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Part 10

"What are you guys thigkigg about?" Planetseeker asked as he wiped his snout on his cloth.

"What to do about this sickness thats sweeping over the continent"

"I dod't dow if there's adythigg we cad do.", replied Planetseeker

Harpy then looked up at the sky. "It's gettigg kidd of late.", she said.

"We seem to be almost over" Sahara notes, quickly sneezing a few times

"Bless you Sahara.", said Planetseeker. He held his cloth up to her snout. "Blow.", he instructed.

She blew out into the cloth. "Thanks" She  rubbed her nose and pulled her and her brother out of the water

"You're welcobe.", said Planetseeker.

"Hae'chi!!" sneezed Harpy.

"Bless you too.", said Planetseeker, as he held the cloth to the SkyWing's snout

Harpy blew her snout fairly noisily into the cloth. "Thagks.", she said.

As Planetseeker was wiping Harpy's snout, he began to sneeze. "Eektoo! Ehtshi!" The NightWing blew his snout wetly into his cloth.

"Bless you as well.", said Harpy

They smiled and slipped back to their hut

Planetseeker and Harpy joined them.

They stopped at the door, spinning around to them. Fennec spoke up "we need a moment alone, please"

"Okay.", said Planetseeker. They waited outside.

They swept inside

"What do you thigk they're talkigg about?", asked Harpy.

Planetseeker replied, "I dod't dow."

They come out several minutes later, Sahara not looking at them. Fennec looks at both of them. "Is there anywhere else that you can stay, Harpy?"

Sahara took a breath in. "We dont mean to be rude, we just didnt expect more then Planet, and Fennec wants to be rude." She kind if snapped at Fennec

Harpy said, "Well, I could always go back to by place id possibility, but I dod't have ady cloth left for whed I deed to blow by sdout."

"I could go with you back to Possibility with you add you cad use bide all you wadt.", offered Planetseeker.

Harpy sniffled. "Dot a bad idea.", she said

"Thank you" Fennec smiled at them

Planetseeker and Harpy flew off to Possibility.

They went back into their home, Sahara snapping at Fennec for a few various things

Planetseeker and Harpy made their way to the latter's house. They found themselves sneezing a lot that night, often having to take turns blowing their snouts into Planetseeker's cloth. Eventually they both went to sleep in Harpy's bed, snuggled up together. After they woke up, both dragons blew their snouts and decided to go back to sleep for a while.

Near the next morning, Sahara and Fennec were in town, mainly checking up on everyone to see if they were okay.

Sahara quietly looked for Harpy and Planetseeker, keeping her eyes out for things that might help to cure as well

Planetseeker and Harpy woke up again with stuffy snouts. After blowing their snouts, they left the house.

Sahara kept on anxiously looking around for the pair, thinking.

Fennec kept his head down, looking at different stalls for things to cure the sickness

Planetseeker and Harpy ran into Fennec and Sahara as they walked through the streets. "Hey guys.", said Planetseeker.

"Hey Planet, Hey Harpy." Sahara smiled happily at them, happy to see them.

This gained a small grumble from Fennec as he lowered his head

"What's wrogg with hib?", asked Harpy.

"Nothing, he just doesnt like others." Sahara looked at her brother with a disdain look

"I cad see that.", said Harpy

Fennec let out a sharp snort, looking away.

"So how are you two doing? Any better?" Sahara smiled at them

"A little.", said Planetseeker. "Although we've beed sdeezigg ad blowigg our sdouts all dight last dight."

"And our sdouts were stuffy all mordigg.", added Harpy

"Well I hope it gets better soon"

"So do we.", replied Harpy. Planetseeker nodded, blowing his snout.

"It was good to see you again," She smiles at the two

General Chatter / Nose Blowing Discord Server.
« on: June 03, 2020, 06:04:59 AM »
I run a Discord server for people who are into nose blowing. Sneezing fetishists are certainly welcome as well.

Here is the invite link if you are interested in checking it out:

