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I think I mentioned it in chat, but it's nice seeing artists improve over time. It's tough to do but fun when you notice it happening. Thanks for getting commissions, and it's great when you get one you're extra happy with. :D

Oh, for sure! I've been following PPLover for a while too, and it's been awesome watching her improve. She's becoming one of my favorites. :)

I'm happy to get commissions and support artists. And I agree, great getting a result you love!

This is really great, and the art came out incredible. Very nice improvement! ;D

I know, right?? Thanks! I'm very happy with it. ;D She's gotten really good!

A remake commission I had done by the very talented, Amber the Pegasus! (Aka pollenpepperlover) ;D This is the climactic scene from my story "A Secret Power", starring the Disney character, Bolt.  You can find it here:

I absolutely love how this came out! :) Thanks again so much, Amber. You've gotten really good!

You can find her original version of the comic here. She's really improved her art!

Her FurAffinity is here:

Hope you all like this! ^_^

O.O Wowee!!! Willing nostril exploration, and also a victim willing to allow the release of a potential inducer into their nose. Love it!!  ;D

I enjoyed how much satisfaction Maeve got from the whole experience. Ruby had an awesome buildup too. Love all the holding back and the big explosion at the end. Nice job as always! ^^

General Chatter / Re: About Pluto in Bone Bandit
« on: April 07, 2021, 10:02:03 PM »
Aw, man! As a matter of fact, yes. ;D Glad I'm not the only one, lol.

When I was young, my parents recorded a bunch of kids shows for me on VHS so I could watch whenever I want. Go figure, one of them was "Bone Bandit". I think it was on the Mickey Mouse Club or something.

I used to press the Slow Motion button on the VCR all the time when I was watching Pluto's buildups, lol. xD Sneezing was definitely a big fascination for me back then. It wasn't until I was older that I really understood how and why it effected me.

Cant wait to see the conclusion! Love the scenario and the character. Great writing!

I absolutely love this story can’t wait for the next update keep up the amazing work

Thanks so much, you guys!  I appreciate you taking the time to read these, and I'm so happy you enjoyed them!  I'm still kinda' brainstorming on how to conclude this, but more than likely, I'll write a Part 3 at some point. Stay tuned! ;)

Loved it cant wait to see MORE!


Thanks so much Drea! :) <3

I Found Something! / Re: [Series Topic] Jungle Beat
« on: January 26, 2021, 05:17:45 PM »
WOWEE!! :D  Lots of sneezes in this series, and all of them really good!  Nice finds ^^

Oh my gosh, LOVE it! :D  You had it all in there.  Romance, passion, and overall just a great story.

I thought it was very sweet how Ragnar and Cadence unfurled their wings and flew to a private spot together.  The image of the firey pollen lighting of the night sky was vivid and beautiful.  And their "fun" at the end was quite enjoyable.  Love how Ragnar reacted when he realized that Cadence was into his sneezes. :)

Overall, awesome job!

WOW!  That was intense.  It was really good though. ;D

I love the idea of Ruby being allergic to Maeve's fur, and her shedding all over the inside of Ruby's nose is quite enticing. xD  You'd think Maeve would pay better attention when entering caves! Lol.

Overall, kind of the same concept as part 1, but still really good! Nice job. :3

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Una and Her Nose (f, bloodhound)
« on: January 09, 2021, 01:38:51 PM »
Oh my gosh, that is adorable! :D Very cute concept, her being able to communicate with her nose. I LOVE how her nose is acting all happy when being made to sneeze. And seeing them try to hold back "together" is super sweet.

Nicely drawn too! Love her sneezy expressions. ;) Nice job!

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Sneezy Bird Girl (f, anthro)
« on: January 04, 2021, 07:26:11 AM »
Very cute! ;D  Nice art.  The poor bird! lol

To know that, you'd have to watch the whole thing, since I can't tell you because I haven't.

Ok, no problem.  Was just wondering if you knew.  Thanks!

Update: I looked into it.  Apparently, the flying doctors are trying to complete a recipe for a cure for something called "orange fever".  One ingredient is a lion's sneeze, lol.  The lion was willing to help since they cured him of a flu previously. :)

Of course, of course. XD But yeah, in a sense, especially in my case since I was at least a mild part of the original games' conception, it did end up feeling a tad personal, hahaha. Just means the writing is good, right? :P

Haha, I hope you're right, that it means the writing was good. ;D

Sorry if it came off as personal.  Hope you didn't take it in a bad way. :P

Wow!  That was actually pretty good.  Always love purposeful sneezing, especially with a feather. ;D

Out of curiosity, what's the context of this scene?  Like, why did they make the lion sneeze into a bag?  And why was he willing to do so? :P

I Found Something! / Re: [N] Monkeys from Space - Dandelion
« on: December 29, 2020, 05:45:34 PM »  That was different, lol.  Won't deny it was enjoyable though.  Loved all the nose trembling, nostril flaring, and buildups.  Nice find :3

That's the type of thing I like with writing, but I admit it caught me a bit off guard, haha. Made me feel a bit bad since I was uhh, approaching this story segment differently when she got mad at 'us'. :P :P

Oh... O.o heh, I didn't think of that.  I guess she did get mad at "us" didn't she?  Lol, well I didn't intend for her to come off that way.  I was mainly trying to play off something that STW told me about Maxie before.  That she's normally super sweet, but when she gets mad, like if she has to defend a friend, she can be scary!  Other people's safety being threatened would definitely be one of her triggers too, and I thought it would be interesting to write about angry Maxie, lol.

Well, if it's any consolation, she forgave us, and she's really intrigued about our fetish... and she's willing to let "us" have some fun with her, which I may write about too at some point. ;)

That's... an interesting approach.

That's not a complaint, just that it's not the type of ... content we usually get around here. Unexpected, y'know? But... nice. To have a story that provokes thought and empathy and stuff. Thanks for writing something like that. :) (And if there's been other stories that have done that, sorry for not reading them, haven't done much reading either here OR elsewhere in a few years, heh.)

