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Writer's Den / [F + Fox + Cold] Tyrant's downfall
« on: September 16, 2020, 11:41:00 PM »
This was a commission.  A tyrannical sorceress comes down with a cold and has to put off her meeting with the former owner of her new northern territory.  SFW, F Fox sneezes, cold but its clean.


Wringing his hat between his hands, the (former) lord of this hall tried to calm his rapidly-beating heart as he waited to receive his new mistress and conqueror.  The elk's warm clothing assisted the numerous fires in keeping him warm in these frigid northern climates, his expertly-crafted hat managing to fit even with the impressive rack he was carrying around atop his head.

Well.  Impressive to people who don't chuck fireballs around, apparently.

A plump sheep pulled him out of his woolgathering with words that chilled him to the bone, despite the fires.  “Sir, she's... she's here.”  He gulped, trying to center himself as the gate swung open, the heavy doors slamming into the stone walls as a howling gust of wind swirled around a cloaked figure, shining white fur visible through the hood, snowflakes rushing in and vanishing as they hit the hot interior.

“Announcing her highness, Beatrix, conqueror of the North...” Said that same sheep as she was brushed past without so much as a glance, six strapping folk hurriedly closing the gates behind the fox, her thick white brush-tail swishing imperiously behind her.

“It is an honor to receive you, lady-”

“A-Ah...” The white fox let out a gasp, her pink nose coming unwrapped from a scarf as she tossed her cloak aside, a very irritated look, almost a scowl on her face.  Had he already done something to anger her? Her lips were curling up, her teeth bared, her eyes sharp and squinting, her chest heaving as though with a great rage-

“Hah... HAH-HAHtchiish! Heh... E-eh... EeeehhhTCHshuu!” Oh.  She was sneezing into a tissue clenched in one hand, looking a bit well used.

“Bless you, your gr-”

“Hiiih! Ih! I-IH! HHHH-” She gasped a few more times, holding up a white finger, the claw meticulously painted black, he noticed, drawing his attention from the... lascivious outfit his new overlord was wearing.  It had... straps, covered er, part of her shapely breasts, and some of her abdomen... my.  What weather-inappropriate garb.

His attention was drawn back to her chest as it pushed out, the white vixen heaving in a final breath before sneezing out a harsh, “HHHREEIISSHHHH!” accompanied by a gout of pink flame that made him leap back in alarm.

Recovering his sense while she bemoaned her now-incinerated tissue, he started to speak again, only to be rebuffed.

“Stow it.  We're here to discuss terms, and your new position under me, not for you to fawn over me like, well...” She glanced at him, rubbing her nose once, and raised an eyebrow.  “A fawn.”

A few minutes later, Beatrix was sniffling and sneezing at a large meeting table, some food and drink present, a small collection of tissues already scattered around her.

“Listen, this isn't a snff negotiation.  I'm telling you that you're going to do things my way, or y-you are going to b-be replah... repla-haaa-... HH- HH-IISHHuuu!” Her sneezes were honestly kind of cute... feminine, sort of a soft, almost smooth sound.
At least, they were at first.  She kept sneezing... and her eyes started to glow an eerie electric pink...

“Hhih—hiih—HIHshhuuu! Ugh! B-blah-hasted cold, this stupid f-f-f-freezing place, I h-h-hate it! EH... HEH...” She looked dazed, hitching as her breasts wobbled within the scant confines of her outfit.  “HEEIISHHHHISHH!” And she let out a larger sneeze, a huge spray of pink flames scorching the table in front of her, the magic fire leaving small wisps of smoke as it faded, the sorceress sniffling and blowing her nose into a tissue once again, a common occurrence for most of this meeting.

“T-tell you what, my lady, why don't we... er... reconvene later, when you're feeling well? I'll, ah, do as you ask, yes, everything... will be as you ask...” The lord's servants had already started edging towards the door, and when Beatrix looked like she was about to sneeze again, even the lord scuttled off, leaving her alone with her itchy nose buried in her hand, rubbing it.

Sighing with relief once she was alone, Beatrix made a little note beneath the antique-looking table, a small, nearly invisible mark that would allow her to return to the hall without having to physically traipse through the snowy mountains, and began to focus, letting her magic engulf her as she emerged back in her sanctum, a folding puff of pink on both ends of the connection briefly signaling her departure.

“Threaaaaadbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare...” she moaned, getting out of her 'diplomatic' outfit and stretching briefly before holding her arms out to her sides, expecting her servant to be there promptly with a soft, fluffy, warm robe for her to snuggle up in.

“You whined?” And there she was, a mummy with dark, preserved fur visible on her face, ears, decorated with yellowish-gold markings, pointing nearly straight up and quite long, some species of canine... Beatrix wasn't quite sure, she thought they were from much further south.  The rest of her body was wrapped in bandages and gold.  Not because she was injured, but rather because she was... dead.  A perfectly preserved creature, eternally living, and currently, eternally bound in servitude to one Beatrix, sorceress, queen, beauty... why, her list of titles could go on and on.

After her servant had dressed her, Beatrix sank into a comfortable chair by the fireplace, sipping a hot cup of tea and nibbling on some cookies as the undead stood motionless nearby, waiting for orders.  Before too long, a small pile of tissues surrounded her.  She was sniffling wetly, sneezing frequently, and was obviously quite ill.  It seemed she was attempting to ignore it, or possibly to hibernate next to the fire, as she sat in a daze, enjoying the warmth, sneezing, and whiling away the hours until finally Threadbare spoke up.

“Mistress, do you not think you should lie down and rest?” clearly, it was her duty to look after Beatrix's health along with basically anything else she was asked for.  It was the proper role of a servant. The suggestion was, of course, immediately met by a glare, but that glare started to waver quickly.

“N-no, I don't th-thii-hiih... Hh.. Heh...” She blinked, lifting a clump of tissue up toward her twitching nose, muzzle scrunching up as she delicately tucked her snoot into it, feeling a big sneeze coming up from deep inside.  “HH-h... Hi-ih... Ih'TCHHkshh! HiiSHHHuu!” A double burst out of her, the second one emerging after a brief pause, completely silent for a moment as her nostrils flared, her head snapping downward both times before she sat sniffling, eyes puffy and just looking run-down in general.

“Well... p-perhaps...” The mummy handed a fresh box of tissues to the sorceress silently as her mistress blew her pink nose gently, white fingers working back and forth to try and squeeze the tickles out. The whole scene really didn't fit with Beatrix' image.  Anyone who saw this would likely not be nearly as frightened of their tyrannical ruler...

With a defeated sigh, Beatrix heaved herself out of bed and let her robe fall to the floor, leaving her servant to pick it up for her.  First she had a brief stop to the bath, which warmed her up considerably, although the bubbles in the claw-footed tub burst upon her nostrils and caused her to let loose a flurry of soft but intense-sounding sneezes, water rippling and lapping against her chest, a few droplets springing up and spraying her neck as her body jerked forward with each one.  After that was taken care of, and she'd blown her nose a bit more... leaving yet another small mountain of tissues that Threadbare had to clean up... she found herself splayed out in bed, relaxed, a mountain of blankets upon her shivering body.

“Uuuuhhh... my nose is starting to ache from all this sneezing. Could you-” About to request some tea, she smiled faintly as a steaming mug was already being held out.  Dipping her nose into it, she tried to breathe in the scent as best she could, and touched it to her lips before confirming it was too hot.  With barely any effort, she applied just the tiniest chill to the mug, took a sip, and nodded when she didn't burn her tongue.

“I suppose you were right... this is snff nice.  Ah... I'm tired...” She lay back on her fluffy, wonderful pillows, so cloud-like in their embrace, closing her eyes... but, it seemed her cold wasn't going to let her go that easily.  Her face crinkled, brow furrowing and little tears forming at the corner of her eyes as she gasped, starting to sit up... “Hhe-HEHSHHIISH!” A powerful sneeze jerked her the rest of the way upright, a cloud of fire forming over her bed.  “EH—HH—Hiitchhhiii!” Followed by a dainty, feminine sneeze that left the vixen sniffling.

Reaching out, she casually grabbed some bandages from Threadbare's torso, ignoring the undead's stammering calls to wait.

“M-Mistress, my bandages, what are you-”

“Snnxxxshhhfffhh... Grrnnkkkbffsh...” That pink nose buried itself in the luxuriously soft bandages, blowing into them as the mummy's ceremonial wrappings were used as mere tissue.

“Ah... my...” Threadbare looked crestfallen, her ears falling flat, one hand outstretched before she heaved a sigh and simply stood, accepting it as the fox rolled over, closing her eyes.  “Bless you, mistress.”

Writer's Den / [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 3
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:33:39 AM »
The thrilling conclusion to a 3-part commissioned series.


Before anyone inside knew it, he was there.  The first indication was a window-rattling, building-shaking gust of wind that caused many folks to look outside and see a huge pair of nostrils that seemed to lead into an endlessly deep abyss, then a finger that came to rub the twitching, flaring black rims.  Rej, the giant wolf with a bone to pick, had arrived on the grounds of a factory that, in his mind, was responsible for him getting sick... pumping all that soot and who knows what else into the air, polluting the city... clearly, this place was to blame for his huge, destructive sneezes and he was going to put a stop to it!

He sat down in the parking lot, not really caring if he crushed some rather expensive looking vehicles, and stared into the windows of what he could see was a large meeting room, instantly making an assumption that these people must be the leadership of the building.  After letting loose an enormous sneeze that seemed to shake the building's foundation, he found he had their attention.

“Hey.  Can you hear me in there? I caught a stupid cold because of your dumb smokestacks belching all this filth into the air all the time.”

There was some activity inside as those within ran to get people who were actually in charge.

“H-heh... Hey... don't ruh-run.  I'm n-not gonna sne... snee... sneehh-heeze... much.” The wolf rubbed his big nose again, rims twitching and flaring as his long muzzle scrunched up, his chest heaving as he sat, wrestling with his cold.  He really needed another sneeze to clear it out... it tickled so badly, but he was trying to make a point here.  'Maybe just a little sneeze?' a part of his brain called out.  A very convincing part... after all, it really, really tickled, and he did still have a point to prove.

“Eh... Ehnnywun who... duh-duh-doesn't wah-ha-haanna be here should g-g-get goin', I'm... I'm Gonna see... ee... snee... sneeze! I c-can't... holditbah---AH...! AAAH!”

Many workers took that moment to flee, and some of the upper management... unfortunately for the leadership, they really had to address whatever problem was happening here.

“HAAAH-HAH-heh-EH-” He was trying – he really was, that was obvious.  His nostrils were flaring as he pressed against his nose, long snout twitching, the big nose capping it wriggling and scrunched.  But he couldn't hold back his huge sneeze, and the consequences were, well... they worked out for him, really.

“EH-KKKSSSCCHHHHHHHHHOOO!” The big wolf sneezed, a gust of wind and clap of sound not just rattling but rather shattering the windows this time, exposing the boardroom to the storm blowing from the sick wolf's sneezy snout. 

The folks in charge were cowering beneath a large, sturdy table, brushing bits of broken glass out of their hair and voicing some arguments, but for the most part just in a stunned silence, which was just how Rej wanted them, receptive to a good tongue-lashing.

“Geehhh... so itchy...” He rubbed his snout, audibly squishing and squelching as it hung before the shattered windows, the wolf sniffling and snorting, some papers and a chair slowly moving toward his gaping nostrils as he breathed in.  “And do you know why? Because I have a cold.  A ton of stupid little viruses are swimming around inside my bi-biih... big... sn-sneezy... Snah... AH...” He pressed his fingers against his nose, nostrils twitching violently, muzzle scrunching... but he managed to hold it.  “S-snout... whew... Almost sneezed again, there.  That might have been pretty bad for you lot.”
“Because, you know, I can't help it.  It's a totally involuntary reaction.” The giant wolf was still just being stared at by these people, utterly confused as to what he was talking about, or why he was here...

“In my case, I have a cold... chemicals released by cells in my mucus and membranes are triggering a reaction from special nerves and the lining inside my nose, causing a reflex action to expel the irritants – the viruses, in this case, although with how dirty the air is, it could honestly have just been the air pollution! And that's why I'm here.” He paused to sniffle, pinching his big nose for a bit, the distance between his nose and his eyes seeming rather extreme with how huge he was.  He could easily stick it into the room and still have the rest of his face outside.

“Beh-heecause... I only go-got sick... from all the pollution this factory is belching into the ai-air! Ahhh... it tickles... I hope I don't interrupt my lesson with a s-sneeze... agh... it would be so huge, I don't know if you'd be okay...!”

They went pale thinking about the shattered windows and what being exposed to such a blast would do to them without any protection...

Rej just rubbed his snout some more, trying to hold in his sneeze.  He wasn't ready for it yet, not until he was done!

“Where w-wh-hwhuuzzz I? Oh ri-right... agh, it's s-so... so hard to hold it... my huge sneeze...” He pinched his big nose tightly shut, a bit of wetness squeezing out.  The tickle was so deep and so persistent... he really, really had to sneeze.  So badly.  It was a terrible itch...

“Once that reflex is active, th-there's even more nerves stimulated, and it makes the itch worse.  After that I just... h-have to gasp in a big, huge, deep breath... and sneeze as hard as I can! My body do-duhh... does it on its own, and its really t-to-tough to fight it like this...  I need something to r-rub my nose with...” He reached in, plucking one of them up and smearing them against his sniffly snout, sighing as the chosen one screamed and tried to escape, begging him not to sneeze.  “Please hold it!”

Rej's response was to sniff deeply, sending them on a trip down a deep, dark chasm-like passage, the wolf's enormous nose, his muzzle so long it took quite a while for them to land with a splat against the innermost depths of Rej's nose, the heart of the infection that was making him so sneezy.

“Ghuuh... HH-HAAAHNG ON... Its Gun... GUNNA... B-be BUMPEEHhhh... HEEEEHH...!” The added irritation of having a businessman in his sinuses was simply too much, and he was preparing for a huge sneeze – just as he said, the last step was to expel the irritants... in a huge, involuntary burst of air and irritants, trapped in glistening slime.

After this display, everyone else had fled the room – save one, who Rej had pinned beneath his palm, easily keeping their leader in place.  “HAAAAH... hhh... oooh, it tickles! But... W-why didn't I sneeze? I gotta sneeeeeze... gotta sneeze... Hhaaaahh...” After a false start, the wolf's mouth hung open, his nostrils flaring, wriggling – his muzzle scrunching desperately as he tilted his head back, giving the person within a brief view of the cloudy sky beneath the billowing smokestacks of the factory, visible through a distant circle that was steadily increasing in size – Rej's nostril.  They could feel everything around them rumbling, and suddenly were caught up in a massive windburst...

“HAAAAAAHAAAAAATTTCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYOOOOOO!” Rej wound up and sneezed for all he was worth, holding nothing back as he shot a misty plume into the sky, a small figure screeching as they zoomed out of sight, leaving a small hole in the clouds as the stacks cracked and shifted from the force of the macro's enormous sneeze, both nostrils flared wide, blowing out gale-force winds as he slowly bent over, one paw stamping the ground as the force of his sneezing shook his body, already weakened by his illness, completely taking control.

All he could feel, all he could think about, was that sneeze, that barreled up and out of him from the bottom of his bones, feeling so much better afterwards, rubbing his massive sniffer with the back of one hand.

“Haaah... feels good, too, to get that out.  I think I got one more brewing in here, though...” The wolf made a strange face, wiggling his nose around, working his jaw... definitely still had a tickle up in there.  And he had just the perfect place to let it out...  picking up the terrified factory owner, the wolf went over to the already-weakened smokestack that was closest, the structure damaged and starting to crumble a bit, tilted at a strange angle from his harsh sneezing.

“Here you go...” Unceremoniously, Rej dumped him into the top of the stack like he was loading a cannon – and in a way he was, but his sneezy nose was the fuse and the ignition.

Wedging himself into a small grate at the bottom, Rej prepared himself – the billowing smoke instantly filled him with the most horrendous itch, and he started to think this might have been a mistake... but it was far too late.  He lost total control of himself, surrendering to his need to sneeze.

“Ah-no-that's t-to-tooMUH... too mU-HUUHhch...! Agghh! AaghhAHAAA! HAAAA!” Each breath only filled his snout with smog, that plus his cold was far too great an irritation for him to resist any longer, and he fell victim, utterly, to his gigantic, super-sensitive sniffer.

For his part, all the owner could see as he choked and coughed in the smog, tumbling down the smokestack's length, was a huge black canine nose, twitching and trembling, nostrils stretching, the entire thing seeming to jump and quiver at the tip of that muzzle, his doom stretching out beneath him, twin pools of disaster that held the god of storms at bay for only a few short moments. 

And thanks to Rej's lecture, he knew exactly what was about to happen.

The wolf was going to sneeze...  he closed his eyes, whimpering, begging him not to, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.  Rej wasn't even able to hear the tiny man at this point, no matter how much he sobbed and pleaded with the wolf to reconsider.

Not that he had a choice in the matter.  To sneeze was merely a reflex... nothing anyone could help.  Certainly not in this situation.


He couldn't stop sneezing... he sneezed and sneezed, the factory owner launching even higher and further out of sight from the smokestack as the cannon exploded, both barrels firing relentlessly, devastating the surrounding area.  Rej had made a mistake... he could not stop, no matter how hard he tried.  He just had to keep sneezing, and sneezing!  His sneezes obliterated the smokestack, creating a domino effect as soon as the restraining power of the tall cylinder was gone, his nose blasting flat the factory, the lot, everything – the building was razed to its foundations, the foundations were blown away, and by the time the wolf had finally finished with what had to be the largest, most devastating macro sneezing fit in history, there was nothing left to remind people that a factory had once been here, polluting their air, except for a deep hole and a stretch of land where there was nothing but bare dirt and stone, scoured clean by the macro's mighty nostrils as they unleashed a hellish storm of sneezes upon the land.

Spent, completely exhausted, he curled up to sleep on that very spot, hoping that when he awoke the tickle in his nose would finally be gone, his cold cured.

“I hope Kev isn't mad at me... I w-won't get sick and sneeze in his apartment again.  I fixed the problem...” His last thoughts were of his friend, who would doubtless see this on the news later that day, as he sank into a deep sleep, nose giving a few last sniffles and twitches as he settled in.

Writer's Den / [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 2
« on: March 10, 2020, 12:40:58 AM »
Part 2 of a commissioned series about a Big Bad Wolf with a cold.  Enjoy.


Having departed from his friend Kevin's recently aerated home, Reggie the giant wolf realized that Kev had been right.  It really had been quite a bad idea to come here just to say goodbye... his nose was throwing a fit, the invading illness making him stuffy, while simultaneously feeling a crawling, constant tingle in his enormous nose.  His hand was kept firmly attached, rubbing up and down and in circles, kneading his itchy nostrils to try and prevent another one of his gigantic sneezes from sneaking out.  He blinked through bleary eyes as he tried to carefully pick his way through the city, quite slow going due to his size, huffing and gasping as he went.

“Hh-h... Nnh... H-hah.. U-uh-oh... Ah... nghhk...!” people who saw him coming immediately turned and walked, jogged, or sprinted away, their eyes wide.  All in all, it was safe to say he was causing quite a ruckus.  The most worried were the ones who couldn't escape... anyone who was at work, such as a construction site.  Now normally one would think that if one were a giant wolf with quite a set of lungs on him, one might ignore everything else and try to escape city limits when one had a cold, and one's giant nose was twitching, flaring, and huffing all over the place.

But not Rej.  No, he saw that construction up ahead, and he stopped to gape in wonder, looking at the machines.  With his size, he'd never need to use something like that.  Crouching down with his head close to the ground, he watched them work, a finger rubbing back and forth underneath his nose, making his nostrils wiggle from side to side and making all the staff on site quite nervous.

A crane operator in particular took poorly to the sight of a huge wolf's maw in front of his window, letting out a shriek before passing out on the spot, the pig's hand still moving the heavy machinery, a load of steel and concrete going up to a higher level.  The sight of that cavernous nose, nostrils flaring and gasping breaths fogging up the glass of his pilot seat was just too much.  Perhaps he'd suffered from a macro sneeze before.

An alarm went up, folks shouting and running around, trying to make sure they weren't underneath that load when it inevitably fell, everyone expecting a huge disaster and a setback of many weeks, perhaps even months if the damage was severe enough.

“Oop.” Reaching out easily, Rej caught the crane, the pressure it applied to his palm almost nonexistent to the incredibly strong wolf.  He held the bundle carefully in his right hand, the left tapping on the crane.  “Excuse me? You need to stop moving the arm.  It's... it's gonna hit... hello?” Peering in, he couldn't make out much.  Unfortunately his hitching breaths had fogged up the windows far too much, and now his hands were occupied.

“Hnnmhh... HH-hfff...” He snorted and snuffed, twisting his muzzle as he felt that tingling itch spread outward, caressing the deepest reaches of his muzzle with a seductive urge to let loose a big blast of a sneeze, to rid his nose of the tickles that his developing cold were spreading.  He fought hard, trying to gently press his snout against the crane, using the hard edges of the equipment to scratch his nose as he left glistening trails of slime across it, a few droplets pattering to the ground below. Droplets to him, but more like puddles to anyone else. 

His lids grew heavy, vision fluttering as his mouth dropped open, breathy 'Hah... hhh-hahh... aa-Ah!...' gasps escaping him.  “Oh... my nose is so itchy... I h-have to sneeze... no, I can't... c-can't sneeze... I'll... M-make all these people sick, give them my cold...” he was muttering to himself, and thankfully quietly enough that the workers couldn't hear him.  As the foreman approached, he found the distraction helped him not think about that deep, tingling itch crawling its way through the sensitive passages of his nose, making his whole body quiver with the deep-seated need to release a massive sneeze...

“Excuse me, sir? Thank you for that,” Not taking off his hard hat, it was difficult for Rej to see the squirrel's face, but he could hear just fine.

“Oh n-n-nuh-not at all, an-na-h—h- anyone... would have done the same!” The big wolf was really struggling to speak and still maintain control over his nose, a sneeze brewing larger and more fierce in his long snout as the vibrations from his voice made his extra-sensitive sniffer tingle.

“We're gonna get that unhooked as soon as we can – please, just keep holding it.” They looked extremely nervous, and even Rej understood why.  The man was unclear about what, exactly, the big wolf should be holding... he was carefully holding both the crane and the load it had been hauling in his hands, but of course he was also holding in a huge, site-shattering sneeze...

“I... I c-ca-can't h-hold it much longeuuhhh...” He repositioned, lowering his snout even more until it was within their reach, his warm breath rustling their hard hats as it blew through their fur, flared nostrils stretching wide.  “Caeh... Can you r-rub muh-my no-nose? I... I need to sn-snee-sneeeeeeeze!” He drew the word out into a whine, muzzle scrunching and wriggling, eliciting a primal terror in the construction workers, who hesitantly stepped forward, scootching as though he were approaching a bomb and wincing as he reached out, touching the wet, sniffling nostrils of the giant wolf.

“Pleeee... Pleee-heeeehheeeeeze...” He whimpered, breath huffing over the workers as more started to edge in, their foreman shouting, “Don't just stand there! Get in there! Quick!” and motivating them to help assuage the wolf's big tickle before their site was totally demolished.  They had to buy enough time for the other team up top to unhitch that load and allow Rej to get his hands back where they belonged – clamped onto his sniffling, twitching schnozz before it exploded.

He got caught in a hitching loop as he felt a multitude of hands touching his sensitive sniffer, tickling intensifying a bit before they all began to rub, some stretching, some pushing, some squeezing and massaging his tingling nares, all of them feeling they were staring down the barrel of a gun as they peered into the dark, slimy depths within the wolf's nose.  It seemed to go on forever, his muzzle so long and deep and dark... snottier than usual thanks to his cold, and his previous sneezes had made him build up a bit of moisture in there, threatening to spill over the edge where pink gave way to black, constant sniffles keeping it contained.

“Hyeeghh—hii... Heegh.... hhh... hHA... HAAA- – pphew... hhuuh... oh r-right... right there... I gah... I gah sneeeeeze... h-higher-- Higher...! I... IH... IHHHH...” One of the workers slapped his friend, barking out, 'You heard him! HIGHER!' and began pressing both hands into the wolf's septum with gusto, squishing his hands into the pliant, surprisingly giving flesh and getting rewarded with another sigh of relief from the wolf.  He wasn't going to blow, just yet.

“Hhhhhh thank you, guys, I h-have to sneeze so bad and I just don't want to knock down your building! It... It would probably be a really big sneeze.  The tickle's just so deep... I don't think I can hold it in much longer.  I can f-fuh feel my lungs screaming at me to gasp in a big breath and just... nnnfh, I h-have to hang on...”

The construction crew was now quite worried, and there were calls to hurry it the hell up in getting that load unhitched.  Unfortunately it was a long process, and they had to unload everything by hand up onto some girders and scaffolding, so it was slow going for sure.  This big cold-laden nose wasn't going to stay under control much longer.