This is my first attempt at macro. Enjoy

    It was a perfect spring day at the University of Zootopia. The temperature weas neither too hot nor too cold and there were only a few white clouds in the sky.
A mouse by the name of Otto Stephen was on his way to his Intro to Electrical Engineering class. As he walked through a field, a fox named Joshua Petrus was laying in the grass, enjoying the weather.
As Otto advanced through the grass, he was suddenly snapped up by the fox. “Aah!”, he screamed as he was brought up to the fox’s face. “What a nice surprise!”, exclaimed Joshua. The fox brought his captive closer to to his face and began to sniff him.
Upon sniffing the mouse, Joshua felt a tickle in his nose. His nostrils began to widen. “Hah... I’m gonna sneeze,” he stated as his nostrils got even wider.  “Ahhh...” He looked as though his previous statement was about to come true, but at the last minute his nostrils became narrow. “False alarm!”, Joshua explained. Otto then breathed a sigh of relief.
“Oh, what’s that?”, asked Joshua. “You don’t like germs?”
“Uhm...”, responded Otto.
“Well, I...” Then, out out of nowhere, Joshua let out a massive sneeze. “NGESSHHOO! I have a cold”
“Gross!”, the now-drenched mouse commented commented “Say it don’t spray it!”
Joshua’s nostrils now flared up again. “And I think...” began the fox as his nostrils  began to flare again.
“No!”, Otto responded. The mouse was then brought closer to the fox’s large, gaping nostrils, being forced to watch closely as they widened further and dripped with snot from the last sneeze. Joshua’s mouth then widened to its fullest extent in front of the mouse’s eyes.
Then it finally came out. “HAHHPPSSHEW!” To Otto, the sneeze was like a gust of wind during a downpour, blowing him backwards. The only thing keeping the mouse from being blown away was the strong grip of Joshua.
“I am ‘so’ sorry”, the fox replied sarcastically. “Blech.”, responded Otto as he tried to spit out the stuff that got in his mouth.
“Uh oh, I think...”, Joshua began as his snotty nostrils started widening again.
“You better not!”, Otto interrupted furiously. As his nostrils flared wider and the tickle in his nose intensified, Joshua said, “I’ll try to h-hold it ba-ah-ck, but...”
He held his finger to his nose, but that seemed to do nothing. His nostrils continued to widen, and the tickle in his nose intensified. He opened his mouth wide, finger still on his nose. Then, the urge to sneeze seemed to have disappeared from the fox. ”Hah.” Suddenly, a sharp tickle hit Joshua’s nose. “HAHHPP’SSHEW!”, he sneezed.
The fox  rubbed his nose with his finger and snidely said, “Guess it didn’t work.” He held Otto by the shirt and said, “You might have next one!”, declared Joshua.
“Don’t tell me.”, the mouse replied.
“Unless I can find my hahhn...” His sentence was cut off by the sudden tickle in his nose. “Too late!”, he shouted as his nostrils began to flare up. Joshua began pressing Otto to his nose, but the mouse tried to push away from the fox’s ever expanding nostrils to no avail. “Ahh-hhh...” Joshua’s nostrils got wider, and his mouth opened. “Hahh-pptisshhu!”, he sneezed right on Otto, as if he was a tiny handkerchief.
An idea then struck Joshua. “Maybe if I stick you up my nose, it would work better.” Otto was stricken with pure fright at this point. “What?”, he asked to make sure he was hearing the terrifying idea correctly.
“In you go.”, Joshua said as he shoved Otto into his right nostril. To the small mouse, Joshua’s nostril was like a cave. It was dark and damp, with liquid dripping from the ceiling and flowing on the floor.
The tickle in Joshua’s nose returned. “Nope.”, he remarked. “The cannon is ready to fire. Otto could only stare onwards in terror as the walls of the cave he was trapped in began expanding. “Ahhh... Here hh-h-it co-hhh-mes.”, announced Joshua.
“Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.”, panicked Otto. He then felt his legs elevating higher in the air. “Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.”
“HAAHH-TZSHHCHEW!” Joshua sneezed, hurling Otto into the air and onto the ground, finally freeing from the fox’s grasp. With a smile on his face, Joshua pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. “Oh, look at that!”, said the fox. “It was in my pocket the whole time.
As Joshua blew his nose, Otto furiously began making his way to Intro to Electrical Engineering. “Don’t catch my cold.”, said Joshua.
“Foxes are disgusting>’, replied Otto.


After word of this occurrence had travelled around campus, the Office of Mammal Inclusion claimed that this could only be an act of speciesism and had Joshua suspended. They then held seminars trying to explain to students why such behaviour is "speciesist". However, these seminars backfired, as the OMI showed videos of the incident, and many students were more intrigued than infuriated. As a result, consentual "macro-sneezing", as it has come to be known, is now a popular activity at the University of Zootopia, much to the chagrin of the OMI.

