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Hello, my lovelies!  First off, a big jackalope hug to Mr. Ticklynoses who helped me write this story which is part three of my ‘Musk’ series, following “You Get What You Pay For” and “You Get What You Pay For Again”.  I do hope you enjoy! Cheers! =P

I don’t really consider myself to be an actual artist, per se.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t hold a great appreciation for art itself.  I like to think that I’m a fox with a keen eye for recognizing artistic talent in others - at least when it comes to ‘Performance Art’.  Oh sure, others might call it sex, fucking, yiffing, pleasuring, grinding, or what have you.  But here at Musk, pleasures of the flesh are genuinely an art form.  And the courtesans of Musk are masters of the craft.  I guess that makes me a patron of the arts.

Of course, master artists aren’t born that way.  Their skills must be honed, their talents must be shaped, and most importantly their eyes must be opened to the world that sex is more than just lube and rubbing parts together.  If that’s all you want then take your tail down to the nearest strip club and shove some money in a thong.  Here at Musk, the escorts are artisans of pleasure and understand that foreplay and fetish are just as important as climax and cum.  But like any true master craftsman, they must be trained hard.  Very hard. 

Today, by special invite, I’m being given an opportunity to watch and observe.  To see how one takes a simple lust-filled toy and turns them into an artist of pleasure.  So here I am, sipping merlot and sprawled out comfortably on this plush settee in a bedroom that’s not mine and doing the best impersonation of ‘patient’ I’m capable of.  I know that today's ‘recruit’, as it were, is being given a lesson in a fetish of my personal favorite.  My cock is already tingling just thinking about what’s in store for him.

I was told to come and make myself at home, so I did just that - showing up here in my most comfortable outfit.  Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother putting on a shirt since I just leave it unbuttoned anyway.  And these cotton wrap pants?  I love them!  The cling to me in all the right places and yet are still roomy enough to - shall we say, ‘accommodate’ me when things get yummy.  Jeans?  Yuck.  Sure they may look nice on my legs and ass but I’ve learned the hard way not to wear constrictive clothing here.

Speaking of yummy, our padawan should be arriving soon.  In the meantime, let me acquaint you with the hot piece of wolf standing opposite the bed over there.  That is Ashton.  And no, Ashton is not a courtesan.  Though with that muscular frame he’s got, he would certainly command a hefty price - one I’d pay in a heartbeat.  Sorry, I digress.  Ashton is what you might call the welcoming committee for new recruits.  He’s one of many here at Musk, but I’m told his technique and skills are particularly impressive.  I certainly hope so.

The door opens, revealing a rainbow of neon husky fur.  He bounces in the room with a wide grin and spring in his tail that seems to be consistent with all of his breed.  He’s got the body of a swimmer and the ass of a high school cheerleader.  Honestly, I’ve never cared much for neon fur highlights but I must admit he wears them well.  Streaks of purple and pink race up and down his back and sides.  He’s got on a pair of neon yellow and pink spandex boishorts and a slightly too big tee shirt with the words ‘Boner Garage’ diagonal across both sides.  He’s got his hair died a shade of neon teal that sets off his eyes well, but wearing it flopped to one side like that is still pretty hideous.  He stops and briefly looks confused before turning towards me and flashing an electric smile.

“Haaaaiiii~,” he giggles.  “I’m Driskel!  It’s so fabulous to meet you,” he prattles on with his tongue flopped out to one side, extending a limp wrist out for me to shake or kiss.  I smile back at him in silence.  He’s cute, no doubt.  And that ass of his is enough to confuse even the straightest of men.  Well done, sweetie.  You’ve got my cock’s attention.  I motion with my finger for him to turn around, which he does, thinking I want a better look at that ass.  Which I do, but also there’s a grizzled wolf on the other side of the room looking a bit impatient. 

As soon as Driskel turns around and sees Ashton glaring at him from the darkened corner, he starts his whole greeting routine all over again, like someone hit the reset button on his game.  Ashton doesn’t take his limp paw either.  Instead he throws a pink collar on the bed with the word ‘Dish’ embroidered on it.

“Shut your dick hole and put that on!  You’ll speak only when I ask you a question.  The only two names you will care about anymore are ‘Sir’ and ‘Master’!” 

Ashton circles him like a predator, barking at him like a puppy getting his ass chewed out.  It’s difficult to tell from this angle whether the husky was quite prepared for this kind of reception but from the looks of his nervous tail I’d say probably not. 

“From here on out your name is ‘Dish’!  You like that name, don’t you?  You love it!  Tell me how much you love it!”

‘Dish’ flips his teal bangs out of his eyes and shrugs, “I mean it’s okay, I guess - I mean, like, if you like it then sure, but it doesn’t really go with my usual…”

*SPANK!*  Ashton’s paw comes across Dish’s ass so hard it makes me flinch in my seat, leaving a tingling sensation across my tummy and also in my groin - though, admittedly the second one could be from how it made Dish’s balls wiggle from the sheer impact.  The husky’s face is a chaotic mix of shock, arousal, and shame all at once.

“Did I ask for your opinion, Dish?  I asked you a simple question.  It has a simple answer.  Now do you love your new name?”

He nods, at first at a loss to remember how to speak.  Finally he chokes out, “Y-yes.”

*SMACK!* Ooohh~  That ass is gonna get sore quick at this rate.  I’m licking my lips, wondering if Ashton gives any private lessons. 

“Yes, WHAT?” he barks right up in Dish’s face, eliciting a whimper and folded ears from him.

“SIR!  Yes, sir!  Y-yes sir, master!  Sir!  I… I l-love my new name!  S-sir!”

“Damn right!  It’s the best damn name in the world.  You love it.  You’re going to wear it.  Every damn day!  You are not to take this collar off under any circumstances.  Only I can take this collar off.  You will wear it every day because you love it, isn’t that right, Dish?”

There it is - that split second of indecision on his face.  The dawning comprehension of what he’s just been told.  No matter where he goes or what he does within the confines of Musk or outside taking a stroll in the park or visiting his mother, he has to keep wearing this thick, bright pink collar for everyone to see.  He whimpers again, looking desperate.  “Well, I…”

*SPANK!*  “I asked you a simple question, Dish!  The next time you open your dick hole you better give me the best damn answer you can or I am going to severely tear this bubble-butt ass of yours up!  Now, you’re going to wear this collar every day because you love it, isn’t that right, Dish?”

“Y-yes, sir,” he nods, biting his bottom lip and slowly curling his tail up underneath his legs.  Oh, he may look pathetic and whimpery, but that throbbing bulge in the front of his spandex shorts tells a whole different story. 

Holy balls.  I honestly have no idea which one I want to fuck more right now.  And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.  Twice my paw has tried to reach down and rub my sheath out of reflex before I caught myself and grunted in frustration.  In truth, I think my poor cock is confused.  Usually by this time he’s getting a lot of attention and petting.  I tell him to try to be patient.  Try to understand the ends to this are going to justify the means.  But he continues to argue with me, stretching up and trying to poke through the fabric of my cotton wrap pants, demanding to be petted.  This is going to be rough.  I better pour myself another glass of merlot.

Meanwhile, Ashton continues to circle Dish, looking him up and down like a piece of sirloin.  Every time he comes around front and makes eye contact, the husky shivers a bit more and his crotch flexes.  The twitching bulge does not escape the wolf’s gaze.  He thrusts his paw down the front of the husky’s neon shorts and and applies a firm grip that is just shy of painful.

“I better not have to tell you that cumming without my permission is a serious offense, do I?”

Dish shakes his head and gives a muted whine, somewhere between worried and excited.  Ashton firms up his grip for emphasis as Dish’s eyes widen in surprise. 

“Good boy.  Because the same goes for that muzzle of yours,” he growls, leaving Dish with a befuddled tilt of his ears. 

Ashton grunts and steps over beside the bed, pulling out a small bag.  Dish watches anxiously as Ashton searches the bag and pulls out an assortment of feathers.  He selects an enormous ostrich feather with thick plumage.  My cock practically jumps out of my pants at the sight of this thing and at the thought of what he’s about to do with it.  Ashton turns to Dish who’s looking at the feather with a curious, eager expression.

I watch with rapidly swelling anticipation, my breath throbbing in my chest as Ashton steps right in front of the nervous looking husky and waves the long fluffy ostrich feather in front of his face like a hypnotic charm.

“Now, be a good Dish and stand still.  For the sake of your own ass, you better not sneeze on me.  Dish?  Are you listening?  So help me, if you sneeze on me without permission - I’m gonna spank those buns of steel into ground beef!”

Dish gulps audibly.  Dawning comprehension splashes across his face.  His tail gets bushy and tense.  His eyes expand and as his ears twitch.  The long, dainty tendrils along the feather’s shaft get closer and closer to his nose.  I’m leaning in so far, I’m practically falling off my chair. 

The husky’s nose, sensing imminent danger, begins to twitch and recoil, distancing itself from the approaching tickles, wrinkling his muzzle.  At the first caress of the feather’s plumes dancing across his nose, I watch with rapt attention as his left nostril engorges itself, flaring out and quivering.  Ashton moves the feather slowly back and forth across Dish’s snout, taking his time.  I’m salivating.  My ears turn sharply towards the first whimpering rasps of hitched breath as Dish tries his best to obey his master.  Ashton takes the feather and stretches it out, slowly dragging the wispy edge of the fluff over the trembling, moist nostrils on Dish’s snout.  Dish’s eyes start blinking rapidly, his breath gets more and more difficult to control.

Ff-fffggghh.. Hhh… *g-g-gaa-ssp*  heehhhhh-GEHHH!..  *sniffle*  hhhihhhh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h…

Oh, rookie mistake!  I giggle to myself.  Never sniffle like that when the feather is right on top of your nostrils.  You’ll just inhale all those tiny bits of feather into your nose and make everything so much more tickly inside.  I can see by the sudden expression on Dish’s face he just figured that out for himself.  I guess I don’t have to tell you how badly I want to touch myself right now.  My right paw is almost shaking with desire and, yep - it looks like I’ve gotten pre all over my new cotton pants.  Oh well.  I’m surprised they stayed clean this long to be honest. 

I look up and swallow hard, trying not to drool on the carpet.  Ashton is just standing there, right in the line of fire, his eyes deadlocked on Dish with a stoic expression.  I can’t tell from here if he’s hard or not, but Dish on the other paw - his cock is certainly testing the limits of the fabric of those shorts.  His nose is dribbling all over his muzzle, poor thing.  I bet he wants to sneeze so badly.  All those tingles and itches in that wrinkled, spasming muzzle of his.  He blinks more tears from his eyes and tries to hold out a little longer as the feather makes another pass over his flexing nostrils.

Hhhihhh-h-h-h-h.. Nnggggeehhhhhh-h-h *gasp!*  Heeeh!..  *SNIFFLE* I c-c-can’t hhhihihheeehhhh-h-h-h  I… *sniffle* I h-have t-t-to hhh *GASP!* I h-have to sneee…  geehhh…  EEHHH! *G-GAASSP!!*

I watch with dilated pupils as Dish’s eyes start to roll back in his head and his muzzle throbs and contorts on his face, the first cracks in the dam starting to show.  I’m genuinely surprised he’s lasted as long as he has.  My cock is so hard I doubt there’s any blood left anywhere else in my body.  Ashton just keeps looking at him with one eyebrow raised, all but daring the sniffling husky to give in to those sneezy urges.  He’s so close, the mess would be all over his face and ears and neck and…  Fuck, this is not doing my painful boner any favors.  My heart is racing now.  I can feel the tension in Dish’s voice as he pleads for mercy - no doubt thinking about the punishment his ass is in for if he slips.

Pppfff.. Geh.. *wet sniffles* p-please..  S-s-sir.. I.. Hihh..  I c-can’t… ihhhh… HEhh.. Oh, shi…  hihhh.. EHHHH-HHEEHHH!!  Hiii’ch*****NXF!  Gheehh… *SNIFFFLE!*  Oh no, p-please d-don’tt.. Hhhh..  EEHH!!  Hiiiii’TCH***********NXKK!  *Snort!* Oh, it t-tigggglessss!   HHEEH-N*********XXXGG!  *sniffle* S-Sir… p-please d-don’t t-tiggle my nose I c-can’t I.. I c-can’t… hhhh-EHHH!  *GAAASSPP!!*  GAAAAHHH-SSPLLTCCHHIEEEEWWWWW!!

Oh, fuck me there he goes.  My cock lurches hard in my pants, tugging at the fabric.  I feel pre drooling down my thigh.  I’m almost surprised I didn’t cum paws-free right then.  All those stifled sneezes.  And then that monster release.  I’m panting - actually panting from all that.  I’m not sure how much more of this I can take before my sanity snaps.  But Ashton is far from done with this husky.

The wolf slowly opens his eyes, globules of snot sliding off his face and ears.  Dish looks genuinely worried and slinks back.  Tail tucked.  Ears back.  Head down.  The look in his eyes says he wants desperately to apologize and make amends.  Ashton curls his lip into a snarl that makes Dish’s tail bush out.

“Dish!  I told you no sneezing without my…”

GEHH!… HHEEH-SSSSHIEWWWW!!  HHHEEHH-CCHIEWWW!!  HHHIIIIIH-SSCCHHIEWWW!!…  *sniffle* GAAH!  OH, SHIT!  S-S-SIR!  I..  I’m so sorry!  It - the feathers.. M-my nose it.. I..  I didn’t mean - No, wait!”

Of the three of us in the room, I’m not sure which of us was more startled by Dish’s second volley of sneezes.  I watch with amusement as Ashton wipes his face off with one paw and grabs Dish by the scruff of his neck with the other, spinning the hapless husky around and exposing that delicious, round ass of his. 

“NO!  *SWAT!*  Bad puppy!  *SPANK!  SMACK!*  You know better than that!  *SMACK!  SWAT!*”

I take another sip of wine and murr, licking my lips as Ashton ‘punishes’ Dish.  The husky’s throbbing erection looks like it’s about ready to burst.  A feeling I know all too well at the moment, as my own sex twitches each time Ashton’s paw grazes that ass of his. 

I’m panting again like a bitch in heat, which is exactly how I feel.  I shrug off my shirt and try to fan my fur, get some air.  I’ve been edged and put through orgasm denial before, but I was always tied up.  Now the only thing stopping me from pleasuring my own flesh is me.  And right now I’m so hard I could play baseball.  It dawns on me, watching Dish’s ass get hammered by that wolf’s paw, some of the whines and whimpers I’m hearing are probably coming from me.

“Dish!  Disobedient puppies lose the right to wear clothes!” Ashton declares as he rips the t-shirt and neon underwear off him revealing a rather impressive cock for such a petite husky. 

My eyes nearly pop out of my face.  I’m so horny right now, that husky’s cock, glistening with pre, beckons to me like a succulent lollipop made of pure ambrosia.  I must hold out longer, but at this rate I’m genuinely starting to wonder if it’s possible to get dehydrated from leaking this much pre.

“Dish!  Pay attention!  If you want to earn the right to wear clothes again, you will obey!  Understand?”

The naked husky nods, sniffling and then looking on in fright as Ashton opens a pepper shaker and dumps its contents in a gray, dusty pile on the end of his nose. 

Oh, fuck me!  I turn and bite down into the fabric of the chair, crawling all over it as my cock somehow finds a way to get even harder than it was already.  I whimper softly as I turn back and force myself to watch in a fascination of raw sensual overload as Dish scrunches up his face, bites his lip and tries with all his might to resist the burning itchy tingles as the pepper creeps its way into his trembling nostrils.

Dish’s nose begins to twitch and wiggle involuntarily, getting more and more messy as more fluid drips out.  His chest quivers, trying to suck in a might gasp to forcefully expel all of the irritating pepper from his nasal passages. 

Geeekkkkxx…  nnppf… *SNRRRK!*  heepp.. Pf.. Hhh.. *g-g-geeeeaassp*  hhhih… gehhhnngehh…

Dish and I both turn our gaze towards Ashton, pleading with him silently to please show some mercy and let the poor boy sneeze before his nose explodes!  I’m just as tense as Dish is, watching him struggle and try to keep the burning itches from burrowing back into his sinuses.  He grits his teeth as his lip starts to curl and his nostrils begin to expand and undulate.  Oh for fuck’s sake, he can’t last much longer!  My balls ache just seeing him like this!  Ashton leans over and whispers in Dish’s ear.

“Very good, pet.  You may sneeze one time and only…”


My jaw hits the floor.  And I’m pretty sure that pathetic, girly whine came from me too.  I pull out the waist of my wrap pants and look down to confirm my suspicions.  I see my very angry looking dick staring back up at me and screaming to be let out.  The fur on my inner thighs is completely soaked in precum.  And I could swear my balls actually look swollen.  I’m trying not to hyperventilate, to not get dizzy and lightheaded.  But after that display I’m almost seeing stars in front of me. 

Ashton actually flinched and jumped back a little - totally surprised by the violence of Dish’s reaction.  No wonder with all that pepper lodged in his nose!  I’m ready to applaud the boy’s efforts and treat him to the finest ass hammering he’s ever had.  But lo, Ashton is still not done.  I clutch anxiously at my ears and tail and try to hold on a little longer.  My balls are straining so hard, I can see bits of semen leaking out along with the pre at this point. 

Ashton growls at Dish in protest, causing the sniffling husky to squeal and jump back.  The wolf turns in a huff and retrieves a different feather from his toy bag.  This one is long and thin, looking more like a quill and less like the fluffy plumage of the ostrich feather.  Dish watches all this with wide, large eyes, waiting for his instructions.  I watch with the same expression on my face as well.

Ashton steps to the side and takes off his belt, snapping it against his paw with a crack that makes me and Dish both flinch.  He drops and steps out of his jeans and boxers, letting his cock flop out.  How he does not have a raging erection like everyone else in the room, I will likely never understand.

“Dish, on you knees.  Show me what that mouth of yours can do.”

For the first time since he entered the room, the husky’s tail wags.  Finally getting to wrap his lips around some thick wolf cock - well, I mean who wouldn’t wag?  Eagerly he cups one paw around Ashton’s heavy balls and the other encircles the base of his knot, massaging and working him hard while his very practiced mouth slurps down on that thick, musky shaft.  He stops wagging when he remembers the feather.  His eyes pounce on it, following it around with large pupils.  He watches as the tip of the feather slides gently into his right nostril, pressing in deeper and deeper, causing his entire muzzle to quiver and shake.

“Who said you could stop sucking, Dish?  This dick ain’t gonna suck itself.  Now keep going!” Ashton proclaimed while twirling the feather in Dish’s nostril.

The husky sniffled wetly and gave a whimper of ascent trying to ignore the effects of the feather on his already hyper-sensitive, twitching nasal cavity.  The tip of the feather works its way back further and further until the tip of the delicate tendrils began to tickle and teases the back ares of his sinuses.

Hhhhhgg-geehh!  *slurp!*  *sniffle* hhhhhh..  HHHRRREEEESSHMMMMMMPPFFFFFFF!!

My pants are off.  There was no way I could remain clothed after seeing THAT!  That choice piece of husky ass sneezing with his mouth full of wolf cock?  My balls are practically screaming in pent-up pain.  Fuck trying to hold out any longer.  It is time for Daddy to sample the goods. 

Ashton either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care about the naked fox waltzing up behind his trainee.  Speaking of behinds - I place both paws on Dish’s ass and lift him up on all fours with his mouth still firmly wrapped around Ashton’s cock.  Fuck me, I’ve sampled plenty of ass in my day, but this one is truly something special.  I’ve never seen such round, tender, yet firm flanks before.  I’m guessing three maybe five hours a day on the stairmaster to achieve perfection like this.  Part of me wants to just keep massaging and petting it, listening to the way he moans and whimpers every time my paw drifts under his tail and over his balls.  Oh, Dish.  I’m going to have to sample you again someday real soon. 

Meanwhile the feather continues to take its toll on Dish’s nose.

Nnggehhh-h-h-h-hh.. *s-snifff-ffle*  hehh… *lick lick s-suck lick*  geehhh… *g-gasp!*  HHHRRRRRPPPTCCHMMMBBLTT!! Hihh.. EEHH!  HHHHHEEH-SSHHMMPFFFFFFF!!  GAAHH-TCHHMMMMBBLLTTFFF!!…  *sniffle*

Holy balls, if I don’t cum soon I’m gonna lose my mind.  With my cock already slathered in my own precum, I grab Dish’s tail and slide my flesh into his.  His ass fits me like a silk glove as I hear him lurch and dribble his own pre on the carpet.  I make no illusions of my intentions, slamming myself in like a wild jackhammer.  He takes me without complaint, working Ashton’s cock so well, I can see the surprise in the wolf’s grizzled eyes just how fast he’s approaching climax.  A little too fast it seems.

I look up in a blissful haze and see Ashton growling, “No w-wait, slow down - slow DOWN. Ah, shit! Fuck-fuck-FUUUUCK!”

With his knees shaking, threatening to buckle under him, Ashton grunts and grabs hold of Dish’s ears, knotting himself balls-deep the husky’s drooling mouth.  This, consequently, has the added advantage of pressing the feather in deeper.  With each thrust and surge of cum from the wolf’s cock, the tip of the feather swirls and tickles the sides of the husky’s nose, driving the sneezy urges in his muzzle to a fever pitch. 

I watch as Ashton continues to howl and pump hot seed into Dish’s mouth, overwhelming him with volume until his cheeks are starting to balloon out.  The husky tenses up right as my knot slips inside him, locking us together like superglue.  He starts to flail about, the urge to sneeze growing exponentially in his twitching muzzle as the feather continues its assault inside his nose.  I feel my balls straining to unload.  I cry out with a feral snarl, flinging my head back just as Ashton pulls his thick cock out of Dish’s cum-filled mouth.  The husky gasps and pants, rearing back and scrunching his face in a sneezy contortion.


There goes the feather, blasting out of his muzzle along with an impressive volume of wolf cum spraying from his mouth and nostrils.


With every violent sneeze his body clamps down on my throbbing dick, milking me like a machine.  I’m cumming so hard I’m screaming.


For fuck’s sake stop!  There’s nothing left for you to milk out of me!  Unclench so I can pull out of you and collapse in a puddle on the floor!  Oh shit - no, WAIT!


We’ve created a monster.  A sneezing/milking machine in the body of a husky twink that is now completely out of control.  He can’t be bargained with.  He can’t be reasoned with.  And his ass absolutely will not stop its assault on my hyper-sensitive flesh, continuing to rub and massage my cock long after my orgasm has past.  I’m crossing the threshold between pleasure and sensory overload.  I feel consciousness slipping from me.


Ashton, my hero, comes to my rescue with a finger pressed firmly under Dish’s nose, halting his sneezing fit dead in its tracks.  The husky’s ass finally relaxes enough to release my knot along with the majority of the hot seed I pumped into him.  I fall to the floor in a heap, the room is spinning too much for me to even sit up without drooling on myself and falling over.  Dish flops over on the floor beside me, shivering in his own puddle of orgasmic euphoria. 

I’m still dizzy and cloudy when Ashton comes over and sits next to me holding a clipboard.  He checks off a few items and scribbles some notes.  He looks over in my general direction and asks my opinion.

“So, what’s your take?  He’s okay, right?  Got a fine ass on him, that’s for sure.  Decent mouth.  Think he’ll be worth the trouble?”

I try and squeak out an answer between ragged pants of breath, but all I can manage is to nod and give a very weak thumbs up.  Ashton nods in agreement and signs the clipboard. 

“Good, good.  I’ll give ya five minutes to rest up and we’ll bring in the next one.  Sound good?”

Oh, fuck me.

Dante killed the hot water blast of the shower and pulled the curtain back, letting steam flood out into the bathroom.  He gave a good shake before stepping out and grabbing a towel to dry himself off further.  The jasmine scented conditioner made his fur shine and gave it a luster he was not used to seeing on himself.  He wiped the steam off the bathroom mirror and smiled sheepishly at the naked alsatian smiling back at him.  Tonight will be wonderful, he told himself while toweling off his fluffy tail and humming a little tune.

The date was circled in bold color on his calendar and he’d been counting the days all month long.  Today was when Dixie would be getting back into town after a prolonged trip to visit her relatives back in New Zealand.  It had been several weeks since he’d last seen his beautiful border collie girlfriend.  And every inch of him was tingling with excitement now that she was finally back in town.  His sheath gave an excited twitch as he pictured her walking through the door in those tight, ass-hugging jeans she was so fond of wearing.  “Heh.  Down boy,” Dante chuckled as he continued to towel himself off.

He added a bit of cologne under his ears and neck - just enough to be pleasant.  He hummed to himself as he brushed out his fur, looking quite satisfied at how well that new conditioner brought out the luster in his coat.  His roommate, Alex, used this stuff all the time.  But Dante only really bothered on special occasions like this one.  He didn’t really care if his fur shimmered and bounced every day like Alex did, apparently.  Then again, he was not very much like his cheetah roommate who had recently, much to Dante’s annoyance, declared their apartment to be a ‘Bottomless-Friendly’ zone meaning that pants and underwear were strictly optional – at least until the oppressive heat of summer was past.

Alex really had a definition all his own about what was, or according to him should be, socially acceptable in all situations.  So as Dante opened the bathroom door, which led into his bedroom, he really should not have been too surprised to see Alex half-naked and sprawled out on his bed.  But he gasped nonetheless and instinctively went to cover himself with the towel before shrugging it off and realizing there was no point.  Alex didn’t really comprehend ‘personal space’ between them.  He and Dante had been best friends for so long that Alex saw it more like ‘personal space shared between brothers’.  Dante rolled his eyes - brothers who parade their naked butts around in front of each other, apparently.

“Alex, could you at least put on some pants or maybe just some underwear before Dixie comes over?” Dante pleaded as he rummaged through his drawer for those pair of boxer-briefs that Dixie had told him made his ass look ‘mmrraawrr!’. 

Alex gave a noncommittal murmur and continued to lay sprawled out on his stomach, flicking his finger across the screen of his tablet.  He propped his head up on one paw and asked, “So, I’m assuming you’re planning on taking Dixie out someplace nice, maybe a nice stroll on the Riverwalk, followed up by a sexy, romantic plowing of the wet, hot furrows?”

Dante nearly choked on his own spit and fumbled with the pair of undies in his paws, almost dropping them, at his hedonistic friend’s bluntness.  He stepped into the briefs and shot the grinning cheetah a sideways glance.  “Yes.  Something like that.  Why?  Are you going to tell me I should take her to one of your gay bars or to that - what’s that place called you’ve been freelancing at?  ‘Musk’ or whatever?”

Alex hopped up and sat with his legs folded on Dante’s bed and giggled.  “Yeeeahh, I wouldn’t suggest taking her there – maybe not just yet.  But umm…  No, the reason I was asking is, I was wondering if you’d seen the latest forecast for today?”

Dante finished pulling on his pants and a nice button up shirt before he took the tablet in his paws to look at whatever Alex was going on about.  It was a weather report that also contained the pollen count for the day.  It was so high it was off the scale.  Dante’s nose started getting runny just looking at the screen.  He huffed and flopped down on the bed beside his half-nude roommate. 

“Oh, why today of all days?” he whimpered.  “The pollen count is so high they didn’t even use a number.  It just says ‘@$#%$!!’ next to the index.  Even if I double up my meds, I’ll be a sneezing wreck in no time.  And yeah, Dixie gets turned on by my sneezing, sure, but if I start sneezing uncontrollably then I’ll start cumming all over myself while were out and…  This isn’t funny, Alex!  You could at least try to stop drooling about it.”

The cheetah checked his grin and wiped his mouth off on his arm.  “Sorry!  But you know me and cum – especially yours.  Okay, OKAY!  Easy, now!  Bad joke, I apologize.  But let me ask you this: You just want to be able to get through the date without sneezing your head off right?”

Dante nodded and sighed mournfully, rubbing his nose with the back of his paw.

Alex hopped off the bed and smiled, “Well that’s no problem – I can take care of that for ya, easy.  Come on into my room and we’ll get you fixed right up.”

Alex paused halfway out the door when he realized Dante wasn’t following.  He poked his head around and saw Dante’s nonplussed expression looking back at him from the bed.

“Okay - one, there is no way I’d ever follow you into your room unless you’re wearing pants.  Two, are you really expecting me to believe you’re going to cure my hay fever with.. ‘something’ in your room?  I mean – is there anything in there except 200 different flavors of lube and sex toys?  And three, Alex, please put on some pants.”

Alex rolled his eyes and smirked, pretending to stomp angrily into his room.  “Fiiiiine, I’ll put some clothes on if it will make you feel better.”  He came back in wearing a pair of very form-fitting neon boi-shorts that barely covered anything and had the words 'Atkins Approved' encircling the crotch.  “There?  All better now?”  He grabbed Dante’s paw and tugged him off his bed.

“Oh yes.  Much,” Dante sighed, letting his manic roommate pull him into his bedroom.  The alsatian thought briefly about covering his eyes before he entered.  He’d never been in Alex’s bedroom before and wasn’t entirely sure what horrors awaited inside. 

Alex opened the door to his walk-in closet and stepped inside.  Dante shuddered upon seeing that there were no clothes inside (well, the leather outfits hardly qualified as ‘clothes’) but rows and rows of various adult toys and bottles of lube.  The cheetah sighed happily and beamed with pride at his collection.  He then turned around with a semi-serious look on his face and bluntly told Dante, “Strip.  I’ll need to see your dick.”

Dante genuinely could not believe he’d heard him correctly.  “E-Excuse me?”

“Pants, undies - take ‘em off.  I need to measure you.  Sizing is important or this might be painful.  Oh, hey!  No no, come back!  Look, I’m being serious, okay?  No, really – I think this will work.  I just need you to trust me on this.  If I’m wrong it won’t do you any harm, but we both know I’m never wrong right?” he giggled, cocking his head and trying to look cute. 

Dante swallowed hard and looked apprehensive, but had nothing to say against that.  True, Alex was a breed all his own, but he was right – he’d never done anything to make Dante not trust him.  Though this request was really pushing the limits.  The blushing alsatian slowly unfastened his pants and slid them down, followed by his boxer-briefs, leaving him standing in Alex’s sex toy emporium naked with his pants around his ankles. 

“Wha… Hey!  What are you.. A-Alex!  That..!  nngg… Oh, jeez.”

Without any warning, Alex had wrapped his paw around the base of Dante’s cock, feeling around and then cupping his balls.  Dante felt his ears burn with embarrassment and his cheeks flush, but if Alex noticed this he didn’t say anything.

“Hmmm… Okay, I’d say you’d be between 14 and 16 centimeters, and probably a 28 centimeter retainer and maybe a medium clip.  Okay hang on and lemme look see.”  Alex turned and began rummaging through one box after another.  “Hmm…  okay..  Nnnope.  Not that one.  Hmm..  I thought I had another – oh, there it is!  Okay, now hold still for a sec and um, this is probably going to be a tad cold on the bits at first.”

Dante looked down with wide eyes at the multiple rings of stainless steel.  “Wait.. Alex, what are those, anywaaaah YIPE!”  Cold was an understatement. 

With agile and very practiced paws, Alex fished the alsatian’s dick and balls through the metal rings, clamping them in place.  He took a moment to inspect the fit, holding Dante’s cock like a handle and moving it from side to side while Dante panted and tried not to whimper out loud.

Finally, Alex stepped back and sighed, “Alright.  And now for the words I’ve never spoken before in my entire life:  Go ahead and put your pants back on.” 

Dante wasn’t sure what to make of the metal jewelry wrapped around his junk but he did at least feel a little better about finally getting to put his clothes back on.  Alex busied himself looking for another item in his closet, pulling out one drawer after another until he found a very odd looking tiny feather duster that was on the end of long plastic wand.  Dante opened his mouth to ask something, but he didn’t quite know where to begin.  Alex smirked and offered to fill in the blanks for him.

“Right, so you’re wondering why I put cock rings on your package other than I’ve always thought it would look just smashing on you.  Which it does, by the way.  Well, my dear allergic alsatian, I have a theory:  You have this odd… um, ‘talent’ that links your nose with your loins and when one gets all excited and flushed so does the other one, right?  Which inevitably means every time you have a sneezing fit, you cum buckets.  So obviously if we keep you from sneezing, we’ll keep you from cumming.  But, uhh..  Heh – I’ve seen your hay fever, and I think we both know that ain’t happening.  But!  What if we do the opposite, hmmm?  What if we keep you from cumming and thereby prevent you from sneezing?”

Dante blinked, staring at Alex with his mouth slightly agape.  He looked down at the bulge in his pants and back up at the grinning cheetah.  “You…  aren’t serious.”

“Well, we’re about to find out!  Now, be a good boy and hold still for me.”

Dante watched as Alex raised up the feathery end of plastic wand and ran it over the edge of a ceiling vent, collecting piles of gray dust fluff on the ends of the feathers.  The alsatian’s eyes followed in disbelief as Alex took the dusty feathers and swished them under his nose which promptly responded by scrunching up and itching inside profusely. 

“A-A-Ahh… Al-l-lex wha.. hih.. EHHHEEEHH!  wh-wh-wha..  hihh…  *SNIFFLE!*  What are you doo-ehhh… hihh HEEEH!  HHEEEE-GEEH!!  *GAASSP*!!” 

Instantly, Dante felt his allergies act up.  This inside of his nostrils began to tingle and spasm, his nostrils flared out, and his eyes began to water.  The tickles in his nose pulsed back into his sinuses and sparked a similar reaction in his balls causing them to tingle and tighten up as his cock began to spasm and dribble pre.  As he gasped and panted, trying to resist the sneezy urges burrowing into his nostrils, his cock swelled up rock-hard in his pants.

N-n-N-nngg!  NO!  A-Alexxx-hhihhhhhsss-sss GEEH! S-s-s-staahhpf!  You’re.. gaeehh-hihhh g-gonna make me.. snee… hihh.. snneee..!!  hihhhh!  Oh.. hihh.. I.. HEEHH.. EEEEHHHHH!!  *GASP!* HHHHHHEEEEHEHHH-…!!

Dante reared back and cringed, his nostrils billowed, his lip curled up.  He gasped and inhaled, as the sneezy urges reached critical mass in his sinuses – only to have the feeling suddenly stop dead in its tracks.  He felt his cock tremble in his pants, the swell of cum pressing hard against the base of his throbbing erection, choked off by the metal rings.  The sneezy tingles subsided in his sinuses, leaving him a sniffling mess and desperately grabbing for tissues to blow his nose. 

“Ha-ha!  It worked!  Oh, I knew it would!  You can’t sneeze if you can’t cum!  Oh, don’t you see this is perfect!  The answer to all your woes,” Alex said in triumph, patting the bulge in Dante’s pants. 

The alsatian blew his very runny nose and wiped the sneezy tears from his eyes.  True, he’d experienced an allergy attack that was choked off, but his balls throbbed and ached painfully from being denied orgasm just like his sinuses felt, being unable to find relief from all the tingling and tickling.  Still though, he had to admit, it did work and could at least let him get through maybe dinner and a quick romantic walk before he couldn’t take it anymore.  In the back of his mind, he did wonder what would eventually happen once he opened the floodgates after being essentially edged for hours on end.  The allergic sneezing fit would probably be epic.  He shuddered, wondering if the orgasm that followed might actually put him in the hospital.

Dante didn’t have long to ponder the consequences of all this as a knock at the front door meant Dixie was here at last.  Dante instantly became nervous again, trying to make sure his clothes were on straight, and that his nose was not runny (though it still itched terribly from all the dust, forcing him to sniffle continuously).  He tried to do something with his still-throbbing erection, but there was little he could do to quiet that down now that Dixie was here.  Several weeks without sex and his cock was begging to be let out. 

Alex practically danced across the room to the front door to let Dixie in.  Dante turned the corner as she entered and looked.  Stared.  Dumbstruck.  There she was.  The border collie of his dreams.  Just as beautiful as he’d remembered. 

For a moment, no one spoke.  Dante’s eyes swelled, nearly filling his entire face.  She was wearing those painted-on jeans that made his heart skip; the ones that hugged every curve and crease of her incredible ass.  She wore a plain white tee shirt tucked in tight and stretched over the ample curves of her chest.  Her signature bandana, tied around her neck and hanging just off center, like it was pointing down at her left breast.  Her eyes were sparkling, dilated just as big as his if not bigger.  He suddenly blushed crimson when he followed her gaze down to the twitching lump in the front of his pants.

Dixie stepped inside and gave her bashful boyfriend a sultry smile.  “I missed you too, stud,” she purred with a wink.  She turned to give Alex a welcome hug before the over-excited cheetah bounced his way right through the floor.  “Okay, okay – yeah, I guess I missed you too, you nutty cheetah,” Dixie giggled, rolling her eyes at the words printed on the front of his cotton undies. 

Dante smiled sheepishly as Dixie glided over to him and wrapped her arms around him.  “But not as much as I missed this,” she purred, pressing her lips to his and kissing him so deeply Dante could swear he was about to lose his tonsils to her tongue.  He returned her kiss and shuddered as their bodies met, her chest pressing against his and her hips grinding against his raging hard-on.  Her paws snaked their way over his body and under his tail, making it difficult for him to breathe without gasping.  Dante sniffled wetly and tried to get some air before he passed out, or before he got so dizzy he fell off his feet.

Dixie stopped her groping and looked over Dante’s wet, runny nose.  “Oh wow.  Are your allergies bothering you, cutie?” she asked, torn between concern and excitement with a notable blush across her cheeks.  While she loved Dante’s powerful, wet sneezing, she also knew he had been looking forward to taking her out this evening.  But if his hay fever was acting up, that might prove difficult.

Dante nodded and started to open his mouth to explain, but was at a loss for words as he looked down at the bulge in his pants and back up at her.  Dixie quirked her ears to one side in a confused expression.  She wasn’t sure what he could possibly be embarrassed about.  She knew all too well what his sneezing fits did to his loins, a bonus that she exploited during sex whenever she could.  Dixie started to say something reassuring but was interrupted by Alex hopping around excitedly like a cub who needed to go pee.  She gave her boyfriend a sympathetic scritch behind his left ear and turned to Alex with one eyebrow quirked.  “Yes?  Did you need something?”

Alex grinned and clapped his paws.  “Oh, it’s just the coolest news ever!  We found a way to keep Dante’s sneezes under control.  It’s true!  I mean, it’s not like we cured his hay fever or anything – not like THAT’S gonna happen.  But, no really, we came up with a sure-fire way to keep his sneezes ‘locked away’ so to speak.”  Alex beamed while Dante shuddered from the phrase ‘locked away’. 

Dixie looked at Alex and back and Dante, whose runny nose prompted him to get another tissue.  She quirked one ear at Alex and remarked, “Yeah, I’m not following you.  Which surprises me not at all, really,” she added, watching Dante go through several tissues blowing his nose.

Alex nodded, “I know, I know – but it’s really simple.  Okay, like I said, I didn’t cure him of his mega hay fever or anything.  But I did find a way to get his sneezing under control.  You know how whenever he sneezes uncontrollably he – Ha!  Well of course *YOU* know all about it, I’m sure – but anyway, yeah, okay see, I figured if we keep him from cumming we keep him from sneezing.  And it worked!  Really!  When he can’t cum, he can’t sneeze!  Hey, Dante!  Show her your cock rings!”

Dante finished wiping off his nose and shot Alex a sarcastic look.  “Uhhh, how about ‘no’?  Not all of us are as gung ho about flashing our junk out in the open,” he added flinging the wadded up tissue at Alex who giggled and batted it away.

But the one person in the room who was not laughing was Dixie.  In fact, if anything she looked dead serious.  She was staring hard at Dante as if trying to unravel a frustrating puzzle.  Both Dante and Alex exchanged glances and looked back over towards Dixie, asking if she was all right.

Dixie tilted her ears and narrowed her eyes on Dante’s muzzle.  “You mean, he can’t sneeze no matter what?”  Dante couldn’t help but notice that she licked her lips when as she said it.

