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Thank you so much, pollenpepperlover! I will definitely add more parts soon, with more characters involved.  ;)

Art, Art, and Art! / Re: oc-eve-kyle-rp- m-sneeze- large
« on: August 30, 2020, 09:43:14 AM »
Very lovely! Thank you for sharing this with us!  :) Canid sneezes are one of my favourites, and I love the way you draw his sneezy nose.

Wow, I didn't know this. Thank you!  :)

General Chatter / Re: Has anyone seen the movie Scoob?
« on: August 30, 2020, 09:20:32 AM »
Thanks for the info about the movie, and as always, Daphine, thank you for sharing those lovely Scooby Doo sneeze clips!  :)

General Chatter / Re: SnEZ Ref: Favorite Cause of Sneeze? Ver.4
« on: August 30, 2020, 09:02:43 AM »
Flowers and pollen, allergies, and perfume - I love dusty sneezes too, but that's included in allergies for me.  :)
Oh, and I love cold-triggered sneezing too, very much.

General Chatter / Re: SnEZ Ref: Favorite Aspects of a Sneeze? Ver.4
« on: August 30, 2020, 08:59:38 AM »
Hmmmmm... Wonderful topics to think about!  :) I love a good breathy build-up, nostrils flaring, nose wiggling and twitching... and sneezy torture by a sensitive nose being tickled and teased until a series of violent, itchy sneezes breaks loose.

General Chatter / Re: SnEZ Ref: Favortie Sneezing Species? Ver.4
« on: August 30, 2020, 08:53:50 AM »
My favourite sneezy species are horses and elephants, so I gave them my vote, but I also really like dogs and wolves sneezing.  ;D I just love the image of canid's noses, which are especially sensitive to begin with, twitch and flare with a sneezy tickle...

Thank you so much, Speedweed! I'm really excited about at last being able to share all my sneezy, sensual ideas...  :)


Lobo, a handsome wolf man, looked around curiously as he entered the party hall of the big luxurious hotel. He was an artist, a sculptor and painter, just like everybody else here. He casually strolled across the room, greeted some people here and there, showed his sharp white teeth in a wild smile when he passed a group of vixens, waved at two cat ladies who were winking at him – and then he stood rooted to the spot.

A group of dog people – two males and three females – were chatting cheerfully. Among them was the most stunning elephant lady Lobo had ever seen.

She was petite, but curvy. Her golden skin and the luscious, long black hair, along with the exotic features in her tuskless face, her brown almond-shaped eyes, and her rainbow coloured sari revealed the country of her ancestry. Her trunk was long and elegant, moving around gracefully as she talked.

“Hey!” the elephant beauty spoke to him with a charming smile. “You can keep staring at me, or you can introduce yourself. I’m Shanti. It’s Sanskrit and means ‘peace’.”

He gulped. What a seductive voice!... “I’m Lobo. It’s… uhh… Spanish… and means… wolf.” Why do I suddenly feel like an idiot? he thought.

The dog people laughed. “Hey, it’s getting sizzling hot in here!” one of the males said, and went to open the big French windows. It was a warm spring night, and a breeze of blooming trees and freshly cut grass wafted in.

The group continued chatting, and Lobo couldn’t keep his eyes off Shanti. As the minutes went by, he noticed her expression tense up more and more, and she kept touching her trunk, rubbing it as discreetly as possible.
Finally, in the middle of a sentence she spoke, her face contorted, she inhaled shakily, and gripped her trunk tightly with both hands. “Hhehhh… heehhhKKSSHHHguh!” she sneezed with stifled force, clamming her hands around her trunk.

“Bless you!” the whole group said politely.

“Thaahh… haghhh… haaaaGGGSSSHHHaagh!... HeggNNIISSHHaagh!... Aahh, excuse me… my hayfeeee… heeeeEEGGSSHHHnngh!... Hayfever… I forgot to take my meds… HunnNNTTSSHHHaagh!” She scrubbed at her trunk with her left hand while digging a handful of tissues out of her tiny purse. Her trunk twitched and wiggled with itchiness, and her nostrils flared to a size Lobo had never seen before on an elephant. WOW! he thought, mesmerized…

“Hhehhh… hyeeahhh…” The elephant lady breathed hitchily, pressing the tissues to her nostrils as her trunk curled upwards. She gripped it tightly again, trying to control the urge to sneeze.

“Ooohhh… you’ve really got bad allergies, don’t you!” one of the dog ladies smiled with a trace of malice. “Your trunk looks like it really tickles.”