One enterprising soul had the idea to climb up the crane and leap onto the wolf's muzzle, grabbing hold and squeezing as tightly as he could with his arms and legs, trying to smooth out wrinkles that were forming and rub away the itch that was deep inside.  A for effort, but it wasn't really working – not with his cold so set in and deep inside, those insidious viruses working to irritate and multiply so they could spread in a massive spraying cloud across all these poor people.  That was how Rej imagined it, anyway – that he was fighting against them, trying to keep from spreading this cold to others, never mind the damage his sneeze alone would cause.  At this point, after his sneezes destroyed his friend's room, he was feeling pretty moist, and he thought it would likely get pretty messy from this point onward.

“Haaah...” His eyes started to swim, unfocusing as his brow scrunched, muzzle rippling with irritation.  The crew was only about seventy, maybe eighty percent finished with the job, but poor Reggie just couldn't hold on any longer.  He had to sneeze so badly he thought his nostrils were vibrating!

“Aaaaaaah...!” the wolf gave another gasp, his grip on the crane starting to slip as his maw fell open, terrifying the crew, who cried, “N-no, wait, please, please don't sneeze! You can hold it! Turn your head, turn your head!” They called out various things, that he should tuck his snout into his shirt or that he should stifle it.  None of these were going to work, none were a realistic option.  Not with such a big wolf and such a boisterous sneeze.

The crewman riding his muzzle tried to slide off, the long snout with the bulbous, widely-flared tip tilting upwards, teeth and tongue visible to all as he gasped again.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAH...” Rej's eyes squeezed shut and he let go of the crane, the rest of the load crashing and clattering to the ground as men dived out of the way, rolling into piping or beneath the kneeling wolf to get clear.

The wolf's hand came up to squeeze his snout, nostrils fighting against his pinching fingers and struggling to stay open, squelching as he kneaded them.  Everyone stopped and stared at him, wondering if he had done it, if he was able to suppress the enormous sneeze that was doubtlessly building inside him.

“GhhhEEEH... GNNnhhhgnnkkhhh... Hhgggeeehh... aaAAeEeeeeh!” Rej struggled, his long nose high in the air, ready to snap down and unleash a wave of destruction that would surely level this site.  Crew taking cover stared at him with bated breath, each of them praying, 'Don't sneeze, please don't let him sneeze.'

But the wolf couldn't contain it any longer.  Snapping down with a spray that was propelled by an absolutely massive gust of wind, his nose exploded like a bomb.

“EEEEEEHHHHHHH-SSSSCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!” metal creaked, wood was blown to splinters, and machinery rolled back as the site was doused in a forceful mist... but everything was still standing.  They breathed a sigh of relief.

At least until Rej sneezed again.

“Guh... Gunna... B-be... a bih—bii---EEEEEH- EEEEEEKKKKTTTTTTTTTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFFF!” a second sneeze blasted over everything, blowing like a hurricane along with a thick rope of snot that burst out of him, gumming up the crane treads as the half-built structure came tumbling down with a huge cloud of dust and debris, luckily blown away from the wolf by his own explosive sneezes.  The crew were hanging on for dear life, some of them blown away out of sight by the burst of gale-force winds.

“Wuh... Wuhhnn muh... muh-more... I'm... S-so sorr... sorreh... sor—rrrruuuh... RUUU-UUH...” The wolf looked dazed, kneeling as he sneezed and sneezed, rubbing at his dripping nose as he let it all loose, blasting what was probably billions of germs all over the people here, doubtlessly igniting an epidemic as he infected everyone nearby with his massive cold sneezes.

“RRRUUHHEETTTSCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUU!” This final sneeze splattered what was left of the site with big gobbets of snot, fairly small to the wolf but to the normal sized folks, as big as beach balls.  That sneeze, concentrated, might have been able to fill a swimming pool – of course, a pool wasn't even as big as Rej's huge nose, not with all that space in his muzzle, so it made sense.

Panting, gasping for breath, Rej clutched his nose with both hands, blushing, ears folded back as he saw the destruction he had caused, and heard the jeers and screams of the workmen, enraged at all their hard work being lost, echoing up to him.

“Um... Sorry.  I'm... I'm s-so sorry.” Snuffling, he stood and tried to scuttle away as fast as possible, wondering where he could go to deal with this cold... his eyes scanned the horizon, and then he saw it.

That factory.  The smog from that factory was what had irritated his nose so much – it was awful.  All the pollution around here... it wasn't just him getting sick.  It was affecting everyone's health.

“Maybe... I can do some good after all...” The big wolf started to make his way toward it, gears turning in his head, and a tickle brewing in his snout.

Writer's Den / [M + Macro + Illness] Big Bad Wolf commission 1
« on: December 31, 2019, 12:14:52 AM »
This was a commission for a macro Big Bad Wolf character with a cold having a pretty bad day.  Part 1 of 3.


The german shepherd moaned low in his throat as he awakened, some disturbance in the room making
him crack open his eyes, squinting against the morning sun that would doubtless be streaming in – but
no, it was dark... what? Kevin pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes, rubbing the sleep from them as
he blinked in the somewhat shadowed room, before suddenly finding the source of the darkness.

“Hiiii, Kev!” a loud, low, whispered voice greeted his ears, emanating from the giant muzzle that was
stuffed through his wide windows. A wet black nose with wide, slightly-running nostrils scrunched and
sniffled, sounding thick and rumbling.

This nose was attached to an enormous wolf, his feet far below on the ground while his face was now
jammed up into the apartment's window, the only way the macro felt like he could 'visit' with his friend.
“Morning, Rej. Haven't we talked about not dropping by unexpected while I'm sleeping? I'm pretty
sure we have...” With a sigh, the shepherd tossed the sheets off, paws hitting the carpeted floor as he
reluctantly stood up, feeling the warm breath from the wolf wash over him, ruffling his fur and rippling
across his bedsheets. “I mean, at least let me get dressed.” He started to do so quickly, pulling on
some pants and buttoning up any old shirt.

“But I wanted to come see you! I think I'm gonna have to leave town soon, so... I didn't want to just go
without any goodbyes!” Reggie snuffled again, the brown-and-darker-brown canine frowning as a drip
hit the floor.

“Uh... why is that, Rej?” his ears were perked up now, alert. Something seemed wrong with this
situation. His eyes widened with horror as the giant answered.

“Um, I think I might be catching a cold. The smog and smoke from that new factory have really been
irritating my nose, and I was just gonna leave before I start sneezing. You know what h-happens when
I sneeze.” There was the tiniest hitch in his speech, a sign that Kevin was tragically familiar with.

“Well what the heck are you waiting for?! You could have just called – doesn't that one company make
phones your size now?” Rushing over to the big nose that was representing his friend, he began
pushing on it, as though that could make it vacate his home more swiftly. “If you think you're getting
sick, you don't come into your friend's house and breathe all over him! Get this big honker out of my
room before you sneeze!” His hands sank into the pliant flesh, nostrils as large as the dog flaring and
huffing over him.

“Aw, don't be like that! I can feel a sneeze coming a mile away! Ah... that feels nice, thanks...” The
pressure was assuaging an itch that the big wolf hadn't even felt, but he understood the caution. Just
one of his sneezes would probably blast this building apart, thankfully he'd always had a long, long
build-up, and he hadn't been surprised by a sneeze since he was much younger. “All right, just wanted
to let you know! I'll see you in a week or so!” With that cheerful goodbye, the wolf felt the nares of his
nose twitch and flare, perhaps responding to the nice nose rubs (Actually insistent pushing) he was
getting, and started to pull himself out. At least, that was the plan.

“Mm... Uh... Hmmmm...” He pulled a little harder, and felt the building start to move, stopping
immediately. “Uh...”

“What's the holdup? Get out of here, you're getting germs all over my room!” Kev cried, standing back
from the wiggling nose as he felt the floor give the tiniest rumble.

“I'm stuck.” Came the response. A pregnant pause followed as the shepherd stared at the gargantuan
nose that was acting as a stand-in for his friend's face.

“Well, okay. Um... I'll get some butter or some olive oil, maybe, and there's no rush since you don't
have to-”

“H-haah...” The big wolf gave a gasp, what was visible of his muzzle scrunching up as his enormous
schnozz flared, a breeze drifting through the room as he inhaled.

“Don't you dare,” Said the smaller canine, with a slight look of fear.

“I thi—thi-- hiiihnk I feel a s-s-sneeze...” Came the wavering voice of the giant wolf, his eyes tearing
up outside as his cold-ravaged snout gave a mighty itch, tingling up between his eyes, begging for a
great big blast of a sneeze to blow it all free and clear, get all those irritants out with a single explosion.

“Hh-HA—Hh—hheh... t-t-tickl...s...!” Once again he tried to remove his snout from the room, but it
was stuck tight. Perhaps because of his illness, his nose was swollen? Or maybe it was the wide, flared
dark nostrils, revealing running pink interiors, sensitive and inflamed.

The room shook and the building trembled as the wolf lightly gripped it, trying not to move too much
as the sneeze overtook him. His friend Kevin meanwhile was up against the wolf's nose, trying to rub
it, stroke his nostrils, press both hands to his septum, anything he could think of to keep the wolf from
sneezing. He even tried pressing his right arm across what little he could reach of those gaping holes,
trying to apply enough pressure to suppress Reggie's urge to sneeze.

“H-hhhae... aeeh... hh—hnn---nn...!” It seemed to work for a moment, at least.

“Don't... sneeze. Do not sneeze. You had better not sneeze and spray your germs all over my entire apartment, not to
mention probably blowing my wall down!” He was trying to help, to perhaps be stern and aid the wolf
in suppressing his nasal urges, but honestly hearing the word 'sneeze' over and over just pushed him
over the edge. The huge wolf couldn't help it. He just had to sneeze, no matter the consequences.

“Igah... Gahh—can't... Ibuhgunna... HH... HAAA... HAAAAEETTTSCHHHHH!” His muzzle
scrunched, twitched, and his nostrils spread wide as he unleashed an enormous sneeze, the walls
cracking and the bed, along with mostly anything in the room, being blown about by the hot gale of
wind that rocketed through the room. Kev clung to that sneezy snout for dear life, trying not to think
about the fact that the wolf was sick as he got sneezed on. Luckily there wasn't any spray.

“B-bless you... ok... that wasn't so bad! I'm still here, building's still stand-”

“HHHAAAAH....!” But the wolf wasn't done. His nose itched so bad! That first sneeze just made it
worse, somehow... it was like a dam broke inside of him, and all he could do was desperately gasp in
another huge breath, his chest puffing up as it pressed against the side of the building outside, his eyes
shutting tightly as his muzzle wrinkled and nose flared out once again.

“HAAAHTTTTCHHHHHHHHHHHEEEOOOO! … Gnnuhh...” Snuffling, the now-wet nose snuffled
and shifted before Kevin, flexing and wriggling.

“Y-you good?” Miraculously, the building was still ok. This was fine. He could go get the olive oil,
they'd lube up this silly wolf's snoot and slide him on out of here.

“Kebvh...” Ugh, he sounded so stuffy. And apologetic... worried? Resigned? What was that tone in his
voice? “I'b so-sorry... b-bud I … I ha... hafta... I hafta sneeze!”

“No, nonono, don't … just... come on, pull it out!” But he was already gone, huffing and puffing, regret
and desperation, futile determination to hold his sneezes in coloring his gasps.

“Haaah... HhAaAAaaa... HAA-” the wolf's maw opened, his whole body trembling as he felt the
sneeze come up through his feet, flinging himself forward, cracking the entire window frame along
with the wall as he was totally unable to stop his body's response. The cold-stricken wolf sneezed a
misty plume of a sneeze that shone in the sun and dusted everything in the shepherd's room, along with
breaking most of the building's windows, and perhaps tilting it a bit to the side.

“HAAATTEEESCCCHHHHHHHHHHSHHHHHHHSHHHHHHHH!” It was a wet monster of a sneeze, leaving the gargantuan canine feeling quite dazed afterwards, the force of the gale blowing Kev back into his closet, thankfully padding him with heaps of now disheveled clothing as the walls broke down in places, leading into the hallway. His bed was flat up against the wall, the air pressure blowing
out all the doors and sending rugs, furniture, anything not nailed down flying. Afterwards, the wolf was left panting, small runners of slime dangling from his wide, reddened nostrils, able to pull his sneezy snoot out of the rubble as he pawed at it desperately, a wet squelching sound permeating the air as he scrubbed at his itchy nose.

“Nnn... I'm s-so sorry... are you ok?” He put an eye up to the hole he'd made, ears folded back and tail
drooping as he peered inside, his eye filling the cracked ruin that had once been a window leading to a
nice balcony. Seeing that Kevin was fine, if a bit damp and quite annoyed, he cheered up … slightly.

“Will you get out of here!? Jesus! You sneezed all over me and now my home is wrecked! You need to
go before you sneeze again, Rej! Just... just come talk to me once you're better! Honestly... you'd think
you'd know better by now! How did you even get sick anyway?” The shepherd vented his frustrations
on his careless friend a bit before sighing and putting both hands on his face.

“I'm going to go take a shower, if the pipes still work. And I guess see if I can switch apartments. You
need to get clear, all right? Thanks for coming to say goodbye... I guess. No, I mean... it's not your
fault. I'm just upset. This is why we have insurance, right? Accidents happen...” It seemed like he was
more talking to himself at this point, perhaps questioning why he had to go and get himself such an
airheaded friend who happened to be a giant, capable of doubtlessly inflicting his cold upon him with
that last sneeze, as well as wrecking up the place...

“I... I -snrk- think it was all the smog. But you're right... my nose is so -snffff- itchy, I should go...
ugh... drippy.”

“At least take my sheets to use as a handkerchief. I mean, you already sneezed all over everything, you
might as well take it too.”

Smiling faintly, the wolf's huge hand carefully reached in and pulled the sheets off, rubbing them
against his nose with a look of intense relief. “Thanks... I'll see you. Sorry again about-”

“I know you're sorry, just go! You can make it up to me later, but right now, seriously, you have to go.
You know how the city feels about macros sneezing recklessly! Get outta here quick buddy.” After all,
he wasn't the only one living in this building... already people were getting out of bed to investigate the
sudden, strange 'earthquake' that had shaken the building, finding their windows broken... it wouldn't
do for them to hear Rej sneeze right after that. People might make connections, or throw around some
hurtful terms, like 'big bad wolf'. He wasn't bad, just a little...unfocused, perhaps, on how big he was.
Accidents happen.

With his nose firmly wrapped in the bedsheet, just barely covering the massive honker, Reggie began
his careful exodus from the city, stepping lightly as he decided to head out to the coast first, then cut
out through the industrial fields and off into the wilderness where he could sneeze to his heart's content.
Or his nose's, as the case may be. Being alone and sick in the woods sucked, but it didn't suck as much
as wrecking all your friends' homes every time your nose got a big tickle in it.

Now he just had to get clear of the city without sneezing again. A prospect that was already looking
somewhat grim, as after just a few steps, Kev could hear the big wolf gasp as he strode away, clutching
his gigantic nose in his palm.

Art, Art, and Art! / [M + Horse] Cover Art for Farm Romp story by PPL
« on: December 28, 2019, 04:31:25 PM »
This is the cover art drawn by PPL for a story I wrote using our characters,

Here's a story I wrote with PPL's character Amber, and my character Kyle, who has never seen the light of day but actually does have a story and a backstory lol.

Accompanying cover art found here

“AHHHHSHHIISHHHH!” came the roaring sneeze, yet again.  Harsh, spraying, deep-throated... it seemed to make the big burly horse's whole frame shudder as it left him, mist drifting to the ground and clinging to the wall in front of his flaring, moist nostrils.  Some seemed to want to spill out, but it was just barely held back by the thick rims of his nares, the gray around the end of his nose standing out from his generally brown fur and dark mane.

“Gnnuuhhh... how do people stand this... I... I go-gotta snee-sneeze all the time... E-erh... H-here it... com—EEEEETTSCHHHH!” he let loose another uncovered blast of a sneeze, causing the other visitor to the farm to grind her back teeth in frustration, feeling as though she could snap her broom in half.  This had been going on for hours.

The blonde horse nearly stamped a hoof at yet another gasping, hitching breath, a flush suffusing her face as she watched him out of the corner of her eye.  Why did he have to be so dang sexy? His nostrils flared open like that, his chest heaving with his needy breaths, the talking... god, the talking.  If he would just shut up, maybe it would be bearable.  But no, he had to say, “Amber, I nnnn-need to sneeze agai- AGAIITTTNNCHHH!” and then sneeze so hard she could see a spray hanging in the air, watch little pieces of straw blow around, and sometimes feel a gust across her shoulder or on her leg.

She'd been trying to resist, really.  They both had work to do... but she was getting so worked up.  She thought she might be about to start soaking through her panties she was so wet, each time one of those huge gasping nasal explosions ripped through the air, her body shivered with want.  Her nipples had stiffened, rubbing uncomfortably against the cups of her bra, and she was chewing on her lower lip, trying not to gasp.  If she could just have a few minutes of silence, maybe she could calm down.

“Ahuh---- HH-hHAAEHH--” There he went again.  His strong handsome jaw open, eyes fluttering, hands uselessly waving near his gaping nostrils, like that would help.  His lungs drawing in deep, exaggerated gasps to try and rid themselves of this allergic tickle in his long muzzle, muscles all over his body flexing as he tried to overcome the instinctual urge.  “Hhuuh-- --nn-- whheeewh.  I thought I was going to -” he paused, giving a wet snuffle and then a snort, scrubbing his supple snout against the back of his wrist.  “Thought I was going to snee---hheeiihhhghh... oh-n-nuh-not again... I cah... I can'can't stah—HAAAA---HAAAAAAHHHPTTTTSCHHHHHHHSHHUUhhhppff...” This one was a huge, lip-flapping sneeze.  The blonde couldn't stand it anymore.  She just could not take it.

Kyle was wiping up his nostrils after yet another sneeze – the itch was still there... this was hell, right? The countryside... is actually secretly hell? - when Amber walked up to him.  She looked... flushed.  Probably from the hard work! And her tail was swishing from side to side... he turned away from her, sneezing again, and noticed her jump, her body tightening up.  Must've scared her.  “Wh-uh... whew.  What's up?”

“Oh, hey man, I'm gonna need you to chill with the sneezing, all right? You know, it's uh... It's kind of distracting...” Amber tucked a long strand of hair behind one of her ears as she looked up, seeming a little subdued, her hips wiggling from side to side slightly.  Kyle blushed... “Oh... I'm  sorry.  I'll try really hard to hold them back! I never usually sneeze like this, I swear.”  Here he was, making a snotty mess of himself in front of this beauty.  His roommates back home would definitely laugh at him when they heard that he'd embarrassed himself like this, especially since Ben and Eliza were the ones who always had to deal with his 'active nightlife'.

“Okay, thanks. Try your best!” a golden-furred hand reached up to gently pat the side of the huge draft horse's muzzle, fingers lingering for just a bit before she turned and clopped away, hooves clacking on the stone floor as they both got back to work.

Naturally, Kyle immediately began sneezing again.  He simply couldn't help but belt out gust after gust of uncontrollable allergic sneezes.

“Hnkght! Hhngkkh! HngKKTSCHHHOOO! EHTCHSCHH! AHTCHHH! HAHTCHHOO!” He tried to stifle, to keep quiet, he really did.  But his nose was just so big... and he was sooo sneezy.  They just burst out! Slipping around his squeezing fingers, even pinched shut he couldn't help but let out a burst as the tickle grew with each stifle.

“Dude! Please stop sneezing, I'm beggin' ya!” The blonde horse whipped around, her long hair and tail waving through the air around her with the sudden motion.  She leaned forward a bit, fists clenched, a slightly loose fitting shirt showing a bit of her collarbone through the neck and hanging off her just enough to create an air of mystery about her chest, though it clearly accentuated her hips.  The other horse was much larger than she was, but he almost recoiled from the ferocity in her eyes.  “I... I can't, Amber.  My nose is just so itchy... I think I have allergies? It never comes up in the city!”

He was able to get through a whole sentence without sneezing again, no doubt because the brown-furred horse was scrubbing at his gray-tipped nose with the back of his wrist the entire time, soft squishy equine snoot wiggling all over as it started to make a wet, squelching noise, his nostrils leaving a glistening trail on his hand and wrist, a few dribbles falling to the stone floor with an audible sound.  He looked strangely in place in his overalls and shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  It suited him, even if he did look like someone looked up a picture of clothes that farmhands wore online.  Amber's hoof was tapping on the cold floor, eyes darting to the big man, then over to the straw they were moving – well, he was trying to move, between his nasal events, and she was sweeping up what he spilled everywhere after one of his dramatic sneezy affairs.  Him talking like that was the absolute last straw.

She needed to have him.  Now.  If there was one thing she hated, it was being teased like this... she was hot all over, clenching need twisting through her insides, and she was going to have satisfaction.

The horse recoiled a bit as she strode towards him with a swish of her jeans, thinking he was about to get hit – she grabbed a fistful of his shirt, tugged him down towards her, and pulled him into a kiss, startling him quite a bit.  “Mmmfh.  Mmm.” She was squirming on the spot, feeling his nose press up against hers, her nostrils able to feel the tics and twitches of the big stallion's.  In fact, he was the one to break away – quickly turning his head to the side to take a deep breath and - “HhhhhhhhAEEEH---” It seemed like he was going to break the buttons on his overalls, he had taken in such a gasp.  “TTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” it was a fully nasal release, thick strands shooting from his snout and slowly descending towards the ground, making the horse cough and sniffle from the force of his latest sneeze.

Looking a bit angry or perhaps disappointed, Amber grabbed the horse's muzzle and ran her hand all up and down it, fingers probing at his wet nostrils and palms stroking the white stripe up to his forehead.  “Don't turn away, Kyle!  And don't sneeze again until I've got somewhere for you to put It!”

For his part, the city horse just gasped and wrinkled his snout, her fingers tickling his already allergy-stricken sinuses immensely.  “Wait, is this … -snff—ghhehuhh...- Is this uh... doing it for you?” He knew that look – she was flushed, staring at him – well, staring at his... nose? And now she was... kissing his nose.  This was new.  “That feels kinda nice...” apparently this was happening – he wasn't going to question it, not with an absolutely stunning hottie like Amber. Trying not to drip on her, he gave a big snort and managed to keep the allergic slime contained in his nose, sighing a bit despite himself as his admirer started to rub her thumbs against his itchy nostrils, stretching them and relieving his tickles quite a bit.  He still felt that low burning irritation up in his sinuses – whether he was allergic to pollen, hay, or what he couldn't say – first time on a farm, despite his giant farmboy appearance.

While he was zoning out, Amber had already removed her shirt and bra, tossing them onto a deep pile of straw.  There was also a blanket there, she seemed to be adding to a pile... “Wait, right here? What about a bed, or-” “There's no beds in a barn, dude.” Was the flat reply, the blonde horse giving a predatory look as she unhooked Kyle's overalls, the big lummox finally getting it and starting to remove his shirt – nowhere in Kyle's vocabulary were the words “No thanks, I'm not in the mood.”

Even before he got it up over his head he could feel her hands stroking his well-muscled chest, starting to get him as riled up as she was once he got a good look at the golden fur, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and drawing his eyes to her bared breasts, his large hands seeking out the mounds and squeezing them, each of his hands enough to fully cover one.  Poorly skilled as he may be as a farmhand, Kyle had plenty of experience when it came to this sort of activity, and as they flopped down onto the surprisingly comfortable cloth-covered pile of straw, he made sure to gently let his palms stroke across her chest, thumbs flicking pink, sensitive nipples and eliciting a moaned “Yeah...” from Amber.

As a pleased flush started to form across her body, and while Kyle was distracted playing with her boobs, Amber took a chance to find some nice pieces of hay, stopping only when she felt something hot pressing up against her thighs – sparing a glance down, she raised an eyebrow and smirked.  Kyle was certainly big in every sense of the word, and she spared a moment of fantasy for thinking about that thick horsecock she was getting to play with.

Feeling lips on her collarbone, she let out a little “Oh!” and redirected her attention as the huge horse started to smooch his way down to her breasts, kissing them, suckling lightly on her nipples, and generally doing things that were sending pleasurable pulses down her spine, making her roll her hips a bit in anticipation.  “Oh, stay right there man.  Right there...” grinning now, she pressed her nose into his mane, rubbing her nostrils on his warm scalp, and bringing up the strands of hay to lightly brush against Kyle's massive nostrils, immediately getting a reaction.

She could feel him trying to pull away, but she wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping his nose buried between her breasts, one of her nipples able to feel his breath and the twitching and flaring of his warm nares as they flexed against her.

“Ambuh—HH-hHee-HEE” He was clearly trying to say something, but his chest was heaving, the big horse gasping desperately as his allergies triggered.  “I'm Gun-N-NAHSNEE---EEEEETSCHH!”

As that warm, misty blast – the first of many, as she shoved the hay deeply into his snoot – spattered across her, the blonde horse couldn't stop herself from wrapping her legs around Kyle's, hips rolling to try and get any kind of stimulation, his sneezes, strong and gusting across her, driving her crazy as she felt moisture starting to run out of her, her heat escaping into the air as her sex met his, and she ground herself against that hot pole as it slapped against her belly from her thrusts.