   This just wasn’t Tabaqui’s day. He was refused a cold remedy due to his failed attempts to catch the man-cub with Shere Khan, and now he was the only animal in the jungle without a cold. “Ar'kshee!”, sneezed the jackal. Tabaqui soon found a leaf on the ground. “It’s just not fair.”, he said and blew his nose on the leaf.
   As Tabaqui was blowing his nose, his eyes widened as he heard a voice. “TABAQUI!”, he heard an all too familiar voice shout furiously. “Where are you?!” he asked in an angered tone. This was then followed by a sneeze, “HAKICHOO!”
   Oh dear., thought Tabaqui.  It seems as though I have given Shere Khan my cold.
   Shere Khan’s voice sounded as if it was getting closer. “It’s your fault I caught this cold! Now come out so I can rip you to pieces!”
   Tabaqui then felt a sneeze coming on. “Oh no.”, he said quietly. He covered his snout in hopes of stopping the sneeze. However, as the previous events of the day would suggest, that wasn’t going to happen.
   Tabaqui rushed towards a nearby tree with a hole in it. The jackal then stuck his snout in the hole. “h’kktoo”, he sneezed. Although the sound of the sneeze was muffled by the hole, Shere Khan heard his sidekick’s movement and began walking in his direction. ”Enough playing around, Tabaqui!”, the tiger commanded. “Come out now!” Shere Khan let out another loud sneeze, “Ah'rktheeeeeeeewwww!!!”
   As the tiger approached steadily, Tabaqui made a hasty exit. He ran through the jungle until he was reasonably certain that he had lost Shere Khan and had found a suitable place to hide.
   After running for some time, Tabaqui found a suitable area to hide in. Before settling in, Tabaqui listened for the forceful voice of Shere Khan. He heard nothing but the chatter of other animals.
   Tabaqui then felt a sudden tickle in his nose. As he held the roof of his snout, Tabaqui scanned the area and found a tree with a hole in it. He immediately ran up to the tree and began sneezing into the hole. “ehttshoum!! h'eetshoum!! eh'kishoo!!!!”
   As soon as he finished sneezing, Tabaqui felt a tap on his back. He pulled his head out of the hole and turned around. When he saw who had tapped him, Tabaqui’s eyes widened, his ears flattened, and a sheepish smile adorned his face.
   With the furious face of Shere Khan glaring down at him, Tabaqui replied nervously, “Oh, Hello Shere Khan. Hehe. Fancy meeting you here.”
   “I’ve had just about enough of this, Tabaqui!”, the tiger shouted. At this point Tabaqui’s nostrils began to flare. “Because of you, I now have the cold! I told you very clearly what I would do if you or anyone gave me the cold!”
   Tabaqui’s nostrils flared wider, and he was grasping the roof of his snout with his paws. Then, as Shere Khan was about to act, the cannon fired. “Haekkisheeeeeeeewwww!!”, Tabaqui sneezed right in Shere Khan’s face. “GAH!”, Shere Khan yelled as he recoiled in disgust. He began wiping his face with his paws.
   Tabaqui used this opportunity to run away. Shere Khan caught a brief glimpse of him. However, it was not long before he was betrayed by his own nose. “H’RSHOO! AHEECHI!! A’EECHOO!!!” By the time Shere Khan’s sneezing fit had subsided, he had completely lost track of Tabaqui. While he was sneezing, he could neither see nor hear where the jackal was going. Now, he was unable to sniff him out with how stuffed up his nose was. This time for sure, Tabaqui was safe.

Wings of Fire is a really fun series to read. It is great seeing something sneezy you wrote about different dragon characters! Thank you for taking time writing this =)

Thanks. It's nice to see someone else on this forum who's into Wings of Fire.

I love this. Thank you very much for drawing it.

Character Refs:
The King:
King’s Guard:

   The King’s Guards dragged Thane into the throne room by the arms. In the middle of the dark room stood a large lion with a dark brown coat and a black mane. He wore a golden breastplate in the front, and on his back was a black cape that matched his mane. The exposed areas of fur showed signs of the Rot that was consuming him. However, his corruption was most evident in his piercing lavender eyes, which greatly resembled those of a Bane.
   “Put him down.”, ordered the King. The guards did as they were ordered and dropped the wolf to the floor.
   The King let out a maniacal laugh, “Well, hero.” he said. “It seems as though my guards found you trespassing in my palace.” Thane growled before the King continued. “But before I make an example out of you, I require some information. From you. Rumour has it that you have become very friendly towards Scarlet the Bandit King lately.”
   “That isn’t true!”, Thane shouted. “It’s just a rumour.”
   “Oh, but it is true.”, the King replied as he stepped closer to Thane. “Some reliable sources have told me that you and Scarlet have been working together lately and that you plan to usurp my throne. They have not, however, been able to tell me how.
   The King gestured for one of his guards to come over to him. He then plucked a blue feather from the guard’s helm and said “Scarlet is still out there, and I know she’s up to something, and you are going to tell me exactly what she is planning, or else…” he threatened, raising the feather.
   “I won’t tell you anything.” declared Thane
   The king chuckled and said, “Very well. Have it your way.” The King rubbed the feather against thane’s nose. His nostrils began to flare. The King asked, “Give up now?”
   “Never!” Thane exclaimed. The King simply laughed as he continued tickling the wolf’s nose with the feather. Thane’s nostrils widened even more, and the tickle intensified. A sneeze felt inevitable.
   “Hehh... Ahh...” The King continued laughing maniacally as his victim was on the verge of a sneeze.
   “AH... EHH..” Thane’s nostrils had widened to their greatest extent, preparing to release the sneeze. However, at the very last second, the King decided to pull the feather away from Thane’s nose. “Are you ready to talk now, hero?” he asked.
   “Like I told you before,” the wolf replied. “I won’t tell you anything!” Thane quickly lifted his arm and snatched the feather from the King, who let out a furious roar. He charged at Thane and began wrestling him for control of the feather. During the struggle, Thane found an opening and decided to give the King a taste of his own medicine. He thrusted the feather to the King’s nose and began tickling it. The King’s nostrils flared rapidly. “Eh. hah. HRASHOO!!!!”, the lion sneezed. His guards ran over to him, but by the time they had, Thane had grabbed his sword and began running towards the exit. “After him!”, the King ordered his guards.
   As Thane ran down the hall, the guards began to catch up with him. Thane knew he could not outrun the guards, so he swung his sword at one of them. The guard parried his attack while the other swung his axe. Thane dodged it and attacked the guard, killing him. The remaining guard swung at Thane and missed. Thane swung his sword at the guard and finished him off. The wolf took the keys from the guards before exiting the palace.
   Later that night, Thane and Scarlet met in a forest. It was so quiet that only buzzing of nocturnal insects could be heard.
   “I managed to steal the guards’ keys on the way out.”, Thane told Scarlet. “I also seem have found a weakness of the King.”, he said handing Scarlet the feather.
“Perfect.”, she replied.      