“It does! It’s the pollen from all the blooming trees… and the grass… I’m so allergic… hehhh… hegggGGNNNEEESSHHHagh!”

Obviously, Shanti felt embarrassed about her sneeziness. She tried to continue taking part in the conversation, talked while her trunk was turning slightly red from the irritation, curling and twitching. She held it tightly in her hand, trying to smile as she talked in a slightly stuffy voice. Every minute or so, her trunk bent and twisted, her face tensed, and she quickly pinched her nostrils and tried to keep her trunk steady. Whenever a sneeze managed to get out, she stifled the force as much as possible, pressing the tissues to her itchy nostrils, rubbing and wiping them. Her persistent urge to sneeze seemed impossible to calm down – on the contrary, Lobo noticed, the constant pinching and stifling seemed to make the tickle only worse.

The dog men and women reacted in different ways – some of them were sympathetic, blessing her and recommending all kinds of drugs, and some of them – like the dog girl earlier – just grinned nastily. One of the guys looked at the elephant woman with slight disgust and kept a distance from her, as if he feared to be infected. Idiot! Lobo wanted to snarl at him. She’s just allergic, can’t you see that?!... The sight of the sneezy elephant lady excited him so much his heart was pounding, and his knees were about to give in. Luckily, he wasn’t wearing a tight pair of jeans...

Finally, Shanti had used up all her tissues, and her trunk was still quivering with irritation. She pressed and pinched it again, but it curled and wriggled as if in protest. Stifling sneezes only works for a short time after all! Lobo thought as a smile flew over his wolfish face.

“Oooohh, Shanti!“ the malicious dog girl cooed. “Do you have to sneeze, dear?”

“Eehhhhh… excuse mehhhh…” Shanti gasped, then, holding her twitchy trunk in a firm grip, ran out of the room into the corridor. Lobo followed her, fervently hoping she would not disappear into the ladies’ room. Luckily, the restrooms were too far away for her in her current situation. She rushed into a small conference room that was empty now. Relieving the grip on her trunk, she at last gave in to her massive urge to sneeze. Gasping sharply, her trunk bouncing upwards, nostrils flaring to two wide, quivering holes, she let loose, bending double with the force, catching the tip of her trunk in her hands:


“Oh my God… bless you!” Lobo breathed, unable to restrain himself, barely resisting the urge to caress her trunk and maybe make her sneeze again. As if in trance, he approached the sneezing elephant woman, reaching into his jeans’ pocket and offering her a fresh white hanky. “Here… here you go.”

Sniffling, covering the trembling tip of her trunk with her left hand, Shanti looked at the handsome wolf man. “Lobo?... Oh… thanks!” She accepted the hanky, wiped her nostrils, then blew her trunk. “Aghhh…” Her eyes squinted, and she pressed the hanky to her nostrils. Her trunk was red and swollen from all the sneezing. “It’s still tickling so much…”

“I… I can see that!” Lobo managed to get out. “Oh, Shanti… you’re so beautiful. And your sneezes are like music to my ears!”

Thunderstruck, the elephant lady stared at him. “Are you serious? You’re not making fun of me?”

“No! Not at all! I’m really attracted to you!”

“But… nobody is attracted to me!” The violent sneezing fit had caused her sari to slip out of place, and the small top she wore under it became visible. The neckline was very low, so Lobo could see the outline of her full, well-rounded breasts. She scrubbed the hanky at her flaring, trembly nostrils. “Whenever I get involved with a guy I like, he soon gets turned off by my constant sneezing! You see, I have to sneeze so much all the time, everywhere… Who wants to be in bed with a woman who’s having one sneeze attack after the other?” As if to prove her words, she let out another snorting, tickly sneeze.

“Me! I would love to!” Lobo held out his arms. “If you want me too, I’ll be the happiest man in the world if you let me touch you, love you, feel your beautiful body and your gorgeous, sexy trunk!”

“Oh, Lobo… this is like a dream coming true! You really like that nose of mine? I know it’s a trunk, but for me, well – it is my nose!”

“I know! A wonderful, big, sensitive nose! I’m crazy about it!”

As a reply, Shanti jumped into his arms to give him a long, passionate kiss, to which he responded hungrily. Then they hurried to get a hotel room.

Slowly, they undressed each other, enjoying every moment of it.
Naked, they sank onto the king-size bed. Her full, luscious breasts were fully presented to him, and he feasted on their sight.

