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Title: [M + F + M/M/F + Explicit + Mature + Messy] Best Love Triangle
Post by: oneofthree on May 26, 2021, 11:38:49 PM
This was a commission that I wrote.  Shared with permission - enjoy!  Winter is having a very lovely evening, when something strange happens...


The fox moaned as he felt his big, sensitive nostrils press against his lover's, what was normally an annoying sensitivity transforming into a blissful gift in moments like this, as their lips met.  His fingers trembled as he undid the wolf's belt, feeling his dress being pulled off him, exposing his slight form.

It was happening... he could feel his warmth, hands all over him, and even smell the scent of fresh flowers...

“Well, what have we here?” his blissful world was shattered as a third voice intruded, although Ben didn't seem to want to stop making out with him.  Winter had to pull away, still being pawed at, and look at the spaniel that had entered the room.

“Sasha! Wh... what are y-” He started to cover himself, before noticing that she was also nude, and holding an extremely large bouquet of flowers that practically oozed pollen visibly, partly blocking her large breasts from view with the size of it.  Confused, he watched as Sasha sniffed deeply of the pollen, her nose twitching, muzzle scrunching up, and hands dropping to her sides.

“Hh-heh... HH-hhh... HEH... HEEEPTTSCHHHH! Heh... HEH-TCHHOOO! H-hah... AH...” Her chest jumped with each wracking sneeze, bending over as she sprayed the floor... but Sasha wasn't allergic to stuff like that, he was.  What was going on?  He blinked, hard, as though closing his eyes would make her disappear.

“Mmm... hmmm?” feeling a warmth on either side of him, the fox opened his eyes, noticing immediately that he was in his underwear... and he couldn't really move.  The small room he was in... or was it large? It seemed... undefined... was shifting a bit, and he could tell he was restrained.

Looking past his big pink nose, the wide amber eyes saw a red-furred hand clutching a feather, which seemed to be about to come into contact with his wide nostrils – not that he could see the actual point of contact, because of his stupidly huge nose.  “Wh-what? No, don't do that...!”

“Come on.. why not? You'll love it...” Said a familiar voice from his left.  Turning his head, Winter flicked his triangular ears as he saw Ben standing there, the wolf still a state of undress... fully undressed that was.  He was holding onto the fox's arm, grey fur contrasting against his red-brown, tightly enough he couldn't move.  Winter started to raise his right to fend off the feather, but found he couldn't move it – it was trapped in some sort of soft, pliable and jiggly prison, with a tight grip around his wrist as well.

“Yes... I brought you something as well,” Said another voice to his right.  Gasping, his eyes flicked over to see Sasha, the spaniel, gazing at him with the same strangely vacant intensity he saw in Ben's eyes, his arm firmly squished between her big, exposed tits, her hand's grip on his wrist unbreakable.  In her other hand, she held up the large bouquet of flowers that made the fox's nose itch just from looking at it.

“B-ben, stop! Sasha, leave us alone, we're having a momeh... A m-muuhhh...” The fox's eyes lidded and his voice grew high pitched and strained as his nose twitched, the tickling sensation of the feather crawling up into his sinuses as soon as it caressed his cavernous nostrils.  His nose was so sensitive, that single stroke made him shudder, his nostrils flaring even wider, muzzle crinkling and scrunching up, trying to squirm away from it... and he couldn't help but take a big sniff, drawing in the scent of the flowers, instantly igniting an itch deep inside his nose.

“H-huhh... HUHH... HIH! HH!” His breathing got higher, more rapid, and his large nose tilted up, nostrils quivering as he felt Sasha press against his small body – maybe he'd been attracted to her once or twice, on occasion, but this was not normal!

As his lungs tore in a last ragged breath, he felt her nipple dragging across his pec as his chest expanded, and she placed his imprisoned hand on one breast, making his aching hardness below twitch.  He felt it touch another, and realized Ben was close enough for them to connect, his small dagger against the wolf's thick, wonderful shaft.  “HHH-HHH-HEEEUHHHTTTSCSChhhhhiiii! H-haah... AH... AAHHPTTTSCHHH!” he couldn't hold himself back, letting out two massive sneezes, his terribly tickly nose spraying out a cloud of mist and then a thick strand of snot as his sinuses filled, his nose overreacting to his allergies and the attention as usual.  It was unbearable... the tickle... pink nostrils leaking and twitching.