Alex shrugged and retrieved the dusty feather wand from earlier, making Dante’s tail cringe a little.  “Well, I mean as long as he’s cum-blocked with the set of cock rings I put on him.  Here, watch…” 

Alex took the dusty feather wand and gently traced it in a circle over Dante’s quivering nostrils.  Dante felt the familiar allergic tingles start to spread in his nose as the dust penetrated into his sinuses.  The feathers’ gentle touch tickled the edge of his wet nostrils and along his septum, making his entire face scrunch up in a desperate sneezy expression.  The tingles spread across his balls and up the length of his dick, but it seemed no matter how badly it tickled or how intensely his nose itched, the sneezes just would not come as long as he couldn’t either. 

nnnggg-GEEEH!  Hihhh-h-h-hh-h…  HEEH.. EEH!  *GASP!*  hhhhihh.. AAHHH!  Nngg.. *Sniffle* O-oh-oh-k-k-kay Al…Allll-Alex, tha…  hihh..  HAAAHH!  Geehh-jeeehhh!!  *SNIFFLE!* heeh-h-h-h… we g-get the p-point!  HHEEHHH!  Nnnggg…!

Alex tucked the feather wand under his arm like a baton and looked triumphant.  “See?  It works!  He may have a few snifflies, but no sneezing!  No matter what, he won’t be able to sneeze until he takes off the cock rings and then, hoo boy!  I have no idea what will happen but it’ll probably be…”

Dixie’s eyes were so wide the surrounding whites were visible.  She cocked her head to the side and looked at the sniffling alsatian with a stare usually reserved for predators making their prey. 

“Get.  Out,” she growled under her breath, her left eye twitching.

Dante sniffled against his runny nose and exchanged a confused glance with Alex.  Neither of them were too sure what to make of Dixie’s expression or comment.

Alex leaned a little closer.  “Sweetie, I’m sorry – did you say...?”

“OUT!” she snarled, drooling a little out of the corners of her mouth.  The anxious border collie snatched Alex up by the scruff of his neck, eliciting a startled ‘mew!’ from the blushing cheetah.  She carried him to the front door and shoved a pawful of cash and her car keys down the front of his underwear.  “Get out.  Find a hotel, and do not come back tonight!”  And with one fluid motion she tossed the amused looking cheetah out the front door and shut it tight.

Dixie turned around and looked at Dante the way a hungry lion looks at a thick-cut ribeye steak.  Her eyes flashed as she walked towards him slowly, peeling off her tee shirt, and letting her breasts bounce free from underneath.  She tossed the shirt aside and continued stalking towards her prey, who was starting to look very apprehensive, backing up, and flattening himself against the wall. 

“Uhhh..  D-Dixie?  *sniffles* Wh..  What are you..?  A-are you okay?  *sniffle*

The smile across Dixie’s face was a little unsettling.  Dante watched with large eyes as she unfastened her jeans, exposing the scarlet lace panties underneath.  Then she turned sharply and stepped over to the window and lifted it open, obviously far beyond caring if any of his neighbors saw her topless.  She licked more drool from her lips and moved closer with her grin widening, showing more teeth and licking her lips.

“Are you going to be a good boy and lose those pants or am I going to have to do it for you?” she murred, sliding her paws down between her ass and her jeans, moving them down a little further.

Dante’s nose began to itch immediately as the yellow clouds of summer pollen wafted in through the open window.  He gulped and blinked sneezy tears from his eyes while his gaze bounced back and forth from the window to Dixie’s breasts, back to the window, and back to Dixie’s panties.  His dick was so hard it had managed to edge its way just over the top of his waistband and drool precum down the front of his pants.  He sniffled against the tickles starting to build up in the back of his nose and was starting to have serious doubts that Alex’s ‘remedy’ could possibly work against his pollen allergies. 

“Um.. D-Dixie?  Are you sure this hihh… theeehhh… HEHH!  *GASP!* th-hiss is a g-good idea?  I…  I mean.. I was gonna.. *SNIFFLE!*  hhehhh… *sniff*  I was g-gonna take us out and g-ghhihhh… HEHh.. *SNIFFLE* g-get dinner and I mean are you um.. a-are you h-h-hungry at all?”

Dixie was upon him now.  Dante stammered and tried to remember how to speak, his claws digging into the wall for support as his nose caught the overwhelming scent of her heat.  She pressed her finger to his lips and made a ‘shhhh’ gesture with her grin just before wrapping her lips around his and trying to swallow his tongue, while her paws reached down and groped the throbbing bulge in his pants.  She grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled them apart forcefully, snapping the button off the front and ripping the zipper apart.

“Fuck yes, I’m hungry,” she growled, peeling him off the wall.  She rammed her tongue down his throat again, walking him backwards to the bedroom.  Her paws snaked under his shirt and pulled the buttons off, letting them drop to the floor along with the ripped remains of his shirt.  Dante’s nose began to scrunch up more, as the pollen teased and tickled the inside of his sinuses, making him gasp and sniffle as they kissed.  The wet desperate sounds only fueled Dixie’s heat even more.  She gave a low, rumbling, lustful growl and flung Dante backwards onto his bed. 

Dante shuffled back some more on his bed and wiped his nose on his arm.  He couldn’t remember ever seeing Dixie like this before.  She almost looked in a trance-like state, licking her lips and purring like a sex-starved teenager, leaving Dante somewhere between fearful and aroused.  His eyes followed her every movement as her paws slid inside her jeans and over the curves of her ass, sliding the tight denim fabric over her butt and down her thighs until she was wearing nothing by her scarlet red, heat-soaked panties. 

Dante tried to focus on Dixie’s sensual display, but his nose kept distracting him, overwhelmed with itchy tingles as the pollen tormented him further.  He gasped and blinked, his eyes fluttering as the tingles crept into his sinuses, threatening to erupt at any moment into a massive sneezing fit that never materialized.  Deep in his pre-soaked underwear, his cock strained and throbbed, struggling to free itself from the metal rings choking the life out of his orgasm that was pounding on his aching balls.  He gasped and panted on the bed, but Dixie seemed more preoccupied by the fact that he was still wearing pants. 

She crawled across the bed towards the half-dressed, sniffling alsatian, shaking her tail and grabbing his ankles.  She held his feet up to her chest and looked down on him with an evil grin.

“I told you to be a good boy and get rid of these clothes.  Now I’m going to have to punish you,” she purred, leaving Dante with one ear twitching and looking perplexed.  Punish?  Dixie had never talked like that befo…


Hugging his ankles to her breasts, Dixie proceeded to nibble and lick on Dante’s toes, sending the hyper-ticklish alsatian into squealing fits of giggles as he thrashed around on the bed and begged for mercy.  Dixie responded by flicking her tongue slowly between each of his toes and over his sensitive pads, nearly making Dante hyperventilate with shrill laughter. 


Grinning, Dixie kept up her licking and slurping on Dante’s ticklish feet and toes until he managed to thrash and squeal his way out of his pants and underwear, pushing them down around his knees until she finally decided to show him mercy, releasing his feet and tugged the remainder of his clothes off him. 

Dante gasped and panted, trying to get his breath back and still giggling nervously as Dixie crawled her way on top of him and straddled his thighs, pressing the heat of her warm, moist panties up against his balls.  She leaned over and ran her fingers up his chest and over his fluffy ears, taking his paw in hers and encouraging him to caress and fondle the shape of her breasts.  He sniffled and twitched his nose as the allergic tingles swam in his sinuses and made his eyes water.

“Awwww~  Poor Dante!  You look like you need to sneeze so badly!  All that pollen and dust in your nose must be itching sooooo terribly,” she purred, reaching down and teasing the underside of his painfully hard erection.  Dante grunted and nodded, wincing as his cock drooled more precum and begged to be released from its cruel prison.  “Well then, maybe I can help you with that,” she cooed, looking at him with a mischievous flash in her eyes. 

Dante watched wide-eyed as Dixie retrieved the feather wand that Alex was using earlier and brought it up to his trembling muzzle.  He sniffled and watched cross-eyed as she moved it back and forth across his flaring nostrils.  She leaned over and licked his ear, whispering, “Now be a good boy and tell me how that feels.  Tell me how bad it tickles.  Tell me how much you desperately want to give in and just release those sneezy urges!”

Dante’s eyes rolled back in his head.  Between all the pollen and dust in his nose and the tickly caress of the feathers on his nostrils, he was in sensory overload.  His muzzle quivered visibly, spasming as tingles cascaded over his nostrils.  His dick flexed and strained against the metal rings, pulsing an angry hue of purple with veins bulging out on all sides, and clear, sticky precum dribbling out in a near steady stream.  His nose was an equally gooey mess from not being able to find sneezy relief it desperately searched for.

NNGGG!  Oh geehhh.. Hhihh.. I c-can’t t-t-ake i..  hiiihhh!  It.. It ihhhihh.. itches my.. my… HEEhh-GEEH.. my nose t-t-t-tinnggles.. I..  P-p-p-please!  Oh Dixie!..  I.. I n-need to sn-sn-sneeze so b-b-badly!..  I  AHHH!  AHH-HEEHH!!  HHEEH!!  HHHHHEEEEPP-TTsssssssss  ggeehh..  hihhh EEEEHHHHHH-YIISsssssssssssss.. geeh.. omg!  *SNIFFLE!*  I..  hihih..  EEEEHHGGEHHHHHH-ssssssssssssHHEEH!.. oh D-D-Diissxxie!..  I.. Icgeeehh…!

Sneeze after sneeze mounted in his sinuses only to be choked off by the metal rings on his cock, stemming the massive tidal explosion of semen churning in his swollen balls.  His nostrils twitched and fluttered, trying desperately to purge the itchy tingles from inside his nasal passages.  Dante gasped and hitched, trying to breathe between the ragged hiccups of air gulped into his lungs for sneezes that never blossomed.

Dixie bit her lip and moaned, her own sex quivered and spasmed with every hitched breath Dante took, leaving her panties soaked and her flesh swollen, dripping with desire.  She purred and played with her nipples, grinding herself harder and harder against his swollen cock.  She was barely able to talk as the heat pulsed deep in her loins, watching him struggle like that.

“Oh.. f-fuck..! nngg.. Oh, that… that sounds just…  awful *pant!*  If.. If you w-want relief.. y-you’ll have to earn it!  *huff!*  S-start by… by removing my p-panties … w-with your teeth!”

Dixie sprawled out on her back and panted, gripping the sheets and moaning as Dante nuzzled his wet, sniffling nose against her panties and nibbled at the wet lace.  He ran his paws over her tits, teasing her nipples as he slipped his tongue beneath her underwear and tugged at the fabric.  His near constant sniffling and gasping breaths ripped through her sex sending micro spasms of lust and heat across her body. 

nnnn… *lick* hhh…. HEEHH!  NNGG!..  *gasp*  oh shi.. hiihh-h-h.. EEEHHH!  HHHEEEEEEFFFP-Ch… ssss…  heehhh..  GGEEEHH!!  *SNIFFLE*  *lick lick tug*  Oh .. gehh-hhihhhh *gasp!*.. Ihhh..  itc-itches s-s-soo m-m-m-m-much!”

Blinking back sneezy tears, Dante rubbed his itchy nose hard against Dixie’s panties, dragging his nostrils over the contours of her sex outlined in the glistening wet fabric in a desperate bid to find some relief from the persistent itching and tingling inside.  Dixie moaned sharply and dug her claws through the sheets on the bed, panting harder and harder as Dante continued to sniffle more and rub his quivering, flaring nostrils up and down and across her undulating flesh.  She bit her lip and tried to keep it together as best she could but his rumbling nostrils and wet sniffles were hitting all the right nerves in her loins.

The next thing Dante knew, he was rubbing his nose in circles over her soaked panties and then his ears were being crushed by Dixie’s thighs.  “MMMPPFFF!” he tried to cry out, but her legs were wrapped tight around his head, pressing his muzzle hard against her sex.  Dixie gasped and squealed, crying out as a powerful orgasm tore through her body like a train wreck leaving her panting and huffing on the bed as Dante flailed his arms, trying to get some air. 

Dixie gasped and panted, still dizzy in the aftermath of cumming so hard just as Dante ripped her panties off with his teeth, flinging them to the side.  He pressed his muzzle into the wet folds of her sex, basking in the aura of her desire, letting his tongue lap at the wet heat trapped inside.  Dixie squealed and bit her lip, murring with a high-pitched, muffled whimper as Dante’s tongue penetrated deep inside her.

He slurped and nibbled on her glistening flesh, driving her insane as his teeth nibbled their way over her thighs and up her tummy.  He sniffled and rubbed his insatiably itchy nostrils against her breasts and nipples, pleading for mercy as the shaft of his rigid, veiny dick teased and rubbed against the outer edges of her crotch.

“D-Dixie.. *SNIFFLE!*   oh god, please.. hihh.. P-please.. it t-tingles s-s-soo b-bad.. *SSSSNNIIFFLE*  I .. I… I h-have to sn-sneeze.. I.. I need to cum.  Oh god, I need to cum!  Please.. I.. hihh.. EHH..  HHEEEHH-SH…..  !!!  geeehh…. *THROB!!*  oh f-fuck I have to sneeze – this is k-killing me-e..!  P-p-p-please le…  hihh-h-h-h-h.. *SNFFLE* Please..  It iihhh-itches s-so m-m-much..!  *gasp!!*

Dixie caught her second wind and rolled on top of Dante, pretending to look sympathetic.  She dragged her finger down his muzzle and traced tickly circles around his nostrils.  Dante squirmed underneath, panting and huffing, as his dick continued to throb and tug on its restraints like a caged beast.  Dixie pulled out the feather wand again and started by tickling the edges of Dante’s ears, slowly dragging the feathers closer to his trembling wet nostrils.  Dante’s eyes fluttered and rolled back as he protested more.

Geeh… hihh.. n-no… I .. hih HEHH!! Ehh…  gg-g-g-gehh.. *SNIFFLE!*  I.. th-thataahh.. that w-won’t w-work… ehhh-hhihh *GASSPP!!*  HHHEEEHH-Jjjeeesssss…  hheeehh… Geh… *SNIFFLE*  P-please..  I’m b-b-eegging you-u-u-u-u *SSNIIIIIIIIIFFFFFF!!*” 

Dixie cocked her head to one side, letting her ears flop over cutely. “Oh?  This doesn’t work?  Are you sure?  Maybe I should test it and see,” Dixie grinned, sliding back more on Dante’s tummy, resting her ass on his thighs. 

Dante looked up baffled as to what she meant and then snickered and thrashed under her as she dragged the feathers over his ribs and tummy. 

“GEEHEEE!  No!  I didn’t mean..  EEEHHHEEEE!!  Oh n-n-nnUUUU!!  HAAAHAHAHHHAAAA!!  Oh.. ooohh.. OHH!  OMG!!  NNGG!!  OH Shi…hihh HHHHIIIIHHHH!!”

Dante’s giggles quickly turned to desperate howls of lust as Dixie moved back, letting her wet flesh grind against his sensitive and extremely pent up cock.  She moaned and panted, grinding down harder until her sex swallowed him whole, making both of them gasp and shudder.  Dante’s cock gurgled more pre as Dixie shifted her tight ass around on top of him.  The alsatian growled and dug his claws into the bed, thinking for sure he would lose his mind if he couldn’t cum soon. 

He heard Dixie gasp in a way he’d not heard before and opened his eyes.  Dante looked up at her dumbfounded as Dixie took the feather wand and dragged it over her own nose, all while grinding down on his impossibly hard dick.

Hhhhhhhihih… oh!..  th-this d-does … t-t-t-t.. tickle.. hihhh EEHHHHHH-HHIIISSHIEWWWW!!...  OH!  *sniff*  oh, the-these f-feathers are r-really.. hih… HHISSHIEWWW!!  HHIIISSHIEWW!!  EEEEEESSHIEWWW!!

Dante yelped as every sneeze out of her made her spasm and tighten around his cock.  He threw his head back and growled, biting into the pillow and snarling with raw carnal desire.  His nose continued to itch and tingle as the pre from his cock oozed out between them.  He sniffled wetly and tried to speak coherently in another desperate bid for mercy.

ssshhhhihhih..  HEEH!  D-Dixie-e-e-e-e-e!!  I.. hihh.. HEEHH-Sssssjjee..!  GEEHH!!  *SNIIFLE*  I c-can’t t-ta…ta…take hihhhh.. EEHH!  EEEHH-HHHHsss…  GEEH! A-a-ahh… anym-m-moore!.. ihihhhh… Geeeh-JEEEHHH!!

Dixie felt her muscles starting to twitch and tighten up inside again.  The desperate wet sounds he was making.  The sniffling.  The gasping.  The heat of his swollen cock filling her up inside.  The fullness of his balls rolling around in her fingers.  Those twitching nostrils.  It was all too much.  For the second time she gripped him tight with her thighs, tossing her head back and howling as another orgasm exploded through her body, making her shudder and pant as her sanity melted away.

She was left wobbly and lightheaded, barely able to keep her balance on top of him.  Underneath her, Dante’s cock throbbed angrily and demanded to be turned loose.  In front of her, Dante’s muzzle trembled and begged for the same.  It was time to uncage the beast she’d created.

Dixie rolled over and positioned the sniffling, panting alsatian on top of her, murring as his hot, rigid flesh pressed itself against the wet folds of her glistening sex.  With a flick of her finger, she popped the latch on the cock ring assembly and released Dante’s sex from its prison.

Dante’s eyes snapped open wide as a rumble coursed through his body, shaking every nerve ending in his groin and in his nose.  He gasped and reared back, his muzzle scrunching up like a coiled spring.  His dick sprang to life and gushed a flood of pent up precum that splashed across Dixie’s pussy and soaked her fur.  His breath hitched out of control.  His cock swelled up so tight, its veins looked ready to burst.


The sneeze exploded across Dixie’s breasts and shoulders, rippling through her fur, and blasting her face with warm mist.  The shockwave penetrated her body and went straight to her sex, making her flesh tremble and pulse, dragging her sanity down closer and closer to yet another Earth-shattering orgasm.

Dante gasped and his nose twitched.  He wasn’t even close to done.

Dante’s cock immediately became a heat-seeking missile, slamming itself deep inside her.  He snarled and bit down on her neck and shoulders as his cock jackhammered her flesh with wild abandon.  The tingles in his nose spiked in an uncontrollable storm as his allergic fit wrestled all control away from him.


The violent, wet sneezes exploded out of him with the fury of a thunderstorm as the pent up allergic reaction rushed forth over him like water from a flood gate.  Dante could feel his balls tightening, giving him a brief pause to wonder if he would even survive the impending orgasm.  Underneath him, Dixie screamed with primal lust and tore the bedsheets apart with her claws as unbridled pleasure plowed through her entire body.


Dante could feel the tremendous pressure of an immense volume of cum surging against the base of his cock, threatening to explode out of him at any moment.  In a split second of clarity, he realized if he unleashed this cumbath inside of Dixie, she, and probably most of her family, would get pregnant!  He forced himself to pull out and slid his cock between her tits, slathering her chest in pre and semen, just as his allergies reached for their crescendo. 

GEEHH! *pant-pant-pant, SNIFFFLE!*  hihhh-h-h-h-h-h GEEH-Jiiihhhh!!  HHEEEH!!...

Dante panicked and pressed his finger under his nose, unsure if he could handle an explosion this big.  His chest felt like it was inflated to twice its normal size.  His nostrils were flared out to massive proportions and his entire muzzle was scrunched up and trembling.  He felt Dixie’s paw reach up and pull his finger off his nose as she screamed for him to give it all to her!


The first sneeze exploded out of him with the fury of an atomic blast that rocked the bed and unleashed a firehose of cum that gushed across Dixie’s tits, her face, and the wall behind them.  Sneeze after pent up sneeze rocketed out of his nose, blasting the bed, Dixie, her face and tits, and the wall with messy spray.  His cock fired off jet after jet of thick cumblasts that hosed down Dixie’s chest and neck and flew randomly across the room.  Over and over he sprayed and sneezed, feeling like he would never be rid of his pent up need as the orgasm wracked his body and mind, making him temporarily blind from the awesome flood of endorphins coursing through his shattered brain.


Dante came to after a few moments, still panting like he’d just sprinted a marathon.  The room was spinning all around him.  He was so dizzy, he dared not move from his position, splayed out on his back with his head resting on Dixie’s chest.  He was vaguely aware of her fingers scritching through his headfur.  Slowly his eyes regained their ability to focus and he looked around at the walls and the ceiling at all the wet stains splattered across.  He sniffled wetly, rubbing his sore nose.  His room would probably never be rid of the smell of all this sex.  And for some reason… popcorn as well.

He flopped over on Dixie’s chest and looked up at her, giggling between ragged breaths.  “So uhh, yeah.  I was a wee bit pent up since you’ve been away.”

Dixie laughed and licked some of the goo off her face.  “Yeah.  That part I get.  All over me!  But why do I smell popcorn?”

Dante sniffed again and realized that no it wasn’t his imagination – there was definitely popcorn in the room with them.  He sat up and grabbed on to Dixie for support, trying not to fall off the bed.  He looked over in the corner of his room in total disbelief.  When he didn’t say anything, Dixie sat up as well and gasped.

“A-Alex??  Wh.. wha… What are you… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Alex looked up from the chair he was perched in, holding a bowl of popcorn and looking genuinely innocent.  “What?  I came back in.  I thought that’s what you wanted,” he said munching away on another pawful of kernels.

Dixie instinctively looked for something to cover herself with and then realized that was all but pointless now.  She glared at Alex and asked, “What we wanted?  How did you possibly think that?”

Alex cocked his head to one side.  “You left the window open for me.  Or..  Were you serious about me leaving?  I thought you gave me money to buy popcorn!  Oh, did you want some?  Although, after THAT little display, it’s kind of ‘Dante-Butter’ flavored now.  But who knows?  If we market this right, it might be a winner!”

Unarchived Stories / [F] See You At The Finish Line!
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Hello, my lovelies!  Well this was another request that I *finally* got around to doing.  I promised Y31 a long time ago that I’d write this up as a story, but kept getting stuck.  Then along comes Playstation Man who pretty much laid out all the ideas I used to write it!  So big jackalope hugs to both of them!  I hope you enjoy!

Hee!  =P

See you at the Finish Line!

It was that time of year again and furs from all over the town had gathered for the annual Fall Festival 5k marathon run in the park.  Most were there just for fun or to enjoy the sights of the fall flowers and the colors of the leaves, but Celia was there to win. 

The lioness bore a look of raw determination on her face as she went through her stretching routine and making sure all her muscles were nice and limber.  This was going to be a good race – she could feel it!  The air was crisp and clean.  The sky was clear.  She felt the rush of excitement as the time to start drew close. 

“Yoo hoo, Celia!”

The lioness turned and looked through the mass of people milling about and caught the sight of Yasmine, a tigress whom Celia had known since they were cubs.  And by the looks of her running shorts and tank-top, it looked like Yasmine was here to do more than just cheer her on.  The two girls weaved through the others and hugged.

“Hey, you!  What are you doing here?  I had no idea you’d be here today,” Celia said through clenched teeth.

Yasmine tossed her hair back and smiled just as sincerely.  “Well, you know me.  I couldn’t let you have all the fun.  Besides, if I’m not here who’s going to be waiting for you at the finish line?”

Celia flicked her tail and paced slowly around Yasmine.  She responded with a smirk, “So, you think you’ve got what it takes to beat me, huh?  Wanna make it interesting?”

The tigress swished her tail and circled the lioness right back.  “You mean more interesting than watching you finish after I do?  Oooohhh, struck a nerve with that one, did I?  Bring it!”

Celia licked her lips, this was gonna be sweet.  “Alright, if you lose to me, you have to clean my house – top to bottom and I mean scour every bit of dirt and dust until it shines!”

The tigress grinned a little wider and chuckled, “Oh, you’re on!  Of course, when I win you’re going to be making me dinner every night for a week!”

Celia narrowed her eyes and gave a forced smile, extending her paw out to shake with Yasmine doing likewise.  The two of them shook paws and grinned at each other.

The timekeeper gave the signal for all the runners to get ready.  Celia and Yasmine shot each other one last ‘You’re going down’ smile and joined the other runners waiting for the trace to begin.  The air horn sounded and the marathon was underway! 

It didn’t take long for the herd of runners to thin out along the course.  Celia’s steady endurance and disciplined pace kept her going strong as fewer and fewer runners were keeping up around her.  She tried keep herself focused on the race and not think about Yasmine, but couldn’t help looking around wondering if she’d somehow pulled ahead.   It wasn’t like Yasmine to let anyone get ahead of her.  Her strategy was more ‘Get ahead and stay there!’ than to keep a steady pace and rhythm.

And right on cue Yasmine showed up on her right, weaving around the few runners that were still keeping up with Celia.  The tigress shot Celia a sideways glance with a smile and quickened her pace, pulling ahead to a sizeable lead.

Celia wasn’t worried in the slightest.  They had barely covered 1200 meters yet.  It was way too early in the race to use up that much energy.  The lioness smiled.  Yasmine was sure to burn out much faster pulling a stunt like that.  Celia started imagining all the cleaning chores she would have Yasmine doing for her when the race was over.  This was going to be so sweet!

It wasn’t much longer before Celia found herself running solo, having pulled ahead of all but one other runner in the race.  She took a moment to smell the cool air of autumn and appreciate all the colors around her.  The park was massive and had all manner of trees and flowers growing wild along the trail – some of which were still in bloom and covering the slopes with brilliant shades of yellow.  Up ahead, however, on the path in the middle of all these colors were orange and black stripes. 

Celia grinned.  Just as she’d predicted, Yasmine was running out of energy already.  That earlier burst of speed had been for nothing.  Celia resisted the temptation to speed up and blaze past her rival as the distance between them shrank.  Soon they were within shouting distance and Celia couldn’t help but rub it in a bit. 

“What’s the matter, tiger?  You’re not tired already are you?  Wanna rethink that bet?  Ha!  Too late!  You’re going to be cleaning meehh… hhh..  *sniffles*  Oh..  *SNIFF!*

Celia’s taunt was interrupted by a sudden tingle in her nose.  She wiggled her nostrils around and then tried to rub the itch away with the back of her paw.  She sniffled wetly again and wondered where this had suddenly come from.  It was cool out but not so much as to make her sick or anything.  And she felt fine.  No, this had suddenly come out of nowhere and was starting to mess with her breathing rhythm.

“Did you say something, Celia dear?,”  Yasmine goaded out of the side of her mouth.

Ooohh!  Celia was NOT gonna lose to that smart-mouthed tiger!  She sniffled back against tickling in her muzzle and got her pace back, glaring against the back of Yasmine’s outfit.  But then, just as she got close again…

ghh..  EHH!  *Gasp!* nngg..  HHEEHH-GEEH!...  ehh…  HHEEHH!!  Ahh….  EHH!!...

Her nose was overcome by a sudden burst of tingles that made her eyes water and her nostrils start to flare out and tremble.  Her nose was getting drippy and the itch in her left nostril was burrowing in deeper.  Her hitched breathing was making it very difficult to keep her rhythm and started to slow her pace.

Yasmine looked back over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out.  “If you want, I could slow down a bit and let you catch up.  You know – if you need some help.”

GRRRR!!  Celia wiped her nose on her arm and caught her wind back.  There was something not right about all this.  Every time she got close to Yasmine, the urge to sneeze started to get unbearable.  She wasn’t allergic to tigers – or any other fur for that matter.  So unless Yasmine was spraying herself with lavender perfume, then… 

*SNIFF!*  Gaah!  You cheater!  *sniffle*  hehh…  I’m g-gonna…” Celia growled, sprinting up to overtake the tigress.

Yasmine turned around sharply holding a perfume bottle.  “Who me?  This is just my good luck perfume.  Here – try some!”  She misted a few puffs of mist into the air in front of Celia.


Blinking sneezy tears from her eyes, Celia took a wrong step on the trail and went tumbling down the slope of an embankment and landed on her butt in a dry creek bed.  Off in the distance, Celia perked her ears to the sound of the tigress giggling loud enough specifically so she could hear. 

Sniffling, Celia got up and dusted herself off.  She was just about to sprint back up the hill to dole out some much needed karma when she stopped and saw she was surrounded by tall weeds that were heavy with piles of little golden flowers.  Grinning, she snatched up a large paw-full of stems and took off.

Yasmine eased her pace and purred to herself.  That plan had worked out far better than she had hoped.  She’d expected the perfume would make Celia sneeze but never had she thought it knock her out of the race!  Now she could practically stroll to the finish line.  That lioness was probably so far back that she…

Raawwwrr!  Yasmine looked up and gave a startled cry as Celia suddenly materialized out of nowhere and pounced on top of her, sending the two of them tumbling off the trail.  Yasmine fumbled around trying to keep Celia from pinning her down while trying to get her paws on the vial of lavender perfume.  The tigress became immediately aware that her nose was suddenly tingling and itching all over.  She sniffled and looked down just as Celia grabbed and pulled her shirt out, stuffing the bouquet of weeds down her front.  Celia released her shirt, letting it snap back and press the yellow goldenrod flowers up against Yasmine’s muzzle. 

The tigress’ eyes popped open wide, staring down at the thousands of tiny yellow buds heavy with pollen.  Her muzzle began to tremble and scrunch up immediately.


“Serves you right!” Celia hollered as she scrambled to her feet and tried to take off before Yasmine could counter-attack. 

The lioness took off, but not before succumbing to the temptation to look back and stick out her tongue.  Her gloating was short lived once she caught site of the tigress scrambling to her feet and giving chase.  Celia sniffled wetly and tried to get more speed as Yasmine closed distance.

“C-Celia.. I.. I’m geehh… HHEEH-PPBBLCCHIEWWW!!..  *SNIFFLE!* I’m gonnnn heeh.. hheehh.. *SNIFF!*  You c-can’t get awa… hih..  away.. I… geehehh… *SNIFF!*

Celia could hear that despite her allergies flaring up, Yasmine was catching up fast.  Her own nose was still tingling a bit from the perfume, making it difficult to keep her breathing steady.  She turned to look back just as a large striped paw landed on her shoulder. 

“Now I’ve go.. got tyeehh.. hihh. EEHH!  Geehh… eh… *GAASP!!*

Celia could see Yasmine was struggling not to let her nose erupt in another sneezing fit.  The lioness grinned and poked her tail up, swishing it under Yasmine’s flaring nostrils to give them a nudge of encouragement.  Yasmine’s eyes popped open wide and fluttered as the tickles in her nose became overwhelming.  In desperation, she locked her claws in the back of the Celia’s shirt and tried to hold on as the inevitable reaction in her nose boiled over.

“Gaaah!  What are you do..?  hih!... d-dooieee..  Hihh-HEHEHH!!  GGAAAAH-SSHHPPLLTCHIEWW!!  HHEEH-SHEEEWWW!  HHEEEH-SSBBLLTTCHEEEWWWW!!  HHEEEHHH-SSSSSSHHIIIIEWW!!  Omg… I c-c-can’t steeehh… stop sneee… hihhhh!  HHAAAHHH-BBLLEEHCCHIEWWWW!!

Celia twisted and tugged on her shirt, trying to get free before Yasmine managed to get that perfume bottle out again.  The lioness reached back and managed to pull the sneezing tiger’s claws out but not before Yasmine was able to spray most of the perfume vial’s contents across Celia’s neck and ears. 

“Rrrrggg..  Let..  go..  Yasmine..  you’ve *grunt*  lost.. and I’m gonna..  GAAAH!  No-what’re-you-doing-don’t-spray-tha… hhhhhaaaaaahh.. *SNIFFLE*  what’ve you d-d-don.. I…  HHHEEH-TTCCCHIEWWWWW!!

The potent scent of lavender filled the lioness’ nostrils with wet tickles while she tried to fan herself and outrun the offending aroma that was burrowing into her sinuses.  She sniffled against her drippy nose and tried to pick up more speed, but the tingles in her sinuses started to make her eyes water again and her breath hitch.  She held her finger under her nose and tried to keep herself from sneezing again until she could put some distance between them.  But the lavender scent was surrounding her and made escape all but impossible.

Geehh... hihh… EHHHHH!!.. N… n-n-noo.. d-d-dddoonnn…  snee… hihh..  HEHH! D-d-on’t snee-eee-heeh..  snnneeheehh..  snn-nseeze  .. heeeze!!..  HHHEEEEH-YYIISSHIEWWWWWWW!!  HIIIIHHH-TTCCHIEWWWWW!!  EEEHHH-SSHIEWWWW!!

Celia’s nose could take no more of the lavender aroma and exploded over and over again to try and expel the tickly scent, leaving her dizzy and stumbling.  Yasmine pounced on the opportunity and hooked her paws into Celia’s shorts, pulling her back and sending the two of them tumbling over the side of the trail.

The two girls wrestled and rolled around, each trying to pin the other one down.  Yasmine kept trying to spray Celia’s nose directly with the perfume while Celia kept grabbing more clumps of goldenrod flowers and whapping the tiger’s nose with them.

“RRGG!.. Yasmine!  G-ggg.. RRFF!..  Get … nnff! me and s-stop trying…. *oooff!* that.. NO!  Don’t you dare spray tha.. hih HEHH  HHAAAHHH!  OH..!  nnggg!  Hhihh..!  HHAAHHH-SSSHIEWWWWWW!! I’m g-gonna m-make you regre… Hheehh!  HHEHHH-SSSHIEWWWW!!  HHHEEEHH-TTCCHIEWWWW!!  HIIISSSHHOO!!  HHHIIHHSHOO!!  HHIHHSSHOOO!!  HHIHHHSSHOO!!

“Awww~  Don’t you like my perfume, Celia?   *grunt*  doesn’t it… nngg!  Just s-smell… sooo…  OOF!!..  H-h-hey!  S-s-ssstop!  Th.. thaaa… haahhh.. tha-hat’s not f-fair!..  Ihihh geehhh…  HHEEHH!! I’m allergig.. a…ahhh.. allergi..  hihh-HEHHHHHH!!  HHAAHH-BLLTCHIEWWW!!  HHHAAHHHH-BBLLPPTTCCHOOO!!  NNFFF!  Have some m-more perfume!  Hihh… HHEEEH-SSHIEWWWWW!!  Nngeehh… HHEEEEHH!!  HHAAH-SSBBLTTCHIEWWWW!!


Celia looked up, flat on her back, at the clouds drifting across the autumn sky.  She sniffled and rubbed her nose on the back of her paw, still panting to catch her breath and very grateful her massive sneezing fit had finally ebbed.  Beside her, also flat on her back and panting, Yasmine looked up at the same sky, also sniffling wetly and still wiping allergic tears from her eyes.

“You think the race is over?”

“Yeah.  Probably for at least an hour now.”

“Yeah.  *sniffle*  One year I’d like to at least finish.”

hhihh… eh… HHEEH-SSHIEWWWW!!  *giggles*  I agree.  That would be nice, huh?”

“You hungry?  Wanna split a pizza for dinner?”

“Race ya!  First one there gets to pick all the toppings!”

“Hey!  No fair I wasn’t ready!  Get back here!”

Unarchived Art / [M] Nick Wilde by Cat78952
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Came across this randomly on imgur of little Nick and a butterfly =P

Unarchived Stories / [F] An Acolyte's Ordeal
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From down the stone corridor of the castle hallway came the rhythmic click of the Headmistress’ boots in a cadence of one who walks with deliberate purpose.  The elder snow leopard turned a sideways glance over her shoulder without breaking stride and snapped, “Come along, Seanna.  Don’t dawdle about.  And stop fidgeting with your robes!”

Several steps behind her a young rabbit hopped along on her bare pads clad only in her Apprentice Trial robe.  Though, to call what she had on a ‘robe’ was a bit of a stretch in Seanna’s mind.  It was more like a long vest with splits up the sides and secured by a flimsy silk belt that was more decorative than functional.  The nervous girl absently pawed and tugged at it, ever convinced that it was revealing more than her modesty was comfortable with.  This was the traditional garb of one who was to stand to be judged worthy of apprenticeship.  Supposedly, it was to prevent you from hiding anything to cheat with on your magical ordeal.  She’d also heard that ordeals for positions of Master and above were performed skyclad, a thought that she quickly pushed aside as she was already nervous enough.  Not wanting to risk the Headmistress’ further indignation, she hurried her pace.

The young rabbit swallowed hard and began running through the incantation in her mind over and over again to try and calm her nerves.  Anyone who wished to serve as a magus under the King’s court must be granted leave to serve as an apprentice to one of the other court magi for several years.  It was a rare opportunity to be sure, but Seanna was starting to entertain thoughts of bolting through the nearest window.  She started the full incantation over again in her mind and ran through it again, her lips moving silently with the words she’d practiced for months now. 

The two of them came to a large split oaken door wrought with decorative yet functional iron.  The Headmistress motioned for Seanna to halt while she conversed briefly with a ferret who was overly dressed in plush velvet.  The ferret gave a curt bow and then scurried through a smaller door within the larger one and into the room beyond.  The Headmistress came back to Seanna and guided her over to a stone bench opposite the large double doors, and motioned for her to sit.

The snow leopard sat next to the apprehensive rabbit and pulled the hood of her cloak back, revealing her swath of silver hair.  “Now child, you have prepared for this and you know what awaits you on the other side of that door.  In a moment, the Vice Chamberlain will return and announce you to the court.  The King will be there; the Vice Chamberlain, of course; the King’s Seneschal; and perhaps other court members.  The King may or may not acknowledge your presence.  Do not be concerned with this.  His Seneschal will be conducting the ordeal and passing judgement.  When you speak, you should make all remarks to the court itself and not to any one person, certainly not to the King directly.  And whatever you do, don’t forget to…”

The young rabbit twitched and fidgeted with the sash on her robes.  Seanna could barely hear the Headmistress’ words over her heart pounding in her ears.  Something about a court and the King and someone else.  She closed her eyes and tried to focus.  Best to just not say anything to anyone.  Just walk in, perform the potion enchantment, and walk out.  Simple.  Walk in, move quickly to the alchemy table, mix the ingredients, say the incantation, and walk out.  No eye contact.  Don’t say anything.  Just remember the incantation: Etalu-Cajeni-Seit-Titym-Etaru-Tas.  Etalu-Cajeni-Seit-Titym-Etaru-Tas.  Etalu-Cajeni-Seit…

Seanna bolted back awake as one of the large oaken doors clanked and started to swing open.  The Headmistress got up and Seanna followed her lead.  She saw the same overly dressed ferret from before looking down his nose at her as she followed the snow leopard inside. 

“Presenting the Headmistress of His Majesty’s Royal Thaumaturgy, and her acolyte, Seanna,” the ferret announced to the room with a theatrical bow.

Seanna followed the Headmistress towards the center of the room, sticking as close as she could without bumping into her.  She felt a burning desire to crawl up under the snow leopard’s flowing robes and hide from all the eyes in the room watching her.  Even though there was chuckling and pleasant voices coming from all around, it did nothing to settle her nerves.  Peeking out from behind the snow leopard, Seanna’s large eyes looked the room over.

Towards the back of the room, in the middle atop an ornate stone chair, was obviously the King – a mountain of a bear with a voice that could rattle the windows.  He was leaned over one arm of his granite throne with a goblet of wine in one paw, talking jovially with some wolf who looked foreign judging by his clothes.  On the King’s left was a very decorated mare whose clothing was on equal stature with the King’s so she must be the Queen.  She looked more bored than anything, playing idly with one of her locks of hair and probably wishing she could free herself from that rather uncomfortable looking bodice she was wearing.   Seanna recognized the bear just beside the Queen who was busy stuffing his face with dessert pastries as the captain of the guard.  There were a few others seated close by that she’d never seen before.  All of them seemed to be more interested in their lighthearted side conversations than her, which was just fine with Seanna.

In the center of the room was a small wooden table cluttered with various alchemical tools and ingredients, all of which looked used and battered.  Some of the labels on the glass vials were hanging on by a thread.  The table itself bore scorch marks and other scars of abuse at the paws of untrained novices.

Seanna’s gaze drifted to the right of the table where a fox with long auburn hair and wearing an ornate doublet stood staring right back at her with an unsettling grin. 

“Well?  We’re waiting,” the fox snorted, his voice dripping with conceit. 

The rabbit gave a slight nod, her ears twitching nervously, and felt the firm nudge of the Headmistress’ paw on her barely covered backside scooting her forward.  She caught her footing and padded over towards the makeshift alchemy bench.

Seanna’s ears were flushed pink.  She knew they were all watching her even if they seemed distracted in their own din of conversation.  She took a breath and wondered if there was any sort of time limit on this or if she could take a few moments to…

“Sometime today, if you please,” the fox muttered, looking down his muzzle at her. 

Seanna tried her best to ignore him.  She took a breath and cleared her throat and tried to remember not paw nervously at her robes.