Her nipples were dark red, hardened and erect. Boy, she was bursting with desire!... He gently laid a hand on her round breast, stroking it, feeling her shiver. Then, he softly began teasing her nipples. „Ahhhh!...“ she gasped, writhing. Wow, that woman did have sensitive, easily arousable breasts and nipples! He bent over her breast, took her one nipple into his mouth, letting his tongue play with it. „Aaahhhh!!“ she gasped a bit louder. His other hand fondled her other nipple.

She moaned with lust, and at same time, he saw her face contort: Eyes closed, trunk curving, her nostrils flaring to wide dark caves. Lobo watched them with fascination. Such amazing nostrils! They matched her big, long, elegant trunk perfectly. “Hehhhh…” she breathed shakily.

“Ooohh, baby, do you need to sneeze?... Just let it out.“ He softly kissed her flaring, twitching nostrils, let his lips glide teasingly around them.

“Heh…heEEISSHHooh!” Shanti sneezed abruptly. “Huh…huhIISSHHHughh!... EEEIISHHuuh!... AaaaaIIIISSSHHHagh! Ugh *sniff*…”

“Bless you… I hope it was okay that I made you sneeze… I wanted to help you get it out… and also… it turned me on sooo much to make you sneeze!”
Shanti sneezed again, wiggling her twitchy trunk. “Aghhhh… it’s okay, honey… it actually felt exciting… that you helped my sneezes come out! I’ve never… haaaaIIISSHHHOOH!... experienced anything like thahhh… huhIIISSHHHHOOgh!”

“Bless you!” He kissed and suckled the soft tip of her trunk.

“Ohhh Lobo…” He could feel her nostrils flare hard under his lips. “Does that feel good, honey?“ He continued kissing and suckling her twitchy trunk tip.

“Aghhh, it feels goodhhh... But my nose just won’t stop ticklinghhh... ooohhh... your mouth feels so good on my nosehhh... aghhhh... hehhh-hehhh-hehhHHIISSHHugh!“

“Bless you!“ he whispered, kissing her elephanty nose passionately.

“Ahhh… are you really not turned off by my sneehhh… haaaaaIISSSHHOOH!... sneezinghhh?... HaaaIIISSSHHHEEW!”

He kissed and suckled her trunk tip again. “On the contrary, baby. Your sneezy trunk-nose turns me on like you won’t believe. So just let those sneezes fly. But if it gets too bad, I’ll try to help you and give you some relief.”

And so it happened. The elephant lady sneezed and sneezed against Lobo’s shoulder as he pleasured her, then she took care of him, sneezing as she touched him and as they became one. She was still sneezing when they held each other in the afterglow of their lovemaking, and he wanted to give her some relief. “Your trunk is still tickling badly, hmm?” he asked softly, placing his finger under her flaring, quivering nostrils and pressing gently up against them.

“Ahhh…” she exhaled shakily, wiggling her trunk tip against his finger. “Thanks *sniff*. But I… Ihhh…” Her face contorted again, and her nostrils flared even more widely.

He knew she was trying to say she didn’t want to sneeze on his finger – after all, it was different from her sneezing against his shoulder and his lips while they made love because they had both been so aroused. “It’s okay, honey! I’ll try to help you stop sneezing, but if you have to sneeze anyway, just let it out.” With his finger still pressing against her flaring nostrils, he saw the next sneeze building up in that long nose of hers, so he started rubbing it firmly, but gently, up and down. It seemed to help. At some point she had to blow her trunk, and shortly after that the tickle in her nose got so strong again she had another massive sneezing fit. Lobo blessed her again and again, held another hanky to her trunk tip, wiping and rubbing it, and he massaged her sneezy nose by rhythmically caressing, pressing and pinching it.

This night was the beginning of a long, wonderful time together…

I'm New Here / Re: Hi, I just joined
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Thank you, achoo1421! I'm definitely going to check out the conversation section soon.  :)

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Non-Anthro] Spring Allergies
« on: August 28, 2020, 09:28:11 PM »
OK, this is a rather short part, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.  :)
Thanks for reading!

“Ahh, that was fun!” Coming back from their ride, Julia and her new best friend, the beautiful black mare named Arlena, trotted along the path through the meadows; the horse and the young woman walking side by side.

Julia noticed Arlena’s nose was running a bit, so she pulled a soft piece of cloth from her pocket. Dabbing at the horse’s nostrils, she saw they were coated in fine yellow pollen. Carefully, she began to wipe them off.