Oh yeah!  I guess it is a little different from the norm. :3  Anyway, you're welcome!  Glad you liked it.

Yeah, I like to have big plot points in my sneeze stories, and I also like to sprinkle in some realism. :)  I figured, what would daily life be like for someone with Maxie's problem?  And what would her friends think and say?  Empathy seemed the most reasonable.

Thanks for taking the time to read it!  Always nice getting comments from the Head Fox. ;)

Hey everybody.  As promised, here is Part 2 of the story! ;D  Sorry that this is so late (adulting sucks), but I FINALLY managed to get it done!

Once again, I do want to thank SneezeTheWolf for allowing me to write about his character Maxie, the big sneezy wolfess. ^^ Also, thanks to oneofthree for letting me use their idea of the Kevlar Handkerchief.

So in this part, we get to see Maxie interact with her friend Amber, the playable character from SneezeTheWolf's text based games involving Maxie (in case you didn't already figure that out.  The name Amber is also a reference to another one of STW's screen names). :)  By the way, if you're wondering why Amber gets referred to as "they" in the story, STW asked me to make Amber genderless and species-less so the reader could decide these, and picture the character to be themselves just as much as they did when they played the games. ^^  Hope it doesn't sound too confusing.

If you'd like to play the Maxie games, you can find them here:

Anyway, enjoy!  Feedback is always welcomed.  I probably will do a Part 3 at some point.  Once again, just wanted to give a "suggestive dialogue" warning about some references to explicit situations.

(Maxie is property of SneezeTheWolf - used with permission)
(The Kevlar Handkerchief belongs to oneofthree - used with permission)


Giant Sneezes dot-com
Part 2

It was a gorgeous day out.  The sun was shining, perfect temperature, not a cloud in the sky!  It brought a smile to Maxie’s face as she drove through town.  The beautiful weather certainly gave her a pleasant and calming feeling.  Although ironically, it also made her anxious.  On a day like this, there was a good chance that lots of other folks would likely be out and about too… especially at the location that she was thinking of.  It wasn’t that she didn’t like being around other people.  It was just, given what she had planned, it probably would be ideal if she could be alone and more isolated for this venture.

Before long, she arrived at her destination – the local park, a few blocks away from her apartment.  To her dismay, as she pulled into a parking space, she found that her fears were realized.  “Shoot,” she thought out loud, as she surveyed the locale.  The place was packed.  Various furred, feathered, and scaled folks were everywhere, walking along the pathways, posing for photos in scenic areas, and kids were running around on the playground.  It seemed almost hectic.  She thought pretty seriously about turning around and coming back another time, which probably would have been a good idea.  Admittedly though, she really was eager to carry out the test that she had thought of.  “I guess it can’t hurt to at least scope out the situation,” she said to herself, as she shut off the car.

She climbed out, closed the door, and took a few steps up onto the sidewalk.  She dodged a couple of tiger cubs who ran past her as she made her way into the public place.  She knew exactly where she had to go to get to the spot that she had in mind.  She walked for several minutes, passing many individuals along the trek who were also out for a stroll, until she came to an intersection in the path with a multi-directional sign that pointed to various points of interest.  Without hesitation, she turned right, following the arrow on the wooden painted sign that had the words, “Flower Garden” written on it.

She didn’t have to venture far before the colorful area came into view in the distance.  She squinted her eyes and held up a paw to block out the sun, as she observed the open space from afar, smiling at it with admiration.  The park actually had a beautiful, expansive garden, with many different varieties of flowers arranged in colorful patterns.  A pair of brick walkways crossed through the center of it, allowing guests a very scenic view.  Maxie had in fact visited this place a few times before, and truthfully, she loved it here!  However, after having some “incidents” in the past, she decided that it might be a good idea to stop coming back.  To her surprise, there weren’t too many folks currently in the spacious garden.  She could see a few people here and there walking among the flowers, including a canine group, and a horse family.  But it wouldn't be too hard for her to find a private area.  She felt her heart skip a beat and begin to race as her nerves kicked in.  Was she really about go through with this?

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the dark green, Kevlar Handkerchief that had been given to her by her potential new employer.  She stared at its coarse fabric for a few seconds, and then looked back up at the garden in the distance.  Was this truly safe?  Normally, she would avoid anything that would provoke her allergies at all costs, so’s not to have another one of her frightening and embarrassing episodes in public.  Now, she was about to deliberately trigger them!  Jack had assured her that the handkerchief would hold up against her sneezes, as he had so assertively demonstrated in his office.  But she didn’t have total confidence in the product yet.  She wanted to see firsthand that it would work in a situation where there was more of a risk.  This was a good chance to do so, so she decided she might as well take it.  Hopefully, this wouldn’t blow up in her face… both figuratively and literally.  She took a deep breath and let it out, trying to relax herself.  “Alright,” she said aloud, mustering up whatever bravery she could, “here goes nothing.”  She started to walk towards the sweeping array of blossoms, following the rock-lined pathway.

She prayed that she wouldn’t encounter any of the park officials as she made her way towards the vibrant expanse.  After all, they were starting to know her very well, and trying to discourage her from coming back… for obvious reasons.  Thankfully, she didn’t see any uniformed folks as she strolled along.  When she approached the edge of the garden, she could see the many different hues and variations that had been well placed in the extensive ground.  Before she got any closer, she quickly pulled her shirt up over her nose, and held it in place with her paws on either side of her muzzle.  She didn’t want to take any chances, as she knew that her sensitive canine snout would soon be detecting the strong scent of the flowers before long.  She wanted to ensure that she was well away from anyone else first.

