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Fursona Species:
Grizzly Bear
Furry Gender Preference:
Can't Decide
Sneeze Gender Preference:
Can't Decide
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Fav. Part of Sneeze:
Object Entering Nose
Fav. Part of Sneeze Cont.:
The build-up is always something that makes me anxious in the more positive way. Stuff entering the nose is killer for me, as I love when I can discern what made a character sneeze -- so I'm a sucker for induced sneezing. The release ties in with the build-up - I can't be worked up with a giant build up just for the sneeze to be held up... It kinda tortures me in a sense (can't believe I said that). The torturing intrigues me as well.
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Anything goes
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Non-anthro (Animal)
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