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General Chatter / Re: Has anyone seen the movie Scoob?
« on: September 25, 2021, 08:05:38 PM »
@Daphine, your clips of sneezy Scooby are highly addictive.  ;) ;) ;)
Thank you and keep up the great work!

Writer's Den / Re: A sneezy Friday the 13th (M+Wolf+Allergies)
« on: September 20, 2021, 06:08:48 PM »
@queerkinkarchive, what a wonderful surprise to see a comment on my latest story here today.  :) Thank you!  :-*
I will write more with these two characters - I hope I can find some time soon.

Real Life Lounge / Re: Existensial crisis
« on: September 05, 2021, 08:53:19 PM »
Wow, hi @Daphine, good to see you again!  :D And thanks for your kind words! I'm sorry I can't manage to be here much, but I definitely enjoy coming here from time to time, and I still have stories brewing in my mind that I'd love to share here.
I hope everybody is doing OK!

Writer's Den / Re: A sneezy Friday the 13th (M+Wolf+Allergies)
« on: September 02, 2021, 07:59:42 PM »
Thank you, @JRaven!  :) And there's really some truth in the saying.

Writer's Den / A sneezy Friday the 13th (M+Wolf+Allergies)
« on: August 13, 2021, 08:02:32 PM »
“Haaaa….AAAEEESSSHHHOOOO!... AaaIIISSHHOOGH!... Aaaahhhh…. aaaaaaaIIIISSHHHHagh!... HeeeYYIIISSSHHHagh!”

“Oooohhh, bless you, honey!” Sally, an elegant red-furred cat lady, went up to her sneezing lover, Sam, a black wolf, who stood motionlessly by the closet in their bedroom, gasping with closed eyes as the allergic tickle was making his large nose twitch and turn red. “It’s the Millers mowing their lawn again, hmmm?” Picking up a handful of tissues, she stepped closer to him.

Nodding, he tried to say something: “The graahhh… haahhIIISSHHOOH!...  HeeYYYIIISSHH!... HaaaaAAASSSHHOOH!“ The sneezes burst out of his widely flaring nostrils, right into the handful of tissues Sally hurriedly held to his nose.

“Bless you.” Gently, she dabbed the tissues to his quivering nostrils. His big sneezy nose made him even more attractive to her – and he was a rather dashing man to begin with. Tall, athletic, shimmering jet-black fur, piercing blue eyes… and a large black nose she could never take her eyes off.

“Thangks, honey,” he sniffled. Then his sizable nostrils flared up again. “Ihhh… I’m gonna sneeze agaihhhh… hehhh… EEEEHHIIISSHHHagh!...   IIIIIIEEEEESSSHH!!... IEEEESSSHHHUUU! *sniffle* Aghhh, the grass…heehhhhEEESSSHHHagh!... HHIIISSSHHHHagh!” He wiggled his itchy nose, trying to talk more. “And the smell… that tickly smell… makes my nosehhh…hehhAAASSSHOOO!... HuhhAAASSSHOOH!“

She gently pressed the tissue wad to his nostrils. “It makes your nose explode… I know, honey!” she purred.

“AaaIIISSHHOOGH!... HaaaaIIISSHHHOOO!... HaaaaEEEESSSHHah!” he sneezed forcefully into her tissues.

“Bless you! – Poor honey… your allergies are so much worse when our neighbours are mowing their lawns…”

“Yeah… But…heeeeEESSHHHagh!... I’b afraid there’s nothigg we can do about it *sniff*.”

A loud buzzing sound from outside startled them both. When they checked by looking out of the window, they saw that not only the Millers, but almost everybody in their neighbourhood had started mowing their lawns – as if they had arranged it!

“Oh no… my nosehhh…” Sam groaned, then sneezed heavily four times in a row.

“Bless you!” Sally wiped his sniffly nose, then offered him to blow, which he gratefully did. Then, her eyes fell on the calender on the wall next to their bed. “Oh! Today is Friday the thirteenth…”

He groaned again. “I bight have guessed *sniff*”

Comfortingly, she pulled him closer, kissing him on his lips and then on his sensitive canine nose which made it scrunch up immediately. “Ah, that tickles…”

She couldn’t help herself – she had to kiss his itchy twitchy nose again…

“HuuuAAAASSSHHHOOO!... HaaaaEEESSHHHOOO!” he sneezed forcefully.