Part 9

The next morning, Planetseeker accompanied Fennec and Sahara to the town of Possibility to find him a thicker piece of cloth for him to blow his snout into. However, it seemed as though there was a cold epidemic in Possibility, as virtually every dragon there was sniffling, sneezing, and blowing their snout.

Both the siblings were casting glances around the city at the other sick dragons, Sahara’s mind was spinning as she nearly tripped herself and Fennec. Fennec looked at Planetseeker. “Still think this is the ‘common cold, from the rainforest?”

"All I dow is that I left the Raidforest the other dight durigg a large raidstorb add the dext bordigg I get a cold.", replied Planetseeker. "I dod't dow what happed here. I guess there's just a cold goigg aroudd."

They thinks a bit. “Well let’s just get whab we need and go”

Planetseeker looked around until he found a stall that sold cloth. Planetseeker approached the vendor, a female SkyWing, and asked, "Do you have ady thick cloths I could use to blow by sdout?"

The SkyWing replied, "Id case you haved't doticed, every dragod id towd is blowigg their sdout dodstop. This is all I habe left.", she said in a stuffy voice, showing a few thin pieces of cloth, even thinner than the one Planetseeker was currently using. The SkyWing let out a sudden sneeze. "Oh'choo!" She then pulled out a rather thick cloth cand blew her snout fairly noisily into it.

They had wondered over with Planetseeker, wondering what in all the moons was going on. "Doed anybody now whats going on?" Sahara looked around as Fennec rubbed his own snout gingerly

Planetseeker answered, "I was hopigg to fidd a thicker cloth, but she odly has these really thid odes left.", he said as the SkyWing was wiping her snout on her own thick cloth.

They cast a glance around, Sahara settled on the SkyWing. "Ma'am, do you know whats going on with all the sickness?"

The SkyWing replied, "All I dow is that sobeode caught a cold, it spread, it spread like a fire started by a dragodflabe cactus, add dow this is goigg od."

She sighs a bit. "alright, thanks for the help.."

"You're welcobe.", the SkyWing said before blowing her snout again.

Sahara looks around as they go off to try and find another cloth stand

Planetseeker found another stand, this one run by a brother and sister pair of MudWings. A SandWing was walking away, blowing his snout into a thick cloth he just purchased. Planetseeker approached them but the female said "We're sorry but that SaddWigg just bought our last cloth. "Ae'shee!", she sneezed. Her bother said, "Here, Egret." as he placed his own cloth over her snout. The MudWing blew her snout and said, "Thagks, Caibad." before blowing her snout again

They sighed a bit, taking collective, short growls as they lashed their tail impatiently. “Come on Planetseeker, lets go back to the oasis. I’m sure we have something there.”

As they prepared to leave Possibility, they heard a voice shouting "Cobe back here with that!" Planetseeker saw the SkyWing vendor from earlier chasing after a young SandWing dragonet, who was carrying the thick cloth that the SkyWing was using earlier. The SkyWing erupted into a coughing fit and was unable to catch the SandWing.

Sahara looked back and took a sigh, she spread her wings and took off back to the oasis with Fennec

Planetseeker went over to the SkyWing to see if she was ok. After talking to her for a bit her went back to the oasis, taking her with him.

They were there, resting in the water. Sahara was playfully blowing bubbles in the water, Fennec cast a glance up at Planetseeker and the SkyWing, thinking

Planetseeker and the SkyWing landed on the shore of the oasis. Planetseeker said, "I hope you dod't bidd but I idvited the SkyWigg cloth berchadt we bet earlier to stay with us sigce her cloth got stoled." "Hi. My Nabe's Harpy.", said the SkyWing.

“That’s fibe.” Sahara smiled as Fennec sort of rolled his eyes

Planetseeker and Harpy got in the water. Almost immediately they dipped their snouts in the water to clean them.

Sahara watched with a smile

" Hae'tshoum ", sneezed Planetseeker.

"Hahchoum!", sneezed Harpy.

"Bless you both."

"Thagks.", said Planetseeker. He and Harpy blew their snouts into the water.

They yawned, one after the other and relaxed, thinking about what will happen

Planetseeker and Harpy lifted their heads out of the water. "What are you thigkigg about?", asked Harpy.

"What caused all this" Sahara waved her talons in a circular motion

"Like I said, sobeode just got a cold add it spread aggressively.", said Harpy.

"Well I wasd't aroudd ady sick dragods whed I caught by cold.", said Planetseeker. "I started sdeezigg the bordigg after I left the raidforest durigg a huge raidstorb. "

Harpy remarked. "Maybe you just caught a differedt cold thed."