Amber gasped, pressing her nose up against his, feeling the trembling twitches and gasps rushing through him as he finally realized what it was she wanted, and stopped holding back.  “H-here comes abiigguhh-abuhh... HAHH... HHHAEEHHH...!” She could hear his chest creaking with how deeply he was heaving in breaths, and his hands were now cupping her shapely ass as her erect nipples ground deliciously against him.  His head snapped down, sending another gust across her small, light body.  “HAEETSCHHHHHUHH!”

“Nnhh!” Amber let out a moan as she clenched her eyes shut, leaning into the horse as she felt his nose slide off of hers, down to her breasts, and his nostrils flare, the sneeze rolling out and down across her abdomen.  She trembled, relishing the feeling of his fingers digging into her rear, his fur against her thighs, his heat touching hers.  Face flushed, she let go of him, sighing as mounted him, straddling his legs.  Kyle was sniffling and rubbing his against her chest still, bending forward to do so as she sat up.

“That hay really tickles,” He commented, closing his eyes and taking in a deep, slow breath as the blonde reached out in front of her and took hold of that towering cock of his, lowering herself and spreading her legs so that her fingers could play across her sex, rolling her clit through its hood  as she slowly ground herself against his leg.

Simultaneously she let her lips touch his penis, golden hair cascading down and pooling on his balls and around his groin, falling like liquid into the crevices between his thighs as her tongue came out to give it a lick.  Her free hand began to pump him, slowly, squeezing as she went, her tongue pressing into that bundle of nerves beneath his head, kisses trailing down to his medial ring which was promptly suckled.

“Hh-hhohhyou'regoodatthat...” the draft horse snorted out in a rush, Amber's oral attentions making sure he stayed rock hard as her own lust grew,  her eyes locking onto his as she let her tongue and fingers play across his massive shaft, too much for her to properly suck, but enjoyable to rub all over her face.  She developed a more aggressive sort of grin as she stared into him, her nostrils flaring as she rubbed her warm nose over his flesh, still working her way down, planting a kiss on his swollen balls before drawing her muzzle up the shaft... and down.  Up... and down.  The soft fur of her face was driving him mad, teasing him as she pressed him against her cheek and nose until even she could barely stand anymore.

“Sneeze for me, Kyle.  Right here.  Time to return the favor.” She slid up him, allowing all of him to slide over her moist, slick opening, the smaller horse gasping as his tip slid over her sex.   She crawled her way up his chest until her ass was planted right on his breastbone, thighs spread wide so he could see the dripping, flushed pink between her legs.

As he lowered his lips to her, his tongue came out and ran up her labia, tasting her, and flicking her clit gently at the end of the stroke, followed by his mouth suckling on her entire sex, gently drawing it into his mouth, tongue rolling circles around her hood.  “H-HHA!” She'd been trying to gently insert another piece of hay, but with that her composure slipped and she ended up jamming it deep inside his moist, inviting nose.   The effects were... potent.

“HAAAGHHHKKSHHHH!” He sneezed immediately, his large nose pressed directly against her mound, the woman's tongue curling up as her eyes rolled back, a shuddering tremor running through her body as the tightening coil of heat inside her snapped, and she felt herself clenching, cumming, orgasmic bliss washing through her.  But it was not merely one wave, no.  Another sneeze, and another - “HH—hHH—HAAATTCHHHHHSHIIII! EEEEEETTTTSCHHHHHOooo!” hot wind, spraying mist, warm, supple nostrils flaring against the core of her – oh yes, it only heightened the pleasure as her thighs clamped around the sneezing draft's muzzle, Amber curling up, hands twining in his mane as she lost herself to the pleasure, belly folding in as all of her internal muscles squeezed as tightly as they could.  His hands tried their best to roam across her, up the curve of her back, along her rolling hips, squishing over her breasts, but they were shaky – he was totally overwhelmed by the need to sneeze.

Her skin felt so sensitive at this moment, each shaky touch send pleasant tingles to her core and up her spine, like shocks of electricity as the feeling kept erupting out from her center, making her gasp and twitch atop her sneezy mount, the big nose still spasming, desperately trying to expel the hay that it simply could not, blocked as it was by Amber's pussy.

“Hh-HAEh-HHAATTCHHH! AATTTCHH! hh—hhh” It seemed he'd run out of breath, and she felt herself lifted upwards by the strong lungs beneath her rear, her perch swaying precariously as she collapsed forward, rolling her hips against him to try and wring every last drop of joy out of this moment, body bucking and twitching as each sneeze seemed to send an aftershock of orgasm ripping through her.  “HHH---HAAAH---HAAAKKEEEEECHHHHHHHHHEWW!”

Finally, Kyle could take no more.  Turning his head, he sneezed a massive, messy sneeze that blew the straw of hay out of his sinuses, leaving him with a lingering burning and watery eyes, his allergies making his nose red and raw.  As he lay panting, Amber slid bonelessly off him to the side, hugging him as tightly as her weakened muscles would allow in this blissful moment, letting out a happy, “MmmmmmMMmmmm...” as she slowly rubbed herself against him.

“Damn dude... that was fucking awesome... what a nose you've got on you...” Cracking an eye, she stared at the dick that was still swaying there, starting to lose some of its luster.  “Right, right, gotta finish you off too... I think you'll fit.  I'm all slick and ready now.” She said, drawing out the last words and whispering them into his ear.  The big horse, finally feeling like he was all sneezed out, didn't need to be told twice – he sniffled and rose to his knees, spreading them a bit apart and positioned himself behind Amber, who raised her rear end a bit – quite the lovely view, she thought, pleased with herself as she felt Kyle's member resting on her backside start to plump up again.  “Ooh!” He was a go-getter, reaching around her, arms encircling her and crossing over so his hands could play with her breasts, each arm squeezing its opposite as his hands began to roll her nipples, pressing lightly on them and bending them, lightly tugging, and palms moving with a rolling motion across the sensitive flesh, giving her a pleasant sensation of warmth.

By this point she had recovered, and was just as ready for this as he was.   Pressing back against him, she felt his flared tip stretch her, gasping at the feeling, and rolled herself backwards just a bit, easing him in.  He parted her soaking wet insides, the heat building once again as she felt him bury himself in her, that fullness and wonderful feeling of being stretched suffusing her.  “Ahh... ffffuuuck, that's deep... d-don't hold back.” Her body was shivering as she strained to keep herself in position, wanting to just collapse and let him give her more pleasure, but also unwilling to be still, squirming on his shaft until she felt her ass touch his groin.  “Yeesss...” She breathed softly, staying like that for a moment.

She felt Kyle shift, his nose was suddenly next to her face, huffing and snorting, his large nostrils still flaring and dripping with a slight bit of runniness as he was still inhaling plenty of his worst allergen.  She hoped he would sneeze like this, clutching her, starting to rock against her as she pulled away, the two of them getting into the rhythm of sex as he withdrew and pushed back into her, as she felt herself squeezing him, suckling on him, like  she both wanted to keep him trapped in her and also to push him out.  Every ridge and nook within her was being rubbed against in just the right way, and before long there were no more sounds but the slapping of flesh, the moans of sex, and the harsh breathing of both participants.

Amber got her wish – she felt him tense up, and thought he was about to blow – but instead, a harsh, wet sneeze burst on the floor right next to her, his hot breath caressing her once again.  “H-hh—HHAAASSSCHHHH! G-guh! I s-still can't stop sneezing!” He snuffled and nuzzled the back of her neck as they fucked, Amber really not needing more than that to have another tight, clenching orgasm, her hand coming up to clutch at his face, squeezing his muzzle against her more forcefully before he finally erupted inside her, that hot rush of blazing warmth, the pulsing of his meat buried deep inside her, and the warm burst of a sneeze over her back all combining into a supremely satisfying moment for her.

They stayed like that for a while, having collapsed over to one side, until slowly Kyle slid out of her, aided by tics and tremors from her well-sated innards, pushing him out, his spent cock quietly touching her flushed lips, one arm around each other.

“I'm gonna keep you.” Muttered Amber, smiling.  Kyle gulped, rubbing his sore nose, wondering if he could keep  up.


Hellooooo everyone.  This is a story I wrote for fun using Megacycle's characters Winter, Ben, and Sasha. (Used with permission).

It's another weird one.  Lol.

So, it contains uh... sneezing while hiding, sexy stuff, growth into a macro, some 'interesting' stuff associated with that, and I hope you enjoy reading it! Man, it seems like I've only been posting really weird stuff lately, huh? I'll have to get back to normal at some point.


Who can say why a trio chooses to sneak into old, abandoned places? Maybe it is the lure of the unknown, the desires to look brave or cool in front of those you hold dear, or maybe it's just a bit of silly fun.  Whatever the cause, a fox, a wolf, and a dog were all heading into a place that was perhaps a bit spooky, but totally safe and abandoned.

“I thought you said it would be easy to get in... it's too cold for this, I should have worn more than just stockings!” A high-pitched voice came from the grey-furred fox, his long, fluffy and immaculately-groomed tail switching around from under his skirts, wrapping around both he and the taller, more masculine wolf by his side as Winter snuggled up to Ben, pressing his big pink nose against that warm, fluffy red-brown fur...

“Hey! Quit hanging off my boyfriend!” The cocker spaniel crossed her arms across her rather large chest, lips pulling back a bit as her ears hung down next to her muzzle, the tall woman leaning in to Ben as well.  Unlike Winter, she was dressed more appropriately, a black top with a loose neckline over a tight white long-sleeved shirt, jeans covering her legs and hugging her hips and rear.  Both of them were clearly dressed to impress, albeit in different ways.

“Your boyfriend? He's-”

“Shh! Not that I'm not flattered, but shouldn't we keep it down at least until we get inside? Please? Sasha, I'm perfectly happy you wanted to come along-” Ben tried to mediate, but was cut off again.

“Well I had to come along, didn't I? I can't let you go into some secluded place like this alone with him! He's girlier than I am!”

“Thank you,” Sniffed Winter, patting his long hair and brushing it out of his eye, turning his muzzle up dramatically, his nose noticeably flaring open as he did so, large, graceful, curving pink nostrils opening … not that any wolves were staring at him, nope...

Sasha smacked Ben in the back of the head, barking, “Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter.” She knew his tastes...

Grabbing her bolt cutters, the dog decided enough dawdling was enough, and she went to the gate, grunting a bit as she snapped the chain, turning around with a stare that said 'we're going'.

“Welp you heard the lady.” Ben grinned and stuffed his hands in the deep pockets of his black hooded sweatshirt and sauntered forward, heading after Sasha into the dark warehouse, chain link fence rattling with its bonds now severed.

“W-wait for me!” Smooth, supple feminine legs swished in stockings, bare pads shivering against the cold asphalt as Winter followed, the effeminate fox dashing behind.

As they all approached the side door to the gigantic, darkened warehouse, they found it was strangely unlocked.

“Huh.  That's weird.” Ben easily pulled the door open- it silently slid on well-oiled tracks.

“This place... is abandoned, isn't it? For like... thirty years now?” Winter held his hands in front of him, peering into the darkness, sniffing a bit at the dusty, musty air that hung, still, inside.  He looked nervous... this was a bit creepier than he'd expected.

Sasha spoke up next, tapping one paw against the ground.  “I've never seen anyone in here.  Quit being such a... well, you know.  Come on Ben~ you need to protect me from all the dark, empty shelves.  A lady such as myself could be assaulted by hooligans in such a dark, private space...” It was her turn to squirm up against Ben, trying to weaponize all her best assets to seduce the wolf.  It was so frustrating – they occasionally got some time alone, or a happy accident set the mood, but nine out of ten times someone else was always there! Just like Winter here – stupid fox and his stupid cute figure and his stupid nose, Ben was crazy for that kind of stuff... well, honestly, if he wasn't so gay and he wasn't her romantic rival, maybe she could see how he might be...

Her reverie was interrupted, and her wolf's attention was stolen away, again, as they entered the warehouse, and she heard a small, airy sound break the silence, and her hug.


…how he might be a stupid boyfriend-stealing jerk! “Uuugh... here we go...” Snorting, Sasha frowned and turned her back, walking away a bit until she realized that maybe walking off alone into the dark wasn't the safest idea.  While she wasn't afraid of some mysterious 'otherness' like Winter was, there could be some dangerous stuff in here for someone to stumble into blindly.  She made due with pouting quietly against the wall next to the door, puffing out her cheeks in the darkness.

“H-hheh...” Winter gasped again, his bright eyes squinting as his frankly huge sensitive nose twitched in the air, his knuckles curling up to rub against his twitching pink nares.  “It's s-s-suh-so duh-huhsty in here... I... I think I'm g-gonna... A-aahh...”

Ben swallowed as he noticed the svelte fox start to gasp, his eyes searching for Winter in the dark.  He settled for raising a hand and pressing a finger beneath those frequently-twitching nostrils, pressing in and rubbing against the softness of his nose despite it being an exercise in futility.

“Hheh-hhheh'tCHMPH!” at the last moment, just before he sneezed, Ben pinched his nostrils shut, resulting in Winter getting almost no relief from the itchy dust particles within his nasal passages.  His bushy tail frizzed out for a second as he tried to bend over from the unreleased force of his sneeze, Ben's palm meeting his nose and squishing the soft, pink flesh against the wolf's white fur.  Winter winced, the fox immediately taking in a huge, shuddering gasp, his nose angry that it had been stifled, his small frame shaking at the primal need to sneeze.

“Wh-hhyy-hyy—hyyy'dyoudotha---HHHH---HAAAAAAAAH'TCHmphfiii!” he reared back again, nostrils flared open wide as a hint of thick mucus glistened within, but once again, with a huge grin on his face and a pinch of his fingers, Ben stifled the sneeze, reducing it to a tiny squeak.

“S-s-sdop id!” The fox huffed, his nose shaking as his muzzle continued to scrunch up, pointed up in the air like that would somehow help him finally sneeze.  “I h-hab to s-sdeeze! I'b all sduffed ub dow!” He was dripping, too – thick, ropy trails dangling out of his large pink nose.  Winter was mortified, he knew that the longer this went on, the bigger, messier, and more numerous his sneezes would become.  While it did feel great to have his nose touched, the itch was intolerable! And what if he got his face all messy? It might ruin his makeup, or he might drip snot on his skirt in front of Ben!
...still... it was turning him on a little bit.

As for Ben, the sight was really driving him wild... the feeling of Winter's soft, squishy nostrils in his hands, his adorable face as his muzzle scrunched up, his nose, which always seemed to dominate his features due to its unusual size, twitching and squirming at his touch.  It was a marvelous sight indeed. wait, the sight? Why were the lights on?

“Hey, wait-” he turned to see Sasha not exactly glaring at him, standing by a light switch.  She was certainly staring at the bulge that was growing in his pants as he messed with Winter's oh so squishy and sensitive snoot.  She was so jealous... why did that fox have to get such a unique attractive feature for Ben? She knew he liked her breasts, to touch her ears and soft fur, and... other places... but she couldn't compete in that department.

“Get a room you t- wait.”

They all blinked, even Winter forgetting his nose for a moment as he quietly snuffled, trying to wipe his nose of its itch without getting snot all over his hands, or letting it drip onto his clothes.

“Why is there electricity here?” Said the two canines, simultaneously as they pointed at each other.

That was when all three of them heard a loud clank, and the sound of a heavy metal storage door being opened, clattering on its tracks.

“Hide!” Whispered the spaniel, ears whipping around as she looked from side to side – there were shelves with boxes, covered in dust and some cloth coverings, there was a door over there, the shelves were no good to hide under - “In there!” She dashed to the door and whipped it open – a dark, cramped utility closet was what she expected to find, but it was even worse than that.

“WH-” She was about to scream 'what is this' when Ben's hand clamped around her mouth and he stuffed her inside, followed quickly by Winter.  They had to dive in on their hands and knees, because... it was a strange, shelved, tiny storage space.  Like a shelved closet, featuring a crawlspace in the bottom.  The three of them squeezed in, not fitting very well at all – Sasha landed on her back and groaned after being pushed, and then felt something light and warm land on top of her – Winter.  Ben squeezed in alongside them, the space dim with only a tiny bit of light coming in through the crack under the door.  Holding up his finger to his lips, Ben indicated everyone should stay quiet, even as he felt his judas erection grinding against Sasha's hip.  Or was that Winter's hip? Whoever it was, they really needed to stop squirming.

After a few tense moments passed, the trio started to relax slightly, their hearts pounding a little more quietly in their ears.  It didn't seem like they'd been spotted, or that anyone was coming their way... but why were there people here in the first place?

“This definitely isn't an abandoned warehouse!” hissed Sasha,  frowning down at Winter, whose hands were curled up against her breasts in fright, the back of his head hitting the 'ceiling' of their little den and forcing his face against her.  Dammit, why couldn't it have been Ben?  “Quit squeezing my tits, Winter!” she felt a little flushed, honestly, and wanted to get some room – of course, her shoulder and elbow dug into Ben's chest as she tried to move, making him grunt into her ear.

“Hngh!” they all froze again, the wolf clapping a hand to his mouth, his and the fox's ears perked and twitching while Sasha just tried to lay still, sweating bullets.

...”Hh-hheh...” said Winter, the fox's golden eyes tearing up a bit as his big, stuffy nose twitched right in Sasha's face, poking out from her cleavage.

“Winter, no! Don't sneeze!” Ben whispered urgently, shoving his hand against the twitchy snout, just as Sasha growled, “Don't you fucking dare.” but both of them knew Winter had never held off a sneeze in his life.

“You're going to give us away if you start sneezing!” Ben implored, rubbing and squeezing the on-the-edge nose of his friend even as the sensation and situation combined to make him extremely hard.  He wasn't sure why this was so hot, but it just was... despite the threat of being caught for tresspassing, or perhaps because of it.  He had to fight off a wave of visceral lust, making his body shiver.

Winter, for his part, couldn't help it – his snotty, gaping nostrils were quivering on the edge against Ben's soft fingers and Sasha's softer breasts.  It was so dusty in this cramped space, and every breath felt like inhaling a burning swarm of feathers, all brushing up against the insides of his excessively sensitive sneezer.  He wasn't going to be able to last, even with the nice massaging fingers.

“Hh-hih—ihh... hhii-iih...” He was trying to take small, quiet, shallow breaths... but he could feel his eyes being forced shut.  It was coming... he was going to sneeze...

Sasha had not been sitting idly.  Failing to find anything that could possibly help, she rolled her eyes and started to squirm, unhooking her bra within her shirt, slipping it off her shoulders, and pulling it out through the neck – pressing Winter's snout right into the warm cup.  It was a worthy sacrifice to save her from being sneezed on by this snot machine yet again – much less on her tits!

“You are going to pay to replace this, and buy me two extra just because I said so!” she hissed, eyes narrowed and teeth grit as she held the cups around the fox's snout until he stopped gasping, and...

“Heh-hEH-HIK'TCHHHNNKKH!” Shutting his mouth, the fox sneezed entirely through his nose, a blast of thick, sticky mucus bursting out and webbing his pretty pink nose to the sky-blue bra. “Hiiih—kiTCHhnnkfhh!” another one came after it, Winter doing his best to stifle himself, but unable to stop the absolute torrent of hot, sticky mess that was surging out of his writhing nostrils.

“Ih-s-still hab-t-to---HITKTSCHHH!” a third powerful, messy sneeze, the fox thrusting himself against Sasha with each explosion, his brow furrowed and muzzle wrinkled to the max as he had an allergic fit.

The dog responded by switching him to the other cup, into which he delivered another two sneezes... and then it seemed the fit was over, thankfully.  Winter snorted and snuffled, wrinkling his snout and instinctively wanting to blow, but having to remind himself that blowing your nose into someone's cleavage was probably a good way to get punched in said nose.

“Dh-dhanks, Sadshja... I'b soddy aboud your g-glodthesgh...” looking down, she could see his genuine embarassment and apology on his face, and sighed.

“It's... ok.  You can't help it, and you can just... wash this.  Thoroughly.  And don't put it on.” she chuckled a bit, even giving him a little pat on the snout.

“GHAAEEHHHKKTCHHHHHSH!” with no warning at all, this triggered another massive sneeze, the fox unable to resist his instincts and tilting his head down, maw opening as he sucked in air, trying to hold back – his eyes rolled up and then shut as his nostrils flared open, hands squeezing and pressing together as though he were holding a tissue, Sasha feeling her breasts get squeezed together around something hot and wet, and then a messy blast of goo running down between her boobs, coating the exposed fur of her cleavage.  She was about to explode, hiding or no hiding, when she looked over and saw Ben blushing right through his fur, a finger in his mouth being bitten on the knuckle as he tried not to let her feel his thick cock throbbing against her side, watching this amazing display.

The gears in her head turned a bit, realizing that this was her chance... she could capitalize on Winter's advantage and turn it into her own.  Deciding not to murder him and wear his (admittedly beautiful) coat as a hat, a slow smile spread across her muzzle, her plump lips parting only slightly and a smoldering look of lust in her eyes as she wiggled her pinned left hand – causing Ben to gasp immediately and shiver once again.  Jackpot.

“Winter... what are you going to do about sneezing all over me yet again?” Whispered the cocker spaniel, raising one eyebrow as she stared down at him hard, watching his blush spread.  “Look at this mess! Ben, can I get you to wash my shirts for me later, pleaaaase? My bra, too, there's no way I can put it back on in this state.”

If Ben's eyes weren't already riveted to Sasha's chest, where Winter's big nose continued to squirm and leak onto the dog's soaked shirt and the large breasts beneath, this statement certainly would have done the trick.  The words 'No bra' flashed through his mind over and over, eyes straining to make out Sasha's puffy nipples through her now-wet shirt in the gloom – of course, she was wearing two of them, so she did have some extra padding to help her keep her modesty.

Not that the dog herself seemed too concerned with modesty, as she wiggled her left had as much as she could, making the wolf crammed in beside her huff, his breath washing over her neck and bringing a slight blush to her muzzle as she smiled at him.

Winter, meanwhile, was whining and blushing, incredibly embarrassed – especially, for some reason, once she brought up that he was messing up her clothes.  He wasn't quite sure why but that really hit home... and his nose was still tickling with every breath.  It was like each moment could bring forth another snotty allergy sneeze from him, and his only recourse was to rub his nose constantly, trying to squirm his hands over across Sasha's breasts to get to his snout, rubbing at the big pink tip as he sighed with relief, fingers getting quite messy now as well.

Sasha raised an eyebrow as she felt Winter... groping her? Oh, no, he was just going for his nose.  But also... he was bright red.  And... she could feel TWO boners rubbing up against her now.  That was a strange development... so Winter was...

“Winter, don't think I can't feel that.  Sneezing all over me in front of my boyfriend isn't enough for you? You're going to do that too?” Sure enough, he whimpered again, shivered, and she felt him get bigger... surprisingly big, honestly, for someone like him.  She'd always imagined him being really small.

“Hey, aren't we hiding in here? Be quiet... what if someone hears?” Ben, trying to be the voice of reason even as he blushed and sweat, resisting the powerful urge to thrust against Sasha's hand as the back of it rubbed him right through his jeans, his thick red member throbbing in its denim prison.

“I am being quiet, Ben! Winter won't stop sneezing his big, snotty sneezes all over my boobs!” She simply couldn't resist getting in another cutting remark on the terminally embarrassed fox, who was now gasping again, struggling with all his determination not to sneeze again, not to give Sasha any more ammo to use against him!

“H-hn... n-nuh-ah... h-hH---ngkh... nn! -whine-...” he was really, really trying.  His fingers pressed against his soft, pink nose – barely covering his wide, gaping and snotty nostrils.  As he squirmed, he felt his pink cock throbbing inside his panties, easily overwhelming them and sticking out.  He was pretty big for his size... much to his chagrin, it was impossible to hide it.  The soft fabric of his panties and his dress combined to tease him, as well as all this stimulation to his huge, sensitive nose... ah, it was bad.  That wasn't the worst of it though – fucking Sasha and her god damn sexy talk... why did she have to find out that he was turned on by essentially humiliation?

But then it was okay, because he looked to the side through his bleary eyes, fluttering with his need to sneeze, and saw Ben's blushing, red, aroused face... and his paw reaching out to cup the fox's nose.  And, it seemed, surreptitiously cop a feel on Sasha...? ...Eh.  Winter would take it.  His allergy fit seemed to be getting him noticed, so he couldn't feel completely bad about it.

The wolf did have a point though – they were, ostensibly, trying to hide, although they were making quite a bit of a racket, weren't they?

The door rattled open and a light shone on them.  “Found 'em.  Just a bunch getting weird in storage.  I'll get rid of 'em.” The voice behind the bright line said, along with the crackling of a radio communications device.

“All right you.  Get out of th-- ew.” He shone the beam of his light onto Winter, whose eyes were wide and pupils tiny, face covered in snot as well as his hands, and Sasha's chest... seems she'd managed to stuff her filled-up bra away, but the large sticky stain on her black shirt was still visible in the light.

“You uh... got a little... anyway, get out.  We won't press charges for tresspassing, so skedaddle.  ...All right girl, I got a pack of tissues here somewhere...”

