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"We'll see...~" Percy giggles softly... He holds up his FEATHERY fingers... and reaches for the flesh of the uvula Gingerly dusting the underside of the uvula with his fluffy fingertips All eight of his feathery digits gently... very lighting teasing the sensitive skin Setting the whale's nerves aflame with a ticklish... urge.

What a wonderful story FireFlower3013, I absolutely  loved it ;D ;D.  I found this feacher on my tablet a while ago that allows my computer to read to me.  Nothing is better than having a story like this read to you ;D.

Almost everyone knows what a fan I am of Scooby Doo's sneezes and I could just see something like this happening to my secret crush (Scooby :-[).

Thank you for such a great story!

So Happy you liked it!! :) :) :)

Think i fixed it :)



Ruby snores loudly and Maeve recalls the day before. (see other post part 3) She had used the bristles in her dragon-mate’s nostril to ease the itch of her shedding fur. Even as we were getting ready to fall asleep Ruby was insisting rather forcefully she had "ne're had a problem with fur." It's so infuriating, the wolf anthro, thought to herself.
Sliding out of bed she headed downstairs to the basement to get more toilet paper from the cellar. Glancing towards the old bomb shelter in the stone foundation of her home. The old stone ceiling. The metal door built from the 70s nuclear era..... She grabbed the rolls to restock her bathroom and took a moment in teh doorway to look around the room.
As she looked around she spotted that old metal table they'd used in the university production of Frankenstien a few years back. It was an authentic experiment table, with thick metal cuffs for the arms, and legs. Thick metal bars that held the head in place and the metal straps that could be secured over the chest and thighs. The metal was so thick it looked like it would truly hold a monster....... Her thoughts wandered back to Ruby and her stubborn refusal to accept the reality of her allergies...... Then Maeve glanced back at the table... hmmmmmm -- a monster.... Or a dragon in anthro form. Maeve remembered Ruby saying the runes she carved into herself locked her in her form for 24 hours. So she couldn't just transform her way out of it....... If Maeve could get her on the table..... she could prove that it WAS the FUR that she was allergic to once and for all. The room was stone... nothing her fire could hurt in here..... Hmmmmm. She mused to herself. Hmmmmm... OH... there was a switch that locked all the manacles at once...hmmmm.she mused.. "I have a plan." she whispered out loud.

She returns to bed with a wickedly wolfish grin and pokes her sleeping mate once. Good she thinks to herself. She's in a heavy sleep. I SHOULD be able to carry her to the table without her waking. Maeve, as a wolf, is very strong. She scoops up the sleeping Ruby who snorts a little but remains fast asleep as she is carried very very quietly down the stairs. Laying her on the table placing her limbs and head in the exact right spots. Ruby moaned and grumbled in her sleep in groggy protest. Maeve flicks the switch and SNAP!!! All the restraints clamp at once onto the sleeping dragon who starts awake. "Maeve...What.... what's going on? Why hast thou done this my mate??" She asks straining against the metal holding her it creaks a little but holds solidly.

Maeve smirks. She leans over the table, mischief and determination in her eyes. "We're going to play a little game. You're stubborness in refusing to acknowledge your allergies is bordering on ridiculous...." She says, stepping back and pacing around the table slowly. She gestures around her to the empty room. "So….. as you can see, there is nothing in this room. No allergens, no pollen. I have showered and am the picture of cleanliness." She stops, facing Ruby from the foot of the table. "And so my dear Ruby, I'm going to PROVE your allergy once and for all."

The dragonness narrows her golden eyes, her jaw setting in a stubborn line. “ I consent. Let us put thine insolent insistence of MINE OWN allergies to rest.”
Maeve claps her hands together in impish glee. "Excellent!" Stepping forward, she gets right to work. She starts by placing a clean, furry finger against Ruby's nostril, circling the edges with delicate care.
"Thou art simply tickling my nostril with thine finger. This proves nothing" The dragoness says imperiously. With a confident smile showing her teeth as her nostrils flare slightly and she blinks.

"Hmmm you're probably right. Then let's try something else" Maeve turns and pulls out a tray table that had been just out of Ruby's view. She picks up what looks like a make up brush with soft grey bristles. "We'll try this. I pulled the bristles out of an old make up brush, replaced it with my own fur. But since you aren't allergic, it shouldn't do anything, right?" Maeve turns back and begins brushing Ruby's nostrils with the soft, tickly fur.

"It depends on the method thine employs.. wwith thine ttickling." *she says as her eyes start to half close and she forces them open. Her tear shaped reptilian nostrils flaring wider and more oval. And she sees fluid start to glisten inside the nostril. Her breath shakes a little as she inhales her muzzle twitching a bit as she tries NOT to sniffle or scrunch it. Her arms strain against the restraints on her wrists a bit as she instinctively wanted to reach for her nose. Just like when you were INSIDE. Oh yes she's allergic. "The motion ssstill --Proves oonnly that ttthine ar't skilled at ddddraconic sseduction." She says desire starting to flare in her eyes, her scales starting to glow slightly.

"So you think it is because I'm actively tickling your nose? Well, i can fix that too." Maeve says coyly, smiling at the glistening wetness that was beginning to build inside Ruby's nostrils. She puts the brush down and picks up a bag. Inside are tufts of fur, loose and itchy. She pulls out a clump, this time placing it just in front of Ruby's flaring nostrils, purposefully not putting any more action into tickling. "Take a nice deep sniff, my dear." Maeve says with a wolfish smile.

"Very Well." Ruby says confidently although her voice trembles, her golden eyes looking into Maeve's defiantly and she takes a deep breath "SNNNNIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFF-- SNIFFLE-- SNIFFLE--SNIFFFLE" Her muzzle crinkles and her nostrils flare wider. Her nostrils start dripping more. The same as that river Maeve remembers from when she was inside. A Few of the pieces she is holding. "Thine sssscent is allllwwways...pppllee--SNIFFFLE--" her muzzle scrunches again as she sniffles under the guise of inhaling more. The tickly dander from the hair being sucked up into her nostrils. Some of the loose fur in the fistful is sucked up to. "RAHH-AHH" her muzzle scrunches and she tries to turn away. The table creaking a little as she struggles against the head strap accross her forehead and the restraints on her arms. Wanting desperately to rub her itchy itchy muzzle.

"Any hhair wwwould bbbe iiitchy inssside... SNIFFLE- This doesn't prove- SNIIFFFFFLE-- annything." she says her breasts bouncing as she starts to take hitchier breaths.

"RAH RAHH AHH-- SNIFFLE -- RRRAH" she shudders glowing a little brighter.

"Im sure you really believe that. But your nose is running, and you look like you have to sneeze." Maeve says, beginning to tease the inside of her nostrils with the tufts of fur. As she rubs them gently along the inside of Ruby's nose, Maeve swirls the fur between her fingers, so that some of the loose strands fall out and stick to the sides.

"RRRAAAH---AAH--- IT's The SSenSSATION....RRAH HAHHHH AAAAHHHHHH--" her muzzle scrunches intensely her whole muzzle twitching and bulging. Her nostrils flaring into wide circles. The 'tiny hairlike scales' on the inside of her nostrils quiver as she fights the sneeze. "RRAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAHH AHHHHHHHAHAHHHHHH" Her breasts are bouncing against you with each more desperate hitchy breath. Her nipples hard her scales glowing a little brighter.

tto THEE!!! pant pant pant SNIFFLE SNIFFLE!"
Wet spray coats Maeve’s fingers and the fur in her hands is singed by the gouts of flame that shout out of her irritated snout. Ruby’s breasts glisten with wetness from her spray as she continues to take hitchy breathes. She strains against the restraints with all her might wanted to touch her itchy twitching nose wanting to turn her head away from the tickling fur but she is held firmly in place. Her muzzle red and dripping. Her eyes watering allergic tears. But STILL she will not admit its allergies.

Maeve shudders with pleasure, feeling the spray on her hand, dodging the flames as she drops the singed fur. "If you won't concede, we'll try something else!" She turns around, grabbing a long, thin plastic rod that was once a spoon. Large amounts of fur have been glued to it to fashion a brush of sorts. Maeve turns back around, inserting the instrument deep into Ruby's red angry nose. Twisting and brushing, the fur tickles deep in the dragon's sinuses, leaving itchy irritating wolf dander all over the inside of Ruby's nose.

Ruby seems ready to retort but her muzzle won’t allow it. Her eyes close her muzzle scrunches her nostrils flare wide as you remove the spoon after it does its work. She takes a hitchy gasp the allergen inside the deepest part of her sinuses making her whole muzzle itch on the inside," RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHTTTCHOOOOOOOO RRASSSTTTTCCCHUUUUUU RAAPTCHUUUp TSSHHEW TSSSEWW TSSSSHUUUUU SHHUUUUU SHOOOOOO RRRAAP RAAAAAHH RAAAHSTTTTPPPPHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!" she shudders with need her scales glowing brighter and brighter. She coats Maeve in spray. fire exploding into the ceiling spreading out across it and down on the edge of the she wolf’s back, burning away her clothes. But not her fur or skin. Maeve feels her clothes fall onto the floor as the back of them disintegrates. Dust falling from the ceiling as the whole house shakes.

Ruby’s tail wiggles in the restraint beneath her. Her wrists straining.
She is clearly in a mating frenzy now. There is no spoon in her nose no hair would have survived inside that inferno but the dander might still be clinging the ALLERGIC reaction alone making her sneeze and sneeze.

Maeve's breasts bounce as they are freed from her clothing, the house shaking making it worse. Her nipples harden as she feels the spray hit her skin. But she would not give in, not until Ruby submits. "Do you admit it now??" Maeve rumbles, teasing Ruby's tail with her own. Not enough to bring satisfaction, but enough to drive her wild.
More dust falls on Maeve's nose.
More dust rains down. Getting up into Maeve's muzzle from the ash of her clothes. Like pepper and sawdust up in her nostrils.
Maeve scrunches her own muzzle, the dust beginning to make it itch. " t-ttoo baaad...heeeeeh...oh m-my n-nooose iiihh iiitccheess.." she teases Ruby, scrubbing at her nose, her breasts bouncing with each hitch. If she won't admit it to stop sneezing, maybe she will concede for relief.Maeve smiles and rubs her nostril and starts taking hitchy quivering breaths from the intense tickle of the dust now deep muzzle. Her allergies triggering as she sniffles. Knowing her sneezes will only drive the dragon more wild. Puffs of loose fur fluff off her arms and into the air as she hovers over Ruby.

"PPPlease.....FFFREEEE" Ruby gasps as she hitches and strains against the restraints. The fur instantly sucked in as Ruby takes deep hitchy breaths trying to hold back enough to talk. Pulling hard against her restraints. "RRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHH AAAHHHHHHHHH AHAHHHH FFFRREEEEE MMy MMYYYYEEEAACHOOOOOOOOO!! My TTTAAAACHOOOOOO
TAAAAIL!!"  She begs in a growling seductive rumble as Maeve hovers above her.

Maeve shakes her head, her nose beginning to run as she hitches. "N-nnooo...heeeeehh!!! N-nooot...heeeh...untiihh untill you.. .heeeeh heeh-eeeh.....admiit...sniiff sniiiiiifff y-your....aaahh...ahhhllergic..." Each itchy, hitchy breath causes her breasts to bounce, the amount of dust in the air making her nose rub like a faucet. She sniffles incessantly, snot dripping onto her bare breasts. "Oooohh..." she moans, "I hhhhaave tuuh...t-tooo....snuuuuh...snuuuuh....sneeeeze...."
Ruby  squirms beneath Maeve, her scales glowing brightly. Her golden eyes burning with need between her powerful sneezes. Her tail straining to be free her desire intensified as she sees Maeve’s muzzle twitching . She focuses on it her golden eyes narrowing and the wolf feels Ruby’s magic, a tiny tornado of air tickling the inside of wolf’s muzzle. Twirling up the inside of her nostrils, she feels tendrils of air pinching her nipples and another stroking her clit. "FFFFFRREEE--MMMMEEEEEEEEEEIIIIICCHCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! EEEEEYYYYIICCHCHOOOOO HEEEEEEECHOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Ruby thunders. As touching Maeve’s breasts backfires fluffs of more and more fur flutters down over Ruby’s helpless nostrils and are sucked up her flaring dripping muzzle "FRREEEEEE-EESSSHEEEEEEE-- MMMYYYIIIIIIAAATSSSSSSHHUUUUUUUUUUU TTTAIL!!!!" Spray covers Maeve and Ruby  as she unleashes a barrage of sneezes.

Maeve smiles and whispers in Ruby’s ear her breat hitching, “Then SAY it.” She rumbles in a sultry growl.
MEEE SSSSN--SSNNNEEEEEZE!" She roars as the fur keeps assaulting her muzzle her need and her nose creating a burning frenzy her scales glowing brightly

Maeve jumped forward to release the bonds, hitting the switch that unlatched them all at once.. Her muzzle twitches and curls as she takes a large hitching breath. "Heeehh.hheeeh....HEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSHHHHO OOOOO!!!! HHHAHAASSEHEEEOOOOOSSHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Maeve unleashes a couple of large wet sneezes, spraying out over Ruby's bare breasts which is still sprawled out on the table.

"MMMMMMMM!!!!" Ruby’s tail whips around in front of her the ball on the end glowing brightly. The tail in this form is about the size of a large dildo at the end where it comes to a curved point with the ball she had been playing with on the end. She slides her tail inside Maeve’s wet slick slit, her whole body shuddering with pleasure. Maeve feels the ball vibrating with electricity inside her as it slides up her vaginal wall. She’s never felt anything that good. Once it's in all the way her ball sits perfectly on Maeve’s g spot inside vibrating and pulsing against it. The air tendrils pleasuring her clit. The mini tornado still in her nostrils as puffs of fur fly off Maeve . Forming a cloud of fur around Ruby's Drippy sneezy muzzle.