“I.. Your Maje...  uh, I mean, i-if it would please the Court, to be considered for the role of…  I mean, I want to perform this to be considered for the... to be an Apprentice in your magical Court.  This potion of enlargement elixir shall be what I shall do to make it for you here and I’ll, umm, d-do that now.”

Seanna tried not to think on how much better that speech could have been delivered and instead to just focus on the task in front of her.  She had practiced this to the point of rote memorization.  She took a vial of ever-burn crystals and poured them into a small pile, fanning them until a light blue flame appeared.  She placed a miniature copper cauldron over the crystals and added the essential oils first, letting them simmer while she selected the correct ingredients from the rack.

Seanna began to relax a bit.  So far everything was proceeding as perfectly as she could have ever hoped for.  The oils were starting to clarify nicely in the cauldron.  She’d remembered all of the ingredients to add and had each vial lined up in the correct order on the table.  She even managed to smile a little realizing she’d gotten herself all worked up over nothing.  It was all downhill from here.  All that was left was to add the ingredients, say the incantation, and show off her handiwork. 

Seanna picked up the first ingredient, a vial of lotus extract, and tugged on the stopper.  It wouldn’t budge.  She tried twisting and prying on it until she thought the glass might break in her paws.  Still nothing.  Now what?  The panic in her tummy started to rise again.  This was not looking good.  She tapped the vial on the table and tried every angle she could think of, finally gripping the stopper in her teeth and pulling with both paws.


The stopper of the vial jarred loose, shaking out a portion of fine powdery dust inside into the air.  A plume of indigo dust hovered around Seanna’s head.  Seanna blinked and coughed, waving her paw around to try and get some fresh air as the lotus extract powder clung to her face and got in her nose.  It stung her nostrils, making them burn and itch.  Her eyes watered and she felt her nose start to tremble and grow wet inside. 

Geehh… *sniffle* …  *koff koff*…  heehhhh-h-h-h… hihh.. EHHEEH.. ittthhh… hih..  *GASP!* HHEEEHHH-SSHHHOOOO!!

Seanna barely had time to blindly set the half-empty vial down on the table before the itching in her nose suddenly spiked sending the young bunny into an uncontrollable fit. 


“nnngeehh…   *sniffle*  …”

Seanna rubbed her throbbing nostrils and managed to wipe her eyes and her nose off with the back of her paw.  The itching was still mildly present, but just barely.  She could feel the lotus extract powder still tickling the inside of her nostrils, but it was manageable now.  She could feel her ears burning with embarrassment, even though the King’s entourage didn’t show any indication they were aware of her display. 

The Seneschal poked his muzzle over her shoulder and goaded, “Is this too much for you to handle?  Making a simple potion too trying a challenge for you?  Perhaps you’d be better off quitting now before you really embarrass yourself.” 

Without even looking at him, she could hear that fox grinning.  If for nothing else, she was resolved to finish this if only to shut him up. 

Still sniffling a bit, Seanna wiped her nose on her arm and continued.  She took the lotus extract (much more delicately this time) and measured out what she needed into a small mixing dish.  Next came the potash, then the argentum, followed by valeran, and lataurite.  She added each to the dry mix, remembering to make the correct arcane symbols in the bowl as she blended them together. 

With determination in her eyes, she stirred the copper cauldron and held aloft the bowl of dry ingredients above the swirling oils and readied herself with the words of the incantation.  The flakes of the dry amalgam started to sprinkle into the cauldron.  The oily mixture took on a faint glow that reflected in her eyes.  Seanna sniffled and took a breath.

“Etall-l…  *sniffle* nnghh..  Etalu C-Cajen-n-n… hhh-h-h-h.. *gasp!*…  *SNIFFLE!*  Etalu Canjen-n-   Cahh.. Cajen-n-nnni… hihhh… gehh…

The burning itch in her nose had come back at the worst possible time!  The ingredients were already being added together – if she stopped now, who knows what would happen?  The glowing liquid in the cauldron began to shimmer and flash, tiny sparks popped out like hot bacon grease.  Seanna wiped her nose on the back of her wrist and continued stirring in the dry components.  She had to complete the incantation.

*sniffle* Heeeh…  geh… Etalu...  *sniffle*  Ca-ajeni…  eeehh-geehh..  *twitch* S-S-SSS-Seit-t-t…  *sniff*    Tii-iihh… HHIIHHH!   Nnggg..  *g-gasp* Tihhiihh-tm... ehhhee.. HHEEHHH!..

The tingles in her shout became sharper and teased the tip of her nose making it twitch.  Her eyes were watery with sneezy tears.  Her upper lip was trembling along with her left nostril.  The potion in the cauldron was threatening to boil over, gurgling angrily as more sparks fizzled out.  Even the pompous fox took a couple of steps back clutching his tail. 

gehh… hihh..  Cahhahajenn-n-n-nhiih..  S-See-eit… HAHH!… T-hih… T-T-Titym.. Ehh….  Ehhh… *gasp!*  GGNN-SN******XXNK!  *sniffle*   hihhhnngg…

Seanna struggled to keep her muzzle under control through the incantation as the sneezy urges swirled and fizzled in her sinuses.  The cauldron gurgled angrily, sending another volley of purple sparks spiraling out.  Her nose twitched and trembled, desperate to find relief from the tingles brewing deep in her nostrils.

Gehh…  *gasp* Hehhh-h-h-h-h-h..  S-Seeeee-hhiiit  *SNIFFLE!*..  T-Titymmm-mmmeehh..  hihih-GEEEH!  *SNIFFLE!*  Ehhh.. geh.. Eh-t-t-taru.. hh… uuu… *sniffle*  T… Tahhh.. HAAAHHH!!..  HHHEEHHPP-SN*****XXX!!  Geeeh!!  Hihih  EHH!!

The room had gone silent, with all eyes glued to Seanna and the crackling light show spurting out of the trembling cauldron in front of her.  The Seneschal fox peered out from behind a stone pillar.  The King and everyone around him were leaned forward in their seats.  The Headmistress’s tail showed her own apprehension despite her stoic appearance. 

Seanna’s nostrils started to spasm and flare.  Panicked and desperate to finish, she dumped the remaining admix into the sputtering cauldron, freeing up one paw that she pressed under her quivering nostrils.

Geehh… hihh.. HEHH!!  *g-g-gaassp!*  EEHHH-GEEHHH!..  *sniffle*  Ehh… hih... EHH-t-t-t-taruuhh… Hihh-h-h-h-h-h-h.. Tahh…. Hahh… *s-s-s-snniffle*  nnggehh!!..  Ehhh-Et-taru T-T-TAS-S-S!!  *GGGAAASSSSP!!*  GGAAAAHH-HHEPBBLEETTCCHIIIIEEEEEWWWW!!

A loud and decidedly wet sneeze exploded out of her, splashing against the cauldron and sending a plume of purple sparks spiraling out.  The elixir bubbled over and exploded with light and fury.  Seanna’s nose did likewise.


Sparks crackled from the table as the cauldron launched a purple fireball that bounced off walls, pillars, and screamed directly for the Headmistress who nonchalantly held up a silver tray and deflected it. 

Despite having her finger pressed firmly under her trembling nose, Seanna’s sneezes kept exploding out of her.


Several more sparkling rockets spiraled out of the cauldron, whipping from one wall to the next and off the ceiling.  The Seneschal fox gave a high-pitched ‘YIP!’ as one smashed into his tail and then promptly choked as another flew into his open mouth.  Several more careened wildly about the room, with several of the King’s entourage using chairs, plates, or servants as shields. 

Seanna gasped and panted, trying to get her nose under control.

HHEEYYIIHH-TTCCHIEWWW!!  Hihh… HHAAHH-BBLLTPTTCHIEWWW!!...  *sniffle*  hihh… egehh…  hihh-h-h-h… *sssiiggghhh*  nnnggggggg…

At last the cauldron and Sienna’s nose died down, leaving the room in a disarray of panting and large eyes looking about.  The Headmistress calmly put down the silver tray in her paws that was now several times bigger than it had been previous.  The melted cauldron simmered in a puddle on the table.  Seanna blew her nose and looked around desperately for a hole to crawl into.  The Seneschal came out from his hiding place behind one of the servants, dragging his enormous tail and shouted angrily.

“Thibbss ibbs addb oubrabage!” he declared, his oversized tongue flopping from one side to the other.

Seanna covered her mouth and tried not to laugh.  The fox looked positively apoplectic and stormed over towards her, his finger raised.  He opened his mouth to dismiss her but was stopped by a gasp from the Queen and the sound of her bodice tearing open.

All eyes turned to the King’s mare who was panting and fanning herself.  Her breasts were now several times bigger than before and had ripped free of their cloth prison, leaving her bodice in tatters.  Everyone’s jaw fell open as the King’s eyes dilated.  A slow grin spread over the bear’s face.

“Ha HA!  Brilliant!  Best Apprentice Ordeal we’ve ever had, eh?” the regal ursine bellowed, giving a hearty belly laugh that rumbled across the room.

The Seneschal fox bowed and grumbled his reluctant agreement, holding his tongue in one paw.  The fox turned and glared once more at Seanna before strutting off in a huff, trying not to trip over his massive tail. 

Seanna breathed a sigh of relief and slumped down in a nearby chair, feeling the color finally drain from her ears.  “Well… *sniffle*  I suppose it could have been worse.”

Hello, my lovelies!  Today I bring you a sequel to ‘You Get What You Pay For’ which turned out to be one of my all-time favorite stories.  Special thanks and hugs go out to Mr. Tickly Noses for his help in writing this.  I do hope you enjoy!  Hee~

You Get What You Pay For Again(or, My Evening with Kris)

I don’t consider myself to be a shy or repressed fox when it comes to pleasures of the flesh.  While I don’t exactly advertise publicly my esoteric list of sexual proclivities, I don’t hide from them either.  I wasn’t always like this.  A year ago I would have shied away from indulging in anything that might cause me to be labeled ‘odd’ or ‘deviant’ in my sexuality.  But that was before I discovered Musk.

Call it what you will: a brothel, an escort service, a shoppe of ill repute.  I can tell you that none of those monikers are adequate. To say that Musk is just a place to buy sex would be as vulgar as saying that a Bugatti Chiron is just another car.  While both are technically true, they do no justice to the experience itself.  Musk takes you on a journey into the depths of pleasure that tests the limits of your sanity.  The courtesans at Musk are true artists, masters of their trade.

I’m trying to think of a way I can describe it more poetically.  Here, try this:

Just as the body needs food, the soul needs sex.  We crave it.  We need it.  We chase and devour it.  If sex is food for the soul, anyone can sate their hunger by making themselves a sandwich if you know what I mean.  Oh sure, it tastes okay and is filling, but why settle for a sandwich or even a four star chef when you can have a culinary masterpiece prepared and served by a master culinary artisan that excites all of the senses?  The way it looks makes your mouth water with desire, the smell creates a longing deep in the pit of your stomach, the sound of the sizzle against the plate, the texture against your tongue, and of course the taste that pushes you over the edge in a sea of fireworks. 

Once you’ve sampled a meal like that, nothing else compares.  Which is why I’m a regular client at Musk now.  Recently I was elevated to the list of clients who can request a private audience at home.  Home delivery of a courtesan, fully customizable and replete with a variety of succulent options and accessories.  All yours for… well, not exactly a low payment.  But well worth it.  If you ever find yourself with the means, I highly suggest you indulge your inner beast. 

For tonight’s entree, I’ve ordered something different from my normal fanfare.  Usually I might go for large, dominating, robust males.  Raw predators who excite my inner prey.  Not tonight, though.  Tonight, I feel like something a little softer and lighter.  More supple.  Younger, perhaps.  With smooth curves and a gentle touch.  I tell all of this to the headmistress and she recommends Kris - a femboi cheetah whom the menu describes as, “Pliable, yet firm”.  It says here he also enjoys roleplay and has a bit of masochistic streak.  I’m drooling already.

I have everything laid out, ready for my evening with Kris.  My phone and laptop are both off and put away where they can’t distract us.  There is a certain costume folded neatly on the coffee table in front of me.  I’ve prepared one room of my flat with some ‘special arrangements’.  And I’m currently stretched out on the sofa watching with dilated eyes and ears the front door I’ve left slightly ajar.  I’m sipping a glass of merlot wearing a half-buttoned up shirt and cotton capri pants that hug my own vulpine curves nicely.  I like it when my pet desires me as much as I him.

My tail flicks involuntarily.  Every second that passes I feel like a coiled spring slowly being wound tighter and tighter.  The ride is going to be amazing, I’m sure - but my real anticipation is locked away behind that door to my other room, the one I’ve prepared special.  I can feel pre creeping up my shaft just thinking about it. 

There is a gentle knock and a pair of black-tipped feline ears peek around the edge of the door as it creeps open.  The ears are followed by a pair of gorgeous eyes on a cherubic face.  I tell him to please come in, trying to keep my heart from going into arrhythmia just from the sight of him.

He’s wearing cotton/lycra pants that are colored to look like faded blue jeans.  They hug and grip every curve on his body like paint.  His torso is covered only in a fishnet shirt that is purposefully too big for him and hangs to one side over his left shoulder.  Under the track lighting of my flat, I can see the shimmer across his fur from a touch of glitter.  He’s wearing just a hint of eyeliner and from here I can’t tell if the blush on his cheeks is real or rouge but either way it’s making my heat burn. 

He moves slowly, deliberately.  Pacing forward and stepping lightly, his eyes never leave my gaze.  He’s dancing with me, with the room, with my heart.  He glides more than he walks.  With every step, my eyes swallow the outline of every curve and arch of his body.  I can’t tell if he’s a professional dancer or not, but I doubt he ever stumbles if not on purpose.

He stops at the edge of the room where the kitchen bar meets the living room area and waits patiently for me to inspect the entree with his paws clasped shyly behind his back, one foot behind the other.  He smiles sweetly as I approach and I catch a glimpse of his eyes wandering up and down my body as I do the same to him.  He stands there, idly twitching his ears, feeling my eyes pressed up against every contour on his young, lithe, supple frame. 

I resist the terrible desire to reach out and caress that tight body of his, to glide my paws over that round ass and across the well-defined bulge in his pants and down his toned thighs and legs.  He’s smaller than me to the point I bet I could almost pick him up with one arm if I tried.  He looks up at me with a shy demeanor, silently asking me what I would like to do next while simultaneously making my sheath lurch.  Damn, he’s good. 

I return to the sofa with my merlot and rest one ankle on the other knee.  “There’s an outfit on the table in front of you, pet.  Put it on - slowly.  Show me every texture and shape of your body.  Make my eyes beg for more.”  In approximately two minutes, I’m going to regret being so cocky. 

He nods and gives a very slight curtsey with a smile and a flick of his tail.  I pour myself another glass of wine while he unfurls the pieces of the ‘French Maid’ outfit, complete with oversized feather duster.  He gives a knowing smile and shimmies out of his fishnet shirt.  Clearly this is not the first time he’s seen or worn this costume but I promise this time will be unlike any other time he’s had it on before. 

Even doing something as simple as taking off his shirt, his movements are smooth and refined.  I’m starting to appreciate where the price he commands comes from.  He treats everything like a dance, his entire body moves as liquid making the most mundane task a sensual display.  He bends over to let the shirt slide off his torso, his legs cross allowing his body to rotate as the fabric slides down onto the floor.  That simple act alone was enough to make my mouth go dry and my jaw go slack.  And he’s only gotten started. 

Not only is he a good display artist, he’s also a good performance artist.  There’s a difference, you see.  He’s watching me, watching my eyes ears, tail, and body for subtle clues to my arousal and plays off them.  Like I said, he’s good.  Even though he’s my pet for the night and I’m his master, he’s testing the limits of that dichotomy with nothing more than a flick of his tail across the back of his thighs.  That alone sets the fur at the base of my tail alight, and brings a flash of satisfaction across his face.  My eyes hurt from being dilated this long.

He starts on his pants next, unclasping the buttons on the front, revealing the soft fabric of his panties underneath.  He turns sideways to me and peels them off in an exaggerated motion to show off how he can touch his ankles with his face.  His paws slide the stretchy fabric of his jeans down along the contours of his thighs and legs with his ass and tail straight up.  It’s all I can to to remember to keep breathing as my heart rate doubles yet again.  I also remember to close my jaw before I drool on myself.

He’s left wearing naught but his dark blue panties outlined with orange trim to resemble boy’s briefs.  They leave nothing to the imagination and barely contain him.  He runs his thumb around the waist and shrugs shyly, pretending to be bashful.  I swallow so hard I nearly choke.  He knows just how much this is torturing me.  I swirl what’s left of the merlot into my muzzle and pick myself up a bit shaky from the sofa.  It’s time for daddy to sample some of this sweet dish.

He holds his pose while I approach and circle him.  I lean over him gently, letting my muzzle graze softly around his neck and shoulders and then up over his ears.  My nostrils twitch, taking in his aroma.  I feel the muscles in my stomach tighten involuntarily and my tail flick, betraying my impatience.  “You won’t be needing these,” I barely hiss into his ears from behind as my paws slip gently into the back of his panties and slide them down across his curves.  Before I realize he’s moving at all, he leans back enough to turn his head and nuzzle into my ear, his arm drapes over the top of my neck in a backwards embrace.  He whispers, “As you wish, sire.”  His tongue just barely grazes the edge of my ear.  I get dizzy and have to use the kitchen bar to steady myself with my outstretched paw. 

He stands there in front  of me, facing away and looking over his shoulder with a shy giggle though for the life of me I cannot take my eyes off that petite, feminine ass of his.  My meal continues his dance with a waltz over to the coffee table to pick up his costume, keeping his back to me as if it would be improper to do otherwise.  When he picks up the white lace panties, he again takes to opportunity to show how he can touch his toes with the tips of his ears before stepping into them.  The show is impressive, but I’ve seen it.  I’m getting my wind back now and my wits about me.  Though I finally have no choice but to adjust my capri pants to make more room.

He makes a show of trying to stuff the rest of himself into the wholly inadequate amount of fabric of the lace panties before donning the rest of the outfit, complete with a leash and collar.  He holds the oversized feather duster up in one paw and passes me the end of the leash in the other.  I take it and pause to drink him in, standing there in front of me in that tastefully too-short skirt and blouse.  The beast inside me howls to take him right now.  Bend him across the nearest piece of furniture and have my way with every piece of his flesh, it tells me. 

I take a breath and sigh, forcing a calm over my urges.  Down boy.  This is a meal to be savored, not ravaged. 

“Come, pet.  You have work to do.”  I give the leash a tug and turn towards the room I have set up.  I turn my head back to see his expression as I open the door.  His is a mix of curiosity and trepidation, his whiskers twitch and his tail flicks with nervous pleasure.  I can see dawning comprehension in his eyes.  The feather duster’s purpose is not what he thought.  He gulps audibly and looks to me and back to the room.  A toothy grin spreads across my muzzle.  I love it when I make them squirm.

This is usually my den.  My personal sanctuary within my sanctuary.  It’s quiet and serene.  The curved sofa and the chaise lounge are oversized and more comfortable than most with lots of room to stretch out.  The walls are lined with individually crafted bookshelves, full of dramas, mysteries, and yes, of course, erotic romance literature.  Out there in the kitchen pantry I keep wine and sherry.  In here I keep my best collections of scotch and gin.  The room is tinted with the vague aroma of pipe tobacco.  The lighting is warm and soft.  It’s not exactly an avenue I would casually use for sex, save one salient detail I neglected. 

Every surface, every book, every knick-knack, and decoration are all covered by a thick layer of dust.  His tail flicks with sharp jabs.  His left eye twitches.  His trepidation, my cock, begin to swell. 

“Let’s go, pet.  Time to work.”  I give his ass a grope of encouragement, nudging him inside.  He mews faintly, whether on purpose or not I still find it amusing.  He poses in front of the first set of shelves, bending over just enough to lift the back of the skirt off the round curves of his ass and starts to work the feathers across the shelf. 

I pour myself a scotch with ice and relax on the sofa.  My eyes follow every movement and twitch of his body while the visibly obvious anticipation in my cotton pants twitches to the same rhythm.

He swipes back and forth in a slow rhythm, swinging his tail like a pendulum.  It drives me insane and he knows it.  I’ve been granite-hard for almost an hour now and this is just making me throb involuntarily, the veins in my dick surge like mountain ranges.  The duster does little more than kick up plumes of dusty clouds all around him.  I can hear the effects start immediately, the first droplets of condensation on his pink nostrils begin to coalesce.  I can feel the pre rising.

He’s sniffling within moments.  He pauses for a moment to wipe his runny nose with the back of his paw and I calmly get up and slap his panty-clad ass as punishment.  No stopping.  Keep working, pet.  He yelps and mewls his acknowledgement followed by another string of sniffles.  I can hear his breathing changing now - it’s labored and slow.  He’s fighting the urges in his muzzle and it’s making my dick so hard I could play baseball with it.

I kneel down behind him and slide his panties down just enough to expose his ass to my muzzle.  Be good and I’ll reward you.  Stray from your work and get punished.  He moans softly as my tongue presses up under his tail.  I let my paws wrap over his torso and ho his chest and I can feel him fighting the urge to sneeze.  His breath is short and hitched.  He’s just barely hanging on now.  I press my tongue up inside him to test the limits of his focus, swirling and licking.  He tastes amazing.  I can hear him moan softly as his concentration breaks and his control wanes. 

*sniffle*  nnngggg…  ohh-h-h-h f-f-fuu… hih.. Hheehhhhh-h-h-h-h-hh HHHEEE-GGIIHHHHIIHH.. hih… EEH.. HIITTCCHIEWWWW!!..  HHIISSSHIEWWW!!.. EEYYIISHEEEWW!!  HHISSSHHOO!!  EEEYYIISHHOO!  HIISSHHIEWW!!  HIISSHHEWW!!

Ohhhhh - he’s one of those.  Short, quick, rapid fire sneezes that come in massive little fits and render you helpless.  If you’re not a true sneezing enthusiast as I am, you cannot appreciate all the different varieties and flavors you encounter.  Short and rapid, long and drawn out, wet, dry, raspy, loud, soft, muffled, silent, explosive, contained…  Oh, I could go on.  That is, if my higher cognitive functions were not currently being overwhelmed with unbridled lust.

I growl through my clenched teeth and dig my claws into my thigh, resisting the painful urge to ram my cock into the nearest orifice and cum buckets.  I can feel the surge of fluid rising from my balls, pressing against the base of my knot, threatening to erupt prematurely.  I'm panting now, my temperature rising.  I reach inside my sticky capri pants and grip my shaft tightly, forcing the orgasm back down and squeezing out more strands of pre.   

Such a naughty pet, making me drip me like this.  You’ll have to be punished again.

“Grab the shelf and lift your tail.”  He does, with a look over his shoulders of mock sorrow, though his eyes dance with anticipation.  I bring my paw across his rear and he gasps.  Again and again I punish his firm round ass with my paw while he grunts and sniffles.  I can see the fabric of his panties starting to stretch tight as his desire begins to swell and pull against the fabric. 

You dare enjoy your punishment?  Insolence!  I spank him harder and faster, watching his ass clench and flex underneath the white fabric.  His tiny moans morph into grunts of barely restrained carnal desire.

“Get back to your cleaning, pet.  You’re not even close to being done.”

He mewls and sniffles wetly against his runny nose.  The clouds of dust swirling in the air start to cling to his wet nostrils, making his entire muzzle twitch and gasp incessantly.  He looks back at me with pleading eyes, desperately asking if he can rub his itchy nose.  I respond by sitting myself down between his crotch and the shelf, ripping his parties free with my teeth, filling my muzzle with the scent of his sex. 

I hear him sniffle wetly.  It's that overly wet sound of desperation when your nose is running so much there is no hope of not making a mess everywhere.  Speaking of wet messes, my capri pants are all but ruined.  I open my drooling maw and envelope his balls with my tongue.

hhhh-hh-hhhh.. *sniffle*  hh.. heehhh-HHIIHHHH!..  nnggggghhh.. *SNIFF!*...

He’s balanced precariously, straddling my position on the floor in front of him with my face buried in his crotch while leaning over me with one paw on the shelf for balance.  I can hear his breath getting more and more erratic.  He’s being such a good pet, fighting back the tickles in his nose, blinking away the sneezy tears in his eyes.  He’s gasping desperately now, begging for permission to release the urges in his muzzle and find some relief from the tickly feelings plaguing his nose.  Each breath I can almost hear him whispering, "Please.  Please, I can't take it.  Please, master, I need to sneeze so badly.”

I up the ante by swallowing his cock.  He twitches in both body and voice when I take him into my mouth.  His gasps are getting more desperate now that his attention is divided between his sex and his muzzle.  He drops the feather duster to the floor and grabs onto the shelf with both paws as the sensations in both organs prove too much to handle.

Hhhsshhhhiiggh.. hih.. I’m s-so-o-orry m-m-m-mmmass-sster, I c-c-can’t .. *SNIFFLE* .. have t-to snee-heee-hheeeeze~.. HHISSHHIIEW!!  IITTCCHOO!!  HIISSHHOOO!  HIIISSHHOO!!  IISSHHIEWWW!!  IISSSHHIEWWW!!  hihh.. hih.. HEEESSHIEWWW!!  HHHEEEEEYIIISHEHWWWW!!  AAAAYIIISHHHIHIEWWWWWW!!

Mmmmmm~ Oh god, I can feel every spasm and desperate gasp relayed through his cock twitching in my mouth.  I lap hungrily at the sweet nectar oozing out of his tip, loving the electric tic of his shaft against my tongue.  The wet spray of his nose rains down on my ears with a gentle mist and sends ripples down the fur of my spine and tail.  I hear him moan and scrape his claws against the bookshelf, his body tensing up with impending release.  His balls must be begging to cum so hard.  I know mine are.

I pull my muzzle off of his hot swollen flesh and wrap my fingers tight around the base as he squirms involuntarily and yelps in frustration.  Heh.  You can blame Cameron for that one.  I learned a trick or two from that kitty.  Oh, don’t worry - I won’t cum-block you for long.  I’m just as anxious to see that sweet release as you are. 

He backs away and sniffles against his runny nose as best he can.  Poor thing.  He’s quite a mess now with his red, swollen nose and watery eyes.  His nostrils are so swollen and inflamed.  He needs to blow his nose so bad.  It makes this kind of 'squelch’ sound every time he rubs it against the back of his paw.  I stand up and motion him towards the chaise lounge sofa in the room with one paw on his bare ass and with the other I pick up the filthy duster.

hheehgeh..hih.. *g-g-gaaassssp*  I… I’m s-s-s-soorry m-maaassstt-ttt… I geeheeehhh c-caann’t  s-s-sssstop snneeee… hhh.. heee.. HHEEEEEYYIISCCHH-*******NK!

His nose sits firmly clenched in my fingers as I scold him with my eyes.  You do not have permission to sneeze, pet.  You need to learn your place.  Sneezing and cumming are privileges you must earn.  Here, let me show you.

I lay him on his back and kneel down between his legs and oh-my-fucking-god did he just spread his legs in a perfect split?  I swallow hard and try to put my eyes back in my head as I stare at one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen - a femboi on his back with his legs spread in a perfect 180 degree split, his tail curled in a tiny circle under his ass.  Well played, pet.  You’ve earned a treat from your master.  I slide my painfully swollen cock into his ass and watch his whole body quiver in appreciation.  But before he can get too comfortable with my token gift, I pick up the feather duster and grin evilly down at him.

The feathers are drenched in clumps of dust that shake loose with the slightest of movements.  My cock still lodged inside him, I lean forward a bit and tease the tip of his cute nose with the edge of the feathers, dragging it back and forth across his face and making him squirm underneath me.

Heeyiihhnnggg.. GEEEH!.. *SNIFFLE*  hih.. HHHIHHYYHHgghhhiHH...  No, p-p-pleee-hheeeh-eease m-m-maassss-ssss CHHHiihhhhhh.. HHIH.. m-mas-sster I c-can’t h-help fffbbbtthh… HEEH.. HHIIIIITTTCCHH-FM********BBBBFFT!

Uh-uh.  Nope.  I shake my head in disapproval with my finger pressed firmly under his nose.  I told you, no sneezing without permission.  Though, in truth I’m not sure who is going to explode first, me or him.  I feel every squirm and spasm of his body as a contraction of flesh around my dick like a milking machine trying to forcefully suck semen out of me.  And it’s working.  I can feel it pressing up against the base of my knot, threatening to overwhelm my control and explode out of me.

I'm not sure who just moaned louder, me or him.

He sniffles and looks up at me, waxing pathetic with his large eyes, pleading for mercy for both his nose and his cock which is pouring pre on his tummy like a leaky faucet.  His nose is trembling visibly and I know he can’t take much more torment, though neither can I at this point.  I tickle the feathers across his nose again and release my hold on his nose as my hips start to thrust involuntarily. 

My paw swipes across his nose, dragging copious amounts of mess across my pads which I wrap around his pre-slathered cock.  The natural mix of lubricants squish out between my fingers noisily while I stroke him, forcing him closer to orgasm.

Hhiihhyyyhh.. geeh… Oh, fuck me, master!.. *SNIFFLE*  F-F-Fuuck m-me h-har.. ha.. heehh.. HHIIIITTCCHIIEWWWWWWW!!  F-f-fuck m-me h-h-ard…  harder…  ggeehh-hiihhggg *gasp!* HHHIIHHH-TTTCCCHHIEWWWWW!! HHIISTTCHIEWW!  HIISSSHHEWWWW!!.. G-give m-me y- your c-cooc..  cHHIIEWWWW!!  HHIISHIEWWW!! YIISSHHIEWWW!! I w-want …  f-f-fill m-me u-uhhhhh hhihhh HHEETTCCHIEWWW!!  HIISSHIEWWW!!

His ass clamps down and sucks on my cock with each spasm until he finally succeeds in pulling my knot inside of him.  With a quick turn, he folds his legs behind my outstretched tail in a vise grip that forces me balls-deep into him.  The sensation surprises me so that I yip loud enough to annoy the neighbors.


He’s totally lost in a sneezing fit.  Once again, I’m reduced to a snarling beast so overtaken by carnal lust that I’m losing higher brain functions.  My tail shoots straight out and trembles, my ears fold back along with my face into a growling snarl, my claws grip the fabric so hard it tears free, my balls contract with painful force and pump wave after wave of hot, thick seed into him.  I throw my head back and howl.  The beast takes over.  I cum so much it feels like piss flowing out of me. 

He pauses his sneezing fit just long enough for me to wrap a trembling paw around his flesh to milk him dry.  He cries out in a high-pitched squeal, muffled by biting his own lip as hot ropes splash across his chest and face.  It leaves his ears and cheeks flushed and his body shivering with aftershocks. 

I’m panting so hard it almost hurts to breathe.  He looks up at me and gives a weak smile and… did he wink?  I’m so cum-drunk that I can’t make my eyes focus but I’m all but positive this femboi just winked at me.  I murr audibly in question and try to dislodge my throbbing knot from his ass, but he’s still too tight or I’m still to swollen.  I can’t pull free just y…

Dawning comprehension washes over me like a bucket of ice water on my fur.  His nose is still saturated with feathers and dust.  I can feel his very toned muscles clamping down like a vise grip on my hopelessly swollen knot.  His legs are wrapped around me.  His nostrils are still twitching.  His breaths are still punctuated with sharp gasps.  His eyes are laughing at me.  He quirks one eyebrow and smirks.  I feel my ears flatten, my fur prickle, my eyes widen, as I slowly shake my head and silently plead for him not to do what he’s about to do.

HHIITTCCHIEWWWW!!.. hih.. hehhh.. oh, m-mass-sster.. the d-dust.. it t-tickles my n-nose.. I c-can’t s-stop sneehee… sneezing!.. HHEEETTCCHIEWWW!!  HHIIIISSHIEWW!!  IITCCHOO!!  HIISSHIEWWW!! ISSHHHEWWW!!  HHIIHSSSHEWW!!

Oh, you little bastard!  I snarl and struggle against his grip, flailing and trying to pry my hypersensitive cock free from his tight flesh.  But every movement sends sparks across my ticklish flesh and elicits a squeal from my lips.  I hear him gasping and sniffling, his muzzle quivering.  He’s threatening to sneeze again, nearly giving me a stroke.  I can feel another spasm building in my loins, heat rising.  I can’t stop it.  I’m panting so hard now.  It’s all I can do to grip the back of the furniture and growl as the orgasm takes me.


I arch my back and howl feral as a another wave of heat consumes me.  My loins sputter and force another orgasm out of me, ejecting whatever remnants of cum residue had remained from before.

Geeehhh-hheehhhh…  *sniffle*  I.. I think… I.. nnGGEEHHH!!..  Oh!... I *sssnnniiifffle*  I...  I’m g-gonna..  Sn-sn-sn-sneeeeze a-ahh… aHHHH.. HIHH!  Ag-g-again!...  HHIIITTCCHHHIEWWWW!!  HIISSSHHIEWWW!!  IIISSHHIEWW!!  HIISSSHHOOO!!  HIISSSHHOOO!!  EEYIISHIIEWWW!!

I’m barely conscious, my paws shaking.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve orgasmed, my cum sucked out of me so forcefully I feel like I’ve lost blood.  The words ‘painfully hard’ barely do justice to the state of my turgid flesh still lodged tightly inside that femboi ass.  But I’ll be damned if I’m going to pass out before I’ve put this pet back in his place!  I drag my paw across his chest and saturate it in his own cum for lube as I stroke him mercilessly.  My knot is still lodged in him, pressing up against that twitching prostate.  He squeals and thrashes about, unable to stop himself from cumming again.  It leaves us both exhausted and out of breath, collapsed in a steaming pile of wet fur and bliss.  There is an audible pop and a gush of all the fluid I pumped him full of comes rushing out all over both of us.


I wake up, strewn naked diagonally across my bed.  The first amber rays of dawn illuminate the sky along the walls of glass that surround my loft apartment bedroom.  My muzzle immediately registers the smell of wet sheets, musk, feathers, cum, and lube - trophies of our second and third rounds.  I grunt and pull myself up, fumbling with my impossibly hard morning glory and slipping on a silk robe.

An impressive yawn escapes my muzzle as I pour a steaming cup of coffee and try to sip my way back to consciousness.  Off to the side, the hiss of the shower fills the bathroom with steam.  I grin and lean against the counter, my eyes tracing the silhouette of last night’s meal as he cleans himself off.  I toy with the idea of slipping in to help wash all those cracks and crevices.  My cock twitches with a soreness that makes me wince with second thoughts. 

He steps out in a billow of steam and I smile softly, sipping my coffee.  Stay, I tell him.  Here, have some coffee and come back to bed with me.  He smiles sweetly and shakes his head, toweling himself off in a way that makes my sheath stir. 

“I have to get going.  It’s nearly dawn, you know.  Almost time for me to turn back into a pumpkin.”

I nod, knowing all that already.  “You were fucking amazing.  I want to see you again.. Kris?  Is that short for something?”

He smirks, pulling on his original panties and jeans.  “Sure, it’s short for ‘Krissiana’,” he giggles.  “I’m kidding.  Kris isn’t my real name, of course.  Keep making me cum like that, though, and I might be persuaded to tell you one night.”

He tosses the fishnet shirt in a bag and opts instead for a black tee shirt with the the words, “My Dixie Wrecked” emblazoned across.  I walk over and follow him to the front door, unable to resist giving that amazing ass of his a playful goodbye smack.  He opens the door and smirks, looking back at me.

“Behave, or next time I’ll bring my roommate and really give you a run for your money.”

I have no idea what he means. 

Hello my lovelies!  It’s been way too long since I wrote a story about my favorite alsatian.  It’s also been long overdue for Dixie to show up again.  What mischief will Alex cause this time?  Hee hee~  Special thanks to Kyrl who inspired the idea and help with the editing.  Hope you all enjoy!

Dante vs. The Greatest Senior Project Ever

Dante sat on the cold metal examination table in his boxer-briefs and tugged bashfully at the papery examination gown that barely covered his modesty.  The fact that his doctor was not only a female border collie but amazingly cute as well was not helping his desire to get through this ordeal without an embarrassing boner popping up.  The blushing alsatian played absently with his tail and tried not to fidget too much while she looked over his chart.
The doctor finally looked up and tried to give him a reassuring smile, but it only made Dante’s heart beat faster.  He tried to listen to what she was saying and not get too distracted by how her cleavage was barely contained by the straining buttons on her lab coat. 

“So, Mr. Dante – tell me about this problem you have.  It sounds very intriguing, I must say.”  Her voice seemed to him as beautiful as her curves.
“I, uh..  well, you see, um..  I have hay fever – like, really bad hay fever.  But um, I know that’s not really unusual – it, um..  well, you see when I start to feel a sneeze attack coming, It makes my um…”  He felt himself trying to shrink down inside his gown.  The doctor continued her disarming smile and nodded him to continue, her long hair brushing across her shoulders.  “I.. um, g-get aroused and it sometimes..  *deep breath* I cum like a firehose,” he finally managed to choke out.
The doctor nodded, “I see.  Well, Mr. Dante, I think we can help you.  We have some experimental and, shall we say, ‘unconventional’ techniques here.  But if you’ll put yourself in my capable paws, I’m sure well have you feeling better in no time.”
The mere thought of putting any part of him in her ‘capable paws’ was enough to make his sheath stir.  He nodded and winced, trying to suppress his barely clad loins from getting any ideas.   
The doctor put down the clipboard and put on her stethoscope and got very close to the tense alsatian.  “Now, just try and relax.  I’m going to get a look at your vitals and examine you all over for anything unusual.  Nothing to be nervous about, Mr. Dante.  Just breath normally.”  Her paws moved all over his torso with a silky, delicate touch as she listened to his breathing and heart.
“Deep breath, now.  And exhale slowly - good.  You mentioned allergies.  What gives you the worst, the messiest, the most uncontrollable sneezes, hmm?”
Dante’s heart was pounding furiously as her paws probed his torso. The pleasant aroma of her perfume and the proximity of her cleavage were not helping him concentrate on trying to answer her question.  “It, umm.. I.. I’m allergic to dust and pollen.  But, um.. I mean, my nose is kind of sensitive to things like feathers too, but ragweed is just terrible.  I can’t control myself around ragweed at all.  The sneezes are just too big and powerful.”
The border collie nodded and moved the stethoscope to the side of his ribs.  “Another deep breath.  And when did you first notice this connection between your sneezing fits and your powerful, gushing orgasms?”
*grrrrkkk!* EHH-GEEE!  HEEE HEE HEE!~  Accppff!”  Dante tried his best not to squirm, but when she wiggled her paws on his ribs, he couldn’t take it.
“Oh!  Oh, I’m sorry – You seem to be really ticklish there, huh?”  The doctor paused to make some notes on her clipboard.
Dante curled his feet together under the table and held his tail again.  “Y-yeah, I’m pretty ticklish there and some other places.  Why?  Do you really need to write that down?  Is that important?”
The doctor gave him a half smile that Dante would swear was a little less than completely professional.  “It might be.  We’ll see later when we begin the full response diagnostic.”
Dante’s pulse quickened, a nervous shiver went down the fur on his back.  “Wait, what?  What kind of diagnostic?  What are you looking for?  Isn’t there like a pill or something you can give me?  Do you have to see what happens when I.. um…”  Dante trailed off, unable to finish his words when the examination suddenly took a much more intimate turn.
“Cough for me.  That’s good.  Okay, aaaaannndd..  again please.  Hmmmm.  Once more?  Very nice,” she scribbled some more notes while Dante tried repress the urge to start panting.  “Well, in order for me to correctly diagnose and treat your rather unusual response to sneezing, I’ll have to see what’s going on all over this body of yours, won’t I?  But you needn’t be embarrassed.”
Dante breathed a sigh of relief.  “Oh.  You mean you won’t need to see me actually cum all over myself?  That’s a relief, actually.”
The doctor put down her clipboard and flicked a switch next to the exam table.  The opposite wall of the room started to fold up like an accordion revealing an elaborate setup around the most sci-fi looking chair that Dante had ever seen.  It was made of many separate, adjustable pieces complete with separate rests for each arm and leg and some rather questionable looking straps.  Surrounding it were an array of computer screens and a bundles of multi-colored wires from the ceiling with tiny attachments on them.  Dante gulped audibly and felt his tail curl up under him.
The doctor continued as the alsatian stared in awe at the setup.  “No, I mean you have no reason to be embarrassed because I’m a doctor.”  She added with a rather coy smile, “You have nothing you need to hide from me, Mr. Dante.  My assistant will help get you prepped for the procedure.”
Dante continued to stare agape at the setup in the other room.  “Wait, you’re not serious are you?  I.. what is that thing?  Can I at least put some pants on?” he whimpered, hopping down from the exam table and tugging on his flimsy gown.
The doctor’s assistant entered the room with an overly-cheerful expression while the doctor continued.  “Now, there’s no need to be shy, Mr. Dante.  Besides, I want to see your c... *ahem*  I need to see for myself just how strong a reaction we’re talking about.”  She turned to the cheetah standing next to her.  “Please help Mr. Dante get situated and prepped, won’t you?”
Dante turned and looked nonplussed at the cheetah standing in front of him wearing scrub pants that appeared to be made out of spandex and a tight tee shirt that said “Freelance Proctologist” in rainbow letters.  “Wait, ALEX?  Seriously?  How are YOU a doctor’s assistant?  What are you do- Hey!”
Alex grabbed Dante by the arm and shuffled him over to the odd looking chair.  “Oh, you know – I took some night courses here and there - something like that.  C’mon, sweet cheeks, let’s get you all strapped in here.”
“Wait, hang on.  What IS this thing?  Why do I have to be strapped in?  What are you gonna..?  How is this suppose to… he-help… um.. *gulp*  me..?”  Dante trailed off and choked as the doctor leaned over and rested her cleavage on Dante’s left arm and flitted her fingers through his hair. 