It was a guard in a dark blue security uniform, distracted as he looked around for something to offer the 'girl' in the dress to clean her snout with, The trio quickly scrabbling out of the tiny space and lining up.  Well, he had told them to leave, so while he was distracted, the trio fled... but not before something shiny caught Sasha's eye.  It looked like this guy had been checking under the cloth-covered shelves, on the things that weren't supposed to be in this supposedly abandoned warehouse...

Without really knowing why, perhaps it was a burning curiosity, she snagged one of the shiny containers off the shelves and grasped it in front of her as they ran out.

“Here y'are miss- Oh, shoot.” The security guard looked back up, holding a handkerchief – only to find all three of them were already gone.

Outside, Sasha was grimacing as she held her chest, bra-less breasts bouncing uncomfortably as she had to run.  “C-can we slow down? We're almost to the fence!”

“Nope! Keep running! Why were there people in there!? I don't want to go to jail! I'm too pretty for jail!” Winter cried as he ran with surprising speed, flashing his stocking-clad thighs as the wind blew up his skirt, fluffy tail billowing behind him.
“Let's just get out of here!” Agreed Ben, and Sasha groaned and clamped down more tightly on her breasts as she leaned forward and kept running, all of them slipping back through the gate with the cut lock and dashing down the street towards Ben's house, their home base for this exploration gone wrong.

And Winter only had to sneeze once more on the way, leaving a decidedly gooey patch on the sidewalk, but also freeing himself of the dust that had suffused the closet.

Later that evening, after they'd all caught their breath, the trio sat around a table, munching on snacks and drinking, wiping the sweat from their brows and discussing the events.

“I need a shower, and to do laundry.” Sasha was still wearing her quite mucousy set of shirts, not having anything else to wear – her bra was sitting on the floor... not in any state.  “Thanks for that, snot-cannon.”

The feminine fox's reply was to snort into a tissue, his nostrils quavering and muzzle crinkling as he sniffled afterwards.

They were staring at the box Sasha had snagged from the warehouse.  It didn't seem to have much in the way of markings.  “So what is it?” Questioned Ben, the red-brown wolf reaching for the box and opening it up.

“Looks like... perfume or something? I don't smell anything, though.” Said the dog, leaning on one elbow as her ears dangled down past her chin.

“P-perfume? I'm... uh... I'm gonna go... freshen up.” Winter recoiled from the box, not even wanting to risk something like that at the moment, and slunk away with only the swish of his fur rubbing against the corner as he vanished.  Periodically, one could hear his honking noseblows echoing throughout the house as he hid, trying to clean himself up and get all the copious goop out of his snoot... a losing battle if ever one was fought.

As soon as they were alone, Sasha leaned forward, smirking.  “So... want to help me wash up, Ben? I need to throw all my stuff in the wash.  And then I need to wash my fur...”

“Sure, I can get that stuff in the laundry and-” Ben started before Sasha stripped her black outer shirt off and flung it at him, -fomf-ing onto his head.  By the time the wolf got it off, she'd let her white undershirt crumple in a pile before him on his table, and was leaning back in her seat.

“I also need you to help me... you know, make sure I get it all out?” She said as she extended one leg, her paw pressing against Ben's groin just enough – rubbing him with the pad on the bottom, ankle rolling as she moved it back and forth.  “In the shower.”

Ben's brain ground to a halt as he observed the bared breasts before him, and felt the soft toes wiggling against his swiftly-hardening manhood.  He nodded in complete agreement with Sasha, somehow thinking to grab the bottle of presumed perfume, their footsteps racing up the stairs as Sasha led the wolf by the nose, as it were, into the bathroom.  Finally, she had him alone.

Dropping her bottoms to the tiled floor, she stepped into the shower, leaving Ben to drool on himself as he stared at the curves of her ass, the spaniel's little tail wiggling as she turned the water on, looking sideways at the wolf and tilting her head back as the water splashed against her breasts, starting to wash the sticky mess away and really making her pale pink nipples stand out.  As she put her hands behind her head to gather up her long ears, he got an excellent view of just how plump her rump was as well.

Ben didn't even recall actually taking them off, but he was nude and in the shower the next thing he realized, coming up behind his fellow canine and pressing his hard, red cock against her soft heart-patterned ass, his arms around her and hands cupping her breasts, rubbing them – she'd said to help her get clean, after all.  He clutched her with a desperate lust, the day's shenanigans had left him feeling so pent up and frustrated.  He kissed her neck, then nipped at it, Sasha smiling and pushing back against him, a thrill of victory at getting him all to herself at last rushing through her as he squeezed her soft breast, her nipples bending against his palms as he would scrub his hand upward, letting them pop from his grasp, and repeating this as his method of 'cleaning'.

She sighed with happiness – her breasts felt so good in his hands, and – ah – he was pinching them now, her nipples... “Nhhh...” Shifting her legs to press back into Ben, the spaniel reached her arm back and grabbed the back of his head, fingers twining into his hair as her other hand went to grab his firm ass, squeezing it hard.

“Seems like you aim to make more of a mess, Bennnnjamin...” Sasha licked her lips, plump and pink before she twisted her neck to catch the wolf's own in a kiss, just as he was going for another nibble on her neck.  She moaned into his mouth, her lover squeezing her tits more firmly and rolling them around in his grasp as she pulled him closer, leaning on him and drawing one of her paws up and down his shin. In this state of sensitivity, she felt that she could feel every single droplet from the shower hitting her nipples, her chest, neck, stomach... rivulets of water running down, making her as wet as she felt inside.

Her core was like a molten lake, she couldn't contain it and could feel it running out of her, slick and slippery as she moved against him.  He was thrusting against her now, panting right in her ear after they broke their kiss, and she couldn't suppress a shiver across her body and a small gasp as she felt him spring through her thighs, hot, hard shaft slipping against her sex as his tip poked out in front of her, the wound-up wolf whining in the back of his throat with his need.

She loved the attention as he wrapped his arms tightly around her chest, his lips, tongue, and teeth gracing her neck, ears, and shoulders as his hands grabbed at her breasts – soft, with hard, sensitive caps.  She was really enjoying it as he started to knead them, his hips shaking, an off-balance thrusting going on as she squeezed her lovely thighs together against his cock, jumping a bit when the ridges of his throbbing member would push against her labia, sometimes stroking her clit.  There was always pressure there, always friction, and Ben was only getting more aggressive.

Finally he clenched her tightly, finger and thumb pinching and rolling her nipples as he thrust against her plush ass one last time.  His jaws clenched on her shoulder, eliciting a long series of gasps - “Ah! AaaAaa! Aahn!” - as the spaniel looked down to see Ben's dick spasming, firing long ropes of white seed onto the wall of the shower from between her legs, the top covered in her juices.  He really knew how to wind her up... but it was going to take more than this for her to be able to get off.

“Hhh-hhahh... S-Sashhhhaaahh... Mmm...” Ben was shuddering against her back, kissing her neck and left cheek, slowly squeezing her with a now weaker grasp, gently rubbing at her as he rode the high.

“I'm glad you enjoyed that, love.” she murmured, stroking a hand up his hip, the other going to rub the side of his muzzle.  “I think we'd better dry off – you got me all wet, and now it's my turn, don't you think...?” she hadn't been this aroused in a while, and could hardly keep her hands off him as they stepped into the dryer, a necessity for anyone covered in fur.  It blew pleasantly warm air all over them, and gave another excuse for her to kiss him as they stood together, slowly having the water removed from their fur.

Once that was finished, the spaniel was daydreaming about all the things she was going to have him to to her, and she remembered that perfume they'd found.  Fishing it out of her clothes, she sprayed a little bit into the air, sniffing, and then walked into it, dabbing a bit on her wrists, a tiny bit on her cleavage and neck – unexpectedly, her muzzle wrinkled up, and she gasped.  “Haeh...”

Naturally Ben's ears perked right up, and he focused his attention fully on the nude spaniel, every ridge in her muzzle, every flare of her nostrils – he was rapt.

“Heh---” Sasha held up a wrist in front of her nose, scrubbing at it, wriggling her snout, but to no avail - “Hek-SHHH!” she sneezed, a bit of the curious purple mist of the perfume coming out.  “Nnn...” Her nose was still tingling – and she looked over to Ben.  On the one hand... she knew his interest.  On the other, she didn't really want to be dribbling from her nose while they were being intimate! “I'll... go to your bedroom, come find me after I get a tissue...” She said, teasingly touching her nose with one finger as she backed out of the bathroom, scampering down the hall to Ben's bedroom.  Once there, she started to feel a little dizzy, and a strange sensation of itchiness washed over her from head to toe, making her jump and grab herself - “Rrr! What... weird.  Goosebumps?”

She had always thought that this room was a little bit... large.  It was peculiar... maybe Ben just felt like sleeping in a cave? The bed was complete overkill, looking like it could hold twelve people at once.  There were decorations and drawers to his tastes around, she knew some of them at least were filled with 'certain supplies' that they would be needing.  In particular, her mind drifted to a leather riding crop... a half-grin came across her face as she bit her lower lip.

“Gah! What is...” That sensation again, rippling through her skin, making her fur stand on end – agh! “Am I allergic to his shampoo or something? Aaa it's itchy!” she growled with frustration, scratching her upper arms, her hips, reaching down to her ankle, the back of her neck, scratching furiously beneath her breasts... “Hm?” Her breasts... felt a lot heavier.  Wait... her ankle was so far away...  “Huh?” she looked around, noticing that everything was slowly growing closer to the ground... no, wait... what? “Buh?”

It was about this point of confusion that the red wolf entered the room, his tail wagging furiously from side to side, their clothes bundled in his arms.  At least until he unceremoniously dropped them, looking up with wide eyes at Sasha, who was now somewhere around twenty feet tall, arms crossed in front of her chest, blinking and looking very confused.

“WH-- what HAPPENED?” Said the wolf, dashing over as the spaniel sat down with a rumble on the huge bed, holding a hand to her face.

“I... think I know why that warehouse was guarded?” She looked around, finding the little bottle of perfume – she'd carried it in here, but dropped it when this strangeness started, squinting at the tiny thing as she held it between the tips of her fingers.  “This isn't perfume...” She thought about it while idly stroking her smooth belly, hand descending more with each stroke... this wasn't really a problem.  It was more like... an opportunity.  Maybe it was because her brain was drenched in sexytime chemicals at the moment, but in the end, Sasha just looked down at Ben with a very predatory look, her chest starting to heave as she panted.

“It's still my turn... don't you think?” She moved one large leg out toward the wolf, slowly tilting her ankle up, and pushed him to the floor, the wolf sitting down hard as her pawpads gently applied pressure to him, slipping between her toes and then being dragged across the floor towards the bed.

“I see nothing wrong with this situation,” agreed the horny canine as he was pinched and lifted up, Sasha widely crossing her leg over her knee, giving him quite the view on the way before he was dropped onto the bed.

“Hehehehhehehehurrr,” Garbled the wolf as he giddily looked up, erection fully revitalized from the mere sight before his eyes, grinning so wide he felt like his jaw was going to get sore before too long.  Sasha put a bit of a damper on his enthusiasm, rearranging herself so that her chest was piled up beneath her, between her crossed arms as she leaned on them, now resting on her stomach, nose inches away from the wolf.

“Now Ben... didn't you have your fun? Didn't we agree that it's my turn now?” Teasing, she slowly lowered her head until her nose was pressing down on her little lover, sniffing at him and rubbing her nose back and forth, squishing it all over his body.  “Nnn... your fur tickles.  Maybe if you're good, I'll do this some more after... now...”

Rolling over and sitting back up, Sasha parted her legs for him, showing her enormous entrance – to him it was like a pink, fleshy curtain with a hint of a cavernous space inside, liquid trickling out of her onto the bed.  Normally not a noticeable amount, but with her size... it was starting to leave quite a wet spot.

“Do you have something that could... help... uh, someone of my size? Oh gosh... I'm actually a bit embarrassed! My pussy is huge!” She pressed her hands to her face, hiding a blush for a moment... until she gasped. “Hhaa!” Ben had reached her groin, crawling forward sneakily on the bed and pressing both hands onto her clit, now the size of his head, and gently rubbing the area around it.  “OH!” She gave a guttural cry, her stomach visibly clenching as her insides squeezed out a bit more fluid, washing over Ben's paws.  “That's... hh... Hh... I c-c-can't, I can't take it!” She brought a hand down, pushing him away.

“Too sensitive?” Asked the relatively small wolf.

“Let's start with something else.  Don't you have anything...” She rotated her wrist, spinning her hand in a 'you know...' gesture.  “Big?”

The wolf nodded, grinning.  “I... do have... something.  It was for- well, today it's for you.”

She lay back on a seeming mountain of pillows, the giant bed proving to be quite comfortable as she ran her hands over her body, enjoying herself, teasing, imagining what was to come.  Her fingers trailed across her breasts, flicking her nipples as she passed them, enjoying the feeling of bending them and then letting them spring back into place.  She pushed her other hand down her abdomen, fingers leaving little trails in her short fur as she touched her thighs, avoiding her sex, and noticing... “Oh... wow, I'm... making quite a mess.” She flushed as she imagined sitting on Ben, pressing her soaking wet pussy into his face and making him suck on it, rocking against him like he was a toy... and another clench of her insides pushed out more juices.  “H-hurry...” He was over in his deep walk-in closet, sounds of... an engine? Starting up.  It was a buzzing sort of sound, like an electric... “What on... is... is that a …?”

Out of the drove, with a whine of its electric motor, something that could only be described as a dildo tank.  It was entirely pink, had soft looking, knobbly treads, and a tiny window, a sealed door... and yes, it was shaped like a cock.

“...Oh Ben.  Oh my god.” Sasha couldn't stop herself from laughing at the ridiculous sight, shifting a bit and then picking up the strange sex... toy? Vehicle? And placing it on the bed between her legs.

There was a brief crackle of static, and Ben's voice came over a speaker.  “I'm going in!” Which made Sasha snort, covering her mouth to hide her grin as he headed towards her, the tip of the device starting to buzz as the wolf turned up the intensity setting.

Much as she was giggling at it, she had to admit that once it made contact with her wet folds, she had to gasp, her laughter turning into a moan as she grit her teeth, the spaniel's muzzle wrinkling up and her nostrils flaring as she huffed, custom-built vibrator pressing into her, buzzing her clit as Ben's strange toy started to penetrate her, stretching her open and gliding in easily on the waves of moisture flowing out of her.

“Hh! G-hhnn—nn!” Her toes curled, wrinkling the sheets as she fell back onto her pillow mound, breasts jiggling and then being gathered up in her arms as she started to fondle her nipples, grabbing at her tits and tugging on them, squeezing in time with the vehicle's progress forwards.

“Hogghhdd... That's bett-mmph! Better! Than! I thought! It would beeeEeee” Her thighs started to tremble as she forced them to stay apart, her legs wanting her to wrap around and pull.

Inside, Ben's view was filled with delightful pink, a dark hole stretching in front of the window he'd installed, boner pressing firmly against the control panel in the tight quarters as he drove forwards bit by bit, letting her get accustomed to the size and hoping that the strange 'submersible' would work as planned and not cause any discomfort.  The treads were designed to rub the interior walls, providing delicious friction even while they pushed the toy deeper, but Sasha seemed quite sensitive, so he was a bit worried about them.  “No time like the present!” He dove right on in, driving deeper as Sasha was stretched, groaning as her eyes unfocused.

The giant was flipping her nipples, rubbing her palms across them and fiddling with them, squeezing and kneading her breasts, trying to keep her hands busy so they wouldn't slam down into her crotch and start rubbing, wanting Ben to be the one to do it.  “Y-you're so huge, Ben, oh god...” she closed her eyes, trying to rock against her partner, but... she didn't have one.  He was inside her, completely now, wheels slowly churning against her sensitive insides, making a small ribbon of drool exit her muzzle as she thrashed her head to the side, squirming incessantly, unable to stop him from rubbing up against all the best spots inside her.

“Ghh... Nn.. H-hh...” This continued for several minutes, Ben egging her on through his loudspeaker, letting her know that he loved her, asking if she could feel him inside of her, her clenching, crushing walls squeezing his vessel in response as she searched for that elusive peak, needing to release the coiling tension in her belly.

She began to scream in frustration, whining as she could get so close, so, so close, but couldn't quite get there, even with the huge device filling her up, with Ben inside her, with it bumping its vibrating head against her cervix, pink flesh squeezing in all around the wolf.

“Nnnghh-hnnhnnhnnnn! I'm so CLOSE! FUCK!” she barked the last word, and even a certain big-nosed fox took notice.

Winter had been in the bathroom, unable to stop sneezing for the past twenty minutes or so, his nose streaming into the tissues he endlessly clamped to it, eyes watering as the sneezes kept coming, the gasps making his petite frame shudder.  “Hih—heh—HEEKTSCHMPH!” always accompanied by a thick blast of snot from his oversized, oversensitive pink nose.

Snuffling miserably, his ears pricked up as he heard a deep feminine voice shouting.  Sasha...? Opening the door of the bathroom he was hiding in, he listened more intently- periodically interrupted by his bothered sniffer with another wet, spraying sneeze.

Hey! That sounded like... oooh!” Winter frowned, racing off to get Sasha's claws off her man in a huff.

Back in the master bedroom, Sasha felt something growing... was this it? Could it finally be... “Ah... AH... A-AAAH...” Yes, it was building... tingling... it was almost here!

“AAAHHKKTTSCHHH!” The plus-plus-plus sized lady's tingling nose let out a huge sneeze, her inner muscles clenching around the toy deep inside her, which suddenly felt a bit tighter than it had mere moments ago, expelling a cloud of purple mist from her embiggened nostrils.

This extra tension was also all she needed to finally peak, her orgasm rocking through her like a bolt, her hips thrusting up as her stomach seemed to press inwards beneath an invisible force, the power of her vaginal muscles clamping down as hard as possible.  “HHNNnnn!” Riding it out, she realized... her nose tingled almost as much as her pussy.

“HEK'TSCHH! Eh-h-HHaauuhh—HAKTSCHH!” Each sneeze was puffing out more of the purple stuff, and reducing her in size... Ben popped out with a wet squelch as her body shrank, soaked in juices and falling backwards off the bed as she continued to sneeze.

“Hey! What are you doing with---hnkgh.” As Winter burst in, confused by the scene of a normal-sized Sasha on an enormous bed and Ben climbing out of a soaked giant dildo with treads, he wrinkled his muzzle, trying to suppress yet another sneeze at the tickly sensation of some kind of purple perfume cloud.

“Hhehhhheh--- EH-EhhhHHh-”

Sasha, still riding her high, scowled halfheartedly.  “Winter, no fair...” Ben was currently in possession of an iron-hard erection, and his attention had now shifted to the effeminate, big-snooted gray fox who had entered the room, pink nostrils trembling as he sniffled against the tickly sensations and his own allergies.

“Wh-whahuhh--- ha-happened in he-heeere?” The fox, tears forming in the corners of his striking eyes, held his nose with one hand, managing to talk despite his need to sneeze.  This place looked like a disaster area... and what was up with that weird vehicle? Agh, he needed to sneeze so bad... and Ben was... oh, and Sasha was also... “Hey! Y-you were... while I wuh-huhh... D-dammit, I... HEK'TSCHHHiii!” a wad of snot and a high pitched whistle came from Winter's nose as he finally lost to his sneeze, rubbing his nose which was slowly starting to tingle... and feel heavy... and... wh-what? “Huh? H----huh?!” His vision was partially blocked by his nose – that was normal – but it didn't usually take up half his field of view.

Ben was staring at him with a look of hunger... it made him feel happy, and a little warm in his belly, so he wandered over to the bed where Sasha was now playing with herself, slowly and softly touching her breasts, rolling her nipples, squeezing her thighs as she rolled onto her side and petting her sex.  She looked like she'd just had the ride of her life and was enjoying the afterglow.  She definitely made him sneeze so she could get alone time! That tricky...  grrr.  Winter's ears went flat as he stared at her disdainfully.

He was going to give her a piece of his mind when Ben's hand turned the fox's face back towards the object of his affection, sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread  wide.  Winter gave a soft little moan in his throat.

“Winter, it looks like we got our hands on something special... it uh...” The girly fox noticed that his wolf's eyes were glued to his nose, and raised his hands again to poke at it – it was... what the heck? It was so big!

“It looks like some kind of growth potion?”

The wetness welling up in Winter's eyes redoubled, his lip trembling as he whined.

“No! My stupid nose was big enough alreah—hh--ah--” His nostrils flared, and the red wolf licked his lips, gently taking Winter's rising muzzle in his hands, and guiding him down... until that big pink sniffer was insistently rubbing against the wolf's length, making him buck and writhe as the fox tried to rub, rub, rub the tickle away.

“Nghahh... B-ben I g-gotta snee... sneee—hEEE---HEEEEEETTTTTCHHHHHshhhii!” if he thought he'd had issues controlling his nose before, it was even worse now.  His oversized, oversensitive nose blasted out a long, thick rope of slime up Ben's stomach, the wolf watching Winter's nostrils flaring on either side of his cock.  It was enough to make a man lose his mind.

“H-hooh... Winter don't look at m- don't give me that look.  D-don't... snee--- A-ahh... HHH! Ngkh...” The wolf began to twitch, a tightness in the root of his cock leading to a powerful contraction at this attention to his most sensitive area, pressure giving way to utter relief as he expelled several ropes of white sticky cum onto and over Winter's head, leaving a gleaming trail up the fox's oversized muzzle and between his eyes.  Shuddering, he fell back onto the bed with a huff, and Sasha flopped over to grasp for his hand, both of their eyes closing in satisfaction.

Winter was left horny, confused, and incredibly sneezy, kneeling there at the foot of the bed.  “Whh-what!? What am I supposed to--- AATCHHHHOOO!”


Commission Cave / Story commissions open.
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Hey there.  I wanted to let everyone know I am opening up for story commissions again.

My rates are $40 per 1000 words.  No, that doesn't mean that a 1001 word story will be $80.  Paypal... I will also accept art trades for stories! Love me some collaborative works.

Uh... PM me, or you can reply here if you want.  I'll try to keep up on checking it.  I'll write basically anything you want.  SFW/NSFW.  Nothing with kids.  I'd rather not work with anyone underage because that's a WHOLE kettle of fish.

Examples of my work are all over the place. 

Trying to write more, so I hope you'll consider me.  :)

Commission from PollenPLover give her a visit! Get some commissions! I quite like how this came out.  Her expressions are spot on.

Characters are my elephant Anne and her horse/pegasus Amber.

Art, Art, and Art! / [F + Elephant + Mature + Explicit] Trunk-job mishap
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Oops... she didn't think that would happen.  Commission with rando characters.  Was convinced to share, I didn't think anyone would be interested, so if you like it, leave a comment.  Because I have more stuff and I need to know if it's worth posting haha


Story I wrote a while ago.  Didn't feel confident about posting it, but recently I've just felt like posting again.  Protagonist is a friend's character, Kashir.  There is also a cat.  Kashir the smith has a rather frustrating day!  Enjoy, and let me know what you think! I want to write more stuff to share.  Next one is probably... a follow-up to this human/elephant roommate thing I wrote last year.

Updated: Added the species tags to the subject even though it makes it super long lololol


Kashir – Itchy Trunk Day

It was hot as always near the forge, but Kashir was thankfully dry as any sweat quickly evaporated.  His apron was thick, as well as his gray skin, so he barely even felt the occasional spark that bounced off him.  Holding a piece of glowing iron up before his eyes, his strong trunk wrapped around a pair of tongs.  Smithing was easy when you had three hands...

The elephant's trunk crinkled, scrunching up towards his face as he sniffed, always a wet-sounding affair as his moist nostrils flared a bit, releasing a small droplet of runny fluid onto the back of his hand as he scrubbed and rubbed against his trunktip, nostrils squelching and a feeling of incredibly relief running through his head.  “Nnh-hhaah-aaahhhh,” He groaned happily, that sensation that only scratching an itch can give.  He almost let the piece fall, but luckily recovered in time.  His trunk was just so itchy today, it hadn't been giving him a moment's peace.

“Hopefully you can behave long enough for me to finish this order...” He muttered, eyes fixed upon the sinuous gray length.  But it seemed another distraction was on its way, albeit in a much more welcome form than a tingling, wriggling trunk.

The distraction in question peeked in through the door to Kashir's shop, eyes widening in the gloom of the smithy after being out in the bright morning sun.  A sandy-furred feline padded in silently, her attire suggestive of a career on the road, hard leather and bits of chain adorned with a belt of tools and weapons.  Although the elephant's trained eyes could see that armor was on the verge of falling apart, and in dire need of repair.

“Excuse me...” the cat's voice was soft and silky, the tone of someone who wants to ask for a favor.

His nostrils flared, a tickle surfacing before he could respond.  He really did not need a cat today... but work was work.

“Can you take an emergency order, sir?”

“S-sir? Do I look that old? I swear it's just the wrinkles...” gently putting down the piece he was working on- he'd need to start over now, anyway- Kashir plodded over to the feline.  He was realizing that she was quite beautiful, beneath all that road dirt.

“I might be able to, but it won't be cheap.” he came to rest just a short distance from her, rubbing his hands on a rag.  “I'm Kashir, the local smith as you may have guessed.  Traveled far?”