Fire explodes around them , her wet spray coats Maeve’s breasts as her tail slides in and out vibrating on her g spot each time sending pulses of bliss all through her.

"OOOOHHH OOHHHHHH...." Maeve moans powerfully, her muzzle twitching once more. "HAAAAAAAAAEEESSHOOOOOOOO HAAAAH HAAAAAAAAHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEESSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" Maeve unleashes another round of sneezes, the last one spraying them both as she climaxes at the same time.

Ruby's wings come round Maeve and her arms wrapped around her embracing her holding her close in her warm strong arms as they both orgasm in synch. The ball jetting fluid into Maeve as she clamps down around Ruby’s tail.  "RRRASCHUUU RRTTSSSSSHUUUUUU RRASSSSSSSSSHHHHHHEEEEWWW! OOOOH....FFFEEELLZZZ SSSO RRAAAAAPPPPTTTTTTTTCHUUUUUU RRAHH RAHH AAHHHH RAAAAAH -- AAAAHHHHHCCHCOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Maeve's whole body throws itself into the motion as she lets out her final torrent of sneezes, covering Ruby in snot and spray and cum. HAEECCHOOO AASSCCCCHOOOO HAH HAHH AASSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Maeve collapses on Ruby then panting. She shares a long drawn out kiss with Ruby, and they gaze into each others eyes for a moment. Ruby wraps her wings around Maeve and pulls her in close. Both women soaked and tangled in each other.
"That was amazing mmy mate. RahTChuuu HRCCHUU,  sniffles, Thou art amazing." Ruby rumbles happily in a shaky trembling voice when she finally stops sneezing.

“Sooo you admit it now?” Maeve mumbles.

“I may be all--aa--RaaTCHUU RattCHUUU RaPTSSSHOOOOOOOOO!!! Allergic to thine fur.. When thou art -Sshhh--ShhhEE EHHH ERRRCHUUUUUUUUUUUU! Shedding. Yes.” SNIFFLES. “Though if this is the result. SNIFFLE . I whilst hhha--ahhh RaTCHUU, AHHAASTCHUUu RATcHHUUU happily accept it thus.” The dragoness grins sniffling wetly as her red nostrils flare.

Maeve smiles. “Mmm. I agree.” Maeve says laying her head on Ruby’s shoulders wrapped in her wings. They simply enjoy the moment of bliss.

Pelican provided by DakotaSpine

The waves are 20 foot swells as the storm rages around you. Perhaps that is why you didn't see it coming. The massive whale leaped out of the dark depths her jaws wide with rage as she swallowed the small pirate vessel whole. Growling and snarling. "You will pay for her death. you are mine and you will die in slow agony just as she did!" The whale growls. "I have you and you will perish slowly."

Percy had everything under control for the most part, but being swallowed by a whale wasn't part of his plan. Water rushed around the pelican, who had taken shelter under a large tarp. It was only until the boat settled around the back edge of the whale's mouth that he began to poke his head out, now technically sheltered from the storm. His boat was askew inside of the whale's maw, supported by the plush flesh near the back of the mouth, and the massive thick back end of the tongue. And that's when he heard the whale threaten him "You will pay for her death. you are mine and you will die in slow agony just as she did!" The whale growled. "I have you and you will perish slowly." The growl of the beast echoed inside of the fleshy cavernous maw briefly, before fading into silence. Now the only sound was the prominent drizzling of water settling inside the maw, and the storm outside of the whale's body, muffled by the thick layer of flesh and blubber Percy got to his sandalled feet, lighting a lantern. And he looked around. The entirety of the cavern was huge, shining white teeth and damp red flesh making up the entirety He took a moment longer to survey his surroundings. Getting a feel for the area

There was a small amount of water in the mouth but not much. The mouth was cavernous HUGE like a giant cave. No fish, no plant life, nothing. He had only what supplies he brought with him. "die slowly" the whale intended him to starve. This was very clear.

Fortunately he had enough for a couple days in here and then some, but that wouldn't do him any good if he never escaped. Percy set the lantern in his seat, staying in the boat for the time being. He needed to act while he still could He put his hands around his mouth and shouted "Heeeey!! Let me out of your mouth, I need to get back to sell my goods!!" He hollered to the giant whale, hoping they would hear him. Hoping that somehow, he could talk them down him his imprisonment

"DIE. Pirate!" the Whale snarls their deep rumbling voice making the whole cave SHAKE with the force. "DIE slowly."

"You've got it all wrong, i'm a traveling trader not a pirate!!" Percy fibbed; he very much considered himself a pirate, even if his actions and lifestyle WERE close to that of a passive honest salesman. He continued to holler towards the whale, despite the TREMBLING effect of their deep voice...The wet fleshy cavern around him shaking with each word they spoke

"YOU FOOL ME NOT!! YOU DARE LIE!!!!! DIE SLOWLY!!!!" The rumbling shakes the whole Cave, the voice is so loud and thunderous Percy has to cover his ears. He feels the whole boat vibrate, The deck shudders. "DIE!" the whale THUNDERS. As he cowers he accidentally sticks his beak in the crate that contains row upon row of full pepper shakers. The vibrations make a small amount of pepper whoof into a tiny cloud of pepper right into his beak.

Percy fell to the deck of his boat, as the small cloud of pepper entered his nostril through the thin slit in his beak "Uuuh- uuUaAAUHH... Ah- AHACHOO!!" The pelican gasped and sneezed loudly, reeling back once more and- "AhhH- AhAACHOOO!!" He sneezed again, sniffling loudly, blowing his nose to the air. He lie on the ground for just a few moments, listening to the muffled storm, and water running down the walls. Sniffling gently until the burning itch in his sinuses calmed down It did, at least, spark an idea in his mind "Fine, if you wanna play rough, let's play it rough" Percy muttered to himself. He didn't want to expend too much of his supply, but being out a bit of dough wasn't as big a threat as starvation in the mouth of a whale He opened a large burlap sack, scooped a small quantity of red spice in his hand and cupped a fist around it. The scent was spicy and rich, and the texture was powdery He hoped the whale liked it hot, He turns his attention to the void that was their throat, and aimed for the rim. It was awful high up... but with a mighty toss, the powder made it up a little over halfway, and a diabolical cloud of red powder fluttered and twirled until it reached the fleshy red archway of the throat, attaching itself to the walls... Uh oh.

A DEEP RUMBLING ANGRY GROWL of PAIN Filled the cavern. You could see the flesh around there from red and irritated. THe CAVERN around you quivered "FOOLISH PIRATE!!! The tounge lifts and crashes a part of the ship. It cracks. "YOU'LL PPPPAY FFFFFFFOR TTTTHAT!" Thunders the whale as you see the massive hole above open and close.

They sounded to be in pain, and it's not the reaction Percy was looking for! The tongue thrashed, and Percy crouched in his boat in an attempt to keep himself steady. Riding out the storm that was the whale's rage! Aim somewhere else. This has to work, right? He considered some of his options, as he took another small fistfull of powder and tossed it. This time, most of it dissipated in the air before reaching any surface. This caused many small speckles of the spice to settle on the walls of the whale, a little bit landing just on the tip of the irritable uvula,

"AHHhAHH STOP THAT!" RUmbles the whale the uvula swinging and twitching the massive hole near the top flaring widely, the whales mouth opening just a little as they sucked in cold sea air. "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAH HAHHHH RRRAAHHHHH" The whole cave rumbling from the force of the sudden involunatry intake of breath.

A sparkle of hope twinkled in Percy's mind as the whale rumbled loudly, taking in a little bit of water... opening that mouth they were SO adamant on keeping closed ever so slightly~ "What's the matter? A little ticklish back here?~" Percy grinned wide, teasing the angry whale "Did I discover... your weakness, miss whale?~" Percy looked up high seeing the wobbling uvula... the mast of his ship was angled towards it, the crow's nest serving as a platform almost DIRECTLY beneath the bulbous, dangling mass of nerves... the very same nerves that seemed to make the whale... ...Oh~ Percy found his next victim.
The pelican began to climb the mast, towards the crow's nest while the tickling sensation eventually slowed down. Giving the whale a false sense of security. "My oh my oh my... this is interesting~" Mumbles the bird to himself
"That's better accept your FATE." THunders the whale.

"Oh i'm not done yet you big blubbery beast... I think i've discovered your weakness~" Percy calls to them, grinning a little. The pelican pirate's tummy tingled with glee as he reached the crow's nest. He stood up straight, and he was given COMPLETE and total access... To the whale's uvula. "You ARE going to let me out, and I have my golden ticket~*

"No. Foolish one. DIE. Accept thy fate YOU DESERVE IT PIRATE!" Snarls the whale.
Its uvula and blow hole above are still red and irritated from the spice. gooey moisture starting to collect around the blow hole above.

"We'll see...~" Percy giggles softly... He holds up his FEATHERY fingers... and reaches for the flesh of the uvula Gingerly dusting the underside of the uvula with his fluffy fingertips All eight of his feathery digits gently... very lighting teasing the sensitive skin Setting the whale's nerves aflame with a ticklish... urge.

The entire inside of the whales mouth quivers. The mouth opens leaving a small gap. Air is sucked in and Percy sees wrinkles in the roof of the massive mouth above you. The gooey substance near the blow hole seems to get runnier, more of it sliding out of the blowhole and down the walls. The blowhole opens and closes rapidly. Wet warm air whooshing down from above and behind. As cold air whooshes in from the gap of the mouth as it starts to gape open. "SSSSTO-AAAHHHHHHHHHHH- SSSSTTTTOOOOOOOP --TTTTAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

The whale was now BEGGING him to stop the tickle... but he refused~ "Uh oh, are we going to SNEEZE?~" The pelican giggles, teasing. Listening to the whale fight the growing urge... His feathery fingers travel higher up the uvula, wickedly dust dust dusting down the back end Tickling the trembling flesh... feeling the cave quiver as the whale is now fighting their body's natural urges Desperate not to sneeze... "Tickle tiiiickle...~" The Pelican smiled.

"I WWWWON'T SNNNNEEEEE--SNEEE-SNEEZE-- SSSSTOOOP-- AAHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH HAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" more of the hot warm air whoshes down and past you. The mouth opens wider you can see daylight through the open mouth as it gapes. Cold ocean wind sucked in. "HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WWWWOOON'T SSNNEEE-- SNEEE--AAAHHHHEEEEHHHHHH EHHHHHHHHHHHH" The blow hole above is getting wetter and wetter. The Massive cavern ceiling WRINKLING and Convulsing above you. Like a GIANT accordion as you tickle and tease the whale.
"It sounds like you ARE though..." Percy teases with a playful grin, "Sneeze, sneeze baby, c'mon, sneeze for me." The fingers gently squeeze the uvula... sending WILD sensation into the whale's body as the cavern TREMBLES around him, hearing the deep attractive hitching and desperate howling of the whale, fighting back the urge to unleash a sneeze... what a fighter~ "Coochie coo, ooh I think you're gonna sneeze" The feathery fingers GENTLY massage the stalk of the uvula, working their way back down to the very bottom. Irritating the whale's body Percy takes out a long, rough feather with one hand as he massages with the other Preparing to make his move, and preparing to send the whale over the edge...~ "You're gonna sneeze... you're gonna sneeze... sneeze... sneeze for me... coochie coo~" "You can't stop it, you're gonna sneeze."
More of the hot warm air whooshes down and past you. The mouth opens still wider you can see daylight through the open mouth as it gapes wide open as the Whale Desperately hitches. Cold ocean wind whooshes past you and you are almost sucked deeper in. "HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WWWWOOON'T SSNNEEE-- SNEEE--AAAHHHHEEEEHHHHHH EHHHHHHHHHHHH SNEEEEEEEEEZZZEEE!!!!! PIRRATTTEEE'' The blow hole above is dripping. The Uvula is convulsing and quivering beneath Percy’s deft feathered fingers. It is swellilng with irritation. The massive cavern ceiling above WRINKLES still further convulsing above him. Like the GIANT accordion as he tickles. The whole cavern is vibrating him and his boat with the Whale’s desperate NEED to sneeze. She is so close to the edge.

Percy watched with glee as the roof of the mouth and throat began to wrinkle, hot air blowing his feathers. Hearing the whale scream out to him, REFUSING to sneeze. He couldn't imagine how unbearably close the giant whale must be to release~ The pelican decided to be a little wicked... and found the reddest spot on the uvula, beginning to GENTLY tickle... AROUND it with his feather. Beginning to edge the whale on her sneeze... he had found her hotspot, thinking even the faintest tickle on it would set her off He didn't speak a word... he just began to listen. To her gasping hitches, to her SCREAMING resistance, to the water thrashing around in her mouth... Tickle... tickle... gently tickling around that swollen red spot with a long soft feather... dust... dust... Edging her sneeze... even if just for a moment~ “Coochie coo…” He teases.

The ticklish spot was just to much and she couldn't handle it air rushed PAST WITH A WHOOOOOOOSH pulling the boat with it to the center of her Gaping wide mouth. "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH GGGGTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." The boat is propelled forward halfway through the whale’s mouth but after all that tickling the whale wasn't nearly done.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" The boat was sucked back slightly with the water

Each powerful sneeze in the massive fit pitches the boat further and further out of the whale’s mouth until the last powerful blast shoots it out of her mouth and into the open ocean. The Whale gearing up for another massive sneeze. From the outside the pelican stares as he sees her whole massive head and mouth SCRUNCH. Her whole body quivering. Her blow hole sucking in air, her massive mouth agape sucking in air and water.