“Ah, sorry, honey!” she said, blushing with contrition.

“It’s okay,” he sniffled. “I like it when you kiss mby ndose, eved if it makes me snee… sneezehh…EEEERRRSSHHaggh!”

“Bless you, my love…Come on, let’s sit down a bit…” She wished they could just go straight back to bed, but they both had to work today… Still, they had one more hour until they had to leave the house. They both worked in the same company, where they had met and fallen in love one year ago.

Her hand never left his nose as they settled on the small sofa in their bedroom. Another violent sneeze burst into the tissues she was holding.

“Bless you. Let me get some fresh tissues!”

“Hyyehhh--hheehhIIISSHH!!” he sneezed into his hand. “Ughh, I can’t stohhh… HeeeeehhIIISSSHHahh!... EEHHHHIISSHHHHagh!!... HeeeeeIIIISSSHHagh!... EeeeAASSHHH!”

“Ooohhh…” She was back by his side, wiping his sniffly black nose with the fresh tissues, and then, when she saw his face contort as the next sneeze was ready to burst forth, she quickly placed her finger under his nose, pressing up against his huge, flaring nostrils.

“Hyyiiighh!” he sharply exhaled instead of sneezing. “Aghh… thank you, darling.” He scrunched up his nose against her finger.

“It’s still tickling, hmmm?” she asked softly, running her finger across his wide, sensitive nostrils that didn’t stop quivering.

He nodded, sniffling lightly. His nostrils, inside and outside, were red from the itchy irritation. Sally massaged them with skilful, rhythmic movements.

“Eghhh…” A trace of relief spread on his face, although his nose was still tense and twitchy.

At that moment, Sally’s phone rang. “Hello?... Oh, Mr. Furryweather, good morning!... A water main break?... The whole building is under water?? Is everybody all right?... Oh, thank God nobody’s hurt. Yes, I see. Thank you. See you tomorrow! Bye!”

After ending the conversation, she looked at Sam who was blowing his nose. “It looks like we’re both off work today!”

A smile spread on his sneezy face. “Friday the thirteenth, huh?... Apparently it’s… hiiYYYEESSHHagh!... bad for some people, but definitely hahh… has some advantages fohhh… haaaAAARRSSHHHUH!”

“Bless you! You’re right… it’s definitely got some advantages for us!” she smiled, holding out her hands to him. “May I invite you to go back to bed?”

“Whatever you wish, m’lady!... Huhh… huuAAAASSHHHOO!”

This was the beginning of a very lucky Friday the thirteenth.

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [M + Foxes] VRChat Sneezy Poses
« on: June 19, 2021, 06:55:33 PM »
I like it - the white nose in the big picture above makes me imagine the fox's nose is all covered in tickly dust.  ;)

I'm New Here / Re: Hey I’m New!
« on: June 19, 2021, 06:52:18 PM »
Hi and welcome!

I Found Something! / Re: [M + Moose] Inui - The Sneezing Season
« on: May 30, 2021, 08:55:28 AM »
Great nostrils, and nice twitching and flaring. Thanks for sharing this too!  :)

I think it's a lovely idea to animate something like that along with classical music, and I like it, even though the fox doesn't look at all like a fox, LOL!  :) Thanks for sharing!

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Nice Dragon Sneeze Gif
« on: May 23, 2021, 08:18:19 AM »
Great expression and nostril flaring... I too like the long build-up and how he struggles to hold the sneeze back. Thanks for sharing, @Chikara!

@FireFlower3013, this was a great and unusual scenario with a sneezy whale!  :D I admit I would never have imagined something like that happen, but the way you describe it, it sound so... real! I love the way Percy tickled and teased the whale's sensitive organ of smell, making her sneeze so violently and so many times...  :) Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work!