She reached out a hand to shake, his hand dwarfing hers.  “Envir.  So pleased to make your acquaintance.  But... you know, times are tough.  How much money are we talking? I do really need the repair...” As if to punctuate her remark, the left clasp on her breastplate popped off at that moment, the metal bursting with a Spang!.

They both stared at each other for a moment.  “I really need the repair.” She repeated, now showing a bit more fur than before, along with the beginnings of a very curvaceous slope being hidden by plates and hardened leather.  Typically those of the feline persuasion were lithe, thin... this was not the case with Envir, as she began removing her armor.

“And I really don't want to pay... with money.” She slowly reached out to stroke the back of her hand down Kashir's trunk, moving in close even as he tried to back away- not wanting to get that fur any closer to his nose, but also not wanting to give it away.

“Are you s-s-hh-heh...” He gave a single scrunch of his trunk and curled it up beneath her touch, trying to resist the urge to scrub at the long, tingling organ.  “Se-heeeriously trying that? Does that actually work?”

She was dressed in a simple tunic and leggings beneath her armor, the swell of her breasts pressing at the rough fabric, a bit of white visible at the neck, leading the eye downward.

“It works sometimes...” She purred, continuing towards him, touching his arm and squeezing his muscles.  “When I find a big, strong blacksmith... who catches my eye.”

He was definitely going to sneeze all over this woman if she kept this up.  That thought, and the thought that she was just trying to rip him off, were all he needed to resist.  “Your lines seem torn from a trashy romance novel written by an amateur bard.” He moved to get some of his equipment between himself and this rather forward woman, but she lunged and pressed his arm to her chest, wrapping her arms around one of his and holding him close.

He decided to pull out his trump card... or rather his trunk card.

“L-look, I ha-happen to be sli-hii-hiightly allergic to cats...” He played up the tickle in his trunk, making it squirm and jump, sniffing loudly so she could see his nostrils wiggling and letting the hitch in his voice come through more clearly.  “I n-need to sne-he-heeh-heeze, so if you wouldn't mind letting go...” He thought that surely like most she would flee before the 'terror' of an elephant sneeze.

She seemed to weigh the options for a little, and then refused utterly.  “Nope, not going to scare me off with that trick.”  Envir remained clamped to his side, her breasts squishing against his arm quite pleasantly, forcing him to simply move over to the window in front of the back alley of his shop.  Once upon a time, it had been somewhat well traveled, but now everyone knew the risks.  The stubborn feline was dragged along with him, not having a hope of stopping the powerful elephant.

Sticking his trunk out the window, Kashir drew in a deep breath – “HH-hHheh-hhheuhh...” His trunk twitching and wiggling, not knowing where he was going to sneeze.  He covered his mouth with his free hand so as not to spray his 'guest', and she seemed a bit concerned now.

“You don't really need to sneeze though, right? You're trying to get me out of here...” she seemed unsure of herself, but she was about to learn that he was not messing around at all.  Clutching his arm a little tighter, she scooted around so she was half covered by his shoulder, watching him gasp again and again, seemingly unable to get the sneeze out.

“Hahhaa--- Hafta... G-gonna... sneeze! I … H-haAHH...” His trunk would scrunch, his nostrils flare, and then... nothing.  He was stuck in a loop.

“Nnhh... ahh... UH-hHhahh...” tears started to leak from his eyes as he sniffled and desperately tried to sneeze, a bright tingling itch irritating the very tip of his trunk, but unable to push him over the edge.  “HAAH... HAAAH... AHHHH...!” his chest was now heaving, and Envir started to feel a little sorry for him.  Reaching up to the base of the powerful snoot, she gave it a little tickle with the tips of her fingers, pushing Kashir over the edge.

The blacksmith finally, blissfully erupted with a powerful sneeze, eliciting a scream from some poor, foolish soul who was wandering in the alleyway.  When he sneezed out this window, he always made sure to try and hold back- his unrestrained sneezes, as he'd proven on many occasions, could tear apart structures and knock over trees in a straight line.  When he clenched his trunk just a certain way, he found he could spray all the force over a wider area.  It'll rattle some windows, but no more angry neighbors... unless they were irritated about the um... mess he made.  This one had been particularly itchy, but luckily he hadn't been sneezing all day already- then it would have been quite a gooey mess out there.

Sniffling and rubbing his trunk with a sigh, he huffed happily as the tingle finally left his trunk- for now.  His trunktip was a webby mess of snot, and he really needed to clean it up- not wanting to be seen in such a state.

“Aww... poor baby! You look so helpless when you sneeze!” Kashir did a double-take.

“...What? Helpless?” He looked at the cat, holding a hand over the end of his messy trunk.  She was pulling a handkerchief out from the cups of her nearly ruined armor, and took his trunk, stroking it and wiping up the mess with a surprisingly delicate touch, being careful not to let her fur touch his nostrils.

This elicited quite a blush from the large male.  His trunk was especially sensitive right now, after a huge sneeze like that.

“A-all right, I think you should clear out... just... leave your armor and I'll fix it up.  Where are you staying?” he snatched his trunk away from her, turning away to hide his blush and rummaging through his tools.

“I'm just staying at the inn down the road a bit.” He heard some clanking and the sound of heavy cloth, leather, and metal falling.  Glancing back over his shoulder, he saw the cat lady stepping out of a pile of... basically rags, tight, simple brown underwear all that adorned her well-muscled form.  She was clearly an experienced adventurer, her body fit and taut.

“You... don't have any other clothes?” he willed himself not to stare at her body for too long- that's what she wanted.

“You wouldn't make me walk back to the inn like this would you?” While she was attempting her next ploy to seduce the blacksmith and get out of paying her bill, he had already withdrawn a spare tunic and thrown it at her, draping across her form like a blanket as it was sized for him.

“Here you go.  You can bring that back tonight when you come to pick up your armor.”  he pointed toward the door, furrowing his brow and trying to look intimidating as the cat finally left, giving him a look that let him know this wasn't over.

When she had closed the door he sighed heavily.  What a troublesome customer she was going to be...

“She's not getting this for free...” He muttered, going to scoop up her armor and get to work on it.  Unfortunately for his concentration, someone else burst in just a few minutes later, not even bothering to knock.
The intruder was a stout, broad, busty dragoness.  Red scales, brown, cheap looking tunic and trousers for some reason.  Dragons were usually considered to be high class, enjoying the expensive things in life.  She was breathing heavily, as though she'd been running, and had her hands clamped over her large, reptilian muzzle – two ovals that were nearly the size of her fists were quivering beneath those red fingers, and Kashir slowly widened his eyes as he watched.

“I-I'm s-suh-suh-sorry, this was... th-the only building that dih... didn't look … f-flah... flah... flammable... I … I gotta sneeze!”

The dragon sprinted over to his forge area, gasping and hitching, her chest heaving beneath the cheap, rough fabric she was wearing.  Suddenly, it made sense.

“Hey! Don't do that in here, come on! I get it, sneezing sucks for- you're not listening are you?”

The elephant tried to get over to her and touched her shoulder as she approached, nostrils widening more and more- but maybe that wasn't the best idea in the world.  Dragons had an unfortunate reputation for having sneezes just as destructive as elephants, after all.

“AH.... HAHHH... HAAAASCHHHHHHH! HURRRASSHHHOOOO! ERRRASSCHHHHOOOO! HAH-HAH-HAHH—TTCHHHHOOOOO!” She sneezed and sneezed, flames blasting out of her gaping nostrils as her muzzle wrinkled and scrunched, fingers desperately trying to plug up the nasal explosions.

Her first sneeze was aimed down, luckily at the sandy part of the floor where he worked with hot metal, not able to catch fire for fear of the hot sparks igniting a less durable substance.  They still washed over her chest though, burning away her tunic. So this was why she wore such cheap clothes, just as he had suspected.  Tragically for Kashir, his clothes were burned away as well by her subsequent sneezes, leaving them both exposed.

“Oh my god! I'm s-so sorry, my nose was so sneezy and I couldn't hold it back – so I ran in here.  I figured a blacksmithy would be... fire-resistant, at least.  Are you ok? Are you burned?” She started running her hands over his skin, checking for injuries.

“What is wrong with everyone today...” The elephant sighed, shaking his head.  “I'm pretty resistant to heat, my skin is very thick and I burned myself every day for years learning my trade, so... I'm fine.  But now I have a naked dragon in my shop, and my clothes are all gone.  How are you going to pay for this?”

She blushed, her red scales turning an even deeper crimson.  Her eyes were not meeting his at all, but rather were locked on the dangling piece of meat between his legs.  If Kashir hadn't been having such a bad day, he might even be interested, but despite the seductive feline he'd just recently kicked out, losing his entire work outfit to a surprise fire was not doing anything for his attitude. 

“I'm sorry- I was just trying to get out of town in time... I have a cold, you see, and... I didn't bring any money...” She discreetly covered the area between her legs with one hand, trying to hold her breasts with the other.  Unfortunately for her, she needed that hand to come up and rub her itchy, running nostrils.  “I c-can come by once I'm be-be-better, if that wou-would be okaeehh... Hh... Hi... Ihaaa... I have to sn-sneeze again! I'm s-sorry!” She gasped in a deep breath, about to explode, when Kashir's hand firmly clamped down around her gaping nostrils, squeezing them shut.  Her sneeze was stifled, the surprised dragon blinking watery eyes.

“All right, I'll hold you to that... but I really do need to ask you to leave.  Especially if you're sick- if I catch your cold, I'm going to be out of business for at least a week... plus the cleanup bills the guards give me are horrendous!  Listen... here's a bucket. It can stand up to my sneezes, but I don't know how well it'll hold up to a bunch of fire.” wrapping his trunk around her snout to keep it squeezed, he put a plain iron pail in her hands.  “Just stick your nose in here, ok?”

Soot and smoke was starting to drift out of her nose now, the squeezed sneeze causing her to emit a cloud of ash.  Little particles that flew into Kashir's trunk...

As he started to empathize with the sniffly dragon, knowing how those with 'dangerous' sneezes were treated over something they couldn't control, the elephant started to feel a powerful tingle right between his eyes.

“Heh...” The dragonness, Kashir's trunk withdrawing from her snout, stuck her nose into the bucket as the urge to sneeze overwhelmed her.  The red dragon's nostrils stretched wide, feeling tight and hot as she let loose another torrent of flames- “HHHEEEEEEESHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” It was a long, drawn-out sneeze, and her flames sprayed out of the bucket, rebounding and igniting several objects along the wall behind her, unable to contain her furious sneezing.

Kashir would have sighed heavily, except that his trunk was currently scrunching up, a finger jammed beneath the thick base, trying to pinch it off and failing as the smoke and ashes teased his sensitive trunk into a torrential sneeze.  “HE-EH... Heeehhh... HEEEHHHH...” His breathing was deep and powerful, muscles rolling all across his body as he shuddered, bare form trying to contain this explosion that was building inside his trunk.  But it was no use...

From within his trunk there came an audible gurgle as a tide of nasal fluids that had been building up since this morning, exacerbated by his sneezing earlier, started to flow, dripping out of gaping dark holes that were the current form of Kashir's stretched, tortured nostrils, flecks of soot stuck to the quivering pink flesh.  His trunk seemed to compact, scrunching up and wrinkling as much as the elephant's brow as he took in one final gulp of air.

“HHHHUUUUUUHHHHH---RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOO!” a solid blast of snot fired out of his trunk, stretching out towards the flames- as he sneezed it all out, the hot, gooey mess seemed to form a solid stream as it left his flared nostrils, splattering thick and heavy all over the fires- extinguishing them as he drenched the wall of his shop with a tickly, torturous elephant sneeze.

His trunk felt so fat and heavy- bursting with snot as he staggered over to his bed, dizzy from the force of that sneeze.  “U-uhhgh... h-hey... Dragon... I'll snufffff I'll c-call it even if you... h-hh... c'mere and rub my trunk out for me... oh god... I hate it when it gets like this... you got me all sneezy...”

The dragon, whose name as-yet unmentioned was Alexis, stared wide-eyed at the wall, all the sneezes having been scared out of her virus-assailed nose.  “S-sure... sorry I uh... almost burned your shop down.” She walked over, claws clacking on the stones around the huge bed as Kashir put an arm over his eyes, laying back.  His trunk felt so bulbous and thick, moving stiffly and oozing a large quantity of his embarassingly thick and voluminous snot each time he waved it.  He pulled yet another bucket out from under his bed and lay back, waiting until he felt the pleasantly warm claws of the dragon touch his trunk, her thick, scaled tail and wide hips brushing against his side as she sat on his bed.

“Um... like this?” She ran her hands down the length of his trunk, eliciting a groan from the elephant and a happy sigh.

“Yeah... just like that... s-squeeze it a little...” She rubbed all over the long organ, milking the slime buildup from inside his trunk as it drooled into the bucket.   As Kashir relaxed, he felt the dragon's big, heavy breasts start to rub on either side of his trunk, and when he cracked open an eye, saw that she was holding his nose in her arms, squeezing it out into the bucket.  It felt heavenly as she relieved the pressure in there, making him feel tingly in ways that bratty cat earlier hadn't been able to – he realized he was still naked and quickly tossed a blanket over himself as he started to throb down below, knowing it wouldn't exactly hide what was happening but at least feeling a little modesty would be good.

Alexis peered into the end of Kashir's trunk, looking at the pink ridges within as she continued to coax the blocking mucus out like warm molasses, sniffling quietly and not noticing the tent being pitched behind her back.  She squeezed the base of his trunk one last time and firmly ran her hands down, rolling out the last of a thick wave of nasal secretions as Kashir felt his trunk return to normal size.  Usually he'd have to blow his nose for hours to get all that out... she was a big help after all.

“Well, for a problem you caused, you at least helped me fix it up.  But seriously... please leave.  I'll look forward to your next visit, with the money.  Maybe we can even have a little lunch when you stop by?” He was not terribly subtle, and the dragoness blushed.

“Sure... I'm Alexis.  It's short for something unpronounceable.”  She shook his trunk as though it were a hand, the warm, sinuous length wrapping around her palm.  “Kashir.  Until we meet again- good luck with your cold.” The elephant shook back, squeezing her arm a bit and then rolling over to hide the mast between his legs as the red scaled lady turned to leave.  Unlike his first visitor, she didn't seem too concerned by her nudity.

After some deep calming breaths and quite a bit more sneezing, the hours passed and Kashir was able to get back to work.  He had to wear his blacksmithing apron and nothing else thanks to that dragon, which was annoying, but he couldn't afford to get his street clothes covered in soot and burn holes.

He was just finishing up the armor when he heard someone else enter the shop.  His backside was totally bare and he was in the middle of some detailed work, so he just called out,  “We're closed right now, try back tomorrow.”

He heard no reply, but gasped in alarm as he felt a soft, silky hand slide along his waist beneath the heavy apron, wrapping around his still perky and sensitive cock, giving it a squeeze.  “Hey there, I'm back...” He could smell the cat and managed to not ruin her armor, putting one last finishing touch on it before spinning around.

“What is wrong with you? You can't just... get your hand out of... H-hhhuhhhnnh...” His eye twitched and he groaned, she was squeezing him now, stroking the base... quickly, his erection returned, the thick, achy elephant cock easily pushing out the apron until he just gave up and took it off, baring himself completely before Envir, the streaker cat whose armor he'd reluctantly agreed to fix up.
“Ok... fine damn it... you win... just... t-take care of this, ok?” He gestured to his iron-hard rod, already in her hands with large balls pulling up beneath it, a drizzling stream of clear pre starting to trickle out of him.

The flirty cat had obviously wanted this since she first came into his shop, and had no objections whatsoever, stroking her hands down his shaft as he moaned, and pushing her breasts together as she shed the borrowed tunic and her worn ragged underwear, sandy-coated breasts plumping up as she pushed her arms together to rest his cock on and between them, the tip poking her in the nose before she opened her maw wide and started to suck on as much as she could fit – basically only the tip.

Kashir groaned, collapsing backwards into his bed as the strength went out of his legs, seemingly sucked out through his dick.  “I-I'm not gonna last after the day I've ha—aa—Ahhnnhh...” He whined and twitched as the devilish cat took hold of his trunk, stroking it just beneath the tip as she wrapped her big tits around his pole, leaning him back and resting their heavy weight on his thighs, engulfing most of his penis with their soft, jiggling warmth.

Kashir, still thoroughly annoyed at this cat but at the end of his rope, 'accidentally' failed to warn her of what was about to happen as he felt his groin clench up, cock twitching as a heavy load of elephant cum began to rise, the elephant grunting and gasping just before he started to erupt, heavy tip twitching as he fired thick, long pulses of cum, soaking the cat's chest, face, and dribbling down her belly with each new clench of his internal muscles.  She protested, yelling at first and trying to shield her face, squirming against him until he was fully spent.  She looked upset, but Kashir just groaned and sat back with an extremely satisfied smile on his face, having gotten both what he wanted, and what he needed.

I Found Something! / [M? Fursuiter] find
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So I randomly found this, and felt it was my obligation to share.  I don't know if we already have it, but I didn't find it when I looked.

Some guy?

So... ...I commissioned this from Alrek.  I guess I'll just let it speak for itself aside from a brief description.

It's Bullzeye from this old 90s show Extreme Dinosaurs... because I think he has a really good nose.

And as you may or may not know if you've read my work, I'm basically a huge pervert, so I added a wardrobe malfunction.  Enjoy!

Oh.  Looks like I need to get smaller image files to upload them all.  I'll just put the first page here for now.

Edit: Aaaand there's the other two.

Put that Explicit tag on there just to be safe, but there's no sex.  SO YEAH... I uh... I wrote some weird shit.  Honestly I don't know what... really... this is?  Elephant, Bat, Horse.

Let me know what you think.  Seriously, this just kind of... came out of my fingers when I put them on the keyboard.  I'm not sure if I know what to call this.



Normally if one found a bowl of strange white and brown powder in the common room of one's dorm, even if it did have a label, it would not be approached.  However, some people just have no common sense.  This was the case for Sarah, Alice, and Derrick as they sat around it in a triangle.

“What is it?” Asked Derrick, a tall draft horse with a messy mane that hung into his eyes, a thin frame unusual for his species, but well earned through years of apathetic exercise avoidance.  Shaggy feathering on his wrists and ankles and massive hooves were about the only giveaways, baggy tshirts and cargo shorts concealing most of him.

Alice, a fruit bat with a lovely yellow turtleneck stretched over a round chest stacked atop a round belly and round hips – one might think she was trying to emulate a fruit herself – picked up the little sign near the bowl and replied, “Well, this says it's some kind of science experiment for the guys over in Ritter? But... honestly, I'd think this is more some kind of social experiment.  You know all the science and psych guys are always doing this stuff.”

Sarah, who would seem to be a combination of the two, both very tall and very well rounded, as suited an elephant, investigated further.  “They want us to write down what we think it smells like? I don't smell anything... I mean, if I can't smell it, can anyone?” She waved her trunk around, thick and supple, nostrils the size of other people's hands twitching as she inhaled.

Derrick reached up to scratch his head, wondering aloud, “Maybe you just have to get close to it? I dunno, this is really weird.  I have no idea what this is, why would I sniff it?”

Of course, even as he dismissed this odd situation, Sarah, who may have been just a tad lacking in conventional wisdom, had already lowered the broad tip of her trunk, which was a very soft, cute pink color, closer to the bowl and was sniffing at it.

“Hmm... I still don't smell anythehh-- H-HEEH! HEH! HEAAAAAAAH-” Her friends barely even had a chance for their hearts to jump into their throats as the huge elephant's face went slack, then tensed- her eyes slowly shutting as she struggled to keep them open, her breasts raising as her lungs filled with air, her back bending with the need to inhale more, creased lines wrinkling across her brow near the base of her trunk as it curled up and scrunched... “HEEEEAAAHHTCHHHHHOOOOO!” Sarah sneezed one of her famously powerful sneezes, trunk snapping down and completely vaporizing the powder that had been in the bowl, sending the container itself flipping through the air.  A huge gust hit Alice and Derrick, blowing the mane out of the horse's eyes and driving their chairs back, scraping across the floor.

The room was instantly hazy, a fine particulate getting into everything after Sarah's sudden, unrestrainable sneeze had dispersed the mystery powder into the room. 

“I'm so, so sorry you guys – thank god that was a small one, but all of a sudden my trunk just had such a huge tickle in it! It was on fire- I couldn't hold on at all!” Sarah huffed and puffed, gasping after expelling so much air.  This, of course, was a huge mistake... not that she could have avoided it.  The powder in the air entering her trunk once again ignited the length of it, her nostrils tingling and twitching with a slow, insidious itch.

“M-my truh-trunk... wh-what is this stuff!?” She was about to gasp in another enormous breath, probably to let out even more destructive sneezes, but she felt two warm, comforting grips shutting off her nostrils, rubbing at them.  Her friends were used to this... Sarah had terrible control for someone with such outrageously oversized sneezes.

“Euugh, I think I can feel it... it's all gritty!” Alice squirmed, rubbing her own flat, front-facing nose with her free hand, the exposed membranes already seriously sensitive to her many allergens.  Even Derrick was scrubbing his face with his wrist.

“We should get outta here guys... I... uh... o-oh god, that... that ITCHES!” the horse began to scrub his nose even more fiercely, feeling the same deep kind of itch as the others, one that seemed to be settling in and slowly raising in intensity.  The kind of itch that one couldn't help but scratch and scratch, making the horse moan with that satisfying feeling of relieving an itch, while at the same time only intensifying the irritation.

“Ha-HA-HATCHHHUUH!” Derrick ended up sneezing as well, one of his legs kicking up and then stomping the ground in a strange reflexive motion, his wide brown nares shimmering with moisture and twitching with aggravation.

Neither Alice nor Derrick noticed Sarah's twitching face, her trunk's growing restlessness, or felt the tremors and twitches beneath their fingers.  They were both preoccupied, so it was easy to miss.

The fruit bat blushed as she felt a sneeze brewing – even though these two knew her, she was always totally mortified by her huge, messy sneezes.  While not nearly as harmful as Sarah's trunk, her wide-slitted upturned nostrils always projected straight ahead, to no end of embarassment.  Letting go of her friend's trunk, she cupped both hands around her own nose and sneezed desperately, trying to alleviate this itch.

“Hih-IHTSCHHHXX! Heh-NNGTHKKTTT! EEEHHTSCHHHHHH...!” Her sneezes always sounded heavy, wet and congested as her nose sprayed thick sheets of slime into her cupped hands, a softly audible dripping sound as droplets hit the floor, leaving Alice's hands and face a messy web of snot.  “I... I deed a dissue...” She snorted miserably, just before Sarah exploded.

“Guys... Gu-guuuysss... wh-where'd you go—ah---I … I got-t-ta.... s-snee—sneee... It's too bih—hih--- it's too bigu-uUHH... G-GHHHUUUUUH....!” Sarah's massive trunk seemed to vacuum up all the remaining floating powder in the room, what hadn't already settled in, and her eyes squeezed out tears as her nostrils tinged a bright red, the elephant huffing and puffing as her body screamed at her to pull in more and more air, air enough to fuel this truly elephantine sneeze.

“GhhHEEEHH--- G-GUNNA SNEE—EH--EEHH-- EEEAAAAAAAAH--- TTTSCCHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!” She seemed to shake with the effort, the woman bending over double as her trunk rose high into the air, then swung down, blasting a huge cone of destruction as it went.  The common room's windows were shattered, the elephant's very core seeming to rush out of her trunk as the intense sensation ran through her, making her sneeze and sneeze, push out what must be thousands of pounds of pressure in the form of a hot, sneezy gust of wind that blew most of the furniture out of the window, scattering it across the campus for miles.  Luckily, all of the rest of the strange substance went with it.  It was over.

“Aaaagh... I'm gonna get in t-truh-... oh no, my trunk... it still itches...!” The big woman stuffed her trunk down her tank top, squeezing her hands around the thickest part, rubbing it while she let the tip scrub against her own collarbone, trying not to sneeze any more.

Alice was the first to realize exactly what this stuff was- Her nose, gunked up as it was, still itched.  Her chest was starting to itch, and her hands- the thin membranes of her wings... anywhere her fur was thin and her skin was sensitive, it seemed.

“Ih-Ihd's itchig bowder! W-who would DO disthsxx...” She really, really needed to clean up... her body was starting to itch so intensely she couldn't stand it, but she couldn't scratch with all this mucous on her hands... “S-SHOWERS!” suddenly she darted out of the room, Sarah crashing after her, Derrick coming as well, the horse using one hand to scrub his broad equine snout, both nostrils running and quivering, and the other scratching at his groin, not even caring that he was in public.  It was just too much.  His running was severely impacted as his hands had to rotate around, savagely digging into and scratching at his scalp, his neck, his arms and his ass, the powder getting into everything.

Unfortunately for them, these dorms had individual sized bathrooms, and all but one was in use.  In  fact, someone wrapped in a towel was heading for that one, but seeing the crazed look in the trio's eyes as they stampeded down the hallway, the llama screamed and ducked back into her room.  Once they'd all crammed in and locked the door, there was only a moment's hesitation, some mild blushes exchanged as they stared at the rather small shower... then another twinge of that awful burning itch drove Derrick to break the tension, screaming and stripping wildly, shorts hitting Alice in the face – she used the opportunity to wipe herself off, mentally apologizing to the big horse.