Eventually, she went through the garden entrance, which was denoted by a decorative arch that attached to the metal fence on either side.  She came upon a rhinoceros couple who were pushing a stroller as she continued to walk.  Despite the weird look they gave her as she passed, she politely nodded hello to them.  They stared at her for a few seconds, before finally returning her gesture.  She continued to follow the walkway and took a good look around at the flower beds that surrounded her.  Well, she had done it!  She was really in the heart of the lion’s den, now.  She felt herself becoming apprehensive, especially when she detected a bit of the potent scent through her shirt.  She sniffled a little and felt her nose twitch.  Uh oh, she thought to herself as she tried to pinch her nose tight with her paws.  She had no intention of turning back.  In her mind, she was past the point of no return, but she knew she had to hurry.  She sped up her pace, before finally reaching the intersection in the center of the garden.  This seemed to be a quiet spot.  She glanced around and confirmed that no one was close by.  There were a couple folks on the path a distance away, but they all seemed to either be walking away from her, standing still admiring the flowers, or sitting on park benches.  She decided that it was safe to conduct her little experiment.  Carefully, she pulled her shirt down, exposing her snout, and took the hankie in one hand.

“Okay,” she said to herself as she held it out in front of her face.  “Here we go….” And without delay, she took a big *SNIFFFFFFFF*, inhaling deeply, drawing the sweet, pungent fragrance of the flowers into her waiting nose.  At first, it was quite pleasing, getting to breathe the enjoyable smell… until she found that she had also inhaled quite a bit of pollen too!  And with that, her allergies started to kick in.

The reaction was almost instantaneous.  Her nose began to itch like crazy, and her snout crinkled and scrunched.  Her eyes teared up, and her breath quickened.  The powerful aroma of the flowers quickly overwhelmed her sensitive muzzle, and she could feel the tickly pollen playing away, dancing around the insides of her nostrils.  “Heh...hiiihh...oh b-boy,” she stuttered to herself. “Heh...h-here it c-comes!  *Sniffle*.”  She knew a big sneeze was on the way!

“Hehhh…. hahhhh…. aaaaaahhhhhhh….”

She stood tall as she began to huff, allowing her chest to expand.  Her eyes gradually shut, and her mouth hung open, her nostrils stretching and flaring wide.

“aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH….”

She made no effort to hold back, boldly allowing the tickle to completely engulf her long nose, drawing in breath after breath, her shirt stretching tightly against her ever-enlarging chest.


As she felt herself on the cusp of the sneeze, she brought the hankie up to her muzzle.  At the last second though, she remembered the last time that she had done this.  She had been blown backwards, smacked into a wall, and was left in a daze, which she was in no hurry to experience again.  Instinctively out of fear, she loosened her grip a little, just as...


Big mistake!  As her head whipped forward, she felt a HUGE blast of air rush out from the sides of the fabric in her paws.  A loud tearing sound was heard on either side of her as the gust from her sneeze ripped through the flower beds, easily shredding, and uprooting the blooms within the blast radius.

She cringed as she slowly opened her eyes, sniffling and having a look around.  As she had feared, her sneeze had done a considerable amount of damage!  The flowers to her immediate right and left had been replaced by two cone-shaped craters, and the torn-up remains of the plants and dirt had formed into a cloud, hovering above the ground.  To add to it, her loud, booming sneeze had echoed through the area, getting the attention of the few individuals who were within earshot.  She could see them on the paths ahead of her, standing upright and just staring at her, dumbfounded by the power of the wolf’s enormous sternutation!  “Umm… bless you!” a cat lady called out, a bit of a friendly chuckle in her voice.

“Th-thanks…” Maxie replied, sniffing hard and now blushing deep.  She was so caught up in her embarrassment, that she failed to notice that the debris cloud was drifting closer to her.  Without even realizing it, several tiny petals, loose dirt and pollen particles had made their way in front of her face and were picked up with her hard sniffs… right into her nose!

“Hiiih….heeeeh….hahhhh…..oh nih-not again!”  The side of Maxie’s tender muzzle contorted, and her lips curled, exposing her jaw line.  She felt another vicious tickle, worming its way up her reactive canine snout.

“Haaaah……aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….”  Her chest quickly began to expand again.  Another sneeze was coming on fast and strong!  The few individuals ahead of her began to move away quickly and uneasily, seeing the big wolfess build up to yet another one of her massive sneezes.


Maxie barely had time to process what was happening.  Clumsily, she fumbled around with the hankie in her paws trying desperately to get it up to her twitching, flaring nose.  She barely was able to drape it over her irritated snout, unable to really establish any sort of grip before…



WHOOSH!!  This time hankie was helplessly blown from her hands, and a GIANT shockwave resulted, effortlessly pulling up the blossoms and sod in front of her, ripping them to pieces and blowing them a great distance!  She blinked her eyes into focus and saw that she had indeed done a lot more damage this time.  The flower beds within a substantial radius in front of her were ruined, and only a large hallow of dirt remained.  “Oh, come on!” she grumbled in frustration.

Not wanting to worsen the situation, she quickly pulled her shirt over her muzzle once more, and squeezed her nose tight, making sure that nothing else would get to it that would cause her to sneeze again.  Yikes… well, this was no good.  It could have been worse, but it was safe to say that her first public experiment with the handkerchief hadn’t gone well.  It was time to get out of there before she got into trouble.  She started to walk briskly down the path ahead of her, which was now deserted.  How humiliating!  She felt so bad for damaging the flower beds, and for scaring off the individuals there who were just trying to enjoy them.   No matter how many times this had happened to her, it never got any less upsetting.  Nothing to do now but make another expedient exit… wait!  What had happed the handkerchief?  She groaned, realizing that it could have gone anywhere, and she didn’t have time to look for it.  Thankfully, after a quick scan of the area, she spotted it dangling from a tree branch near the edge of the garden, which she was able to jump for and retrieve without much effort, due to her unusual height.