Planetseeker replied, "Yeah. You're probably right."

"Yeah," Fennec nodded a bit, muttering to himself afterwards

Ohkthoo!  "Arkikthoo!!!!" sneezed Harpy.

"Ae'tshi!", sneezed Planetseeker. "Bless you Harpy.", he said before sneezing again. "Ae'choo!! I left by cloth back at the hut if you deed to use it", the NightWing said before he sneezed a third time. "Uh'tchee!!!"

"We'll go get it." Fennec offered with a somewhat harsh smiled. He tugged his sister out of the water, towards the hut

"Thagks.", said Planetseeker before he and Harpy both erupted into sneezing fits.

Fennec gave Sahara nothing but a lecture while they were walking, about Planetseeker and Harpy.

After their sneezing subsided, Harpy sniffled and asked, "What do you thigk they're talkigg about?"

Planetseeker shrugged as he sniffled thickly.

They came back several minutes later with the cloth that Planetseeker owned. Sahara bitterly tossed it to him, kind of growling at her brother under her breath

"Thagks.", said Planetseeker. "Here, Harpy." he said as he held his cloth to Harpy's snout. Harpy blew her snout five times and said, "Thagks Pladetseeker."

Planetseeker wiped the SkyWing's snout and said "No probleb." before blowing his snout six times into the cloth.

They think as Fennec sneezes a few times, dipping his snout in the water after a moment or so

Part 8

Planetseeker sniffled and asked, "What are you thigkigg about?"

"How dis came to be." Sahara motions to  them. "The cld, I meab"

"I'b so sorry for gettigg you sick.", Planetseeker said as tears began to well up in his eyes.

Sahara looked at him and pulled her brother over to him. "Dont worry aboub it"

"Thagks.", the NightWing replied before sniffling some more.

She wrapped her wing around him in a sort of odd, half hug

Planetseeker wrapped his wing around her.

She smiled and relaxes

Planetseeker let out a sudden sneeze. "Hae'tshee!!!!"

"Bless you"

Planetseeker sniffled wetly. "Thagks." he said

She nods. "No problem"

"Ugh. I really deed to blow by sdout.", said Planetseeker. "Where did I put by cloth?"

She thinks and searches around

Planetseeker sneezed again. "Hreshoo!"

They waded deeper into the water and grabbed on the cloth

"Thagk you.", said Planetseeker. He took the cloth and wringed it out before blowing his snout wetly and gurgly into the cloth, dampening it again.

They sneeze in rapid succession, holding their snouts under the water

"Bless you guys.", said Planetseeker.

"Thank you,"

Planetseeker began sneezing into his cloth. "Aeeeshoo! Hae'tkthi! Ah'kchee!!! Hohhrchee!!!!

They stretched and yawned, going to the beach and shaking their scales out

Planetseeker blew his snout as he climbed out of the water.

They went to go make their lizard stew

Planetseeker waited.

Planetseeker said "Thagks.", and began eating

"No probleb." They ate as well, thinking

"You guys look like you're thigkigg about sobethigg.", Planetseeker remarked.

"We are," They nodded, Fennecs voice sounded like it was clearing up already

"About what?", the NightWing inquired.

"What causeb you to get sick"

Planetseeker blew his snout and replied, "I thigk it was because I was walkigg out id the raid."

"The raib?"

"I left the raidforest durigg a sizable raidstorb add I got sick."

"So its nobing major"

"That's right.", replied Planetseeker. "hehchoo!", he sneezed.

They snort. holding back a few sneezes

Planetseeker blew his snout.

They go back to thinking

"What are you thigkigg about dow?", Planetseeker asked.

"What to do to get rid of it"

"It's a cold. All we cad do is keep each other cobpady add blow our sdouts udtil it passes.", replied Planetseeker.

They look around

"HESHOO! ACHOO!", sneezed Planetseeker.

"Bless you," They both spoke at once

Planetseeker sniffled. "Thagks. The NightWing blew his snout loudly.

They look around

Planetseeker remarked, "You're wastigg your tibe. You cad't just cure a cobbod cold."

"We can cure most anyting tats thrown at us. Just you watchb"

Planetseeker sneezed again. "HAETCHOO!!!"

They go back to their hut

Planetseeker follows them.

They look around

"I still dod't thigk you should go through all this trouble. It's just a cold after all. We'll get over it evedtually.", said Planetseeker.

"We shoulb at least try"

Planetseeker sat down on a couch and blew his snout

They think, going to a chest

Planetseeker sneezed, "Ahh'kthoo!!!!"

"Bless you"

"Thagks.", the NightWing replied as he wiped his snout on his cloth.

"No problem"

Planetseeker went into a sneezing fit. "Heechoo! Uh'eeshoo! Oh'kshoum!!! Heh'kchoo! HAHKSHI! !!!! Eh'cheeeeeeeewwww!!!!"

"Bless you"

"Thagk you." Planetseeker blew his snout very thickly into his cloth. "I thigk I'b goigg to deed a thicker cloth."

They nod in agreement. "Ill go to Possibility in the morbing, to pick one up"

"Could I go with you?", Planetseeker asked before blowing his snout again.