Sarah followed suit while Alice was cleaning herself up, soon a mountain of clothes from the two plus-size individuals lay on the floor and the water was on full blast.

“Hey, get off! I'm going first, you sneezed that stuff all over me! It's in my maaaane!” Derrick whined as the voluptuous elephant squeezed into the shower with him, both of them using more than their share of the available space as the elephant managed to turn the hot water on with her trunk, Derrick distracted by digging his fingers deep into the soft brown cheeks of his ass, blushing as his wet mane thankfully covered up most of his face as he realized that his package was swinging in the wind, lightly slapping against Sarah's thigh as the busty woman's tits were shoved into the horse's face.

Alice froze for a moment, but soon realized there really was no choice as she tore off her bra, right breast jiggling madly as her fingers worked to scratch at her underboob, the powder's effect seeming to intensify over time.  The smallest of the three, she squeezed herself in, somehow, slamming the glass shower door shut.  Her plump rear was pressing against it, Sarah's hips occupying an entire corner and Alice's chest comfortably resting against Derrick's groin.  Arguments quickly broke out, arguments that would make most people blink in disbelief if they could be overheard- they all had water flowing over them, but that only seemed to wash the powder away, not reverse its effects.

“Let me get my trunk under the f-faucet-- I'm gonna s-sn-sneeze again if I c-ah-ahh... if I can't... w-wash it out!”

“Alice! Your tits are too big- I can't reach my balls! Oh god they itch so fucking baaaaad!”

“My butt! I can't reach my butt- Sarah, move over! Derrick, move your arm!”

The squabbling continued for a little while, each one of the trio trying to service their own needs above all, until another sneeze from Sarah brought it together that they should really cooperate in some way...

“GH-hhehh... H-HE-HEHHH...” The elephant gasped, her lungs expanding and smacking Derrick's head back against the tiles as his chest was struck by her much more sizable one, forcing him up against the wall.  As he was pushed away, poor Alice was more... engulfed by Sarah's cleavage, her height putting her head at probably the worst position.  A muffled cry emanated from between the rolling gray hills, all three much too squished together to be able to reposition.

“Don't suffocate Alice and don't sneeze! Not in here- you might take out the whole thing!” Derrick felt around where his hands could still reach until he found her trunk, and began to gently pinch it shut, as well as massage and rub at her soft, itchy nostrils, spreading them with his thumbs.  He couldn't reach much, or see what he was doing, but he did have access to a certain amount of mid-region between the three of them.

“H-HAeh—Aeehh---hh-haa--- r-right the—there--- y-yeah--- I... Hh... whoooohhh...” The elephant deflated, Alice reappearing, flushed red to the tips of her ears. 

“Ok, we need to coordinate here.” She stated, eyes flicking down to her bust every few seconds, feeling something wet and hot squirming against her.  “Or we're all going to go insane, and Sarah's going to sneeze us to kingdom come.”  The bat was going out of her mind just like the others, unable to scratch these unbearable itchy spots.  “Can somebody... reach my butt?” Her arms were pinned in front of and below her chest, her ass pressed up firmly to the glass of the shower door.  She felt Derrick move a bit, and then felt the true bliss that only scratching a deep, maddening itch can provide as his fingers sunk into the plush softness of her rear, lightly dragging his nails over the sensitive skin and short fur. “H-hhaaahh...” She made a happy little noise of relief, leaning forward a bit and resting her face between the elephantine tits of her sometimes troublesome friend Sarah.

“S-still need to s-sneeze, but... it's g-going away... ke-keep rubbing, Derrick... yeah... ahhh...” Sarah also had a somewhat more relaxed expression as the horse continued to scrub her itchy nostrils until they began to make a wet, squishy noise.

“That's all well and good, but what about me? Please, someone has to scratch my-” He didn't have to finish saying it, the short, plump bat had already slid her palm up to cup the tall horse's itchy nuts, feeling the little stripe of thicker fur that ran up them as her fingers very gingerly began to run along them, listening to his little moans and advice of “Higher... i-in back, just feel for the smooth sp-- y-yeah, ah...”

Alice felt her nose wiggling again, gasping lightly for air as her mouth hung open, little fangs glistening in the light - “Ah... h-hah... ih—ih--” but unfortunately for her, nobody was able to assist her.  Snapping her head forward, she sneezed a thick, gooey mess into Sarah's cleavage, her flat snout resting against the giant woman's solar plexus as she released, “HeeTSCHHGgghhh... E-EITSCHHxxx!” sounding as thick as ever.

“Ah! Alice! Gross!” The elephant objected, trying to shift her torso so that more water would trail between her breasts and wash away the messiness.

“I'b so soddy, I … I g-gah... gan'd sdop... s-deezingh--- GEHTSCHHhuuu!” Another wet mist sprayed the elephant, Alice's dark-furred breasts quivering and shaking against Derrick with every sneeze, leading to another new problem.  A rather large problem.

The water had been doing a good job... things were winding down.  Sarah looked down with a chortle, lightly slapping her trunk against the draft horse's face.  “I guess not all of you is scrawny, huh?” She felt a constant, low-grade tingling in her trunk, but didn't feel like she had to imminently, desperately sneeze anymore...

“S-shut up! It's a totally normal reaction- look at what's happening! I can't help it...” The tall horse was pouting as his cock continued to rise up and up, thickening and twitching its way up through Alice's cleavage, the tight quarters making him feel squeezed by her chest.  For her part, the bat didn't especially mind – except that he'd now risen up to the point where the tip was poking her nose, right between her sore, itchy, flared nostrils.

“Heehh... Aeeehhh...”

Derrick's eyes went wide.  “Hey, no.  No, come on, I'm sorry, please-”

It wasn't like Alice was doing it deliberately, or had a choice... “Hih---IITSCHHHH! EEIITSCHHHH! HEEHHZCHHHHXX!” She sneezed repeatedly, jiggling around the horse even as he looked on in horror, moaning, “Nnoooooo...” with tears in his eyes and a defeated look on his face, Alice's nose bursting with thick strands of slime that webbed up his cock, her chest, his groin... it was a good thing they were in a shower.  Meanwhile, Sarah loomed above them, laughing until a twinge of irritation from her volumnious breasts made her pause.

“Erf...” She was able to move her right arm, because Alice was on her right- and she was short enough that the elephant could cup and scratch her needy flesh, the itch travelling across the underside and up to her nipple, all of which she scratched, squeezed, and rubbed.  Her left, however, was stuck.  She had to conscript Derrick.

“Derrick, ignore that and help me out! Boob duty! You! Now!”

The defeated horse lifted his right hand, squeezed between them, and rubbed her breast as best he could.  This continued on for some time, until they had run out of hot water and were forced to get out.

Back in Sarah's room – it was the largest – the three were hanging around, not daring to put their clothes back on for fear that some powder still lingered.  It was all going straight into  the laundry.  Alice was apologizing to Derrick furiously, who was biting his lip and squirming for some reason. Sarah was blowing her nose continuously, and getting out some lotion she thought might help.

“I'm going to find whoever put that shit in the common room and I'm going to sit on him,” The elephant promised, a dark look across her face.

“M-murder isn't the answer!” Chimed in Alice.  “It was a mean-spirited prank, but you got rid of all the evidence, so...” she shrugged helplessly, shivering and cupping her arms in her hands, trying to wrap her wings around her body.  It was chilly when one was nude.

“I really didn't want to have to bring this up, but it's... not going away.  Have you guys noticed? It's like it... targetted the easiest areas first, but now it's... it feels like I'm going to itch forever.  And I think some of it got on my...” Derrick had been sulking in the corner of Sarah's bed, squirming since they got back.  At these words, the large elephant began laughing again.

“Oh my god, 'my cock itches'? Is that what you're going to say? That's a totally lame line, Derrick!”

“It's not a line! Shut your face hole... what about you?! Making me scratch your huge stupid tits and keep your trunk from blowing a hole in the bathroom!” the two began throwing small objects at each other, Sarah grinning and laughing as she flung socks, pillows, and wadded-up tissues which Derrick reacted to with horror, snatching her large bra and using it as a sling to catch and return the projectiles- until the pillow, of course.   That just creamed him and he flopped over.

The bat, Alice, just watched with a small smile, glad that everyone was feeling a lot better after their strange ordeal.  “I do kind of know what Derrick is getting at, though.  It got into... everywhere.  All the nooks and crannies, you know? It's so... embarrassing...” she shifted as the sound of her nails scratching against her damp fur was evident, clawing at her neck, her rear, her back... this stuff was seriously annoying, leaving them itchy even after they'd washed so thoroughly.

“Well, I guess I can help you guys out... if you ask really nicely.  Also, keep your contaminated clothes in the corner.  I guess you can wear my shirts... Alice, my shirt will probably cover your whole body, and Derrick... well... you're just kind of scrawny, dude.  At least it'll hang down to your crotch, maybe? You should cover that thing, with us innocent maidens around.”

Squeezing his legs shut and covering his lap with the pillow he'd been clocked with, Derrick muttered under his breath about everyone being jerks.

Alice's ears perked up, a shirt sounded nice.  She was cold... “But what do you mean help us out?”

“I think you know... I mean, I haven't got enough limbs to get all my itchy places, and I've got an extra.” She waggled her trunk.  Surely she couldn't be suggesting...


And then I guess I have an idea for them to keep doing weird stuff.  But I wanted to put that in a separate story for people who don't like that kind of thing.  So... might be continued if anyone but me likes this nonsense.

Commission Cave / Story suggestions welcome
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Not sure if this is exactly the place? (FS help me out here if it doesn’t belong) but I’m seeking inspiration. I’ve been getting involved in the community again after a while because I love you guys, and I’m wanting to write more.

Obviously I’m not promising to do it, but if you’d like to leave an idea here feel free. I’ve also been getting into what I like to think of as cooperative storytelling, so if any artists would be interested in working to make a story that has images or wants me to write a story to go along with something they drew, feel free to drop a line.

I’ve had some issues with commissions in the past, so I’m not really looking to exchange my writing skills for money, but I guess that isn’t entirely off the table. Let’s try this first and see what happens. Just to reiterate, I’m not saying if you leave an idea here I will definitely do it.  Maybe I should call it the inspiration board?

Writer's Den / [F + Anthro + Allergies + Wolf] Terri Mowing
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Erudi recently inspired me to write something clean and wholesome for a change.  Also involving canines.  So I did a thing... that might become a series? We'll have to see if it's any good.  I can see like... 'Terri Gardening' and 'Terri Dusting', things like that.  Basically I wanted to create a character who tends to mess everything up due to large sneezes.


Terri was almost finished mowing the lawn when a deep tingling sensation blossomed from what felt like the inside of her face.

“Mrr...” she whined, staring at the large, gray and white muzzle that protruded before her eyes, her big, wet nose twitching a bit before she refocused on avoiding lawn obstacles such as stones, trees, and flower beds.  Her pointed ears flapped down for a moment and then back up as she narrowly avoided crashing one of the riding mower's wheels into a rock formation that outlined the boundary between lawn and garden. “Eep!”

Back on track again, the wolf sighed and blinked, trying to clear the tears that were welling up in her eyes.  “Haeh...” No, there was no fighting it at this point... she was almost done, too! It wasn't fair.  Cut grass smelled so good, why did it have to make her sneeze?

“Aaaah...!” her chest thrust out, overalls covering a plain white cotton tee, little fragments of grass and other vegetation resting here and there.  Raising an arm in front of her face, Terri tried to press her snout against the crook of her elbow, feeling her cold and wet nose press into the fur there just in time for her body to convulse, paws lifting up and then slamming down onto the deck of the mower, one hand clenching the wheel as her eyes squeezed shut and -

“CHHEEEESHHHHeeehh!” she sneezed hard, spray flying from her lips around the shielding arm and nose leaving a long wet trail on her fur as her nostrils flared and twitched open, sniffing a bit as she felt some runniness following her sneeze.

“Bleeeh, it's all over my arm...” She tried not to think about it as she continued mowing, but before long the sweet scent of grass and the stuffy tingling feeling built up again.

“H-HHEHh-eh...!” Her chest heaved, and she adopted a dazed expression, that burning feeling of needing to sneeze but somehow not quite being able to grasp it filling her snout.

“HAEH... AEEHH...” She puffed and gasped, nose wrinkling as her nares twitched again, nearly there.  “S-So... C-cluh-hoo-hose...” She whined again, the wolf rubbing her nostrils and becoming more and more filled with the need to sneeze.  “G-gah-hahtta sne-eeze...” shutting her eyes with a tormented, miserable expression she tried to breathe deeply, but was unable to regulate it and ended up gasping, wheezing and letting out each breath, until finally, blissfully, she managed to bring that tickle to a peak.

“HHHHHHHAAAAAHH...” Like a fire finally gathering enough air to ignite, she burst with a spray of wind and wetness, “-SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHUUUU!”  sniffling, she sighed, rubbing her nose with an audible squelch as she felt a strong sense of relief, her body having bent forward and misting her mower as she pushed out all the built up air in her lungs. “Oh gosh, that was a big- WHOOP!”

With a clonk and a groan, the klutz ran her mower right into a tree, breaking the deck and causing her to shut her eyes again as she shut off the busted machine.  “Aw, man...”

Snuffling as she wiped her broad nose with the back of her hand, the wolf headed for the garage to see if she still had any spare parts from the last time she'd sneezed... and run into a rock.

Her tail hanging low as she strode away, another gasping “H-HA-HAAATCHHHHHHIIEW!” could be heard, a cloud of mist gently sinking towards the ground as the wolf sneezed yet again.

So yeah here's some more trashy elephant sneezing stuff.  I was going to make it longer, and have all this sexy stuff in it, but... I don't know.  Somehow, it didn't seem BETTER for what I was adding.

I cut the part with the sex for now, but I might add it on later as a part 2 if I find a good way to make it work... So at the moment it's kind of a giant teasy cliffhanger!


Elephant x Human College thing – Craig and Donovan

Donovan's cracked, baleful eye pierced the luminous red numbers hanging at 7:59 to the side of his bed.  Any moment now, that accursed wail would try to wrest him from his warm cocoon, where he had, as usual, somehow woken up just before his alarm, tightly wadded in blankets, a body pillow stuffed between his legs and propping up his chin.  Slowly, cautiously, he uncoiled his long, lanky body, muscles creaking with stiffness and stretching gloriously after having been curled up all night – a position he always seemed to end up in, tightly curled and tangled in his bedclothes.

Quick as a striking snake, he slapped the button on top of the alarm clock just as it started to cry out, BEE- and was silenced.

Then, his morning ritual completed, he relaxed a bit, and let his eyes blink open more, the ambient sounds of the small dorm room coming together.  Across the room snored his lumbering roommate, Craig.  The snoring... well, hopefully it was nothing, but oftentimes when Craig was snoring it meant something was up with his trunk...

Craig was an elephant, and his massive form was draped across his bed more than he was laying in it.  His trunk was dangling off the side a bit, and Donovan watched it closely as the big guy breathed.  Continuing his appraisal, he noticed that Craig was also... well... seriously erect.  Damn.

It happens – you live with a guy for a few years, you're gonna see some stuff after all.  Donovan was no stranger to morning wood, it was something all guys had to deal with... he knew he shouldn't stare, but the way that the elephant's blankets just tented up like that was simply incredible.  Maybe one of these days he'd finally get the courage to ask if... heh, no way that would happen.

Ignoring his silenced alarm, Donovan felt himself staring despite himself.  That was a morning redwood.  It was a pillar, hidden tantalizingly behind thin sheets.  Craig's cock had to be at least a tight fist's circumference, and it was standing so proud right now it must top a foot... something no woman could ever appreciate, no doubt.  Well... maybe an elephant's pussy was just a lot bigger? He'd never really given it much thought. 

The elephant gave a particularly loud snore, and Donovan knew he should get up... Craig'd be up before too long... heh, not that he wasn't already up.  The tall human chuckled softly to himself, smothering his laughter in his pillows.

Come to think of it... not like he was always paying attention to it or anything, but... Craig had seemed to have quite a lot of 'early rises' lately... poor guy was in the middle of exams, he probably hadn't been able to uh... well, come to think of it, Donovan had always been in the room lately, so... hm.  Yeah.

Speaking of leaving the room and biology, he quietly slithered out of bed, into his robe and shower slippers, and went to get certain morning rituals taken care of.

When he got back, his roommate was still sleeping soundly, which wasn't out of the ordinary.  Some people don't like waking up before noon, after all, and Craig was one of them.  Well, maybe he wasn't quite that bad.

In fact, the beast seemed to be stirring! Hide the children! Donovan snorted at this absurd thought, watching his roommate awaken as he sank back onto his bed, damp hair getting flicked back as he drew his robe tighter.

“Mmnffhh... snf... hh... nnnnnnh.”  With creaks and groans from his bed, the elephant made himself partially vertical, his earlier raging erection having gone down to a simple bulge, which was pretty much unavoidable for a guy as big as Craig.  Rubbing the tip of his trunk with the palm of his hand, he blinked in the morning light and yawned, reaching with his other hand for a pair of those tight silky boxers he tended to enjoy.

Maybe it was just his currently overactive imagination, but he could have sworn he saw a little shiver run through the big male's frame as he tugged the fabric up – perhaps an enticing little swipe across sensitive regions...

“Morn'n dude.  M... yeah, m'gonna sneeze...” Craig's rough morning voice rumbled out to Donovan, warning of the impending disaster.  “Trunk's all... itchy.” He blinked again, slowly, and squirmed over to the window that his bed was pressed up against.  Small room, and Craig really needed the windows more.  There was one right by his head – he slid it open and lay on his side, sticking his trunk out. 

A tall llama lass stood on the front lawn of the dorm, having set up her laundry there to dry.  She waved up, calling out, “Morning, Craig!” He gave her a shaky wave back with his trunk.  She was a strange, bubbly woman who was always ready for the mornings.  Taking a few steps back, she waited for the inevitable – her own quick-dry laundry service.

Craig had a mild fur allergy, which is why he and Donovan had been placed together for rooming.  The elephant's enormous sneezes would have caused a bit of a problem if he had a roommate he was allergic to, and the administration had been kind.

His trunk wiggled and twitched, nostrils flaring as the mild tingle that had bothered him into awakening spread slowly up the length of his sinuous snout, taking its sweet time and making Craig's eyes water.

After a bit of awkward silence, Donovan spoke up, rising to walk over.  “Feeling sneezy, huh? That uh... that's rough, first thing in the morning.”

Turning his head a bit, Craig just blinked as his roommate sidled over to his desk and sat down, a little nearer than he had been.  “Um... yeah... it's a slow one, pretty annoying.” What a weird thing to say, though.  Craig sneezed all the time, and yeah, he had to be careful about it, but it wasn't like it was a new thing... he froze for a second.  Did Don know about his little... issue? No, he couldn't... he was lying on his side with his back to him, there's no way he knew... that the tingling itch that crawled through his sensitive trunk often made him react... downstairs.

It was a very sensitive organ! And when he rubbed it... it just felt so fantastic.  He was preventing himself from doing so now, wanting to get this sneeze out... sneezing felt even better.  It didn't happen every time, but now, when he was all warm from sleeping, still in bed... oh god he was getting the biggest, hardest erection just thinking about it.

From Donovan's new point of view, he saw Craig shift a little bit, and... did he seem to be blushing? But then he had to cross his legs, because the elephant finally started to gasp in earnest, his boding tensing up as he clutched his bedclothes and pillows – he had a body pillow to prevent his huge body from banging into the wall next to his bed constantly, and he had a death grip on it right now - “AH.... H-hhAHH... Oh... g-gonna sn-snee-hee... I got... Gota-ah-ah... gottasneeeheeee---”
He began to mutter, almost seeming to plead with his trunk to let him sneeze as his forehead wrinkled in the cutest (What was that?) way, trunk scrunching up and shivering as it started rising from where it had rested against the outside of the building.

Outside, Kelly looked pleased.  Craig was so reliable – she could see his nostrils quivering from here, he was definitely going to sneeze.  And then her laundry would be dry! In under five minutes.  What a great lifehack.

Back up in the room, Don was making quite an interested face, one might say he was rapt as he stared at his roomie.  Strangely, he was still gasping for breath, then letting it out, then gasping deeply again...

“EHH... HH-hHAH... hh.. HHUUH... Nnhgh... HH-HAAAH.... fuck!” He growled, his trunk flopping around against the side of the window as he struggled to sneeze, feeling like his trunk was a burning fuse that stubbornly avoided burning all the way down.  There was that special spot deep in the base of his trunk, that prickly feeling he felt just before he sneezed... and it wasn't there! It was just itchy as hell!

“Um... you all right?” Craig heard his friend's voice right behind him, but he was trapped in a loop of nearly-sneezing and could only try to stammer out a reply.

“C-cah-can't sn-HEHE... sneeze! It's... ah... AH... AH...! FUCK! It's st-stuh-huuuh... hUuUUUh... ngk... I need to sneeze dammit! Agh!” he tried rubbing the tip of his trunk, but that only made the tickle back down even more, creating a maddening buzz in his nostrils.  Just when he accepted that he was going to be trapped in this hell forever, he felt something touch his trunk right near the base.  Through watery eyes he saw Donovan's finger lightly stroke toward his forehead, creating an enormous tickle and making his trunk quiver and bend into a tight S-bend, just before he received a few sharp taps from that soft, warm finger.

“GHUUUUUH...” He felt himself lose control of his body entirely as he filled his lungs to bursting, then immediately thrust out his trunk and bent forward, sneezing as hard as he could, blasting the front lawn with waves of high pressure air and wind, which exactly one person enjoyed thoroughly as she watched her laundry billow and held herself against the powerful wind.

“TTTTCHHHHHHHHH-HOOOOOOOOO!” blessed relief... finally... his head swimming, Craig rolled onto his back, panting, his eyes shut as he gasped for breath, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing some more at his trunk, so glad to be rid of that awful itch that he failed entirely to remember that he was currently pitching the biggest tent in the building, his silky boxers stretched tight over his bound cock, straining upward, yearning to be free so it could tower over its domain.  The curve of his balls was visible as well, the undergarments being stretched so tight they pretty much didn't hide anything, the tip of his dick peeking out of his waistband, a little shiny pink head dripping a fat bead of pre.

After a few moments of peace and bliss, Craig remembered this situation when his cock throbbed and twitched, reminding him of its presence.  “Ohfuck” his eyes jolted open and he snatched at his blankets, swiftly rolling over to hide it.

“Hah, uh, sorry about that man, I didn't mean... Uh... you know, how it is... mornings... you get it...” and the elephant started spouting excuses until he saw that Donovan was blushing, sporting a considerable boner of his own beneath his robe that even the heavy fabric couldn't hide, and speaking.

“I mean... I can help with that too, if you want... I think I did a pretty good job with your upper trunk.  Offer's open, is what... I'm... saying...”

There was a pretty awkward moment of silence as they stared at each other, growing more and more red, saying nothing... until Craig slowly rolled over and sat up, propping himself back on his pillows and letting the blanket fall aside.  “Door's locked, right?”

His bare chest was slowly rising and falling, a heaving motion that was audible as air flowed through his trunk.  His body was pretty much chiseled from stone, perks of being an elephant you were almost pure muscle no matter what.  His dick was still mostly hidden within those boxers, but that only made the sight all the more alluring, knowing what was under there, waiting to be released.

Don quickly glided over to the bed and joined his roommate, shutting the window and drawing the blinds, but not before a blushing llama headed back to her dorm with her dried laundry to start writing some fan-fiction.

Forum-based Roleplay / [OOC] Discussion Thread for Active Forum RP
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Ok, so, I made the thread.  X3

I got the feeling like Sneezy, you were giving a hint that we should go look for those specific books that ghost mentioned? I was wondering how we were going to get out of this mess, and that seems like the solution. 

Video Games & Anime / Streaming?
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Does anyone here enjoy watching other people play video games such as: Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls, or even Dark Souls? Or Destiny?

Here is the LONG AWAITED part 2 of Susie and Xavier's Grand Festival Adventure.  It contains ADULT SITUATIONS.  Please don't read it if that offends you, or if you are under the age of consent in your country, etc.  Ok, this part... REALLY got away from us.  It just kept going.  Uh.  Also it's ... yeah, well. It's messy.  It's very, very messy, in multiple meanings of that word.  Enjoy!  I hope!

Also I think I'm pretty much out of synonyms for breasts and penis now.  Pretty sure.  Maybe I'll invent some new ones.


He couldn't look down for very long, as his head would make him turn a bit, but he managed to glance down at her and smile.  "Don't worry- thanks for the warning, I think I can handle it.  There's nothing to destroy up here- you sneeze to your heart's content!" He started laughing, joyous at the feeling of flight as always.  He flapped, making them rise a bit, just to be sure the earth would be out of range of her trunk-cannon as they flew over civilization toward its edge, the mountains he called home.  Then, his eyes bugged out and he did a double take, realizing he could see straight down her blouse from this angle. "H-holy...!"