Percy tucks himself into his boat so the sneezing doesn't knock him out!!
From the outside as she sneezes again you see the huge puff of powerful air blasted up as well as out by her blowhole. The whole process beginning again.


You see her trying to stop but you had tickled her just to much she had held back to long .







With no moment's hesitation, Percy drew his sails and crashed to the water His boat was still in one piece The HOWLING sneezing of the whale sounded out behind him, her thick blubbery lips wrinkling as she SNEEZED and SNEEZED, raging waves and frantic tides pushing his boat along, and away from the whale that had surely learned not to toy with the pelican.

This is amazing. Definately pushed all the buttons.

Brilliant job!


“Good morning. Mate.” Ruby rumbles as you wake. Maeve the wolf antho’s fur is still covered in pollen and flower petals from the night before. And she feels all itchy again. More shedding she grumbles to herself. Meave squirmed and sniffled, feeling the pollen swirl around her as she tried to get comfortable. "sniiff Good morning...heeh..." She said, squirming around uncomfortably.
“What is wrong mate? Thou art restless this morning.” Says the massive dragon as she raises her head for a massive yawn.
"I'm shedding" Maeve says with a low growl of irritation. She scratches at her body, stubborn tufts of fur already sticking out in places that had not been loose yesterday. "It makes me Bad."
“It causes thee discomfort.... yes I understand when i molt it is most irritating and itchy. How mayst I help?” she asks gently
"I..just need...a way to brush it all out." Maeve huffs, becoming increasingly itchy and agitated as she scratches. Small amounts of fur begin to fly off, but she can't seem to satisfy the itch.
“Mmmm thou seemst well when thou awakest me yesterday. Is there a way I can help thee? Or what helped the yesterday?” She asks the fur drifting in the wind into her massive nostril as she hovered above you. Her breath sucking the tuft of fur inside.
"Hmmph...Well...sniff I was...rubbing myself on....the inside of your nose. That did the trick really..heeh...well.." The pollen covered fur tickled Maeve's nose a bit as she scratched and scratched. "B-but we saw how that turned out."
“It is spring... I am sure it was just the closeness of those trees, which are now afar. Upon reflections on last night....I have ne’er had problems before......with fur of any kind. Thou Mayest use mine nostrils again if it helpest thee.” she says. “just makest sure thine hast cleaned the pollen off thine fur. Though small amounts should not bother me....”

Maeve nods and hops down, walking a distance away so as not to upset Ruby's nostrils. She gives her body a good hard shake, a small cloud of pollen puffing into the air. Her nose twitches, already sensitive from spending the night covered in the allergen. "Heeehe...eehh heeeeehhh....HEEEEEEhh...HHHEEEEEASSHOOOO!!!! HAASSSSHEEEEOOOO!!!! Sniifff snifff Ugh...heeh-heh-HEH....HEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSHHOOOOO!!!!!"
Maeve shakes her head after the last sneeze, sniffling and scrubbing at the nose.

“Mmmmm bless thee, my mate.” The dragon ness says eagerly watching her nostrils. And lowering her head to the ground so that Maeve can walk inside. Unbeknownst to Maeve there was a single sprig of pollen filled cherry blossom blooms tangled in a the Center of a mat of puffy fur right under her nostrils. Concealed from them both. Releasing a small puff of pollen into Maeves nose every time she rubbed at it. "Heeeh...i think i sniff got it all..heeeheeh.." Maeve hitched, her nose twitching still. Shrugs, figuring it's the lingering pollen in the air. Walking back over to Ruby, she continues to scratch and itch. "Are...snifff you sure about this??" She asks hesitantly.
“Of course my Mate. Thou needs to alleviate thy itch.. do as thou whilst. As I said. I have ne’er been bothered by fur.”
Maeve chuckled, a little skeptical, but she walked carefully into Ruby's nostril, looking for the right spot to begin scratching. Her nostrils quivered, and she scrubbed at them. That small bit of pollen puffing into her nose. "Ehehhh...heeeehhh...oh g-goodness. sniff sniiiiff
“Walk slowly.” Rumbles a muffled voice all around her. The cave walls vibrating. “Thy movements do tickle a little.” she says as you see some moisture starting to gather on the floor at your feet. Her warm breath/wind whooshing past you as she inhales to speak.
Maeve attempts to tread lightly, walking far to the back where she remembers that odd ridge being. As she walked, small puffs of fur fell and floated as she continued to scratch.
Her muzzle itched something fierce too and she sniffled hard, since she couldn't scratch her body and her nose at the same time.
The warm wind whoooshees past her of Ruby’s breath as she continues. She can see puffs of fur carried with each breathy whoosh of wind deeper into the nostril/cave. As she continues to move into the large cavernous nostril. The moisture at her feet started to turn into a small brook flowing down the middle of the cave. The cave walls are covered in the thousands of the small mailable stalagmites starting to vibrate around her a little as she keeps walking to the back. “thy movements ttttickle dddear one bbbut I am still alright. Nothing unusual.” The thunderous shaky rumble comes from around her as the dragon speaks. Assuring the young naked shewolf that all is well. No allergies to be worried about from the dragon. Just the motion.

Maeve sees the ridge up ahead. The one that did so well last time."Ohh heeh...okay!" Maeve calls out, approaching the ridge with eagerness. She could not wait to feel some sense of relief. Along the way, she began rubbing her body on every surface that might bring her some relief. Small tufts of fur began to fly out, sticking to the walls of Ruby's enormous nostrils. "Mmm, oh god that feels amazing" Maeve mutters, with each tuft of uncomfortable itchy fur that flies off of her body.
The cavern wall starts to shudder. The brook becomes larger and flowing more freely in the Center - As she starts itching into the stalagmite-combs. The wind whooshes past her more rapidly as The cavernous nostril inhales and vibrates a little with each whoooooosh of air that carries more tufts of fur back into her sinuses. “Thy motions are very ttttickly mmmy mmmate.Sssstrange.... thhhey ddddont uuusssuuuallly bbbbother Mmme sssso. Whoooosh—-“

"Are you...mmm..are you sure you aren't allergic?" Maeve says, hesitating as she reaches the ridge. She takes a moment to scrub her nose, hitting that pocket of pollen again. Her nose twitches as she sniffles. "Heeeeh...oh no..heeeh heeeh..hhhh-hheeh....i h-hhave to sniff sniff...eehhh hreh" Her muzzle twitches as she fans her face, brushing up against the nearest stalagmite on accident.
“I Tttold ttthee Nay. I have nnne’ere been allergic to ffffur—“ she says as the walls around Maeve rumble with her shaky voice. The river at your feet getting faster thicker with more fluid. The hot wind moving faster by you as she breathes in sucking in more fluffs of your hair.
"Heeeh...haaah haaah...HAAAAAAAESSSHOOO!!! HHHEEESSHOOOO!!!!" Maeve unleashes a couple sneezes, staggering backward against the wall, feeling everything shifting with irritation. Not allergic my ass she thought to herself. "Sniiiff well if you're sure...lets d-do this" Maeve walks over and begins rubbing her body against the ridge, letting it's comblike features rake her fur, pulling clump upon clump of loose fur out.
“Bless Tttheee — whoooooosh whooosssssh—“ the hot wind rushes past you and the cave walls tremble a little as more and more fur is sucked in deeper. “RAAHHHHHAAAHHHA AHH- Ttttthy mmmmotion—- RAAHHH—- art ttttticklllibg mmmy nnnnossstril—— RAAAHHHA HAH HHA-“ she says the fluid now flowing freely down the Center the walls vibrating around you as the fur is sucked in deeper and deeper.
"Is it sniff the ....huff...motion." Maeve calls out, teasingly. She rubs more furiously, groaning loudly with relief as fur begins to fly off her in large quantities. She begins to rub her hands on the itchy parts of her face, eventually hitting that sprig full force. A small cloud of pollen erupts in front of her nose, just enough to only irritate Maeve's itchy allergic nasal passages. "Heeeehh!! Oh...heeeeh....n-nooo!...HEEEEEHHH!! HHHHEEEHH HEEEEHHHH!!" She starts to hitch, pressing her hand against her nose to try and hold it in.

“Tis Thhhy RAAAHHHhH RAAAAHHHHHHH mmmmotiion.” A stubborn hitchy voice rumbles all around her. The river flowing so fast-and thick now you know her muzzle MUST be dripping so much outside the cavernous nostril. The who caver wall is trembling and vibrating, contracting and expanding with each swift hot waverly breath that whooshes past you. Carrying the clouds of fluffy tickly fur deep into her sinuses you can see a cloud of it sucked in by the powerful hitching breathes.
“Tttthy mmmotion tickles sssso mmmmuch hhhhang ooon ttto as something RRRRAAAAAaAaAaAaAAHHHHHHHH - I neeedst Sssssnifffff.* she thunders desperately.
Maeve grabs a hold of one of the nearby stalagmites, continuing to scratch and itch her body against the ridge. Her own nose is drippy and twitchy the pollen having penetrated her sinuses. "M-mee t-ttoooo...heeeeehhh heeeeehhh!!!" She calls out, knowing she's about to sneeze. She holds a pollen covered finger against her nose, unaware of the allergens she is pressing into her nostrils. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH!!!"

“SNIIFFFFFFF!!!!!!” Air rushes past you along with a wave of fluid as all the stalagmite tilt up towards the back of the cave/nostril. The entire cavern wall contracting around her leaving only a few inches of clearance in any direction. The hot whooosh of air sucking back alll the fur off all the stalagmites deeep into her tickly twitching sinuses.

“SNIIFFFFFFF!!!!!!l SNIFFF!! Air rushes past you again- as she keeps sniffling with a wave of fluid as all the stalagmite tilt up towards the back of the cave/nostril. The entire cavern wall contracting aroundMaeve again with each sniffle—leaving only a few inches of clearance in any direction. The hot whooosh of air sucking back alll the fur off all the stalagmites deeep into her tickly twitching sinuses.
The hitchy hot breath surrounding Maeve as the Dragon continues to DENY it’s the shewolf’s FUR making her so tickly.

Maeve continues to itch and scratch, bumping into the walls of her cavernous nostrils with each motion. Back and forth. Back and forth. Faster and faster, fur flying furiously. Now the residual pollen on her fur reaches her nostrils and adds to the irritation, pushing her over the edge. "HEEEEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!!! HHHHHAHAAAAAASSSHHHEEEOOOOO!!!! HEEEESSHHEEOOOOO HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSHEEOOOO!!!!" With each violent sneeze, her body jerks around, scratching even more fur, sending it in all different directions, spraying the walls of the cavern and adding to the wetness.
"BBLE—-RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! BLEES——RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! TTTHHEEE——— MMM—— Ssssso——RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!” The whole caver tilts back as Ruby lifts her head just a little and the hot hitchy breath sucks more and more of the fur into her sinuses you can see the ridges in the cave all around you as her masssive muzzle scrunches her nostrils quivering violently all around you as she struggles to hold back her sneeze the walls of her sinuses becoming hot as a sauna as her unsteady breathe whooshes past you. “ TTICKLLEs —-RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! SSOO MMMUUCH!!! RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!”

“AARRT TTHHY DDONNE —- RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!” she thunders as she desperately holds back the fur induced NEED to sneeze Still denying that it is the fur that is affecting her.
Maeve tries to answer, but her nose is not done with her. "HAAAAAAAAAAA!AEESSHOOO!!!! EEHH HHHEEEH HEEEEEEEEAAASSHHOOOO!!!!!" She continues, rubbing herself furiously in a desire to to rid her self of the allergen covered, itchy fur. She barely notices the shifting of the cavern around her, having worked herself into a frenzy of trying to shed all this first. She rubs herself across every surface her body comes in contact with, leaving fur everywhere.
“TTTHY MMMMotion —— "RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!—— is tttto mmmmuch "RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!!” MMMUST —-RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH—-HAAAH—RRRRAAAHHH!!! Hold bbbbbbaaaaack-“ She rumbles desperately as the cave all around Maeve contracts more and more violently the ridges forming around her lower and slower as the dragon desperately fights the need to release the desperate furious tickle.
The lowering ridges made for more efficient scratching. Maeve rubs every body part she can think of against the comb like ridges, feeling the sweet blissful relief on her oh so itchy skin. "Mmmmm....oooooooohhh yyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh....." She calls out, unable to stop herself.
She's never been able to scratch herself so well, and it feels like heaven! Fur flies in every direction, tucking itself in crevasses, getting sucked deep into Ruby's sinuses. It looks like an explosion, with Maeve at the center.
Maeve is thrown violently out of her nostrils hot fire on her tail as she expells her into her waiting talon. Catching Maeve and lowering her out of harm as she unleashed fiery sneeze after fiery sneeze into the air. She aims up as best she can but from the blast of the wind the tops of the trees snap and are uprooted, thrown dozens of feet in all directions. Her massive muzzle crinkling and her red dripping nostrils round as she sucks in each powerful breath to unleash the next torrent of sneezes. Wet spray coats the forest below on a shower. Putting out any trees that were ignited by her uncontrollable powerful fit. Her scales glow brightly and she flakes her tail towards you quivering with need as she sneezes and sneezes.

Maeve staggers to the ground, a little disoriented, but feeling very satisfied. She'd never had a deshedding like that in her life. It was almost better than sex. She smirks up at her sneezing companion. "Not allergic to my fur, eh?" She calls up, pulling the dragon's tail close to her and massaging the wet glowing ball at the end.

The ball unleashed a geyser of fluid as she climaxes instantly as the ball in her tail is massaged. Her nose continues to make her sneeze and sneeze and sneeze til she finally has cleared all the fur.