Feeling the woman’s gentle touch, Arlena wiggled and scrunched up her nose. The effect of the nasal spray was wearing off, and she began to feel the tickly pollen in her nose more and more. Julia softly brushing the cloth around her sensitive nostrils made the tickle worse. “Haahhh… hyyaahhhh… haaaeeeCCKKSSHHOOOH!” she sneezed forcefully. And again, “HaaaaEEEGGGSSSHHHHAAAGH!”

“Bless you!” Julia dabbed at the mare’s nostrils again. “Feeling sneezy again, huh?... Come on, we’ll be home soon.”

As they walked, Arlena’s breath started hitching more and more, she raised her head, her face contorted, and her nostrils flared to huge ovals, but --- every time Julia thought a sneezy storm would break loose, the mare just exhaled, groaning with frustration. “I need to sneee-heeeeze!” she whinnied in a tormented voice. “My nose is tickling so muuhhhh… huuuhhhhh… hunghhhh!”

“Poor baby! There’s still so much pollen inside your nose, hmm! Let’s see if I can help you get rid of it!” Julia said compassionately. “When I wiped your nostrils with the cloth, it made you sneeze, right?... Let’s try it again. Two or three sneezes should do the trick. But I won’t use the cloth this time – it’s full of pollen now, and your nostrils are full enough of that stuff already.”

“Definitely!” Arlena nodded, her breath hitching again.

“All right. Here we go…” Julia’s subtle fingers began to softly tickle the mare’s flaring nostrils. Her fingers ran along the quivering rims, slowly teasing them as the mare’s breathing got even more ragged. “We’re getting closer!” Julia smiled as her fingertips slid into Arlena’s right nostril.

“Haaaahhhhhh…. Hhyyyyahhhhhh…”

“Let it out, honey!” Julia was now using her other hand to slide her fingertips into Arlena’s left nostril as well. She tickled and teased the highly sensitive inside of the mare’s nose with soft, feathery touches. “HaaaEESSHH!... HaaaaEESSHHH!... HaaaEESSHHHAAAHH!... Haah... aaahhh... haaaIISSSHHUUUH!... YYYYYEEESSHHUUH!... HaaaIIISSSHHHEWW!... HennNNEESSHHHugh!... Agh, hehhhIIISSSHHagh!... HHEEEAASSHHUUahhh!... Ngahhh... haaaaAASSHHHUU!... Ahhh... please stop--hh... ESSHHUUUUH!... NNYYEEESSHHUUUUH!... HehhhEEESSHHOOH!... HehhhEESSSHHOOOOGH!... Hah--- haaaIIISSSHHHOOagh!“

“Bless you, Arlena dear! That was quite a sneezing fit!” Julia smiled, reluctantly letting go of the mare’s tickly, reddened nose. “Your beautiful nose looks clean now. How do you feel?”

The black mare wiggled her large nose. “A lot better, thanks! My nose is still a bit itchy, but I think I’ve sneezed most of the pollen out.”

They continued their way home.

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Non-Anthro] Spring Allergies
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Thank you, Speedweed!  :)

Daphine, I really, really like your Scooby Doo artwork! I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time!
Also - if it's OK to say this here - thank you for sharing all those Scooby Doo clips on youtube. I appreciate it a lot.  :)

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Non-Anthro] Spring Allergies
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Thank you, The Lurker! I just posted the next part - please let me know what you think!  :)

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Non-Anthro] Spring Allergies
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“Good morning, Mrs. Ferguson.”

“Good morning, Julia!” The friendly old lady smiled at the girl. “How nice of you to drop by again and take care of my Arlena. I wish I could still ride her myself, but alas, those days are over…” Together, the two women walked up to the pasture where the beautiful black mare was waiting for them.

“Arlena is the most precious horse I’ve ever had,” Mrs. Ferguson said.

“HaaEEESSHHUUah!... HeeeeEEEESSSHHAAAAHH!“ came the sound from the pasture.

“…. And also the sneeziest horse I’ve ever had!” the old lady sighed.

“Well…” Julia smiled. “Horses have really sensitive noses after all… and with such big nostrils, wow… think of all the pollen and dust that can get inside them, tickling them!”

“That’s right. And my Arlena’s nose is particularly sensitive!” Mrs. Ferguson confirmed. “Oh, before I forget…” She reached into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a white plastic bottle. “It’s a nasal spray for horses. Here, it says For respiratory allergies and sneezing.”