Susie’s breasts heaved and shook as she hitched towards a sneeze. Just her luck. When she was back at the festival her trunk was raring to explode but now that she was free to sneeze, it was itching and tickling but not quite tipping over into a sneeze. She began to suck in air “hhhhhhhHHHHAAAAAAAAA… hHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH… HUH! Oh m-man… the sn-sneeze is stuck… it d-doesn’t want to come ou… OUUUAAAHHHHHH… HHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… c-come out… oooh but it’s really tickling my trunk…” Her trunk was curving, flexing, and relaxing with each itchy inhale. This sneeze was going to be a monster when it finally came out but for now it was just teasing her “IIiiihHHHHHHHH… HHHHEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH… C-C-Come out… ahhhhh… alreeeeehhhhhhhhhhh… hhhhHHHHHEEHHHHHHHHhh… already!"

Xavier noticed that they were drifting a bit too low to the ground, because he had his eyes glued to those bouncing tits, until finally her trunk rose up enough to be... pretty much right in his face, actually.  He got a good look at that, too- it was so graceful looking, so powerful... "I uh... I can help if you want... but you're about to sneeze right in my face, p-please aim down!"

“Oh… y-yes, please j-just… just tickle the tip of my tr-trunk a liihhhhhhhh… IIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… HHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Oh, oh it’s t-t-t-t-tickles s-so b-bad… I just gotta get the sn-sneeze out… w-whatever you have to dooooooooUUUUHHHHHHHHH… UUUUHHHHLHHHHHHHHHHHH…” the sneeze in Susie’s nose was just tickling more and more and not giving her any relief… and she felt the congestion building in her trunk again… and her trunk just flexed, her vision completely blurry with sneezy tears… she hoped Xavier would be able to finally get that sneeze out!

She had her eyes nearly closed... this was a good chance, hehehe... just a little peck... The dragon leaned down to the trunk that was in his face, just within reach, and gave a tiny little kiss to the septum, feeling the heat of her inflamed nose on his scales.  He thought he could probably help with that, too- two birds, one stone.  He very carefully blew a tiny jet of very cold air across her trunktip, hopefully irritating it enough to set off the bomb brewing in its depths.

Susie felt two things in her trunk, at first a gentle pressure… too gentle to do anything to tip the tickle over. She was just going to say something to Xavier when she felt that cold air blow across the tip of her trunk… and sure enough the itch in her nose got about a hundred times bigger… “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. HHHHHHHHEEEEAAAHHHHHHHHHHH… HHHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” And with that, she exploded with a true Susie-style cold sneeze: wet, messy, and incredibly powerful. Her chest gave a final heave before she erupted: “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” It was a wet and messy sneeze, ever for her, with a spluttery, powerful finish that left her panting. Her trunk finally calmed down just for her to realize… oh god… her trunk had been pointing right in Xavier’s face. “O-oh my god Xavier! I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t mean to spray you again… I… oh my god please forgive me I know my sneezes are so gross it’s just…. hey are we… are we going the right way…?”

Between the hot, thick mucus on his face and the force of the blast,  little spirals were swirling in Xavier's eyes as he started to head downwards, unable to control his flight.  They were almost there, but he seemed to be veering towards... a huge field of flowers.  Why did it have to be a huge field of flowers? The two crash landed, Xavier trying to recover before they hit and softening the blow- as well as the nice cushion of plants they landed on.  The two managed to avoid injuries, but when Xavier came up (in a huge puff of pollen) there were two bouquets of wildflowers sticking out of his nose...
"AA-AAA-AAAAAAAATCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He violently sneezed one of his windy sneezes, blowing a bunch of the flowers away, scattering more pollen.  He barely even had time to try and hold back- allergens physically in the nose tend to do that.

Susie sucked in a shocked gasp of air… ohhhhhh dear… sure she wasn’t terribly allergic to flowers but… this many? And with a cold… oh this was going to get bad… “HHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTCCCCCCCHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Susie exploded with another sneeze that blew flowers right out of the ground and drenched the surrounding earth… and she’d barely unleashed that one before she was gearing up for another, trunk scrunching up, her whole body tensing, her lungs filling with air, and then she… “RRRRRRRAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSCCCCCCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YAAASSSSSHOOOOOOOOOOOO! YAAASSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAASSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! TTTTCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!: Oh god her trunk was so irritated… she was just rearing back and blasting out sneeze after sneeze, hoping to clear the violent itch from her nose… she hadn’t had a fit like this since the science building…

Xavier, being thrown around by Susie's sneezes, was trying desperately not to sneeze on her as he too fired off blast after blast, spitting fire, ice, acid, and huge gusts of wind  everywhere.  "H-H-HEERRRREEESHHHHH! h-hH-H--HHEEEETTCHHHHIIIUUUUUU! AH---AH------AHHHHHHSHZHHOOOOOOOOOOO! S-Susie we ha-h-ave to r-ruh... RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOO!" Before long, the two had sneezed away any trace of pollen, flowers, or other plants, and still they kept sneezing.  Xavier fell to his knees, tears streaming from his eyes as he sneezed into the ground before him again and again, splashing acid and fire over him and damaging his clothing.  His house wasn't far- first thing he was doing was hopping in the shower to get all this pollen off...!

Susie stood in a clearing of hundreds of feet, her and Xavier having razed all the nearby vegetation with a combination of elemental dragon sneezes and the elephantine power that erupted from Susie’s trunk. And yet it still tickled so bad… “HHHHHHAAAAAAARRRRRRRRSSSSSHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She exploded again, noticing through bleary eyes that she’d hit Xavier… again. They were busy dodging each other’s sneezes as they could… luckily Susie’d avoided the worst of them, seeing as she was neither frozen solid nor flambeed. But she’d hit Xavier several times, and she thought she’d gotten caught from the side by a few of his sneezes… not a direct hit, but… “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-CCCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! S-S-Saaahhhhh… AAAAAhhhhhhHHHHHH… Sorry! Hhhaahhhhhh… HAHHAHHHHHHHHHHH… HHHHHHEEEEEEIIIIIIIIISSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry again!” Susie apologized between sneezes, as she saw Xavier flying about in the fierce wind she kicked up with her sneeze. Oh god she needed her trunk to calm down but even with all the flowers blown away, the tickle still remained… “X-Xavier… aahhhhhHHhhahhhhhh… w-w-we n-need to get out of heehhhhhhhh… eeeeeeHHHHHHHHHHHHH… out of here! C-can y-you h-hold m-mmy… truuuuhhhhhhh… truuuhhhhhhhhhhh… UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUTTTTTTCCCCCCCHHHO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She really blasted out that one, hoping it would clear her itchy, scrunchy, sneezy trunk. Of course, she still couldn’t really tell where she was aiming once she was caught in a buildup, and she opened her eyes to find… “Saahhhhh… sahhhhhhhh… s-sorry again…”

Having burned out all the allergens in his nose and the area being clear of them now mostly thanks to Susie, Xavier was able to slowly make his way to her, bracing against her massive sneezes, and digging his claws into the ground until he had the magnificent thing in his hands, squeezing it tightly.  "G-gotcha! -SNIFF- Oh... O-oh, your blouse, I'm so sorry..." He felt bad, but he was also transfixed by the sight of her bra-clad breast hanging out on the left side, her blouse having been lightly misted with acid from one of his sneezes in the melee.  He kept his grip firm, and politely averted his eyes.  "L-let's get to my house- we can get in a nice h-hot bath, and just... get all this shit off of us.  ...Um... T-together...?" He blushed again, looking up at her hopefully.  "If... If you want... Its a big b-bath..."

Well! For all their sneezes, at least something in this night was going right… “Y-y-yeeahh… that… oh that sounds great… just… just keep squeezing my tr-trunk okay? I still feel the sneeze in there t-tickling… and as soon as you take y-your hand awaahhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… away… I know it’s gonna come out. But uhhhh… as for that b-bath… well…” she nodded at her blouse, “You’ve seen an awful l-lot of m-mehhhhhh… of me, so… when we take that b-bath together… I’m gonna get to s-see a lot of y-you too, right…?”

He turned a deep reddish-purple and smiled, nodding eagerly.  Squeezing her extra-tight, he led her literally by the nose up the slope of the hill, to some very well-hidden steps carved into the mountainside.  "My house is way up there... it's kinda... Asian-y.  My family came from eastern dragons..." He led her cautiously, knowing she didn't have wings if she fell, until they had reached the top.  It was indeed a 'kinda Asian-y' house, if someone with no knowledge of his own family's culture were to describe it, with a little stone garden and everything, tucked away in the mountains.  "Okay um... you should sneeze out here, toward the slope of the mountain, not toward my house."

“Wh-what… y-y-you worried I’ll… aaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHH… AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH… I’ll bl-blow your h-house down…? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” And with that she did indeed turn away from the house to unleash another colossal “AAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AAAAAEEEEEEESSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAAASSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!” Oh god she was still so sneezy. This happened some times with her cold sneezes, a trembling itch that never seemed to go away. Once it was activated she just had to sneeze it out. “Wh-why d-don’t you… why don’t you… g-go start that baaahhhhhh… baaaaaahhhhhhhhh… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!” She called over her shoulder to Xavier, still sneezing. “that bath! I g-gotta j-just… sn-sneeze it out… uhhhhh… UUHHHHHhhhhhh… until m-my trunk stops tihhh… t-t-tiihhhhhhhh… tickling… WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAASSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!” She screamed out another enormous elephantine sneeze, an immense rush of wind leaving her trunk. In the moment of nasal clarity she had, she glanced back at his house, which was quite lovely, and she couldn’t help but think that yes, it was definitely a good thing that she was sneezing away from the house. Although she worried about what would happen if she had to sneeze inside. At home her bedroom was reinforced, fully prepared for sneezes of her magnitude. But she knew that once her cold sneezes started, they didn’t let up for long… she certainly hoped that home of Xavier’s was prepared for the power in her trunk… or at least that she could hold off her sneezes long enough to get that bath… and with that thought, she spun around just in time to belt out another “AAAAAAAATTTTTCCCCCHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO” that bent her at the waist, causing her to stick out her lovely full rear, making it even more noticeable that usual… “Uh… unless y-you’d ra-rather w-watch me sn-sneeze… ha-ha” she said, laughingly… or as laughingly as one could manage when one’s trunk was caught in a sneezing fit that had enough force to take out a house or two, although, luckily, not a mountain!

"Um, well, it's... It's an outdoor bath... we can just h-head around back... and I w-wouldn't mind... just watching..." He fiddled with his claws for a bit, and then swallowed and headed towards her, feeling himself finally able to give in to arousal for the first time in the evening- they were all alone up here by themselves, no one around.  He came up behind her during her sneezing fit, wrapping his arms around her belly, giving her a hug and rubbing her back comfortingly.  He let his hands slide down to her hips, and then brazenly, to her jean-clad rear, giving it a big squeeze.  "We could e-even get in our 'bathing suits' right here..."
His hand moved over the large expanse of her butt, feeling the supple yet firm flesh beneath that came from her extra bit of weight, letting his claws dig in a bit as he shivered, leaning into her and gasping audibly.

“Ooooohhh, w-well… ihh… if you w-want… I-I feel like I’ve got a l-lot of sneezes to… to go… speaking… speaking of… which…. WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAATTTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO! Whew!” She blasted out again, causing her rear to fly backward again, pushing back against Xavier’s claws, enjoying the feeling of his hands all over her body. And that bit about the bathing suits sounded quite appealing… but… “X-Xav… I would l-love to get into my b-bathing suit but… but aaaaaahhhhhHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO! But I don’t think I can h-hold back my sneezes l-long enough to get my cl-clothes off without blowing them—or you—ahhhhhh… ahhhhh… away! AAAAATTTTTCCHHHHOOOOOOO! Damn cold! It’s really settling in my n-nose now… god it just makes my trunk tickle and tickle, you know? I feel like I’ll never get the itch ou… out…. AAAAAAAHHHHHSSSSSHHHHOOOOOO! sniff! So, uh… you mind helping me hold back while I slip out of these j-jeans?”

His response was a low growl, as his slit pupils dilated and a noticeable bulge started to push out the crotch of his slacks. Tentatively, he came around the the front of her, breathing harshly through his nose as he tried to remain calm, and took her twitching, irritated trunk in his hands again, squeezing it shut and giving her nostrils a little light kiss, as he had in-flight.  "I w-wouldn't mind that at all, by all means..."

The itch in her nose temporarily quelled, Susie got to work stripping out of her jeans, wriggling to get them over the wide expanse of her hips, her ass wobbling a bit as it escaped the confines of her rather tight jeans. And… feeling bold, she slipped out of her panties as well… “Might as well go f-full ah, bating suit, right?” And with that she unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off of her arms, revealing her large, bouncing tits, heavy inside her bra. “So… you think you can h-hold off my sn-sn-sneezes with… ahhhhh…. with one hand and t-t-take off my bra w-w-w-wiiihhhhhhhhh… oh geez still tickles… with the other?” She asked with a wink. “And uh, once you do… it’s your turn for the bathing suit,” she said, eyes beginning to rove greedily over his form, almost wishing he’d turn around so she could get another glimpse of that bubble butt. Well, if this evening was headed where she was pretty sure it was, she was going to be getting all the glimpses she could want…

He nodded, excited now... filling up more in the front... "I think I can d-do it... I'll have to get uh... kind of close... let me see..." Keeping one hand firmly around her trunk, he sidled up to her, wrapping around her side as best he could, groaning and whining a bit when his stiffening member pushed up against her bare thigh- how he wanted to take his hand and caress those beautiful thighs... to move up into that secret place between them, and touch the soft lips... but he held himself back and reached up behind her, fiddling with the bra's clip.  He managed to get one finger on each side, and pinched it together until it popped open, her chest springing free- "Nnnhhff, J-jeez Suzie, you are quite good at teasing me... you sexy lady you... going crazy here...!" He touched one shoulder, pulling down the strap of her bra, and then ran back around to the other side, unhitching the other strap.  Finally, it was off, and he gazed in awe at her full, naked breasts... unfortunately, he slacked off, and his grip loosened a bit, her trunk sliding out of his nerveless hand as his eyes went wide.  "B-beautiful... you are so..."

Susie let a soft moan escape her lips as she felt Xavier’s hardness press against her thigh, and smiled at his dexterity as her bra fell off, revealing her full breasts. But just as she was about to tell Xavier to strip for her, she felt her trunk… suddenly get… itchier… “O-oh X-Xavier m-m-my trunk… my… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-TTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!” Susie erupted with a colossal sneeze all the more powerful for being held back, and of course, she couldn’t help but aim that sneeze… right at Xavier! “Ssuuuhhhh… suuuhhhhhhhh… sorry again!” she squeaked out, even as her eyes began to close in anticipation of yet another round of her endless sneezing fit...

He was blown back by the sneeze, but caught himself in midair with his wings, moving back forwards towards her.  "Hey, Susie! The view's great up here- why don't you squeeze that sneeze and take a peek at this?" And with that, he started to do... a mid-air striptease.  First came the shirt, which he simply RIPPED off, revealing well-toned and sleek muscles, a nicely defined belly and chest, and beautiful back muscles as he turned around, showing off his flapping wings and that tight rear end of his.  He started to slowly slide his pants off, making sure to waggle his rear at her with his tail way out of the way.  His boxers were being slid down with the pants, revealing his big, blue, finely-scaled ass.  He not only shook it back and forth, but he smacked it as well, slowly descending towards the elephant...

Susie was rearing back for another colossal sneeze just as she saw Xavier rip his shirt off… which effectively distracted her from her nose. Half-consciously, she tucked her trunk firmly between her naked torso and one powerful arm, the squeeze keeping the sneezes at bay long enough for her to savor every piece of Xavier’s little strip-tease. For once, her voice was distorted not with sneeze but with arousal… “Well, well… I must say I enjoyed that… but ah, what else can he do?” She smiled, flirting with him as he got close enough to grab out of the air. As soon as he was within reach, she grabbed him with one arm, her trunk still tucked beneath her other arm, and pressed his front to hers, reaching behind to give that toned ass a nice firm squeeze. She rubbed her crotch against his just once, letting him feel the wetness that was beginning to gather between her powerful thighs. And then, she stood back, smirked at him and said, in her best faux-innocent flirt, “So, uh, you ready for that bath…?”

"Y-yes please..." He felt himself come to his fullest hardness, which must have been a surprise for Susie as the large organ twitched against her nethers, his genitals surprisingly large and thick for one his size...  it almost looked angry from the teasing, veins twitching and throbbing, shaft achingly red... he moaned quite loudly, his inhibitions thrown out the window as she rubbed her moist, hot nether lips against his cock, trembling and shutting his eyes as he grabbed her breasts, leaning his head against her.  "S-Suuusiie.... oh my g-god, don't... d-do that... Th-the bath... yes, the bath will -gulp- do you good, it'll get you all sorted out and... nn-nnfhh..." He kicked his feet a bit , realizing she was still holding him just off the ground.  "Um... o-okay you can carry me... it's around b-back..." He pointed at the corner of his house, where steam was rising and some soft watery noises could be heard.

Susie grinned and released her trunk, seemingly shocked out of the sneezes for the moment, so she could carry her little dragon with both arms. Although… her little dragon’s, ahem, little dragon wasn’t so little. She closed her eyes, barely willing herself not to take another peek at his engorged cock. It was, to put it simply, massive, all the more massive for the slender frame from which it jutted, long and thick and… she squeezed her thighs together as she got wetter and wetter… oh man, at first she couldn’t wait for this bath to start, but now she could hardly wait for it to be over. Gingerly, she slid into the bath, gleefully half-tossing Xavier in with her. She beamed at him, and hardly waited for him to adjust to being in the water before she dove in for a kiss.

"Mmph!" Both splashing about in the chest-high water, and being pounced on by an amorous elephant, caused Xavier to slip a bit beneath the surface, huge breasts weighing him down, strong legs and arms pinning him as he was aggressively kissed.  She was inflaming his passions, and he threw his arms around her neck and kissed her right back, nudging her trunk out of the way to access her mouth.  Although kissing her trunk... that would be very nice, too.  Mm.  And now they were together, in the bath- all slippery, and wet... "W-wait, Susie... we should... a-actually get cleaned, too... as much as I want to... y-you know... I think the bath will do your trunk good." Pollen was coming off them in waves, discoloring the bath water immediately around them as it was cleaned from their quite dirty at this point forms.  "I... I could wash your trunk for you? M-make sure none of those sneezes slip out, hehe, hot as they are.  W-wait, did... I say that... out...?"

“H-hot? Reeeeaaallly…” Susie said, taken aback and first, but, upon a half-second’s reflection, rubbing her palms together deviously. “Well, well, I knew you were enjoying touching my trunk, I just didn’t know how much,” Susie said, a rich, low tone to her voice as she raised the powerful appendage from the water, curling it around Xavier. “By all means… you can certainly wash my trunk!” This was an interesting turn of events. So Xavier was aroused by her sneezes. Well, she couldn’t say that she found his… unimpressive. Xavier kept it well hidden, but when he sneezed, all of his raw dragon-power was completely on display. And odd as it was, it was somehow exciting, the possibility of danger whenever he got a tickle up his nose. Susie’s thighs were pressing together practically of their own volition now. Her thoughts kept slipping to Xavier’s very large member, how it would feel buried inside her wet and welcoming hole… but before they got to that, Susie had quite a bit of teasing to do. “And while you wash my trunk, my little dragon, you can tell me exactly what you find ‘hot’ about my little trunk tickles… and ahhhhh… b-by the w-way… you’d b-better clean it quick ‘cause… I am st-starting to feel the t-tickle… again…”

He stopped slowly squeezing his sizable testicles under the water and let out a little spurt of pre as she spoke and wrapped her trunk around his shoulders, moving his little claws onto the lovely organ and submerging it for a moment before rubbing his hands all up and down the soft, squirmy thing- ending with him cupping the pink tip gently in both palms, watching her nostrils twitch and flare.  "M-maybe a little... tongue bath..." He brought it to his lips, kissing and lightly suckling on one large nare, his tongue snaking out to slurp her septum and probe slightly into one nostril, drawing the trunk in for a deep kiss.  When he let his lips leave, He spoke up.  "I guess... for me... it's this amazing thing.  You have this great big strong trunk... and normally it's under your tight control...!" He squeezed around the middle, taking care not to use too much force.  "But just a little bug gets in it, and suddenly... you can't help it.  You're leaking, you're dripping... and every now and again, you violently expel a lot of thick fluid, and maybe it causes you some troubles-- I guess it uhm..." He poked at her trunk and looked shyly down at the water.  "I guess it kind of reminds me of my ejaculation... it's... I dunno.  It's weird... And seeing you so helpless... it's like seeing you at your most vulnerable, and it's beautiful..."

“ooooh…” Susie sighed, as she felt his tongue sliding around at the ticklish tip of her nose. “R-really… reminds you of orgasm, huh… I can get with that. And will you be expelling a lot of thick fluid too, do you think…?” She all but grinned as she teased Xavier with her words, which somewhat hid how aroused she’d been by his description. Who knew sneezing could be so sexy? And speaking of which… that little trunk bath, for all it had felt good, had set off the little spike of irritation in Susie’s nose… she was growing towards another of her destructive, powerful sneezes. “D-do you want to kn-know what I th-think of… ahhhhhhh… of y-your sneezes too…?”

He felt his glans break the surface of the water, a deep slit topping the broad object as it peeked out.  "Y-yes, that'd be ... ni-nice...?" he sniffled.  That was weird... he was starting to feel an insistent little itch in the back of his nose.  Almost... congestion.  Huh.  Oh well, he didn't think much of it.  Feeling that trunk start to tremble in desperate sneezy waves was bringing him almost to a point that he couldn't bear- he felt like his dick was just going to get so hard it would burst.
He let one hand wander from her trunk, clutching at one of her breasts instead- hefting it under the water and letting his palm slide across it.  "S-sorry, I just... c-can't keep my hands off you any more. I have to touch you..." He scooted a bit closer as well, leaning into her side.

Susie felt electricity jolt through her as she saw the head of Xavier’s huge dick popping out above the water. So, he was getting very excited indeed… And the same electricity felt like it flew through her twice when his hand groped her breast… oh god all she wanted was her mouth against Xavier’s, his hands on every part of her. She was so wound up she barely noticed that his hands had left her trunk, she was so focused on continuing their sneezy game of teasing… “W-well… I love your sneezes… t-to be honest… shhhhhh… you keep all of that p-p-power u-under wraps all the t-time and… your sneezes are s-s-so damn powerful, they’re even… even as big as m-m-mine… so much p-power in such a l-little package…” and she gave a sneezy chuckle, as she ran one finger slowly up Xavier’s not-very-little package, flicking the head ever so slightly at the top… “it’s amazing to s-s-s-see you… hhaaahhhhhhh… see you… aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… l-let g-go…”

He felt like there was fire inside him- figuratively , this time.  He couldn't even respond right away, he just had to lean back and pant- his whole body felt like a tight, coiled spring- he had never been this turned on before.  It was a curious sensation... his dick was pumping constantly now, a little clear-ish stream of pre flowing out of his heavy slit, which was now parted- Xavier squeezed Susie's breast harder, trying to restrain himself but having difficulty, and moved in even closer, just pressing his body against hers, letting his penis throb wonderfully against her rounded belly, poking up just between her tits-- he wanted to lose himself in her, to melt into her and be one.  He imagined what it would feel like to slide his sore pole into that wet slot, and nearly cried out.  Eventually he recovered his reason, and spoke- "S-Susie, are you... ahhahhh... are you going to sneeze...? S-sneeze... sneezy Susie, heheh... mmmnn..." He ended with another long, sensual kiss, cupping the elephant's cheeks.  Whispering to her now, he continued, "I think I might have one coming, too... but it's a ways off, for now... I can show you just how 'little' my package is..."

“I… ahhh… I a-am feeling sn-sn-sn-sn-sneezy…” Susie panted. She did need to sneeze, and she was half-afraid of blowing Xavier away again, as uncontrollable as her trunk tended to be. But she couldn’t keep her eyes off of his thick hardness, couldn’t help imagining how far up her pussy his long thick cock would reach, how full of him she would be… And then…. she imagined him… trying to hold back one of his colossal explosions long enough to finish fucking her… oh she was soaking wet now, and she couldn’t help it, she grabbed his hand and thrust it against her wet sex… “B-but I’m pr-pretty h-horny too… you wanna… s-see…hhhhuuuuhhhhHHHHhhhhh… see where I l-lose… l-l-lose c-control… f-f-f… faahhhhhhh… aaaaaahhaaaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHH… see where I lose control first?”
And she couldn’t help it, she just had to reach back and press her hands into his firm, round asscheeks, feeling his surprisingly full hips, squeezing that bubble butt. It was all she could do to keep from pressing his body to hers, though they were so close, it would barely take any movement at all...

He flexed his hand, pushing his clawed digits into her- very careful not to cut.  "M-my g--- you're so... th-thick... oh my god what a great big --- I uh, I mean that in the best possible way, of course.  Oh it's so ... squishy..." and as much as his brain was telling him to just fuck her silly right there, there was something he wanted to do first.  "C-cmon, upsie-daisy..." He lifted and pushed her out onto the side of the bath, onto a nice fluffy towel.  "I have to see this, Susie.  I want to see all of --sniff-- all of you..." And once she was clear, he cast his gaze down between her thick thighs to that gorgeously full sex.  He would, indeed, like to see which she lost control of first, but he needed some help- after all, he was ready to burst at any second.  So he let his fingers press into her fleshy thighs, and kissed his way into her groin, putting his lips against her, kissing the soaked lips and extending his tongue in a slow, long slurp.