She stuffed it back in her side pocket, and once she was away from the garden, she pulled her shirt back down off her snout, and tried to act as calm as possible, quickly making her way back down the park paths, keeping a low key.  She eventually reached the parking lot and slid back into her car.  “Whew!” she let out a sigh as she thought about what had just occurred.  “Those poor gardeners,” she said to herself, thinking of the park workers who were once again going to be tasked with cleaning up her mess.  “They must really be starting to hate me.”  She decided that she might make a donation to the local Public Works department in the near future as an apology.

“Alright,” she thought audibly.  “Note to self… HOLD THE HANKIE TIGHT against your nose when you have to sneeze!”  She knew that this would likely mean some less-than-desirable recoil in the time ahead.  But it would certainly be better than the outcome that she had just faced.  Maybe she could practice with it, and train herself to brace up against something before sneezing if possible, or even lie down.  If nothing else, it was good that this experience hadn’t made her want to give up on the possibilities of the Kevlar product.

Speaking of which, she was reminded of something else on her agenda for today.  She wanted to address the individual who was somewhat responsible for her even being granted this luxury in the first place.  She pulled out her phone and scrolled through her contacts, finding the name, Amber.  Her clawed fingers moved rapidly as she typed up a text.

     -   We need to talk.  You free for dinner tonight?  Pizza on me.

After hitting send, it wasn’t long before she saw the indication that the message had been received and read.  A set of bouncing dots appeared, showing that Amber was typing up a response.  Their text tone sounded as the note appeared.

     -   Uh oh… I think I know what this is about, lol. xD  Sure, I’m down.

Some time later…

“Wow!” Amber said, as they smiled at their canine friend, sitting across from them in the booth of their favorite pizzeria.  “So, they offered you a job on the spot, huh?  Guess I’m not surprised.”

“Eee-yup,” Maxie replied, smirking at her long-time companion.  “Soooo… I guess I partly have you to thank for this opportunity.”

“Heh… umm, yeah,” Amber said back, trying to hide their face as they looked up at the wolfess while flushed.  “You’re welcome, I think?”

Maxie just chuckled and shook her head a bit.  “Yeah, I think a ‘thank you’ is in order,” she said.  “I gotta say, that was unexpected.  I never knew that video websites like that existed, so much as they might be interested in having someone like me on board.”

“Oh yeah,” Amber reacted, lifting their head, happy to see that their friend wasn’t displeased with them for putting in a recommendation for her.  “It’s actually a pretty popular business.  So, what do you think?  Are you gonna take the job?”

“Eh…” Maxie blinked a few times and looked off to the side uncomfortably.  “Actually, that’s partly what I wanted to talk to you about.  While it’s intriguing, I’m not really sure how I feel about it.  I mean, you know how self-conscious I am about my sneezes.  And we’re talking about me sneezing in paid videos that are gonna go on the internet for the whole world to see.  It makes me really uneasy, you know?  Plus, it’s for a kink-based website.  I’d be doing it for, well… ‘adult’ type entertainment.  Seems kinda weird.”

“Aw Max, I think you’d love working for them!” Amber burst out.

Maxie perked her ears and she looked back up, still acting somewhat apprehensive.  “You think so?”

“Of course!  Do you really think I’d recommend you for something that I didn’t think you’d like?  Jack Berrington and his crew treat their performers, great!  I’ve watched the side-interviews that they’ve done where their actors get a chance to tell their stories.  They all have the same thing to say; how great it is working for Jack, and how well they get treated on set.  Also, they talk about how they used to be so embarrassed about their sneezes, and how they were feared by many for them, until they joined  Now they’re so happy that they can do so freely for others to enjoy.”

“Huh…” Maxie nodded lightly as she drifted deep into thought.  “You know, I won’t deny that Mr. Berrington seemed really nice, and pretty understanding… I guess if his crew is anything like him, it might be enjoyable working with them… maybe even kinda fun!”  Maxie was surprised with herself, finding that she was smiling a bit as she spoke, and her tail was lightly thumping against the back of the booth.

“Yeah,” Amber added, “not to mention, you said that they would pay you pretty well, right?”

“Uh huh,” Maxie answered.  “Also, there’s another incentive involved.  I found out that I would also get an unlimited supply of these.”  She pulled the rough, green hankie out of her pocket, and presented it to her friend.

Amber’s eyes went wide as they stared at it for a second.  “Oh my gosh!” they exclaimed.  “Is that a Mini-Kevlar Handkerchief?”

“Sure is,” Maxie said.  “Somehow, I’m not surprised that you know what this is.”

“Holy cow!  Let me see that,” Amber said excitedly as they took it from her.  They warped it around in their hands as they studied it.  “Wow, this thing seems pretty durable.  So, have you uh… you know, tried it out yet?  Does it actually work?”

“It does,” Maxie replied.  “I mean, I gotta be careful when using it.  There’s quite a bit of recoil.  Also, it doesn’t work that well if I don’t hold it tight enough against my nose… I found that out the hard way at the park earlier today.  But it does work.”

“You don’t say,” Amber stated, sounding rather amazed.  “Well dang, this alone seems like a great motivation to get on board with them,” they laughed.  “Seriously though, Maxie.  I think you would do great in those videos!  People would love you.  I really believe you would get a lot out of it, too.”

Maxie’s face reddened as she laughed bashfully.  “Sounds like you enjoy that website, quite a lot,” she joked.

“Hehe, yeeeeaah you could say that,” Amber replied.

Just then, they were interrupted as their waitress, a tall deer, came by.  “I’m so sorry about the wait,” she said apologetically.  “I know I took your order a while ago.  The kitchen is a bit backed up.  Your food will be out shortly.  Just wanted to give you guys an update.”

“Alright, thank you,” Maxie reacted with a nod, before turning back to her friend as the deer walked away.  “So, I gotta put you on the spot,” she began.  “You have a sneezing fetish, huh?”

“Oh… yeah,” Amber answered uneasily, “Very much, so…”

“Well, I won’t deny, that’s interesting,” Maxie responded.  “So, tell me about it.  What is it about sneezing that you like so much?”