“Shhhh~ Just relax.  This won’t hurt at all.  In fact, unless I’m mistaken, it might just feel pretty amazing,” she purred, hypnotizing Dante with her large eyes.  He swallowed quickly so he wouldn’t drool on himself.
“This is a new experimental procedure that should tell us just what’s going on inside you when things get, um..  well, out of control.  We’re going to take these little probes here and attach them to your noggin – here, Alex, go ahead – and then these we’re going to place along your nostrils and your muzzle… like this…  and then these last ones – here you go, Alex – will be attached to your co..  um, your genital area.”
Dante winced and blushed as Alex took his time on the last bit.  When he poked his head up and finally pulled his paws out of Dante’s underwear, Dante gave him an annoyed glance.  “Enjoy yourself there?”
“Why, Dante!  I can’t believe you’d ask me that.  When have I ever not enjoyed myself,” he giggled.
The border collie doctor took a seat nearby and brought up the displays on the monitors.  “Alright, let’s see how we’re looking, here.  Heart rate is a bit fast.  Breathing is normal.  Brain activity looks good.  And your sex impulses are quite normal and healthy.”  Dante could swear he heard her smirk when she said the last bit.  “We’re ready to begin.  Dante, all I need from you is for you to describe what you’re feeling, or any sensations in your body – anything at all.  Ready?”
The alsatian glanced down at the tiny probe things around his nostrils and his muzzle and at all the tiny wires sticking out from under the flimsy hospital gown and tucked into his undies.  He tried to avoid looking at Alex, who was standing there with a much too happy look on his face.

 “Um, I guess?  I mean I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be fee-hee.. heehh.. geeh... oh.. nnnggg!... I.. wh-wh-whaat.. iss.. g-going.. hheeeh-h-h-h.. hihih.. going o-o-onn geehhh!”  Dante suddenly felt tiny electric-like tingles surging and swirling all through his muzzle and down to the tip of his nose, just barely enough to be noticeable.  His nostrils reacted immediately, starting to tremble and flare out, growing shiny with moisture.
The doctor’s eyes sparkled as she looked him up and down, drinking in the whole-body reaction he was having from the stimulation to his nasal passages. 

“Easy, now.  It’s just the start of the process.  We’re going to stimulate the nerve endings in your nose and see what the overall response is.  Just tell me how you’re feeling right now – what does it feel like in your nose and are you feeling aroused at all?”
Dante sniffled and rolled his eyes.  Aroused?  Ha.  Lying here in his underwear with probes attached to his junk, in front of an audience and on display to anyone who walked in the door.  ‘Aroused’ was not the word he would choose at the moment. 

“Umm.. *sniffle*  It f-feels kind of w-weird… like um.. I.. hih.. I f-feel like I .. like I’m gonna sn.. sneeze.. but.. it.. Like it.. Hhh… hheeehhh-gggeeehhh...  hihh… l-l-like it’s s-stuck..  *wet sniffle*  b-but it’s kinda mmmm-mmaking my n-n-ose runny.. *sniffle*
The doctor purred, “I see, and your sex?  Anything at all?”
Alex enthusiastically lifted the edge of Dante’s gown and was just about to reach inside Dante’s briefs before Dante whapped him with his tail and glared, “Th-thank you, Alex!  I can..  *sniffle*  I.. um, nn-no.  Nothing.  I .. oh jeez, this is terrible.  I r-really need t-to s-s-s-snn-neeze..  *sniffle*” 
The doctor looked over the graphs and readouts on the monitors and then glanced over at Alex.  “The results suggest we may need to move on to Levels 2 and 3.  Go ahead and bring in the supplies just in case.”

Dante sniffled and grunted in question.  Levels 2 and 3?  Whatever that was, it made the fur on his tail prickle.  And though it was difficult to be sure with his runny nose, he could almost swear he could sniff the faint scent of heat emanating from the doctor.  She seemed way too in to this for his comfort.  He tugged experimentally at the the straps around his wrists and ankles.
Dante’s ears perked to the sound of the side door being opened.  Alex leaned out into the hall and crooned, “Oh, nuur-uurrse~  I think we’ll be needing all the supplies.  Be a dear and bring them in, won’t you?  Oh don’t give me that look – you look fabulous in that outfit.”
Dante furrowed his brow and lifted his head up to see Alex’s boyfriend - a rather muscular otter - entered the room wearing an antique nurse’s hat and dress that barely covered anything while carrying a tray of items Dante could not clearly make out. 

Dante huffed, “Oh, come on!  He can’t be a nurse!”  The otter rolled his eyes, apparently in agreement with Dante.
Alex just grinned.  “Thank you, Nurse ~Edwardo~.  And, Dante!  What a thing to say!  Of course hot, chiseled, muscular, otters-bois can be nurses!  I mean, just look at how well he wears his outfit.  Psshh..  Whatever – don’t mind him, love.  You look amazing.”
Dante huffed again.  “That’s not what I meant and you know iiiihhhh.. hhiiihhh.. HEEHHH!.. nngg.. *g-g-aassp!*”  The tingles in his nose suddenly spiked, the tiny probes on his muzzle buzzing audibly against his trembling nostrils.  He could feel the first hint of response in his loins, the same tingly sensation in his nose being mirrored underneath his balls.  He shivered with dread, thinking about the pressure that was starting to build up in his balls and prostate.
The doctor slowly adjusted the dial on the machine, watching Dante’s every reaction with rapt attention, her eyes swelling with hunger.  “Tell me, Mr. Dante.  How does it feel now?  How bad is it?”
The alsatian sniffled wetly and tugged at his arm restraints, desperate to try and rub his nose which was twitching wildly.  “It f-f-f-feels l-l-like I hrrrrrhhh-ggeehhh-h-h-h! hheehh-jjiiihh!  Ehhh!..  I h-h-have f-f-f-f-ffffffeathers s-s-s-sttucck in m-m-m  GEHHH! n-n-no-o-o-o-o-ose.. HIIHHH!… eehhhh… *g-g-g-aaasssp*  p-p-pll-l-l-please.. I n-n-n-n-nee-eed t-t-to hhiihh-yiihhhh… HEHH… n-need to sn-sneeze s-s-soo .. b-b-b-bad… it t-t-t-tickles… I  c-c-can’t hhhh.. EHhh.. hihh.. t-t-ake i-i-ihhihihih-it!”  He whimpered and gasped as his muzzle scrunched up, wiggling against the intense itchy feeling plaguing his sinuses.
The doctor nodded, her tongue darting over her lips.  “I see.  And is there any secondary reaction?”
Dante was gasping too much to bark any objections as Alex lifted the flimsy gown up and felt around, taking his sweet time.  “Hmm…  I see.  That’s interesting.  Hmmm…  Oh, very nice~.  Nope, nothing yet,” he smirked.
The doctor nodded, her eyes fixated on Dante’s struggling, sneezy expression.  “Well, then.  I’d say we need more… encouragement.  Bring me the Level 2 instruments, would you?  I need to… stimulate the patient some more,” she purred.
“Nurse ~Edwardo~?”  Alex purred over at the otter who shook his head with an annoyed look as he brought over the tray.
Dante panted.  The tingles in his nose were relentless.  They kept him right on the cusp of sneezing without pushing him over.  His nostrils flared wildly, trying to overcome the tingles that ran up and down his shivering muzzle, but unable to do more than throb and twitch.  The doctor pulled her chair over next to him and gave him a smile that was half reassuring and half raw desire.  Dante felt the bulge in his undies lurch - and not from anything to do with his nose.  Between the sneezy feelings in his sinuses and the low-cut cleavage spilling out of the doctor’s lab coat, Dante knew he’d be rock hard soon.
Dante’s eyes followed her paws as she picked up five small nibs – each one designed to fit neatly on the end of a fingertip.  At the tip of each one were several small, tightly packed feathers protruding out like tickly claws.  She put them on her right paw, effectively giving her ‘feather-claws’ on all her fingers.  She wiggled her fingers over him and looked back at Dante with a barely suppressed grin.
“Now then - I suppose the responsible thing would be to see if these are, umm..  ‘calibrated’ properly first,” she murred, drawing a quirked eyebrow response from the sniffling, panting alsatian.  Before Dante knew what was happening, the doctor had motioned for Alex to untie and remove the papery exam gown, leaving Dante in just his underwear.  But just as he was about to protest, he felt her feather-tipped fingers start to dance and wiggle across his tummy.
“GAH-HAH! EEEEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEE-YEEEE~!  N-N-N-NUUU! Sttaaaahhppffff!!  T-TIC-CKLINNG-HHHEE! GAAAHHH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!” he squealed, thrashing about in the restraints.
The doctor’s eyes lit up with an evil smile.  “Maybe one more to be sure?”
Dante barely had time to catch his breath before the feathery fingers ran up and down his ribs, making him erupt in high pitched giggles.  He nearly lost his mind when she tickled under his armpits, shrieking with laughter and tugging desperately against his straps.
The doctor gave a satisfied smile and nodded.  “Well, I guess they work.  Now let’s see how well they tickle you here.”
Dante’s eyes crossed, staring as she brought her feathery fingertips over his snout and dragged them down along his muzzle, over the tip of his nose, and danced in tiny circles around his swollen nostrils.  His lip immediately curled back and his eyes fluttered with sneezy tears.  The tickles made the inside of his nose spasm and itch terribly.
The blips and pings on the displays began to pick up speed and intensity.  The doctor admired her handiwork and stole a glance down at his twitching undies.  “Now how does it feel, Mr. Dante?  Tell me and be honest.  Remember, this is for science,” she said, licking her lips.
“NNPPPFFF!.. oh.. hihh… HEEHGEHH.. I … *SNIFFLE*  it f-f-feels .. I.. c-can’t .. the tingles in my n-n-ose are.. HHEEE-GEEHHH!!  Hihh.. EEEHHH! EH.. hihihh.. I.. my b-balls are g-ge-etting w-w-warm… P-P-Pleaasee.. I c-c-can’t t-t-take this.. It t-tickles t-too much!.. HHEEEEHHH… gehh – hihihihihihihhIIHHH! I.. n-need to .. sn..sneeeze!..  *SNNNIIIFFFLLE*  I c-can’t t-t-taake it any-m-m-moore!  Oh.. g-gawd!.. I .. c-can f-f-feel my.. My b-balls.. *SNIFFLE*  s-s-starting t-to..  hhihh… hhehehgeehh… hhih-HEEHH!..
All eyes turned to the lump in the front of his cotton undies which was now throbbing noticeably with every sniffle and gasp.  Alex happily volunteered to inspect things for the sake of science.  He slid one of his paws inside Dante’s shorts, grinned and nodded.
The doctor’s eyes grew larger and her grin broadened.  She let her fingertip feathers swirls along the edges of Dante’s very flared out nostrils and then slipped them just inside his nose, making his eyes go wide and roll back.  He tried to keep talking, but was barely able to sound coherent over the gasps and wheezes.
HHUHHHHH!  Oh geehh.. hihh.. HEEEHHH!..  It.. t-t-tiicckles sso-so-sss.. so m-mmmuch!.. I geehhh-HHEHHH.. I… hihh.. HEEHHHHH!!  NNGGGGGEEHHHH!  *SNIIFLE* Oh g-g-geehh.. p-p-pllease.. N-n-no more.. I.. n-need to snee-hihh-heeee.. sneeze! *sniffle*… t-t-tickles  the b-back of m-m-m-my n.. no-ose! hiiihh-ghhihh..”
The blips and lights on the display screens began to ping and change color.  All eyes looked up at the monitors and back at Dante’s bulge, which was clearly starting to grow, pulling at the cotton fabric.  Alex put his paw on the mound and purred, “Things are heating up, doctor.”  He glanced down at Dante’s undies and grinned.  “Oh my!  Captain!  There be pre here!” he chirped, poking at the tiny wet spot on the front of Dante’s underwear.  He motioned for Nurse Edwardo to come over and verify.  Much to Dante’s shock, the otter didn’t hesitate to pull his underwear down far enough to run his tongue over the end of the alsatian’s dick.  He replaced the undies back and looked up, licking his lips and nodding.
The sneezy tingles in Dante’s nose were reaching fever pitch as the tiny feathers wiggled and stroked across his twitching nostrils.  The feather tendrils were teasing and itching his nasal passages, making his eyes water.  He couldn’t stand it any longer.
*SNNOORRT!* I.. c-ca’nt .. t-take itthihhh…  I… h-h-have t-t-to snee.. hee.. hee… snn-nn-nnnneweezze.. hihh..  EEGEEEHHIHH…  eeehh.. *GAASSSPP!!*  AAAAAHHEEEEEYIIISSSHH-***** nnff..  Acccckkkff!
Dante looked down at the end of his nose and saw the doctor’s finger perched snugly under his runny nose, holding back all the urges in his sinuses like a dam across a raging river.  She grinned and leaned over him, her cleavage threatening to pop the top buttons on her lab coat.
“Not yet, Mr. Dante.  We’re not even close to letting you finish.  I see that just sneezy urges alone are only part of the story.  We need to see more than just one big sneeze – I’m afraid we’re gonna need to see your allergies at full throttle.” she said in a sultry whisper.
Dante sniffled wetly and looked around, his ears folding back.  Surely they weren’t going to…
Alex nodded to Nurse Edwardo who pulled up a cloth from over a large mason jar filled with ragweed stems.  Dante shook his head and pleaded in a whimper, but to no avail.  The jar was opened and Dante’s nose immediately winced at the unmistakable smell of the pollen-y weeds.
Within seconds, the readouts and blips on the displays began to change color and frequency rapidly.  Lights flashed and small warning blips appeared in several monitors.  Dante’s face contorted, his eyes fluttered and teared up, his nostrils began to throb with a reddish tint, his nose was instantly runny,  The bulge in his underwear gave a pronounced lurch as his erection started to take shape in earnest.  Even his balls seemed to undulate and shiver with anticipation.  The spot of pre on the front of his undies began to spread.
*g-gaaassp!*  ohh… m-myy…  geeeheeehehhhhHIHIH… EEHHH!..  nnff.. oh it.. itches.. ITCHES!!  My nnn-nnneeeuu .. HUIHHHHHHHH!!..  eeggeehhh!..  I c-c-c-caan’t h-h-hooll-GEHHEEEEHHHHhh..  HHHEEEEEHYYIIISSSHIEWWW!!
Dante lurched forward, shaking the entire chair, exploding all of the pent up fluid from his aching nostrils even with the doctor’s finger pressed firmly against his nose.  The warm spray covered the doctor’s chest and most of her lab coat, blowing her hair back and soliciting a suppressed moan from her lips.  As the alsatian sniffled wetly and shook the dizziness from his head after such a massive release, the doctor’s paw found its way down between his legs, tracing the outline of the throbbing erection barely contained by the fabric of his underwear.  She gave his hard cock a satisfying squeeze and grinned, “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

Dante bit his lip with a muffled whimper as his dick throbbed happily from the attention, but his focus quickly turned back to the penetrating itchy sensations burrowing deep into his nasal passages as more and more of the tiny pollen grains were inhaled and absorbed into his nose.  His allergies began flare up, making him gasp and pant as the sneezy urges washed over his muzzle.  The probes leading back to the monitors began to show rapidly increasing activity in his sex drive - with his balls pumping out vast quantities of semen as fast as they could, his dick stretching the fabric of his briefs while drooling pre in a near constant stream and spasming in parallel with every gasp and hitched breath.  He felt the cold metal of bandage scissors clips away the remains of his pre-saturated underwear, letting his painfully hard dick spring free and slinging strands of pre across his torso. 

Nnggeeh… hih.. HEEE-GEEHh.. I.. it.. It’s .. t-t-too mmm-m-much.. I c-c-cannnn’t cont-trol.. Hiih-hih-FFEEGGHHHHH!!  nnPPFFF!!  HHEE-Y-YIIHHHH... HEEHHH…*Sniffle*  Oh.. it… f-f-feels like I.. I’m g-g-gonna b-burst if.. I d-d-don’t c-c-c-CUM.. s-soon.. I… hihhhhh.. EEEEYIHHH!...

The pre drooling out of his turgid sex dribbled down and glistened across his shaft.  It soaked into his fur with such volume that the probes began to short out - not that there was any more need for them at this point.  At Alex’s suggestion, Nurse Edwardo carefully removed the tiny pads from Dante’s throbbing loins and opted to clean up the mess of pre with his entire mouth.

Dante yipped and tried to knock the otter back with his tail, but was overcome with another wave of massive sneeze urges in his nose.  The doctor watched with dilated eyes and panting breath as the alsatian’s nostrils flared and widened, gasping for air, scrunching up with irritation, and twitching visibly as the inner passages reacted to the itchy pollen. 

NnngEEHH! I c-can’t h-hold it.. G-gonna.. I.. H-h-ha-ave. To sn.. snee... I’m g-gonna.. Hihh  EEEEHHHEEH!...

As Dante thrashed and flailed on the chair, and the monitors above him all flashed a rainbow of warnings and emergency readings, the doctor could stand it no more!  She ripped her lab coat free in a flurry of popped buttons, revealing only a black lacy bra and thong panties underneath.  She growled in raw carnal desire and mounted Dante, straddling his chest with her undulating, wet heat.  “Oh fuck me, YES!  Do it!  Explode before I lose my mind!” she screeched, gripping his shoulders with her claws and grinding back and forth against him. 

Dante looked on in total shock, but was in no position to resist.

“D-D-Doc-ctor wh...ah hh.. Whaaaahhh.. It.. I c-can’t sss-s-sttopppffff.. I.. HIHH… *G-G-G-GAAAASSSSP!*  Oh shiii..!!  HHHEEEYYYAAAAHH-SSHIEWW!!

He exploded, blasting his wet breath across her midsection and chest as she squealed and tightened her thighs around him.  For Dante, the relief of sneezing was short lived.  His nose continued to twitch from all the resistance he was putting up, building up to a massive fit that he knew was coming and could not hope to stifle.  His cock strained and swelled, dribbling pre in puddles on the floor beneath him, the tingles in his nose felt all the way down to his balls which were pulsing and twitching on their own - aching desperately to be relieved of their burden of holding so much pent up fluid inside. 

The doctor ripped her bra and panties free, slathering kisses all over Dante’s quivering muzzle and letting her soaking-wet sex find its way down to swallow Dante’s cock whole.  She arched her back and gasped as his hot flesh filled her up inside, snarling in anticipation of what was about to happen. 

Dante tensed up and tried not to pass out from overstimulation.  His head was swimming.  The rest of the room was fading all around him, leaving him only aware of the intense sensation of the doctor’s flesh enveloping his and the electric waves of sneezy urges penetrating the depths of his sinuses.  He sniffled and gasped, unable to speak coherently. 

HHIIIIHH-YEEEHHH.. Hihhh! *sniff*  Gehh.. I .. gggeeehhh.. Hih.. GEH!.. I.. I c-c-c-caaann’t sstt-tttop thee ggEHHH.. I’m g-g-ggo-onna.. C-C-C-C hheehh.. CUM!  Hihhhhh EEEHHHH!!  AAAYIIHHHHH!!..

The doctor grabbed her breasts and howled as waves of orgasm slammed into her flesh which tightened around Dante’s cock with a vengeance.  The alsatian yelped and exploded everywhere.


As his muzzle erupted in a torrential storm across the doctor’s chest, neck, face, and shoulders, his cock swelled with immense pressure and emptied a massive flood of high-pressure cum into her, filling her beyond capacity.  He howled and pulled hard against his restraints as the orgasm surged through his entire body, blasting hot seed like a busted water main until her sex could take no more and sprayed excess cum out between them. 

Dante finally collapsed in a sweaty heap on the chair, panting and barely conscious.  His fur was drenched in sweat and sex.  His nose was throbbing painfully and still had a red tint to it.  He blinked the remaining tears from his eyes and perked his ears to the dripping sound of the overflowing cum pooling up on the floor under them. 

From the side, a very impressed cheetah and otter in a nurse outfit slowly clapped.

[Scene fades to black] 

[Somewhere in the distance, an egret cries]

[Roll Credits]


Dante sat on the sofa in his apartment, flipping over the pages in front of him with a look on his face that was somewhere between appalled and disbelief.  Next to him in her painted-on blue jeans, tee shirt, and orange bandana, Dante’s border collie girlfriend, Dixie, flipped through her copy looking far more amused than her beau at the contents.  Meanwhile, Edwardo, who was leaned up against the wall, finished his reading and tossed the pages unceremoniously onto the coffee table with a disapproving grunt.

Seated across from them, Alex’s eyes sparkled with barely restrained anticipation while the other three flipped through the pages of his script.  His tail flicked impatiently.  He broke into a wide toothy grin when they looked up.

“It will be my greatest achievement to date!  My senior film school thesis!  I’m calling it, ‘My Dixie Wrecked’!” he exclaimed with dramatic gestures.

After a moment of incredulous silence and wide eyes staring back, everyone spoke at once.

“Are you high?”  “You’re making a porno for your senior project?”  “I gotta say it’s pretty good.  I mean, I did get wet just from reading this.”  “Dixie!”  “You really expect me to dress like a nurse?”  “There is no way you’re filming me naked, strapped to a chair!”  “Could he bottom for me in one of the scenes at least?”  “You want me to what?!”  “Can I keep the lab coat and lingerie when we’re done?”  “Dixie!”  “I’m not sucking his dick unless I get some action myself, you know?”  “Oh!  ‘My Dixie Wrecked’ - I just got the joke!  That’s pretty funny, actually.”  “Or maybe he could rim me while he’s balls-deep in my mouth.”  “Short answer: Nope.  Long answer: Noooooooope~”  “You could use more tickling scenes, I think.  There are lots more places he’s ticklish than just what you have here.”  “Dixie!”

Dixie hopped up off the sofa tugging the nonplussed looking Dante along with her.  She gave the disappointed looking cheetah a little kiss between his ears as they walked past.

“Tell you what, Alex - Dante and I will give the scene a few practice runs and we’ll get back to you when we think we have it right,” she giggled, while Dante turned fifty shades of embarrassed.  The two of them waved goodbye and left, leaving Alex and Edwardo alone with the scattered pages.

The otter shrugged and went back to lifting some free-weights.  “Guess you’ll need a new film project, huh?”

Alex rolled his eyes and smirked.  “Oh, please~  Like I don’t have a backup plan already.”  He pulled up a number on his phone and winked.  “Hey, Evan!  It’s me.  Say, what are you and Gale up to this weekend?  How would you two like to be part of the greatest senior film project of all time?”

Hello, my lovelies!  Well I seem to be on a writing kick these days with stories just popping into my head left and right.  Credit the idea for this one to Mr. Ticklynoses who, to be honest, has provided me with some of the best story fodder over the past few months.  I don’t think I do enough with destructive sneezing which is a shame because it is so much fun to write! 

What’s The Worst That Could Happen

It was a chilly night in the northern mountain town.  But even the bitter, snowy winds could not dampen the holiday spirits of all the furs who’d come out to play.  Families and friends from all around were gathered at the pond just north of town which was frozen solid and turned into an ice rink for all to enjoy.

The ice rink was filled with the sounds of cubs laughing and the hiss of metal blades skimming across the white surface.  Holiday lights hung from the surrounding trees and lampposts gave the arena a sparkling glow in a calliope of colors.  The sides of the lake were piled high with hay bales and loose straw which made for a more comfortable landing to those who could not stop in time.

Weaving in and out of the couples and family groups on the ice was one snowshoe hare who glided and twirled across the surface.  His lithe, slender frame and obvious flexibility made him seem naturally at home coasting across the frozen pond.  With nary any effort at all, he traced spiral patterns and loops across the ice and sped off towards the wooden hut where furs went to stay warm and put on their skates, sliding to a stop in a flurry of ice shavings.

“Aubrey?  Are you coming or do I have to come get you?,” he grinned, slowly scooting his way over towards the wooden pavilion on one skate.

After a moment’s pause, an equine nose and face slowly emerged from the doorway and regarded the frozen surface with some trepidation.  She shook her long mane out of her eyes and looked back across the ice at the hare and grinned sheepishly.

“You’re sure it’s okay, Randy?”

Randy glided on over the the wooden opening and nodded.  “I promise.  There’s no way this ice will break.  I’ve seen entire families of bears out here!  C’mon.  It’ll be fun.  What’s the worst that could happen?”  He held out his paws for her to take.

Aubrey nodded and smiled back, easing her way out through the door frame that she had to duck down to fit through.  Many pairs of eyes stopped to catch a glimpse of the large equine as she stood up straight and gently eased each of her hoof-skates onto the icy surface of the pond.  At her full height, she stood almost an entire head over other equines with much broader shoulders and thicker build everywhere.  For those furs who had never come across a horse of Clydesdale ancestry, she was quite a novel sight.

Randy took her hoof in his paw and smiled up at her reassuringly.  “We’ll go slow at first.  It’ll be fine!  Just relax, hon.”

At first glance, the pair of them looked rather mismatched.  Randy barely came up to her chest and joked that she could eat three of him and still have room for dessert.  Where he was thin, wiry, and built for speed and rather uncanny flexibility, Aubrey was more stout and frankly built like a linebacker for a football team.  In fact, she had actually played the position of defensive tackle for their school before her breasts became too big to be restrained by the protective gear.

It wasn’t long before she finally relaxed and stopped trying to listen for sounds of ice cracking and straining, and let herself have some fun on the ice.  She wasn’t as graceful as her boyfriend, but they still managed to skate several circuits around the rink before heading over to one of the fire pits to warm up. 

“Say, are you getting hungry?  I don’t know about you but I could devour some salad right about now!” Randy chuckled as he rubbed his paws together and held them over the heat. 

Aubrey nodded enthusiastically and returned his smile.  “Yeah.  Totally.  *sniffle*  And I think after that we could maybe head home soon? *sniffle*  Even with this long mane I have, I’m still getting chilly out here.  Um… R-Randy?  You okay?”

The hare’s eye twitched and one ear fell.  “You sniffled.  Why did you sniffle?  Do you have a cold?  Did you bring the nose spray the doc gave you?  Does your nose itch?  If it does, that’s bad.  Are you sniffling because your nose itches?  Please tell me you have the nose spray with you.  I… you know I can’t take it when..  I mean it’s bad for you too, but.. I....” he trailed off with his ears turning red and his heart starting to thump.

Aubrey wrapped her large arms around her twittering boyfriend and hugged him up off the ground, smothering his entire head between her breasts. 

“Oh, Randy - you are too cute when you get all flustered like that,” she giggled.  “I’m fine!  Really.  It’s just a little congestion from the wind and the cold is all.  I promise I’m not sick.  We’re going to get some food from the vendor over there and then head home to a nice warm fire.  That’s all.  Nothing bad will happen.  You’ll see.”

She planted a big wet kiss between his ears and lingered for a moment, knowing how much it drove him crazy to have the base of his ears licked.  She held on until he started squirming.

“Oh… OH! Hey-hey-hey-hey.. nuuuu!  stahppit!” he blushed and laughed nervously.  “Jeez, and you wonder why I’m alway in a perpetual state of near-arousal,” he stuck his tongue out and scampered across the ice towards the food cart. 

The line was long, but they amused themselves by pointing out the rather odd outfits that several other furs had on.  The winner, by far, was the female hippo in the line beside them who had on some sort of feather-nest for a hat which Randy suggested might be and actual bird held in place by wires and duct tape.

The waiting was made all the more difficult from all the delicious smells coming from the grill where everything was being prepared fresh.  Aubrey commented on how pretty the sparks looked coming off of the smokestack, like tiny fireflies in the dense gray smoke.  They were almost at the counter and ready to order when suddenly the wind changed direction.

The gentle breeze behind them quickly shifted and was now coming at them head on.  Most of the furs in line didn’t notice or care, but Aubrey was so tall she was right level with the top of the smokestack which was now covering her face in gray soot.  She coughed and tried to wave the smoke out of her face but instead got a snoutful of ash and made her sinuses sting.  She sniffled and rubbed the smoke from her watery eyes, nodding to Randy’s suggestion that they should sit down for a moment. 

Aubrey froze in mid step.  Her nostril flinched and sent a tingle up the ridge of her snout.  Her ears perked straight up in panic.  She felt her chest start to hitch and try to draw in air.  The tingle in her nose started to tickle.  Her lip started to curl.  She had to get out of this smoke before it made her sneeze and she hurt someone! 

She sniffled wetly and turned to move sideways through the crowd.  Her nose continued to tingle but not overwhelm her just yet.  Her eyes stung from the smoke and she couldn’t see clearly.

“R-Randy?  Hon, we have to go.  Now!  I.. *sniffle*  I h-have to get out of this smoke before it makes me snee…  OOOF!!”

In her panicked shuffle through the crowd, Aubrey had run headlong straight into the hippo who was wearing the outrageous hat.  Aubrey coughed and tried to apologize to the nice lady.  Her nose gave another spasm and she sniffled wetly again.  Her eyes flew open wide as the tickle in her nose immediately spiked and made her entire muzzle tremble visibly.

Randy had watched the entire chain of events unfold in front of him like a train wreck in slow motion.  First Aubrey had pulled away from his paw to move sideways out of the wind and smoke.  Before he could warn her, she’d run right into the lady with the roadkill bird hat.  Then, as if the hand of fate was working against them, the hat’s downy plumage had scattered in the wind and landed right on the edge of her snout just as she had sharply inhaled, pulling several dozen tiny feathers into her nostrils. 

The effect on Randy had been immediate too.  Just the thought of seeing that beautiful, large set of round equine nostrils spasm and lose control to a massive sneeze was enough to give him an instant raging boner that pressed against his snow pants and tried to rip its way free.  He had to stop and get his breath as the wave of lustful heat washed over him.  The hormone-fueled hare shook his head clear and tried desperately to focus on the task in front of him. 

“Hon?  Are you okay?  S-seriously, we need to leave before… OMG!  Aubrey, you.. you can’t sneeze here!  Oh shit!  Seriously, I… *grunt*  * blush*  Wait, where is your nose spray?  We need your nose spray!  You… Oh, jeez I’m leaking pre like a faucet, you’ve gotta keep it under control until we get home, PLEASE!” he cried with mild panic in his voice. 

*ssnnniiiffffflle*  Oh.. R-randy I.. I didn’t b-bring the .. nose.. it.. didn’t th-think I n-needed.. I.. hih...HEHHHH… EEEYYIIIHIHHHH-H-H-H-H…!!

Aubrey gasped and panted, holding her finger under her wet, engorged nostrils until the tickle had subsided.  Randy’s eyes rolled back in his head.  He dove into a nearby snowbank and shoveled pawfuls of snow down the front of his pants. 

With the tickle seemingly under control, Aubrey wiped her drippy nose clean and tried to race over across the ice rink towards the wooden hut to return her skates.  Right as she was almost close enough to touch it, her nose suddenly spasmed again.

EHHH!  hhihh-YEEEHHH!... nnghe.. HIHIH-H-H-hhhhh.. HHPPP-SNN*******XXXSSSSCHO!

The large equine was just barely able to cup her hooves over her snout and stifle the massive sneeze from  exploding out of here.  But even stifled, it was enough to rattle the roof on top of the wooden hut and propel her back across the ice with amazing speed.  Aubrey flew backwards across the frozen pond, knocking furs over like bowling pins until she came to rest on the other side of the pond in a heap.

Randy looked up when he heard the commotion and came racing over.  “Hon?  Are you okay?  Did you… Ohhhhhh-h-h-h sssshhhhiiiiitttt!”

Aubrey looked up, somewhat shaken, amid the piles of hay bales and clumps of loose straw that had collapsed in a thick cloud of dust.  She sniffled and drew in copious amounts of the hay dust into her already irritated nostrils and her eyes started spinning wildly.  With each gasp and huff, her chest got bigger and bigger, inflating and drawing in so much air it stretched her coat until buttons flew off in all directions.

‘Oh!.. hihh.. HEEHH.. It.. t-tickles t-t-too m-muuch.. c-c-can’t .. s-s-sttop.. I.. Hihhhh. EEEHHH.. Have… NNGEEEHEHH!!.. g-g-gonna.. sneeee-heeeeze..!!  HHHHHHIIHHHHHH!!....

At the last second, Randy had flung himself on top of Aubrey and pressed his fingers hard under her nose, rubbing her engorged nostrils with his paws and yelping for her to keep it together!  Now aware of the danger, furs began scattering and running away before the inevitable happened.  Randy kept his paws under her nose until it stopped quivering. 

“You okay?  We gotta go, hon.  Now!” he whimpered

“Wait, I think something is poking me.  Is there a piece of wood jabbing me in the side?”

Randy sighed and rolled his eyes, blushing heavily.  “No, that’s ME!  I’m gonna explode before you do if we don’t HURRY and get home!”

“But.. the skates.  We’re supposed to ret.. .hih…. Ret-turn the.. sk..sskkeeehhhh aaahh.. hihhh… HEEEHH!  …  nnxxxx*******!!

Randy leaned over and ripped the skates free from both their feet and flung them on the lake.  “Screw it!  We gotta run before you destroy the city and I get arrested for public indecency!” 

The two of them tore down the side of the hill and made their way towards their downtown apartment.  Aubrey took long, powerful strides and tried to ignore the tickly feathers lodged in her nose.  Randy took rapid, bouncy strides and tried to overlook how painful it was to feel your own boner slapping against your thighs as you ran.  They were barely downtown before Aubrey’s nose couldn’t withstand the teasing any longer.

“Ohh.. hihhhhhh EEHHHHH… I.. c-caaaaannnn’’ttttt  h-h-h-hooollldddd it  an-n-n-ny .. m-m-moorre..  hihhhhhh-EEEHHH… HHHHAAAARRREEEEESSSSHIEWWWWW!!” 

Despite the hare’s frantic pleas of, “OMG-No-don’t-wait-you can’t-just hold your breath-EEEEP!” the Clydesdale girl reared back, her chest puffing out to twice its normal size, her breasts popping free as the fabric on her coat ripped to shreds, and let fly a shockwave blast-sneeze that sent cars careening backwards and lifted furs off the sidewalks. 

Randy, who had wrapped himself around a lamppost for protection, growled and sank his teeth into the metal pole in raw frustration.  His balls were screaming for relief and the sight of her nose and chest exploding in all that fury was about to drive him insane.  And he was sure he’d heard the sound of his underwear ripping under the strain of his raging hard-on. Gaaah! He grabbed her hoof and raced towards home and just hoped he could find where she put her nose spray before she destroyed their apartment building.  Aubrey sniffled and sprinted along behind him, doing her best to keep her wobbly, bouncing breasts covered up as she ran. 

They turned the corner and came to a screeching halt in the face of orange construction barriers.  Construction crews were tearing up the street and the building across from theirs.  Randy looked hysterical but the bear in the orange vest held up his paw.

The bear foreman took a moment to look over the sight of a frantic hare sporting an obvious boner poking out of his snow pants holding on to the hoof of a towering equine girl who could barely keep her breasts from spilling out over her arms.   “Okie dokie.  Sorry sir, but this street’s closed.  You’ll have to go all the way around to 5th street and double back.  We’ve gotta get this cement poured before…”

Aubrey started to gasp and pant again, her nostrils flaring out like pillowcases in the wind.  Randy rubbed her nose and yelled back, “Are you insane?  She’s gonna blow any second now and if I don’t cum soon I’m gonna lose my mind!  Now got get a doughnut and FUCK OFF!”

Randy barrelled past the bear foreman with Aubrey in tow.  The feathers in Aubrey’s nose began to shift and tickle again, making her chest start to heave.  Randy tried to pick up more speed.   Aubrey started to gasp and pant, her nose flaring and scrunching up.  Just hang on a few more minutes.  We’re almost there! He could tell she was probably not gonna make it form the sound of her desperate hitched breaths.  His cock throbbed painfully every time she inhaled.  Randy gritted his teeth and tried not to think about her flaring nostrils and large bouncing titties, and her…  Wait - where’d she go?

There was a moment of confusion followed by a *thud!* sound.  Randy looked back and saw a gaping hole in the sidewalk that had at one time covered over a section of a building’s subbasement.  There was a cloud of cement dust rising from inside the opening.  Randy peered over the edge and tried to fan away the debris. 

“Hon?  Aubrey, are you down there?  Are you okay?”

From behind the cloud of dust came a reassuring, “I..  I’m good…  Just.. my nose is still kinda runny..  it…  *SSSSNNNIIIIFFFFFLE!!*

Randy’s ears fell along with his tail.  His mouth hung open in a look of abject panic as he watched the sight of two small vortices forming in front of her nostrils and snorting up nearly the entire cloud of cement dust.  He saw her eyes pop open wide and dilate; her muzzle scrunch up and tremble; her nostrils huff and swell up even larger in size; her chest start to heave and expand to over twice it’s normal size.

The other construction workers had stopped to meander over and see what the commotion was about.  Randy’s right eye twitched.

“Um… not to panic anyone but now would be a great time to GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!”

Nnnnnnn-GGEEEHHHH-HHEEEHHHHH… HHEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH… oh  R-Raaanndddyyy I….HHHHHIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHH!! I c-c-caaaaahhaaannn’t sss-ssssstttoopp thhheeee  HHHIIIHHHHHHHHHHH!!...”

Randy ran in panicked circles looking for a a place to find shelter and realized there was only only place he would be safe from the fallout.  He leaped in and secured himself firmly between her breasts, on top of her heaving chest.

Hhheeeyiihhh-GGEHHH-JJIIHHHh… hiiihhhhhYYEEEHHH…  *G-G-G-GAAAASSSSSPPP!*  …  eep! 


A guyer of loose debris, cement, and rebar exploded from the opening in the sidewalk as a shockwave sneeze-blast ripped across the windows and doorways of nearby buildings. 

Unable to contain himself any longer, the over-sexed hare ripped his clothes off and buried himself face first in Aubrey’s luscious cleavage.


The next blast wave exploded through the building that had been gutted by the construction workers  and sent plumes of dust and debris exploding out through windows and doors and left the third story listing to one side precariously with a sickening crack of the foundation.

Randy cried out in in raw ecstasy and pressed his painfully hard erection between her ginormous breasts, humping and thrusting with wild abandon. 


The next sneeze blast-wave exploded down the sidewalk, sending sewer covers and parking meters sailing across the sky and leaving a trench of plowed concrete/rebar/asphalt detritus in its wake. 

Randy arched his back and released a guttural scream his primal ancestors would have been proud of before collapsing in an orgasmic heap on top of Aubrey’s breasts. 


Randy stirred and stretched, blinking his eyes open and looked around in confusion.  He was not in his bed or even in his apartment.  He looked down and saw himself being cradled in Aubrey’s arms on top of her breasts and grinned.  This wasn’t so bad!  he sniffed the air and caught the aroma of cement and a musty basement.  oh… right.  That.  He yawned as Aubrey cooed at him.

“All better now?  Feel good to get that out of your system?” She smirked down at him.

The hare looked up at her face and blushed sheepishly.  “Oh… wow.  Did I..?  Oh damn, I must have been seriously pent up!  I didn’t realize I got it all over your ears and mane too.  Jeez!  I’m sorry, babe.  I.. well you know me, I just can’t help myself around you sometimes.” He giggled and blushed more.  “Um.. is your nose all better then?”