“ooooohhh l-l-ladies and gehhhhh… oohh… gentleman… h-h-he does… he does it… ahhhhh… does it ahhhhhhhhhh… all…” Susie wasn’t sure if she was moaning from the tickle in her trunk or from Xavier’s excellent ministrations with his tongue. Susie felt her thighs start to squeeze together, almost covering Xavier’s head in the press of her thick thighs. Her trunk was beginning to curl up, her nostrils flaring and flexing, her trunk filling up with thick congestion. Her trunk gave a few scrunches, even as she felt waves of pleasure emanating from her pussy, from her clitoris that his tongue breached ever so gently… and the race was on! But she gave into the sensations in her pussy or her trunk, she needed… she wanted… “X-xavier… th-this is amazing but… she reached her hands down to his horns, used the horns as leverage to wrench up his head, stare deep into his eyes… “Get inside me. Now.

"Ah... Y-yes ma'am...!" he sputtered, face covered in her juices as he clambered up, He let his hands rest on her big, soft breasts, fingers playing with the puffy nipples they found there, squeezing and lightly rolling and tugging just a bit.  He let her magnificent boobs build his pleasure back up to its height, gasping for breath and ignoring that nagging little tickle forming in the depths of his nose, Instead, he focused on her waving trunk, trying to position himself so it would smack into his rod a few times before he could get ready, giggling a bit as his girth wobbled back and forth from the impacts.  Then finally, balls hanging beneath him like a sack of oranges, he rubbed the fat cockhead against Susie's sopping wet, oh-so-ready for him entrance, and started to press in.  They gasped simultaneously as he popped through, gliding in so easily they were both startled when he was all the way in, stretching her apart, filling her up.  And she was squeezing him, his face a huge grin of joy, mouth hanging open as he squeezed her chest, pulling himself in closer to give her a hug as he buried himself in her.  His shaft into her pussy, his face into her breasts, his toned stomach pressing against her round belly- they were one.

Susie cried out as he entered her, her whole body full of sensation, her pussy tingling as her trunk twitched and shook. Her hips began to move, almost involuntarily, as she reached her hands around to Xavier’s ass, pressing him even farther into her as her hips began to undulate, her face going slack, through whether it was from the sneeze rapidly building in her trunk or from sheer pleasure she could barely determine. She was gasping, her trunk prepared for another cataclysm, leaves beginning to fall from nearby trees, the surface of the water they’d just exited flowing in waves timed to her inhales and exhales. “Oh… y-you’re so b-big, Xav… I’m so… so full…” she sighed breathily. She felt him slide out and give a long, aching thrust back in, her hips snapping up to meet his as they began to fall into a rhythm… “oh! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH… OH!” Susie was crying out in pleasure as much as she was hitching towards an eruption… and yet she kept sucking in air, kept asking Xavier… “m-more… more… please… harder…”

He did as she bade, getting a firmer grip and thrusting into her with the full force of his core muscles, slamming himself into her.  He couldn't have stopped even if he wanted to- he was so into the action now, into the heat of her, her scent, her twitching, itching trunk... his own itching, scrunching muzzle-- wait, what? W-was he...? Oh, he hadn't even noticed but now it itched, it itched so fiercely! Perhaps he'd caught her cold, or maybe it was just the pollen-soaked water getting to him, but he had to sneeze quite urgently... he flared his nostrils as he closed his eyes, face scrunching up in concentration as he continued to build a rhythm down below, now slapping into her with such force he could feel his balls hitting her after each pass, giving them each an extra little thrill.  His shaft was just barely bumping her cervix, filling her completely.  He was crying out, mostly with need and the pleasurable surges pulsing through his lower body, his aching cock swelling and stiffening as it approached a truly massive release- but also interspersed were little gasps for air... "Ah... AHHhhooh--HHOh S-SUSIE! Ah... HH-hah... AHHNNHhh!" He was becoming quite vocal, for such a shy little dragon...

Oh god… her trunk itched so much, it had a complete life of its own, as out of control as her hips as Xavier slammed into her again and again and again… she felt herself slipping away, felt the pleasure in her body build and build to a crescendo, she squeezed Xavier’s ass, and then, reached up and slowly, gently careessed his wings just as she fell under the tide of her arousal, coming with a cry… “Xavier! Oh!” But even as the waves of pleasured continued the tickle… in her trunk… was still growing… blazing… and she wasn’t even trying to hold back anymore… she just barely had the presence of mind to aim her trunk somewhere, anywhere but right at Xavier as she erupted:


Another incredibly wet and messy sneeze, with a furious gust of wind… she almost came again from the combined sensation of relief in her trunk and Xavier, still pounding away, still filling her up so good…

Filling her up was exactly what was on the dragon's mind as she sneezed.  With her entire vagina clamping down on him and the extra tightness in her whole body from the sneeze, he would have had to be made of steel to hold out.  Perhaps due to some sympathetic urge, he also released a mighty sneeze at this point- over her shoulder, she felt a heat as he let out a huge "H-HA-hhh-HHAAAHHHHHCHHHHHRRRRSHHHHOOO!" but an even hotter sensation was within her as he plunged into her pussy one more time, his nuts constricting as they pumped a hot, spraying load up Xavier's large cock, erupting all over Susie's insides as he came, giving a loud  moan and falling limply onto his larger partner, her plush form cushioning the fall as he helplessly emptied himself into her.  "A-ah... Ah.. h-ah..." it was almost as Susie had fantasized, and it ended with them both collapsed against each other, panting and sniffling...

Susie was dimly aware, somewhere off in the most distant part of her mind, of a few things: 1) She’d sneezed… hugely… somewhere. 2) There was still a tickle lurking in her trunk. 3) She came at least twice (and the second one DEFINITELY wasn’t right when Xavier sneezed…), 4) somewhere in the distance, there was probably a festival square that was still on fire. But mostly she was just aware of a good, heavy pressure across her body, how wrung out and warm she felt, and the fact that she definitely felt a LOT more than friendship for her little dragon. She raised her head weakly to joke, “So… w-was that good for… hhh-hiiiihhhh…” she sucked in a quick breath on a catch of irritation, her chest rising and Xavier rising along with it for just a second until it calmly released. “Heeehhhhhhh… was it good for you, Xavy?”

The dragon was blissfully rubbing his irritated nose against the nub of her nipple, both hands wrapped around her breast as he hummed and sighed, just barely starting to pull out of her as his cock softened enough to be released.  He gave her a kiss and a lick there as well, teasing the pretty pink things he'd ignored during their little romp, and countered with, "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening.  What?" continuing to lavish attention upon her, working out the last dregs of his lust.  Xavier just continued to lay there and gently squeeze and rub her, enjoying the sensation of his now-more-than-a-friend's soft body.  "Gosh, but you sure can sneeze, Susie... among other things... heheh... Um, actually, I think that you may have -s-sniff- given me your cold."

God help her, all Susie could think was… you mean I get to see more of those sneezes? Of course, that probably didn’t bode terribly well for the structural integrity of Xavier’s house. But still… “Xav, come up here…” Susie said, and with that she grabbed him by the horns and gently tugged so he’d know to come up to her mouth for a few warm, wet, lazy kisses. Or more than a few. In fact, she got so lost in the feeling of kissing Xavier that she almost wanted to go for a round two, but… no. “Listen, I sn-snehhhhhhh…. sneezed on you so many times, and they’re so meehhhhhh… oooh, still tickles… so messy… you’re definitely catching my c-cold. So, uh… what are an e-elephant who sneezes hurricanes… and a dr-dragon who sneezes f-fire, ice, wind, lightning, and acid g-going to d-do with colds?” Susie looked up, guileless with her eyes but with her hands… she gave Xavier’s ass a nice firm smack and reached between them to ever so gently touch his oversensitive cock. “Y-you have a-any ideas?”

"H-hnnhh..." he wanted to stay buried between her big bouncy bosoms, but also enjoyed the kisses... although he did start to stray toward kissing her trunk rather than her lips after a while.  And when she started to grope him again, well... "Is laying in bed together for a week an option? We can just... y'know... all day... ehehheheh... my house does have some interior protections against elemental damage, but- oh.  The roof is on fire."  She couldn't see from her angle, so he leaned backwards until they both tumbled back into the warm waters, and he flipped so she was on top- thus giving him access to HER prodigious rear end, which he attacked with reckless abandon.  "Heheh... my tuuurn... -sniffle- Hh-hehh... ooh, remind me t-to give you a nice rubdown later, a good deep massage... s-so I can get my hands all o-over y-yeh... -sniff- you.  Again." He dug in and kneaded her cheeks, disregarding the fire for now- the inside wouldn't burn, so he had plenty of time.  He spread and released her bum until both sides clapped together, her pussy exposed to the air for a moment before the 'SMACK!', and giggled again.

“ooooh, yeah… so ah… when the little dragon’s ready for round two, you want me like this? Spread out on top of you, riding that monster dick of yours? I’ll have to make sure I aim my trunk r-right if I h-have to sn-sneeze… speeeeeaahhhhhhh… sp-speaking w-whiiiiiiihhhhhhh… which… I g-gotta… sorry…” and with that, she turned around and gave another enormous sneeze “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAATTTTTTTTCCCCCHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” that blew the roof clean off. She watched it soar away, too blissed-out to care. Xavier’s hands had never left her body, and she leaned into his touch as she sighed. “So uh, I owe you a new roof but ah… on the bright side it’s not on fire anymore…” Susie began to rub her hands over his body as well, feeling his firm muscle, the shining scales… “And yeah, I could stay in bed for a week with you juuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine.” She smiled lazily, before palming his cock again. “Plus, I still haven’t gotten this thing in my mouth.” She smirked down at him, eager for his reaction, licking her lips before she added “Or gotten my trunk around it…”

It stirred, at that thought.  "T-trunk...? Oh... oh m-my... I don't know if I could handle that..." In fact, it did more than stir- it started to rise up, proud and full, ready for a second round if one were offered.  "Y-you know, there's lots of stuff we didn't do yet... we've got time.  It's not li-hi-hiii... HIIiiiiIII...!" The itch in his nose started to amplify, until he was scrubbing his flaring, moist nostrils, fighting a losing battle against a swiftly growing sneeze.  "H-hH-HIIIIIIIIIITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRBLRBLRBLRBLRBLR!" He dunked his head underwater, boiling it and making a huge cloud of steam burst off the surface as flames shot from his muzzle once again.  "S-sniff... oh god, I hope being sick doesn't make me sneeze fire more often... That's like three times in a row!"

Susie grinned. Aaaaaand her plan had worked, looks like round two was a-go! Whereas it looked like the bath was… done for. “I mean… I would just be h-h-heartbroken i-if that w-were the c-c-c-case…” Susie said, the irony clear even with her voice full of oncoming sneeze. Xavier’s fire sneezes were pretty impressive. Although she still hadn’t really seen him do one of his lightning sneezes… that must be pretty interesting. “D-don’t w-worry Xav… I’ll still l-love y-you no-no-no matter h-how you sneeehhhhhh…. sneeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” And that’s when Susie realized that the steam from the newly-evaporated bath had gotten up her nose. Geez. She was always like this when she got a cold, just about anything could set her off. She stood up so she could avoid spraying Xavier or his house, gave one colossal gasp of air and just hauled off with a monster “HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLAASSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!” It was one of her extra slimy ones, flying off into the woods behind Xavier’s house, felling a few trees and coating some others. “H-hey,” she said, turning to Xavier in the aftermath with curious eyes… “So, uh, when I sneezed on you all those times… you weren’t… were you enjoying that?” She narrowed her eyes at him, even as she walked towards his house, motioning for him to follow.

"Uh.. W-well... KIIIIITTCHHHHHHHHXXXXXXXXXXXXX!" Suddenly, like lightning one might say, the dragon sneezed, a bright arc of blue electricity blasting onto the flagstones and scorching one.  "... Oops.  Um.  K-kinda.  Sorry, those ones are so quick, I never feel them coming..." When he sneezed, his wings had shot out, his left leg had stomped the ground, and his tail had raised.  It was pretty cute to see... "-ahem- L-like I said, it's sort of like an orgasm from my point of view, so... being covered in your discharge... from such a big, pretty trunk..." He took it in both hands, stroking up and down the length after padding over to her- "It's... not bad at all..." He gave it a kiss, starting to essentially make out with her trunk, pushing his serpentine tongue deeper and deeper as he suckled on the spongy nares.

“S-so,” Susie said, as she felt Xavier licking and sucking at her trunk. “You DID enjoy it! S-so why’d you let me feel so bad about it then, h-h-huh?” And she felt his tongue deeper into her trunk. “B-b-be c-careful… y-you wanna b-be on the re-re-receiving end of annaahhhhhhhhhh… ooooh… another one…. ‘c-c-cause you’re tiihhhhhhhhh… IIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… re-really tickling me… meeehhhhhhhh… EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… EEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” Oh boy all that attention to her trunk was really starting up a sneeze. And Susie felt her nose filling again with congestion… whoo, this was gonna be a really messy sneeze… “I-If you d-don’t wanna g-get sp-sp-sprayed… m-m-move n-now… HHHHEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…”

In response, he coiled his thick, muscled tail around her leg, moving the silky scales up her skin until the tip was just barely touching her groin, wrapped his arms around her waist, and took a little nibbling bite of one nostril, tugging it wide open with a swift movement of his head.  He was welcoming that warm, wet deluge all over his chest, his member pressing up against her pussy now as he slowly rocked back and forth, back and forth... "N-hh-hah... Susie, would you do me the honor... of unloading that stuffy trunk all over a little pervy dragon? He and his 'friend' would really..." He let himself twitch upwards again, giving her a little smack downstairs.  "...appreciate it." Looking up at her desperate expression, he felt a little runner of snot drip from his right nostril, and smiled.

“HHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSPPPPPPP PPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSH SHSSHSHSHSHSHSHHHH…” Susie erupted with a deluge of wind and wetness and just tons of mess. She couldn’t have helped it even if she wanted to but, knowing he could take it—knowing how much he wanted it—she blew out as hard as she could, keeping the spray going and going and going, and the thick slimy snot covered her little pervy dragon as Susie blasted all the force out of her trunk that she could muster, all the while feeling that big cock up against her sex, pressing and teasing… she couldn’t wait to have that thing inside her again. Panting, she sighed, “Whew. Didja have fun down there? ‘Cause you know, you might be a pervy little dragon but I’m a big pervy elephant, so you might want to watch out…” And the wheels in Susie’s head started turning, trying to figure out how she could get back at her little dragon… and his nose.

By now, Xavier was actively struggling not to just blow his load all over the rocks behind Susie's butt.  His head was down and he was panting, if she moved he would fall over.  His deep, gasping breaths and his total focus on keeping his dragon slayer under control, he couldn't be expected to notice the mucus dripping from his own nose- hell, it was indistinguishable from the profuse amount that was sliding off of him now! Susie was actually the one to notice- when his heated, needy breathing started to become a deep thrumming, his chest pushing out with each. "Hh-hahh... Hhaaahh... HhhhHRRUUUUUHHH... HhhhhuUUUUUUUUUUUHhhrrrRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHhhh.. .!"

Susie looked down, simultaneously amused and aroused. Well, well, she hadn’t expected to get her wish so quickly! But here was her little dragon, covered in the spray and wetness and mess from her massive release, building towards a release of his own. And then she spied his leaking cock and realized that he was building towards two releases. And she couldn’t very well have that, not before she got to ride him straight into another mind-blowing orgasm. Well… time for some fun. She grinned evilly as she took her fingers and pressed them against Xavier’s snout, hard. “Ah-ah-ah… not so fast, little dragon. You look like you’re about to lose control.” she said, very deliberately edging her body away from his, so that their only connection was her fingers on his nose. “And you don’t get to lose control until I say so, alright?” And slowly, painfully slowly, she began to rub slow soothing circles around Xavier’s nostrils, slowly, slowly watching as they started to relax, at which point she’d suddenly stop rubbing just long enough to watch the itch grow again. “Which way to your bedroom, little dragon?” She called still playing with his nose...

"Hh-hEh--EHHNnn-- oh g-god you're e-evi---IIIHH---nnnkkgh...! S-straight through thuh-huh... the-huuuuhhhh...... -gulp- h-hole and to the riahhhghht..." He felt his cock leap as the tension on it was released, jumping up to slap his belly before standing straight and proud, fully erect and hard as a rock.  It was thick, and a deep red all the way up to its half-foreskin-covered glans, which managed to be even broader than most of the shaft, with a deep, wide slit that promised a shower of hot cum if it were allowed to erupt.  Beneath it hung a black sack that looked weighted down by two small oranges, tugging it taut as they dangled.  The entire color scheme was in sharp contrast to the dragon's overall blue theme- the scales on his belly a lighter shade, but still reminiscent of the sky.  As he started to walk with her, being led literally by the nose, his package swayed and flopped back and forth, although due to its stiffness it stayed relatively close to him, so there was no risk of brushing that soft, round belly... those tantalizing thighs... that scrumptious ass... "Su-Susie I r-reh-really gotta s-sneehhh--hh-hheeeehhzeee... I k-keep getting distracted..."

“Well, Xavier, I’m sure that I can hold your attention,” Susie said, smiling, still keeping Xavier’s nose on edge, even as she saw his prick was still stiff and leaking. Without taking her finger from his nose, still walking backwards towards his bedroom, she slowly began to shimmy her shoulders, forward and back, forward and back, making her huge, round tits sway to and fro, slowly at first. The round jiggly flesh was gray, of course, as was the rest of her body. They were wide, heavy expanses of sweet, soft skin, with large areola capped off with the perfect round pink nub. Those nubs were bouncing in all directions as Susie kept up her little shimmy, stopping only when she saw Xavier’s cock strain… “Ah-ah-ah, not yet, okay? I wanna wait till I’ve got you inside me. You can hold out for me a little longer yeah?” She unfurled her long, massive trunk. It was wide enough at its base to cover half her face, and didn’t seem to narrow as it continued from her face down past her breasts, only narrowing to that small oh-so-sensitive tip as it hung down past her crotch, dangling halfway to her knees—not unlike Xavier’s own, ah, “trunk”. Susie had always been proud of her trunk, exceptionally large and powerful even for an elephant. Of course, that meant an exceptionally powerful release when her trunk was full of itchy irritation… but that had unexpectedly turned into a spectacular source of fun for her and Xavier. Speaking of which… “O-oh… I got a little t-t-tickle in my tr-trunk. It’s just a little one n-now but I know it’ll gr-grow…” She kept rubbing Xavier’s nostrils, still walking backwards, casting her head over her shoulder from time to time, wandering towards the bed. “S-so… tuuhhhhhh… tell me Xavier… h-how does your nose f-feel… how’s that sneeze brewing in there? D-Does it feel like a b-big one?” She could help a slight roll of her crotch as it escaped her lips, her pussy beginning to flood with wetness again. Wow, this teasing was turning her on even more than expected! She gave another quick peek at Xavier’s beautiful hardness, even more excited to get that stiff prick back into her wet and needy hole…

Muscles contracting involuntarily, Xavier's one eyed beast spat a small stream of clear pre onto Susie's swaying tits, then another onto her trunk, just barely missing the tip as she mercilessly teased him.  "Ah-- S-sorry... I'm nn-hh R-really trying to h-hold this s-snee-sneehhehhheeze in, it's going to be a w-wet one, I can feel it." He snuffled more and tried to push against her pinching fingers, wanting more relief than she was letting him have.  Susie simply stepped back farther, chuckling.  "Eeeevilllll... I ha-have acquired an evil g-girlfrehh... g-girlfreehhahhh... H-nnn... p-please, just a little s-sneeze? It itches so much..." They were walking through the interior now, treated wood and stone mostly, a long hallway at the end of which lay the dragon's den.  He thought he was forgetting something, but... what was it? He couldn't think through this haze in his mind right now... "Ih-hiiits gonna geh e-everywhere... if I d-don't get it out n-na-aow...."

“W-well… lahhhhhh… laahhhhhhhhhhhhh… laahhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHhhhhh… oh boy m-my trunk is getting t-ticklier and t-t-t-ticklier…” And with that she wrapped her trunk under one arm. “Th-there… this way I’m shhhhhh… holding b-back too… a-and when I get s-s-some relief… so can you.” She said, still walking backwards. They were more than halfway down the hallway, and Xavier was so, so close… and so was Susie. She let her thighs press together as she walked, her eyes fluttering shut every now and then… was it from the sneeze or from arousal? Susie suddenly turned around, still keeping a finger at Xavier’s nose as she began to sway as she walked, showing off her enormous ass. Susie had wide hips and powerful thighs that flared out from her tucked in waist. But even as wide as her ass was, it stuck out full and soft and warm from her back, flaring out backwards and jiggling slightly with every step. “We’re almost t-to the bed, o-okay? J-just a little l-longer and we can g-get you some… relief… a-and me too! B-but that sneeze isn’t c-coming out yet…” and with that she took her hand off, just for a second just to let it build again, before she soothed the tickle back, keeping him on edge for a while longer. “S-so I guess it’s just g-gonna gehhhhhh… get everywhere, huh? T-tell me, is the t-tickle really b-bad? And, uh, if you want…” She turned around again to look Xavier dead in the eyes with a slight bite to her pouty lips. “Tell me what you w-want to do to me, and ah… to my trunk?”

As they walked in the door to his 'cave', Xavier remembered what he had forgotten- his bed was completely covered in coins.  Quarters, nickels, dimes, a few pieces of actual gold, silver dollars, franks, euros, Canadian dollar pieces... they were everywhere.  "Oh s-shi-hiit, I forgot about th--- um... N-nevermind.  Ri-riiiight... right now its a cl-luuhUHHUHHHHHH... hhnn--hh... close t-tie beh-tweehhhh... between... a g-good hard sneeze and... b-bending you over, grabbing your big tits and p-pounding that p-pussehh from behind until w-we both black ou-ouuut... c-close second is... ah g-god ihts so h-hah-hard to talk, it tickles my n-no-nose..." His nostrils were round and fully flared, feeling a bit firm and elastic to Susie's touch.  As his hands were the ones free, he pulled the sheet off of his bed, making the thousands of coins- his 'hoard'- clatter to the ground.  He loved that sound... but fucking in a bed of coins probably wasn't his partner's idea of a good time.  She'd warm up to it.  Maybe.  They'd talk.  "C-close second... try to st-stuh-huff myself into that trunk of yours.  G-geh-get deep enough to scratch your I-itch... nnfffhhh..." He slapped his hands onto her hindquarters, the loud smack filling the room as he took a double handful.  "J-juh-just like you pr-promised... I'm on... b-botto... Boh... oh g-god ruh-ride my meat before I l-lose it and sneeh--sneeze! I n-need it..." He carefully, making sure not to lose contact with her hand, lowered himself onto the bed, sadly having to break contact with her butt to do so.

“Y-you got it, Xavier…” And then, Susie let her trunk go, and started building up to her own sneeze even as she lined Xavier’s hard dick up against her pussy, and slid onto the pole, inch by inch. Her rhythm began slow but sped up quickly, her ass bouncing against Xavier’s legs, her tits flying freely up and down as she bounced up and down faster and faster. Oh god it felt amazing…  And even as she felt herself get incredibly close to her own orgasm, she felt her trunk lose control, and she blasted out a colossal, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” It was another wet one, aimed right at Xavier’s chest and face. And, as she saw the look of ecstasy on Xavier’s face, she came… hard. “Oh! Yes!” she cried, and then felt her whole body go limp as she fell into the blissful afterglow of her third (or fourth?) orgasm of the night. And of course, when her body went limp, her hand fell from Xavier’s nose...

Even if it weren't his pole she was riding, watching Susie's expression, seeing her heaving, bouncing chest, and listening to her moans of pleasure would have gotten him off on the spot.  As it was, he was lost in an ocean of pleasure, his entire body wracked with convulsions as his muscles corded, standing tight as he straight with all of his being to burst like a shaken bottle of champagne, orgasming so hard that his white sticky seed gushed out of her at the point of their joining.  He realized he was giving voice to a throaty roar, which hadn't even crossed his mind as he ripped deep holes in his bed, digging in his claws.  As she collapsed atop him, his fat cock slid out of her and slapped wetly against her ass, right between the cheeks, the tip kissing her tail just as his hands came up to cup her breasts before they crushed him, and his entire world became a burning, blazing itch in his snout.
"Hah... HAAAAAAH... HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH..." Xavier held on to her gray elephant tits for dear life as his back snapped up in an arch, giving way to a great, "HHHHRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHXXXXXXXHOOO!" as he launched a thick, snotty ball of acid in an arc over Susie's back, splattering across the wall and releasing a hiss as it started to corrode, even through the proofing... exhausted, he lay back and closed his eyes, quickly passing out beneath the elephant, holding her, his last thought as he faded into oblivion, 'We can clean up in the morning...'

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