“Weeelll….” Amber smiled lightly, looking a bit unsettled, “It’s hard to say, really.  It’s difficult to describe a fetish… I mean, I can tell you that it started off for me as sort of a childhood fascination that I never really outgrew.  And after a while, I found myself… ‘impacted’ by it in an odd way.”  Amber chuckled nervously, continuing to stumble over their words.  “If I had to guess though, I’d say that it’s probably because a sneeze is a lot like, umm… a climax... or an orgasm.  There’s a big buildup to it, and then a huge release.  It’s a reflex that’s kind of uncontrollable too, you know?  Plus, a tortured, sneezy expression on someone’s face is similar to somebody… well, getting off?”

Maxie couldn’t help but snicker at how hard Amber was blushing and squirming in their seat as they spoke.  “Wow, you’re into this!” she said. “Yeah, I guess I can understand all of that.”

“Oh yeah!” Amber continued, relaxing a bit, seeing that their friend wasn’t judging them.  “Truth be told, while a lot of other folks enjoy looking at explicit types of media where people do lewd things, for whatever reason I get a lot more out of seeing someone sneeze.”

Maxie let out a laugh, “You’re so weird!  I love it,” which drew a hearty cackle out of her friend as well.  “Sooo… sounds like big, powerful sneezes are more of your thing, huh?”

“Yepper,” Amber returned.  “There’s something so fascinating about somebody just… losing control and creating chaos!  It’s crazy that something simple like a little tickle in their nose can cause them to just explode like that!  I find it enticing to see them try to hold back against something so strong.  It really gets to me.”

“Is that right?” Maxie grinned, “So... you must really like my sneezes, huh?”

“Oh my gosh, Max…” they replied, practically beaming.  “I frickin’ LOVE them!  I mean they’re just so powerful and unstoppable.  Your buildups are so BIG, and you’re helpless to that tickly snout!  Plus, you’ve got such a great nose, too.  It’s not even fair!  I love seeing you twitch it and scrunch it.”

Maxie was laughing hard now, burying her red face in her paws, before looking back up at her friend to speak again.  “Well… that makes sense.  I’ve always wondered why you’re constantly trying to torture my poor nose.”

“Heh, yeah… sorry about that,” Amber returned with a blush.

“Well, it’s alright,” Maxie said, “I just hate the thought of hurting you, which I’m surprised hasn’t happened yet… considering I’ve sent you flying across the room more than a few times.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Amber giggled, “I find it quite exhilarating.”

Maxie just snorted as she shook her head again.  “You know hun, I get why you didn’t tell me about this until now.  I’m sure you were embarrassed and found it hard to explain.”

“Yeah,” her companion replied, “you could say that.”

“I understand,” Maxie countered, “But I kind of wish you had just asked me to sneeze for you before… I might have been willing to do it.  Maybe I could have come up with a safer method of doing so.”

Amber eyes widened with surprise.  “Y-you would have?  I… I didn’t think you’d want to do something like that for me,” they explained.  “I know that you’re already shy about sneezing, but I figured you really wouldn’t want to do it if you knew that it would affect me in ‘that way’.  I mean, I let you know before that I kind of have a ‘thing’ for you, Maxie,” Amber put in, blushing again.  “But you told me pretty firmly that you just want to be friends.”

“Well yeah, that’s true,” Maxie answered, “But you are still one of my best friends, Amber.  And if it’s something you would have enjoyed that much, then why not?  Plus, it would have been nice to have an excuse to sneeze so liberally… maybe it even would have been fun,” she winked.

Amber smiled widely from ear to ear as she let out a happy sigh.  “Gosh, you’re amazing!” they declared.  “What the heck did I do to deserve a friend like you?  I’m so happy to hear that.  And I’m really glad you’re not mad.”

“Not at all,” Maxie said.  “Besides, why would I be?  It’s not like you’ve been too stupid about it or done something careless, like tried to make me sneeze in public.”

Amber’s smile suddenly vanished.  They tensed up and seemed to wince a bit in their chair.  “Ummm….”

Maxie froze as she stared at her friend.  “What?” she asked.  When Amber didn’t answer right away and fidgeted their hands, Maxie persisted harder.  “What?!”

“Well…” Amber started to say, looking a bit pale, “that’s not entirely true.”

“What are you talking about?” Maxie inquired.  “What did you do?”  Just then, she started to reflect back on some of her public sneezing instances.  It occurred to her that during many of those episodes, it just so happened that Amber had been with her… through quite a few of them, come to think of it!  “Hang on a second,” Maxie said, a slight edge forming in her voice.  “Last night at the movie theater… was that you that put pepper in my popcorn?”

“Weeell…” Amber said anxiously, “yeah….”

Maxie jaw dropped.  “Amber, why would you do that??  You know how dangerous my sneezes can be!”

“Umm… cuz it was ah… too good of an opportunity?” they answered back, giving her a sheepish smile.  “I know how much you love the smell of popcorn… and you tend to sniff it a lot when you eat it.”

“An opportunity!?” Maxie shot back.  She was starting to sound angry now.  “That’s your excuse?  How could you!  I caused such a ruckus in that theater.  I could have easily hurt somebody, or worse.  That was so embarrassing!”

“Uh, well…” Amber replied, snickering and shrinking down into their seat.  “If it’s any consolation, the security guard figured out it was my fault, and he forced me to help clean up the mess… I never knew I could swallow that much wet popcorn...”

“Do you think this is funny?” Maxie said harshly.  Her voice was getting louder, and other people in the restaurant were starting to take notice.  A few heads were turning here and there.  “When else have you done this to me!?”

“Uuuhhh…” Amber bit their lip and looked around a couple times, before answering.  “You remember the fabric shop incident?  When I tried to start a pillow fight, and caught you on the nose?”

Maxie’s eyebrows bent down hard into a frown.  “YOU TOLD ME THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” she boomed, causing Amber to jump and just stare at her bewildered.  “I should have known that you did that on purpose, since you hit my nose, twice!”