Aubrey nodded and blushed too.  “Yeah.. I think I finally got the feathers out.  I figured since we’re both naked and exhausted I’d just rest down here until you woke up.”

Randy got up and stretched, looking over the remains of his pants he’d shredded in a fit of lustful need.  He whistled, “Man!  Yep, those are toast.  I guess I was pretty desperate.  Hey! I’m hungry - are you hungry?  I’m starving!  Let’s go find something to eat.  Then maybe after that we could get frisky again ‘cause I think I’m still on a bit of a ‘hare trigger’.  *snicker*  Ouch!  Okay okay!  It was a bad joke!  Hee hee!  Hey, I know!  Tomorrow let’s drive down to the arboretum and see all the exotic plants!  I mean, it won’t be like ice skating - what’s the worst that could happen?

*wink*  To be continued...

Unarchived Stories / [F + Messy + Mature + Explicit] Trapped in the Theater
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This is the sequel to ‘Trapped in the Elevator’ that I promised about a year ago.  Many thanks to those who waited patiently for this one.  And also many thanks to SilverDragon171 who helped me flesh this one out when I was stuck with writer’s block!

Hee!  Cheers and enjoy!  =P

Trapped in the Theater

On a warm Friday night, a neatly groomed wolf paced nervously back and forth in front of the multiplex theater.  Jordan checked his watch again to see that only 30 seconds had elapsed since the last time.  He couldn’t believe how nervous he was.  He took a breath and smoothed the fur on his tail down and tried to breathe normally.  He thought how stupid this must look, a wolf who brokered huge business deals without breaking a sweat was brought to the point of anxiety by one little date. 

Oh, but this date wasn’t with just anyone.  This girl was something special.  Charlene was an elephant who had it all in all the right places.  She had nice curvy hips and delicate shoulders, a nice full trunk, beautiful brown eyes, that southern accent, creamy-liscious thighs, and a smile that would melt a heart of stone. 

Jordan paused to smile to himself and close his eyes.  He can still remember how nervous he was slipping his business card into her back pocket.  His tongue flitted against his lips as he remembered the feel of his fingers against the round curve of her ass.  The wolf blushed and stopped to get his heart rate under control.  If he kept this up he’d need to find someplace private before his lust got out of control.  He felt his cock stirring in his sheath and thought briefly of pouring ice water down the front of his jeans.  He flinched and nearly yelped when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Jordan turned and looked, his mouth hanging slightly agape.  There she was, standing next to him with that disarming smile and those large, brown, fluttery eyes.  Jordan’s eyes swelled and traced every inch of her from top to bottom.  She was dressed simply in cutoff jeans and a t-shirt that was tied in a knot so as to cup and hold her breasts together.  Her cutoff shorts were trimmed to just barely cover the edge of her ass all the way around. 

“Umm.. I… are you okay?  Something wrong with how I look?” Charlene asked, suddenly blushing and looking self-conscious.

Jordan blinked and remembered to close his mouth.  “Wha.. oh, you look great!  I mean, really great!  It… no, seriously - you’re outfit is tight!  *eeerp!*  I,  wait, I meant ‘tight’ like, you know, extremely good - not tight as in ~tight~.”  The wolf sighed, having completely lost any hope of remaining composed. 

Charlene giggled and ran her fingers over one of her large ears.  Jordan suddenly remembered why they were there and ushered her inside.  He sighed and hoped the rest of the night would go smoothly or at least not where he embarrasses himself too badly.  His eyes wandered down her back and watched, hypnotized by the movement of her elephantine hips as she walked.  Fortunately, he remembered to watch where he was going before he walked straight into a support pole in the middle of the walkway.

Once inside the theater, Jordan paused for his eyes to adjust.  There were plenty of seats available, but he wanted something with a little more privacy in case things started to heat up.  Jordan lead Charlene up to the very top row of seats and hoped he wasn’t being too obvious with his choice.  If Charlene was concerned, she certainly didn’t show it.  She just smiled sweetly and took her seat next to him. 

In truth, Charlene was still too anxious and enamored with Jordan to even notice where they were sitting.  Part of her still didn’t want to believe that this was even happening for real.  To her, Jordan was a big deal at the place they worked.  How he could take an interest in someone as plain as she thought she was made her head spin.  She wanted this date to go perfect.  Who knew if she’d ever get another opportunity like this with such a damn fine piece of wolf like him? 

The prerequisite flurry of previews ended and the ambient lights died down, leaving the two of them cloaked in darkness and very much alone in the last row.  Charlene took a chance and leaned over to rest her head on Jordan’s shoulder.  The wolf gulped audibly and hoped his heart wasn’t thumping too loudly to disturb the movie for her.  Before long, their fingers had absently intertwined around each other.

Jordan could barely suppress the grin on his muzzle.  This was going so great.  She seemed to really like him.  He just hoped he wouldn’t do anything to embarrass himself like thinking too much about how well those cutoff shorts of hers just hugged those sweet curves and came oh so close to showing off her… 

Fueled by the lustful imagery dancing across his imagination, the wolf’s cock decided to wake up and spring to life suddenly.

Oh, balls! Jordan cursed himself and was very thankful no one could see how red his face was.  The tub of popcorn had suddenly bounced in his lap thanks to a sharp twitch in his sheath, sending kernels of corn all over his thighs.  He should have known better than to let his mind wander like that!  Now he has a hard-on pressing its way up into his jeans and popcorn all over his lap.

Charlene felt Jordan flinch and saw the popcorn suddenly bounce and spill.  Her keen ears easily caught the string of curses whispered under his breath.  She giggled and wondered if he was really all that nervous and concerned about spilling a little popcorn.  She leaned over and whispered, “It’s okay, cutie.  I can take care of that.”  She gently snaked her trunk over and started to gather up the stray kernels of corn with a delicate touch.

Jordan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.  He gasped and tried not to hyperventilate.  Was she really doing this?  Here?! When he’d thought of things getting ‘heated’ he had been picturing more along the lines of making out or maybe some heavy kissing.  Possibly, maybe, a stray touch or two.  But this was just…  omg!  He gasped as the tip of her trunk slid down the ridge in his jeans that was very hard flesh squirming to come up for air.  This was getting intense.  If she kept this up, he’d have to make a choice about either leaving with his shirt untucked or ‘taking care of business’ somehow.  He bit his lip and murred softly and gasped when he realized he’d made that sound out loud.  His jeans throbbed and grew painfully tight.

At first, Charlene couldn’t understand why Jordan’s paw was suddenly gripping her hand so tight or why he was making such odd sounds or getting so tense.  She looked over at the movie screen.  It wasn’t exactly the most tense or dramatic moment in the film.  Maybe he had to go to the bathroom?  Was she doing something wrong that…  wait…  She stopped as her trunk brushed up against something very warm and twitching inside his jeans.  She pressed very lightly and felt him squirm all over.  Her eyes got bigger and bigger.  Was that… his…? 

Charlene felt her face, ears, and trunk all grow red and very hot once she realized she’d been stroking his cock with her trunk this whole time.  She bit her lip and snickered quietly.  The whole situation immediately seemed funny to her.  She looked over at him sideways and waited until their eyes met.  Even in this light she could see that he didn’t exactly mind what was going on.  He was just as surprised as she was, in fact.  With a slow, sultry grin she picked up a large trunk-full of popcorn and pretended to accidentally drop it down the front of her tee shirt. 

She leaned over and whispered into the wolf’s very red ears, “Oh my.  Now I need you to help clean me up.”

Jordan’s cock suddenly lurched in his jeans and spat pre all over itself.  He grimaced and squeezed the armrest with his free paw, nearly tearing the fabric loose.  He wondered if she had any idea how crazy this was making him.  There was no turning back now, his dick was so hard it was poking it’s head out from the waistband of his jeans.  Desperate to relieve some of the strain on his engorged flesh, he unsnapped his denim and let his cock push his underwear out in a tent in his lap.  He looked around again to make sure no one was looking at them.  There were a few furs that were kind of close, but no one on their row or close enough to see them clearly. 

Jordan gulped and licked his dry mouth.  His paw was shaking as he gently leaned over and let his fingers slide across the fabric of her cotton shirt, around the curve of her breast, over and around the lump of her very prominent nipple, and finally down into her cleavage.  He bit his lip to keep from moaning audibly.  She did the same. 

Charlene’s trunk experienced a new touch and smell.  There was the smooth and delicate feeling of his satin boxers.  And also the strong, piercing aroma of pre mixed with wolf musk.  For a moment she was dizzy as a wave of immense heat spread from her groin across her tummy, leaving her with a hot, moist feeling.  At this rate, she wasn’t sure who would orgasm first - even just from heavy petting.  She slid her trunk down inside the flap of his underwear and coiled the tip around his shaft like a serpent.  She pulsed and slid her flesh against his, loving the feeling of heat on heat. 

And then it happened.

It was right at the moment Charlene’s trunk was coiling its way deeper into Jordan’s boxers and soaking up the musk under his balls.  Right about the time Jordan’s paw was caressing the underside of her breasts and starting to tease her erect nipple.  Charlene gasped and sniffed up another whiff of that intoxicating smell of pre and musk that was saturating his loins.  Maybe it was a stray piece of pubic fur.  Maybe it was a bit of popcorn.  Or something else that had gotten lodged in the tip of her trunk.  Whatever it was, something was sitting halfway up her trunk and just barely starting to tickle her nose. 

Charlene froze for an instant and wiggled her trunk, vainly hoping to maybe dislodge the offending particle from her nasal passages.  Instead she felt Jordan squirm and murr under the feeling of her quivering trunk all over his loins followed soon by a wave of tingles that made her eyes water.  She sniffled and felt some relief, praying that would be the end of it.  If she pulled her trunk out suddenly, he’d probably think she was just leading him on or worse wasn’t interested after all.  She pinched the top ridge of her trunk and felt the tickle subside more.  Hopefully the worst she would get out of this was a slightly runny nose.

*Errrk!*  The itchy tingle suddenly returned with a vengeance.  Carlene could feel trembles and ripples traveling down her trunk which was still coiled up like a snake around Jordan’s throbbing, pre-soaked dick.  She sniffled wetly, feeling the surge of fluid building up in her nostrils.  She was determined not to let some little tingle in her trunk ruin this moment.  Especially since she felt Jordan’s paw slide down from her breasts and unsnap the front of her cutoff jean shorts.  But the tickle was getting stronger by the second and her breath was starting to hitch and gasp uncontrollably.

The wolf’s fingers glided like silk over her very wet cotton panties.  The pads on his fingertips gently parted the folds in her flesh and began to sweetly massage the slick flesh back and forth.  She was heavily into it.  He could tell.  He knew he was good at this, but his skill had either gone up considerably or she was so hot for him she couldn’t help herself!  He heard her panting and gasping already.  The wolf grinned and hoped she wasn’t gonna scream too loud if he did make her cum.  That would be difficult to talk his way out of.  He grunted as his own cock twitched and ached to be coaxed to release.  The sound of her panting harder and harder was certainly bringing him closer to his own climax.

The tickle in Charlene’s trunk was making it start to spasm and twitch on its own.  She sniffled again but felt that her nose was starting to drip.  Not that it mattered much since most of Jordan’s pubic fur was already soaked in pre.  She couldn’t take it anymore.  The tickle was getting too strong.  She pressed her finger under her trunk and tried to whisper without sounding too panicked. 

ohhh.. hihh.. ghehhihih… *sniffle*... Oh.. g-god.. J-JJ-Jordan.. I.. I c-can’t.. hih.. HEEHH.. yhihh… I c-can’t h-h-hold I.. ha.. have t-t-o.. I.. oh, god.. I.. hih.. HEHH.. I’m g-gonna… I h-have to sn.. hehhh..HEEE…” Charlene gasped, trying desperately to keep her breathing under control. 

“ohhhh-h-h-h… muuurrrrrrr-r-r-r..  God.. fuck… me too, babe..  You’ve got me soooo hot right now,” he smirked pressing his fingers in deeper with a very satisfying squeak from  Charlene. 

“Nnn-nj-nnn no d-d-don’t .. d-do th-thahhHAAHH that..  my hihhh-hhhiihhh.. gehhhhh.. n-no-ose.. t-t-tickles too mu.. mu.. I have t-to sneeze.. it  gonna.. hih HEEHH  HHHIHHHHHH!!

Jordan rolled his head back and let his tongue loll out to one side as another dollop of pre gurgled from his tip and slid down the side of his cock.  “Mmmmmm~  I know.. this feeeeeelllss sooo fuckin’ good…  huh?”  Jordan sat up and cringed.  What did she say?  He turned his eyes downward and felt the shivering, shaking trunk wrapped around his balls and saw Charlene with her finger pressed up hard under the base of her nose.  Instantly, the wolf recalled her loud, high-pitched sneezes from the elevator.  His tail bushed out and his ears folded.  He opened his mouth to hiss and beg her not to sneeze in here but was cut off.

hihhh-h-h-h-h-h-.. nnggehh.. hth.. HHMMPPP-TTCCCHHHPPFFFFFFFFFF!!.. *s-s-s-snnnsssisnniiffle*  hihh… nnghehhh.. *g-g-asp*...

The wolf nearly jumped out of his seat and bit his lip hard to keep from yelping in surprise.  The trembling and contractions in her trunk had been immediately followed by an attempt to muffle her sneeze by burying the tip of her trunk underneath his balls.  He felt his loins suddenly awash in a blast of hot, wet air that left a trail of sticky fluid all over his nethers.  It had created a surge of heat in his groin that made his balls contract. 

He leaned over and whimpered, “N-no... You can't sneeze again!  I c-can’t take it!” 

But Charlene could barely hear him.  She was too focused on trying to get the tickle out of her nose without calling attention to them.  Who knew what would happen if they were suddenly discovered giving a trunk-job in the back of a theater?  Of course, this would be infinitely easier if she didn’t have two trembling wolf fingers resting right on top of her clitoris.  She tried uncoiling her trunk from around his cock, but that seemed to make the tickle worse.

hihh.. Heheh… GEH.. hihhhihi-h-h-hh-hh-h..*g-g-gaspppp-pp* HHEEEP-TSSSSHHMMPPPFFF! .. heegeehheehhhheh.. hihhhshhhihhs.. YIIIHHH!.. HHRRRRMM-PPPFFFFFF******CCHX!...  TTCCCCCHHIHEWWWWW!!” 

Jordan leaned forward and grabbed the seat in front of him for support with his one free paw.  He was so close to cumming it was painful.  He looked up and met the eyes of several furs who had glared back at them, wondering what all the noise was about.  He tried to play it off by rubbing his own nose and mouthing the words ‘Excuse me’ in between panting for air.  Those sudden shockwave blasts of hot, powerful air across his balls were gonna be the death of him.  He could feel his knot swelling up and his hips starting to thrust involuntarily.  He whimpered again to Charlene to please stop sneezing before he exploded like a goddamn volcano.

Charlene’s hips seemed to be working with a mind of their own too, grinding and squeezing down on Jordan’s paw that was now trapped between her thighs and held tightly in place.  She sniffled wetly again and felt her trunk slip free of the mess that was now soaking both of them inside Jordan’s pants.  More strands of mucus dribbled out of her nose and mixed with his pre that was leaking out steadily now. But every slip and slide of her trunk seemed to exacerbate the tickles and tingles in her nose, making her gasp and pant more.  Jordan pleaded with her again not to sneeze, but she was too far gone to stop now.

Hihh.. hieeh.. EEHH.. hihhh-h-hhh-.. HHHEEEEEP-TTCCHHIIIEEWWWWW!!.. hhhhihh-OHH!-hh-h-h  YIISSHIEWWWWWW!!  HHIISSSHIEWWWW!!... hihh.. oh g-god, I’m ss-s-soorrryyy EEEEEEEHHH!!  HHEEEYISIHEWWW!!..

Several furs shot back angry looks and made ‘SHHHHH!’ sounds back at them, but Jordan was fuck-all from caring.  His cock throbbing and spurting like a pressure cooker at its limit.  His knot 
was painfully swollen and his balls were wound up so tight they were ready to explode.  Over and over again, his groin was pounded by one blast of steamy hot breath after another until he was sure he would lose his mind.  The first trickle of white semen dribbled out of his tip as he whimpered, “Oh f-f-fffuck me I’m g-goona c-c-c-cum-m-m-m.”

Charlene’s first instinct had been to simply cover Jordan’s dick with her trunk so he didn’t shoot streams of hot wolf seed all across the theater seats.  But just as she was about to plop her nose down on his lap, Jordan’s fingers suddenly clenched and trembled against her hyper-stimulated flesh between her thighs and sent a wave of orgasmic heat shooting up from her crotch throughout her entire body.  Everything from her toes to her trunk trembled and spasmed, clenching up tight.  She bit her lip and did her best to muffle the screams she wanted so desperately to cry out.  This left the tip of her trunk poised immediately over the tip of Jordan’s throbbing erection with her nostrils flared out wide.  Jordan’s hips bucked and pressed up sharply as his own orgasm took hold. 

Jordan was vaguely aware of the hot, slick feeling that had enveloped his cock.  It almost felt like oral, but without the tongue.  Regardless it was all the push he needed to unleash his pent up fury.  Over and over again he pressed his hips up and grunted as silently as he could bear, launching a veritable flood of hot cum out of his dick like a lava filled firehose.  “NNNGGGHH!” he huffed and panted as his balls pumped another flood of semen out with a vengeance, again and again until he was a quivering, euphoric, lump melting in his chair. 

Charlene’s own orgasmic bliss was interrupted by a curious sensation she’d never come across before.  There was a sharp twinge accompanied by the grunts from Jordan as his hips shoved his cock into her nostril.  Suddenly all nine inches of hot wolf flesh was enveloped in her dripping nostril which was now stretched out hard thanks to his knot.  Before she could react to this or even pull away he started grunting and launching stream after stream of hot wolf cum straight up her trunk and filling up all the way to her sinuses.  She gasped and tried to sniffled in reflex but he just kept thrusting and cumming over and over again, making her nose swell and grow heavy with his flood of semen. 

Jordan’s vision was blurry and his head swimming from such a spine-shattering orgasm.  He could still feel something tugging on his dick.  With shaky paws, he tried to pull himself upright and saw that his cock was somehow lodged balls-deep into Charlene’s right nostril of her trunk - even all the way around his knot!  She had the oddest look on her face, too.  He started to ask if she was okay, but he winced and nearly fell out of his chair as his hyper-sensitive dick flesh was being teased and tickled by her nasal passages.  He had to get her off him and fast!  He tugged until there was a satisfying ‘pop’ sound of his knot being released.

Suddenly she could breathe again.  *SNOORRRT!*  Charlene blinked sneezy tears as a new sensation began to take over her entire trunk.  All that fluid and cum lodged in her nose; irritating and teasing her sinuses; making her eyes water; tingling and tickling her nasal passages.  She gurgled and gasped as some of Jordan’s cum dribbled out the tip of her trunk.  Her eyes fluttered and rolled back in her head. 

Jordan blinked and felt his tail bush out again.  She was heaving and huffing so much her tee shirt was about to rip.  Her trunk was curling back and her lip was quivering.  Out of desperation he shoved his paw under her nose and pleaded.

“No!  Wait!  Just.. you’ve got to hold it!  You can’t sneeze now!” he whimpered.

Deeper and deeper, Charlene’s breath heaved.  Her trunk wobbled and swayed, still heavy with all the seed she had snorted up from Jordan’s orgasm.  There was little the wolf could do but close his eyes and pray.

eeeehhhhhhihhhhhhhh…. hhihhyyyhhhhhh--hhhHHHHHHHH!!.. nnGEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH!!! HHEEEEEEEHHHH!!  …  hih… ehh.. EEHH!..  …  HAAAAAAAAAAHH-SSSSSHHHIIIIIEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!

Jordan felt his fur blasted back, saturated in a tidal wave of hot, steamy breath, cum, and clear fluid.  The sneeze was so loud it made furs in the next theater over jump and wonder who was blasting an air horn inside the building.  Those sharing the theater with Jordan and Charlene had thankfully just decided to leave and get clear of whoever it was with such a bad cold.

Jordan stumbled to his feet and shoved his sheath back into his pants before zipping himself back up.  His fur was a dripping, sticky mess that dribbled down across the floor.  He waited patiently for Charlene to adjust her panties and put her shorts back on.  The two of them walked silently out of the theater and ignored the stares of other moviegoers on their way out.  Outside, Jordan paused for a moment to wring out his fur.

He wiped some of the mess from his face and turned towards morbidly embarrassed Charlene and deadpanned, “Did you enjoy the movie?  I certainly hope so.  I’d hate to think I did anything that might embarrass you.  I didn’t embarrass you did I?”  His right ear twitched and a glop of goo fell from his cheek fluff and oozed to the ground. 

Charlene pursed her lips and tried not to laugh, but his expression was too much.  She nodded and snickered, covering her mouth and giggling through her fingers.

Jordan paused again to pull strands of his own cum out of his whiskers and chest.  “Oh, good,” he continued with the same emotionless look.  “I was afraid maybe you didn’t like the popcorn or perhaps the theater was too dark.  Whew!  Dodged a bullet there, huh!”  By this point, even Jordan couldn’t help but laugh along with her. 

He grinned and tried to salvage what was left of their date.  “I’m thinking next time we just do ‘Netflix and chill’ at my place.  You know - unless we decide we’re into this whole ‘exhibition’ thing.”

Charlene fluttered her eyes at him and smiled, “I say we skip the ‘Netflix’ and just go straight for the ‘chill’.”

To be continued...

Unarchived Stories / [M] Snowed In
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Great big jackalope hugs to all my wonderful friends here!  So this story is a little different from the others I’ve posted before since this one is a true story.  Hee!  Yep, this happened to me several Christmases ago and was a rather, shall we say, ‘explosive’ way to discover an allergy I knew nothing about before.  So sit back and grab yourself some hot cider and a cute otter and enjoy! =P

Snowed In

I already knew this Christmas would be one to remember for the ages.  Not only was it the first Christmas for me since I’d moved away to college, it was also the first time since I was just a calf that we’d gotten the entire family together in one place.  Elks from far and wide would be traveling from all over Montana, the Dakotas, and even my cousins from Saskatchewan, all descending on my uncle’s ranch house just outside of Salt Lake City. 

Once you have that many elks all packed into one place, ‘organized chaos’ is about the best you can hope for.  Especially at Christmas time!  Aunts and moms were doting over every calf they could round up and embarrass while uncles and dads swigged down stein after stein of what was most likely not root beer and talked of anything involving testosterone.  Cousins who hadn’t seen each other in ages exchanged pleasantries while silently sizing up each other’s antlers.  And all while a seemingly endless supply of finger food streamed from the kitchen.  I wondered just where one keeps enough food to keep an entire herd of elks fed for five days until Christmas.

As soon as I walked in the door I was drowned in a tidal wave of greetings that ranged from, “Oh, how handsome you are!” and “So you went to a southern college, huh?” to getting punched in the shoulder from my cousin Warren who, despite being 2 years my junior had somehow been blessed with a much thicker rack and physique.  It was something he gloated over me any chance he got.  I laughed it off like I always did and tried to take in the sights and sounds around me. 

The tree that was up in the main hall was unlike anything I’d seen before.  It was huge!  We never had a real tree when I was growing up since mom always fretted about keeping the house clean and picking up all the dead twigs and whatever.  We’d always just used the regular plastic ones you assemble and decorated that I still had plenty of fond memories of.  But this one - wow!  It filled the entire house with a lovely smell of cedar and was lit up brighter than the Vegas strip with branches drooping under the weight of so many ornaments and decorations.  While I was hypnotized by the sight of this arboreal display, Warren decided to take advantage and ‘greet’ me again.

“Hey, Chandler, THINK FAST!” he grinned and landed another punch in the same shoulder as before.

“Ow!  That’s the same shoulder, you dick!”  Warren snickered while I got a stern look from mom about my language. 

It wasn’t long before we were all laughing and catching up with each other, telling tales about what we’d been up to the past few years.  I got a lot of questions about my choice of college and was I sure that a school down in Alabama was really as good as the ones up there.  Truth be told, while I may be an elk I’ve never really liked the cold much.  The warm, sultry weather of the South, to me, was a very welcome change from the bitter cold of Montana.

I took a break from all the camaraderie to grab a few tissues.  My nose had been wet and runny the entire time, I think.  Granted, it was probably just because I wasn’t used to the dry air of the Rockies.  Oh the other hoof, I also didn’t relish the idea of appearing weak or sickly in front of my cousins - especially Warren.  I’d probably never hear the end of it.

Fortunately, it was getting late and everyone was exhausted from traveling.  It wasn’t long before most had either passed out where they were sitting and I yawned my way upstairs to share a room with several other cousins.  I was still sniffling a bit.  I shrugged and thought it’d be gone by the morning. 

The next day we were greeted by two interesting turns.  One was Aunt Lela’s idea for the does to decorate the buck’s antlers with whatever decorations didn’t fit on the tree (oh man, this was gonna be a long week), and the other was that last night’s snowfall was rather underestimated by the predictions.  In fact, we were snowed in tight!  Not that we were going anywhere, but now we couldn’t even if we wanted to.  And my parents wonder why I don’t miss having to deal with snow. 

After sitting patiently through an hour of torture - sorry, I meant to say ‘letting my younger cousins pile decorative crap on my antlers’ - I was fortunate enough to escape to the living room before any pictures were taken.  My nose had started to get runny again and was itching a little.  But I didn’t care.  I was more elated to see that Warren had gotten ‘decorated’ much more heavily than I did. 

I probably should have kept my fool muzzle shut about it.  He took the opportunity to point out that I had mistletoe tied to my rack and then promptly kissed me full on the lips in front of everyone.  And I’m 99% sure I saw a camera flash when it happened.  But before I could respond, the itch in my nose suddenly spiked.

“Warren, you di… hihh… Hihh-Tchhiew!”  I sniffled and dabbed at my snout with a tissue.

“Gosh, Chandler, I don’t think I’ve ever had that effect on anyone before,” Warren giggled.

I rolled my eyes and began plotting just what torment I might pour onto his fur while he slept. 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.  If you wanted a date so bad, you should hav.. Heee-ssshhooo!!”  Wow, that one kinda snuck up on me.  I decided to get some hot tea to drink but not before several moms and aunts descended on me and felt my ears for a fever and began suggesting all manner of remedies for a cold that I repeatedly insisted that I did not have.  Which was true as best I could tell.  I mean, I didn’t feel bad at all.  Just had an itch in my snout that was gone now, thank you all so very much. 

The rest of the day was nothing special.  More chats and catching up.  Though I did have to stifle a few more sneezes that crept up on me.  I really didn’t want to hear any more about colds or flu or whatever since no one seemed to want to believe I was feeling fine when I sneezed before. 

Now, I really must admit that by day three I should have suspected something was wrong.  Or maybe I did but just didn’t want to admit it.  Not that there would have been anything I could have done, but still.  The day started with me sneezing myself awake.  Violently, I might add.  And loud. 

There was much yelping and thrashing about from the other elks in the room with me.  Warren, of course, had to give me a hard time about it and ask why I couldn’t use an alarm clock like a normal person.  I tried to ignore him, though I’m pretty sure my ears were flushed, as I got up and decided to take a hot shower to clear my sinuses.  I began to wonder if maybe mom was right and I was coming down with a cold, but it sure didn’t feel like one. 

The shower felt really good and my nose felt a lot better too.  I inhaled the warm scents of Christmas in the house and smiled.  Maybe now I could finally relax and enjoy myself.  I put on some flannel and jeans and trotted downstairs to join the rest of the herd. 

Mom was in the kitchen with her sisters making scores of pancakes and muffins which smelled amazing.  She asked if I was feeling better and I nodded enthusiastically with my muzzle buried in one of the strawberry muffins.  And then, right on cue, Warren had to add his two cents in.

“Oh, I’m afraid not,” he said putting his hoof on my shoulder and talking in a really annoying baby voice.  “He’s just delirious, the poor thing.  So weak and sick - he should rest and take it easy while those of us who are actual men can…”

“Oh lay off, you di… dork!” I quickly corrected myself in front of mom while shoving a muffin into Warren’s mouth.  “I don’t..  f-feel.. b… ba.. ahh… HEH-SSHIEWW!... HHEEHH-TCCHIEW!!”  It was all I could to to choke down the muffin before it exploded out of me - precisely why I don’t like eating during allergy season.  I sniffled and tried not to blush with frustration while Warren chortled with delight. 

“Oh wow, that was too good!  Perfect timing!  Are you done?  Are you?  Gonna sneeze again for us?  Oh, I bet you are!  10 dollars says you sneeze before this egg timer goes off!” 

If there’s one thing elks love it’s a challenge.  Any contest of speed, strength, wits, determination, will, resolve, whatever.  As for me - I’d just as soon go back and take another hot shower, but of course Warren’s gauntlet had now attracted the likes of anyone nearby who poked their heads in to watch.

I tried to play it off and look at him as if he were stupid.  But oh my god, did my nose tingle something fierce!  Right at the tip, too, which made my eyes water.

“...  HEEEEEEHH-SSHHEWWWWWW!!  Gaah!  Dammit!”  I figured I could get away with my language since mom was now more focused on my supposed illness.

“YES!  There it is!  10 dollars, easy money!  Who want’s in on the next round?” Warren was having way too much fun with this, but I was starting to think mom was right about the cold.  I ended up drinking so much orange juice I was certain I would pee orange for a month.  I took some decongestants which helped a little and tried to get some rest, but honestly I really wasn’t tired at all. 

The next day, I was starting to look and feel a right mess.  It started with me sneezing myself awake again, only this time it was a full-blown fit that lasted several minutes.  My eyes were red and itchy and my nose felt like it was pulsing and throbbing.  I now required an never-ending supply of tissues for the supernatural volumes of mucus my nose was somehow able to produce.  Seriously, to this day I’m convinced I was making more fluid than I was taking in somehow. 

Mom suggested I take my allergy meds and histamine blockers, mainly because she and I both were out of ideas.  I would have if I’d brought them.  I left them back in my dorm room because I never had problems with allergies in the winter.  That and they made me a bit loopy sometimes, so I never took ‘em if I could get away with it. 

She wanted me to rest but I was fidgety and tired of staying in bed all the time.  So I got up and took another hot shower.  The rest of the morning was filled with a complete scouring of the house as we tried to rid ourselves of anything that might be setting me off.  Every shelf was dusted, every piece of clothing was washed, every floor was mopped, every plant was double checked. 

My symptoms continued to get worse - much to the delight of Warren and my other cousins who were following me around the house and taking bets on my nose.  Now they had elevated the game to calling how many sneezes I would erupt with.  I figured all this out when one of my younger cousins came up and asked me the oddest question.

“Hey, Chandler?  What’s your major in college again?” 

I flicked my ears.  “Huh?  Why do you wa… hih.. I… oh jeez!.. nnggeh.. hih.. HEEEYYIISHIEWW!  HIISHIEWW!!  ihi.. ihhhhh.. IITCHIIEWWW!!  HIISSHIEWW!!.... *sniffle*  Oh shi...Hiishhieww!!

Warren hooted and declared the ones who’d said ‘five’ in three minutes the winners while several others cried out that it wasn’t fair to make me talk since that broke my concentration. 

That went on all freakin’ day.

Day five.  Christmas Eve.  My nose was teetering on the edge of a sneezing fit from the moment I woke up.  It felt like I had a feather in each nostril turning very, very slowly.  Just enough of a tickle to remind me that it was coming.  Mom had told Warren to stop tormenting me with this betting pool he had going, but every time I had a sneezing fit I saw him slide money under the table to another giggling cousin. 

Mom and several aunts were now convinced it was a cold after all and I should drink much more orange juice even as I tried to explain that I was already peeing every ten minutes from all the freakin’ juice they were cramming down me as it was! 

I sat down to try and have some oatmeal when, of course, my muzzle started twitching again.  I looked across the table at Warren and his new circle of buddies who were all watching my nostrils with dilated eyes and stupid smirks on their faces.  I sniffled and tried to ignore them as best I could and sat there stirring my oatmeal, wondering if it was safe to put some in my mouth.

“nngg… *sniff*  hhh… ehh.. hihhhhgehh.. hih… *SSNNIIFF!!*  hihhhhhhh… hhyhhhgeh… hih.. *gasp*  EEEEEESSSSHIEWWW!!  HIIISSSHIEWWWW!!... hihhih… EEYIISHIEWW!!” 

There was much clapping and whooping from across the table.  Mom went to get some more orange juice but I’d had enough of all of it.  There was something in this place that was setting off my allergies and I was going to find out what it was!

I leapt up from the table and stormed my way through each and every room in the house while a curious band of cousins followed me to see what would happen next.  I grabbed several sweaters and sniffed.  Nope, not that.  I grabbed a basket of poinsettias.  *SNIFF!*  Nope, not that either.  I grabbed Warren and sniffed him (hey, I was desperate at this point and I wouldn’t have put it past him)  *SNIFF!* Nope, I wasn’t allergic to Warren either.  Christmas cactus plant.  *SNIFF!*  Nope.  Dust on some old books.  *SNIFF!*  *gag!  Koff!* Nope… *koff koff*  Not that.

By the time I was done, there was almost nothing left in the house that I had not inhaled.  I was still sneezing, but no more than before and the only thing in this place I hadn’t pressed my nose to was the damn Christmas tree.  I paused and looked at it.  I shrugged and grabbed a hoof-full of branches and inhaled the deep rich cedar.

Instantly, I knew I’d made a terrible mistake. 

Now, for those of you who do not have allergies, it’s a little hard to explain what it feels like when you completely fill your sinuses with a substance you are allergic to.  It feels a bit like millions of microscopic feathers all dancing and tickling all over the inside of your nose.  Then there’s this kind of electric-tingly feeling that washes over your muzzle and lets you know this sneezing fit is going to be freakin’ epic! 

My eyes shot open wide with a mix of fear and anticipation.  My nose started to visibly tremble and scrunch up.  My nostrils started to swell and flare out.  I might have whimpered a little.  I felt my chest start to gasp uncontrollably.  I dropped the limbs in my hooves and rubbed frantically at my snout as the itching surged deeper and deeper.  My lip curled back and I squeaked, “oh.. shiii…”


I can’t really tell you how long that sneezing fit lasted.  Only that by the time it was over I was flopped over in a heap on the sofa amid a pile of wet tissues, dizzy, and panting hard.  My stomach felt like I had just done a thousand sit-ups.  My chest was throbbing and my nose was, thankfully, numb.  During the massive fit, someone had apparently yanked the offending tree from the stand and flung it out into the waist-high snow outside.  All I really remember is that when I finally had a respite from sneezing myself to death the tree was gone.  Warren was upset he didn’t have his phone out to record the display and insisted that I do it again.  I responded by punching him the shoulder this time. 

Finally, it was Christmas Day.  The scent of cedar was still lingering in the house, but all traces of the tree were now either flung out in the driveway or sitting in a vacuum cleaner bag.  And I was breathing much easier.  We sat around the newly decorated plastic assembled tree in our pajamas.  Coffee was sipped.  Gifts were exchanged.  And all seemed peaceful until… 

..hh… HHEEEESHIEWWWWW!”  I sniffled and blushed hard feeling the stares of my entire herd on me.  Everyone held their breath to see if it was just a stray sneeze or if I was going to go through this all over again.  I tried to reassure everyone that I was fine, but damn if my nose didn’t feel itchy all over again.  Did we miss something?

I regarded Warren’s gift to me with some trepidation and wondered if I should open it with tongs or something.  He just smirked and said it was a memento to take back with me.  A soon as I had the box open, my muzzle exploded with another sneezing fit before I’d even seen that he’d gift wrapped one of the cedar tree limbs. 

He was so overcome with giggles at how clever he was, he never saw me coming.  I pounced on top of him, knocking him out of his chair and on the floor.  I had him pinned under me and locked my antlers with his.  He looked up at me and winced.

“Th.. thank. you, Warr.. ehh nnn.. HHEEESHIEWWWWW!!  for th.. the.. g-g-g HIIISSHIEWWWW!!  HHEEYYIISHIEWWWW!!.. g-gift  and.. M-M-Merr..rryy CCHHIRR-SHHIEWWWW!!!  HHEEYIISHIEWWWW!! M-Merry Christmas!”

I’m happy to say, Warren never punched me in the arm again.  =P


To all of you far and wide - May your holidays be filled with joy and your families kept close and safe.  Happy Holidays, everyfur! 

Love, Dae~


Unarchived Stories / [M] Secret Weapon Wesley
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Hello my lovelies.  I really liked Pollenpepperlover’s idea for a deer character, so here’s a new story for ‘Deer-cember’.  Once again, thanks to Mr. Tickleynoses who helped me write this cute adventure.  Hope you like it!  =P

Secret Weapon Wesley

It was a clear but moonless night in a foreign harbor.  A few otters working the graveyard shift at the docks milled about, checking manifests and moving crates of cargo.  It seemed a night just like any other.  Only the droning sound of a low-flying turboprop airplane overhead broke the monotony of harbor buoys ringing.
High above the waterfront, a decades-old twin propeller cargo plane adjusted its pitch for a low pass over the harbor.  To the otters below, it was no different than any of the other hundreds of cargo planes that were always in and out.  But Inside the rickety old junker, among the mess of broken crates and debris, was one very dashing looking coyote wearing a tailored tuxedo and a parachute.  His mantra was, ‘Anything worth doing was worth looking good doing it’.  He was, after all, Diego – International spy and agent of S.H.E.A.T.H.!

The lights in the plane’s cargo hold flickered on and off, signaling the drop point.  Diego popped the hatch open and jumped, making sure to remain upright so as not to spill his martini on the way down.  As the plane sped up and banked sharply, the dapper looking coyote glided his black parachute in perfectly between rows of shipping crates with the otter dock workers none the wiser.
It was time to go to work: Meet this mysterious contact he’d been briefed on, break into the warehouse which was concealing a secret underground lab, and destroy their research.  Diego took a moment to first finish savoring his martini while using the reflection in a nearby window to check that his fur still looked good and adjust his tie before setting off.
Like a wisp of smoke, he darted silently from one shadow to the next, looking for the specified rendezvous point outlined in his instructions.  Careful training and many long hours of practice had honed his skills of both stealth and at the same time avoiding wrinkles in his tuxedo.  He smirked to himself that this was turning out to be too easy – a boring mission with no excitement at all.  He recognized from the recon photos the location meet-up – a roadway corner between two large warehouses and a large pile of discarded, broken shipping crates.
It was time to hide in plain sight.  With dexterity that would make a feline jealous, the perfectly groomed coyote padded silently behind one of the otter dock workers, matching his gait perfectly until they were well out of sight.  One swift Judo chop to the back of the otter’s neck and he was out like a light.  Diego emerged from behind a stack of barrels wearing the otter’s long coat and hat.
Diego checked his watch and grinned.  3 minutes ahead of schedule.  Just as he planned.  The incognito coyote stood under the streetlight and pretended to puff on a fake cigarette whose glowing ash flickered with the signal pattern.  Diego’s eyes narrowed and scanned every shadow and alley, looking for any sign of this ‘Wesley’ person he was supposed to meet.  He didn’t know much about him – only that he was somehow vital to the success of this mission.
From across the way behind a pile of broken wooden pallets, a pair of large eyes on a young buck stared at Diego.  Wesley counted the flashes from the fake cigarette and confirmed this was the coyote he was supposed to meet up with.  Wesley was certainly no spy or even trained for anything like this.  But as it was explained to him, his particular talents were vital to the success of this mission and he had nervously agreed to help.  Taking a breath to steady his nerves, Wesley shifted his position and prepared to go meet his contact – and immediately got his antlers tangled in some of the pallets.
Diego heard a noise and narrowed his gaze.  He made every effort to not react too obviously, but kept his eyes focused on the pile of broken pallets across the street.  There followed a scraping sound and something like sticks being rattled against wooden boards.  Diego watched, more than a little unnerved, as a rather embarrassed looking deer stumbled out from behind the stack of wooden pallets while struggling to free his antlers from a tangle of debris. 