"Of course you cab"

Planetseeker said, "Good dight." and drifted off to sleep.

"Sleep well," They went to their moss bed and fell asleep.

Part 7

Hours passed and they finally woke up, stretching everything out

Planetseeker woke up to an incredibly stuffy snout.

They blew their snout

"Whed you're dode, could I please have the cloth?" asked Planetseeker.

They handed him the cloth, wiping their snouts a bit

"Thagks." Planetseeker blew his snout very wetly into the cloth.

They coughed a bit and sheepishly got up

Planetseeker wiped his snout as he sluggishly got up.

They moved with heavy foot steps towards the water of the oasis. “Mabe a Cool baff would help” Fennec spike with a stuff nose. Singing into the water with his sister

"Good idea.", replied Planetseeker. The NightWing then held his cloth up to Fennec's snout. "You soud like you deed to blow."

He pushed away the cloth, letting out a sneeze. “Only momentary relieph, no thangs”

"AHtsheeeeeeeewwww!!!", sneezed Planetseeker. The NightWing brought the cloth to his own snout and blew thickly into it.

They sneeze repeatedly and Sahara rubs her nose

Planetseeker handed the cloth off to Fennec and Sahara.

Sahara blew into the cloth

Planetseeker sneezed again. "hahtishoum!"

They rubbed their snouts

Planetseeker erupted into a small sneezing fit. "Uh'raesheeeeeeeewwww!! Aehtktheeeeeeeewwww! AE'TCHEE!!!"

“Bless you,” Sahara repeated each time he sneezes. “Mab... dis thing is really getibg to us”

Planetseeker sniffled thickly and wetly. "Id really is.", he replied before sniffling several more times

“Mabe anoder bath would do good.” They took a stand, walking towards the oasis

Planetseeker sniffled some more. "Good idea. Could I please have by cloth back?", he asked.

They stopped and handed the cloth back

"Thagks." Planetseeker blew his snout wetly four times and followed Fennec and Sahara to the Oasis

They dipped into the water and settled themselves

Planetseeker wiped his snout on the cloth and settled into the water

They relaxed and spread their wings, helping them to just float across the surface

Planetseeker sank in some more and coughed a little.

They let out a loud hack and eventually settled back in, letting their snouts sink a tiny bit so they could blow bubbles

"Ah'Shoo!", sneezed Planetseeker. The NightWing dipped his snout in the water to clean it.

They had a repetition of sneezes, partially dunking their snouts into the water

Planetseeker continued sneezing "Heshoo! H'tchee! Heh'tshi!!". He then blew his snout into the water.

They rubbed their snouts gingerly and thought for a silent minute.

General Chatter / Furry Sneeze Discord
« on: February 22, 2019, 04:14:01 AM »
I'm starting a furry sneeze server on Discord. It's a good place for furries with sneezing and related fetishes to talk, share art and stories, and roleplay.

Click here to join:

Video Games & Anime / Re: Exploration based games?
« on: February 15, 2019, 04:47:10 AM »
Seafarers of Catan
Clash of Cultures

General Chatter / Re: Sneeze Generator
« on: February 14, 2019, 01:28:08 AM »
Glad you guys like it.

I forgot to mention that the site also has a "Stuffyfier" that translates normal talk into "stuffy" talk. Basically everything that a sneeze writer or roleplayer might need is right there

I Found Something! / Re: My Little Pony Short
« on: February 09, 2019, 12:03:51 AM »
I’ve vern waiting for this for too long
Glad you enjoyed it. It's nice to see a fellow MLP fan on this site

I Found Something! / My Little Pony Short
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:47:12 AM »
There's a new MLP short where everypony gets affected by Twilight's magic sneezes.

Writer's Den / [M+Fox+Coyote]The Excuse (Commission for Gerplexan)
« on: January 26, 2019, 05:49:58 AM »
It was a cloudy summer day. A marble fox dressed in a black tanktop and grey boxers lay in his bed under a pile of used tissues. Casey’s nose scrunched up before he let out a sneeze. “KTSHOO!!!!”
   As he blew his nose, his roommate, a coyote wearing shorts and an anime T-Shirt,  walked through the door with a couple of shopping bags. “Okay. I got the stuff for the tea you...” Daniel paused as his phone vibrated. “Oh no!”, he said.
   Casey sniffled thickly. “What?”, he asked.
   Daniel replied, “My mom just sent me a text. Apparently I’ve been invited to my old neighbor Newton’s graduation party tomorrow.”
   “So?”, asked Casey.
   As he was making the tea, Daniel responded “So, those people’s graduation parties always suck. I went to his sister’s graduation party a few years ago, and it was the worst party I’d ever been to! I had to get super dressed up, there was assigned seating, the food was horrible, and there were no games or anything. I wish I could say ‘no’, but there’s no way my mom will...”
   He then focused his attention attention on Casey as he noticed his scrunched up muzzle. “heh. Heh. Heh’Kchooo!”, the fox sneezed. Daniel was delighted. He had just found the the excuse he was looking for.
   After Casey blew his nose, Daniel ran over to him. “Give me that!”, he commanded as he attempted to grab the used tissue.
   “No.”, Casey responded. “I do’t wadda get you sick.”
   “But it’s the only way I only way I can get out of this stupid graduation party.”, said Daniel.
   “Yeah but I still do’t wadt you gettig sick.”, said Casey. “Cad’t you just suck id up add go to dat party?”
   “NO!”, shouted Daniel. “I can NOT go to another one of Newton’s family’s graduation parties!” Now, give that tissue!”
   “Do!”, shouted Casey. The fight was interrupted by the whistle of the tea kettle. Daniel simply went into the kitchen and fetched the tea for Casey. “Here.”, he said as he handed Casey his tea.
   “Thagks.”, replied the fox as his roommate made his way to his own room.