Maeve steps back, keeping clear of the fire and spray that has consumed the forest around her. As Ruby's sneezing slows down, Maeve gets a mischievious idea. "Why don't we go back to my place?" She says with a grin. "Before the fire department finds us and we have to explain this mess?"
“Pant pant pant - alright little one- sniffle” and places you on her back and flies you back to your home. Taking her anthro form as you unlock your house. Ruby looks exhausted from all that sneezing.
Maeve takes her hands and leads her to the bedroom. "Lets take a nap first, you look exhausted" she says gently, pulling Ruby into the bed with her.
“Alright” she says with a smile utterly spent and happy. Falling into a very deep sleep.

Maeve smiles and cuddles her close, falling asleep soon after.


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Some things about Rhagnar, he was a dragon, though he walked on two legs not four, and usually kept his wings wrapped around him like a cloak.  He was 6’7” tall and had golden scales and red wings,spikes and horns. He could breathe fire, but tended not to, as it made him feel set apart from those around him. Rhagnar was adopted, fitting in was hard, being the only dragon around, and he was raised  by a family of dinosaurs. They were nice and treated him well, and everything had been great. But……...Rhagnar also had….an embarrassing problem Rhagnar couldn’t climax all his life. No matter what he did, or what he looked at he just couldn't….

Until he discovered a unique flower that grows in the ravine on the far side of the forest the Fireflower, and wouldn’t you know it….he was allergic to it….and those allergy sneezes led to his first ever climax.

Ragnar was excited. This weekend was a 4 day weekend as the village celebrated the Festival of Lights. Lanterns were already hung everywhere and decorating and parties had already broken out all over the campus. But Ragnar had to hand in his final botany paper before he could have any hope of attending. But he was excited anyway, because of Cadence.

The 5’7” tall woman with long red hair and golden eyes. He sighed happily just thinking about the girl from his history class. She had slipped him a note at the end of class a few weeks ago with her discord name and her facebook name. She said she didn't have many friends and she was shy of some of the louder students. Sara had been pretty mean to her as she saw poor Cadence as a rival. The woman was stunningly beautiful,skinny with large breasts and a large feathery tail that hung down to her ankles. Sara taunted her -- calling her peacock butt. But Ragnar thought it was beautiful the way it shimmered red and gold and swayed as she walked.  She had long gold and red hair down to her waist and her facial features were birdlike with a long hooked nose with large nostrils. He sighed happily again as he thought of her. Their mutual hatred of Sara’s bullying brought them together, but once they started to talk online he learned all kinds of things.

She was a half-phoenix, raised by her full blood phoenix father, she often was down on herself for not being good enough. Being a half-breed and all. Ragnar understood how hard it was to fit in with folks who weren’t like you, having been adopted. Ragnar wished the shy lady Cadence, could see how amazing she truly was. She was kind and smart and funny and cool. They talked about all sorts of things for hours, class,video games, movies. Though he hadn’t gotten around to talking too much about his little issue or the fireflowers. No need to weird her out….

So this finally happened he got up the nerve to ask her to go to the festival with him. Both of them being visitors neither of them knew much about the lore of the festival itself just that there were pretty lights and yummy food. So they could learn about it together as they attended. He was meeting her for dinner here at the restaurant then they were heading into the village plaza of the festival grand opening.  First shower of lights. It sounded beautiful and romantic, perfect for a date. He’d even got her a big bouquet of sunflowers. The sunset flowers, the ones that were red and gold, that reminded him of her feathers. They had a nice fresh musky scent he hoped she liked. He hits send on his paper and smiles to himself as he combs his head scales that resemble hair, straightens his dress shirt and puts the belt on his nice tight pair of jeans. Grabs the flowers and heads out to meet his date.

Cadence has her hair braided hanging long down her back. She is wearing her red and gold feathered dress she said was her wings tucked around under her arms. She usually has something else on underneath but you can’t see it most of the time. She was smiling warmly at him as they met in the town square. “ --- So far I figured out that we can see the glow of the fire flower trees that line the mountains above. That’s why it's called the festival of lights cuz they light up! How cool is that!” *she says enthusiastically* “I found a good spot in the park to watch. We’ll need to climb up a sort of really rocky boulder or two but i think we are up to it. Will give us a good view.. And well…. I am not sure about the crowds… there are a LOT of people at the market. It’s pretty packed...and I….. I’d rather just bbe with you… if ummm that’s ok? I dddon’t really like crowds.” *she blushes nervously* “So i figured we walk through the market take a look and then head up to the park.”

Ragnar watches her stutter and blush. She’s so cute when she babbles. He thinks to himself.
“Here… These are for you.”

Cadence blushes deeply and takes them her eyes shining with joy.”Thank you so much. What are they?” She says as she sticks her nose in the center of the unfamiliar flowers and takes a deep sniff. Her large oval nostrils quiver a little as she sucks in the pollen and new scent of the sunflowers.
“They’re called sunflowers.” Ragnar says proudly. “I thought.. I thought the color sorta looked like your feathers.” He says shyly.
“Oh! Oh your - sniffles-- right it does. The--thThey’re so beautiful!--sniff” Her nose starts to crinkle her eyes half closing. “Hehhhgg… eeh… oooh… hepptchew. Tchuu ktcccheww! Hehh ehh heeehhh chuuu!” Sniffles ``Oh excuse me.” She says blushing and biting her lip looking away. “So sorry.. Guess they tickled my nose a little.” She says blushing deeply.
Ragnar was mesmerized by the adorable sneezes the flower induced in his beautiful date. She was so beautiful, especially so when she sneezed. Her nose was captivating.  He was emboldened and leaned forward kissing the end of her nose. “Bless you. No need to be sorry. Your sneezes are cute.” He says blushing.
“Heechuu!” She sneezes on neck and chest. He can feel the light spray and he shudders a little.  She giggles and blushes shyly smiling “Thanks.”

They take each other's arms walking through the marketplace. They buy some food on a stick that sort of resembles the fire flowers in shape. It tastes amazing, and everywhere there are lights on all the buildings. They chat as they walk - about their classes about the latest video games- falling into comfortable easy conversation. A deep comfortable contentment replacing Ragnar’s initial nervousness. Cadence leans her head on his shoulder as they finish off their food, reaching the end of the street that leads out into the park.
As they get out of the bustling market he feels a tickle in his nostrils, a slight itch quivering as they walk. A spicy scent faint in his nostrils. Someone must have some fire flowers. He thinks to himself as they walk into the park and he sniffles. Feeling himself tingle a little. 
He sees the rocky steep cliff, above him and smiles. Well THEY both have wings, guaranteed to have alone time up there. He smiles at her with a nod of understanding and unfurls his red wings. Something he has never ever done in front of anyone before. She smiles at him, her eyes shining with joy and she unfurls hers as well. Revealing a lovely sundress; pale sky blue and covered in flowers showing off the curves of her slender form, and her large round breasts. Ragnar keeps his eyes locked on hers and he smiles playfully and extends his hand. “Going up, my lady?” He says with a slight bow and a jovial smile.
She giggles and takes it, he brings it to his lips and kisses the back of her hand with a grin. His muzzle crinkles as his lips press against her hand. His nostril flaring with a slight hitchy gasp against her hand, as he is a little distracted by that familiar spicy smell. It’s getting stronger as the sky starts to turn shades of orange and red above them. Ragnar and Cadence flap their wings furiously almost in sync as they fly up the 100 feet to the top of the cliff. A picnic blanket that looks to be flame retardant and another blanket that is also the same are set up. With some Wine and two glasses and a small basket of snacks.
“You set this up?” Ragnar asked gushing as they land near the picnic blanket and he sits as she does still hand in hand.
“Yup.” She nods shyly. “Is that ok? I just…. I.. am nnot good with words…..and you said this was a date… and I …. Thought this would show you…… ummmm.. I ffeel… about you.” She says, blushing shyly, her eyes down. Ragnar reaches under her chin, his hand gripping it and tilting it upwards very very gently. “No one has ever done anything like this for me Cadence. You are amazing. You’re beautiful. *sniffles a little* and cool, and I feel so … happy when I’m around you…. So… no need to be shy. I .. *sniffles a little his nostrils starting to tickle a little more as that spicy smell starts to get a little stronger.* feel the same way to.”
“Really!?!!!” She says in a high pitched soft squee of delight and she throws her arms and wings around him. “Really.” He says tenderly wrapping his arms around her leaning his head into her shoulder and just lingering in the long warm hug.

The sun is starting to, and they break off the embrace and he backs up to put his back against a tree behind them still on the blanket and pats the area in front of him opening his arms. She smiles warmly and eagerly backs into him. Her feathery wings loosely curled around in front of her just under her breasts. Giving him a nice view of her cleevage. Her back pressed against his chest, his arms around her. She pulls up the second blanket and snuggles into his embrace putting her hands over his and intertwining their fingers. They cuddle like this on the blanket leaning against the trees behind them looking at the city below and the ridge beyond the village that is glowing brightly as the sun goes down. Ragnar recognizes the fireflower ridge where he went hiking that first day here. It looks so beautiful all lit up like that.

“Wow…” He whispers into her ear kissing her cheek. “They look amazing.” He says the chilled early spring breeze starts blowing towards the village down off the ridge.
“Right.” She whispers happily in a content sigh.
As they watch, the flowers glow brighter and brighter and as the sun sets completely, they start suddenly going dim one at a time. Not all at once but slowly in waves. He then notices as the flowers dim; a CLOUD of sparkling tiny lights forms over the forest of flowers on ridge. 

Like billions upon billions of fireflies hovering over the glowing bright flowers.”Wow.” Cadence exclaims in a soft breathy whisper. The wind blows the cloud of lights  straight towards the village and the ridge where they sit.

Both of them are in awe of the beauty before them, as the wind picks up, the lights begin to spread out over the whole area in front of them. Covering everything they can see in sparkling lights. That spicy cumin smell is getting stronger and stronger as Ragnar sits against Cadence. And the first of the lights start heading their way.

His nostrils start twitching and flaring, and he tries to breath through his mouth. Up this high… they must be getting some of the scent from the flowers. He’d never really tested if the scent alone was enough. But as more and more of the lights started to linger all around them. The fire flower smell became more and more overwhelming. And his nostrils started to itch inside and he could feel moisture starting to build up in them. He kept sniffling. His eyes were starting to water. He felt his cock getting harder and harder and his nose began to run and itch. It pressed painfully into the front of his tight jeans. He silently panicked a little wondering what he should do. Maybe if he moved his hips a little she wouldn't feel it poking in her back. Gods it hurt. His cock pressed against his jeans.
As those beautiful lights surrounded them. He realized too late what they were. POLLEN. Luminescent -- fire flower -- pollen. And it was EVERYWHERE. He started to inhale more and more of the tickly pollen. His nostrils started to flare and he was taking shaky breaths against Cadence’s back. His warm hitchy breaths flutter across her neck and she shivers a little with pleasure and gasps softly. *SNIFF Sniff SNiff* He tries not to do it in her ear but he can’t help it. The tickles are building and his hands are in Cadences, in her lap. He can’t touch his nose to try to make the tickle go away. Though who was he kidding with THIS much pollen he was so screwed..
Each breath he sucks in more and more of the beautiful sparkly pollen. His cock getting harder and harder in his pants straining against the zipper.
“SNIFF- CCadddee-e-nce. It’s beautiful issn’t i--it. SNIFF SNIFF--RRAAAAH HAAAh AHHHH HAHHH gasp gasp ahhh.”
“It is…. Are you ok?” she asks her breath low and husky and she bites her lip as she feels his breath on her neck.His cock straining against his pants poking into her back.
“FFI---FFFi--FFFiine” Ragnar replies his eyes closing his head tilting back muzzle scrunched and bulging. He tries to hold back tries to move tires anything but there is just TO MUCH pollen all around him in his nose the scent in every breath. It overtakes him. “RAAH AHH --- gasp gasp gasp-RRAAAAASSSCHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! RAASSSSHOOOO RRAAASCHOOO RRAAAPPTTTTTSSSSSHUUUUUU RRAH RAA AAAAAHHHHH RRRAPSSSCHOOOOOO!!AAAHH AHHHAAAAAACCCHOOOOOOOO!!!” Flames shoot out of his muzzle along with spray from each powerful sneeze soaking Cadence’ shirt and cleavage. Burning away the dress so he can see her bare skin. Which glows slightly as it absorbs the fire. His cock gets harder and harder pulsing with each powerful sneeze and he hears a RIIIIIP as the zipper breaks the button of his jeans snapping. His cock free from its cloth cage is pressed against Cadence’s back. Precumm sliding down his cock with each sneeze. Soaking into Cadene’s dress against her back. Ragnar starts to panic expecting Cadence to run to be horrified to back away. But no……. She grips his hands tighter.  She gasps softly and shudders with pleasure as he sneezes all over her breasts. As he glances down he sees her nipples are hard, and she is leaning INTO his sneezing. As his cock digs into her back she lets out a soft gasp and a moan and bites her lips again. “You’re sneezes are so hot.” She whispers so softly its almost inaudible. “Mmmmmmmm…..”
Ragnar realizes with surprise and delight she is INTO it. She LIKES it. Tears of relief spring to his eyes. And he kisses her neck. “Yes.” she whispers.
“RRRRAHHHHHHSSCHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! AAASSCHOOOOOOOOOOO RRAAAaAaASSSCHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” He sneezes across her neck and breasts in between kisses and she vibrates against him with desire. Rocking her hips she slides one of their intertwined hands down to her inner thigh. Releasing it. The other she slides up to her bare breast releasing his hands to touch as he would. Moving her own hand up to cheek drawing him in for a deep passionate kiss moving her hips so she is more sitting across his lap giving him better access. His balls pressing into her hip, his hard dripping cock across her lap. Pulsing and getting harder and harder with each sneeze.
She smiles at him and her other hand reaches for the flowers he gave her. Pulling one away she places her nose in its center inhaling deeply. As he tries to hold back to not burn the flower, he watches her with fascination.
“Heheh heeeh” her nose flared and twitched her eyes closed and she almost instantly started to hitch. “Heeetchuuu eeetchuuu cccchuu hehh heeh eeeh chuuuuu! Didn’t wwant yyou to beeechuuu be the only one….sssneee--eeechuuu sneezing… ssso you...eechuuuu dont need to be embarrassed.” she took another deep sniff of the sunflower in her hands. “EtChiii Heeheeehchuuuu HEEHH EEEHHHHHHh HEEE--SCHUUU ” Her breasts bounced with each high pitched girly sneeze , Ragnar could feel the spray hit his hard dripping eager cock, and as he slid his hand up her thigh he felt her slick wetness and spread it with his fingers. Delving deep into her folds with gasping shuddering breaths.  She moans as her breath hitches and she rocks herself into his touch. Encouraging him to delve deeper faster his thumb finding her clit, his fingers delving into her depths. 
“OHHHHH--CCCCADENCCEE--- RAAAAASCHUUUUU -- I’m ALLERGGGGIC--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!! AAlllLERGIC tttoo TTTHE RRRRAAAASCHUUUUUUUUUUU RRAAAAAASCCHUUUUUUUUUU!--- LLLLI--LAAASSCHOOOOO LIGHTS” He can barely speak as the pollen is now surrounding them. The beautiful pollen is in every breath. His nose is on fire with the intense powerful need to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. He couldn't stop now if he wanted. His allergies were completely out of control. His cock throbbed and bulged thicker and thicker precummm dripping out of the end with each intense powerful sneeze that rocked him… and hearing HER sneeze on him feeling her spray on his cock made his whole body shiver and tingle with bliss. As she leaned into his touch.
RRRAAAAATTCHUUUU!!! RRASSTTTTPPCCCHUUUUUUUU!!!!” His cock throbbed he desperately needed to be touched, and that's when she took another long sniff of the sunflower and leaned down. “Heeepccchuuu eettchuuu eeeeeehhhhccccchuuuuu hhhhpppttchuuuuu” Her high girly sneezy landed on Ragnar’s hard cock the air from them making it vibrate as she wrapped her hands around it. Stroking it. Ragnar’s back arched and he moaned loudly as his nostrils flared and continued to drive him wild.  Tilting it up to her mouth. “RAAAAASCHUUUUU HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!!“