“HaaaIIISSHHHOOOHH!... HunnnNNEEESSSHHHAAAGGH!” The mare’s sneezing sounded closer now, and they could see her proud black head moving forcefully with the nasal explosions.

“She’s been sneezing like that all morning,” Mrs. Ferguson said. “So I’ve tried this nasal spray. But, oh dear!” She shook her head and sighed again. “She sneezed it out right away! I tried again and again, but no way – the moment the spray hit her nose, she sneezed it all out! And she looked at me as if she wanted to say, Please leave me alone with that stuff!”

Julia had to smile. “I’m sure she said that indeed.”

The other woman nodded with admiration. “You truly can understand my Arlena. And she loves you, I know it. So… could I ask you to try this again?” She held out the spray bottle to her.

“Hmmmm… Okay, I’ll give it a try.” They had reached the pasture, and parted.

“Hi, Arlena!” Julia called, walking up to her four-legged friend.

Sneezing, the mare came closer.

“Bless you!” She stroked the soft, shiny fur and the mane whirling in the light breeze.

“HehhIISSHHOOH!... Julia, can youuhh… haaaaRRIIISSHHHuh!... rub my nose, pleasehhh?” The sneezy mare pressed her twitchy nostrils against her human friend’s hand, her breath hitching.

“Ohhh, sure, honey.” Gently, Julia rubbed the mare’s itchy nose, massaging the flaring nostrils.

“Aghhhh, that feels goohhhhhd…” Arlena moaned shakily, sniffling lightly. “Thanks!”

“You’re welcome! But it only helps momentarily – you can feel it, right? As soon as I let go of your nose…” She did, and a forceful, snorting sneeze was the horse’s immediate reaction.

“See?... I think we’ll have to try something different. Like this!” She showed Arlena the nasal spray.

“Oh no!” Arlena gave a soft, disdainful snort. “Mom sprayed this into my nostrils this morning, and it tickled like hell! Made me sneeze like crazy!”

“I know, but probably you just need to give it some time to work. If you manage to keep it inside your nose for a moment, it will be absorbed by your nasal membranes, and the sneezy tickle will be relieved. I’ll help you not to sneeze it out!” Julia said with determination. “Your mom is worried about you. It’s worth a try! We’ll go riding later, I promise!”

Stretching her lips in a pouting gesture, Arlena finally agreed. She slightly raised her big black head so her widely flaring, quivering nostrils were fully presented to her friend.

“Okay then.” Julia inserted the nozzle into the mare’s widened, twitchy, right nostril – and sprayed a large spritz of the highly concentrated liquid into the sensitive nasal cavity.

“Hyeeeeeeehhhh…” The horse gasped. “I’m gonnahhhhh…”

“I’ve got you!” Julia barely managed to pinch both the mare’s nostrils shut; they were flaring to an enormous size. “Good girl! Hang on, just a moment!” Cautiously, she uncovered the left nostril so she could spray it too.

“HAAAAHHHHHH… It tickles… GGHYYAAHH--- HeegGGGNHGH!” A stifled sneeze imploded against Julia’s hand that had quickly pinched the left nostril shut again. “I know it tickles!” the young woman said sympathetically. “But try not to sneeze for a moment, okay!”

“Eghhh… hehhhh… hyeehhhh…” The mare’s breath hitched, and her large nostrils were tense and hard, quivering under Julia’s hands.

“Easy, easy, my sneezy!” Julia said gently, using both her hands to press and massage the horse’s fiercely tickling nose, blocking the flaring nostrils that were eager to expel the irritating liquid.

After what seemed like an eternity, Julia let Arlena’s nose go. “Okay – it should be safe now.”

As soon as her nostrils were free, the mare inhaled sharply and gave in to her strong urge to sneeze: “HaaaIIISSSHHOO!... HaaaaeeeSSSHHuu!... AaaIIISSHHOOH!…HHEERRSSHHHew! Haaa... haaaaaIIISSSHHHugh! HaaaaEEESSHHOOhagh! Haaahh... hyyaaaahh... haaaaAASSHHOO!... HehESSSHHHOOOhah!... HeYYIIISSHHEW!... Ahhh… haghhh…”
Her nostrils relaxed, and she sniffled. “I think I’m done for now. The spray seems to have worked! Although it’s still tickling a little…”

“Wonderful.” Julia gave the mare a soft kiss on both her sensitive nostrils which made her sneeze one last time.

“Bless you! And now let’s go for a ride!” She swung herself onto the black beauty’s back, and they gallopped away under the blue spring sky.