   Daniel sat at his computer desk, browsing the internet and wondering how he could catch Casey’s cold. Suddenly, on the other side of the wall he heard his roommate say, “Oh god. This is a godda be a big ode.”
   Then it hit Daniel. What he really needed to get sick was to get Casey to sneeze on him. He quickly rushed over to Casey’s room and awaited the mist that would save him from having to go to the party.
   By the time he arrived, Casey’s muzzle was already scrunched up, his eyes were closed, and his mouth was wide open. “Heh. Eh. Uh. Ugh.” Suddenly the urge for Casey to sneeze disappeared, but as quickly as it left, it came back in full force. “Heh Eh  Ah.” Daniel put his face in front of Casey’s as close as he could. However, at the last second, Casey grabbed a tissue and placed it on his muzzle. “AETSHII! HUHHkichi!!! HAE’KKTEEEEEEEEWWWW!”, he sneezed into the tissue. “You’re disgustigg.”, he said before blowing his nose onto another tissue.
   Daniel stormed out of the room in frustration. That wasn’t right. He should have gotten sprayed. He then knew that the tissues had to go.
   The crafty coyote went back into Casey’s room and said “Let me get those out of your way, he said as he swept all the used tissues on the bed into the nearby trash can.
   “Ub. Thagks.”, said Casey.
   “No problem.”, replied Daniel as he snatched the box and put it in the trash can with the used tissues.
   “Hey!”, shouted Casey. However, with a renewed tickle in his nose, he knew he was powerless to stop what was about to happen. “Ah’Choum! ‘KGXGHOO!”, he sneezed.
   Meanwhile, Daniel dashed through the apartment to round up any spare tissues he could find and throw them in the trashcan. He collected boxes of tissues from the bathroom, the living room, and even grabbed the tissue box on his own nightstand. Once all the tissues in the apartment were rounded up, Daniel left the apartment and went to the dumpster outside where he poured out all the tissues they had.
   When Daniel came back, Casey’s nose was a dripping mess. “What the fugk is wrogg with you!?”, Casey asked angrily.
   Daniel responded, “Well sorry for not wanting to go to hell tomorrow!”
   Casey got out of bed and stood face to face with his roommate. “Oh was that it?!”, he asked. Did you wadt be to sdeeze od you so you do’t have to go to thad dub old party?!” He then grabbed the coyote and pulled him closer, bringing his face mere inches away from his own. “Well here you go!”
   Daniel’s face was now drenched. “Thanks for that.”, he said merrily, for he know that it was now only a matter of time before he caught the cold himself.

   An hour or so later, as he was playing games on his computer, Daniel felt a tickle in his nose and his muzzle scrunched up. The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived. “Uh. Uh. Uh’Rechoo!!!” The sneeze was followed by another, “HOHKTCHA!!!!” and another, “OKCHEE!!!”
   “Yes!” Daniel exclaimed with snot dripping from his nose. I do’t have to go to dat party adybore!”
   He then went back to Casey’s room. “Hey.”, he said. “I’b dow sick too.”
   Casey gave a sigh and said “Hop id.”, he said as he moved over and patted the empty spot next to him. Daniel complied and got into the bed as his roommate unleashed a loud “H’RAESHOO!”
   Immediately afterward Daniel sniffled as his muzzle scrunched up “OHK’TSHEE!!!! AHTTSHOO!!!”, sneezed the coyote. “Ugh. I deed to blow by dose, he said.”
   “So do I.”, replied Casey, “Bud you threw out all our tissues.”
   “Oh well.”, said Daniel. “At least dis is bedder thad dat party.”
   Then, both Casey and Daniel’s muzzles scrunched up and they closed their eyes as they awaited the oncoming sneeze. “heh. Heh. HEH. HEHKICHEEEEEEEEWWWW!!”, they sneezed in unison. “Yep.”, said Daniel. “Defidetly bedder thad dat party.

Part 6:

"Well what?", asked Planetseeker

“At least we don’t have anything important to do.”

That's true.", said Planetseeker. The NightWing sniffled thickly.

They relax

"ah'tktee!!" "ae'eechoum!!!!", sneezed Planetseeker" Cad I please have by cloth back?", he asked.

They handed him the cloth back, rubbing their snout a bit. "So tell us about yourself, if ya can." Sahara spoke, trying to sound as clear as possible

Planetseeker blew his snout fairly noisily and said, "Well, I'b idto readigg add astrodoby. Also I cad get alogg with bost ady dragod, provided they ared't a NightWigg"

“Why’s that?”