His huge hard cock throbbed and bulged in her hands. As Cadence rocked her hips against his hand she was breathing heavily gasping as she sneezed on him. Her insides tense against his fingers. “Heeeppppchuuu” he felt her spray on his cock then her lips on the tip her tongue licking the precumm um eagerly “Heechuuu ehh ehehh - lick lick lick heehhh- heeeeh--” Her lips seal around my throbbing cock- “ Heeeeeppppchuuuuu” her sneeze sprays it with air and mist “SUCK SUCK SUCK --- heeepcuuu hhecchuuuuuu… SUCK SUCK SUCK-----MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.” She arches into his hand letting out a long moan as she sucks his pulsing cock.
“RAAAAASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!! AASCHUUUUU--AASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!! “ Ragnar sneezes and with each one he gets closer and closer to climax as she sucks on him. His hands delving deeper and deeper into her til her insides clamp around his fingers her wings flare out behind her with a WHOOOSH her entire body ignites in fire, it doesn burn him in fact it feels good. Amazing as she climaxes powerfully soaking his hand with the strength of her orgasm. The heat and the rush of it all pushes Ragnar over the edge as she sucks his cock vigorously with her frenzied climax. RRRAAAAAAASSCHUUUUUUUUUUUU--RRRRRAAAAAAAACCCCHOOOOOOO---- UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH'' Ragnar emptied his cock into her mouth with each sneeze. “AASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!!”  each one jetting more hot cumm into her mouth which she sucked down eagerly. Til he was utterly spent.

 He slumped over her gasping. AASCHUUUUU--RRAH HRAAAH RAAAH RAAHSSSSSTTTTTCHUUUUUUUUU!!  Both of them shuddering from pleasure. Cadence’s feathers went back to normal as her orgasm faded. She saw Ragnar was still sneezing and took some water and wet down a napkin and held it over my muzzle. “Raah rrraaaachuuu chuuummph rrasschhhmmmphhhh.” He managed to sneeze for about another minute before the pollen was cleared out of his system.
“I rented a cabin just down that trail… think you can make it?” Cadence asks softly 
Ragnar nodded standing up picking up the singed remnants of his pants, wobbly from all the sneezing and the amazing pleasure they just shared. They glide down to the side of the path sticking to the trees and stagger into the cabin.
“I think I love you Cadence.” *He says as he leans on her sniffling and panting.
“Well, I think I love you too.” She replies happily leading them off to the bed in a small cabin and cuddling into him. Both VERY satisfied with their first night of the festival of lights. 

NSFW - Ragnar and the Festival of Lights- Daring Date  M/Mess/Allergies

Loved it cant wait to see MORE!




Some things about Rhagnar, he was a dragon, though he walked on two legs not four, and usually kept his wings wrapped around him like a cloak.  He was 6’7” tall and had golden scales and red wings,spikes and horns. He could breathe fire, but tended not to, as it made him feel set apart from those around him. Rhagnar was adopted, fitting in was hard, being the only dragon around, and he was raised  by a family of dinosaurs. They were nice and treated him well, and everything had been great. But……...Rhagnar also had….an embarrassing problem Rhagnar couldn’t climax all his life. No matter what he did, or what he looked at he just couldn't….

Until he discovered a unique flower that grows in the ravine on the far side of the forest the Fireflower, and wouldn’t you know it….he was allergic to it….and those allergy sneezes led to his first ever climax.

Great, late for class again, “I have to sit in the back” he thought to himself. “That’s what I got for studying past midnight last night. Still in my PJ pants too.” He grumbles to himself. Hope this test is easy. Ragnar runs into the room, grabs his test paper from his frowning professor and takes the steps two at a time to the back of the room. Not looking at his classmates as he slides into his empty seat in the back. Putting his empty lunch bag and backpack on the floor, he got to work answering the first few problems. And as he sat there writing furiously he felt a familiar tickle in his muzzle. He reached a hand up to rub at it as he continued to write. His nostrils start to itch. A  slight tickle in the back of his sinuses and they start to drip a little as he writes. He sniffles and as he breathes in he catches a familiar spicy scent of the fire flower.

“Oh shit” he thinks to himself as his eyes glance up and sweep the room landing on a young lady in his class sitting next to her boyfriend. She has a whole bouquet of them poking out of the side of her backpack. “Its ok.. Its ok.” he thinks to himself “they’re over there --- and the smell is faint.. I should be fine. Focus”  Sniffles again and he feels his cock starting to harden in his thin pj pants as his nose starts to get more ticklish. He sniffles a few times, his nostrils starting to tickle more and more. His cock hardening more beneath his pants. The tickle in his nostrils starting to build. He rubs his muzzle and sniffles again. The tickling twirling itch in his nostrils persists. He can feel his cock starting to throb in his thin PJ pants. “Rahh..hah.” He takes a few hitchy breaths breathing in a bit more of the scent. Finishing the final question he pulls off his sweater and ties it around his waist and gets up to take his test down to the teacher. Sniff SNIFF. His nostrils are tickling so bad but he manages to hand the paper in.
“Now take your seat. Movie time. We’re studying the iliad today” She says firmly as she sets up the projector. Ragnar turned mostly facing the wall sniffling as he headed back to his seat. “Made it safe in my seat.” He thinks to himself. “I can do this.”
Just as he speaks the fans in the room kick in and the girl gets out the flowers and holds them up to her face sniffing them and clutching them to her chest leaning on her boyfriends shoulder holding them up so he can smell. The warm air started to circulate in the quiet room. The fans were blowing the scent and the pollen released by all that movement directly towards Ragnar which normally. Normally he liked the heat from the fans... but today….today they brought that spicy sweet scent of the fire flower into his nostrils. He swore he could see pollen wafting towards him as the lights turned off for the movie. He let out a long sigh as his nostrils flared and his muzzle started to really really itch.The scent was strong in his nose. The twirling gentle tickle at the back of his nostril had become a mini tornado of tickling pollen inside his muzzle. His face started to scrunch up. And his nethers tingled. His cock was now rock hard in his pants and he could feel precumm starting to drip out of it onto the thin fabric. “Don’t focus on your nose, watch the movie.” He told himself reaching up to rub his nostrils which did nothing to dissuade the inferno tickle in his nose.His cock tingling with need under his thin PJs.
“Hehhh eehh heeh rrrahhh rahh.” He couldn't help it and he needed to sneeze. He picked up his lunch box it was metal so it should help. “Raah Raahhhh ahhh. Rtssxxxxxccchh nnxxcch nnxxxxcch nxxcccchhh nnttttsscccchhhh hehh rrah rah rrrah rrrraaaaahhh rrrrttsssshhhhhhxxxx” he stifled his sneezes into his lunch box the stifling hurt and only made the tickle in his nose grow, but at least it was quiet. And with the loud action scene on the screen no one was hearing him. But Oh gods! His cock was spewing pre against his pants, his hard large cock peeking out of the button hole in his pants as the button gave way and popped off.  Flying across the room and into the back of the head of the girl with the flowers.
“Owww HEY!” Her eyes narrow and she takes one of the blooms off her bouquet and hurls it at him. “GROW UP!” She hisses and turns back around. The flower hits him square in the muzzle. Pollen puffing onto his nostrils directly as the thing landed directly on the end of his snout. His nose felt like a million tiny feathers were twirling inside. His eyes started to water his nostrils dripping and flaring. I closed my breath hitching.  His cock hard and twitching.The loud action of a battle sequence covered any noise he was making.
“Rrraattxxxchhh RACHXTCH RXTCHHH NXXXCHHHT HHAHH AHHH HAHH RxnnTCCHH.. RSSCHHHHh.. Oohhhhh….mmmmmm” Rangar started to forget the crowd, forget where he was. The pleasure and pressure inside his cock was overwhelming. Each sneeze forcing more and more pre out of it. His hand went down to start touching it stroking it a little and he shoved his cock into his lunch box. “RRRhhhhhtccchhh RRaachhhoo rrrassCHOoooo RRTXXXCCCH NXXCCCHH NXXTCHHH NxxTCHOOOO! Uuuuuuhhh oooohhh...mmmmmmm” He moaned softly as his vibrating nostrils unleashed sneeze after sneeze into his elbow his fireproof jacket getting singed by the barrage of stifled covered sneezes.
The pleasure was overwhelming, he NEEDED to cumm. It was going to be soon. Oh gods the action was over they were talking now. Hold back.. Need to hold back.
He sniffles and rubs at his nose pinching it with his fingers as his cock pulses and twitches in his lunch bag. His nose an inferno of tickling twirling itch. His eyes watering and muzzle scrunching as the characters on screen talked in hushed tones. The classroom silent.
“Rrrahh ahh.” His chest heaves with hitchy breaths as the minutes tick by the tickle in him burning to be released. “Rrrahhh ahhh.” Finally the general goes back out and an action sequence naval battle starts.
“RAAAhCHOOOOOOOOOO RAAAASSCHOOOOO RAAH AAAH RRASSSCTCHHHHHHMMPPHHH - Rachooo RACHOO RAASSCHOOOOO RAAAAAATTCHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” He unleashes a massive fit of sneezes into his sleeve spray covering the empty seats around him his cock spraying precum with each powerful sneeze bulging and building til. “RRRRRRAAAAATTTTSSSSSSCHOOOOOOO UGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNNNN!!!OOOHH…..pant pant pant.” He fills his lunch box with a powerful load of hot wet cum that explodes with that final powerful sneeze. With that the bell rings and the teacher stops the movie. Ragnar putting himself back in his pants and carefully closing and resealing his lunchbox. He slips out before the lights are even back on.
“Whew…. That was clccllose rrrchuuuu! Sniffle” He whispers to himself. “Glad no one saw me.”
……………….. Or so he thought. A new transfer student with long red and gold hair and feathered red and gold dress had seen the whole thing. She had watched with enthralled fascination as the handsome dragon boy had sneezed and cumm. Blushing deeply as the whole thing had turned her on immensely. Wonder who he is..Cadence, the half phoenix,  thought to herself.

To Be Continued…….

** you asked for it so here it is! please enjoy!**

Dragoness Cavern in Spring NSFW- Allergy F/F

Maeve written by MzMental

Spring has sprung and Maeve the she wolf anthro can tell by how itchy she is. She hates it when she is shedding like this. And she is sad she had to go away with work for a month. She hoped Ruby hadn't fallen asleep again. She was really looking forward to seeing her. Ruby was a massive red and gold dragoness whom Maeve had more than a passing crush on.   Ruby had told Maeve that when dragons sleep too long,  they tend to blend into the forest. So finding her could be a challenge.