Wesley grinned sheepishly and tried to get free of his predicament.  “Whoops.  Uhhh… hang on.  Got a little… tangled up… there we go.  Now I’m good.  What the..?  Sorry!  I kind of knocked over some tin cans.. eeep!  And some bottles.  Ummm…. yeah, you better stay over there, I think.  Um.. Lots of broken glass and.. wow, that was loud.  Yeah, sorry - I think there were some metal trays stacked up..  Okay - there we go.  No worries!  I’m good now.  Um - should I come over to… yeah, I’ll just come over and meet you over there.”

Diego continued to watch and wince as the rather clumsy deer stumbled and fell, knocking things over.  His eyes followed the deer as he strolled across the street and walked right up to him with his hand out, smiling.

“Hi!  I’m Wesley.  It’s so nice to meet y… erp!”

The coyote grabbed the young buck around his muzzle and ducked inside an open door.  “Quiet!” he hissed to the wide-eyed deer.  He took a moment to scan the surroundings to make sure they were clear before releasing his grip on Wesley’s mouth.  He took a moment to smooth his hair back and whispered, “I am Diego, your handler for this mission.  As of this moment, Wesley, you are part of the Silent Hunters of Espionage, Assassins, Traitors, & Hoodlums - aka S.H.E.A.T.H.!  I welcome you.  Wait…  shhhh!

Diego held up his paw for silence.  His ears perked and twisted, honing in on the faint sound of footsteps outside.  The sound diminished as the person outside continued walking along.  Diego waited until the sound was completely faded and continued his whispering.

“That was close.  Remember, Wesley, we must be careful and quiet.  No more tripping over things or knocking over bottles.  Nod if you understand.  Good.  Now, tell me - what exactly is your, um…  what is it you do?”

Wesley looked very enthusiastic and started to speak when Diego reminded him with a gesture to keep his voice low. 

“Oh, right.  Sorry.  I’m just new to this and it’s my first time and all.  Oh jeez!  I sound like we’re on a date and… oh, right.  Sorry.  Okay so, it’s kind of hard to explain but - okay, see I have like a really powerful, um, how do I put this?  Lung capacity?  See, under the right circumstances if I’m..  well, It’s kind of embarrassing actually!  Hang on, let me show you this…  the fellows at your, uh, R&D I guess?  See, they gave me this little egg-shaped thingie that..  hang on, where did it go?  I just… had it… did I put it in my other pocket?

Diego rubbed between his eyes and sighed, folding his ears in frustration.  This guy was hopeless.  But according to the instructions at least, he was also necessary.  After several agonizing moments where Wesley came close to actually stripping off all his clothes to look for said device, the awkward deer finally produced in his palm a small, shiny egg-shaped piece that Diego recognized as a type of smoke bomb. 

“Okay, whew!  I thought I might have dropped it or left it in my other pants.  That’d be embarrassing, huh?  Okay, so all I’m supposed to do is, when you give me the signal I… whoop!  Nearly dropped it.  That would be … oh, it’s a bit slippery when I try to hold.. wait.. aaahhh!  Catch it!”

Diego’s eyes watched in disbelief as the tiny orb bounced and slid out of Wesley’s fingers and fell to the floor with a crack and a hiss of smoke.  ‘Dios mío…’ the coyote muttered to himself, shaking his head in his paws.  He grabbed the overly apologetic deer by the scruff of his neck and turned to get clear of the smoke cloud.  Suddenly he stopped and licked the end of his nose.

This was no ordinary smokescreen - it had a rather pungent and penetrating smell that made his nose scrunch up.  Diego rubbed his muzzle and huffed.  It was making his eyes water and he worried that if they didn’t get clear it might make him sneeze.  He turned back to Wesley and started to ask just what was in this capsule they gave him, when his expression fell into a look  of panic. 

The smell of the smoke might have only been a bit irritating to Diego, but Wesley was clearly very much allergic to this stuff.  The deer’s expression was desperate and gasping, his eyes were red and irritated, his nostrils were puffy and flaring out wide.  Every second they lingered, Wesley gasped and panted more looking like he would explode at any moment. 

“I… hihh.. gehh.. it.. has a … thing.. I.. *sniiiiiiifffle*  allergic to the… hih.. oh jeez… *sniffle*  I c-can’t s-s-stop the … tickle in …. m-my.. n-n-need to.. HIIHH-GGEEEHH.. g-get clear before… hih.. *gaaaaasssp!*..”

Diego suddenly realized what Wesley’s special talent was.  His mind raced.  There was no time to lose and every second was precious!  First he had to ditch the long coat and hat that was covering up his tuxedo.  Next he checked his hair and his jacket for wrinkles.  Wesley was reduced to gasps and hitched breathing as his muzzle started to scrunch up.  Diego quickly pulled him outside and pressed his own paw under the deer’s quivering, runny nostrils and applied steady pressure until Wesley stopped gasping. 

Diego looked apologetic.  “Not yet!  We must get to the underground lab first.  No matter wha… hihhh... w-what  h-happens.. i… heehhh.. oh, that s-s-smoke was t-too… HHIIIIYIISHSIEWW!...  *sniff*  Oh, drat.  Come on!”

The sneeze had caught the attention of several others nearby.  The tuxedoed coyote sprinted across the harbor pulling a very sneezy looking deer behind him who was holding his own nose clamped shut.  They ran up to the outer door to one of the larger warehouses which Diego opted to kick in rather than pick the lock. 

The moment they were inside, his sharp eyes rapidly identified several threats in the form of armed guards, paramilitary panthers it looked like,  patrolling the warehouse floor.  Time to think fast.  Wesley’s nose twitched and a desperate bid for release of all the sneezy urges steadily building up in his nose.  He blinked and gasped audibly.  When the guards turned towards the sound, Diego pulled them both behind a stack of crates.  Wesley trembled and blinked more sneezy tears as his nose continued to throb and quiver with need.

nnnnggg… hih… *snnnrrrrk*... *pant pant*  heehhh-hihh…. hhhhh HHEEEYYEEHH!.. D-D-Diiiieeegg-gggo.. I.. c-c-can’t .. h-h-holll… hold iiiitt… m-muuch.. l-l-loonngg..geehh.. HHEEHH.. nnPPFFFFF!  … *g-g-g-gaaasssp!*  HHRRREMMMPPPFFFFFFFFFFF!!

Though Wesley did his absolute best to muffle the powerful sneeze that pressed its way out of his trembling nose, it was still unnaturally loud and echoed across the warehouse.  Diego felt his heart skip a beat and wondered for the first time just how powerful this deer’s sneezes really were, anyway?  The coyote’s ears perked up and focused on one of the guards telling the other to get down the the lab and make sure it was secure. 

Jackpot!  No need to methodically search for a way in.  He grabbed the panting deer and took off along the outer edge of the crates, watching as one of the guards pulled open a false wall and start down a flight of hidden stairs. 

Wesley sniffled wetly and whined under his breath how badly he needed to sneeze.   “Please, Diego?  It itches s-so b-bad…” he begged in raspy whispers. 

Diego continued running and turned sharply to cut across the middle of the open floor area.  He was struck with a rather devious idea that made him grin.  The other guards took sight of him and gave chase as the dapper spy flew down the stairs with his sneezy looking deer in tow. 

The two were greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a very angry looking panther guard aiming his rifle at them.  Flanking the side of the panther were two weasels in lab coats and a rather elaborate looking chemistry laboratory setup.  The panther in front was soon joined by four others behind them and the sound of rifles being cocked. 

The panther in front of them snarled, “Surrender or die!”

Wesley immediately raised his hands as high as he could reach and trembled.  Diego smirked and calmly raised his as well.  “Oh, by all means.  We surrender completely.  Totally.  You have us at your mercy.”

The guards’ eyes all turned to Wesley who sniffled wetly and scrunched his muzzle.   He blinked and started to gasp, panting with sharp hitched breaths.

Diego gave then an innocent look.  “You’ll have to forgive my young friend here.  He has.. um… a bit of a cold.”  Wesley’s expression turned more desperate.  His eyes widened as the tingles in his sinuses prickled at the back of his nose.  Diego looked at him and nodded with a surreptitious wink.

nngg.. hih.. HEEEHH.. oh hih.. it.. hihh… I n-n-neeed to.. sne  heehh.. sneee… I hiiihh-GEEEHHH!  … It… *sniffle* um.. hih… *g-g-gasp* It’ssssss-sss hiihhh… *pants*  It’s sss-s-stuck… i.. c-can’t… m-make it c-c-cmone oooouuutt.. *sniffle*

The coyote sighed and let his tail droop.  “Really?  Are you serious?   After all that, you can’t …  Just - I don’t know, think of pollen and pepper and giant tickly feathers all over your nose and the smell of cut grass.  Nothing?  Okay, guys?  Can you just give us a sec… just - WAIT, don’t shoot I just need to… Give me a moment, alright?  Here, what about my tail?  Do you think that would work?  Just - no, just stand there.  Ok, guys - we’re almost ready to surrender… I mean look, he needs to sneeze pretty badly, right?  Just give us two more seconds and then we’ll go get tortured or shot or whatever, kay?”

The weasel scientists exchanged confused looks.  The paramilitary panther guards mumbled to each other in disbelief about how blasé this coyote was acting.  They kept their guns trained on him and watched as he shuffled over next to the sneezy looking deer and swished the tip of his tail under the cervine’s nose. 

The effect was immediate.  Wesley’s eyes popped open as his nostrils flared and twitched.  The fur of Diego’s tail tickled and teased the already sensitive nostrils, sending a wave of sneezy urges shooting up the deer’s nostrils.  The smirk on Diego’s face dropped along with his ears and tail as he watched Wesley’s reaction.  It soon became a good idea to slowly inch his way back and look for cover.

The deer began to gasp and pant heavily, his chest getting larger and larger with each ragged breath.  His nostrils flaring impossibly wide.  His small stature was growing larger and larger with each gasp.  He huffed and panted, drawing in a massive amount of breath.  Bits of paper and small items in the room started to sway back and forth.  While everyone stared, mesmerized by what was happening, Diego tip-toed backwards and dove for cover at the last second.


The small deer was lifted off the ground momentarily while being transformed into an air cannon that unleashed a massive wave of breath thundering across the underground lair.  The guards were all knocked over.  Glassware in the lab shattered and went flying.  The weasels grabbed hold of a metal support beam only to have their labcoats and most of their clothing blown clean off.  Small pieces of furniture swirled in the maelstrom and flew against the walls.

The guards slowly picked themselves up and pulled bits of debris from their fur.  The looked up to see that Wesley was still gasping and panting.  His chest starting to heave and swell as his nose trembled with more explosive urges.  With looks of panic, the panthers threw down their weapons and begged him to stop.

“Gaah!  No, wait!  We surrender!  Just… staaahhp!  No more sneezing!”

nnngggg….. hihhhhhhhh… HHEEEEYIIIIIHHHHHHHH….  EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH….  *Gaaaaaasssssssp*  hhheeeeeyyyyyyyyhhhiihhhhhh…  AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSHHHEIWWWWWWWWWWW!!

Wesley’s chest inflated to twice his usual size before unleashing another blast of wind and fury that sent desks flying along with panthers and weasels. 

*sssnnnrrrrk* oh.. hih.. s-s-still t-tickles s-soo m-mmmmmucccchh… hhhiihhhhh…. EEEEHHHHHHHHH!!  AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!  HHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSHHHIIEWWWWWWWWWWW!!

Despite the desperate pleas from the guards and scientists, the small deer huffed and blasted the room again, this time shattering water fixtures and slamming the guards crashing into the back wall again. 

Diego slowly peeked out from behind an overturned desk after several moments of quiet.  Wesley sniffled and blushed from embarrassment.  He retrieved a small package of tissues from his jeans pocket and lightly blew his nose. 

“Oh, um..  H-hey, Diego.  I, uh, think I’m all better now.”  He grinned sheepishly back at the wide-eyed coyote. 

The smartly dressed coyote nodded and gave him a smile in return.  He got up and dusted off his tuxedo.

“Excellent work, Wesley.  That talent of yours has some real possibilities indeed!”  Diego turned towards the pile of barely conscious panthers and gloated.  “And as for you lot, remember this!  When you mess with S.H.E.A.T.H. you get blown… no, wait…  When S.H.E.A.T.H. is coming you better… yeah, that’s no good either…  Don’t rub S.H.E.A.T.H. the wrong way or…  yikes.  ummmm…”  Diego pulled out a notepad.  “...need... a... new.. catchphrase... that... isn't..  so...  naughty."

Unarchived Stories / [M + Mature] Dante's First Time
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One story that’s been heavily requested for a while now has been an origin story for Dante where he first discovered his unusual ‘gift’.  If you’re not familiar with my ‘Dante’ character, his was the first story I ever wrote for this site a couple years ago called “Dante vs. The Sleepover”.  Most of his adventures are sitting in the “Unarchived Stories” section.
Of all my regular characters, Dante is still my favorite.  Especially since he embodies practically all of my fetishes.  That and he’s just too cute! 

Dante’s First Time
Outside it was a beautiful summer day.  The sun was bright; birds were singing; down the street some cubs were running through a sprinkler and giggling; some neighbors were washing their cars while others mowed their lawns. 

Far away from all this, a young alsatian lay sprawled out on his bed in his boxers, brooding over all the unfair aspects of his life.  Currently at the top of the list was the distinct lack of privacy afforded to him in a house full of females (‘full’ meaning his mom and twin sister) who just didn’t understand that sometimes a guy needs a door with a lock or a private bathroom. 

Dante huffed and sat up.  He was just too restless to even brood properly.  Maybe moving around a bit would take his mind of things.  He paced back and forth, running his paws through his hair and grumbling.  He looked over at comic books he’d read a thousand times before.  He looked over at his Xbox which, without his best friend to play with, just seemed boring.  He glanced over at the computer on his desk and rolled his eyes.  Right now, as pent up as he was, the internet was the last place he should go for entertainment.  He flopped back down on his bed and rolled over on his back and thought about taking a nap until a knock on his door announced the arrival of his twin sister, Cassie.  He mumbled an affirmation to come in and pretended to read a magazine.

“You better not be pawing off in there,” Cassie warned before cautiously pushing the door open and stepping in.  “You know mom doesn’t like it when you shut your d… eww!  Don’t be gross, Dante - put some pants on.”

He flicked his ears, annoyed, and retorted, “It’s my room.  If you don’t like it then leave.”

Cassie sniffed and made a face.  “Well, your room stinks.  When’s the last time you washed your clothes?  How can you stand it in here?  Open a window or something, at least.”

Dante picked up a clump of underwear and socks, threatening to throw it at her.  “Fine.  Whatever.  Go be annoying somewhere else.”  Cassie smirked at him on her way out the door, finally leaving him in peace.  Dante shook his head and huffed.  He gave the air in his room and inquisitive sniff.  Whatever.  It doesn’t smell bad in here.  Well, not too bad anyway.

His nose lead him to a pile of clothes under his bed from the last time he’d gone running with Alex.  He poked his muzzle in them and grimaced.  Yikes.  Okay, maybe she had a point - those shorts were rank!  Fine!  Whatever!  So there was some dirty clothes.  She didn’t have to make such a big deal out of it.

He grumbled and snatched up all the clothes lying about and flung them down the laundry chute in the bathroom before trudging back into his room.  He tested the air again and sighed.  Fine - better open a window I guess.  Can’t have Cassie being all, ‘Oh, Dante!  Your room smells so bad!’  He pantomimed his sister talking while opening up the windows in his room and letting in the warm afternoon air.  Almost immediately, the back of his nose started to itch.

The wind from outside carried the aromas of freshly cut grass and weeds along with a gentle hint of late summer blossoms.  Any one of these would have been enough to set off Dante’s hay fever, but at the moment he preferred the runny nose and sneezing to his sister’s annoying voice.  He flopped back down on his bed and picked up a magazine on motorcycles.

The curtains around his window billowed and swayed.  Despite his best efforts to ignore his own muzzle, Dante could feel the itch in the back of his nose growing steadily.  He sniffled and renewed his resolve not to let this bother him.  He flipped the page and tried his best to get interested in the article on engine tear-downs. 

Dante’s nose was slowly turning a pinkish hue and starting to throb.  He rubbed the bridge of his muzzle and dabbed the front of his moist nostrils with a tissue.  A steady pressure was building in his sinuses.  The itching inside his nasal passages started to give way to a persistent tingle that made his eyes start to water and his nostrils begin to flare out larger, engorged.  He sniffled hard in frustration and turned over to a new position on his bed, finding there was almost no position he could get comfortable in.

Sniffling and blowing his nose yet again, Dante tossed the damp wad of tissue over next to the pile of others.  He flung the magazine across the room and got up to move around again.  The sneezy feelings in his nose grew persistently.  Gaaahh!  Come ON!  Just sneeze already!  Dante cursed at his quivering nose, wishing it would just hurry up and do what it was threatening to do while pacing around and wondering why he felt so anxious all the sudden.

The sensations in his nose started to peak.  Sharp prickles in the back of his nose made his eyes flutter and his breath start to hitch.  All of these feelings, he was intimately familiar with having had allergies as long as he could remember.  But something was different this time.  He felt lightheaded.  His heart was pounding.  He felt warmer than he should, maybe even flushed.  As the gasps of breath deepened and the sneezy tingles grew sharper, he felt a tightness in his tummy.

hhhhihh… hehh… HHEHEHH.. geh… HHEESSHHOOO!!

Dante fell back on his bed and let this odd feeling wash over him.  It always felt good to get a good sneeze out, but this was different.  That sneeze felt almost euphoric.  He grinned stupidly and grabbed another tissue to massage and wipe his runny nose.  He wondered if that experience could be repeated.  Heck, if all his sneezes were going to feel that good then maybe this year’s allergy season wouldn’t be so bad. 

Dante was almost delighted to feel another wave of tingles creep over his muzzle.  He was definitely feeling that warm sensation again.  His ears were probably blushing, but he didn’t care.  He sniffed in the outside air deeply to try and hurry the effect along. 

nnnggg… hihh… *sniff*  hhhh… HEEEHH.. geh.. HIHHIIHH-h-h-h-h… *g-g-gaaassp* eehh… HHEEHH!..  HHEEEESSSSHOOO!!

From downstairs, Cassie called out, “Whatsa matter, Dante?  You allergic to your dirty socks now?”

Dante was only vaguely aware of anything outside his room.  He had a drunken smile plastered across his face as the rather loud sneeze he released left him feeling not just good but amazingly good, yet still rather anxious and restless.  The euphoria faded.  Dante suddenly realized he was so hot he was panting.  His heart was racing with adrenaline.  His nose continued to throb and itch and every sneeze seemed to make his restless desperation grow.  Dante sniffled wetly and silently questioned what was going on.  Even though he only had on a pair of boxers, he felt confined and restricted. 

Comprehension dawned on him.  Dante stopped tossing on his bed and looked down.  His eyes dilated and focused on his crotch.  The fabric of his boxers was stretched nearly to its limit and never in his life could Dante remember being this hard.  The front of his underwear was soaked by a large spot of pre.  Inside his boxers, his cock twitched and shifted involuntarily as if asking permission to be let out.

The breeze from outside ruffled through Dante’s fur.  His nose began to tingle and twitch again as another allergy-fueled sneeze began to swell up.  He felt his breath start to hitch again.  His nostrils trembled.  But this time he ran his paw under his nose and pressed down to stifle the sensation.  He was no longer interested in how good it felt to sneeze.  Now he had a bigger issue to deal with - a raging hard-on and a door with no lock!

The allergens in his nose bore down harder and sent a wave of itchy sensations pulsing through his sinuses making him gasp with stuttered breath.  At the same time, Dante felt his balls shift and twitch.  His sniffled as his nose started to drip - while pre oozed from his painfully hard erection.  His nostrils flared and began to tremble - his cock engorged itself further and strained for attention.  His sinuses began to throb with pressure from all the fluid building up - his balls ached and pulsed with pent up seed.   Every time Dante tried to stifle or resist the urge to sneeze, his erection became harder as the pressure at the base of his dick pushed back.  But there was only so far he could resist the urges of his allergic reaction.

Hhhihhhh.. HEEHHH… nnggehh.. hih…. HHEHH.. HHEEEEYYIIISSSHHIIEWWWWW!!  *sniffle*  hihilhhh-h-h-h  AAHHHHYYIIIISHHIIEWWWWWW!!

His cock wormed its way through the front opening of his underwear and glared up at him, drooling pre everywhere.  Dante stared back in a mixture of fascination and horror.  He sniffled as another wave of sneezy urges tingled in his nose and felt the same sensation echoing in his loins.  Every time his nose twitched, his cock throbbed.  Every time his muzzle began to scrunch up, his balls began to draw up close.  A knock on his door nearly sent him swimming in mid air with a sharp yelp.

“Hey!  Mom says lunch is gonna be ready soon.  You coming or what?” Cassie barked from the other side of the door.

“Y-yeah, almost,” he replied and winced at his poor choice of phrasing.  A new panic set in.  Dante had never felt this pent up before.  His balls felt like they were swollen to the side of grapefruits.  If this kept up, he was sure to explode everywhere.  His nose and his cock started twitching as another sneeze began to press its way into his muzzle. 

Oh, why was this happening?  He pressed his paw firmly under his itch nose and paced back and forth trying to think of anything he could do to make his erection subside.  He tried to picture decidedly unattractive things but a sudden flurry of tickles shooting up his nostrils undid any progress he was making.

Heeh.. hiihhhhih-geehhih-h-h-h-h HEEHH.. Oh n-n-nnnno I c-can’t sss-ssstop.. nnnggg.. hih… HHEEEEYIISSHHIEWW!!  IITTCCCHHHIIEWWW!  HIISSHHIEWWWW!!  EEYIISSHHIEWWW!!... hih.. EHH… AAYYIISSSHHIIEWWWW!!

The allergy attack was reaching its crescendo fast and there was so much pre leaking out of him Dante had to strip off his boxers to use as a rag trying to contain it all.  Dante heard his sister call for him again from downstairs.  He tried to answer but was overcome with gasping breaths as his nose started to flare and tickle again.  The sneezy urges were coming faster and harder this time, pounding on the back of his muzzle.  Pressure was building in his nose and in his groin.  His allergies were too strong to hold back the onslaught of sneezes that were about to erupt out of him. 

Time was against him.  Dante’s muzzle was starting to scrunch up, his eyes watering over.  It was too late to prevent the inevitable.  His breath started hitching and his cock throbbed wildly.  The pressure in his sinuses forced the tickly sensations to spike, making him gasp as the sneezes forced their way out.  He felt the intense pressure of an impending, thoroughly messy, orgasm surging at the base of his cock.


His paw had instinctively wrapped itself  around his hot, swollen dick.  With every sneeze, he lurched forward, thrusting himself against his own paw and launching a torrential volume of cum splashing across the entire length of his bed.  Over and over, he sneezed violently, expelling the remnants of the allergy-inducing particles from his sinuses.  Each sneeze brought with it another involuntary pelvic contraction and blast of pent up semen. 

Too weak to stand, he collapsed to the floor in a heap at the foot of his bed and gasped for breath, trying to remain conscious.  His vision was clouded over and his brain was swimming in absolute bliss from the most heart-stopping, intense orgasm he’d ever felt.  The allergy fit finally over, his nose began to calm down along with his still twitching erection.  At this point even if Cassie did decide to barge in, he had zero energy left to try and stop her.  Thoroughly exhausted, Dante curled up on the floor and promptly fell asleep. 

From a crack in his doorway, a pair of very wide and dilated eyes slowly disappeared as the door was silently shut.

Dante awoke, naked and curled up at the foot of his bed, wondering if it had all been a bad dream.  He reached up and felt the slushy wetness of his sheets.  Nope - not a dream.  The smell of food roused him from his lethargy.  He threw on some clean clothes and wrapped his bedsheets up in a bundle and sent them down the laundry chute with a sopping wet ‘thud’, hoping no one would ask questions. 

Before joining the others at the kitchen table, Dante grabbed a 2-liter of Gatorade and managed to swallow the entire bottle’s contents before sitting down.  Cassie made every effort to not look in his direction while Dante piled his plate with some fried chicken. 

His mom tried to break the silence at the table and asked, “I’m finishing up the laundry - do you have any loads left?”

Cassie nearly choked on her drink.  Dante blushed and could only reply, “I seriously doubt it.”

Unarchived Stories / [F] The Show Must Go On
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Here’s another entry for the ‘Fox-tober’ vixen stories.  Seriously, this should be a thing - I only wish I’d thought of it at the beginning of the month.  =P

This story idea came from Playstation man and was too cute to pass up!  I hope you all enjoy~


The Show Must Go On

Out in the foyer of the theatre, a large crowd furs gathered and chatted.  Expectations were high and tails twitched with excitement.  The house lights dimmed to signal that the show would be starting soon.  The audience members filed in and filled the seats, murmuring with anticipation until the theatre was full and everyone collectively relaxed, settling in for the night’s performance.

Backstage was another story entirely.  Everyone was running around frantically.  Actors paced back and forth, tails whipping around nervously, making another pass over the script and practicing their lines aloud one last time.  Stage grips rounded up as many paws as they could to help make sure lights were working and backgrounds were in place.  Props were laid out and costumes were given a final inspection.  In the middle of it all was one calm face holding the reigns of this chaos - an arctic fox named Aspen.

Aspen was a seasoned stage manager and had seen more than her fair share of opening night jitters to let any of this get under her fur.  She patiently walked from one area to the next with her clipboard, checking off each item before showtime.  Every panicked question was met with a reassuring smile and a calm answer.  Even when she didn’t know what to tell them she would shrug and quip, “One way or another, the show will go on no matter what.”

And barring something catastrophic like a building collapse or zombie apocalypse, she would see to it that nothing interrupted the show.  On second thought, the zombies might not be so bad if they paid full price to get in.

She clapped her paws together and signaled for everyone’s attention.

“Places, everyone.  All grips off the stage, please.  All lights at the ready.  Prepare to dim the house lights on my mark.  Three…  Two… One…  aaaaannnnddd, go!”

Showtime.  The curtains went up.  The spotlights glowed.  And to the relief of everyone, the actors remembered their lines and cues.  Those backstage gave silent sighs of relief as everything fell into place exactly as planned.  Aspen smiled to herself.  Another production successfully launched.  Now they just needed to keep it together ‘til the final curtain.

Acts One and Two went off without a hitch.  Aspen even remarked that they were too lucky to see such a smooth production.  Later she would curse herself for jinxing the whole thing by even daring to tempt fate like that.  Right at the beginning of Act Three, one of the ferret interns scurried up to Aspen, hopping up and down like a cub in desperate need of a restroom.  She glanced over from her clipboard and leaned over so he could whisper.

“We have a problem!” he hissed.  “The ballroom gown for scene three - someone spilled guacamole down the front of it.  When we tried to clean it up, there was apparently mustard on the rag and…” 

She’d heard enough and dashed over to the costume rack.  There she found the dress with more than a few different colored stains on it from ill-fated attempts to clean/hide the mess.  The other interns looked up in horror.  Aspen took a breath and calmly asked if there were any other ballroom gowns or anything close to it on the rack. 

Many frantic paws searched rack after rack of costumes.  Aspen checked her watch.  Time was running out fast before the costume was needed.  More looks of panic set in when an alternative could not be found.  Aspen nodded and ran through some options.  There was really only one thing to do: head down to the storage closet and pull out another dress - any dress - and hope it was clean enough.

Grabbing her keys, the arctic vixen padded as quickly as she could over to the locked room that was barely used anymore.  In fact, Aspen wasn’t even sure when was the last time she’d even been in there.  She gave a grunt as the door stuck and tried to argue with her before finally coming open with a snap.  She turned on the light inside and froze dead in her tracks at the sight of so much dust covering everything. 

Luckily, all of the costumes were in plastic wrap.  But every article of clothing, every box, every prop inside the closet, was covered in a blanket of dirty gray snow.  Aspen could already feel her eyes starting to water and her nose getting itchy.  She checked her watch again - no time to delay, they needed that dress immediately.  Allergies or no, she had to go in and get it.  She turned her head, took a deep breath, and held it as she scurried in and pawed through all of the costume tags looking for something that would work. 

Every movement sent another cloud of gray powder into the air.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she could feel herself turning blue from holding her breath.  Finally, she grabbed three possibilities and dashed out of the room, coughing and gasping for breath.  Her eyes stung and her nose was filled with the musty scent of old dust.  But there was no time for that, she had to get these dresses up to the stage.

Aspen dashed back and flung the dresses to one of the ferrets.  She stepped to the side the tried to get clear of the offending dust, but no matter where she went her nose continued to get more and more itchy and was still overpowered by the musty smell.  She looked down and realized she was completely covered in it - it was all over her clothes and fur.  There were still three scenes to go and her nose was starting to twitch like mad.

She sniffled wetly and tried to keep her breathing steady, but every breath she took became more and more of a challenge to keep from gasping.  Her muzzle was itching terribly as the allergens penetrated her nasal passages, leaving them red and irritated. 

hihh… gehh.. *sniffle*  hhhhhhh--h-h-h .. heeyihh… hhh… nnnggg!..  *SSNIFF!*  rrrffff…  nnnn-XXKKK!!

Aspen could feel powerful sneezy urges brewing in the back of her nose.  She rubbed her watery eyes and tried to quell the itching by massaging her muzzle.  The tingles continued getting stronger and stronger.  She pressed her paw under her nose and huffed, her face was covered in an expression of pre-sneeze desperation.  Her lip curled back with every hitched breath.

nnggg.. hihh HEEHH.. heeyiihh-h-h-h-h-h  Ehh.. hih.. GEEHH-jiiihh.. HHHHPPPFF-SN********XS!  … *sniffle*  HHEEEYYIIPP-FFF************NNK!  oh.. gehh.. n-no not agai…  hihih…  HHHHHPPP-FF******XXSStchooo!

It was all Aspen could do to hold in the first two sneezes - and only just barely.  But the third managed to push past her efforts and escape.  On stage, the actors continued despite the curious looks from the audience. 

Aspens nostrils throbbed with a faint reddish hue.  She was deep in the throes of a massive allergy attack and the bridge of her nose was trembling visibly.  She blew her nose as quietly as she could but it did little to help while she was still covered in dust.  Every stifle, every holdback only made the itchy tingles return ever stronger than before. 

hhhhhheehhhhh… nnffeehh…  hihhhhhhiihh… *ssnniiiifflleee* oh .. hehh.. nnn-nno, p-pl-leasssse.. hihiiihhhhh-h-h-h… I c-can’t sne...sneeehhee.. I c-can’t sneeeeee… hihhh… heeeegggeeeehhh… *g-g-gaassp* HHHHHEEP-TTSSSS****NNNNXX..  Geehh!..  *sniffle* T-tickles so b-b-baadd.. I c-can’t h-hooldd.. HEHHPPFF-NN******NK!..

Aspen was getting dizzy.  Her nose was throbbing with the desperate urge to sneeze.  Oh, how badly she wanted to give in to the urges and find some relief from all the itchiness in her trembling nostrils.  She sniffled wetly again.  Her paw was permanently affixed under her nose - she didn’t dare take it away.  Another massive wave of sneezy tingles washed over her muzzle.

HeehhhGEEHH.. HHEEESSH-******NNNXXSS!.. nnnnggggeehhih… HIHHH!.. Oh, n-no I c-can’t h-h-hold.. ihhihhh… HHEHH.. HHEEESSSHHH-TCH*******NNXS!.. oh… OH!  Oh please no… it .. not ag-again…  hihhh.. HHEEEYYIIEESHH-***XXSS!... hih..  HHIIIIHHH-TTCCCHHHOOOOOOMMMFFF!!

The sneezy tingles were quickly overwhelming her resistance, the urges too strong to stifle.  Out of desperation, Aspen buried her muzzle in her shirt and sneezed hard.  The muffled sound brought more ear twitches from the audience wondering if this was part of the production. 

Aspen grabbed her muzzle and tried to keep her nose plugged, but it was no use.  The urges were too powerful.  The particles of dust were too deep in her sinuses, tickling and teasing her nasal passages and forcing her breath to hitch and spasm. 

Hihhhh… HHEEEHH… I c-can’t h-h-hoold.. it.. I.. haaaahhaa..havvvee t-t-too snee..sneee-HEEEEEZE!  … *G-G-GAASSSSPP!!*

Grande finale.  The actors on stage took a bow and the audience gave them a standing ovation of thunderous applause.  Aspen’s nose could no  longer be contained.


Aspen was left gasping and panting in the aftermath of a massive allergy attack that left her lightheaded and leaning against a chair for support.  She rubbed her muzzle and tossed her clipboard to the side.  The roar of the audience told her it had been a fantastic success.  Now all she needed was a hot bath and a glass of wine.  After all, in less than 24 hours, she would get to do it all over again.

Unarchived Stories / [F] Detention and Dust
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I just realized the other day that we don’t have nearly enough stories with sneezy vixens in them.  And this being ‘Fox-tober’ and all…  okay, so maybe I made that last part up.  But, hey!  New story!

This story idea came from a request by SensitiveFox.  I hope you all enjoy!  Hee~

Detention and Dust

Lilly glared up at the clock on the classroom wall as if it were taunting her.  The time read 3:20pm.  And here she was, stuck after school in a detention for something she didn’t even do.  The young vixen fidgeted in her seat.  She took a moment to smooth the pleats in her school uniform skirt and preen her fur a bit.  He tail twitched every time she thought about why she was in the mess.  And then, speak of the devil.

A lynx named Kira strutted into the empty classroom and pretended not to notice the visibly angry vixen staring daggers at her.  Lilly despised everything about Kira.  From the way she seemed to get away with wearing too much makeup to the way she swished her tail like it was the most attractive thing in the world.  And somehow - Lilly had never figured this one out - even though they both wore identical school uniforms, Kira managed to wear her skirt in a way that made it seem noticeably shorter by comparison.

“This is your fault!” Lilly hissed between her teeth.  “Show some character and tell them the truth!”

Kira opened her purse and looked in a mirror, checking her eyeliner.  “Oh, deal with it!  Besides, I have no intention of doing this alone.”

Lilly thought for a moment about flinging a desk at that arrogant feline and wondered how many detentions that would bring her. 

Both of them went silent immediately as footsteps outside in the hall got closer.   Mrs. Nolan, a teacher Kira once described as a ‘gray-haired, prune of an elephant’, entered the room and shot a disapproving look at both of them. 

“Well, you both know why you’re here.  I must say, Miss Lilly, this is most unlike you.”

Frustration was etched across Lilly’s muzzle as she protested, “But it wasn’t me!  I didn’t do anything!  It was her and those other…”

“Enough!” flared the elephant.  “The time for explanations and excuses is over.  You two come with me.”

Lilly sighed and trudged along after the teacher.  It would do no good to complain or whine about it.  Might as well get this over with and go home to a nice hot bath.  She made sure not to even look at Kira who was probably showing off her tail as she strutted down the hallway.  Ohhh!  How Lilly hated that girl! 

Mrs. Nolan lead them to a storage room where there were buckets of old erasers saturated in chalk dust along with a number of mobile chalkboards in desperate need of a good cleaning.

Kira’s lip curled.  “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding.  There is NO way.  Uh-uh.  My paws will dry out!  This stuff will give my fur split ends!  There’s gotta be something else we can…”

Mrs. Nolan raised her eyebrow and berated the lynx.  “Don’t you fold your ears back at me, young lady.  I want every eraser and every chalkboard cleaned like it was brand new.  Now get started, because you’re not done with detention until they are all dust free. And you work in silence.  No talking!”  And with that, she left the girls to their task.

Lilly was certainly not happy about the assignment either, but for entirely different reasons.  She swallowed hard and looked nervously at all the piled of erasers, practically dripping with chalk dust.  She could feel her muzzle start to twitch and tingle just thinking about it.  Kira made a show of trudging on inside and picking up a bucket of erasers, muttering back to Lilly that it was her job to clean the chalkboards.

Lilly growled to herself at Kira’s attitude, but said nothing since cleaning the chalkboards was much more preferable than dealing with the dusty erasers.  The vixen picked up a pail of water and some old sponges and set to work on washing down the blackboards.  It didn’t take Kira long to find another way to make trouble.

Lilly could hear Kira grumbling audibly to herself and making every attempt to be as irritating as possible.  The lynx dropped the bucket of erasers on the table with a thud and whined again about how dirty and unfair this was.  She sighed loud enough for everyone to hear and started slapping the erasers together to make as much noise as possible.  Along with the noise came a thick cloud of chalk dust.

The vixen’s nose started to get runny and itchy.  But Lilly was determined not to let that wretched lynx know just how annoying she was being.  She tried to wipe her muzzle on her arm, but by now most of her fur had a light dusting of chalk on it.  She sniffled wetly and tried to think of something else until her breath started to hitch and spasm.

hhhihhh…  *sniffle*  nnng..  *sniff*  hehh-h-h-h-h.. gehh… *sniffle*

The dust in the room was getting thick and making her entire muzzle tingle with tiny prickles.  She tried blowing her nose on a tissue, but that was covered in chalk dust too but this point.  She tried pulling her undershirt up over her nose, but it did little to help.  The itchy scent of all the particles of chalk dust managed to find their way up her nose no matter what she did.  She could feel sneezy urges started to bubble up in the back of her sinuses, creeping along the length of her muzzle.

Hihhhh… *g-gasp*  heh-yihh.. hhiiiihh.. ehhh.. *sniffle*  oh, geehhh… hihhhh-h-h-h.. EEHHH!... nngg…

Oh, this was maddening!  It was bad enough being stuck in detention with that Kira girl and all this chalk dust, but now her sneezes were stuck and wouldn’t come out!  Lilly sniffled wetly and rubbed her muzzle, trying to either relieve the itchy tingles or force the sneeze out of her twitching nose.  But every time she rubbed away the itch, another wave of chalk dust from Kira made the sneezy urges flare up again. 

HIIIIHH-GEEEHH… *sniffle*  oh-h-h.. my gehh.. hihhhh HHEHH.. *g-g-gaasp*  hiiyyihh…  hih… HEEHH.. GAAH!...  K-Ki.. hihhh-h-hh.. *sniff*  Kira!  S-s-stop it! HHEHH!..   *Sniffle*

Lilly, unable to take it anymore, hissed over at the lynx who stopped long enough to shrug at her and start on another set of erasers.  By this point Lilly was practically gasping with every breath, but still the sneezes were lodged firmly in the back of her nose and refused to emerge.  Her eyes watered and her muzzle scrunched up from the waves of tingles burrowing through her sinuses.

Heehhhhhh….  hhiihh.. EEYIHH.. HHEH… *sniffle* geehh-hhihhh..  EEEEHHHHH!!  *GGAASSP!*...  nngnnngg… hih.. HEHH..

Lilly was at her wit’s end.  No matter how much she gasped and panted, her nose teetered right on the edge of a massive sneeze that would not come.  Oh, how good it would feel to sneeze out all the itchy dust that was building up in her twitching muzzle!  She wanted it more than anything in the world right now.  The vixen glared at the self-absorbed lynx through sneezy tears and rubbed her nose.  She hissed again for Kira to cut it out and this time punctuated it by dragging her claws down the chalkboard - SCREEEEEEEEEEEE!~

Kira’s fur stood straight out and she nearly lost her balance reacting to the horrific sound.  She glared back at Lilly and made a show of picking up two more dirty erasers and slapping them into a big cloud of dust that she blew towards Lilly.

hhhuuuhh… HEHHH.. no d-don’t d-d-d-doooo thahhhheehhh.. thaahh.. I.. I’m all allergi.. hihhh.. ehh.. HEHH.. I’m a-a-aallergi… nnGEEHHH!... HHIHH!!.. nngg!  qu-quiiit. t-t-trying to mm-mmake me.. sne… hihhh-ehh.. m-maake me snee… HHEHH! make me sneeee-hhheeeze - GEHHH!

Kira stuck her tongue out at the gasping vixen and flicked her tail in Lilly’s direction.  Lilly sniffled wetly and managed to growl under her breath.  She grabbed a wet sponge from the now milky-white water and flung it at Kira, smacking the lynx right between the ears. 

Kyra slowly turned with a death look on her face, her fur dripping with chalky-white droplets.  She bent over and found one eraser that she purposefully pressed into a huge pile of chalk dust and walked over to Lilly.  The vixen started to dare the lynx to try something but was cut off by her muzzle getting popped by the dusty eraser.  Her entire face was white with chalk dust.  She gasped, inhaling a huge cloud of the offending powder.  Her sinuses exploded with a massive wave of tingles that made her entire muzzle scrunch up.  Her lip curled back and she gasped - a look of sneezy desperation washed over her face.  Kira’s ears drooped along with her tail as she realized what was about to happen.