“M-Max, I… I’m sorry, I-“

Without even thinking about it, Maxie shot up and stood tall over the individual in front of her, shaking a finger at them.  “YOU’RE SORRY!?  I PRACTICALLY DEMOLISHED THAT PLACE!”  She was basically screaming at the top of her lungs at this point.  “I thought I was gonna have to pay for the damages.  Do you realize how lucky I was that the owner had sneeze insurance!?  And she only got paid because the insurance company cut her a break.  Normally, that’s just for macro sneezes!”

Amber gasped and cowered in their side of the booth, looking up at the intimidating wolfess towering over them.  Maxie was raging mad, now!  Her lips were curled back, and her teeth were showing.  She was even slightly growling under her breath.  Amber’s normally light-hearted friend seemed hardly recognizable to them, presently.  She looked like a legitimate feral, angry animal, who might seriously lunge and strike at any moment!  To add to it, the two of them were really starting to attract attention in the restaurant.  Their section had gone quiet, as many patrons had stopped their discussions and were staring at them intently.

“Woah… uh, hun?” Amber barely managed to get out.  “M-maybe you should try and calm down-“

“Don’t you DARE tell me to calm down!” Maxie yelled.  “Is this your idea of what friends do?  Taking advantage of each other, and getting them in trouble, just to have some fun and satisfy a kink!?

With that last word, Maxie’s fist flew down, and she “lightly” pounded the top of the table.  She was so enraged!  With her strength, she probably could have turned the table to firewood if she wanted to.  Thankfully, she managed to hold back enough to avoid this, but she still didn’t fully comprehend what she was doing, or the fact that such an action might have consequences... which it did.  As it happened, she caught the edge of the condiment holder just right, which sent the items flying… including the pepper shaker.  Luck was not on Maxie’s side either, as the shaker flew up and bounced off a hanging light, before crashing right back down onto the table in front of her, shattering, and puffing out a big black cloud.  The two of them gasped!

“Oh, geez!” Amber belted out, before she and Maxie both went into a coughing fit, surrounded by the burning, irritating substance.  Amber felt like their eyes were on fire, as tears seeped out of them.  Their nose wrinkled as they took in a deep breath.  “HEEEEEEESSSSSHOOOO!! EEEEEHHHH-CHHOOOO!! NNNNNNSHOOOO!!! UGH!!” They stood up, fanning the air in front of their face, trying to get away from the infernal pepper cloud them was all around them.  They panted a few times before opening their eyes and looking up at Maxie.  To their horror, the big wolfess also had a very sneezy look on her face!  Her muzzle was scrunched hard like a coiled spring.  Amber could make out specks of pepper that were stuck to her large, pink nose, which was starting to turn red.  Her nostrils were dangerously flared, and some pepper particles were dotting the insides of them too!  It was obvious that she had inhaled quite a bit of it.

“Hiihh…heh…oh no!” Maxie said in a panic, as she helplessly pawed at her irritated nose.

“Oh, crap!” Amber said, as they moved back in fear.  Normally, they would have loved seeing this view of their friend’s pre-sneeze expression.  However, given how angry Maxie had been at them, this was NOT a good time for the wolf’s nose to be set off again in public!  Not to mention, everyone in the crowded restaurant probably had no idea how much danger they were in.  “Max, don’t!” Amber yelled, holding up their hands and motioning forward with them.  “Stop!”

Maxie kept desperately scrubbing the end of her snout, but it was no use.  She had no chance of getting her nose under control.  Her breath started to hitch.


Intuitively, she held a finger under her nose, trying whatever she could to quell the horrible sting in her muzzle.  Unfortunately, this too seemed to be a feeble effort.


Amber looked around in a fright.  What could they do!  Should they try to get Maxie to the door and move her outside?  Should they duck under the table?  Should they yell and try to tell everyone around them to get down and take cover?  This was all happening so fast!

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhh….Aaa...Amber!” Maxie barely managed to say, “Haaaaannn….HANKIE!!  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH…. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….”

“Huh?” Amber blurted out, looking back up at the sneezy wolfess in front of them, before realizing that they still had the green handkerchief held tightly in their hand.  “Oh, right!” they said, quickly reaching for Maxie’s muzzle, having some difficulty in doing so, due to her height.

Everyone around the pair was nervously shifting around in their chairs, unsure of what they were witnessing, or what they were about to witness.  Maxie’s sneeze continued to build.


Almost as if on instinct, Amber swiftly jumped up and stood on their seat in order to get to Maxie’s level.  “I gotcha, hun!”  They speedily pushed the wolf’s paw out of the way and wrapped the hankie around her nose.  They could feel it trembling underneath the fabric as they held it tight with both hands on either side of her muzzle.


Maxie knew she couldn’t hold out much longer.  She felt like her whole snout was aflame, and her lungs kept filling more and more, gearing up to rid her nose of the extreme, burning tickle!  Her eyes were squinted shut.  She could sense Amber pressing the hankie to the end of her muzzle and could only hope that her friend was holding on tight enough.


With that one last hitched breath, Maxie’s lung capacity was reached, and she froze like that with her nose pointed high.  Amber could see that their friend’s chest looked like an enormous balloon in front of them!  Maxie was bound to explode at any second.  Amber squinted their eyes tight and looked away, trying to brace themselves, until finally it came!


Maxie’s sneeze resounded through the restaurant, and Amber felt the extreme force of air against their hands, before both they and Maxie were suddenly blown backwards!  Their legs smacked the top of their seats, causing them both to tumble awkwardly into the (thankfully) empty booths behind them.  The two individuals ended up rolling off the tables and falling to the floor.  Audible gasps could be heard all around, as the eatery fell silent.