As Maeve headed out for a run through the woods. It was early spring so not too many things were in bloom yet. Thank goodness as the athletic wolf had terrible pollen allergies.
Maeve jogs steadily through the forest, towards the raveen.  With each step she was itching. The itchy feeling all over her fur consuming her thoughts. She tried to keep her focus on the beautiful weather, the chirping of the birds, anything. But she itched so badly!! God. Shedding in spring was the worst. She jogged a fair while, going deep deep into the forest. Eventually she could no longer stand it, stopping to itch furiously. "Ugh, why. Does. It. Itch. So. BAD?!" She yells to herself frustrated. She continues to walk, itching and scratching so much she doesn't even notice that she's walked into a cave until she can hardly see what's in front of her.
The cave is warmer than the air outside and damp it is barren, aside from the weird stalagmites and the small stream.She travels deeper and deeper into the cave. The stalagmites deeper in are longer wider and there were way more of them. Thousands and thousands line the cave some of them short like grass on every surface.The cave widens as she walks inside. As she itched and itched she looked at those short rubbery stalagmites on the walls and saw a giant COMB. She wanted to roll and rub against them. Bet they would take care of all this loose fur. She was in a cave in the woods no one would see if she took off her clothes to do it. And she was SOOO Itchy. There was something familiar about this cave, these bendy rocks, but she was to itchy and desperate for relief to notice. She slowly unzipped her running jacket letting it fall to the floor. Then pulled her tank top over her head along with her sports bra in one smooth gesture. Her large round breasts bounced as they were released from her clothes. She then wiggled her hips stripping off her red lacy undies and yoga pants in one swift motion stepping out of both and wagging her tail. She takes slips off her shoes and socks and places them in the pile of her clothes. Tufts of fur coming off her as she undresses.

There is a whoooooosh of air that rushes past switching directions and swirling around her in the tunnel. Maeve took no time as soon as she was naked, running those spikes through her fur alleviating this itch! No one would see her. She grings and almost desperately walks over to a section of wall lined with them and rubs her side against them. She moaned with pleasure as the tons of tiny rubbery rocks ran through her itchy fur and skin. She pressed her back against it and began rubbing up and down, sighing with relief as she scratched and scratched. Clumps of fur began flying off at alarming rates...well alarming to anyone but her. This was par for the course really, but she scratched like nothing had ever felt so good before.
The clumps of fur floated off of her, sticking to the nearby walls and ground.
The fur floated off her as she rubbed against the rubbery stalagmites rolled against them. It felt SO good. There was a WHOOOOOOSSSHH of air warm and hot rushing past her carrying the fur deeper into the cavern. The stalagmites shuddered against her fur and the cave around her seemed to move but she was rolling and rubbing herself so much she didn't notice. The river in the center of the cave started to flow more freely. As massive tufts of fur continue to freely come off her drifting on the air. As she looks up she spots a cluster of stalagmites in a better spot deeper in at just at the right height. She wouldn't have to roll  or scratch. She could just walk under the low ridge and it would brush her as the whole bottom side was covered in hundreds of the stiff bristles like stones. Just seeing it made her jump with eagerness. OH it would feel SO good.
Meanwhile the warm wind continued to rush past her. switching directions rapidly. The rock formations shuddering slightly. Maeve practically runs to the spikey comblike ridge, fur flying every which way. She hunched down and walked back and forth under the ridge, large clumps of fur brushing off and sticking to everything. "Oooh my god.. this feels amazing" she practically moans, rubbing as much of her body on this ridge as she can.
The cave starts to rumble and move. There is so much fur in the air now it's a cloud around her. "RRRRRRRrrrrR" Echoes in the cave, and there is hot air that whooshes past her as the cave rumbles. Maeve pauses a moment a little worried by that noise…. but God she almost feels NORMAL again. Just a few more passes. The river in the center of the cave is flowing freely now and is about 3 times the size it was. There is a cloud of fur being sucked deeper into the cave with the swooshing of each gust of powerful hot wind. WHOOOOOOOSHHHH--WHHOOOOOSHHH- The walls around her are convulsing and shuddering as the fur tickles them.
"!" Maeve squeaks out, rubbing the last hard to reach spot against the ridge, loose fur flying everywhere. At last, the final large clump pulls itself loose. Maeve gives a sigh of relief, practically collapsing to the floor with a large POOF of fur, feeling satisfied for the first time in weeks.
The cave shudders all around her; the walls seem to collapse a little above as the fur is sucked rapidly deeper into the cave by the intense warm winds. "RRRRAHHHHH!!! RRAAAAAHHHHH!!! AHAHHHH HAHAH RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The whole cave seems to move the river in the center flowing strongly now past her. She is thrown off balance as the whole cave tilts upwards. puffs of furr sucking back into the cave by the powerful wind rapidly whooshing past her. “RUBY!” Maeve exclaims as she recognizes the sensation "RRRRAAAAAAAAAH RRRRAHHHH-- SNIFFFFFS-" Maeve is thrown back deeper into the sinuses sucked in by the powerful SNIFFF of the Dragon nostril. "RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"
"Oh no!!" Maeve shouts, realizing where she is. She tries to grab onto something, but ends up just smearing fur all over everything as she flies deeper into Ruby's sinuses. She bounces off the inside of her nostrils as the wind pulls her back, leaving more fur everywhere.

The wind and fluid carry her out and she is shot out of the nostril landing in a huge patch of cherry trees in full bloom. Pollen and petals swirling all around her as she lands in them. "RRAAAHH AAAAH HHHHRRRRAAAAAAAATTTTTTTCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Ruby unleashes powerful blasts of destructive wind into the air as she sneezes Her scales glowing brightly "RRRAHHH RAAAAAPPPPPPPTTTTTTTCHHHHHHHUUUUUUUU RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTTCHUUUUUUU!!! Mmmmy MMMAte tthhou hhhhassssst----RRAH RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSCCHHHHHOO!!! RRRRAAAPPPPTTTTSSSSSHHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Rrrrreturned!!!!--- RAAAAH --RRAAATRRCCCCHUUUUUUU Returned!!!"
Spray coats the trees and more pollen and petals rain down from her blasts of air. Fire just missing the trees and harmlessly going up to the sky. Pollen and fur swirled in the air, Maeve's nose reacting pretty immediately to the assault on it. "snifff ohh n-noo...heeehh...HEEEH...ohh g-god...heeeeeeeh..HAAAAAAAAEESSHOOOO!!!! HAAAASSHEEOOOO!!!!!"
She sneezes, sending more fur floating to the air. Her nose begins to stream, as she sniffles and scrambles to get out of the tree.
"Bless thee, I hhhast RRAHHH AAHH RRAAAAAAHH-" Her massive nostrils flare and quiver as she holds back the need to sneeze. Her massive claw hovering over you to pluck you out of the tree. Her massive head and nostril coming close to you to gaze at you.* "RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" her golden sides heave with hitchy breaths her scales glow and she shudders. Trying to hold back to speak.* "RRRRRAAAAAHH AHAHHH HAH HAH I hhhhast RRRAAAHHH mmmmisssed tttthhheee---RRAH MMMATe! " she says, her voice trembling with need; her golden eyes looking into Maeves. Her gaze falling on the she wolf’s twitching desperate muzzle and suddenly she feels air swirling around her embracing her gliding along every inch of her body slowly caressing her breasts another whufts of air gliding down her stomach.
As her sneezes cause more fur to fly into the air Ruby’s hitchy breath suck it in and her head tilts to the sky. And she closes her eyes. Her massive muzzle scrunches her nostrils grow wider warm wind rushing past Maeve. "RRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPPP TTTTSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUU!!!! RRPPPPPPTTTTTTSSSSHUUUUUU!!! SSSSSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUU HHHHHHRRRRRRPPPPPPPCCCCCCCCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She unleashes a fit of extremely wet powerful sneezes. Her body glowing brightly, her tail coming towards Maeve. That massive ball poking out of it and glowing, wet and eager. The trees above her shaking a shower of pollen down on her from the force of her blasts of air.
Maeve places her paws on the sensitive ball, rubbing methodically as the pollen makes her muzzle twitch. "HEEEEEH....I...Heeeehh...m-missed y-youm..t-tooo!!HHHEEEEAAASSHOOO!!! HAAAAAEEESHOOO!!!! HEEEH HEEEEEH HEEEEAAAAASSHHHHOOOOO!!!!" She unleashes several wet and powerful sneezes against Ruby's sensitive spot, feeling that invisible force between her own legs.
The Dragon looks at Maeve and moves her massive muzzle towards her mate. Her head hovering above Maeve's spread legs. The nostrils flaring and twitching dripping fluid on either side of her. Ruby's long slender forked tongue slides out of her jaws massive. Coming towards Maeve's slit. It is warm as it glides up her slit agonizingly slowly. The tip of the fork, wiggling back and forth up it glides up and down. It warms and tingles as the dragoness teases Maeve. The air currents fondling her large round breasts. Pinching her hard nipples. This time Ruby wanted to touch her mate herself. "RRRAHH.. MMMMMMMRRRRRRR.... MMMMMM mmmmate wwwith MMMRRRRAH RRRAHHH-- mmme." SNIFFLES  "THY Touch FEEELS sSSO -- slow vibrating lick-- good.---slow vibrating lick."
Maeve moans happily, her muzzle twitching and crinkling as she fought the sneeze long enough to answer. "Heeeh!! Heeh...y-yeess...heeh..p-pleaase" She stammers. She finds a few clumps of fur on her legs, grasping them in each hand and pressing them up against Ruby's streaming red nostrils.She then releases the fur rubbing it between her fingers so the dragoness sucks it in when she breathes.
"MMmmmmm.......SNIFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSSSSSS" Ruby’s massive golden eyes widen as she inhales the clumps of fur from Maeve’s hands, fur now also coated in pollen. "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Hot air vibrates across your breast and your clit and slit as she tries desperately not to sneeze. her tongue licking your slit vibrating up it faster more desperately as she trembles. It lingers over her clit, the hot warmth vibrating over it with the whooosh of hitchy hot air as she fights her nose to pleasure Maeve more and more with her tongue. "RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH HH Lick rapidly vibrating--- HAHH HAH HAH - lick -- AAAHHH - lick lick lick lick---RRRRAH -lick lick lick lick --- RAHHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHH"  Her nostrils are flaring widely and dripping.
Maeve moans as Ruby's tongue pleasures her, hips rocking back and forth as she rubs Ruby's own pleasurable spot. The motions stirr even more pollen and fur into the air. "HEEEEHH...sniiff sniff HEEEH-HEEEEEEHHHHH!!!"
"RRRAHHHHh - lick lick lick lick---RRAH --lick lick lick RAH - MMMMMmmmmm------ prrrrrrrrr---lick lick RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH-- LICK lick lick- her tongue hungerly delves into Maeve the whole thing vibrating inside and out all at once tingling across her clit making it rock with pleasure in a way she's never felt. As hitchy desperate breaths bombard her from above. Her tail ball is wet and pulsing under Maeve’s touch.
Maeve is close to climax, and as she looks up at her mate, she can tell- boy does she HAVE to sneeze. As Maeve continues to hitch and gasp herself, she leaves one hand gently caressing the ball. She reaches down and grabs another fistful of fur, rubbing it along the edge of Ruby's sensitive nostrils. Slowly letting it drift into the dragoness’ massive red round flaring nostrils. "HEEEEHH!!! H-HHEEEEHHH!!! SNIFFF SN-SNEEEZE F-FOR MEHHH...MEEEEHHH....MEEEE!"
"RRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" she pulls her muzzle away looking to the sky. her tail slides between Maeve’s legs so she is straddling the ball. And she rubs it against Maeve’s slit. It is pulsing and vibrating beneath her. Tingling against her, an almost electric sensation caresses her clit and the closer she gets to the center of the ball as she rocks her hips the more intense the pleasure. "RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHH" Her eyes close and she glows brightly with pure bliss.
Maeve throws her head back and howls with pleasure, thrusting her hips on top of the ball to the center. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!" She cries out, feeling her body tingle with ecstasy. Her nose screams for release as it twitches. She wipes some of the pollen on her fur across her own quivering nostrils. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH.....HEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AASSSHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Maeve lets out a thunderous wet sneeze, spraying herself and the vibrating ball beneath her, as she hovers near the edge of climax.
Ruby climaxes as she unleashes the powerful sneezes to the sky above shooting gouts of flames. Out of the ball Maeve is rocking her hips against, a geyser of  fluid shoots up inside her. Warm pressurized  liquid vibrating inside her. Making her entire insides TINGLE with intense pleasure as she cummms inside you. Pollen raining down on you from above as she unleashes sneeze after sneeze.
The pollen has to do little work to Maeve's nose unleash a volley of sneezes. "HHAHHAAAAEESSHOOOO HAAAAASSHEEOOOO HAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAAASSHEEEOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!" Mixed with the overwhelming sensations inside her body, Maeve finishes her fit with a loud moan as she climaxes hard, pressing herself firmly against Ruby as she cums.
Ruby glows brightly and shudders her ball pressing into Maeve as the last of the tingly fluid is unleashed with her orgasm. Both of them sniffling and shuddering with pleasure. "MMMMmmmmm ttthat was intense. Thou hast indeed missed me." she purrrrrrrs panting.
Maeve sniffles with a smile, rubbing at her itchy nose. "I heeh...did sniiff. I think someone sniff is allergic to my fur." Maeve says teasingly.
"Mmmmmmmm...... that could prove most entertaining..... My mate...if it is true. We should test it another day." She says with a coy smile.
Maeve climbs off of Ruby's tail, a little shaky from such intense physical exertion. But she smirks at Ruby playfully. "Yes, it's definitely useful to discover," she says with a wink. Ruby shudders happily and Rolls to one side sniffling and opens her wing to scoop Maeve up so she can sleep once again at her side.
Maeve hops up happily and nestles deep into the dragon's warmth, content and tired.
The dragon curves her up in her wing and happily closes her eyes. "I missed you."
"Sleep well."
"I yawn missed you too" Maeve says drowsily, before falling fast asleep.
“I missed thee as well.” she rumbles happily falling asleep as well.