Writer's Den / Re: [M + Dragon + Messy + Magic] Day 9
« on: May 23, 2021, 07:57:12 AM »
I'm glad you pulled this up, @NameTakenSFF, because otherwise I might have missed this gem!  :)
@tarotgal, if you read this - You are such an incredible writer, your stories are fantastic, and this one I like especially -your description of the dragon's tickly nose and sneeziness, and Jameson helping him to get the sneezes out are just perfect! Keep up the great work!  :-*

Real Life Lounge / Re: Existensial crisis
« on: May 23, 2021, 12:18:47 AM »
Hi @ShyItches and everyone else who reads this, I just read your posts and would like to leave a quick reply. If you like, I'll always be happy to discuss sneezy topics and anything else.  :) I'm sorry I haven't been here for some time, I've been busy with all kinds of stuff, but I definitely want to be more active here too as much as I can. I'm planning to post some stories here soon.
I really enjoy getting in touch with people who share my love for sneezes (and other things), so please feel free to drop me a line.  :)

I know I'm several years late, but @Mario, if you're still here and read this message, I just want you to know how much I enjoy this story! It's so hot and well written! You and your RP partner did a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing this RP with us!  :)

Writer's Den / Re: NSFW - Mature Explicit - Stallion/Mare Anthro allergies
« on: November 23, 2020, 10:54:18 PM »
Wonderful horse sneezes... and great drawings! Thank you for sharing!

This story is dedicated to Daphine.  :)


This is a work of fanfiction. The character Scooby Doo belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment (former Hanna-Barbera). I do not claim any ownership over him.

All the other characters in this story were created by me.

Cherish smiled at her friend, the large Great Dane who walked beside her, following her two brothers on the hiking trail. Scooby Doo was a special dog – he could think and talk like a human, and could even use his front paws like hands. Through long and patient speech training, Scooby Doo had even improved his pronunciation and didn’t start every word with an “r” anymore.

Cherish was a twenty-two-year-old student of sport science, slim and athletic, her strawberry blonde hair bouncing down her back in a long ponytail. Her two older brothers, Bill and Freddy, liked hiking in the mountains as much as she did, so they had planned a big tour for this weekend. The two brothers almost looked like twins with their bright red hair and freckles. To make the trip even more fun, they had invited Scooby Doo to come along with them – the Great Dane was the pet of their good friend Shaggy Rogers. Scooby was thrilled about joining his human friends.

“Hey, we’re almost there!” Bill called out, pointing at the picturesque old summer cottage awaiting them on the top of a hill. They had rented the place for the weekend. It was getting dark, and they were all glad to get inside.

“Phew!... Nobody has been in here for ages!” Cherish frowned when they entered the house. Dust and spiderwebs everywhere…

“Well, if we all roll up our sleeves, we’ll get it cleaned up in no time!” Freddy talked big, waving his long arms about, and didn’t notice he bumped against a curtain. A thick cloud of dust trickled down – right onto Scooby’s large black nose.

“Pfffhhhnnhhh!” the tall dog snorted hastily, rubbing his nose, but too late – the big amount of dust had already entered his wide, sensitive nostrils. “Ughhh… aaaahhhhh…” Scooby gasped, his face contorting, nostrils flaring madly. “Duhhh… dust… haahhh…. haaaaaTTCCCHHHEEEOOOH!... RrrrhhhaaaaCCKKSSHHEEEWW!... HiiiAATTTCCHHOOOah!” he sneezed, holding his front paw to his itchy nose.

“Sorry, dude!” Freddy said sheepishly.

“Freddy, be more careful with all the dust here! You know that dogs have really sensitive noses, and Scooby’s nose is extremely sensitive!” Cherish chided.

“HeeeAAATTCCHHHUUH!... RRAAATTCCHHHOOOH!... HyyyAAACCKKKSSHHHOOH! Ugh…” Scooby sniffled wetly, rubbing his large twitching nose. “I thinggk I deed to blow mby ndosehh… haaaAAACCKKSSSHHHUUH!”

“Bless you, Scooby!” Cherish handed him a package of tissues.

“Thangksss… RRRRUUUSSHHHagh!” With one more forceful sneeze caught in a tissue, Scooby blew his nose to clear it off the irritating dust.

“Hey, guys!” Bill, the oldest of the siblings, called out to them through the connecting door of the next room. “Look what I’ve found!” He held up a crinkled piece of paper that looked like old parchment.

“What’s that?” Freddy frowned, and Cherish and Scooby looked up curiously.

“It’s an old map of this house – a very old one! It looks like a treasure’s hidden here somewhere!”

“Ahhh dude, you’ve watched too many adventure movies!” Freddy waved him off, and started carrying the luggage upstairs.

“I’ll get dinner ready!” Cherish said, busying herself in the old-fashioned kitchen. “Bill, you could make yourself useful and look for a vacuum cleaner, or poor Scooby will sneeze all night long!”