Time seemed to stand still, until eventually Maxie groaned and panted, sniffling hard, whipping her head around, trying to shake off the rush that she was experiencing.  After a few seconds, she worked up the courage to part her eyelids and scan the establishment, hoping that her sneeze didn’t cause any damage.  She noted that she hadn’t detected any crashing noises, or the sound of anything breaking when it happened.  This was confirmed when she witnessed only a few swaying light fixtures and hanging plants.  Other than that, the restaurant looked untouched.  Whew!  It had worked!  The handkerchief had absorbed her sneeze and prevented any harm being done… except for Maxie’s friend who appeared to be in a daze close by, on their hands and knees on the floor.  “Oh gosh!  Amber, are you alright?” Maxie pleaded as she scrambled to check on her friend.

Amber grunted slightly before blinking their eyes open and giving Maxie a weak smile.  “Yeah… never better!  Heh… that was fun.”

Maxie sighed in relief, knowing that her friend was okay.  Then, she started to notice that everyone around was gawking at them and breaking out in mixed chatter.  Maxie looked down at the ground in shame with all of this unwanted attention.  To make matters worse, she saw the manager, a horse wearing a collared shirt and tie, briskly making his way over to them with a concerned look.  Great, Maxie thought to herself, here we go…

“My goodness, are you two alright?” he asked, as he reached the two individuals.

“Yeah, we’re fine,” Amber replied, as she and Maxie helped each other up.  “My friend here had a little, ah… pepper related incident,” they said in a wisecracking tone.

“I see,” the equine replied, observing the table.  There were condiment containers strewn across it, and all along the floor as well.  The pepper cloud had settled, lining the tabletop, turning it a dusty gray.  Besides all of that, there was nothing really notable.  He looked up at the wolfess, standing over him.  “That was quite a sneeze, Miss!” he said with a laugh.  “Bless you, by the way.”

Maxie blushed hard, still sniffling, and rubbing her nose with the side of her fist.  “I’m so sorry,” she said remorsefully.

“It’s alright,” the manager came back briskly.  “I’m just glad you both are okay.  Here, why don’t I move you two to a different table while we clean up the mess?  Your server will be bringing your food out in just a minute.”

Maxie blinked in surprise.  They weren’t being asked to leave?  In fact, the manager was still willing to serve them after everything that had just happened?  Wow, this was new.  “Uh… o-okay… thank you.” she managed to say.

Before long, the two of them found themselves seated at another booth.  Maxie let out a sigh, still feeling embarrassed with what had happened.  Thankfully though, everyone around them seemed to be going back about their business, enjoying their food and their conversations.  After observing this, she turned back to Amber to see them gaping at her.

“W-O-W…” Amber uttered slowly, stressing every syllable of the word.

Maxie gave them an annoyed look.  “What!?” she retorted at them.  “It’s not like you haven’t seen me sneeze like that in the past.”

“No, it’s not that,” Amber replied.  “It’s just… I’ve never seen you that mad before.”

“Oh…” Maxie said, moving around restlessly in her seat.  “Yeah… I don’t get angry often.  But when it happens, I’ve been told I can be scary.”

“Heh… that’s an understatement,” Amber joked.  “I hope I never have to see that again!”

“Yeah,” Maxie said back, maintaining her aggravated tone.  “That makes two of us…”

Amber just looked down at the top of the table.  “Oh...”  Their friend was still upset with them.

Maxie sighed before speaking again.  “Look Amber, I’m sorry for getting so angry, but I still can’t believe you’ve done this to me before.”

“I know,” Amber replied, still not looking up.  “I get it…”

“Do you?” Maxie fired back.  “Do you know what I go through any time I get a tickle in my nose?”

“Well… no.”

“It scares the heck out of me!  That’s what.  All I can think is, what am I gonna destroy this time?  Who am I gonna potentially hurt?  I get freaked out any time I have to sneeze.  And it always comes on so fast too!  It’s not like I’m an elephant or something like that, where I’d have ample warning.  If I had a trunk, and I felt a sneeze coming on, I’d at least have a few minutes to get out of dodge before the irritation worked its way up my long nose.  I don’t have that luxury with my muzzle, and it always leads to trouble!”

Amber kept their downward gaze, nodding slightly, acknowledging their friend’s words.  To think that any other time, they’d be enjoying this conversation about tickly noses, long trunks and irritated muzzles.  Not now though, given the circumstances.

“Amber, you’re supposed to be my friend!” Maxie continued, some sadness creeping into her voice.  “I trusted you!  I never thought that you would purposely do something to get me into trouble when I’ve been around you…”

Amber exhaled, sensing their friend’s disappointment.  Their previous antics on Maxie’s nose didn’t seem so fun or satisfying anymore, now that they had been caught.  All they could feel was guilt in causing so much grief for their companion.

They finally found the courage to look up at Maxie.  “Heh, well,” they started to say, cracking a smile, hoping that some comic relief might ease the situation, “you didn’t destroy anything this time...”

The wolfess tsked and let out a forced groan, which Amber took notice of, causing their smirk to quickly disappear.  Maxie was getting tired of how her friend didn’t seem to be taking this seriously.  She was about to go off on them some more, until just then, she stopped herself, realizing that there was in fact truth to Amber’s statement.  For the first time ever, Maxie had sneezed in a public place, and nothing bad had happened!  In fact, she had her companion to thank for their quick work with the handkerchief.  Before Maxie could say anything though, Amber’s tone finally changed.

“You’re right, Max,” they began solemnly.  “I’ve been a lousy friend to you.  I’ve been selfish and uncaring about the trouble I’ve caused you.  I’m so sorry… I’ll understand if you can’t forgive me.”

Several seconds passed before Maxie broke the silence.  “Oh hun,” she said as her lips pulled back, “Of course I can forgive you.  After all, it’s because you like my sneezes so much that I’m in such a good place.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if you didn’t have that fetish of yours, you wouldn’t have put in that recommendation for me.  And now I’ve got the chance, not only at a good job, but maybe even a more normal life!”  Maxie’s tone was starting to sound cheerful again.  “I mean, look around!  That handkerchief saved the day, and I’ll have an unlimited supply of them before long.”