Art, Art, and Art! / NSFW - OC- Princess Eclipse - Sneeze Allergies F.
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Maeve written by MsMentalz

Great - Maeve though all the wolf senses in the world and she was completely lost. The wind was starting to really howl. It was cold and starting to rain. She was partially soaked from the last downpour and walked into a massive grove of trees. Looking up they all are pollinating. She can see the buds on the trees. Then WHOOOOOOSH a HUGE powerful gust of wind hits and all the trees around her explode in a cloud of pollen so thick she can see it. It rains down all around her. As it starts to sprinkle again she spots a massive cave in the trees and some strangely shaped rocks around it. Maeve rushes into the cave as lightning flashes, covered in rain and pollen, her fur clinging to her. Her nostrils quiver as she tries not to inhale all the pollen covering her body. The bottom of the cave and the walls are sort of wet and there is a warm breeze in the tunnel. coming from deeper in.
Maeve shakes herself off, water and pollen spraying off of her. The wolf anthro’s muzzle twitched her allergies to pollen making her nostrils itch unbearably. Her black nose growing red and dripping. Her grey fur covered in pollen from the trees clung to her. And every hitchy breath her chest heaved, breasts bouncing in her tight wet shirt. Her ears tilt back her mouth gapes open and her eyes shut. The tickle… its to much… she has to-- all thought left her accept the release.  "Heeh...heeeeeeh.....HAAAAAAAAAAEEEEESSSHOOOO!!!" She lets out a loud sneeze, before sniffling and standing up straight to take in her surroundings.
There are many stalagmites in the cave as she goes in deeper hundreds of them in fact and they are tinier than she would have thought and they look so soft. They line the walls and the floor and ceiling. The air in here is warmer and moist; a breeze whooshes past her deeper into the tunnel then switches directions. The air flow is becoming a little unsteady, and she notices the ground has a bit of a tiny brook that is starting to flow freely through the soft grasslike stalagmites in the center.
Maeve shivers in the flow of warm air, the cold rain having seeped under her fur and chilled her to the bone. She wished there was anything around to make a fire with, but the cave is barren, aside from the weird stalagamites and the small stream. She sniffles, the pollen clinging to her wet fur still making her nose tickle. "Heeeh.....D-dont...s-sneeze...heeeh....dddonnt.....hhaaaahhh....HAAAAEEESSHOOO!!! HHHAAAAAASSHEEEOOO!!!"
She brushes against a stalagmite by accident with the sneeze, pollen and fur clinging to the stalagmites. That part of the cave seems to respond to the pollen, the soft walls and stalagmites bending to her touch instead of being hard stone. The wall shuddering a little and its soft and warm.... maybe if she could pluck them or cuddle into them she could warm up. The cave itself seems to quiver a little though that could be a trick of the eyes. The warm breeze whooshes by her a little more swiftly. Switching directions more quickly…..maybe she could hang her Jacket over some of them to sort of create a bit of a tent to keep the warmth in.

She travels deeper and deeper into the cave. The stalagmites deeper in the cave were longer wider and there were WAY more of them. Thousands and thousand they were like grass on every surface.The cave widening as she walked inside. The warm breeze moving faster beside her the more she walks drawing deeper into the cave. There were even ridges she could get near, maybe hang her jacket off of. Though some areas of the floor were wet with the stream in the middle seemed to be getting wider and larger. Filled with more and more fluid.
Maeve shivered some more, walking further in. She sees a perfect area to try and sleep, a couple stalagmites with a bed of grass underneath near a ridge covered in the soft shorter stalagmites. Hanging her jacket from the two stalagmites, she sniffles thickly as she crawls underneath and tries to nestle herself into the warm grass, a strange heat radiating from the ground itself.
The cave seems to shudder, the ground beneath her is warm and seems to convulse. There is a whoooooosh of air that rushes past much faster, much more powerful. WHHHHHHOOOOSH then rushes out. The breeze makes her want to cuddle more into the ridge and the soft warm stalagmites. She cuddles into the clump of them that surround her, moving them so she can get a good spot. Curling into the nook of the ridge surrounded by them laying on them.

As Maeve cuddles deeper into the ridge, pollen rubs off of her fur coating the ridge and the stalagmites. She shivers, sending small puffs of pollen up from the few places that arent soaked. She rubs at her itchy muzzle, trying to quell the growing itch. "Heeeeh...d-dont...snee...sneeezee...heeeeh.." she mutters to herself, her nostrils twitching. She was surprised her sneezes hadnt caused a cave in already.
As the pollen settles in the cave The entire cave shakes- the walls near her move and all the tiny stalagmites vibrate. The air whooshes past more and more rapidly whooosh WHOOOSH!!! And then she hears a thunderous “RAHHHH RAAAaaAAAHHah!!!!”
The river in the center starts flowing more and more freely filling with more and more fluid, making escape slippery and impossible. Maeve clings to the nearest stalagmite, wrapping her arms tightly around it so she doesn't blow away in the powerful wind. Her pollen covered fur brushes against her flaring pink nostrils. "HEEEEEH....HAAAAAAAAAAAEESSSSHOOOO!!!!! HAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOO HAAAATTCCCHEEOOO!!!" Her already sensitive nose explodes, as she sneezes powerfully, still trying to hold on.

The whole cave vibrates around her the thunderous sound -- “RAAAAHHHHhHHH—— RAHHH RRRAHH!!” The warm moist wind whooshes around her more and more violently now. The river in the Center of the cave is flowing freely, the entire cave is convulsing. Expanding and contracting around her. The stalagmites get more pollen on them, the ridge she is clinging to is vibrating. The cave lurches like the whole thing was picked up.*
“RAAAAAAAAhHHHhHhHhHhHhhH—— whooooosh ——- “ The cave contracts suddenly there is a massive slurping noise and some of the river comes back up along with a strong gust of wind and a loud - SNNIFFFF—- RAA-aAH HHAH HAH HAH——“

Maeve clings on for dear life as the whole cave moves, rubbing her body against every surface it touches. Her nose quivers as the pollen penetrates her sinuses. "HHAAAAAAAEEESHOOOO, HAAAAAAAEEETCHHOOOO!! HAAAAH HAAAAAAAATSSSHEEEOOO!!!!" Maeve's sneezes become wetter and more desperate with each one, spraying into the open air as she holds on desperately to the stalagmite.
“RAAHHHhH—- RRAHHHHHhHh- there is a massive blast of air the whole cave moves and convulses tossing Maeve around on all the soft stalagmites. “RRAAAAATTTTtTCCCCHHHSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!” a blast of fluid and air whooshes her down the tunnel part of the way. She tumbles rolling over hundreds of the soft stalagmites the cave wall warm and wet and vibrating beneath her as she rolls. Moist air Whooshing past her rolling her back up the nostril. She smells SMOKE all around her the inside of the nostril getting overly warm. Uncomfortably hot as air is sucked back past her along with more of the fluid.

Another rush of fluid covers her and a violent wind pushes her out onto the trees she lands on a soft pile of leaves and looks up to see a massive surge of flames go over her head and hit the trees nearby igniting them blasting some of them to splinters nearby from the force alone. She gazes up in awe at the massive golden Dragon muzzle raises to the sky. The Dragoness’s entire muzzle convulsing smoooke curling out of her mouth and nostrils as it gapes open.*

Blast after blast of flaming fury blasts the forest around you as the dragon unleashes powerful sneeze after powerful sneeze. Luckily the torrential pouring rain is putting out the fires almost as soon as they start.
Maeve stares up in awe, rain pouring down and soaking her thoroughly, washing away the pollen. She sniffles thickly as she watches the magnificent site to behold. "Holy shit, the cave was a dragon..." she whispers to herself.

Maeve sees the dragon eyeballing her and waves sheepishly in the rain. "Sorry about that, love!" She calls up, "I was trying to get out of the rain, thought your poor nose was a cave!"

The Dragon rumbles her voice like thunder “Thou SNORT—SNIFFLES—- hhhhhast awakened the mmmating in me....... gasp gasp —- Will you help me finish it?” She says trembling her Massive building sized muzzle wrinkling her nostrils flaring. Smoke curling from them.
“Thou mmmust RAAAH AAAAAAAHHHH  makes me ssneeeze mmmore..... as thou has begun.”
Maeve blushes, even in the pouring rain she can feel the heat coming off her cheeks. "Well, I guess it's only do I help?" She sniffles thickly, rain dripping off the end of her muzzle.

The Dragoness looks a little annoyed her eyes half closed. “You made me sneeze.... do as thou didst- she pants laying her nuzzling by you sniffling her wings flapping her tail twitching and she rubs it against the ground.*
Maeve notices a huge branch covered in Pollen that has been knocked off the tree. It’s just small enough you could pick it up and put it in the dragon's nose..... She reacted to all the pollen stuck to your fur…..maybe she’s allergic.... the pollen will get you to of course. But that was alright.

Maeve walks over to the giant branch, picking it up. A cloud of pollen wafts over her as she carries it over to the dragon's flaring nostrils. "Heeeeh....hheeeeeh....sniff snifff Oh g-god not...heeeh...again." She struggles to hold back the sneeze as she inserts the massive 10 ft long branch into the Dragon's nose, shaking it around so the pollen flies everywhere.
The reaction is almost immediate, the Dragon’s eyes close shut and start to water. Her nostrils flare widely and she sucks in a massive breath of air. It Rushes past Maeve as the dragon sucks in hitchy breath.
Maeve pauses, awestruck. How did she know? But her nose has other plans. "Y-yes...heeh...if y-you caaan. Heeeh..." She says through hitching breaths. Her sinuses throb as they ache for release, as does the rest of her body. She suddenly feels an invisible force like many eager warm hands gliding up her inner thigh.

“I ccca---n SNIFFLE” The dragon glows a little and all of a sudden the air around Maeve becomes thicker. Tendrils of warmth caress her skin sliding up your inner thigh like warm tendrils made of air. The air vibrates hovering over her clit and your cloth panties, gently stroking the area. Like the wind itself is touching her, vibrating.

Maeve gasps and rocks her hips into the touch. Gods it felt good as pleasure shot though her. Her muzzle tickling furiously from the pollen.
The dragons tail flicks towards you and you notice a ball embedded in its center that resembles a clit; it's the size of a large exercise ball. And it’s wet as you touch it. Meanwhile her head tilts back and her mouth hangs agape as another fit starts to take her from the pollen now raining down around you.

A small twig ,covered in pollen pods, brakes itself off a tree and floats itself into your nose, releasing a puff of pollen into your sinuses, even as the air-vibrator slides beneath your panties.
“Mmmmmmmm————- Haaaaah…” Maeve moans her muzzle on fire. Her ears flopping back eyes closing as the itch fills her nostrils. And her clit chenches with pleasure. “HAAAAAAAEEESSHOOO!!! HAAAAAATCCHEEOOOO!!!! HAAAAAAAASSHEEOOO!!!! HAAAAH HAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAATCCHHHEEOOOO!!!MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" Maeve moans loudly, the pollen making her nose explode with wet powerful sneezes.
"HAAAAAAAATCCHEEEEEOOO!!!! HAAAASSSHEEEEEEEOOOO!!!! HAAA HAAAATTTCCHEEEOOO!!!!" A tendril if air slides her panties aside from below, sliding into her wet slit like a dildo made of warm air. The vibrator air on her clit is still throbbing. The tendril inside her begins thrusting in perfect Sync with the pollen filled branch twirling in her nose. Maeve moans in pure pleasure. Using her hand to twirl the branch in the dragons nostril.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEASHOOOO!!!! HAAAAATCCHEEEOOOO HAAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOO!!! MMMMM, IT F-FEEEELS HEEEEH....SO G-GOOOOD....HEEEEEEEEEEESSHEEEOOOO!!!!! HAAATCCHEEEOOOOO!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"  Maeve continues to sneeze, spraying the ball in her hands with blasts of warm air and spray from her powerful sneezes uncontrollable sneezes. Maeve begins caressing the ball in the dragon’s tail, rubbing it gently as she sneezes on it. The air currents pleasuring her between her thighs vibrate more vigorously as she starts to touch the ball. Maeve lets out desperate hitchy gasps of pleasure, as waves of bliss start to wash over her.

The dragon moans,”RRAAAAAHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM------” Her body shuddering with pleasure as Maeve sneezes on her ‘clit’ ball and begins to massage it. “RRRRAHH---YEEEES!!” The dragon roars as her….massive muzzle twitches….. “YES THAT---RRAHHH -AHHH-- FFFFEE--AAAHHHH--- MMMMMMMMMM--- FEELS SOOOOOOO---- RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! - OOoooohhh MMMMMMMMMMMM-----I’m gonna cccummmm!!!  RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT TTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” The dragon thunders as she unleashes another powerful sneeze torching the area around you with white hot flames.

The ticking in Maeve’s nostril and the pleasuring in your panties becomes more intense thrusting deeper, and faster and more vigorously with the Dragon’s declaration. Maeve is tingling with pure bliss. Her muzzle scrunching and unleading sneeze after powerful sneeze.  "MMMMMMMMMM!!!! HAAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOOO!!!! HAAAAATATTCCHHHHEEEEOOOO!!!!!!!!! EEETTTCCHHHHOOO!!!" She has NEVER felt anything like this. The ball in her hands glows, and Maeve continues unleashing sneeze after sneeze, massaging the ball in her hands vigorously, running and drumming her furry paws along it like she is playing a piano.  Maeve’s entire body rocking to the rhythm of the invisible force pleasuring her.

The dragon rumbles in pleasure as your sneezes spray the sensitive ball in her tail, and lets out a ROAR of pure bliss as you begin to drum on its surface with your paws. In your hands. You can tell she is close to the edge. Her hitchy breathing more intense.

 Maeve continues to sneeze, spraying the ball in her hands, and rubbing it gently. The air between her thighs vibrates pleasantly as she moans.“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEASHOOOO!!!! HAAAAATCCHEEEOOOO HAAAAAAAASSSHEEEOOO!!! MMMMM, IT F-FEEEELS HEEEEH....SO G-GOOOOD....HEEEEEEEEEEESSHEEEOOOO!!!!! HAAATCCHEEEOOOOO!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!"