Lilly’s nose blasted a huge wave of the powdery chalk dust right back at Kira whose fur was blown back and now was just as white as Lilly’s face.  The lynx blinked her eyes open and dragged her paw over her face to wipe away some of the residue.  Lilly snickered and rubbed her throbbing nostrils.

“Serves you right for trying to make me snee - OOF!

Kira launched herself at Lilly and continued her assault on the vixen with the dusty eraser while Lilly grappled with the lynx and tried to push her away.  The two of them rolled around, knocking over buckets and chairs as the wrestled and fought.

“Ss-stop!  You crazy lyn.. hihh.. gehh.. Hiiiihh-SHHIEEWW!.. Quit hitting. m.. me.. OOF!  Quit trying to make meeeheeehh.. hhih.. HEEE-SSSHHIEWWW!...  EEEYIISHHIEWWW!!.. Hih… *growl!*  S-stop m-making me sneee  HEEE-SSHHIEWW!  hihh.. eyyiihhhhh… HEEEEEEHHH-TTCCHHIEWW!!


The girls stopped their rampage and looked up from the floor to see a very cross, gray-haired elephant staring down at them.  In a flash, both were on their feet, straightening their uniforms and trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Well!  It seems you two would like to come back and do this again tomorrow!  And we’ll keep doing it until you learn to behave yourselves!”  Miss Nolan stormed out of the room and left the two disheveled girls standing there in silence. 

Kira slowly turned to Lilly and folded her ears back.  “Way to go, doofus.  Now we get to do this all over again.”

Lilly calmly turned towards Kira and motioned her to come in closer.


Unarchived Stories / [M + Mature + Explicit] A Hot Cup of Jealousy
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Hello, my lovelies!  I know it’s been months since I posted anything.  I’ve been keeping busy with my trip to Rainfurrest (which was AWESOME!) and submitting stories to be considered for publication (keepin’ my paws crossed!). 

But for today, I hope you enjoy this new chapter in the adventures of Evan and Gale!  Hee!  =P

A Hot Cup of Jealousy

It was a beautiful Saturday to spend shopping at the mall.  Amid the crowded waves of ears and tails, a fairly odd but happy looking couple walked hoof in paw together from one shop to the next, each commenting as to which outfits would look good on the other. 

The muscular stallion, Evan, wore his usual ensemble of flashy clothes that were a bit small for his frame.  Everything from his well-conditioned mane to his polished hooves, from his halfway buttoned shirt to his low-rise painted-on jeans - everything was designed to draw attention to him and make your eyes wander.  All of which was in very sharp contrast to his mate, a grizzly bear named Gale who usually wore drab colors and patterns that one would be likely to overlook and forget. 

Evan had his eye on some leather pants he was trying to convince Gale that he would look good in.  But Gale was much more interested in the newly opened coffee shop nearby.  After much prodding and tugging, Evan relented to abandon the leather store and give the coffee place a try. 

As they went inside, Evan commented that the name of the place seemed a bit ‘suspicious’ but Gale waved him off as being silly and tugged his arm over towards one of the semicircular booths next to a couple of female foxes making googly eyes at each other. 

They slid into the booth and got comfortable, taking a look at the menu.  True to his style, Evan’s eyes made one sweep over the list and settled on his choice within seconds.  Gale, on the other paw, gripped the menu and read each entry repeatedly while weighing in his mind the pros and cons of each offering.  He was on his third pass of the specialty coffees when their waiter sashayed up to the booth.

Even did a doubletake on him at first, Gale was too absorbed in the menu to notice.  Their server was a well-built panther who, like Evan, wore clothes one size too small.  His black velvet fur was outlined in the satin sheen of his barista uniform that clung to his toned frame.  His tail swung purposefully with his gait to naturally draw your attention to his toned ass.  He wore a smirk that would have been arrogant if not so charming.  His left ear was pierced with a single gold hoop earring that offset his dark golden eyes perfectly. 

Everything about this feline made Evan’s brow furrowed into a glare.  And it wasn’t the way he dressed or the way his shirt was just small enough to expose his midriff or even the tone of his voice when he spoke.  It was the way he was looking at Gale.
“Hi, hello there, and yay!  Welcome to ‘Creamers’.  My name is Toshiro and I’ll be taking care of you boys today.  Is this your first time?  Might I recommend the ‘Purrrrr-fect Chai Latte’ with nuts?”
Evan’s lip curled, his ears folded back.  Toshiro never took his eyes off Gale the entire time.  In fact, there was no indication the ebony panther was even aware that Evan was seated next to him.  Evan cleared his throat and snapped his fingers.
“Hey!  Over here.  Yeah, you can bring me a large mochaccino with a double espresso shot, cinnamon, and no whipped cream.  You gonna write that down or what?”
The panther glanced at Evan sideways and flicked one of his ears.  “I got it, stud.”  He turned back to Gale who was making one final pass of the menu in case he’d missed something.  The panther’s demeanor softened.  He almost purred, “How about it?  Care for something ‘hot and black’ in you?”
The fox couple in the booth beside them looked up and silently wondered where that grinding noise was coming from.  Evan relaxed his jaw and pried his fingers off the edge of the table.  Gale, it seemed, was oblivious to all of this.
“Um, so yeah.  The milk – is it whole or 2%, or can I get some of each with…  You know, it doesn’t matter – I just want a cup of light roast with cream and sugar.  Yeah.  Let’s do that.”
“Anything you like,” the panther replied with a subtle wink and glided back to the counter to put in the order.  Evan kept his glare on him until he was out of earshot.
“Can you believe him?  I mean is it not obvious we’re together?  What does he think he’s doing?”
Gale blinked and tilted his head.  “Um, Evan – I have no idea what you’re talking about.  He seemed nice to me.”
Evan leaned closer and growled, “Of course he did!  He was practically falling over his own tail to get your attention.  ‘Something hot and black in…’  Oohh!  If he tries that again...”
Gale snorted and looked annoyed.  “You’re being silly.  He’s just a nice barista who happens to be friendly.  He just wants a nice tip is all.”
Evan shook his mane and smoothed it back.  “Oh he wants a tip alright.  I bet right now he’s thinking about your…”
“Evan!”  Gale grabbed Evan’s very tense, muscular arm and squeezed.  He looked more irritated than embarrassed but felt the side glances of the others in the shop.  He whispered, “Behave or else!”
Or else what?  Evan wasn’t sure who he was more irked with at the moment, Gale or the twink barista.  Fine, he huffed.  If Gale wanted to be like that – all stuffy and pretending that panther wasn’t flirting, did he not see why this was upsetting his boyfriend?  Evan shuffled his feet and pouted as Gale went back to looking at the menu for the billionth time.  Evan snorted again, more loudly than necessary.
Sniff?  Evan’s brow twitched.  He slowly drew in another breath to make sure he’d smelled what he thought he’d smelled.  He glanced over at Gale who was still absorbed in the dessert section of the menu, waiting for him to quit pouting.  An idea flashed across the stallion’s mind.  He licked his lips and felt fur along the back of his mane twitch.  Heh.  Oh, we’re doing this!  He licked his lips again and leaned backwards over the edge of the booth and smiled sweetly at one of the female foxes seated in the next booth over.
“Hello there~  I’m so terribly sorry to bother you, but might I say - what an enchanting scent you have on!  You wear it so well and it really compliments your presence!  I’m a bit of a connoisseur of these things, you see.”
The fox in the booth behind them smiled and blushed, soaking up every compliment and gesture.  Gale looked up with the most bewildered expression on his face.  What was Evan up to?  Surely he didn’t think pretending to hit on someone else – a female for that matter – was going to rile him, did he?  The bear tilted his head and felt his ears grow hot.  Evan was up to something.  He gulped and thought briefly about saying something.  “Uhh.. Evan?  What are you..?”
Evan paid no heed to Gale and continued his show.  He extended his arm and even managed to blush a little as he asked, “I’m so sorry to impose like this, but would you mind?  Just a little on my wrist.  I want to sample and remember this scent.  *SNIFF!* It.. oh my!  *sniffle* Y-yes that is most definitely lavender, isn’t it?  Heh.  *sniffle* Oh, thank you so much, my dear.  I do appreciate it~”
Gale watched the entire exchange and felt his sweat turn cold, his ears turn hot.  Was Evan really doing what it looked like he was doing?  Here?  In public?  Gale’s heart lurched in his chest.  As Evan turned back around in the booth, Gale could smell how strong the lavender perfume was emanating off the horse’s wrist.  Gale’s eyes dilated and honed in on Evan’s snout.  The lavender perfume, which they both knew full well Evan was very allergic to, was already taking its toll on the stallion’s muzzle.
Gale could not take his widened eyes off of Evan’s nostrils – watching as they quivered and flexed, growing wet as the perfume penetrated his sinuses.  Evan sniffled wetly and drew a ragged breath.  Gale swallowed hard and watched as the stallion’s muzzle twitched and wrinkled.  The rims of his nostrils began to flare and grow wider with each sharp inhalation.  Gale’s pulse quickened and he looked down upon realizing his claws were digging into the table.
Hhhhhhhihhhhhh-h-h-h…  *sniffle*  ehh...   hhihhh…   HHEEH!..  HHHRRRRRRRREESSSHEHIWIWWWW!!
The sneeze echoed inside the shop and even made Gale jump in his seat.  He looked around the place as inconspicuously as he could manage and felt the stares of all the coffee shop patrons bearing down on their booth.  In truth, though, he was less worried about them looking at Evan sneezing and more worried about the attention he was drawing towards himself.  The nervous bear slid further into the booth and tried not to make eye contact with anyone.  He leaned over to Evan and hissed through his teeth.
“What are you doing?!  Are you crazy?  Why would you do something like that?  You know what lav… en.. der…  *GULP!*  E-Evan?”
The bear’s last words trailed off in a whimper.  Evan was looking straight at him with one eyebrow raised and his nose buried on his wrist which was soaked in the fox’s perfume.  Gale’s lip quivered anxiously as he watched Evan inhale and draw in as much of the offending lavender scent from his wrist as he could like a vacuum.  The effect was quite dramatic, making his muzzle wrinkle up and his eyes begin to water immediately.  The sneezy urges in his nose quickly overwhelmed him just at the time when Toshiro showed up with their coffees.
“Aaannndd one mocha-something-whatever for you… and, sweetie, here’s your light roast coffee with a side of cream, half-n-half, and some 2% just in case you decide you wanted something different and I also brought you some varieties we have of sugars from different parts of…
Gale nodded absently, but his gaze was fixed on the huffing, gasping, impending fury that was Evan’s snout.
Toshiro recoiled and made a face, holding onto his tail.  “Umm, so…  eww.  Do you need, like, I dunno a tissue or something?”
Gale waved him off frantically.  “We’re fine!  Thank you!  Really!  Just..  We’re good, thanks!”  He turned back to Evan hissed under his breath, “You’ve got to stop that, I can’t… um..  you know!”
Evan blinked the sneezy tears from his eyes and put on a theatrical look of innocence.  He made a show of trying to talk in between ragged gasps as the perfume continued to assault his nasal passages.
“I.. hihh.. geh..  c-can’t hh-hhelp it..  the ..  lavenderrr-r-rr.. HHEHHH!.. *sniffle*  oh gehh.. hih.. m-m-maaa-haakes me snee.. heee.. heee.. sneeze!   HHRRRRRRREEESSSSSSSHHHHHIIEWWWWW!! …  *sssnniiifffllleee*  Oh my ..   *sniff*  I .. hih…  c-can’t sss-ss-stop snee.. HHEEEEEEEEYYIISSHHIEWWWW!!  …sneezing, the p-perfume is.. HHHEEEEYYIISSHHIEWWWWWW!!..   HHRRRRREEEESSSSSSHHHIIEWWW!!  .. *sniffle*  mm-mmaybe we sh-should g-go.. HHEEEEESSSHHIEWWW!!  HHRRRREEEESSSHIEWWWWW!!
“NO!” Gale exclaimed much louder than he’d intended.  He blushed and turned his ears down and whispered gruffly as Evan blew his nose on a napkin.  “No!  I .. I can’t.  You know I can’t!”  Gale couldn’t help but look around, convinced that everyone else in the coffee shop knew his secret.  “Just.. you have to stop sneezing!  Seriously, Evan…”  He trailed off in a whimper again and slunk down further in his seat.
Evan sniffled wetly and blew his nose again, for all the good it was doing him with so much perfume on his wrist.  He shot Gale another ‘innocent’ look from behind the napkin held up to his nose and tilted his head.  “*sniiiffle*  Really?  Why?  I don’t know if… oh..  oh!  OOhhhhhh~  Oh my!”
Evan’s hand reached under the table and traced the outline of Gale’s thigh running up higher and higher until his fingers discovered the stretched tent of fabric that was Gale’s raging hard-on struggling to burst free from its cloth prison.  The tips of Evan’s fingers rubbed the fabric across the tip and was delighted to discover a hint of damp pre.  Gale shivered and dug his claws into the table.  He was going to kill Evan for this.  But for now, he was completely at the horse’s mercy.  Evan grinned as much as his quivering muzzle would let him, his fingers gave the tip of Gale’s tent a playful squeeze making the bear give a cute squeak in response.
“Oh-h.. m-my.. *sniffle*.. th-hhhat is a p..hih.. HEHH.. p-problem.. HHREEEEESSSSHHIIIEWWW!!  HRRRRRRRAAAAAHHSSHHOOO!!..  *sniffle*  Y-you can’t .. p-possibly leave like th-that.. *sniff*  Oh gehh.. hih.. HHHRRRREEEESSSHHIEWWWW!!..  *sniff*  H-here..  lll-llet me h… hhi.. help…  EEEEEEEEYYIIISSHHIEWWWWW!!
Gale shot Evan a nasty look and started to growl under his breath, “And just what do you think y… yoo..OOOO.. omg..  E-e-e-eeeevvvaan..  whhh-what are you..?  EEEP!”
The bear turned fifty shades of embarrassment and tried to sink as low as he could in his seat.  Evan looked around innocently as his fingers went to work under the table unzipping Gale’s trousers and rummaging through his boxers until his ursine cock was free under the table.  Gale’s heart was racing and his face turning even redder.  Evan whispered to just act normal and drink his coffee, and almost said it without cracking up once Gale started making embarrassed squeaking sounds.
Gale’s flesh was painfully hard and completely saturated in pre making Evan’s job that much easier.  Evan flashed the nervous bear a reassuring grin and snorted at the perfume on his wrist again just as his fingers wrapped around his very eager erection and started teasing him under the table.
“Gosh, sweetie.  You s-ssseem a l.. little t.. hih.. a little tense..  HHHHIIIIIIISSSHHIEWWWWW!! Oh ghh.. hhehh.. HHEEEREEESSSHHIEWWWWW!!..  EEEEEYYIIISSHIEIWWWWWW!!.. *sniffle*  A-and.. th.. hhehh.. that.. tha… ha.. thaa-haat’s a .. l-lot of .. hih.. HEHH.. a lot of pre!  HHRREEESSSHHIEWWWWW!!.. EEEEYIIISHIEWWWWWW!!..  HEEEEESSSHIEWWWW!!
While Evan sneezed uncontrollably and his fingers stroked Gale under the table, Toshiro walked up and wasn’t sure what to make of the scene in front of him.  He winced and deposited a single tissue on the table in front of Evan, pulling his paw back as if the table were burning hot.  Toshiro glanced over at Gale whose expression was somewhere between drunk and excited.
“Ummm.  So, yeah – can I interest you in some desserts or maybe one of our ‘Creamer’s Blasters’?  They’re, umm.. are you..? yeah, maybe I’ll come back later?”
Evan released another volley of very loud, wet sneezes and Gale looked red to the point of panic.  He managed to blurt out, “Y-yeah, we’re good.  Can you c-c-CCOOOOOMMMMEEE!!.. *gasp, pant* oh.. oh my.. oh, fuck..  um.. *huffs*  Yeah, can you come back with the check?  Thaaa… that’d b-be great.  Th-thanks, Evan~  Err!  I.. I mean Toshiro!  Thanks, Toshiro.  *pants*  oh my god.”
The panther nodded and looked thankful to be able to get away from the table but Even spoke up to stop him.

"Actually, we could use some napkins.  Like, a lot of napkins."

Special thanks to Mr. Ticklynoses who wrote half of this story along with me in a roleplay session we did together. 

You Get What You Pay For

I don’t consider myself to be a ‘kinky’ or ‘fetishy’ person really.  ‘Adventurous’, I think, is a better term.  Of course, any fox is going to tell you that.  We like to think it’s in our genes.  Truth be told, I’m probably a little more boring than most.  I have a decent job; I get along well with my office colleagues; my downtown flat is comfortable but nothing fancy; and I like to think I have a healthy routine, mostly.  And sure, I go on dates and meet other furs.  I’ve had my fair share of casual yiffs.  It’s not like I’m a shut-in or repressed or anything.

And, I mean.. yeah, I’ve got one or two what you might call ‘odd proclivities’ when it comes to turn-ons.  I don’t really talk about them, though.  I figure everybody’s got something they don’t share with casual friends.  Especially when it comes to sex.  I suppose that’s what intrigued me about this place.  It was hard enough to find, let alone locate someone to provide an invitation. 

I don’t know how long I was sitting there in my car, twirling the business card over in my paws.  I kept glancing up at the sign over the door.  It was the same as the logo on the card.  ‘Musk’ was scrawled in deep orange strokes across an indigo-blue background.  The letters seemed to glow the longer you looked at it.  That was it - no explanation or business hours or any other information.  I suppose if this place was all it was rumored to be, then there was no need to advertise such things. 

I took a breath and finally got out of my car.

I had no idea what to expect when I opened the front door.  Images I’d seen before from the past - “Shoppes of Ill Repute” - flashed across my mind.  Maybe some lush curtained displays of all manner of males, females, and in-betweens; all smiling and beckoning customers forth.  So I was taken aback to see only a simply, yet elegant, desk in the middle of an empty marble foyer with a smartly dressed dragoness seated, waiting patiently. 

I froze.  For a moment, I was certain I must be in the wrong place.  This was the entrance for a bank.  Or a legal firm.  Or a high-profile doctor’s office.  Something; anything but a brothel.  I accidentally made eye contact with the dragoness.  She politely inquired if I was coming inside or not.  I felt nervous for the first time.  All preconceived notions of what to expect were gone.  I leaned back and looked up one more time at the sign over the door I was currently holding open just to make absolutely sure.  She nodded when I looked back.  This must happen a lot.

By the time I got up to the desk, my paws were shaking.  I had no idea why.  It was all I could do to hold out the business card with my appointment number on the back without dropping it.  I was grateful when she didn’t say anything.  No words of patronizing encouragement or faux looks of empathy.  While she looked up my appointment, I wondered if my tail was as bushed out as it felt and resisted the urge to smooth it back down.  There was no reason to be nervous.  I knew that.  But each passing second seemed to bring me closer to the emotional state of a virgin having sex for the first time in his life. 

I nearly had a heart attack when she did speak, I was so lost in thought.  She asked if I had been provided a thorough description of my selection of escort and amenities and was I sure about my choices.  I nodded and tried not to grin like an idiot.  Oh yeah.  I was sure.  The way I figured it, when you’re gonna do something like this you go all the way or fucking forget it.  I reserved the VIP suite and Cameron, their top-shelf courtesan.  For the entire night.  It made my sheath twitch just thinking about it.  Cameron was touted to be exceptionally gifted and impressive even for a tiger.  I felt the raw anticipation of seeing him up close all the way down in my…

Huh? I blinked and looked stupidly back at the dragoness.  She was asking again if I was sure.  Cameron for the entire night.  From dusk ‘til dawn.  I nodded and reassured her that as long as he had the stamina to…  He does, she cut me off.  There goes my tail again.  Something in her voice was unnerving.  I swallowed hard but felt committed to seeing this through, having paid a small fortune and all.  I nodded and took the keycard from her.  Up ahead was the elevator.  On the top floor was the suite.  In that suite was an individual described as ‘Raw, unrefined pleasure wrapped in tiger’.  I slid the keycard in and watched the lobby disappear. 

The doors opened and I stepped out into a jungle.  At least, in sound, feel, and decor it was just that.  A jungle.  It was warm and sultry, dimly glowing with mood lighting.  Hidden speakers piped in ambient sounds of the wild.  The rattan furniture was wrapped in vines and foliage that I couldn’t make out as real or fake.  The room was massive in its own right, but the stylized vernal patterns and lighting gave the impression that it went on forever.  It was overwhelming yet exhilarating at the same time. 

An alien feeling crept over me.  Instinctual and primal.  From deep in my subconscious.  My heart raced and my fur prickled.  My ears twitched, honing in on every sound.  My nose was keen to every scent.  It was the sensation of being prey.  One that I’d rarely felt before but my genetics had never forgotten.  I looked around, but saw no hint of my tiger.  Was he hiding?  Lying in wait?  A shiver ran through me from my neck to my balls.  This was already money well spent. 

Hello?  Cameron?  I paced around the enormous bed and took note of what was hidden behind the decorative vines.  Toys.  Oils.  More toys.  Straps.  Something with wires sticking out.  There must have been dozens of varieties of shapes and sizes and no telling how many different flavors of oil.  So lost in the scents of lust surrounding the bed, I was taken completely off guard when a paw as big as my chest wrap around my torso.  There was a low guttural growl in my ear along with the sound of teeth being licked.  There was also a high-pitched yelp and panicked whine - but I’m reasonably certain that came from me. 

Oh, his heat was amazing!  I could feel it pouring off of him like water.  It made my knees weak and my ears droop.  His arm looked and felt like a steel cable.  His fur was coarse but had the distinctive feel of softness that only comes from disciplined conditioning.  I was quickly getting drunk merely off of his presence.
He turned me around to face him and lifted me up by the scruff of my neck.  Just the sight of him made my sheath swell and my blood run hot.  He stood there like an ancient warrior carved out of wood, clad only in a silk loincloth which left little to the imagination. 

My heart was racing.  He held me there like a ragdoll and pulled me in close, sniffing all over my body.  I drank in as much of him as I could, but my eyes fell into focus on his flexing nostrils.  His nose was, in a word, perfect.  Beautifully symmetrical and balanced in form and color.  The rush of air in and out of his undulating nares and the sheer proximity of seeing them this close made my head spin.  I knew I was already getting hard and I didn’t care.  This display alone was worth the price of admission.

I started to speak.  I thought it might be good to remind him what I was looking for.  You know, just in case.  But he snarled and flung me on the bed the moment I cleared my throat.  His baritone voice ordered me to lose my clothes, which I was all too eager to do.  Barely a button undone on my shirt and he slapped the bed with his claws out and suggested it would be ill advised to make him wait.  Two seconds later I was flat on my back with my boxers tenting and the torn remains of my shirt and pants flung over a chair.

I thought I would lose my mind with anticipation.  He knew what I wanted.  The question was, how would he go about it?  I got my answer soon enough.  He opened a clay jar with a fine whitish powder inside that he sprinkled between his fingers all up and down my torso and legs.  It smelled faintly of ginger and mint to me.  But to him, it was obviously much more potent.  I could already see his eyes tearing up and the outline of his nostrils starting to redden.  He sniffled wetly and put the jar away, straddling me on the bed.  I could see the strain in his muzzle forming already.  Fuck.  It was nearly enough to send me over the edge right then and there.

He wrapped one paw completely around my wrists and held my arms above my head, stretching me out on the bed until I’m sure I heard my spine pop.  He licked his lips and grunted, his huffing breath made my fur dance back and forth.  I bit my lip and tried not to moan too loudly.  Be still and be quiet.  That's what he said.  He gave me a look as serious as a heart attack.  Don’t move.  I held my breath and suddenly realized I had no idea at all what he was going to do next.  My cock was already drooling pre in a desperate bid for attention. 

He started by burying his muzzle in my chestfur.  Snorting and huffing as he went.  Like he was trying to mark every scent on my body.  His paw held my wrists tight.  His hot, steamy breath washed over my nipples and I felt my eyes unfocus and roll back in my head.  Did he have any idea what this was doing to me?  I released a guttural moan and felt my loins surge with excitement.  The sound and the feeling of his nostrils probing my torso.  I only prayed he would not press too hard against my ribs as they could be kind of…

Grrrrrk!  That’s the best recollection of the sound I made when his nose pressed up hard against my ribs just under my armpit.  I flinched and bit my lip, trying not to laugh.  He snarled at me in warning and sniffled against his runny nose.  His nostrils were dripping and starting to quiver.  He must have been fighting the urge so hard!  Then, the killing stroke.  He unfurled his long, raspy, feline tongue and ran it up my body.  Starting from my hip he swiped his tongue up the side of my ribs all the way to my armpit.  I thought every nerve ending in my body would explode as every bump and ridge on his tongue poked and teased everywhere I was ticklish. 

I shrieked and giggled, knowing full well I would be punished for it.  I couldn’t help it.  This was too much for me to take.  He kept licking over and over again, sending me into spasms of uncontrollable high-pitched laughter.  He growled and reminded me of consequences if I didn’t behave.  I was lost in the sound of his hitched breaths and ragged gasps for air.  His muzzle was scrunching up and trembling.  He could barely speak without stuttering.  My tail squirmed wildly underneath my legs and my cock was so hard it hurt.  He rubbed his quivering nostrils on my nipples and proceeded to run his tongue in circles around my belly and my ribs.  I was squealing and laughing so hard I could barely get enough air to breath. 

Even above my shrill laughter I could hear the tell-tale signs of a tiger’s nose in trouble.  He was huffing and panting hard now.  I could feel his chest pressing down on my thighs with each heaving breath.  He snarled and licked at his own nose in reflex.  My eyes were so dilated they’d lost all color - just two black orbs watching this display like a cub seeing presents for the first time.  He reared back, grunting and hitching, bellowing with each inhale.  Each breath I felt certain would be his last before letting go, but he just kept resisting.  Fighting the sneezy urges in his nose, and building up to a massive release. 

I wouldn’t make it.  I knew it.  I could feel the surge of cum rising from my balls.  It was just too much.  His ripped Adonis body.  His dong flopping about behind that silk loincloth.  The tickling.  The teasing.  His massive nostrils gasping for air.  His desperate holdbacks.  I was gonna spray like a goddam firehose and there was nothing I could do except enjoy the ride.  I murred and let my eyes roll back in my head muttering something incoherent about cumming already.  And then, he absolutely exploded.


It was like an air cannon filled with hot, steamy moisture billowing through my fur with the force of a hurricane.  The shockwave from the blast nearly knocked the wind out of me.  I felt the sheets on the bed flap and shift off to one side as well as furniture in the room fall over.  The bed swayed and throbbed in the aftermath.  And as for me?  Nothing.  Only the sound of my boxers being ripped free and the feeling of warm tiger fingers snaking around my sheath.  There was a distinct absence of climax.

I became acutely aware of intense pressure at the base of my painfully swollen dick.  A tightness formed by a ring of Cameron’s fingers choking off any hope I had of release.  I yelped and sputtered, flailing helplessly underneath him.  I felt my balls ache and throb with disappointment.  My shaft twitched and tried to wriggle free as if gasping for air.  Oh god.  Oh fuck!  Please let me cum!  I’ll die if you don’t!  Please, please show mercy!  I have to cum so bad!  His fingers held tight, strangling the life out of my orgasm.  My cock glared up at me with a hue of angry purple and spat pre on my belly in protest. 

I was huffing and panting like I’d run a marathon, my balls throbbing with impacted cum.  Cameron decided to up the ante and pulled his loincloth free, releasing his semi-hard flesh into the wild.  Oh holy shit!  That thing was much bigger than the pictures suggested.  Fuck me, it was as big around as my arm.  I stared at it, hypnotized.  I was only vaguely aware of my wrists and feet being tied up. 

I looked back at him from my spread-eagle position.  My limbs spread out by the vines on the bed.  I started to worry how much more of this I could take before I up and had a stroke.  My bellyfur glistened with pre.  My balls felt like they were swollen to the size of grapefruits.  Every nerve ending on my body lit up at the slightest provocation.  I caught the scent of ginger and mint again.  And felt the light dusting of the same powder on my sac and the base of my tail.  I swallowed hard and concentrated on not passing out. 

He said to be quiet.  But I was fuck-all from caring at this point.  When he pressed his muzzle into my taint and pressed his tongue to my tailhole I thought I was going to lose my fucking mind.  I tensed up and tried not to fight it - the overwhelming desire to cry out in lust.  I made some sort of primal grunt, a sound I don’t recall ever making before.  I heard him sniffle those powerful, large nostrils against the base of my balls and the warmth of his wet, raspy tongue teasing my pucker.  I was reduced to a growling, barking animal, twitching in the hold of the vines and begging for more. 

He dragged his tongue up from the base of my tail, across my sac, up my sheath, and along the underside of my cock up all the way to my tip.  I lost all verbal skills and merely panted and drooled.  Higher brain functions gave way to lustful mewls.  He sniffled back his runny nose and started to gasp again, the ginger infused powder tickling his sinuses terribly.  His face scrunched up and his nostrils trembled.  I could see the conflict raging in his nose as he fought against the sneezy urges overwhelming his nostrils.  His face was frozen with his lip curled back and his tongue lolling out to one side, but my torture was far from complete.

Just when I was convinced I had endured all I could possibly take, the feeling of my asshole being stretched by a pair of thick feline fingers squirming up inside me proved me utterly wrong.  As Cameron gasped and panted, letting the sneezes build up slowly in his sinuses, his fingers flexed and teased my insides with the skill of an artisan.  My vision clouded over and I yelped uncontrollably.  I was sure this would be it.  Death by sensory overload.  Even then, the tiger made me regret ever having thought that was all I could take.

I felt a pair of wide, flaring nostrils pressed up firmly against my balls and dribbling hot moisture across my sex.  The vibrations of his ragged, sharp breaths excited my every nerve ending.  I felt my cock scream out for relief, slinging strands of clear pre with every twitch.  I felt him gasp and stutter, his muzzle wrinkling and spasming against my sheath.  And the familiar sensation of my sex being strangled.  The fingers inside me pressed up hard against my prostate and rubbed in cruel little circles as his willpower finally eroded.


I screamed.  I probably sounded like a little girl, but I didn’t care.  It was all too much.  His nostrils gaping open so wide and sucking in huge gasps of air only to have it explode out of him with such intensity.  Pressed up hard against my loins.  It was too much.  I felt my balls draw up and contract.  I felt my prostate clamp down with raw determination - this orgasm was happening, cock ring or no.  It felt like gallons of fluid under immense pressure surging up and pressing against the tiger’s clamped fingers.  I writhed in my restraints and cried real tears, pleading to release my flood.  A sharp thump of his forefinger across my tip and the sensation vanished.  Orgasm killed.  Leaving me a throbbing, needy mess of pre and swollen balls. 

He snuffled and rubbed his itchy nose across my inner thigh.  His every touch was like fire.  His every movement made my entire body flinch and tremble.  I was reduced to a sobbing mess, right on the precipice of immense pleasure.  So close.  So very fucking close.  I was ready to beg.  Plead.  Deal.  Anything.  Oh god just let me cum before I lose my grip on reality. 

I paused and perked up my ears and nose.  There was an odd sound emanating from between my suspended thighs.  My nose picked up the smell of sandalwood and something else.  Jasmine, maybe?  Oil on flesh.  Flesh rubbing together.  I winced and yelped as two oily fingers pressed into my ass and saturated me with slick essence.  I wanted to tell him to wait.  I wanted to plead with him to give me a moment - just a moment - to catch my breath.  But my mouth wouldn’t work right.  It just made a grunting noise and slurred growls. 

He snarled and grabbed my feet like ski poles.  I thought I would have a heart attack right then.  He wasn’t even touching me and already I could feel the heat of his sex radiating against my asshole.  I could only whimper like a baby at the sight of him sprinkling the powder directly onto his own nose.  I tried to relax, I really did.  But the adrenaline fueled rush in my veins made my tummy tighten up and my tail curl up in an open invitation to take my flesh and take it hard. 

He did just that.


It took only a few seconds for his sinuses to succumb to the raw power of whatever this powder was.  He timed his entry accordingly.  Right at the peak of the sneeze his hard flesh plowed into me, splitting me open like a piñata.  I felt my prostate rammed up against my spleen.  My cock spewed a fountain of pre so hard it landed on my ear.  Oh god.  I didn’t know sensations like this were even possible.  How much more of this could I possibly endure before I lost my fucking mind? 

I felt him pull back like a coiled spring and ram his piston inside me again.  He was picking up speed and intensity.  Every thrust made my entire body spasm and tingle.  I gave up trying to speak.  Or trying to see - my vision was just a blur of dim lights and vines.  I growled and purred uncontrollably as his feline cock pressed and stretched my vulpine ass to its breaking point.


His nose was out of control now.  It was just one massive sneezing fit, one right after the next.  Over and over again he gasped and sneezed in concert with my primal screams of passion.


Every sneeze soaked into my fur from my ears down to my sheath.  I was a dripping mess of seminal fluid and sneezy residue.  Just when I thought I was finished.  That I had expended the last ounce of energy and effort.  Only then, when I tried to succumb and go limp, did it hit me.  A wave of heat so strong I would have mistaken it for a fever.  Like someone had opened the door to an oven right beside me.

Every muscle in my body contracted with a force I’d never known before.  I felt my ass clamp down so hard on the tiger’s cock, even he growled in surprise.  My tail shot straight out and I howled with a volume I never knew I was capable of.  My flesh burned from the inside out.  My knot swelled so tight I was sure the skin would tear.  I grunted and pulled against my restraints.  In a flash of white, right in front of my eyes, I fucking swear, I saw God.

Cum shot out of me in a stream like piss.  It flew damn near across the entire room and landed fuck-knows where.  It felt like I was giving birth - it was the first of many contractions to come.  Another and another and another.  Each contraction ripped and tore at my body ejecting rope after rope of pent up seed in random directions and all over me. 


Oh for fucks sake.  You have GOT to stop sneezing now.  I can’t take it.  Every sneeze prompted another contraction until I was cumming clear, watery nothing.  And just when I thought I was finally over the worst of it, Cameron threw back his head and released a room-shaking roar that made my bones tremble.  I felt his paws release my ankles and dig into my hips, shoving himself balls-deep in my flesh.  I howled again and felt my prostate contract and spasm reflexively.

My ass was awash with hot, sticky fluid.  I could feel every spray and jet of feline cum erupting from his flared tip and filling me up inside.  I screamed and howled, pulling at my restraints until they cut into my wrists.  More and more he thrusted, pushing wave after wave of his seed into me until we were both exhausted and dripping with sweat and sex.

I felt a cold wave of relief like I’d never experienced before when Cameron slid his softening member from my hole.  There was little I could do about the flood of cum spilling out of me while he freed my limbs from their bonds.  I fell in a heap on the bed, moaning softly and sobbing in the afterglow of… sex?  No.  I’d had sex before.  This was definitely not ‘sex’.  Yiff?  Fuck?  Those words didn’t seem to do this act justice either. 

I listened as the tiger blew his nose and sniffled wetly, cleaning himself up.  I tried to sit up but got dizzy instantly and slumped back down on the bed.  Oh my god.  This had been the single greatest and most terrifying moment of my life.  I wanted to worship him; praise him; pay homage to him.  Surely I was in the presence of a deity of some kind.  It was all I could do to giggle stupidly and mumble my eternal thanks while I gripped the bedpost for support and hoisted myself upright. 

My bliss was shattered by the grip of Cameron’s paw around the scruff of my neck, holding me up.  I swallowed hard.  Had I done something wrong?  Was I not supposed to talk?  The tiger locked eyes with me and glared, a low rumbling growl sputtered through his teeth.  He paused and quirked his eyebrow.

Where did I think I was going?  That was only an hour.  We had the whole night together.  One hour down, eight to go. 

Oh fuck me.

Alt Fetish - Tickling / [Mature]Tickling Comic
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Ohhhhhhh my!  This is one of the best tickling sequences I've seen in a long time.  <3  And the artwork is really good!

Cheers, everyone!  I got slammed with requests over the weekend to write a sequel to the last dragon story (wow, dragons are popular!  Who knew? =P ) so here you go!  Hope you all enjoy this one too!  *hugs*

Don’t Let Your Dragon Eat Goldenrods!

It was midafternoon on a nice, warm, summer’s day when Oliver arrived back at his cottage.  His knapsack was full of floral treasures from his hike in the countryside.  He had enough herbs and sprigs to keep himself quite busy refilling his stores and making notes on all his new finds.  The wolf whistled and wagged his tail as he stepped towards his front door, pausing for a moment to look over his shoulder and check on his companion.

Trudging along behind Oliver was Cedric who, despite being a dragon, was more aptly described as an overgrown puppy.  HIs tail was low and dragging the ground behind him as he clomped along, whimpering and sniffling.  His eyes were red and puffy and his nose was painfully stuffed up with a reddish outline around his nostrils.  He moaned and paused as often as he could to paw at his muzzle and give a mournful sigh, making sure it was loud enough for Oliver to hear. 

The wolf said nothing and waited patiently but the front of the cottage for his pathetic companion to drag himself along.  “Well, I told you that would happen.  What did I say, hmmm?  You know better than to eat those plants.  This always happens when you do that.”  He shrugged.  “There’s nothing I can do for you ‘til the swelling goes down.” 

Cedric plopped down on his haunches with a *thud!* in front of Oliver and licked at his muzzle.  He whimpered louder and sniffled, blinking his large eyes at the wolf for sympathy.

Oliver shook his head and went to unlatch the front door.  “Sorry.  I know goldenrods taste good to you, but you know better than to eat them.  I guess I’ll see if I have something that will help, but you’ll have to stay outside until..  oof!.. Cedric! … n.. no.. don’t! ..  you c-can’t come in here until.. wait!.. oof!..  will you just.. *sigh*...” 

The moment the door started to open, the dragon’s eyes lit up and he started nudging and pushing on it with his snout.  Being several times larger than his friend, he managed to nudge the door open and bound inside before Oliver could put up much of a fight.  The wolf gave a frustrated huff and stepped inside to see Cedric sitting in the middle of the room, happily thumping the tip of his tail and grinning.  The wolf knew he could force him back outside, but then he’d just moan and whimper at the window.

“Alright, fine.  Just sit quietly and rest while I put these herbs away.  And no sneezing!  I mean it!  If you feel your nose itching, you better go outside - the last time you nearly destroyed the place.  Understand?  No.  Sneezing.  I mean it!”

Cedric swallowed hard and gave a grunt of affirmation.  He sniffled and decided it would be best to just curl up and take a nap.  Anything to stay inside the nice cozy cottage with his friend and not have to go back outside where it would be getting chilly soon.  He paced in a circle a few times and curled up on the floor, running his tongue over his nose one more time to relieve the itchiness along the tip of his nostrils.  He sighed happily and wrapped his tail around himself and opened one eye just to check and see if Oliver was aware of how good and obedient he was being.

The wolf muttered under his breath and couldn’t help but chuckle at how much effort Cedric was going through to impress him.  After storing all the herbs he collected, he went about laying out all of the sprigs of new plants he’d found and opened his journal to sketch and make notes.  He was soon lost in thought, humming quietly to himself.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Cedric was trying his best to simply fall asleep on the floor and stay out of Oliver’s way.  But his nose was constantly itching and irritating him.  He kept one eye on Oliver and very quietly scratched at his nostrils with his paw, not daring to let Oliver see that his nose was bothering him still.  When that didn’t work he nuzzled at the floor, pressing his wet, drippy nostrils down against the planks and moving them about.  He sniffled wetly and huffed. 

Perking his ears up to the odd sounds coming from the other room, Oliver leaned back on this stool and peered around the corner.  “Cedric?  Are you okay in there?  Do you need to go outside?”  The dragon peeked up with the most innocent expression he could manage and grinned, his tail thumping.  He strained and concentrated on not letting his nose quiver or scrunch up.  Satisfied, Oliver went back to his journal.

Cedric’s nose was dripping profusely now.  He felt a twinge of panic as the tip of his nostrils started to tingle and felt it spread across the bridge of his nose.  His left nostril started to tremble.  HIs muzzle began to wrinkle and shake.  He could feel his eyes starting to water as the sneezy sensations spread from his sinuses into his nasal passages.  As more fluid built up in his nostrils, he suddenly felt his breath starting to hitch despite his best efforts to stay quiet.