“Ooooh, a big one... how cute...” muttered the spaniel to his right, the wolf to his left nodding in agreement and gently thrusting his hips, causing Winter to get a follow-up jolt of tingling pleasure as their cocks rubbed together slightly, teasingly.

And then both their hands were on his nose.  Touching it... fingertips caressing his sensitive, thick nostrils.  A poking press to the end of his bulbous snout.  A light grip around his muzzle, stroking it.  They were all over him.

A haze fell over his mind as he huffed, finding himself laying back in bed, the two of them still holding him down.  He felt like he was going to sneeze himself into a coma with how his nose was reacting to not only the presence of the flowers, but the constant touching.  He couldn't control himself as another one slipped out.

“Y-you're makihhhnng... M-meee... S-snee... EEEEEEHHHTTTSSCCHHHIIII!”  He had no control.  He never had.  And his sneezes were getting messier and messier... he was wet now, his nostrils making slick, squelching noises as they were rubbed by his tormentors.  With how tickly his nose was, it felt heavenly... he couldn't help but nuzzle hard into the waiting palm, Ben's warm hand cupping his nose, just barely enough to cover the large nasal organ.

“B-heeenn... Don-don't stop... or I'm... I'm gon-gonna... HH... H-h... H-have to-- Hhih! HH-HEEEPPTTTSSCHHHHKKKKKKH!” Oh no... he sneezed a thick, sticky sneeze right into the wolf's palm, his gunked-up nostrils flaring wide as they disgorged a torrent of slime, much of it spraying past Ben's fingers.

“I... I d-deed a dissue...” He said, so stuffy-sounding.  His eyes were watering, nose on fire as they continued to tease, ignoring him entirely... the wolf came in with his feather, smearing it against his messy sniffer, twisting it into one slick, pink opening, drooling a thin stream down onto his thin grey chest. If they didn't stop, that stream would become like a waterfall.

“H-have to sn-sneeze the pollen out...” He murmured, still feeling fuzzy, touches all over his body, two warm companions on either side... he felt his hand softly squeezing Sasha's breast, his other having been moved to Ben's cock, stroking it with his graceful fingers.  Sasha moved in, taking his snout between her breasts – so warm and soft... and, he realized, covered in pollen from the bouquet she'd been clutching.  She had her usual smirk on, looking down on him like this... he felt a surge of unexpected heat in his belly as he was squished between her boobs, Ben moving right in beside her, the big wolf teasingly trailing his feather along the fox's overstimulated muzzle.

“M-Mm... MMFHH! HH... HH!” He tried to warn them, but he couldn't move... could barely think.  All he could do was sneeze...

“HH-HAAAhh-PPTTSSCCCHHH!” And sneeze he did, firing one out directly into Sasha's cleavage.  But they weren't satisfied with one, and neither was his nose.

“Oh... you're getting me all messy again, Winter.  You need to control yourself... and this big, sensitive sniffer.  Look, it's twitching...”
“Yeah... look at it go.  Almost like... something else with a big, pink tip...” added Ben as he teased the fox's poor nose with two fingers, letting them dance atop his snoot as his feather twisted and turned up his snout.

When had he put it in? He could feel it... somehow, deep inside, trapped, tickling – driving his sinuses insane.  But his nose was blocked by Sasha's big, wonderful breasts, so how...? N-no time to think... gotta sneeze...

“HHH... HHHH... HH-KKMMMPPFFFFHHHH!” His first one was so clogged up and thick, it burst out of him from the pressure, soaking the spaniel's chest as she pressed forward, smushing his nostrils against her, making them spread even more.  “HHAEEEEHHKKTTTSSCCHHHHH!” The second, even bigger and more forceful, his nose going into meltdown to expel all the irritants... he could feel it coming out, blasting more snot out over her.

“Hhh!” This gasp was also due to the hand Ben had just wrapped around his cock... squeezing him... stroking him... slowly.  Torturously... but the fox realized he was so turned on, it didn't matter.  He would cum soon... He would never admit it, not even to himself, but the sneezing was definitely helping.