"Well", Planetseeker sniffled "I guess it all started whed I was growigg up od the isladd."

They smiled and listened

Planetseeker wiped his snout on his cloth and said,"The other dragodets teased add bade fud of be. It was because they thought I was a big softy add because of the tad tip od by sdout. I was appalled whed I foudd out what they were doigg to those poor RaidWiggs." Tears began to form in Planetseeker's eyes. "After all that, I fidd it ibpossible to see good id other NightWiggs." The NightWing blew his snout wetly several times into his cloth.

“Awww. We sorry Thad happend.” Sahara sneezes. She felt like wrapping her wing around him but didn’t know if he was welcome to any sort of effection

Planetseeker wiped his snout and said, "It's okay. Everythigg's fide dow.." He held the cloth to Sahara's snout. "Here, blow.", he said.

She blew and wiped her snout a bit. “Bank you.”

"You're welcobe.", said Planetseeker. "Hhraecheeeeeeeewwww!", he brought the cloth back to his own snout and blew into it.

She giggled a bit but it was more stopped up then anything and she ended up wincing as her ears rang a bit

As he wiped his snout, Planetseeker asked, "Are you okay?"

“Yeah, topped up ears.”

"Is there adythigg you deed?", asked Planetseeker.

They shake their heads a bit. “Be should be fibe”

Planetseeker felt a tickle in his snout. "HR'ragxgheeeeeeeewwww! hah'ksheeeeeeeewwww!! hah'ratsheeeeeeeewwww!!!"

“Blesh you”

Planetseeker sniffled wetly. "Thagks.", he said before blowing his snout very thickly and gurgly several times.

They laid their heads on their talons and closed their eyes

Planetseeker finished blowing his snout and did the same.

They soon fell asleep

As did planetseeker.

Video Games & Anime / Re: Dungeons and Dragons
« on: January 19, 2019, 11:10:07 PM »
I've mostly been a player but I have DM'd a couple of times

Writer's Den / Re: [M + Dragon + Feral + Wings of Fire]Sneezes in the Sand
« on: November 16, 2018, 08:10:00 PM »
Part 5:

Planetseeker sneezed twice. "Ae'ttsheeeeeeeewwww!!!! Haeraeshee!!!!"

They handed one bowl to him and drink the other, spliting it in half between the two heads

Planetseeker quickly drank the entire bowl.

They ate theirs  as well

Planetseeker then picked up his cloth and began blowing his snout.

They sat patiently

Planetseeker sneezed again. "Hae'tcheeeeeeeewwww!!!! 'Sheeeeeeeewwww!!" The NightWing then continued to blow his snout.

They stood and swept away towards the oasis, looking around and letting their tail drag in the sand

Planetseeker finished blowing his snout. After wiping his snout on his cloth, he noticed that Fennec and Sahara had left and got up to go look for them.

Their dark wings could be seen nears the oasis, layed out

Planetseeker made his way out to the oasis to see what Fennec and Sahara were doing out there.

They were calmly relaxing, listening to everything around them

Planetseeker laid down next to them.

They looked at him and smiled a bit

Planetseeker said, "Hey guys.", and gave a sniffle.

"Hello" They chimed in at the same time

"Agaid, I'b sorry for gettigg you sick.", said Planetseeker.

"its fine, you dont have to apologize" They sneezed, covering their snout with their talons

Planetseeker handed them his cloth. "Here.", he said.

They took the cloth and gently wiped their snout, handing it back

Planetseeker took the cloth back and blew his snout into it

They smiled a bit and looked around

Planetseeker wiped his snout on the cloth

They sneezed once more and dug their heads under the  sand

"Bless you.", Planetseeker said as he handed them the cloth again

They blew their nose and dunked it in the water to wash it out, shaking it in their talons a bit as well

"Heshooo!", sneezed Planetseeker

They covered their own snout as it had started to itch. “Well...”

Part 4:

Planetseeker then began to fall asleep. "Good night guys.", he said

“Sleep well” they simultaneously yawned, laying down and falling into sleep rather quickly

While facing Fennec and Sahara's general direction, Planetseeker sneezed "EH'KISHEE!!!!" The NightWing immediately woke up.

They were semi curled up, not bothered and obviously still asleep

Planetseeker blew his snout as quietly as he could to avoid waking Fennec and Sahara. He immediately went back to sleep.

They slept peacefully and woke before the sun was up, stretching out

Planetseeker woke up with a stuffy snout. He grabbed his cloth and blew into it thrice.

They looked over at him, taking the bowl and slithering to the water

"Hey.", said Planetseeker. "You guys dod't look so good. You look like you caught by cold."

“I’ll-“ Sahara began, but was interrupted by her brother. “we’ll be fine. We don’t usually get colds for more then a couple days.”

"Heh'kchi!", sneezed Planetseeker. "I'b sorry I gave you by cold."

“It’ll be okay” they smiled at him

Planetseeker blew his snout wetly.

They looked around, beginning to make two bowls

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