Bill grumbled something about the map he had found, but obediently shuffled off to do the cleaning.

“No signal!” Freddy held up his mobile phone, coming back downstairs. “We’re truly in the middle of nowhere.”

“Hey, I like that!” Bill remarked, carrying a big vacuum cleaner into the hall. “Nobody’s going to disturb us!”

After dinner, the four of them were relaxing in the dimly lit living room and telling each other ghost stories when a sudden noise startled them. Somebody was trying to break into the house!

Freddy cautiosly peeked through the door he had opened a bit. “It’s two men and a woman, and they’ve got a gun!” he hissed, panic in his eyes.

“Okay!” Bill took control. “Cherish, you and Scooby hide in that little store room under the stairs. It’s big enough for you two. Freddy and I will sneak out the backdoor to call the police from the next village. Hang in there!”

“Come on, Scooby!” Cherish whispered, and the two of them huddled together in the store room. Luckily, it was bigger than it looked from outside, so they would have enough air in there for some time.

“They must be somewhere in here!” A man’s voice growled. “We’ll find them!”

“All the rooms are empty!” A shrill woman’s voice sounded. “They ran away with the treasure!”

“But maybe somebody’s still here. Let’s search the rooms again! All the rooms!”

In their hiding place, Cherish began to shiver with fear.

“Don’t be afraid, Cherish!” Scooby Doo whispered bravely. “I’ll protect you!” He moved a little to peek through a crack in the door when his head brushed against a pile of cleaning rags – and a full load of dust rose up in the air. Freddy and Bill had done a good job cleaning the house! Only, instead of shaking the dust off outside, they had piled up the rags in the store room, full with the dust of generations.

In horror, Cherish saw Scooby’s big black nose turn snow-white as the dust covered it all over. She saw him scrunch up his nose, his face contorting more and more. “Oh no, Scooby!” she whispered.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh… my nosehhh…” Scooby gasped, rubbing his nose which only made it worse since his front paws were powdered in dust. “I gohhh… gottahhh…”

“No, don’t sneeze, Scooby! Please! They’ll find us!” Cherish hissed hectically.

“I cahhh… can’t hold it baaahhhh…”

Cherish lurched forward and pressed her finger to the Great Dane’s terribly tickly nose, pushing gently against the flaring, twitchy nostrils. “All right, I’ve got you!” she whispered. “I’ll help you hold it back!”

“Haahhh… ngyaahhhhhh… tickles… huunnnghhhhh…” Desperately hitching, he pressed his massively irritated nose to the girl’s finger.

“Sshhhh! I know!” She clammed her fingers around his ready-to-explode-nose, trying to pinch his widened nostrils shut, but it was too late… The tickle in his sensitive nose was too strong.
“Haaaahhhh… haaaTTTCCCHHHnnghh!... YYYAATTTCCHHOOGH!... RRRRAAAACCCKKKSSSHHHOOH!” Scooby sneezed violently as his nose was still nestled in Cherish’s fingers. No matter how hard she pressed and pinched his large, itchy nose, she could not stop the Great Dane’s urge to sneeze again, and again, and again…

“Hah! In there!” the triumphant voice of one of the male intruders pierced their ears when the door of the store room was torn open. “Gesundheit, little ankle-biter!”

Then, two things happened at the same time: The moment Scooby was pulled out of the store room, Cherish’s right foot touched one of the old wooden boards the floor was covered with – and the next second she found herself sitting on the carpet of a small office room. A trap door had brought her to a secret basement!

While Cherish looked around trying to find a safe way out, upstairs Scooby found himself tied up, and the gun pointed at him.

“Now, doggy!” the tallest man snarled. “Where’s the treasure?”

“We know you can talk!” the woman squealed; her hair, dyed in black and blue, stood up in all directions so she looked like an evil witch. “We’ve been watching you!”

“I don’t know where the treasure is!” Scooby replied truthfully.

The smaller man fiddled with the gun, apparently quite nervous. “Where are your buddies? They must know!” he croaked.

“I don’t know! And if you shoot me, I can’t tell you anything at all anymoohhh….. hehhhh… haaaAASSHHEEW!” Scooby sneezed unrestrained as the dust still tickled his nose.

