all over her breasts. As he glances down he sees her nipples are hard, and she is leaning INTO his sneezing. As his cock digs into her back she lets out a soft gasp and a moan and bites her lips again. “You’re sneezes are so hot.” She whispers so softly its almost inaudible. “Mmmmmmmm…..”
Ragnar realizes with surprise and delight she is INTO it. She LIKES it. Tears of relief spring to his eyes. And he kisses her neck. “Yes.” she whispers.
“RRRRAHHHHHHSSCHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! AAASSCHOOOOOOOOOOO RRAAAaAaASSSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” He sneezes across her neck and breasts in between kisses and she vibrates against him with desire. Rocking her hips she slides one of their intertwined hands down to her inner thigh. Releasing it. The other she slides up to her bare breast releasing his hands to touch as he would. Moving her own hand up to cheek drawing him in for a deep passionate kiss moving her hips so she is more sitting across his lap giving him better access. His balls pressing into her hip, his hard dripping cock across her lap. Pulsing and getting harder and harder with each sneeze.
She smiles at him and her other hand reaches for the flowers he gave her. Pulling one away she places her nose in its center inhaling deeply. As he tries to hold back to not burn the flower, he watches her with fascination.
“Heheh heeeh” her nose flared and twitched her eyes closed and she almost instantly started to hitch. “Heeetchuuu eeetchuuu cccchuu hehh heeh eeeh chuuuuu! Didn’t wwant yyou to beeechuuu be the only one….sssneee--eeechuuu sneezing… ssso you...eechuuuu dont need to be embarrassed.” she took another deep sniff of the sunflower in her hands. “EtChiii Heeheeehchuuuu HEEHH EEEHHHHHHh HEEE--SCHUUU ” Her breasts bounced with each high pitched girly sneeze , Ragnar could feel the spray hit his hard dripping eager cock, and as he slid his hand up her thigh he felt her slick wetness and spread it with his fingers. Delving deep into her folds with gasping shuddering breaths.  She moans as her breath hitches and she rocks herself into his touch. Encouraging him to delve deeper faster his thumb finding her clit, his fingers delving into her depths. 
“OHHHHH--CCCCADENCCEE--- RAAAAASCHUUUUU -- I’m ALLERGGGGIC--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!! AAlllLERGIC tttoo TTTHE RRRRAAAASCHUUUUUUUUUUU RRAAAAAASCCHUUUUUUUUUU!--- LLLLI--LAAASSCHOOOOO LIGHTS” He can barely speak as the pollen is now surrounding them. The beautiful pollen is in every breath. His nose is on fire with the intense powerful need to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. He couldn't stop now if he wanted. His allergies were completely out of control. His cock throbbed and bulged thicker and thicker precummm dripping out of the end with each intense powerful sneeze that rocked him… and hearing HER sneeze on him feeling her spray on his cock made his whole body shiver and tingle with bliss. As she leaned into his touch.
RRRAAAAATTCHUUUU!!! RRASSTTTTPPCCCHUUUUUUUU!!!!” His cock throbbed he desperately needed to be touched, and that's when she took another long sniff of the sunflower and leaned down. “Heeepccchuuu eettchuuu eeeeeehhhhccccchuuuuu hhhhpppttchuuuuu” Her high girly sneezy landed on Ragnar’s hard cock the air from them making it vibrate as she wrapped her hands around it. Stroking it. Ragnar’s back arched and he moaned loudly as his nostrils flared and continued to drive him wild.  Tilting it up to her mouth. “RAAAAASCHUUUUU HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!!“

His huge hard cock throbbed and bulged in her hands. As Cadence rocked her hips against his hand she was breathing heavily gasping as she sneezed on him. Her insides tense against his fingers. “Heeeppppchuuu” he felt her spray on his cock then her lips on the tip her tongue licking the precumm um eagerly “Heechuuu ehh ehehh - lick lick lick heehhh- heeeeh--” Her lips seal around my throbbing cock- “ Heeeeeppppchuuuuu” her sneeze sprays it with air and mist “SUCK SUCK SUCK --- heeepcuuu hhecchuuuuuu… SUCK SUCK SUCK-----MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.” She arches into his hand letting out a long moan as she sucks his pulsing cock.
“RAAAAASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!! AASCHUUUUU--AASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!! “ Ragnar sneezes and with each one he gets closer and closer to climax as she sucks on him. His hands delving deeper and deeper into her til her insides clamp around his fingers her wings flare out behind her with a WHOOOSH her entire body ignites in fire, it doesn burn him in fact it feels good. Amazing as she climaxes powerfully soaking his hand with the strength of her orgasm. The heat and the rush of it all pushes Ragnar over the edge as she sucks his cock vigorously with her frenzied climax. RRRAAAAAAASSCHUUUUUUUUUUUU--RRRRRAAAAAAAACCCCHOOOOOOO---- UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH'' Ragnar emptied his cock into her mouth with each sneeze. “AASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!!”  each one jetting more hot cumm into her mouth which she sucked down eagerly. Til he was utterly spent.

 He slumped over her gasping. AASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!!  Both of them shuddering from pleasure. Cadence’s feathers went back to normal as her orgasm faded. She saw Ragnar was still sneezing and took some water and wet down a napkin and held it over my muzzle. “Raah rrraaaachuuu chuuummph rrasschhhmmmphhhh.” He managed to sneeze for about another minute before the pollen was cleared out of his system.
“I rented a cabin just down that trail… think you can make it?” Cadence asks softly 
Ragnar nodded standing up picking up the singed remnants of his pants, wobbly from all the sneezing and the amazing pleasure they just shared. They glide down to the side of the path sticking to the trees and stagger into the cabin.
“I think I love you Cadence.” *He says as he leans on her sniffling and panting.
“Well, I think I love you too.” She replies happily leading them off to the bed in a small cabin and cuddling into him. Both VERY satisfied with their first night of the festival of lights. 

NSFW - Ragnar and the Festival of Lights- Daring Date  M/Mess/Allergies (http://NSFW - Ragnar and the Festival of Lights- Daring Date  M/Mess/Allergies)
Title: Re: NSFW - Ragnar and the Festival of Lights- Daring Date M/f Mess/Allergies MATURE
Post by: AMTW03 on January 26, 2021, 04:49:05 PM
Oh my gosh, LOVE it! :D  You had it all in there.  Romance, passion, and overall just a great story.

I thought it was very sweet how Ragnar and Cadence unfurled their wings and flew to a private spot together.  The image of the firey pollen lighting of the night sky was vivid and beautiful.  And their "fun" at the end was quite enjoyable.  Love how Ragnar reacted when he realized that Cadence was into his sneezes. :)

Overall, awesome job!