As Maeve rubs the ball/clit and sneezes on it one more time with that last intense fit, the dragon’s wings flare out her whole body tenses and fluid erupts from the ball.“ “RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH——-OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—— UUUNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH --- MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmm------RRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHHHTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” Her most powerful sneeze rocks her as she orgasms. The air tendrils thrusting faster into Maeve, the vibrator moving vigorously over her clit like a vibrating tongue delving into her folds. The twig of pollen twirling in her nose.

"Mmmmm..mmmm..mmm...MMMMMMMMMMMM....HAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAEEESSSSHHHHHHHHHHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" Maeve lets out one final, powerful sneeze as she climaxes, her whole body thrusting powerfully.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm—— purrrrrrrrrrr” Rumbles the dragon as she sniffles -” come let us get thee to my cave thou mayest dry there.” And with that the dragon takes her deep into the raveen and sure enough to a massive warm cave. “Curl up by my scales they will warm thee.” she says, her wings acting like a giant electric blanket.
Maeve sniffles and curls up in the wings of the giant dragoness. She is soaked through and shivering, as she yawns in exhaustion. "T-thank you for the help" she stammers, beginning to doze off in the warmth.
The dragon takes Maeve’s clothing off, though it looks like they remove themselves, and lays them out nearby to dry. She lays Maeve down on a fur rug down, wrapping her up in her wing so she is nice and warm to fall asleep.
"Mmm..thank you." Maeve murmurs as she drifts off to sleep in the warmth and comfort of the dragon's wings.


Oh I like this 👀 👀 would love to see further adventures.

Thank you! I have more plans in the works :)


Story 2 -

Some things about Rhagnar, he was a dragon, though he walked on two legs not four, and usually kept his wings wrapped around him like a cloak.  He was 6’7” tall and had golden scales and red wings,spikes and horns. He could breathe fire, but tended not to, as it made him feel set apart from those around him. Rhagnar was adopted, fitting in was hard, being the only dragon around, and he was raised  by a family of dinosaurs. They were nice and treated him well, and everything had been great. But……...Rhagnar also had….an embarrassing problem Rhagnar couldn’t climax all his life. No matter what he did, or what he looked at he just couldn't….until he discovered a unique flower that grows in the ravine on the far side of the forest the Fireflower, and wouldn’t you know it….he was allergic to it….and those allergy sneezes led to his first ever climax.

After discovering its special effect on him and his nostrils, Ragnar had made several trips to the forest and finally decided to dig up one of the plants and keep it in his room for convenience. He bought a glass case for it at a second hand store, and made sure it was well sealed. He had researched the flower and discovered it loved lots of sun, didn't need much water, and was actually considered hypo-allergenic. Being the only dragon he knew of, it must only affect his kind in that special way.

Rhagnar was irritable today as he came home from class, Group Project, and he was paired with a pushy, bronze triceratops named Sara. I mean Sara was beautiful Grey Blue scales, long blue mane, voluptuous curves and large round perky breasts.  She had a short wide muzzle with massive tear shaped nostrils, and piercing blue-green eyes. She was athletic and well built, and captain of the University Co-ed wrestling team…. And not a fan of Rhagnar, she pretty much thought he was a boring nerd and enjoyed taunting as often as she could. And PUSHY, she was one of the most demanding and in your face person in the whole campus. She was also the most popular. He sighed deeply as he flopped on his small single bed. Pairing them together must be fate's idea of a cruel joke, and she’d be here in 10 minutes. He sighed and rose cleaning up his room, making his bed. Clearing off his chair near his desk so she’d have somewhere to sit. He took a moment to examine his Fireflower, it has thrived in his care, growing a bloom about 5 inches across with one of the special centers of the larger blooms. His flower had a cylinder shaped center, that he knew was FILLED with pollen. He notices the three smaller buds had finally bloomed forming cute mini flowers around the big one, about 2 inches each. Oh just looking at them made his nose itch and his cock tingle. He reached to adjust himself a little, and finished straightening up just as his door rattled.
“Hey flaps, I’m here! Let me in.” Sara thundered in her almost drill sergeant like voice as she knocked forcefully on my door. Flaps--- Rhagnar thought, her favorite taunt referring to his wings. Her others was firenose, orphan annie and Dragondummy. She was a real fun person to be around. Rhagnar opened the door and Sara smiled charmingly. Well, Rhagnar was sure people who weren’t him might have found it charming. He sighs again “ Hi, Sara, come on in.”

“I’m disappointed, I thought you lived in a cave Dragondummy.” She taunted with a wicked smirk.
“Ha- you're so funny.” Rhagnar replied, his eyes half lidded in an unimpressed neutral expression as he crossed his arms.  “Can I get you something to drink? Soda, Water?”
“Nah, I’m good.” She says charging in like she owns the place looking around my sparsely decorated room and plopping into the chair on my desk. “ Wow not much for decora-----t-ing….Is that a FIREFLOWER?” She exclaims her eyes widening as she notices it blooming in the case. “Man you are a super nerd, is this thing your best friend? Does it have a name?” She taunts.
Rhagnar rolls his eyes and sits on the bed across from her on the far side of the corner of the desk, the flower sitting on it between us. “It’s a ...biology project…. Can we move on and get to work? I mean I’m sure someone as important as you has better things to do than sit in my room talkin about flowers.” he says in a deadpan disdainful tone.   

Sara sneers, “Well yeah, who would want to sit here with you all day.” Then she pouts unhappy with herself for agreeing with him.

“Great, so let's get to work.” I said opening our microbiology textbook to the correct chapter leaning on my corner of the desk.

She looks EXTRA irritated that Rhagnar is getting straight to work, like her being here isn't the best thing to happen to his social life all semester. “I didn’t know you were allowed plants in the dorm rooms. But why keep it in a case, I mean don’t you just love the smell.” She says her clawed tiny hand reaching for the door of the case.

Rhagnar panics, and possessively puts his hand in the way of hers to keep her from opening it. His eyes wide with pure fear. This was one person he REALLY didn't want to …..react in front of. The whole campus would know by dinner.

Across from him, Sara’s eyes blaze with the knowledge he just gave her as he panicked. Rhagner could see it in her eyes. She was going to push this now….Something new to torment him with. Let the games begin. He sighs.”The petals are delicate and it's better to keep them in their own environment.” He fibbs and she raises an eyebrow at him, Her blue-green eyes sparkling. Rhagnar curses himself for being a horrible liar.
“Well I want to smell it. I promise I’ll be careful of your precious petals.” She says calling his bluff. He had no legit reason to object.
“Fine.” I say opening the case a little bit holding my breath, unable to hide my tentative worried expression.
She takes a sniff. “Oh I love that smell.” Sara glances at him and notices Rhagnar holding his breath. “Don’t you?” She says sweetly. “I mean someone who keeps them in a glass case must love them a lot.” she teases studying him to see what he does.
Rhagnar had no choice, play it cool, take a sniff -- close the case. No problem, he takes a slight inhale.  “Yeah they do smell good. I agree.”
A tickle twirls up his  nostrils as he inhales the spicy pleasant scent. His eyes half close start to water. But the worst issue was definitely,  his cock started to grow and get hard in his loose fitting jeans.   He grabbed a pillow to put in his lap pretending he needed it to make his textbook higher in his lap. His hands off the case as he reached for it.
“I’ve never seen one this big before.” Sara said, examining the massive flower blossom in the center.
“What? Big?” Rhagnar stammers as he worries she caught his ...erm issue. Dropping his pencil, it rolls onto the desk and right in front of the flower’s pot. Glancing at Sara he confirms she hadn't noticed anything.  He reaches forward to get the pencil leaning down in front of the flower, letting out a breath of relief, One of the smaller blossoms is right next to his nose and he breathed in its scent as he inhales after the sigh.

Rhagnars nose reacts and starts to run, The tingling tickle is getting much much stronger building in the back of his nostrils. He gets his pencil with one hand and rubs his nose with the other. Trying to make the tickle go away. “Come on let’s get to work....”
“Fine.” Sara says opening the text book. “Page 10… ok… so we need to put together a project on biosynthesis. I think I’ll take section one.”
Rhagnar is trying to listen completely distracted by his nose. The tickle inside it is growing exponentially stronger. He rubs at his nose, wiping the dripping nostrils on his sleeve. Trying not to sniffle not to draw attention, though his breath is starting to shake. And he nods as Sara looks up. She hasn't closed the flower’s door yet, and he doesn't dare get closer to it right now. God the tickle is so strong… and the tingle… down there…. Minutes tick by with agonizing slowness as she talks and he wipes his nose on his sleeve. Listening and nodding, avoiding actual speech. The tickle keeps building and building, his breath getting more hitchy. That tickly tingling itch in his nose getting more and more distracting. He rubs at his nose again.
“Ok. well that should be all we need for this section.” Sara says quietly.
He takes another hitchy breath, and wipes at his nose with his sleeve. His nostrils flaring widely and running. That tickling itch now a deep set sneezy tingle. “Ok, that sounds fffine- ehh heh- SNIFF- fine.” I stammer unable to keep my voice from shaking. At the thick wet SNIFFLE she glares at me.   

“Ew… your nose is running.. OH… MY --- GOD!? Are you sick?” Sara suddenly stands up and back away. She backs up a few feet and jostles the container it twirls on the desk wobbling back and forth. Rhagnar dives for it, to keep it from falling, more pollen sprays into the air.  Rhagnar manages to catch the container but his face is right over the biggest bloom. The cylinder in the center retracts Rhagnars nose running already, his oval nostrils flaring and turning red. Panting from trying not to let the cylinder fall. He looks up at Sara as he catches the cylinder. Not noticing the flower.
“I’b Nnnot...Rrrraaaahhh hah--- Sssick… SNIFFLE-- You almmmost--Raah--brroke this!” Ragnar says trying desperately NOT to sneeze his eyes on Sara. 
Sara back further away hastily packing up her stuff and starts heading to the door.

POOOOOOOFFFFFF - A shower of pollen unloads in Rhagnar’s face. Both hands holding the container he takes a faceful of the pollen. His nostrils flare wide as he inhales with a hitchy breath to tell Sara to wait. But whatever he was going to say is intererrupeted. An inferno of tickly need envelopes his nose. His eyes shut his wings unfurl behind him and his head tilts back. His mouth gapes open and he takes in a deep hitchy breath.
He can feel his cock is rock hard in his pants, as the pillow falls away. “CCa-aan--t ---RRRAAHHHH--RAAASCHHHOOOOOOOOOO RRRRah RAH RHA RAAACHUUUU RRAAASSSSTTTCCCCHUUUUUUUU--- RRRRRAAAACCCCHCHHHUUUUU” Gouts of flame shout out of his nostrils with each powerful sneeze the flowers in his hands glowing brighter as they absorb each one.
He feels his cock straining against his pants, and he hears a unzipping as the zipper gives way and his bulge hangs out. His wings flare backwards with each powerful sneeze the whoosh of air sending more pollen around the room.
He vaguely hears the door slam shut as Sara flees the area. Assuming he lied and IS sick, since the fireflower is hypoallergenic EVERYONE knows that.

Rhagnar is only vaguely aware of her leaving, lost in the burning need to climax, as his cock gets harder and hard, with each powerful sneeze. “HEEEHH RRRAHHHHHEHH RAAAASCHOOOOOO -- RAH RAH ---RAASSSCHUUUUUUU! RAAAAAACHUUUUUU!!!!” His boxers are now soaked with precum and he reaches a hand down to open the slit in them and let his cock hang out. It engorges fully as its released and he moans as he touches it. That tingly pleasure in his nose echoed in his cock. His every touch to it only now eliciting pure bliss. “RRRAAHHH AAHHH----” instead of closing the case he sticks his muzzle into the large bloom. The cylinder retracts having filled up again. He touches himself rubbing it slowly gently. Tingles of pleasure jolting through him as he anticipates whats to come.
Another explosion of pollen but this time he enhales DEEPLY wanting to cummmm NEEDING to cummm. His NOSE tingles its on fire pleasure shoots through his cock and he moans.
“RRRAAAASSCHUUUUUU RRRAH RAHHH RAAAHHHHH --- RRAAAAAYYYIIIIICCCCCCHHHUUUU-- RRAAAAHHCHCCCCCCHUUUU!!! RRRAAAIIIICCCCCCHHHHHHHIII!!” Each powerful uncontrollable sneeze lurchees him forward into the flowers that absorb the flames coming out of his nostrils. Each sneeze making his cock throb harder and harder in his hand. He strokes it, each sneeze leading him closer and closer to climax. The pollen hits the back of his sinuses his head tilts back, his cock throbbing and precum dripping off his cock and snot of his snout as his wings flair out. He takes in a deep deep hitchy breath.

RRRRAAAAAHHH-- RAAAH--- RRRAAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHA-- HHHHAAAAAAAAIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCHHHHUUUUUUUUU!!!”  He pitches forward with a last intense sneeze cum shooting out of his cock in spurts to his sneezes. “RRRAAAASTTTTCCCCCCCHHUUUU RRAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHHHHHEWWW----AAAHHHHHHHGGGGGNNNN UUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!! HAHH AHHHH RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIAASSSSSHHHHHEWWWWW!!!! OOOHHHHUNNNNNNNNNGGGHH…. RRRAAAASSHUUUUUUU HHAAPPPPTTTCCCCCHHHUUUUUU----UUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG pant pant pant…” He collapses over the bed cock still in hand covered in cumm and closes the case laying his head on the bed, sagging with relief that Sara fled when she did. SNIFFS thickly and blows his nose kicking his pants off he puts the flower back in its place and flops on the bed.

Social disaster sure…. But damn…..that always felt good.

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Love this! brillaint!


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Love the way you describe the tickly sneezes!


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