“Wow,” Amber returned, “so... does that mean you’re gonna take the job?”

Maxie stopped as she thought for a second, before blurting out excitedly.  “Yeah... I think I am!  In fact, I’m gonna give Jack a call as soon as I get home.”

“Oh, that’s great, Max!” Amber said back.  “I’m so happy for you.  You won’t regret it… I can’t wait to see you in action online,” they said with a wink.  “That’s gonna be fun to watch.”

“Heh, I figured you might be happy to hear that,” Maxie returned with a smirk.

“So… are we still friends?” Amber ventured.

Maxie just stared at them for a moment, before exhaling sharply through her nose.  “Yes…” she said.  “Yes, we are… under one condition… NO… MORE… MAKING ME SNEEZE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!  You got it?  If you want to see me sneeze, just ask.  I’ll even let you induce it.  I just want to do it in a more controlled setting, and certainly not in public.  That’s for both of our own goods.  You understand?”

“Of course,” Amber nodded.  “I promise.  In fact, I look forward to that!  Having a willing victim sounds enjoyable,” they grinned.  “I can’t wait to have some fun with you and that nose of yours.”

Maxie flushed, covering her nose with a paw.  Just then, the waitress came back with their pizza.  “Here you are,” she spoke, placing it in front of them, and handing each of them a plate.  “I’m sorry again for the wait.”

“Oh, no problem,” Maxie said to her, taking the platter and reaching for the spatula.  She found herself salivating, realizing how hungry she was.

“Enjoy!” the deer said, as she walked away.

“Mmm, lets dig in,” Amber licked their lips.  “I’m starving!”

The two of them relished in the rest of the night, gorging on pizza, talking and enjoying some laughs.  What had started as being an eventful excursion had turned into quite an entertaining evening!  At the end of it, they decided to walk home together, since they lived within a few blocks of one another.  They reached Maxie’s apartment first, where they stopped to say goodbye.  Amber stood on their tiptoes, wrapping their arms around the tall wolfess, as they both exchanged a hug.

“Have a good night, Max,” they said.  “Thanks again for dinner!  Good luck with the job.”

“You’re welcome,” Maxie replied, “and thanks... thanks again for putting in a word for me.”

“You got it,” Amber said as they let go.  They waved as they walked away, sauntering down the sidewalk.

As Maxie made her way inside, she wasted no time.  She took off her jacket, tossed it on the couch, and pulled the business card out of her pocket.  She dialed the number on it, listed under Cell.

After a few rings, she heard a familiar voice on the other end.  “Hello, this is Jack Berrington.”

“Hi Jack, this is Maxie Wolf calling.”

“Maxie!” Jack exclaimed.  “It’s great to hear from you.”

“I’m sorry for calling so late,” she said.  “I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

“Not at all.  Thanks for reaching out.”

“You’re welcome!” Maxie answered back.  “So, I wanted to talk to you about your offer...”

"Ah, yes,” Jack began to say, sounding intrigued.  “Have you thought about it at all?”

“I have,” Maxie stated.

“And have you come up with a verdict?”

“Yes...” Maxie replied.  “I’m in.”

“Excellent!” Jack burst out.  “That’s great news.  I’m very happy to hear that.  So glad to have you on board, Miss Maxie.”

“Thank you!” the wolfess smiled, wagging her tail slightly.  “So, what happens now?  When do I start?”

“Well, let’s see,” Jack began.  Maxie could hear a shuffling of paper in the background.  “Are you available Monday?  Say, 9 AM?  I can give you a walkthrough of the studio and have you meet the crew.  I’ll also tell you about what you’ll be doing on set when we record you.  We actually could start filming right away if you’re comfortable with it.”

“Umm... Monday works for me,” Maxie said. “As for the filming, can we play it by ear?”

“Of course,” Jack replied.  “By the way, do you have an email address?  There’s a bunch of forms for you to fill out when you have time.  I can send them your way.”

“Yes, I do,” Maxie responded, as she spelled out her email address for him.  She could hear pencil marks being made on Jack’s end.

“Got it, thanks,” he said.  “In addition, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to give you a password to an administrator account on our website.  It will allow you to view any video you want for free.  If you could just have a look, and sort of study up on what we usually have our actors do.  It might give you an idea of what to expect when you’re on set.”

“Uhh... okay,” Maxie stammered out, “I can do that.”

“Okay, great!” Jack replied.  “I’ll send that your way too.  We’ll see you Monday!” he proclaimed as they hung up.

Later that night, Maxie sat down in front of her laptop, wearing her pajamas.  She sipped a cup of tea, as was one of her bedtime rituals.  She figured she could at least give the webpage a look before she retired for the night.  She navigated to, and logged in with the info that Jack had given her.  “Alright, let’s see what we got,” she thought aloud as she navigated through the page.

She clicked on one video that she found compelling.  It had a thumbnail of a horse macro, grinning and holding a feather.  She watched it in its entirety and blinked a few times while doing so, captivated by what she was witnessing.  “Heh, wow...” she said with a chortle, as the recording concluded, “that was interesting... let’s see what else there is.”  She opened a few more videos, watching them all to the end.  She laughed and found herself smiling at everything that she was seeing, which surprised her a bit.  This was actually pretty entertaining!  “Wow...” she said to herself, as she began to think about how she would soon be in front of the camera, starring in these videos as well. She smirked mischievously as some ideas flashed through her head.  “I think I’m gonna have some fun with this...”

End Part 2.

Love this! brillaint!


Don't know why I didn't see this till now.  Thanks so much, Drea! ;D

By the way, Part 2 is still in the works!  Hoping to have it done sometime soon. ^^

Nothing specifically, but I thought that it would be a sequel with her first day of work rather than her going off to experiment with the hankerchief. :P

Ah ok. I had a feeling that's what you thought, lol. We'll get there. ;)

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