“HEEEHPTTTKKKKTTCCHHHHHHHUuuhh!” he threw himself forward as much as he could, body trying to bend and sneeze with full force, desperate to clear the allergic clog in his huge snout, nostrils disgorging a torrent of mucus like twin hoses as his body was wracked with aftershocks, lungs already trying to draw in more breath to sneeze again.

The spaniel pulled away, long runners connecting her breasts to his face, dripping slowly toward the ground, a glistening web connecting them.  Ben, refusing to let his feather emerge, pressed his palm flat against the fox's explosive nose, grinding it in a circle, making Winter moan and squeak, squirming on the bed as they kept him pinned.

“I'b g-gudda... HHHH... HHHHHHKTTGHGHHHXXXXXHHH!” the sneeze simply gushed out of him, around Ben's palm, splattering them both.  At the same time, Winter came, his cock twitching, pulsing, shooting out all the built-up stress, the ache deep in the root of his shaft, hips pushing up against the wolf's hand, lewd sounds of wetness coming from where Ben was still touching him.

The restraining hand was gone – they had let up for a moment.  Winter's nose took its chance.  “HHAAAAAAGGHHHSIIIIISSSSHHHH! AEEEEEEGGGHHHHHHTTTTCHHHHUUU! IIIIITTTCCCHHHHHHHHIIIIII!” he sneezed a massive, wet, sticky triple, thick ropes of snot blasting out of him, clouds of mist, and one soaked feather shooting out from his gaping pink holes, nostrils stretched to their limits, dazing the fox with the intensity of the eruption.

“G-ghh... hhh... ghuuh...” he moaned, eyes spinning.

“Oh, we're not done with you yet...”

“No, not yet...” Both canines moved back in on him, Ben's thick, hard cock poking at his nose.  Sasha's tits hanging beneath her, swinging as she turned to grind her wet, waiting sex against his face... the fox whimpered, unprepared for the intensity of what was about to happen.  And he felt the biggest, most torturous itch of all invading his much-abused nose, twisting, tingling, burning a line of searing need that brought tears to his eyes as it shot towards the core of his nose.

“Ahh...” his eyelids fluttered, nose twitching.

“H-HAAAhhh...!” More insistently, he gasped, expecting to have sneezed by now.  He usually couldn't hold back at all...

“G-GG—GHHHHUUUAHH...” He rocked on the bed, his nose trapped between Ben's rock-hard cock, and Sasha's soft, puffy pussy.  His back arched as he heaved in another breath, the tingle reaching its climax...

“GUHHH-HEEEEHHT-TCCCCHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIISSHHH!” And the fox sneezed as hard as he could, sitting up straight, sneezing and sneezing for what seemed like an eternity, one of the biggest most forceful sneezes he could remember ever coming out from his oversensitive snoot, soaking his lap and chest, making him see stars... he panted, flopping back onto his pillow, scrubbing his nose with both hands, pushing, kneading it, god it was so itchy!

“H-huh...? Snrrkk... Snfff... Wait...” He looked around at the dark room, blinking, his blanket tented by a burning, insistent erection, now covered in spray and slime as well.  “Wh—whuh...?” The fox was awake now, alone, having sneezed himself out of his dream, and was left only with the deep ache and throbbing inside his cock.

“... Guys?” still confused, he looked around, then sighed as he reached for his phone, golden eyes blinking in the darkness, blinking against the sudden light as he prepared to send a text, thumb hovering over the questioning 'Add Recipients?' and blushing as he thought about sending it not to one, but to two...
Title: Re: [M + F + M/M/F + Explicit + Mature + Messy] Best Love Triangle
Post by: Heathen on May 27, 2021, 12:48:00 PM
It's great to see another incredible story from you! Winter is such a fun character, I just love everything he's in. I want to say more about this but I'm at a loss for words. Everything in this story is just so good!
Title: Re: [M + F + M/M/F + Explicit + Mature + Messy] Best Love Triangle
Post by: oneofthree on May 28, 2021, 03:17:42 AM
Thanks :) I like Winter too.  This was fun to write.
Title: Re: [M + F + M/M/F + Explicit + Mature + Messy] Best Love Triangle
Post by: megacycle on May 30, 2021, 06:38:01 PM
Thanks again for writing such a wonderful story!
It was a pleasure working with you, and feeding my ideas into your brain while you did the same to me.