“You know what? He’s got a point there!” the woman said to her two partners in crime who didn’t seem to be the brightest bulbs. “We’ll have to find a different way to make him talk… Ooooohh! Look at his nose! So sensitive and itchy!” She stretched out her index finger with a long manicured nail and placed her fingertip right between Scooby’s twitching, flaring nostrils.

The touch felt exactly like those many times when a butterfly or some other insect had landed on Scooby’s nose, tickling it with their tiny feet and wings… Scooby Doo’s large sensitive nose seemed to attract irritants like a magnet! He scrunched up his nose as the tickle grew stronger…

Smiling maliciously, the woman ran her fingernail lightly around Scooby’s nostrils, tickling and teasing them with soft, feathery movements.

“Waaaahhh… I gottaaaahhh…. waaahhhhhSSSHHHOOOAAH! HaaaAAASSSHHHOOOH!” Scooby sneezed snortingly, feeling the tickle build up in his nose again immediately after that. “Nyehhh… hennghhh… heeeeEEEAAATTTCCHHOOH!... RrrrrAAATTTCCHHHAAAHH!... Please stohhh… haaaAAACCKKKSSSHHHOO!”

“Oh, but I’ve only just begun!” the woman grinned. “Tell me, my friend, where’s the treasure? And where are your buddies?” She let her fingertips slide into his widely opened nostrils, tickling the sensitive inside.

“Hyyeeeeehh!!” Scooby yelped as the tickle got overwhelming. “HeeeAAARRRSSSHHHHOOHH!... HaaaaAAARRSSSHHHOOOH!... Haa—haaa---haaaaAAASSSHHH!”

“Where??!” The criminal lady grabbed one of the cleaning rags from the store room, inhaled deeply, and blew a cloud of dust right onto Scooby’s nose.

“Haaahhh!!… Haa---AAASSSHHHOOH!... HaaaaEEESSSHHHOOH!... I dohhh… haaaAAASSSHHOOH!... Don’t know anythiiiiiiiIIIISSSHHHOOOH!... HeyyYYIIISSSHHOOOah!”

In the meantime, Cherish searched the underground office thoroughly, until she found an old fashioned telephone. With relief she found out it still worked. In a hushed voice, she called the police. The ten minutes it took the police to arrive were the longest ten minutes of Cherish’s life!

At last, it was over. The criminal trio was overpowered within a few seconds – Cherish would never forget the stupid look on their faces when she appeared in front of them. In no time, Scooby was free from his bonds, and at the same time, Freddy and Bill returned, having noticed the police car.

“Hey, that was an exciting start of our hiking weekend!” Freddy grinned. “Great job, sis! And, uh… bless you, Scooby!”

Nodding his thanks to him, the Great Dane continued sneezing forcefully, turning aside in order not to spray his friends.

“How lucky you found that phone in the basement!” Bill said, looking at his sister in awe.

“Yes – and I found something else too!” With a proud grin, Cherish presented a big burlap bag that seemed to be a hundred years old. It was full of twinkling golden coins.

“THE TREASURE!!” Three excited voices shouted.

“Well done, CherrrrRRRIIISSSHHHHUUH!” Scooby hurled out another tickly sneeze.

“Awww, bless you! Your poor nose is still so full of dust!” the girl said sympathetically. She offered Scooby some tissues again so he could blow his nose, but it didn’t seem to help much – his nostrils blasted out one itchy, snorting sneeze after another.

“Let me try to help you, Scooby!” Cherish took his terribly tickly nose between her fingers and started massaging it with soothing, circular motions.

After a while, the sneezing eased off, and the four friends were ready for their next adventure.

Ahhh, such a tickly nose!... Very nice, Daphine!  :)

I know I'm late, but I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your description of how poor old Scooby's nose got tickled with the feather, and the nice pictures! You really have a way to illustrate Scooby's tickly nose... Keep up the great work!  :)

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: [F, Mature] Horse, Elephant, and Dog Sketch Pages
« on: September 23, 2020, 12:17:03 PM »
Absolutely great - I should have mentioned this earlier! I can't say which one I like best because they are all so wonderful. Delicious nostril flaring and expressions...  :)

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: Indulging In A Sneeze (anthro, canine, F)
« on: September 22, 2020, 07:50:24 PM »
Oooooh, what a tickly nose!... I like her expressions. Great job!

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