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We found "Romancing the Clone".

General Chatter / Re: your favorite build-up/oh no moment in sneezing?
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:43:31 AM »
My favorite was a classic song from Sesame Street. You might remember this animated song called "The Sneezing Song". Everytime a man sneeze, A building would collapse. All because he keeps forgetting to cover his nose while he sneeze. After the song ends, His dog sneeze and his home collapse.

Unlocated Clips / Re: [No content available] [Series Topic] Marsupilami
« on: September 11, 2014, 09:36:44 AM »
Well for the Marsupilami episode "Jungle Fever", Marsupilami was doing his exercise, And then he sees Maurice so sick. And then, Maurice sneeze and Marsupilami fell on to Leonard the Lion's hammock and Leonardo roared and tossed Marsupilami back to Maurice. Marsupilami remarked "The Furry one is just so grumpy that he can't figure out the crossword puzzle. The lion replys "He is right, You know." As Maurice was about to sneeze, Marsupilami tied his tail to a palm tree. Maurice sneeze and the wind blows. Marsupilami remarks "YIKES! Hurrican Maurice. Then Marsupilami says to Maurice that he is no doctor. But something tells Maurice that he has a cold.

So Marsupilami dressed himself as a doctor. Told Maurice to open his mouth, Maurice has terrible breath in his tongue and it was drying up. Next, Marsupilami uses his tail as a blood pressure pumper and checks his watch for time and remarks "It might be safer to check your blood pressure." After that, He uses his tail as a stethoscope to listen to Maurice's heartbeat. After that Marsupilami uses his tail as a pencil to write a note to Maurice to take 2 bananas and call Marsupilami in the morning. Then, Maurice sneeze again, and Marsupilami was flown to Leonard the Lion again. The lion remarks "I realized it's a terrible closhade to be so beasty, But I do so enjoy it. He pushed Marsupilami to the tree via pinball.

Next, Marsupilami suggested steam to Maurice. But that did not work. Next Marsupilami give Maurice a hot bath. When Maurice sneeze, Marsupilami went "He's not getting me this time". After that, They caught Leonard the Lion. And they fell to the water (Via Wile E. Coyote style fall). And as they landed in the water. Marsupilami remarks that is cold. And then looks at Maurice and said "Aw poor, Maurice. You must have Pneumonia by now. Maurice was acting mighty strong. And Marsupilami remarks "Well, What do you know, He is cured!" Then, Marsupilami started to have a cold as well. And Leonardo has it too. Both Leonardo and Marsupilami sneezes at the end.

Here is the episode:

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