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Thank you, Chikara!
(I like your name. :-)

Writer's Den / Re: [F + Non-Anthro] Spring Allergies
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Thank you so much, bben9 and fireFlower3013! Your feedback means a lot to me, since this is the very first time I've ever posted a story on a site for sneeze loving people - after lurking for years... :-)
I will definitely post similar stories soon!


Writer's Den / [F + Non-Anthro] Spring Allergies
« on: August 26, 2020, 07:58:43 PM »
Spring Allergies

“Ahh… haaahhh… haaaaaGGGSSSHHHEEEEEWW!” Arlena, the hayfever-struck, elegant, black mare sneezed for the umpteenth time on this warm spring day out in the fields where she was grazing. Vast amounts of pollen floated in the air.

Ah, that tickle in her nose!... No matter how much Arlena rubbed and scrubbed her nose on one of her front legs, the tickle just wouldn’t stop. The clouds of pollen drifted right up her wide, sensitive nostrils, and got stuck there. Arlena felt as though a whole army of tiny fairies had moved into her nasal cavities to tickle and tease the sensitive inside of her nose.
“HhhhaaaaaaIIISSSHHHOOOHH!... Hhhaaaa—haaaEEESSSHHHaaagh!... HaaaaAAAASSSHHHOOagh!” Arlena sneezed, pressing her big, quivering nose against a smooth tree trunk – which, for a moment, helped against the tickle. But shortly after that, her nose started running, and she kept sniffling for a while until the next bout of sneezes burst out of her allergic nose.

“Bless you!” suddenly a gentle voice said beside her. “That’s a bad tickle in your nose! What’s making you sneeze like that?”

Sniffling, nostrils twitching, the mare turned to see who was speaking. It was a young human female with long blonde hair and a friendly smile. Arlena sensed immediately that this young woman had a special understanding for horses – she was obviously one of the very rare human beings who could actually communicate with animals. Arlena had very rarely spoken to any human before, and now she felt it came naturally to her. And the girl must have sensed it too; otherwise she wouldn’t have asked her a direkt question.

“It’s the pohhh… pollaaahhhAASSHHHOOH!... *sniffle* pollen! From all those plants, trees, and flowers around here… I’m so allergiii… hhiiihhhh… HHEEEEAAAARRRSSSHHHHuuh!”

“Allergic… hmmm… I see,” the young woman said understandingly. “By the way, my name is Julia.”

“I’m Arlena… *sniffle* Aghhh…” The mare’s face contorted, and her nostrils flared even wider.

Julia saw how sensitive the fine membranes in the horse’s reddened nostrils were, and how itchy they must be. “You’ve got to sneeze again, hmm?”

As a reply, the mare sneezed violently and snortingly nine times in a row.

“Oooooooh!” Julia cooed sympathetically.

The next sneeze attack was about to burst forth: “Haaahhh… haaaaahhh…”

Quickly, the young woman laid her finger under the allergic mare’s flaring, twitching nostrils.

“Aggghhh… thank youhhh…” the mare breathed, but one second later she gasped again: “Haaahhh… haaaaaaahhh… gotta sneezehhhhh…”

Hurriedly, Julia began to rub and massage her new horse friend’s terribly tickly nose. The mare gave a few shaky gasps, her hugely flaring nostrils quivering and twitching: “Aghhh… haaahhhh…”

“Oh, Arlena, your nose is still itchy, isn’t it?”

Gasping, Arlena nodded, pressing her large nose with the enormous nostrils against the young woman’s fingers. “It feeehhh… feels good *sniffle*… buuhhht… haaaahhhh… my nohhhhsehhh…. Heghhhh…”

“All right!” Soothingly, Julia pressed her finger against the tense, widened nostrils. “If you need to sneeze, just let it out! I don’t mind at all!”

“Haahhh!!” Arlena gasped, and Julia braced herself for a volley of sneezes into her hand. Strongly, she rubbed and massaged the horse’s irritated nostrils, from time to time feeling them tense under her fingers to expel a snorting, tickly sneeze, which Julia caught in her hand, gently blessing her.
Finally, Arlena relaxed. “Ahhhh *sniffle*… that helped, thanggk you!”

Smiling, Julia pulled a fresh white handkerchief out of her jeans’ pocket, gently wiping the mare’s nose with it. “Any time, my beauty.”

Sneezy Scooby Doo is always a feast to look at. Thanks for sharing!

As I'm crazy about sneezy horses (those nostrils!...), I like this a lot! Wonderful sneezy expression!

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