“Hiihhhh-h-h-h… nnff..  *sniff*  *g-g-gasp*  hiiGEEH!..  pfff..  nnsshh..  Hhhh.. geehhfffppff..”

Cedric clamped his paws over his snout and tried breathing through his mouth.  He held his breath every time another wave of sneezy tingles spread across his nostrils.  He sniffled wetly and rubbed the side of his nose against the furniture.  After several moments of panic, the tingles receded into his nose and faded. The dragon smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

His eyes shot wide open when the itchy tingles returned just as quickly.

“HiiGEEEEHH!!  nngghh. .hihh.. *g-g-gasp*  npff-f-f-f-f.. . hih GEEHH.. hhhhihh!  eh.. ahhhh.. eehhhh!!  NNNNNPPPP-FFF********CHNXXX!!  gehh-hhhh!!”

At the last possible instant, Cedric wrapped his tail around his nose nose and squeezed just as a massive sneeze tried to push it’s way out of his itchy nose.  The held-in explosion left him dizzy and stuffy, blinking stars in front of his eyes.  He sobered up fast when Oliver leaned back on his stool and peered in the room.

“Cedric?  Was that you?  If your nose is bothering you, you’ll need to go outside.  Do you need to go out?”

Cedric put on the most innocent looking face he could muster and poked his head up.  He pretended to yawn and stretch, giving a reassuring murr in response before curling back up on the floor and batting his eyes at Oliver.  The wolf nodded and mumbled to himself, returning to his journal.

And not a second too soon - it had taken every ounce of self-control for Cedric not to sniffle and rub his nose which was now burning and itching all over.  He pawed at his eyes, wiping the sneezy tears from them and desperately licked at his now visibly trembling nostrils in hopes it would help alleviate some of the tingles.  He froze in panic as his nose started to defy his will and quiver, making his breath hitch.

“hhhiihhh-h-h-h-h-h..  geehhh.. hih.. .*sniffle*  hhh..HIIIHHH!  *g-g-g-g-GAAS-S-SP!!*  heeeejjiiihhhh!!”

His nose was red and throbbing now.  It was no use, he could feel the massive buildup in the back of his sinuses as the pressure of the fluid inside pounded on his muzzle.  He sat up, his nostrils flaring wide and shaking, his lip curled back, his mouth hanging open as the itchy sensations coalesced into his nose and prepared to force their way out.  And just when he was resigned to his fate, his ears perked up to Oliver’s voice.

“I’m going out the garden, Cedric.  I’ll be back in a moment.  Can you be a good boy and wait quietly for me?  I’ll be right back.” 

The instant the door clicked shut, the dragon scrambled to his feet and looked desperately around the cottage in a dead panic.  His nose twitched and trembled while his breath came in quick little gasps.  He ran in circles not knowing what to do as the pressure in his nose reached critical mass.  Whimpering and gasping, he reared back as the final gasp took him and then buried his nose in Oliver’s bed.


Cedric looked up with a blissful, drunken grin on his face.  His nose felt so much better now.  He gave a contented sigh and inhaled through his now completely unblocked nasal passages.  The feeling was better than a thousand tummy rubs on a warm summer day.  He paused and perked up one ear, listening to see if Oliver had heard any of the racket but only heard the faint sounds of the wolf humming and digging in his garden. 

Cedric sighed in relief and wiped his brow.  That had been close call!  Wincing a little, he peeked with one eye and lifted up the covers on Oliver’s bed, peering underneath.  Eww.  That wasn’t pretty.  Whistling innocently, he pawed at the covers until the mess was hidden and made his way back over to the middle of the room to lie back down. 

Almost immediately his nose twitched and started to tingle again, and his eyes water.

Oliver stepped back inside and dusted himself off.  He smiled and hummed to himself, thinking how lovely his garden would be once the new sprigs he planted took root.  He wandered into the kitchen area to make himself a nice cup of tea, strolling right past and not even noticing Cedric who was silently gasping and pawing at his snout. 

Cedric’s eyes were wide with panic as Oliver stepped back in and put water on to boil for tea.  The itches had returned with a vengeance, making his entire nose throb and twitch.  He whimpered looked around the room for something he could bury his head in.  He sniffled wetly and concentrated hard on making the itchy sensations subside.  Over in the kitchen area, the teapot whistled.

Oliver poured himself a nice cup of herbal tea and picked up his journal.  Cedric who was frozen in panic but wore a wide toothy grin on his face, watched as Oliver smiled back at him and plopped himself down in front of him.  The wolf sipped his tea and reached up to scratch Cedric under the chin.  He opened his journal and said, “Take a look, Cedric.  We got some really nice specimens this time.”

The dragon nodded and blinked a stream of sneezy tears from his eyes.  While Oliver sat with his back to him and pointed in his journal and prattled on about herbs, Cedric tried his best to stifle the gasps and sniffles.  His nose was bright red and twitching visibly.  He bit down on his bottom lip to try and distract himself from the intense sneezy sensations pulsing in his muzzle.

Oblivious to all of Cedric’s desperate attempts to keep quiet, Oliver flipped through his journal and continued his non-existent conversation with Cedric about how fascinating these new herbs were while the dragon behind him contorted his face and tried to make his nose behave.  He stared cross-eyed at the end of his muzzle and gave a high-pitched whimper as his nostrils flared open and signaled their impending release.

Oliver nodded and chucked, still looking at his journal.  “I agree, it is exciting!  Maybe we could go out again tomorrow and see if there are more…”


The wolf blinked his eyes open and stared with dilated pupils at the remains of his journal, scattered in a flurry of papers across the room and stuck to the wall, dribbling with dragon snot.  His ears went flat against his head as he slowly turned around and looked at the sight of a dragon’s very irritated nose huffing and gasping right in front of his face.  “Ohh.. not again..”


Cedric’s nose was completely out of control and exploded violently over and over again, knocking Oliver off his feet and scattering odds and ends around the cottage.  The dragon panicked and ran around in circles, gasping and panting, looking for a place to hide before Oliver got angry.  The wolf tried to shake himself off and ran after Cedric, trying to get him out the door. 

“Wait!  Cedric, come here!  Just.. gaah!  No, don’t!”


“No don’t run!  I don’t want to… NOT ON MY CLOTHES!!”


“Sttoooooooppppp!”  With a flying leap, Oliver landed on Cedric’s head and wrapped his arms and legs around the dragon’s muzzle.  Holding on tight, he panted to catch his breath.  “Now..  *huff*.. just calm down.  Don’t panic.  I just want to get you outside, okay?  Nice and easy.  Just back up and..  No, Cedric don’t - Accccppff!”


Much later that evening, Oliver had finally gotten the last of the walls and floor cleaned up with his mop.  His clothes were washed and hung out to dry over the fireplace.  He was soaking in his tub and Cedric was fast asleep in the corner, the allergy attack had finally subsided.  The very exhausted wolf summoned the energy to hoist himself out of his hot bath and fluffed his fur in front of the fireplace to dry off. 

It had been a real fiasco, but at last everything was clean and put back and he was finally ready for a good night’s sleep.  He padded over quietly and gave his overgrown puppy a light kiss behind his ears, smiling to himself at how peaceful Cedric looked.  He crept over to his bed and slipped under the covers, which were slimy and sticky for some reason. 

“Of course,” he muttered to himself and turned out the light. 

Unarchived Stories / [M + Messy] Don't Let Your Dragon Catch Cold!
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Don’t Let Your Dragon Catch Cold!

The cold, bitter rain outside pelted the windows and roof of a small cottage.  Tucked away snuggly in his bed inside, Oliver had barely closed his eyes when he sat up with a start.  He blinked, looking around for whatever sound that had awoken him.  Then he heard it again - a mournful sound of scratching at the door and a wistful sigh.  The wolf rubbed his eyes and wrapped a blanket around himself before padding over to the door.

The first crack of the door opening made Oliver wince as the mist of cold, damp air bit at his nose and ears.  Plopped down in front of his cottage was Cedric, a dragon who had befriended Oliver long ago and now was reluctant to leave his side.  Cedric was small compared to most dragons, but that still made him very large to Oliver.

The wolf cocked his head and looked rather befuddled.  “Cedric?  What are you doing here?  It’s raining terribly.  You have a perfectly good dry cave - why are you sitting in the mud and getting all wet?”  Oliver began to look less confused and more annoyed as Cedric started to nudge the door with his nose, making it necessary for the wolf to brace the door with his feet.

Cedric mewled and whined, pawing at his nose and then the door again.  He blinked and looked at Oliver with the biggest, saddest eyes he could muster and sighed heavily.  He sniffled as loudly as he could and moaned again.

Oliver squinted and leaned out, looking closer at his dragon’s face and nose.  There was a distinct reddish color around his nostrils and the wetness around them was not just from the raindrops dripping off his scales.

“Oh, my!  Are you sick?  Is that it?  Your muzzle feels warm - warmer than usual, I think.  Do dragons get colds?”  While Cedric whined some more and nudged at the door, Oliver looked back at the interior of his cottage and wondered if letting Cedric inside was really a good idea.  It was plenty spacious for a wolf, but for a dragon…  He sighed, rolling his eyes as Cedric howled and whimpered in earnest.  Oliver knew he wasn’t about to let Cedric stay outside in this weather when he might be sick.  “Oh, alright.  Let’s get you dried off and warm…  OOF!  Hey!”

At the first hint of encouragement, Cedric grinned and nudged the door open plowing his way inside where it was warm and dry while unceremoniously knocking Oliver over in the process.  The wolf grumbled and shut the door, wincing as a flurry of water droplets coated everything inside including him when Cedric shook himself off.  Oliver gave Cedric an annoyed look and folded his ears back.  “Thanks for that.”

But Cedric was too happy to let Oliver’s grumpy mood spoil his satisfaction.  He plopped himself down in the middle of the room and gave a contented sigh, sniffling a bit.  Oliver shook his fur off as best he could and chuckled once he saw how content Cedric looked, curled up on the floor in front of the fire pit.  The wolf gave Cedric a friendly pat on his flanks as he stepped over the large scaly form to stoke up the fire.  He eased himself down and sat on the floor next to his sniffling friend and smiled, “Better now?”

Cedric murred and nudged affectionately at Oliver with his snout before plopping his head down in Oliver’s lap - or, at least as much of his head that would fit in Oliver’s lap.  The dragon tried to sit still, but kept pawing at his snout which was clearly very red and irritated.  The edges of his nostrils looked cracked and almost painful.  Oliver nodded and scratched Cedric behind his ears.

“I think I’ve got something that might help with that.  Wait here and I’ll be right back.”  The dragon watched and sniffled wetly while Oliver looked through his cupboards.  He returned with a pleasant smelling salve.  “Now, hold still.  This won’t hurt, I promise.  It should make you feel a little better.”

Oliver dabbed some of the salve on his paw and hesitated for a moment as he looked over the dragon’s nostrils.  He suppressed a look of disgust at how slimy and drippy they were.  He took a breath for courage and slowly began to gingerly dab the salve onto the rims of Cedric’s flaring nostrils, attempting as best he could to keep himself from touching anything too gross.

Cedric’s eyes began to dilate and tear up.  The light dabs from Oliver’s paw were making his already irritated nostrils tingle and twitch.  He whimpered and tried to pull away only to have Oliver tell him to be still again.  He sniffled and felt the pressure of all the fluid in his sinuses begin to swell.

“Almost done.  You know, this would go a lot faster if you’d stop squirming and let me finish.  There.  That looks…”  The wolf’s voice trailed off as he took note of the dragon’s nostrils seeming to get bigger and bigger.  Cedric’s mouth was hanging open slightly and his eyes were fluttering.  “Um, Cedric?  Are you…?”

…  HEEEHHHHH… hhhhh-h-h-h.. HHUUUUUHHHHHH!!  …

The dragon’s chest heaved as he began to gasp and sputter.  His nostrils trembled and opened up even wider than before.  Oliver yipped and pressed his paws against Cedric’s nose.  “No-no-no-NO!  You can’t do that in here!  W-wait!  Let me open a window or take you outside or…!”


The sound and fury of Cedric’s nasal explosion made the entire cottage shudder.  Pots and pans fell from their mounts on the wall and anything not anchored to the floor in front of him was blown in all directions.  The dragon sighed pleasantly from the slight relief he felt at the ability to breathe again, even though it didn’t last long.  His drunken smile faded once he looked over at Oliver, who glared back at him with fur completely soaked in mucus as blobs of snot oozed off him and dribbled to the floor.

The wolf folded his ears and arms, quirking one eyebrow at the sheepishly grinning dragon and groaned, “Feel better, now that you’ve got that out of your system?”  Cedric lowered his head and ears.  He looked at Oliver and tried to make up by attempting to lick him clean with his long, thick, serpentine tongue.  “Accppff!  No, don’t do.. Gaah!  s-s-stoppff!  that…  Hee hee!  That tickles!  Will you just..”

The wolf found he couldn’t stay angry at the big lumbering puppy for long.  He smiled and gave Cedric a reassuring pat on his neck.  “Alright, alright.  It’s fine.  You’re a good boy.  Just let me get cleaned up.”  Oliver chuckled and shuffled out of his clothes.  He splashed some water over his fur until he was satisfied it was clean enough for now and sat in front of the fire to dry off.  He had just started to relax when…

hheeeehhh-hhhuuuhhh…  nngggeehh… *sniffle*  nnGGEEEHHHHH…  HHHHIIISSSSHHHH…

Oliver bolted upright.  “No, Cedric!  Don’t!  Not again!”  The wolf could only wince and cover himself with his arms and tail at the sight of Cedric’s lip curling back, his muzzle scrunching up, and his nostrils flaring open wide.  Oliver squeaked and braced for impact.

hhhiiihhhJJEEEHH!!... EEHHHHH!!  nnGEEEHHHH!!  HHIIIIHHHH!! ..  EEEHHHH-HCCHMM*********ppfffft! *GULP!*   nnnffff..

Oliver blinked and peeked out from behind his tail.  Cedric’s nose looked like it was throbbing and swollen from the impact of him stifling such a massive sneeze.  “Whew!  That was close, huh?  Just let me open a window and then you can…”


There was no time to duck or even put his paws up to shield his face before Cedric’s nostrils exploded violently again, scattering furniture and blasting Oliver’s fur with streams of dripping mucus that soaked him throughout.  The wolf growled in frustration and wiped blobs of snot off his face, slinging them off his paw to the floor.  He looked over to see Cedric whimpering in the corner, trying his best to hide behind Oliver’s bed which did little more than to cover half of him leaving his rump sticking straight out and shivering.

Oliver rolled his eyes listening to the mournful sobs and sniffles coming from behind his bed.  He picked up a towel and wiped himself off as best he could and tried not to let his voice sound too frustrated.  “You can stop trying to hide.  I can see you, you know.  Cedric just come on out and…”  He sighed again and knelt down beside the bed.  “Look I’m sorry, okay?  I didn’t mean to sound so angry.  It’s not your fault.  Cedric?  Hey, you gonna stay under there forever?”  Oliver grinned and peeked under the bed only to be greeted by the sight of a pair of gasping, quivering nostrils.


The bed landed with a crash on the other side of the room with Oliver right beside it.  His fur was completely limp with dragon snot.  He blinked his eyes open and muttered, “Of course.”  He stood up, trying not to slip and fall in the slime dribbling off his fur.  Cedric gave another sheepish grin as Oliver walked past him and mumbled to himself.  The wolf paused in front of the washtub and looked back at Cedric who wrapped his tail around him and tried his best to curl up into a ball.

“Before I wash myself… again!... are you quite finished?” he asked, looking sideways at the blushing dragon.  Cedric lowered his head and gave an affirmative sounding huff, looking back at Oliver with big eyes.  The wolf flicked his ears and doused himself with water, trying to clean up most of the mess on his fur.  He shook off in front of the fireplace and retrieved a rather old looking book from the shelf, thumbing through the pages.  Before long, Cedric peered over his shoulder and sniffled curiously.

“Let’s see..  some vapors of menthe..  some rosewood…  a dash of aloe…  Well, I think I’ve got all these things here, Cedric.  If this works, it should help relieve that itchy nose of yours before you destroy the place,” he chuckled and patted him on the ears.  Cedric purred and looked grateful he wasn’t in trouble again.  In no time at all, Oliver had a thick paste that had a rather powerful mint smell to it. 

“Alright, let’s see.  Now, do you eat this or..  Oh, it says to rub it all over the… *gasp!*  the inside of the nose?”  Oliver and Cedric exchanged uncomfortable glances.  The wolf’s gaze fell upon those two enormous nostrils as then quivered and sniffled, trying not to imagine what level of slimy mess was inside them.  Cedric tilted his head and sniffled, looking inquisitive at Oliver’s recoiled expression.

Oliver swallowed hard and gave a sigh of resignation.  He sat down on the floor and patted his lap for Cedric to rest his head on.  “Alright, big fellah.  Just try and relax.  This is going to feel a little weird.”  He took a deep breath, slathered his paw with the thick paste, and slowly slid his forearm up inside one of Cedric’s nostrils.

The dragon snorted and winced, his eyes went wide as the strange sensation of having someone’s paw and arm up his nose.  The aromatic substance did work well to soothe the irritation from his cold, but his nose still quivered and twitched every time Oliver moved his paw around.  The wolf tensed up and gasped every time Cedric’s nose trembled.  The dragon shut his watery eyes and concentrated hard on not letting the tingles in his nose make him sneeze again.

“Okay, one down.  One to go.”  Oliver whimpered, sliding his paw into the other nostril.  The warm slimy sensation inside felt so strange and alien.  The dragon’s nostril gave a ‘squelch’ sound as the wolf’s paw twisted and pressed the minty smelling substance inside.  Oliver, scratched his dragon behind the ears and tried to reassure him.  Suddenly his paw slipped and pressed up against the back of Cedric’s nose.  The dragon’s muzzle scrunched up and his eyes looked up in a panic.

For a moment, both of them froze and didn’t move.  Cedric could feel the inside of Cedric’s nose starting to twitch and spasm, contracting around his paw.  It was growing hotter and felt like more snot was starting to accumulate.  He looked over his shoulder at the window and back at Cedric.  “Oh-h.  Okay.  Easy now.  I’m just going to slowly take my paw out and… EEP!”

The moment he moved his paw, Cedric gasped and pawed at his nose as it scrunched up and quivered all over.  Oliver gulped and tried twisting his arm to the side, but that seemed to make things even worse.  The dragon’s face was soon hung in a pre-sneezy expression as the itchy tingles in the back of his nose from the wolf’s paw started to overtake his control.  He began to gasp and huff.

The wolf panicked as each sniffle and gasp was acting like a vacuum pump, sucking his paw and arm back inside Cedric’s nose.  “Ooff.. Hey!  Just.. let me.. get my… arm.. no DON’T!...”

Hihhhhhhhh…. geehhhh…  *sniffffffffle*  hhiiGGEEEHHH…  hhhuuuhhhhhh…..

GAAAH!  The trembling insides of Cedric’s nasal cavities were squeezing down on Oliver’s arm like a vise grip.  The wolf tugged and pulled, trying to get free.  Each twist and movement tickled and teased the inside of the dragon’s nose mercilessly.  Cedric winced and tried with all his might to hold the massive sneeze in.  He sputtered and huffed.  HIs nose dribbled mucus.  Oliver continued to pull and tug on his arm against the slimy flesh holding onto it until the poor dragon’s nose could take now more.

He reared back, and curled his lip.  His chest heaved and expanded with every gasping breath.


Oliver’s eyes dilated and his ears folded back.  “ohh..  no~”  he squeaked.


Cedric sat in the middle of the room and thumped the tip of his tail happily.  He took a deep sniff and sighed, grateful to be able to breathe again.  His nose was clear and felt cool inside.  Gone were the overwhelming sneezy tingles.

Among the scattered books and broken pieces of furniture that were strewn from one end of the cottage to the other, a wolf lay half buried in the debris.  Oliver sat up and shook some of the slime-covered debris off his fur.  The walls, the ceiling, the furniture, and even the clothes in his closet were all damp and dripping with dragon snot.  Oliver wiped a glob of slime off his face and sighed, noting Cedric’s enthusiastic expression.  He felt Cedric’s mouth gently wrap over his foot and pull him free from the piles of books and broken chairs.

Oliver picked up a towel to wipe himself off, but dropped it in a heap since it, like everything else, was already covered in snot.  He looked back and his wagging friend and remarked, “Feeling better are we?  Sneezies all gone now?”

Cedric chirped and sniffed, breathing freely.  He grinned and nuzzled Oliver with his snout, knocking the wolf back over.

“Okay, OKAY!  Alright.  I’m happy you’re feeling better too.  Now can we please get some sleep?”

Cedric slurped his tongue over Oliver and curled up on the floor in front of the fireplace.  The wolf looked at the remains of his bed and shrugged.  He pulled the blankets off and settled in next to his dragon as Cedric wrapped his tail around them both and gave a contented purr.

Not a minute later, Oliver sat upright suddenly with a forceful, “Hiiii’TTCCCCHIIEWWW!!”  The wolf sniffled and rubbed his nose.  “Well Cedric, I think I may have caught your…  HEY!”

Oliver found himself being pushed and shoved over to the side of the cottage where the remains of his bed lay.  Cedric huffed and curled back up in front of the fire - too sleepy to deal with sneezy wolves at this hour.

Hello, my lovelies!  This particular gem was born from a RP between Mr. Ticklynoses and me and was simply too good not to turn into a story.  We hope you enjoy~

After the Party
Dominic woke up with a very satisfied smile on his face.  His bedroom was a disarray of tossed bedsheets and scattered clothes.  Empty beer bottles and jello-shot containers were scattered throughout his house.  Glow sticks with fractions of light left in them dangled from ceiling fans and furniture.  Trash cans overflowed with junk food bags, liquor bottles, and condom wrappers.  And though the house was all but empty now, there were even still some clothes left lying around including a nice pair of silk boxers floating out in the hot tub.  The fox’s smile turned into a toothy grin as he propped his arms behind his head and sighed.  It had been an epic party to say the least.

Euphoric, but still groggy, Dominic flopped over on his side and ran his paw across the bed beside him, and gave a disappointed grunt.  The cheetah who had given him such a wild ride last night was apparently long gone, though the smell of his musk lingering in the sheets make the fox’s sheath twitch.  Too bad, he thought, while forcing himself to get up and stretch.  Dominic hoped to see that hot little number again soon, but the task at hand was to get the house cleaned up.  He waded through the debris of clothes until he found a long tee shirt and some briefs that at least appeared to be clean.  It wasn’t much, but enough cover to keep his roommate from complaining.
Dominic ventured out of his bedroom and surveyed the cleanup effort, giggling to himself at overturned furniture and empty condom wrappers.  The entire house was heavy with the smell of sweaty fur and sex.  It was a distraction that Dominic didn’t need right now if he wanted to get any cleaning done.  He made his way through the house and opening every window he could, letting in the warm morning breeze of springtime flowers in.  He stopped and twitched his ears, listening for any sound his roommate, a ferret girl named Maria, was up and about.  He called upstairs, “Hey!  Maria!  We gotta clean up!”  When there was no answer he grinned and added, “Or should I come up there and help you ‘untie the knot’ …” He pause as a loud ‘thump’ came from her room.  Hee hee, that got her attention.
At the same time Dominic was just waking up, upstairs in Maria’s room sprawled across a bed that was sized more for a petite female ferret, a broad muscular tiger snored peacefully taking up most of the bed with his girth.  With a loud snort, Krishna shifted in the bed and tried in vain to find a comfortable position while his large paw groped around for wherever what’s-her-name was.  He yawned and stretched, popping the kinks out of his back, and looked around in a hungover daze trying to remember where he was.  He took note of the pink ruffled bedsheets, the claw marks on the bed and walls, and his painfully hard morning wood.  He purred loudly and sunk back into the bed with his legs hanging off the sides.  Too bad that ferret isn’t here, he thought, adjusting himself.   
Krishna would have been fine to drift back off to sleep, but movement downstairs and his nose suddenly getting stuffy conspired against him.  Very much annoyed, he sat up, grumbling and sniffling.  He did not see his pants anywhere.  Krishna rolled his eyes and huffed.  Always has to be something, he muttered to himself while tossing off the bed sheets.  The large, muscular tiger froze and his ears folded.  He looked down with wide eyes and gasped at the sight of his groin covered in a pair of very tight satin panties attached to fishnet stockings.  He stared in disbelief down at his own crotch at his painfully hard morning erection pressing up against the delicate satin fabric.  What the… HELL?  Still groggy and hungover, Krishna tried to regain his balance when he heard Dominic call from downstairs about coming up to Maria’s room.  Startled, he fell out the side of the bed with a loud thump and scrambled to his feet, desperately looking for his pants and trying hard not to think about what would happen if any of the other teammates heard about this.
He dug through the remnants of the bedsheets, still damp from last night’s adventures, and through the debris on the floor looking for something – anything – he could put on.  With panic rising and no cover to be found, he padded as quietly as his large frame would allow over to the door and listened, wincing a little as his erection pressed up against the door with the rest of him.  He cracked it open just enough to peek out in the hallway.  The morning breeze drifting through the open windows downstairs rushed in through the crack in the door, overwhelming Krishna’s nose with the fragrant pollen of spring.  His eyes began to tear up immediately as his nose scrunched and trembled.  He sniffled wetly and rubbed his nose with the back of his paw and paused briefly to pull the wedgie of satin fabric out of his ass.

The door to Maria’s bedroom slowly swung open.  Krishna winced as the hinges gave a tiny creak.  He wanted to be careful and not rush out too soon, but the grains of pollen assaulting his nasal passages reminded the tiger that time was not on his side.  His nose began to tingle and drip, begging for a tissue.  Rubbing his itchy nostrils, he crept out into the hallway, keeping his ears perked for any sound that someone was nearby.  Every movement and shift seemed to make the satin fabric slide and rub against his sex, making him throb and twitch.  He tried not to think about that and tiptoed towards the stairs.  He froze in place as a sharp tickle in the back of his nose made his muzzle wrinkle up and his eyes water.

“hh.. *gasp*  geh.. hihh-HIHH.. *sniffle*  hih-jeeeeh…  hihh…”

He gasped and panted.  The tingle in his nose getting stronger with each hitched breath.  He pressed his finger under his nose to get some relief.  His mouth hung open and his eyes fluttered as the sneeze burrowed its way through his defenses.  Out of options, he pinched his nose shut and cupped his muzzle in his paws.  Even stifled and muffled, the noise was considerable.


Dominic had just finished turning on all the fans in the house for circulation when his ears twisted around to the strangest noise.  He cocked his head and looked around, trying to place what would have made such a sound - like someone was growling into a pillow.  “Maria?  Are you up?  Was that you?” he called while trotting up the stairs.  The fox rounded the corner at the top and just barely missed a very bushy, striped tail ducking inside a linen closet as he walked by.  He saw Maria’s door was ajar and knocked softly on it before daring to peek inside.  He looked over the claw marks and the tufts of fur scattered with the bed sheets and snickered.  “Damn, girl.  How can you walk after that?”

Just a few meters away in a dark closet full of towels and sheets, Krishna pawed at his runny nose and tried breathing through his mouth to keep the tingles in his nose from spreading further.  He could practically feel the individual grains of pollen poking and prodding at his sinus membranes making them spasm and shiver.  His nostrils quivered and threatened to explode at any moment.  He held his breath and peered out into the hall and saw Dominic looking into Maria’s bedroom.  His muzzle twitched and forced an involuntary gasp of hitched breath as the pollen tormented his nose further.  He decided to chance it and make a dash for the stairs only to be caught halfway down with another fit.

“hih.. GEEH…Hihhh-jihhh..  EEEHHHH!  *Gasp!!*  RRRRRSSSMMMMFFFFFFFF!!  hih... HEEEEHH..  HHHSSSMMPFFFFFFFFFFFF!!  *Sniffle*”

Dominic spun around and stared down the hallway.  His eyes dilated.  He licked his lips and felt his fur shiver with tingles of anticipation.  A grin curled across his lips.  There was no mistaking it this time.  Those were muffled sneezes.  And big ones too.  His sheath sprung to life immediately, filling his briefs.  Smiling, the very excited fox padded down the hallway and peeked in each door, all the while wondering just who was playing this game with him.  And for that matter, who had figured out his secret fetish?  Overcome with anticipation and desire, Dominic pushed those questions to the back of his mind.  “Helloooooo~?  Where are you hiding, now?” he giggled.

Krishna just barely kept himself from tumbling down the stairs - his balance compromised when he tried to simultaneously muffle his sneezes with one paw and pull the wedgie of tight panties out of his ass with the other.  He dove with astonishing dexterity into the laundry room and closed the door quickly.  He pressed his ear to the slatted openings in the door and listened as Dominic checked the rooms upstairs.  He sniffled wetly and became acutely aware of a new smell that was getting stronger.  The musk of desire pouring off that fox was enough to suffocate him, he thought.  His sheath lurched within the tight confines of the satin underwear, reminding him that right now was not a good time to be thinking about sex. 

The outside breeze was much stronger downstairs, making the tiger’s sinuses itch and tingle more.  Krishna rubbed and squeezes his nostrils as best he could to relieve the tickles but his resolve was no match for the grains of pollen clinging to the walls of his nose. 

“hihh… *g-g-gasp*.. hhhhhh.. HEEEHH!..  *sniffle* ..  hihh.. Gehhhihhh.. EEEEHH!!  RRMMFFF-CH******!!  nnkkk..  hhihh.. EEHHH.. MMMMMPPPFFFF-CCHHHH*****!!” 

The faint sounds of two very powerful yet stifled sneezes sent shivers down the fox’s spine and straight into his balls.  Dominic poked his head out from inside the linen closet and yipped with delight.  “Ohhh-hhh~!  Someone’s downstairs now!”  He leaned over the upstairs railing and peered over the side down at the living room, his tail swishing excitedly.  The idea that his cheetah lover from last night might be playing this game with him heightened his arousal immensely. 

Krishna rolled his eyes in disbelief.  He swore he could almost smell the pre in Dominic’s shorts, not to mention the glut of fox pheromones filling the air.  A sharp twinge in his nostril brought him back to panic mode as the grains of pollen tickled their way deeper into his nose.  He rubbed his very wet and drippy nostrils and decided it was now or never.  Holding his breath, he made a mad dash for the front door only to come to a screeching halt when he remembered that his car keys were still in his pants - outside next to the hot tub where things had first gotten heated with that ferret.  Huffing and sniffling, he held his paw under his nose and sprinted back for the living room.  He nearly jumped right out of his fur when Dominic’s erection walked out right in front of him at the bottom of the stairs.  With eyes wide he slipped sideways behind the nearest sofa before the fox saw him.  He clamped his paws over his muzzle as his breath began to hitch and spasm again.

Dominic halted at the bottom of the stairs and looked around the living room.  He was sure he heard something.  He grinned and peered around bits of furniture and behind closet doors, cooing seductively.

Krishna watched the fox’s feet very closely and crawled around on all fours to make sure he was always hidden from view.  His nose was swollen, red, and twitching visibly now, threatening to unleash a flurry of sneezes if it didn’t get some relief soon.  His cock twitched and complained against the tight fabric again as the fox’s overwhelming scent of desire began to affect him.  He huffed and gasped, waiting for an opening to reach the outside door.  The pollen was driving his sinuses crazy as much as the fox’s musk was flooding his hormones. 

“hihh… HIIIHHH..  hhih-JEEHH..  GGEHH.. *g-gasp*  hihh… EEHH.. nnppffff… FFF-CCH*********!!!

“Ah-ha!” Dominic declared and leapt behind an overturned chair, only to find nothing. 

Thinking Dominic had left the room, Krishna bolted from his hiding place, sprinting for the patio door.  Dominic scratched his ears, confused, and stood back up.  His eyes broadened and dilated when they focused on the massive bulk of tiger bearing down on him.  Krishna yelped and held out his paws in front of him.  There was a loud crash followed by the two of them rolling across the floor, with Krishna pinning Dominic under him when they stopped.  He looked aghast at the fox’s expression which passed from terrified to giddy when he looked down at what Krishna was wearing.  Distracted by the look on Dominic’s face and the sensation of their dicks rubbing together between them, the tiger stammered and tried to form words that wouldn’t come.

“Wh.. wait!  It.. these aren’t my panties!  I w-wasn’t .. t.. tryin.. hihh.. *GASP*  t-trying to .. hhihggehh.. p-put my.. eehh.. HHIHH.. my d-dick on yo.. I .. hihh.. EEEEEEYYIIISSSHHIWEWWWWWWW!!  HHAAARRRRREEESHHHIEWWWW!!  hhhuuhhh… HHAAAAAAHHHSSSHIIEWWWWWWWW!!

Dominic hadn’t come in his pants since he was sixteen years old - but he was pretty damn close right now.  The fury of the tiger’s massive allergy sneezes thundered through the house, rattling the windows.  Dominic could swear he felt a shockwave hit him in the chest with each release.  The force of the tiger’s breath rippled the fox’s fur and sent debris scattering all around them.

A cool wave of relief washed over Krishna’s nose, having finally unleashed all the pent up sneezes.  He growled a pleasant sigh of relief before looking down at Dominic’s shirt which was now soaked with mess from his nose.  He yelped with embarrassment and scrambled to his feet, backing up as the now extremely horny fox drooled and crawled after him.

“Ohh, look at you!  Such powerful, messy sneezes!  You tease me by soaking my shirt and now you’re trying to get away?  Tsk tsk!” he licked the drool off his lips and flung his wet tee shirt off to the side.

Krishna gulped and fell backwards over the sofa behind him.  He shuffled backwards more and tried to push the fox away with his feet, pleading his case that this was not a seduction even though his sex, reacting to the flood of fox musk in the air, conspired against his case by swelling up inside his satin undies.  He started to gasp again as his allergies flared up.

“W-w-Waait!  you… *sniffle*  y-you c-can’t tell anyone about.. hh.. *sniff*  ab-about this!  I m-mean.. it isn’t wh-what it looks like!  *sniffle*  Seriously!  Dom, you gotta p-promise.  I just w-wanna get my pants and.. hih.. Geehhhh  HHEHH!”

Overcome by his twitching muzzle, Krishna heaved and gasped as the itchy pollen invaded deeper into his throbbing nasal passages.  The tingles sharply subsided for a moment with the pressure of Dominic’s paw under his nose.  Krishna blinked the sneezy tears from his eyes and looked up at the over-sexed fox ogling him.

With one paw pressing under the tiger’s nose and his other paw stroking the bulge of satin in his crotch, Dominic felt his heart race with anticipation.  “Ohhhh~  So the ‘pantily-clad’ tiger wants to keep this a secret just between us girls, hmm?” he murred, his paw coaxing the tiger’s cock to swell up with minimal effort.  “Tell you what, big boy - and my, you are big aren’t you?  I’ll keep your secret safe, but only if you can hold back those powerful sneezes without rubbing your nose~”  He gently removed his paw from Krishna’s red, drippy nose and peeled himself out of his damp briefs. 

Krishna grunted, trying to cope with the sensory overload.  His sex throbbed and strained against the satin cloth wrapped around his crotch.  His nose began to tingle and twitch all over again.  The fox’s musk clouded his mind.  His breath hitched and sputtered.  His muscles rippled and tensed throughout his body.  He gasped and blinked at Dominic’s dick dribbling pre all over his stomach.

“Whaa.. w-wait.. j-just. I.. c-can’t .. hhih.. *GASP*  t-t-too allergic.. t-t-t-to.. h-ho.. hih..HHEEGEEEHH.. HHIHH!  Hold b-ba.. b-back  *THROB!* I.. hihih.. g-gonna… hihhhhhhh-hh-h-h-h.. n-need to sne..neee.. HHEEH.. HEEEHHH..  HHAAARRREEEESSSSSSHHIIEWWWWWWW!!! geeh… HHEEEEEEEEEEEEYYIISHHHEIWWWWWW!!! EEEEHHHHHSSSSHHHOOOOO!!! … hihh.. HIHHH!!  HAAAARRRRRRRREEESSSHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Unable to withstand the torment of all the pollen in the room, the tiger’s nose erupted in a fit of powerful sneezes that made Dominic’s tail whip back, and resounded against his chest.  Each blast, a wet explosion that soaked the fox’s fur and made him yip with delight and absently grind his cock against Krishna’s erection.  He murred and ran his fingers over the tiger’s ripped muscular frame with his head tilted back, panting heavily.

A sharp popping sound made him sit up with his ears alert.  He felt movement underneath him.  Quirking an eyebrow, Dominic peeked below and saw that Krishna’s erection had ripped straight through the satin underwear and was throbbing against his tail.  He started to grin as he looked back up at Krishna, but his expression fell once he saw the look on Krishna’s face.  His ears folded back.  He gulped audibly.

The tiger’s eyes were dilated and focused, glaring back at his prey.  His lips curled back over his teeth in a way that made Dominic’s blood run cold.  With a guttural snarl, the muscular feline flipped Dominic on his back and pinned his legs up against his chest almost painfully.  The semi-terrified fox yelped and clawed at the sofa cushions.  Krishna’s hulking form towered over Dominic, growling with raw need.  The fox’s eyes bulged and his voice cracked as the sensation of being split wide open by Krishna’s powerful erection overwhelmed his senses. 

The tiger’s massive paws held Dominic fast in place while Krishna sated his lust, plowing into the canid’s flesh with wild abandon.  Though Krishna was growling and biting at his pelt, Dominic could see the telltale signs of struggle on Krishna’s muzzle.  He watches the tiger sniffle and gasp, feeling his climax building to enormous magnitude. 

Suddenly, everything stopped.  There was no movement, save the twitching of Krishna’s hard-on buried deep inside Dominic.  The tiger’s nose quivered.  His face curled back in a pre-sneezy expression.  His nostrils dripped on to Dominic’s chest.  The fox bit his lip, watching the tiger’s trembling nostrils intently and absently clenching up around the flesh inside him. 

Hihh..geehhhh…” Krishna panted and huffed, wiggling his nose.  The fox whimpered and felt his dick surge with electricity.
nnff… hhh.. *GASP!*  Hihh.. HEEHHH…”  His breath began to hitch in earnest.  Dominic felt  his balls tighten up, and hot fluid starting to dribble out of his erection.  The tiger’s nose couldn’t possibly hold out any longer. 


The tiger’s paws gripped tightly around the fox while his entire body flexed and heaved, slamming his sex so deep inside Dominic thought his spleen would rupture.  A torrential flood of hot feline seed inflated Dominic’s flesh, pumping over and over inside him.  The feel of Krishna’s orgasm along with the thundering spray of his very wet and messy sneezes triggered the fox’s flesh to erupt, splashing ropes of fox cum all over both of them.

Relaxing his grip slightly, Krishna sniffled wetly and seemed to regain control of his instincts.  He blinked and looked down at the fox who was grinning stupidly back up at him with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.  They were drenched in sweat and sex, panting, exhausted, and dizzy.  Both of them twitched and looked terrified at the sound of the front door opening.

“Helloooo~  Dominic?  Krishna?  Are you guys up, yet?  Alex and I were hungry so we grabbed some pancakes.  Do you want any?  We… b-brought.. some…  b… ack…?” 

Standing in the doorway were a ferret and a cheetah wearing a tee shirt with the words “I’m so Fem, Lesbians want me!” scrawled across the front in neon letters.  The sack of pancakes hit the floor with a thud along with the cheetah’s jaw.   The ferret’s eye twitched as Maria looked across the living room at the tiger, still wearing her ripped panties and mounting her roommate.

Maria unsuccessfully stifled a giggle and before anyone could react, had already snapped a picture on her phone of the two of them and was running up the stairs, laughing.  Krishna pulled out of Dominic with an audible ‘pop’ and went chasing after the shrieking ferret, pleading with her not to post that.  Dominic looked over sheepishly at the cheetah and started to mumble an apology before Alex cut him off abruptly.

“Are you kidding me?!  I leave you alone for 10 minutes and you manage to bed a straight tiger?!  Holy balls, you are my new personal hero!” he squealed, clapping his paws together. 

Dominic blushed and looked for his clothes.  “What can I say?  He had an allergy attack and I couldn’t help myself.” 

“Oh, reeeaaaallllyy~?”  Alex’s eyes narrowed and a wide grin spread across his lips.  “I think it’s time you met my roommate”

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